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Gangster ParadiseTHAguyINgta310/10
A + … Built on the solid foundation of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City is one of the greatest action games in history.!.ACA.!10/10
Game of the none8-ball10/10
Nothing better!A B C10/10
Very, VERY disappointing.Airdra4/10
Forget Liberty City - Welcome Vice CityBjsShadow10/10
Apparently I Do Love the Eighties (A GTA Retrospective)BloodGod658/10
A marvelous beauty for the series, definitely worth playing.CaliGamer258509/10
Fantastic game that satisfy players wishing for more GTAIIIchandlerbing9/10
Tommy, man, you gonna love this...Cybiolink800010/10
Wow... Games this good don't come around very often...DarkAngel1310/10
Are You Talkin to Me?DarkLink71510/10
I couldn't get away...discoinferno849/10
The eighties revival shows no sign of slowing down... hooray!falsehead10/10
Ray Liotta sings in this one!Fiefo!8/10
Vice City is For LoversGenjuro Kibagami8/10
Sunny skies, beautiful beaches, death around every corner...we must be in Vice Cityhorror_spooky8/10
An extended episode of Miami ViceKasketDarkfyre8/10
Aight mate, think you can give this the old click and do no?Lagunathemoron10/10
The best entertainment ever!!LuigiVercetti10/10
This game has it all, and then some.Mortortex8/10
I ran so far away...nastynate31189/10
The World Is YoursNeoTS10/10
The game of which all games should aspire to be.NES4EVER10/10
Another Masterpiece In The GTA Series.oO SM2 Oo10/10
Definitely not the sequel it should have been.pact6/10
Good, but not perfect.Ryan Gillam9/10
Rockstar's Perfect Followup to GTA3 Is HereSaLvAToreRulz10/10
Hell yeah!Shady10/10
Get a Life. Get Vice.someguy200310/10
Welcome to Vice CitySpurius10/10
Best One Yet!Streekerman10/10
Please, Rockstar, Can't You Force Me To Watch The Embarrassing Stripper Sequence Just A Little Bit Longer?Tarrun6/10
GTA:VC means 'Gore Truly Associated: Vulgar Content'? Riiight...The Duff Man10/10
It certainly provides one of the most unique gaming experiences around these days, but not one of the best.theREALbbobb8/10
Grand Theft Auto comes back in this stunning Grand Theft Auto Sequel.Yari the Inari10/10
Hey this game is actually pretty good.Zylo the wolf7/10

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