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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get past (level 11?

What do I have to do to completed level 11? once I finish putting the rocks in the bubbles, it won't let me pass the 3 faces, can you please help my little son completed this part of this level. thank you

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There is a sign im having trouble a little past that part im trying to help my little brother its right left middle right left after that there is a part with red bubbles i cant beat it

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You will go pass a sign with a red arrow...go near it, hit it to swing it around. It shows a sequence of statue faces...You must go to where the 3 faces are & hit it in the sequence shown on the sign.

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Use the action button on the sign then go to the faces and use the action button to the faces in the order that the sign said.

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I did that but, I can't figure out where to hit the third statue face with the action button. I tried forever! Is there a certain spot?!

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