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I am a nebee? 0
Is it possible to use an MP3 player or an Ipod in this game? 1
there's a cheat for San Andreas (ps2) for $20,000. Is there such a cheat for vice city also? 1
Can I fly any helicopters in this game? 1
Can I remove the HUBs? 2
Can Someone Help Me?Are the phisycal attributes you get from sidemissions(i.e.vigilante,Pizza delivery)perminant? 1
Can you change the look around camera? 1
Cheat codes wont work. Why? 2
CHeaTS!? 1
Corrupting save file ? 1
Done w/ the missions at the mansion, what do i do next? 1
Flying cars cheat help? 2
Game progress 100% ? 3
How can i finish second mission of film studio? 3
how can I have sex in the game? 2
How can i work in the strip club theres nothing to do there and sunshine auto???s???? 1
How do I find more levels? 4
How do i get into the Pole Position? 1
How do you beat Mr. Woopee{Ice Cream Truck} Mission? 3
How do you get to final mission? 3
How do you take pics on the game? 1
How do you unlock zombie mode? 3
How exactly does the 'People wasted by others' meter go up? 2
How many laps do you that on hotring? 3
How to become a passenger? 1
How to get guy bodyguards? 1
Hyman Condo Garage!?! 1
Im exactly 40% done and there are no more story or payphone missions, and i havent beaten all of the story mode? 3
In the game you can get girls into the car and after a while the car will start shaking how do you get the car to shake? 2
Is Hunter a helicoper? 1
Is the person black or white? 1
Is the story over? 2
Is there a make it always day/ night cheat? 6
Is there a unlimited health and ammo cheat? 1
Is there sex? 2
Is thier a cheat for money ? 2
Joystick xbox 360? 1
just finished my missions with Phil,what do I do next? 1
list all the missions in order tell the mission called "No Escape"? 2
Mod's? 2
NEED HELP need to find a blista compact. ? 5
on the cheat list what is the meanning of (S) ? 1
Pole position club? 1
Tags? 1
What are fun things to do for fun? 1
What are those orbs arund the city? 1
What does D and U mean in the cheats? 6
What is the easiest mission to do {list them all}? 4
What planes/helicopters can u fly? 2
Whats is the sixth star? 2
When does mission in pole position club appear? 2
Where can I find the Washington car ? 2
Where do you go to do the Malabo missions? 1
Where is PCJ PLAYGROUND at? 1
Where is the vercitti estate is it diaz's mansion? 3
Where is the Zebra Cab? 2
Where should I type in the cheat codes ? 2
Why can't i beat the game? 1
Why can't I drive regular cars? 6

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