Question from brachera

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get the cop uniform?

How do i get the cop outfit i know where to go but it isn't there. Why isn't it there at the WBPD?

Accepted Answer

From: The_Drooge 5 years ago

You can get the cop outfit at the WBPD after you beat the first malibu mission called No Escape. After successfully beating the mission go back to the WBPD and get it.
-Side note- While wearing the cop outfit you can safely enter the military base on the third island next to the airport.

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That might be right The_Drooge but I got the cop outfit by beating the last of the Vercetti Estate Asset missions, Cop Land. The mission has you piss off the cops, get two of them into a garage in Vice Point; you have cop clothes. Take the cop car parked nearby and go to the mall, dont hit any cops on the way. When you get there, go inside and go to the tarbrush cafe. You plant a bomb and have five seconds to get out of there. After the boom get out of there, you have a nice wanted level so take your butt and Lance's back to the mansion to beat the mission and get the cop suit.

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