Dizzy by EChang

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DIZZY FAQ (v1.4, 4-27-03)
  by Edward Chang (chang.459@osu.edu)

v1.4 (4-27-03)
   "Basics" section revised specifically for Dizzy. Okizeme added to the
   advanced strategies section. Invincibility added to the advanced
   strategies section.

v1.3 (2-11-03)
   Some info on EX Mode added.

v1.2 (2-08-03)
   Corrections made. More strategies and combos added.

v1.1 (2-04-03)
   Added the Gatling Flowchart, finished up the Advanced Strategies section,
   more combos. Added a Frequently Asked Questions section.

v1.0 (1-19-03)
   First version.

1. Introduction
2. Conventions
3. Quick Movelist
4. Basics
5. Detailed Movelist
6. Combos
7. Advanced Strategies
8. Extras
9. Frequently Asked Questions
10. Credits


This is an FAQ for my favorite character from Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight
Carnival, Dizzy. She was the boss of GGX, and she makes her return as a
regular character in GGXX. Her fighting style is extremely unusual; she
has two "guardians", Undine and Necro, attached to her via her black and
white wings, and the majority of her attacks involve them in some form or
the other.

Here is the official info on Dizzy as provided by the Guilty Gear XX
Burst Encyclopedia, an excellent mook published by Enterbrain (ISBN

Height: 167 cm
Bloodtype: Unable to be analyzed
Weight: 56 kg
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthday: December 25th (assumed)
Eye Color: Reddish Brown
Hobbies: Grooming her wings (?)
Important Things: Parents who raised her, the forest animals
Dislikes: Poachers
Voice Actress: Fujita Kazue

Battle Style
As a half-human, half-Gear, her Gear personality protects Dizzy and
counterattacks regardless of her will. Her body is able to morph into

A half-breed born between Gear and Human. She has grown up rapidly since
her birth, and despite her current appearace she is 3 years old. She
possesses the ability to rapidly assimilate information, and her current
mental age is perhaps over 20.
Because she was ostracized, she feels some distrust towards humans, but
she possesses a pure heart. She loves nature and humanity, and hates
But, she is not a simple pacifist, and understanding the natural cycle of
human existence and destruction, she accepts the hard fate pressed upon

Back Story
In a certain village, she was found as an abandoned child and accepted as
a human child.
After a childless old couple adopted her, she grew rapidly mentally and
physically, and half a year later the people of the village were afraid
of her. Then, one day her tail and wings became evident, and it was decided
that she must be a Gear.
But, the old couple who had raised her as their own child did not agree with
the others of the village. To protect her from the villagers, the old couple
hid her in a certain place. It was the forest called the "Devil's Living
Place" that no one dared enter.

GGXX Story
Having hidden away in a cave in the "Devil's Living Place", she was finally
discovered by the humans, and was pursued without mercy. However, no matter
how much people attacked her, she always drove them away without hurting them
seriously, but her ability to do so was quickly running out.
Then finally, she was defeated by Sol, the man who held the power of Gears. 
Afterwards, the one who appeared in front of her was the pirate leader Johnny.
Now at the end of her solitude, Dizzy has gained many warm friends. Her
current responsibilities are helping out and cooking.

u/b   -- up and back
u     -- up
u/f   -- up and forward
f     -- forward
d/f   -- down and forward
d     -- down
d/b   -- down and back
b     -- back
u/b   -- up and back
qcf   -- quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f)
qcb   -- quarter circle back (d, d/b, b)
hcf   -- half circle forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
hcb   -- half circle back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
dp    -- dragon punch (f, d, d/f)
rdp   -- reverse dragon punch (b, d, d/b)
c.    -- crouching
j.    -- jumping

Attack Buttons
P     -- Punch
K     -- Kick
S     -- Slash
H     -- Hard Slash
D     -- Dust

[x]   -- button 'X' should be held
(T)   -- throw; move must be performed extremely close to opponent and is
(C)   -- chargeable; move changes if attack button is held down
(MA)  -- move must be performed in midair
(AMA) -- move can also be performed in midair
(GC)  -- guard cancel; move must be performed while guarding
R     -- move is eligible for Roman Cancel
F     -- move is eligible for False Roman Cancel
J     -- move is eligible for Jump Cancel
X     -- move is NOT eligible for basic Cancel
-->   -- followup


Basic Moves                               Command           C     Damage
Punch                                     P                 R/J   10
Kick                                      K                 R/J   16
Slash                                     S (close)         R/J   24
Far Slash                                 S (far)           R     20x5
Hard Slash                                H                 R     40
Dust                                      D                 R/X   20
Crouching Punch                           d/db/df+P         R     8
Crouching Kick                            d/db/df+K         R     18
Crouching Slash                           d/db/df+S         R/J   28
Crouching Hard Slash                      d/db/df+H         R     49
Sweep                                     d/db/df+D         R     38
Jump Punch                                (MA) P            R/J   12
Jump Kick                                 (MA) K            R/J   16
Jump Slash                                (MA) S            R/J   28
Jump Hard Slash                           (MA) H            R     42
Knockdown                                 (MA) D            R     30+40
Forward Punch                             f+P               R     26
Forward Hard Slash                        f+H               R/J   38x2
Dead Angle Attack                         (GC) f+two        R/X   25
Throw                                     (T) f/b+H         -     55
Air Throw                                 (MA)(T) f/b+H     -     60

Normal Moves 
Hajime wa Tada no Akari Datta n Desu      qcf+S             -     20x3
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu    qcf+H             F     60
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu  rdp+S             -     25+55
Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu *1    qcb+P/K/S/H       -     25/25/45/45       
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai *2                (MA) qcb+P/K      -     45

Tension Moves
Imperial Ray                              hcb, f+S          F     32xn
Necro Okotta Baai *3                      df, hcf, b, f+P   -     34x6
Gamma Ray *4                              f, b, f, hcf+H    -     12x5+13x32

Instant Kill
Dizzy has no Instant Kill.

*1 P, K produces multiple bites. S produces an upward-moving laser; H
   produces a downward moving laser.
*2 P produces a bubble to Dizzy's side, K produces a bubble below. The bubble
   must be hit by another attack from Dizzy to have any effect.
*3 This is unblockable, but the opponent must be standing over the symbol
   that appears on the ground for it to hit.
*4 Requires a full tension bar to perform.

FRC Timing
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: 2-frame window 18 frames from when
   ice spike first appears
Imperial Ray: 2-frame window from when the very first flame appears

EX Mode Changes
New Moves
Michael Sword                             qcf+H             R     30x2
Necro Install *1                          qcb, qcb+S        -     -

*1 Tension Move. For about 6 seconds, Dizzy will be sped up and is immune to
   most attacks. After the period is over she will be dizzy for a short while.

Altered Moves
Jump Slash *1                             (MA) S            R/J   30
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu  (AMA) rdp+S/H     F     25/55
  --> Release *2                            --> P           -     -
Imperial Ray *3                           hcb, f+S          -     32xn
Necro Okotta Baai *4                      df, hcf, b, f+P   -     32+15x8+10x6

*1 Identical to GGX's version.
*2 Only S version releases. H version fires immediately.
*3 Tension Move. Animation changes. Start up, recovery slower. More frames
   of invincibility. No longer FRCable.
*4 Tension Move. Is now a counterattack stance. If counterattack fails, 
   Dizzy loses no tension.

Lost Moves
Sakana wo Karu Toku ni Tsukatta n Desu

FRC Timing
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu (S): 2-frame window from when Undine
   first creates ball of electricity
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta N Desu (H): 2-frame window from when Undine
   first creates ball of electricity

Gold Mode Changes
Any of the Hanashi Aite's stay out until hit; they may be controlled by
   pressing P, K, S, or HS.
Hajime wa Tada Hikari now does not disappear after hitting three times.
Dizzy regenerates.


Guard Gauge
This gauge represents how much you have been blocking. It starts off half
filled. As you take damage, the guard gauge decreases; as you block, the
guard gauge increases. If you neither take damage nor block, it slowly
returns to its middle position. The more empty the guard gauge is, the less
damage you take. Thus, the last hit of an 8-hit combo will do substantially
less damage than it would alone, since your guard gauge would be practically
empty. If the guard gauge is more full, moves do not do more damage by
themselves, but until the gauge empties until 50% full all hits will be
full damage. Thus, combos will do substantially more damage with higher
guard gauges. If you continuously block, your guard gauge will fill up so 
much that it will start flashing at 3/4 full. At this point any hit you take 
will immediately be a counter hit.

Tension Gauge
As you move towards the enemy, inflict damage, or take damage, your tension
gauge gradually fills up. Tension has a number of different uses, including
tension attacks, Fortress Defense, Instant Kill, Dead Angle Attacks, Roman
Cancels, and False Roman Cancels; see below for details. Tension is not 
carried over between rounds. The bar changes colors; at less than 1/4
filled, it is blue, and can only be used for Fortress Defense or Instant Kill.
At between 1/4 and 1/2 full, it is green, and can be used for False Roman 
Cancels. Between 1/2 and all full, it is red, and can be used for Dead Angle 
Attacks, Roman Cancels, and tension attacks. Finally, if the bar is completely
full, it turns gold. At this point it can be used for Gamma Ray. Using 
tension by any means besides tension moves makes it harder to regain tension 
for a short period of time. Specifically, after performing FD you will gain 
tension at a reduced rate of 20% for 1 second. After a Roman Cancel or Dead 
Angle Attack, you will gain tension at a reduced rate of 20% for 4 seconds. 
Finally, if you get hit with a Negative Penalty you will gain tension at a 
reduced rate of 20% for 10 seconds. 

Negative Penalty
If you turtle, i.e., you sit back and play ultradefensively, not attacking,
you will get hit with a negative penalty. This reduces your tension gauge
to zilch, and you'll have to fill it up all over again. Also, it becomes
harder to fill it up again for a period of time (only 20% fill rate for
10 seconds!), and you will also get dizzy more easily. So in other words, 
try not to turtle.

Burst Gauge
The Burst Gauge is new to GGXX. It too fills up as you inflict damage and
take damage during a round, but unlike Tension, it does carry over between
rounds. The Burst Gauge has two uses. Both uses are applied by pressing
D and one other attack button. If you use a Burst while you are being
attacked, the Burst will serve as a combo breaker; the opponent will be pushed
away, and you'll be able to counterattack at your leisure. This kind of burst
is blue in color and takes the entire Burst Gauage to perform; if you hit
with the pushback, you will get 1/3 of the Burst Gauge back. If you use a 
Burst otherwise, it will be an attack. This kind of burst is yellow in color 
and only takes 2/3 of the Burst Gauge. The attack is hard to hit with, but the
bonus is that if you hit with the Burst attack your tension gauge immediately
fills to maximum. Also, the yellow burst will make you invincible to
everything except air throws until you reach the ground.

Double Jump
By pressing an up direction in midair, you can jump to an even higher height.
Some characters had triple jumps in GGX (Chipp, Dizzy, Justice) but Dizzy 
has lost this ability.

High Jump
By pressing a down direction and then an up direction in rapid succession,
you will perform a high jump. A shadow will follow the character during
a high jump, and obviously you can reach higher than you could with a normal
jump. You can't mix double jumps and high jumps, though. Dizzy can double
air dash after a high jump.

By double tapping forward or back, most characters can dash. This lets you
move around quickly, but be warned: you cannot block while dashing. You can
also dash in midair. If you jump forward and press forward again, this counts
as two forwards, so your character will jump forward and immediately airdash.
Dizzy can airdash or airbackdash two times in a row, making her extremely

Attack Levels
Attack levels determine how the attack can be blocked. Standing attacks can
be blocked high or low, or in midair with Faultless/Fortress Defense. You
CANNOT block moves from a grounded opponent while you are in midair, normally.
Mid attacks must be blocked standing; they will hit a crouching character.
This includes most midair attacks and dust attacks. Low attacks must be
blocked crouching. This category includes sweeps and some (but not all)
crouching moves. Dizzy's low attacks are her c.K and her c.D.

Basic Attacks
Basic attacks are simply performed by pressing P, K, S, or H. By pressing
these same buttons while crouching, or while in midair, you can perform
different basic attacks. f+P and f+H are also basic attacks; S changes
whether close or far from the opponent. Some characters also have f+K basic 
attacks, but Dizzy doesn't have one.

Special Attacks
Special Attacks are what makes each character unique. The commands to perform
them are similarly unique. See the movelist for details.

Tension Attacks
Also known as "Awakening Attacks" or "Overdrives". These attacks require
half of a tension bar to perform. The exceptions are Dizzy's Gamma Ray and
Justice's Gamma Ray, which take a full tension bar to perform. Like Special 
Attacks, the properties and inputs vary depending on your character. 

Instant Kill
Also known as "One Hit Kill" or "Destroy" moves. If you successfully hit
with this move, the opponent instantly loses the round, no matter how much
health he or she has left. To perform an instant kill, press all four attack
buttons at the same time. This will put you into instant kill mode. While
in instant kill mode, your tension gauge gradually decreases. You will be
unable to perform any other move that requires tension. Also, if your tension
runs out, you will slowly lose health instead. Once you perform the move, or
once you cancel instant kill by pressing all four buttons again, you will
no longer lose tension/health. The instant kill is performed by pressing
qcf, qcf+H, with one exception: May, whose instant kill is hcf, hcf+H. Again,
the property of each instant kill is different. Also, regardless of whether
you hit with the instant kill or not, you will lose your tension gauge for
the rest of the round. However, this is all a moot point for Dizzy, who has
no instant kill, unfortunately. Just beware if the opponent enters IK Mode.

Dust Attacks
Formerly performed by pressing S+H, in GGXX the Dust Attack is performed
simply by pressing the handy new Dust (D) button. These moves are unique
from character to character, but generally they take long to execute, long
to recover, and don't do much damage. The advantage is that they float
the opponent extremely high. If the move hits, you can immediately chase
after the opponent by pressing up, and proceed to hit the opponent with your
best air combo.

Pressing d+D will perform a sweep. The sweep must be blocked low, and if it
hits, the opponent will be knocked to the ground.

Knockdown Attack
Pressing D in midair will perform a knockdown. If it hits, the opponent will
be knocked to the ground or back against the wall. In Dizzy's case, the
"knockdown" actually floats the opponent.

Throws must be performed extremely close to the opponent, by pressing either
f+H or b+H. They are usually very damaging, and cannot be blocked. Once a
throw is started, there is no way to escape. Getting close enough to perform
the throw, though, is quite a challenge. Dashing in and pressing H doesn't
work because this will just give the f+H basic move; you must either release
f and press f again, or stop your dash and press b+H.

Air Throw
New to GGXX are air throws. They are performed exactly the same as a regular
throw, but obviously, both you and your opponent must be in midair. They also
tend to have better range than ground throws, about twice as far in most

Basic Cancel
The most basic form of cancelling, is of course, the basic cancel. This
refers to cancelling the recovery time of a basic move (i.e., a move that
most characters have, like standing S, or f+P, or f+H, or jumping K...) into
a special move (such as Faust's qcf+P or Sol's qcb+S). Most basic moves can 
be cancelled into special moves with few exceptions.

Jump Cancel
Certain basic moves can have their recovery time cancelled into a jump simply 
by pressing up as soon as the move connects. Whether you can perform a JC 
depends on the move, so experiment with each character. I have designated
Jump Cancellable moves with a "J" in the movelist for each character. If the
basic move floats, like Dizzy's f+H, then you can use the jump cancel to set
the hapless opponent up for a float combo.

Faultless Defense Cancel
As opposed to my previous revision when I said that FDC's were removed, they
are still in the game although their use is more limited. To perform a FDC,
perform the Faultless Defense motion (b+P+K) during the first two frames
of execution of a move. The move must not be part of a combo for this to work.
This will cut the move short while taking a little tension. Also, certain 
air-moves, such as Faust's d+K, can be FDCed, making him drop to the ground 

Roman Cancel
By pressing three attack buttons other than D at the same time, you can
perform a roman cancel. This will stop all recovery time of a move and allow
you to attack immediately. However, it takes 50% tension to perform.
Obviously, this is the core to many comboes. Note that you can only perform
a roman cancel if you hit the enemy, regardless of whether they block or not.
Whiffed moves cannot be RCed.

False Roman Cancel
New to GGXX, the false roman cancel is similar to the RC in many aspects.
It is performed the same. However, there are a few differences. Not every
move is eligible for FRC, and the timing is very strict - probably within
1/5th of a second of a certain point during the move. Also, you do not have
to connect with the opponent to perform a FRC. FRCs also take only 25%
tension. Finally, a successful FRC will glow blue instead of red. Dizzy has
two FRCable moves - Sakana wo Karu Toki (qcf+H) and Imperial Ray (hcb, f+S).
In EX Mode, only Dizzy's Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki (rdp+S/H) is FRCable. 

Dizzy (no, not the character)
If you hit your opponent with a long combo or with powerful hits in
succession, they may become dizzy. While dizzy, a character cannot perform
any moves, and cannot block. They are basically open to anything. Dizzy
time may be shortened by mashing the buttons and shaking the lever around.

New to GGXX is staggering. Some moves stagger the opponent. While staggered,
a character cannot attack or block. Think of staggers as a mini-dizzy.
Like Dizzying, staggering may be nullified by mashing buttons or shaking
the lever. Dizzy's only staggering move is her far standing S, which staggers
on the next-to-last hit.

Adjusted Damage
You might have noticed that Chipp take much more damage than Potemkin for
any given move. Even with the same Guard Gauge levels, different characters
will take different amounts of damage for any given attack. The exact
adjustment is given in the chart below. Please note that activating Guilty
Gear mode changes this chart.

Slayer    0.96          I-No    1.00            Zappa  1.00
Bridget   1.06          Sol     1.00            Ky     1.03
May       1.06          Millia  1.21            Eddie  1.06
Potemkin  0.87          Chipp   1.30            Faust  1.00
Baiken    1.18          Jam     1.06            Johnny 1.00
Axl       1.06          Anji    1.06            Venom  1.00
Testament 1.00          Dizzy   1.06            Kliff  1.31
Justice   1.06          Robo Ky 1.07

(Guilty Gear Mode enabled)
Slayer    1.00          I-No    1.03            Zappa  1.03
Bridget   1.10          Sol     1.03            Ky     1.07
May       1.10          Millia  1.25            Eddie  1.10
Potemkin  0.91          Chipp   1.34            Faust  1.03
Baiken    1.22          Jam     1.10            Johnny 1.03
Axl       1.10          Anji    1.10            Venom  1.03
Testament 1.03          Dizzy   1.10            Kliff  1.35
Justice   1.10          Robo Ky 1.11

Blocking is performed simply by pressing back or d/b. Standing blocks
will guard against anything but low attacks; crouching blocks will 
guard against anything but mid. You can also block attacks in midair; 
however, you cannot block attacks that come from a grounded opponent 
while in midair.

Fortress/Faultless Defense
By pressing P+K while guarding, your character will be surrounded by an
aura. At the same time, your tension meter gradually decreases. While 
engaged in FD, you will not take any guard damage. You will also not
accumulate any guard gauge, and your opponent will be knocked backwards.
However, you must still pay attention to attack levels, and if you run
out of tension, you can no longer perform FD. Another bonus is that you
can block attacks from a grounded opponent while in midair if you
utilize FD.

Air Recovery
If you are knocked into the air, you can press any attack button
besides D to right yourself. After righting yourself, you may attack, but
beware that this also opens you up to attack from the opponent. Also,
certain attacks are not open to recovery. Generally, counter hits cannot 
be recovered for a longer period of time, and many cannot be recovered
at all. Dizzy's qcf+H doesn't let the opponent recover at all, as does 
Imperial Ray and Necro Okotta Baai.

Dead Angle Attacks
Dead Angle Attacks serve as universal counter attacks. They are performed
by pressing forward and two attack buttons aside from D while blocking.
This takes 50% tension to perform. The Dead Angle Attacks are usually
short range and low on damage, so use them wisely. However they usually
have many frames of invincibility.

Instant Block
If you block an attack up to eight frames before it connects, your character
will flash white and you will take no damage. The advantages are that this
reduces guard stun, knocks the enemy back somewhat, and for a period of
time you will gain tension more easily. The knockback and the guard stun
ranges are less than normal guard and FD. The timing is QUITE severe so don't 
try for it unless you are sure.

Opposing Hit
If two attacks of approximately the same strength hit each other at the
same time, a flash of lightning hits and neither character will take any
damage. Both characters can cancel the remaining recovery time of their
moves, so input another move if the first move was only one hit.

Unlike other games, Guilty Gear is not all about combos. Since damage
inflicted during comboes decreases drastically, it may not be in your
best interests to use them. For instance, Faust's qcf, qcf+S tension attack
can do up to 90% LESS damage even as the second hit of a combo.

Also, the damage from combos starting with d+P or d+K, an oft-abused tactic 
in GGX, has been reduced substantially, between 10-30% depending on character.


This section describes in detail each and every one of Dizzy's moves.
Quantitative values (damage, frames, etc.) are from the GGXX Mook.
Qualitative values are my own opinion.

Each listing has the name of the move, the command input, and the detailed
properties of the move. In cases where more than one convention can be used
to describe the commmand input, I have listed all of them.

Abbreviations used are as follows:
Dmg: Damage. Damages are variable for each character; Chipp will take 130% of
     the damage listed, whereas Potemkin will take only 88%. I-No, Zappa, Sol,
     Faust, Johnny, Venom, and Testament take 100%. Dizzy takes 106%.
Ten: Tension Gauge. If two numbers are shown, the first is the amount of
     tension gained for performing the move, and the second is the amount
     gained for hitting the opponent with it.
Can: Cancel Possibilities. Includes J - Jump Cancel, R - Roman Cancel, F -
     False Roman Cancel. Moves that cannot be basic Cancelled will have an
     X designation.
Lvl: Attack Level. Ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 the highest. This affects things
     like opponent knockback, stun, and so on.
Blo: Block Level. Designates how an opponent may block the attack. S - 
     Standing, C - Crouching, A - In Midair, and F - In Midair only with 
     Faultless Defense.
Frm: Frame Information. This entry will have up to four values. The first
     number is the number of frames until the attack actually begins; the
     second is for how long the attack takes place; the third number is
     the number of recovery frames after the attack is over. The fourth
     number represents the number of frames disadvantage you will be at if
     the attack is blocked; negative means that you will indeed be at the
     disadvantage, whereas a positive number means you actually recover
     faster than the opponent if they block. (If you whiff, of course, they
     will always have the advantage.) Projectiles do not have recovery frames
     but have a "total" number of frames listed - this designates for how 
     long Dizzy cannot move, as usually she can start moving again while the 
     projectile is still on the screen.

Dmg 10; Ten 1.4; Can R; Lvl 1; Blo SCF
Frm 5, 2, 12, -4
Dizzy throws her hand out, which morphs into a claw. Decent speed, but f+P
is preferred in many situations.

Dmg 16; Ten 2.6; Can JR; Lvl 3; Blo SCF
Frm 7, 4, 14, -4
Dizzy throws her leg out backwards. Useful since her areas of vulnerability
are towards her back while doing this move, so it's great to use from a
dash. Also, should you catch the opponent in the midair (including back
dashing for most characters), you can easily cancel K into close S jump
cancelled into an air combo.

Near Slash              
S (close)
Dmg 24; Ten 2.6; Can JR; Lvl 3; Blo SCF
Frm 5, 2, 12, +1
Dizzy's arm becomes a scythe-like blade which attacks the opponent. This
move is extremely fast (as fast as her punch), and what makes it better
than her punch is her ability to jump cancel it. Also, the guard stun on
the move is such that you actually have a small, 1-frame advantage over
the opponent if they block it. However, because of the close-range nature
of this move, it's best used for combos. From here, chaining either into
the far S (if the opponent is grounded) or jumping and cancelling into 
an air combo (if the opponent is airborne) are good strategies. Furthermore,
this move has a x2 dizzy rating modifier.

Far Slash               
S (far)
Dmg 20x5; Ten 2.6; Can R; Lvl 3; Blo SCF
Frm 8, 2-2-2-2-6, 12, -4
Undine appears and creates a forward spike of ice that can hit the
opponent up to 5 times. This moves can be cancelled into other moves
easily, does great damage to the opponent, and has fairly good priority.
Also, if the opponent blocks it, the take a fairly high amount of Guard
Gauge increase, and the knockback usually knocks them too far away
to counterattack easily. Great move for almost all situations. The fourth
hit of this move staggers the opponent, but only for 35 frames at most,
so you are unlikely to be able to get much use out of this property. Keep
in mind that this move is no longer JCable as it was in GGX.

Hard Slash              
Dmg 40; Ten 3.8; Can R; Lvl 4; Blo SCF
Frm 13, 6, 15, -4
Dizzy's arm transforms into a large beast-like jaw that attacks the
opponent. Good range, but otherwise it's fairly slow, and it does less
damage than Dizzy's far S. However, it gives a lot of tension compared
to most of her other moves and its range is better than most, so there
are situations where it is useful.

Dmg 20; Ten 2.6; Can RX; Lvl 3; Blo SF
Frm 29, 22, 19, -28
Necro taps Dizzy on the shoulder, distracting both her and Undine, while
he launches the opponent with an uppercut. Like all Dust Attacks, slow
to start up, slow to recover. Basically, the only time you'd want to use
this move is if you catch the opponent off guard, or if you had just
blocked/avoided a high-recovery move. On the plus side it has a x1.5
dizzy rating modifier.

Crouching Punch         
d/db/df+P; 1/2/3+P; c.P
Dmg 8; Ten 1.4; Can R; Lvl 1; Blo SCF
Frm 7, 3, 9, -2
Dizzy extends her hand while her nails grow outward. Not a wholly useful
move; it's slower, less damaging, and more blockable than her crouching
kick. However, it can relaunch opponents who are very close to the ground,
and further chaining into close S in this case is recommended. Also note
that if this move is used to start a combo, subsequent moves in that
combo will have their damage reduced to 70%.

Crouching Kick          
d/db/df+K; 1/2/3+K; c.K
Dmg 18; Ten 2.6; Can R; Lvl 2; Blo C
Frm 6, 4, 9, -1
Dizzy whips her tail forward, hitting the opponent in their feet. One of
only two moves of Dizzy's that hits low, this move is extremely useful to
break opponent's guards. Unfortunately, combos starting with this move
prorate the combo's damage by 70%. Still, it's better than nothing, so
use this move often, and mix it into your combos.

Crouching Slash         
d/db/df+S; 1/2/3+S; c.S
Dmg 28; Ten 2.6; Can JR; Lvl 3; Blo SCF
Frm 7, 3, 22, -11
Dizzy crouches forward while her wings become fully upright. The huge
merit of this move is that only her body is vulnerable; her wings are
basically invincible, and therefore it's extremely hard for an opponent,
especially an airborne one, to hit her while she's performing this move.
It's best used as an anti-air, since it can be jump cancelled directly
into an air combo.

Crouching Hard Slash    
d/db/df+H; 1/2/3+H; c.H
Dmg 49; Ten 3.8; Can R; Lvl 5; Blo SCF
Frm 7, 4, 38, -23
One of Dizzy's crucial moves, Necro comes out, turns his arm into a giant
axe, and swings it down at the opponent. This move has great damage and
is also one of Dizzy's few level 5 attacks. Recovery is slow and Dizzy's
quite vulnerable if the opponent blocks, so cancelling of this move into
qcf+H (if this move hits) or qcf+S/rdp+S (if they block) is highly
recommended. Another point to remember is that on counter hit, this move
bounces the opponent into the air - followup appropriately. Also, this
move has a x1.25 dizzy rating modifier.

d/db/df+D; 1/2/3+D; c.D
Dmg 30; Ten 3.8; Can R; Lvl 5; Blo C
Frm 13, 3, 44, -28
Necro pulls Dizzy's tail, tripping her, and uses the momentum to perform
a falling elbow drop on the opponent. This move hits low, but cannot be
cancelled into other basic moves. Thus its use in combos is fairly limited.

Jump Punch              
(MA) P; j.P
Dmg 12; Ten 1.4; Can JR; Lvl 1; Blo SA
Frm 6, 2, 10
Dizzy crosses her arms and extends a spike out of one her hands. The reach
of the move is good but otherwise the range is pretty poor. Can be used as
part of an air combo.

Jump Kick               
(MA) K; j.K
Dmg 16; Ten 2.6; Can JR; Lvl 2; Blo SA
Frm 4, 12, 12
Dizzy gathers her legs together and knees the opponent. The range of this move
is EXTREMELY poor, but it has the merits of being very fast.

Jump Slash              
(MA) S; j.S
Dmg 26; Ten 2.6; Can JR; Lvl 3; Blo SA
Frm 9, 4, 16
Undine extends an icespike, much like Dizzy's far S, though the spike only
hits once. Great horizontal range, but otherwise kind of poor, as it is
easy to miss completely. A merit is that this is Dizzy's most damaging
jump-cancellable attack, and is therefore the backbone of many of her air
combos - practice this move and how to hit with it often.

Jump Hard Slash         
(MA) H; j.H
Dmg 42; Ten 3.8; Can R; Lvl 5; Blo SA
Frm 10, 4, 28
Necro becomes a giant claw and extends forward. Great range and reach, and
a very useful move for hitting both grounded and airborned opponents
alike. A bit on the slow side, however, and this move cannot be cancelled
into basic moves, making its use in air combos (other than Dust combos)

(MA) D; j.D
Dmg 30+40; Ten 3.8; Can R; Lvl 4; Blo SA
Frm 10, 12-3, 16
Necro uses Dizzy as a weapon and swings her around. Hits the opponent 
twice; great range, and floats grounded opponents. However the move
is rather slow and leaves Dizzy somewhat vulnerable, so don't overuse it.

Forward Punch           
f+P; 6+P
Dmg 26; Ten 2.6; Can R; Lvl 3; Blo SCF
Frm 11, 4, 19, -9
Necro becomes a dragon's head which reaches forward and bites the opponent.
As with almost all forward punches, Dizzy's upper body becomes invincible
during the execution of the move, so it is a great all-around attack, 
especially against airborne opponents. Also, the move cancels into close
S, so it is a great combo starter. On counter hit, it floats the opponent
as well, but it cannot be jump cancelled by itself, so again, chain into
close S, and then jump cancel for an air combo.

Forward Hard Slash      
f+H; 6+H
Dmg 38x2; Ten 3.8; Can JR; Lvl 5; Blo SCF
Frm 18, 9-3, 29, -12
Dizzy's tail turns into a large toothy beast, which floats the opponent.
Slow, and high recovery time, but it floats the opponent and can be
cancelled at any time and jump cancelled after the second hit, making
it a great move in certain situations. Perhaps the easiest way to float
the opponent for an air combo.

Dead Angle Attack       
(GC) f+any two; (GC) 6+two; DAA
Dmg 25; Ten 2.6; Can RX; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 11, 2, 13, -11
The animation is similar to Dizzy's f+P, but her invincibility time and
the move's properties are improved. This move causes wall bounce and so
followup attacks are possible if the opponent has his back to the wall.
Still, there are probably better ways to use tension.

(T) b/f+H; 4/6+H
Dmg 55; Ten 0; Can X; Lvl -; Blo -
Necro holds the opponent up, and then turns into a swarm of snakes which
all bite the opponent. Dizzy probably has the second best throw in the
game (after Johnny) as followup is very easy after the move and thus more
damage is practically guaranteed. However, as with most throws, combos
off the throw will be prorated 50%.

Air Throw               
(MA) (T) b/f+H; j.4/6+H
Dmg 55; Ten 0; Can X; Lvl -; Blo -
Undine grabs the opponent, while Necro punches them. The opponent bounces
off the wall, making followup a possibility. Another special point is that
unlike most throws, this throw does NOT prorate combos 50%, and thus
you can get fairly good damage off this throw. Performing it in the first
place is a challenge, though.

Hajime wa Tada no Akari Datta n Desu      
qcf+S; 236+S
Dmg 20x3; Ten 2.0+1.2; Can -; Lvl 1; Blo SCA
Frm 32, 47, 0, -8 (Total 54 frames)
Necro appears and throws a spinning scythe into the air, which curves
forward and upwards from Dizzy in a J pattern. Compared to Dizzy's other
projectiles, this move takes an awfully long time to startup and recover,
and the effective range isn't very good (grounded opponents only get hit if
you're standing fairly close). Also, once the scythe hits the opponent
three times, it disappears. On the plus side, even if Dizzy takes damage
the scythe itself doesn't disappear, which makes it useful to stop rushers.
If you think the opponent is going to try and air-dash in (or in I-No's
case, just dash in), throw one of these out along with some other
projectiles for pressure.

Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu    
qcf+H; 236+H
Dmg 60; Ten 2.5+1.2; Can F; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 14, 8, 41, -23
Undine appears and creates a large ice spike approximately half a screen
away. The damage and startup of this move are excellent, and it works well
as a combo ender. Despite the large recovery time, the distance of the move
and the guard stun inflicted ensure that it will be hard for the opponent
to counter attack even if they block. New to this move from GGX is the
ability to False Roman Cancel. The timing is relatively tough (approximately
right before Undine flips her hands down at the wrist), but a successful
FRC'ed move launches the opponent into the air and allows followup with the
ground or air combo of your choice, or even another ice spike. Pretty much
the only "downside" to this move is the fact that it has only a x0.25 dizzy
rating modifier.

Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu  
rdp+S; 421+S
Dmg 25+55; Ten 2.5+1.2; Can -; Lvl 3,2; Blo SCA
Frm 22, 18-15, -, - (Total 37 frames)
Undine creates a ball of electricity that travels straight upwards; upon
reaching the apex of its flight, it turns into a lightning spear that homes
in on the opponent's current position and flies straight towards them. The
upwards portion can be used as an anti-air move, and in the event that
it hits they will be downed and you can follow up with an air combo. The
homing is average, and if the opponent moves quickly once the spear fires
off, they can dodge it. The primary use of this move is to attempt to pin
down the opponent and home in on them. However, unlike Dizzy's other 
projectiles, if she takes damage the projectile immediately disappears.

Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu (P)   
qcb+P; 214+P
Dmg 25x3; Ten 1.0+1.2; Can -; Lvl 1; Blo SCA
Frm 14, 3-3-3, -, - (Total 36 frames)
Undine creates an ice "fish" type projectile that runs forward, biting the
opponent up to three times. Unlike other projectiles this one travels
directly forward from Dizzy, so she can use it as a shield to rush in and
pressure the opponent. However also unlike other projectiles, the opponent
can destroy this one by hitting it directly. Another thing about this and
the other variations of this move is that after the fish disappears, Dizzy
must wait 61 frames (about one full second) before being able to perform
the move again.

Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu (K)   
qcb+K; 214+K
Dmg 25x2; Ten 1.0+1.2; Can -; Lvl 1; Blo SCA
Frm 17, 3-3, -, - (Total 36 frames)
Similar to the P version, only the fish travels further before the first
bite, and it only bites twice. However, it bites slower than the other
fish as well. The difference between the two is really a matter of
preference, depending on what distance from the opponent you are at and
whether you anticipate you can pin them down successfully or not.

Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu (S)   
qcb+S; 214+S
Dmg 45; Ten 1.0+1.2; Can -; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 40, 23, -, - (Total 41 frames)
This fish floats upwards and then shoots a laser out of its mouth. The
laser is instant but the startup itself is slow. Also, since the fish
floats upwards, this move will not hit most standing characters. Because
it's so slow, it's not really useful for anti-air, and thus really about
the only use for this move is to force the opponent to stay on the ground
as you rush them instead of letting them jump up and over you.

Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu (H)   
qcb+H; 214+H
Dmg 45; Ten 1.0+1.2; Can -; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 40, 27, -, - (Total 36 frames)
Similar to the S version, this version curves down instead of up. Thus
it hits standing opponents instead of airborne opponents. The startup
has been slowed down drastically from GGX, but it's still useful to keep
the opponent on the defensive, as there are very few moves that have
priority over the laser.

Hitori ni Shite Kudasai                   
(MA) qcb+P/K; j.214+P/K
Dmg 45; Ten 2.0+2.0; Can -; Lvl 4; Blo SCA
Frm 9, 159, -, - (before attack); 13, 5, -, - (after attack)
Undine creates a bubble that floats in midair and drifts slowly forward.
P version drifts horizontally; K version drifts downwards at approximately
a 45 degree angle. The bubble itself has no attack merits, but if the
bubble is touched by an attack from Dizzy, including projectiles, it
pops, releasing smaller bubbles out in all directions. If these bubbles
hit the opponent, they will be knocked into the air and unable to recover
for quite a long time. Since the bubble itself has no attack, it's not
very useful as a lockdown move, but coupling it with Gatlings or other
projectiles may make it useful, as you can launch your opponent fairly

Imperial Ray
hcb, f+S; 632146+S                               
Dmg 32xn; Ten -; Can RF; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 7+0, -, -, - (Total 32 frames)
One of Dizzy's tension moves and a staple of her combos. Dizzy spreads her
arms outward and a large row of flames shoots across the screen. This move 
has extremely fast startup (7 frames, the same as her regular standing K) 
and best of all, it has ZERO post-tension spark startup frames. What this 
means is that if the opponent is standing in the area where the first flame
appears and they are not blocking when the spark goes off, they won't be
able to block AT ALL. This makes Imperial Ray a great ender for combos.
This move is best used when you're backed up against the wall; if you run
forward after the flames start, you can usually get up to 7 hits in unless
the opponent hits the other wall. There is also a very small (3 frame)
window of invincibility, so in some cases it can be useful as a counter.
This move also can be FRCed, though the added damage you can inflict from
it may not be enough to warrant use of 75% tension.

Necro Okotta Baai
d/f, hcf, b, f+P; 34123646+P
Dmg 34x6; Ten -; Can -; Lvl 3; Blo -
Frm 9+4, 20, 10, -
Dizzy clutches her head and a large magic circle, approximately half a
screen in length in front of Dizzy, materializes in the ground. If the
opponent steps into the circle, they are sucked into the ground and
trapped in a coffin. Meanwhile, Necro, who has momentarily taken over
Dizzy, draws a bow and fires 6 bolts at the opponent in the coffin. The
biggest merit of this move is that it is UNBLOCKABLE. The downside of 
this move is its complicated input (the most difficult in the game) and
the fact that if the opponent is not stunned or in the middle of a move,
they can easily avoid it altogether by jumping, which coincidentally
leaves you open. However the first 12 frames of this move give Dizzy
invincibility, which makes it useful as a counter in some cases.

Gamma Ray
f, b, f, hcf+H; 64641236+H
Dmg 12x5+13x32; Ten -; Can -; Lvl 5; Blo SCA
Frm 16+7, 6-25-6, -, -
The move Dizzy opponents fear and hate. Necro appears and shoots three
lasers at the opponent, floating them. Then, his cloak transforms into
a dragon head, which fires off an extremely large beam at the opponent,
smacking them multiple times. Great damage, but it requires a full bar
of tension. Also, this move is not as cheap as Dizzy critics would have
you believe - Dizzy is totally vulnerable during this process, so
projectiles, teleporting attacks, and what not can all force her to
waste half, or even the whole bar of tension. On the plus side, the
guard damage alone from this move is insane, not to mention its
detrimental effects on your opponent's Guard Gauge, or tension gauge
should he choose to use FD.

All combos tested on Sol unless noted otherwise.

Gatling Flowcharts
For the gatlings, in general moves can be skipped in a chain. For instance,
in the chart below, going from P directly to f+P is a valid gatling.
Exceptions will be noted. Groups in parenthesis can switch between one
another as indicated, and any move within the parenthesis may switch out into
the next move; for instance, both P and c.P can cancel into K. Jump
cancellable moves are designated with an asterisk.

(P* <-> c.P) -> K*/c.K -> (f+P <-> close S* -> far S -> c.S*) -> H/c.H
P*/f+P -> f+H*

* P, c.P can be cancelled into itself
* Far S must be the second or later move in a gatling
* f+H can be performed only from P or f+P
* f+H may be jump cancelled only after the second hit
* H may not be performed directly from c.K

P* -> K*/S*/H
K* -> P*/S*
S* -> P*/H/D
H -> X
D -> X

* P can be cancelled into itself

No Tension
Throw, dash, H, qcf+H
(3 Hits, 94 damage)
Throw, dash, d+P, far S, qcf+H
(7 Hits, 96 damage)
Throw, qcf+H, FRC, dash, f+H, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H
(9 Hits, 136 damage)
D, homing jump, j.H, j.H, j.S, j.P, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.P, j.S, j.H
(11 Hits, 146 damage)
midair qcb+K, close S, d+S, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H
(8 Hits, 165 damage)
rdp+S, dash, f+P, close S, far S, d+H, qcf+H
(7 Hits, 182 damage)
D, homing jump, j.H, qcb+K, land, H, qcf+H, H, qcf+H
(7 Hits, 184 damage)
rdp+S, dash, f+H, JC, j.P, j.S, JC, j.P, j.S, j.H
(8 Hits, 185 damage)
rdp+S, dash, f+H, JC, j.P, j.S, JC, j.P, j.S, J.D
(9 Hits, 195 damage)
qcb+H, dash, d+H, rdp+S, S, JC, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H
(8 hits, 204 damage -- HARD!)
against wall: low jump qcb+K, d+H, rdp+S, JC j.P, j.S, JC, j.P, j.S, j.H
(9 hits, 205 damage -- HARD!)
against wall: low jump qcb+K, d+H, rdp+S, j.K, j.qcb+K, land, rdp+S, j.K,
   j.qcb+K, land...

25% Tension
Throw, dash, d+H, qcf+H, FRC, dash, f+H, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H
(10 Hits, 147 damage)
K, close S, d+H, qcf+H, FRC, dash, K, far S, qcf+S
(10 Hits, 192 damage)
dash, close S, f+P, close S, d+H, qcf+H, FRC, dash, close S, JC, j.S, j.P, 
   j.S, JC, j.S, j.H
(11 Hits, 202 damage)
f+P, close S, far S, d+H, qcf+H, FRC, dash, f+H, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, 
(12 Hits, 226 damage)
against wall: qcf+H, FRC, dash, rdp+S, j.K, j.qcb+P, j.qcb+P, j.K, land, 
   rdp+S, j.K, j.qcb+P, j.qcb+P, j.K, land... etc.
dash, K, H, d+D, qcf+H, FRC, f+H, JC, j.S, j.P, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H

50% Tension
K, close S, hcb, f+S, jump, air dash, air dash, j.H
(10 Hits, 167 damage)
d+H, hcb, f+S, dash, far S
(11 Hits, 198 damage)
qcb+H, dash, K, d+S, d+H, hcb, f+S, dash
(11 Hits, 205 damage)
low air qcb+K, d+H, rdp+S, hcb, f+S, dash
(10 Hits, 233 damage)

75% Tension
hcb, f+S, FRC, dash, j.P, j.S, JC, j.P, j.S, j.H
(11 Hits, 175 damage)
d+H, hcb, f+S, FRC, dash, jump, j.K, j.S, JC, j.K, j.S, j.H
(11 Hits, 204 damage)

100% Tension
f+H, f, b, f, hcf+H
(38 Hits, 167 damage - tested on Testament, not worth it!)
d+H, RC, d+H, RC, d+H, qcf+H 
(4 Hits, 181 damage)
qcf+H, FRC, dash, qcf+H, FRC, dash, qcf+H, FRC, dash, qcf+H, FRC, dash,
(5 Hits, 248 damage)

More to come later.


As air combos can be a very good source of damage, it's important to know what
options Dizzy has for floating the opponent and what options she has for
following up once the opponent is airborne. First, for a standing opponent,
these moves will float the opponent: f+H (second hit), rdp+S (first hit), f+P
(counter hit only), d+H (counter hit only, more specifically a ground bounce),
qcf+H (must be FRCed), hcb, f+S (must be FRCed), (MA) qcb+P/K (must be used
along with another attack or projectile). The easiest ones to use are 
the f+H and the f+P CH, though a good player will have practiced the FRCed 
qcf+H to the point where it becomes automatic (of course, it still requires 
25% tension).
Dizzy's optimum normal air combo (without the use of RCs and such) is probably
jump S, P, S, jump cancel S, H. This does 107 damage by itself. Alternatively,
ending with jump cancel S, D does 122 damage if both hits on the jump dust
hit. However this will not happen in all situations. In some cases the
opponent will fall at such a rate that jump P, S, jump cancel P, S, H is

The backbone to many a Dizzy combo. This allows Dizzy to float opponents
at a slightly further range than her f+H and with less risk, in exchange
for 25% tension. The timing is rather strict - only 2 frames, or 1/30th
of a second - but the followup is well worth it. 
After a successful FRC, there are a number of things one can do, although
most require dashing in. Far S adds a good number of hits and damage and
can be cancelled into almost anything, including another Sakana wo Karu
Toki. Another option is using f+H as a relaunch and then going into an
air combo.

Although not as useful as the Sakana wo Karu Toki FRC, this still has its
uses. Again the timing is quite tricky, but again the big advantage is that
the opponent cannot tech out of it if pulled off successfully. Unlike
Sakana wo Karu Toki the opponent is floated much higher and much longer.
See the 75% Tension Combos section for some examples, although I am sure
there are bigger and better combos out there.

This "trick" uses the simple fact that after performing Hitori ni Shite
Kudasai (qcb+P/K in midair), Dizzy can perform any other action she could
normally do in midair. Two of Dizzy's most powerful air moves, jump H and
jump D, normally leave her totally vulnerable in midair after they are
finished (i.e., she can't do anything until she reaches the ground again).
This problem is solved by always cancelling jump H or jump D into Hitori
ni Shite Kudasai. Although the attack itself probably won't hit, the
recovery of the move allows Dizzy to do any of her normal air options -
jump cancelling, air dashing, more jump attacks, and most importantly,
blocking. If your jump H is blocked, cancelling into Hitori ni Shite Kudasai
and then immediately applying Faultless Defense may be the only thing
that saves you from massive damage.

This "trick" works for almost any character, not just Dizzy, but in Dizzy's
case it involves Hitori ni Shite Kudasai. The trick is buffering a jump into
any midair special move - in Dizzy's case, her only special move in midair
is the qcb+P/K. This move can actually be performed very close to the ground,
simply by going qcb, u/b+P/K (2147+P/K in the other notation). This is
actually very important for Dizzy as it allows her to create the Hitori ni
Shite Kudasai bubble immediately and with very fast recovery on the ground,
and the bubble basically turns ANY of Dizzy's ground moves into a float.

This refers to the fact that many projectiles cancel each other. For
instance, Hajime wa Tada no Hikari (qcf+S) can cancel Sol's Gunflame, Ky's
Stun Edge, or even a Stun Edge Charge Attack (since each does three hits),
or May's dolphins, among others. It even cancels three out of Sacred Edge's
five hits (but sadly the other two will still hit you).
Even better though is a Hanashi Aite (qcb+P/K/S/H). Not only does this
cancel most projectiles, but it actually acts as a shield for most attacks,
projectile or otherwise. Standing H or f+H (provided they only hit once)
can actually go right through you if you have a Hanashi Aite in front
of you. A Hanashi Aite can even cancel May's Great Yamada Attack (the
giant whale), making it pass harmlessly through you. Now THAT's effective

This trick takes advantage of the fact that GGXX accepts imprecise commands
within a certain frame of each other. What this means is that Necro Okotta
Baai/Gamma Ray can be performed with hcfx3+P or H, respectively. This works
because the command for Necro Okotta Baai, df, hcf, b, f+P, is contained
within the sequence hcfx3+P (b, db, d, DF, f, B, DB, D, DF, F, B, db, d, 
df, F+P) and likewise for Gamma Ray. Since hcfx3 is generally easier to
perform than the "correct" input for these moves, this makes it easier
to perform the moves in the heat of the moment, and can even lead to
comboing these moves. Necro Okotta Baai, in particular, can actually be
comboed off of something like far S, H, if you're fast on the fingers.
A related trick also involves buffering. If you screw up the commands
for Necro Okotta Baai or Gamma Ray, all you'll get is a simple f+P or
f+H - not terribly ideal, and quite punishable if you whiff. The trick
takes advantage of the fact that the game software interprets a button
press and a button release identically. So, if you've knocked the opponent
down and want to try a Necro Okotta Baai as soon as they get up, rather
than doing the old df, hcf, b, f+P and risking a f+P, you can try
df+[P] (hold the P), hcf, b, f+release P. This gives you the same effect,
but instead of risking a f+P if you screw up, you performed a crouch P
(very low recovery!) at the very beginning of the string and then the
rest was just motion.

Okizeme (coming from the Japanese words "okiru", to wake up, and "semeru",
to attack) refers to attacking an opponent as he is getting up to keep him
on the defensive, and hopefully, down the opponent again. Dizzy has several
useful moves that make her okizeme games one of the better ones.
qcb+P/K - multiple bites keep the opponent blocking and also serve as a
          shield, absorbing one hit
qcb+S/H - laser fish cover the entire screen horizontally at once
qcf+H - icespike, in most cases opponent cannot tech out after being hit
f/b+H - (air) throw, both allow followups for added damage and still leave
        open the possibility of not letting the opponent tech
Dizzy's basic okizeme flowchart follows as such:

Opponent downed in the middle of the screen:
qcb+H -> low air dash j.S -> close S, far S, qcf+H
      |        |
      |        |-----------> air dash j.H, land, ground combo ending with
      |        |             qcf+H
      |        |
      |        ------------> land, c.K, ground combo ending with qcf+H 
      ----------------------> air throw, combo ending with qcf+H

The theory hinges on how the opponent reacts to the laser fish, which you
should time so that the laser comes out just a little after they get up. 
If they jump, the low air dash j.S hits them, and then the laser combos
them into a float, so you finish with close S, far S, qcf+H, then repeat.
If they don't jump, and crouch block instead, you hit them with j.H, which
stuns long enough that you can get a ground combo in; finish again with
qcf+H and repeat. If they standing block, dash in to fake an air attack,
land and do c.K, and again, ground combo. Alternatively, if they jump you
can attempt to air throw them, though this is a little riskier, though it
can do much more damage.

Opponent downed in the corner (Dizzy's corner trap):
qcb+P -> throw -> c.P, close S, far S, qcf+H
      -----> c.P, c.K -> close S, far S, qcf+H
      -----> Dust -> j.(H, H, S, P, S, P, S, JC, S, D)

One of the most evil corner traps in the game. qcb+P has short range but
bites three times. (If the opponent gets knocked down in the corner and you
are far away, you might want to throw out a qcb+K, which has longer range,
but it only bites twice.)
Once the opponent gets up, he'll be attacked by the fish. Dash in (just
out of throw range), and throw out c.P repeatedly (to stop the opponent from
trying to throw you). If the opponent fails to block low, then cancel into 
c.K, hit a ground combo, then hit qcf+H, and repeat. If the opponent blocks
low, either Dust them, or throw them at the right time. The key point to
remember is that the opponent cannot be thrown while in guard stun, or for
the 5 frames after guard stun is over. Luckily, the bite fishes are level
1 attacks (inflict 8 frames of guard stun), and it seems to take
approximately 20 frames in between bites, which gives you ample time to throw
them. Thus, if you're going to throw them, wait until just before the next
bite connects to throw. Dizzy's throw is so good that after it hits, you
can dash in, hit them with c.P to refloat, then end with a combo that
again ends with qcf+H. By repeating this cycle over and over again, most
opponents can be trapped indefinitely in the corner if they lack Burst.
Even better, the ice fish absorbs a single hit, so if the opponent tries
to counterattack with some wakeup that does only one hit, it will hit the
fish, and not Dizzy - after which you can throw the opponent and continue
as usual.

One of the critical points in Guilty Gear is knowing exactly what moves
provide what kind of invincibility, so you can exploit them to its maximum
effect. Unfortunately, Dizzy has no move with oodles of invincibility, like
Sol's Volcanic Viper or Ky's Vapor Slash. Thus, using invincibility frames
with Dizzy is more a specific art and not something you can always rely
The following moves of Dizzy have invincibility:
Dash (frames 1 - indefinite): Feet only
Backdash (1-9): Totally invincible 
Imperial Ray (5-7): Invincibile to hitting attacks (i.e., not throws)
Necro Okotta Baai (1-12): Totally invincible 1-8, invincible to hitting
                          attacks 9-12
Imperial Ray (EX) (1-22): Invincible to hitting attacks
Necro Okotta Baai (EX) (2-55): Invincible to any non-projectile, blockable
                               attack (initiates counterattack)
Necro Install (1-28): Totally invincible 1-27, invincible to hitting attacks

EX Dizzy has far more invincibility than normal Dizzy. Still, in both modes
Dizzy really has only major invincibility during a Tension attack, hence
she must burn tension to do it.
Backdashes are great but the window is limited. You're invincible only for
the first 9 frames, and the whole thing is 16 frames, so you can easily
be hit out of the later part of it.
Dizzy's forward dash is one of the most unique moves in the entire game, as
it has unlimited invincibility (basically, as long as you're dashing, it's
active), but it's for her feet only. If you look carefully, this is because
she's floating off the ground when she dashes. What this means is that SOME
(not all) low attacks will totally fail to hit you if you're dashing.

Here's a list of all the moves in the game which you can avoid simply by
using Dizzy's dash.

Crouching Kick
Crouching Hard Slash

Crouching Kick
Crouching Slash (depends on frame of animation; avoids most of the time)

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick
Kick Start My Heart Brake (KSMH itself hits; Brake doesn't)

Crouching Kick
Ground Viper (first two hits only)

Crouching Kick
Stun Dipper (first hit only)

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick
Crouching Slash
Sweep (sometimes)
Iron Sabre


Crouching Kick
Slide Head (avoids Earthquake only)

Crouching Kick

Crouching Punch

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick
Mist Finer (low)

Crouching Kick
Rensen Ougi: Midaregami

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick

Crouching Kick
Necro Okotta Baai

Crouching Kick
Impala Hunt

Crouching Kick



EX Mode Dizzy is very interesting for a number of reasons. She loses her
icespike, and the associated FRC and followups, but she gains quite a few
nice surprises in the meantime.

Jump Slash              
(MA) S; j.S
Dmg 30; Ten 2.6; Can R; Lvl 3; Blo SA
Frm 6, 16, 0
EX Jump Slash returns to its GGX incarnation - Undine creates a giant
scythe-like blade as Dizzy somersaults in the air. This move has AWESOME
range and can hit even crouching opponents, and opponents behind Dizzy.
Basically the only downside to this move is the fact that it is pretty much
not jump cancellable.

Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu  
(AMA) rdp+S/H; 421+S/H (also in midair)
Dmg 25/55; Ten 2.5+1.2; Can F; Lvl 3; Blo SCA
Frm 65/31, 265 (47 frames total)
Undine creates a ball of electricity. This move has several alterations
from the normal version. First, it can be performed in midair. Second,
its trajectory is altered - it no longer travels upward first (and thus
this move loses its floating capabilities) but instead homes in directly
on the opponent. Third, its input is altered - S creates a floating ball
that stays in place until either the opponent gets close, or the Dizzy
player presses P. This version only does 25 damage. The H version releases
immediately and does 55 damage. Finally, this move now is FRCable, slightly
before Undine creates the actual ball. This doesn't have much use coupled
with the S version, but used with the H version, it allows Dizzy to use the
homing arrow as a shield while dashing in and pressuring the opponent.

Michael Sword
qcf+H; 236+H
Dmg 30x2; Ten 0.0+7.2; Can R; Lvl 4; Blo SCF
Frm 14, 3-3, 25, -14
Dizzy's replacement for the Sakana wo Karu Toki icespike. Her arm turns
into a large sword-like implement which hits the opponent twice, knocking
them down. The range of this move is awesome - nearly 2/3rds of a screen -
and if the first hit hits, the second hit is guaranteed to hit as well.
In sum it only does 3 points less damage than the icespike. Although I
don't know the actual value, this move gives a LOT of tension as well,
more than any of Dizzy's other moves. It can also be used as a great anti-
air. As an added bonus, this is a Roman Cancellable move - a great boon
for Dizzy as in normal mode none of her special moves are RCable!

Imperial Ray
hcb, f+S; 632146+S                               
Dmg 32xn; Ten -; Can R; Lvl ?; Blo SCA
Frm 10+0, -, - (71 frames total)
The most obvious change to this move is the change in animation, as Dizzy
returns to her shadow form briefly during this move. The upshot is that both
startup and recovery are slowed, making this move less effective as a counter
and as a combo starter. The FRC potential of this move is also lost. In
exchange, the frames of invincibility are a lot longer, and so you won't run
into the problem of being hit while performing Imperial Ray and only one
of the flames going off that you might have with the normal version.

Necro Okotta Baai
d/f, hcf, b, f+P; 34123646+P
Dmg 36+24x8+34x6; Ten -; Can -; Lvl ?; Blo -
Frm 65 frames total
Another altered move, this move becomes a counter. When performed, Dizzy
crosses her arms for about 2 seconds. If she is not attacked during this
time, no tension is used. If she is attacked by a method other than projectile
or throw, even with another overdrive, the counter activates and 50% tension
is used. (Dizzy cannot perform this move at all without 50% tension). First
a single flame from Imperial Ray shoots the opponent upward; then several
lightning arrows akin to Ki no Mi wo Toru hit the opponent; finally Necro
momentarily takes over Dizzy and fires off several arrows at the opponent.
This move is one of the best counters in the game due to its large window
of countering, and the move in general is quite demoralizing to the
opponent. However, the complicated input may make it not so useful. This
is probably best used against players who tend to attack you as soon as
they get up from the ground.

Necro Install
qcf, qcb+S; 214214+S
Dmg 0; Ten -; Can -; Lvl -; Blo -
Frm 28+0
A new tension move for Dizzy. Akin to Sol's Dragon Install, Necro comes
out briefly and empowers Dizzy for a period of approximately six seconds.
Unlike Sol's Dragon Install, this move does not power up Dizzy in any
other way than speeding her up (a lot, though recovery times for moves
are not speeded up much), but it DOES grant her near-complete invincibility
for the move's duration! Basically, only throws or other tension attacks
can damage Dizzy while she is glowing red. All other moves do one damage
only and otherwise do not stun Dizzy in any way. At the end of the period 
Dizzy will clutch her head for a short period of time and be completely 
vulnerable, just like Sol's Dragon Install.


Gold Dizzy is fairly ridiculous. Her powers include:
Any of the Hanashi Aite's (qcb+P/K/S/H) stay out permanently unless they
are hit. What this means is that if you perform qcb+H, the fish comes out,
performs the laser, and continues hovering around Dizzy. If you press
H again, the fish performs the laser again! This can lead to virtual
infinite combos against opponents simply by floating them and then sicing
the fish on them with P or K while you also attack them.
Hajime wa Tada no Akari (qcf+S) now hits many, many more times.
Coupled with Gold Mode's standard increase in power, a single qcf+S
can now do 10 hits, 190 damage.
As if these weren't enough, Gold Dizzy also regenerates.

These are the color swaps you can choose when playing Dizzy.
P (standard): Blue green-hair, yellow bow, black leather outfit and tail,
              white sleeves, white and black wings, white boots, light blue
              Undine, dark green Necro.
K: Blond hair, red bow, yellow leather outfit and tail, black sleeves,
   gray wings, yellow boots, gray Undine, dark green Necro.
S: Brown hair, brown bow, red leather outfit and tail, dark red sleeves,
   dark brown wings, red boots, light brown Undine, light green Necro.
H: Brown hair, blue bow, green leather outfit and tail, white sleeves,
   gold wings, white boots, gold Undine, gold Necro.
D: Orange hair, dark skin, purple bow, white leather outfit and tail, white
   sleeves, white and black wings, white boots, light blue Undine, dark
   green Necro.
Start: Red hair, pale white skin, yellow bow, black leather outfit and tail,
       black sleeves, red wings, black boots, pink Undine, red Necro.
L1+P: Light blue hair, yellow bow, white leather outfit and tail, white
     sleeves, white and grey wings, white boots, light blue Undine, dark
     green Necro.
L1+K: Orange hair, white bow, pink leather outfit and tail, white sleeves,
      pink and purple wings, white boots, pink Undine, light blue Necro.
L1+S: Blond hair, pink bow, red leather outfit and tail, white sleeves,
      pink wings, white boots, dark blue Undine, light green Necro.
L1+H: Blond hair, pink bow, light green leather outfit and tail, yellow
      sleeves, white and light blue wings, yellow boots, light blue Undine,
      light green Necro.
L1+D: All gold.
L1+Start: All shadow; dark blue Undine, dark brown Necro.

Move Names
Hajime wa Tada no Akari Datta n Desu: At first it was just for light.
Sakana wo Karu Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: This was used for fishing.
Ki no Mi wo Toru Toki ni Tsukatta n Desu: This was to get fruit off trees.
Yoku Hanashi Aite ni Natte Kuremasu: They became conversation partners.
Hitori ni Shite Kudasai: Please leave me alone.
Necro Okotta Baai: When Necro Gets Angry

 Kyou wa souji touban na no de...: Today's cleaning duty so...
 Kyou wa shokuji touban na no de...: Today's cooking duty so...
 Kyou wa uchiage to ka de...: Today's launch day so...
 ...hayaku kaeritain desu ga...: ...I'd like to go home quickly.
 ...minna wo matasetakunain desu ga...: ...I don't want to make everyone
 ...Nagaku ha irenain desu ga...: ...I can't stay here long.
 (vs. Johnny) Are? Kyou wa "tsukekonda" ja nain desu ka?: Oh? Weren't you
   going to "take advantage" today?
 (vs. Johnny) May ni kotozukeraretan desu kedo...: I wanted to leave May
   a message, but...
 (vs. Johnny) Eetoo, "bangohannuki" ni shimasu yo.: Um, you're going to 
   "skip dinner"...
 (vs. Testament) Hai, minna nakayoku shite kuremasu.: Yes, everyone's
   treating me well.
 (vs. Testament) Arigatou, Testament.: Thanks, Testament.
 (vs. Testament) Johnny-san ga ichido asobi ni koi tte ittemashita.: Johnny
   said for you to come over and visit sometime.
 (vs. Justice) Totemo... fushigi na kanji...: Such a strange feeling...
 (vs. Justice) Kono kotachi ga sawaideru...: These children are restless...
 (vs. Justice) Anata wa... dare?: Who... are you?
 Minna, katta yo.: Everyone, I won.
 Ano, mou kaette mo ii desu ka.: Um, can I go home now?
 Ikenai, yuuhan ni maniau ka na...: Oh no, I might not make it to dinner...
 Doushite...: Why...
 Okaasan...: Mother...
 Otoosan...: Father...
 Minna... sayonara...: Everyone... goodbye...
 Otouban ga...: My chores...
 Onegai, futari tomo yamete.: Please, stop it you two.
 Ii ko dakara yamete.: You're good kids, so stop that.
 Dou shiyou...: What should I do...
 Sore hodo no chikara ga aru no ni...: You have that much strength...
 Amari shigeki suru to kono kotachi ga...: If you provoke me too much these
   two will...
 Watashi wo koroshitai no desu ka?: Do you want to kill me?
 Aa, Undine, daijoubu da yo.: Ah, it's okay, Undine.
 Naze ka Necro ga yorokondemasu.: For some reason Necro seems happy.
 Fuku wo yogosu to minna ni okorarerun desu.: If I get my clothes dirty
   everybody will be angry...
 Kore wa nani?: What's this?
 Are? Nani ga...: Huh? What...
Psych Burst
Psych Burst Counter
 (Necro) Yatte kureta na!: Now you've done it!
Air Recovery
 Onegai, yamete!: Please, stop!
 Nani?: What?
 Doushita no?: What's wrong?
 Da...me...: N...o...
 Mou... yamete...: Please... stop it...
 Ku, kurushii...: I-it hurts...
Necro Okotta Baai 
 (Necro) Ore wa kagen wo shiran zo!: I don't know how to hold back!
 (Necro) Gesshudomo ga...: Trash...
 (Necro) Ikite wa kairen zo!: You won't come back alive!
Gamma Ray
 Dare mo kizu tsuketaku nai no!: I don't want to hurt anybody!

Postfight Speech
vs. Sol: Eeto, mou daijoubu desu yo ne? Yuushoku mataseru to, minna ni sugoi
         okokrarerun de, mou oitomashimasu.
         Um, are you okay? If dinner is late everyone will get really angry,
         so I'll leave now.
vs. Ky: Gomennasai, mada jyouzu ni chikara kagen ga dekinain desu.
        I'm sorry, I still can't hold back my strength very well.
vs. May: Mou, abunai ja nai desu ka. Nani surun desu ka, ikinari?
         Geez, that was dangerous! What are you doing, all of a sudden.
vs. Millia: Ano, watashi... mou shoukin kakatte nai mitai desu yo?
            Um, I... don't have a bounty on me anymore, I think...
vs. Axl: Go, gomennasai! Konna ni hashagu no, hisashiburi de... chikara
         S-sorry! It's been a long time since I've been this cheerful.
         Are you okay?
vs. Potemkin: Gomennasai. Ima wa kaeri wo matte kureru hitotachi ga irun 
              I'm sorry. Now I have people who are waiting for me to return.
vs. Chipp: Sugoi! Hari no ana wo toosu kougeki desu ne. Watashi nan ka
           bukiyou de, itsu mo kowashite bakkari nan desu yo.
           Amazing! Your attacks could go through the eye of a needle. I'm
           so clumsy, I always break things...
vs. Eddie: Hito ka dou ka... kenka suru kikkake wa aru ka mo shiremasen ga,
           nakayoku naru kikkake ni wa kankei nain desu yo.
           Are you human, or... you might have a reason for fighting, but
           that has nothing to do with a reason to become friends.
vs. Baiken: Ochitsuite kudasai! Doushite tatakau tokoro kara hajimenakya
            ikenain desu ka?
            Calm down, please! Why does it have to start with fighting?
vs. Faust: Oisha-sama? Go, gomennasai! Totemo isoide ita mono desu kara!
           Mr. Doctor? I'm sorry! I'm in a big hurry!
vs. Testament: Watashi ga ima, shiawase na no mo... anata ga ite kureta
               okage desu. Arigatou gozaimasu.
               The reason I am happy now... is because of you. Thank you.
vs. Jam: E to... kourai ninjin to anzuzake to... otsukai tanomareta
         dake dattan desu kedo...
         Um... korean carrot and apricot sake... I just ordered it from
         the maid, but...
vs. Anji: Kyaa! Odorokasanaide kudasai. Kono kotachi ga seigyo wo hanaretara,
          daikega ja sumanain desu yo.
          Kyaa! Please don't surprise me. If I lose control of these two,
          you'll probably get injured.
vs. Johnny: Bangohan wa chanto youi shimasu kara. Eto... shokuzai wo
            katte konakucha!
            I'll fix dinner, so... Um... ah, I have to go buy ingredients!
vs. Venom: Watashi nara tomokaku... kuruu no minna ni te wo dashitara,
           okorimasu yo?
           If I were you, well... if I acted against the crew they'd get
           angry, you know?
vs. Dizzy: Eeto... ima, watashi ga ikiteiru to omowareru to, nanka seijiteki
           ni mazuin da sou desu.
           Um... it seems that the fact I'm living now is somehow
           politically bad...
vs. Slayer: Do, doushita no, Undine? Sore ijou shitara, kono hito shinjau yo!
            Onegai yamete!
            Wh, what's wrong, Undine! If you go further this man will die!
            Please stop it!
vs. I-No: (Necro ga zenryoku wo dashita... kono hito wa ittai?)
          (Necro used his full strength... this person is...?)
vs. Zappa: Mite kudasai, hora. Watashi ni mo futatsu tsuiteirun desu yo.
           Moshikashite... douryou no kata desu ka?
           Please look, see? I also have two supporters. Maybe... are we
vs. Bridget: Watashi ni mou shoukin wa kakattemasen yo? Sore to, shoukin wa
             Jam-san ga mottechaimashita...
             I don't have a bounty on me anymore, you know? And, Jam took
             the bounty anyway...
vs. Robo Ky: Do-dou shiyou... barabara ni nachatta. Suimasen, ima,
             tsunagimasu ne.
             Wh-what should I do? It fell apart. Sorry, I'll put you
             back together now...
vs. Kliff: Otoosan ni... niteru. Onegai, shinanaide...
           You look like... father. Please, don't die.
vs. Justice: Ano... daijoubu desu ka? (Nan darou, kono natsukashii kimochi...)
             Um... are you all right? (What is this nostalgic feeling...)


Here I will put frequently asked questions of any sort having to do with
Dizzy. Storyline, gameplay... whatever.

Q. Is Necro a servant of The Man?
A. No, no, and no. I don't know where this rumor came up, but there are
several proofs against it. Most recently, in one of Slayer's endings in GGXX,
he refers to The Man's "Three Servants" - Raven, I-No, and Justice. There is
no "room" for Necro. More convincingly, both the GGXX Mook (pg. 208) and the
Drafting Artworks (pg. 229) reveal that Necro (and Undine as well) were 
brought into existence by Dizzy's Gear Nature at the same time as she got
wings and a tail. The Drafting Artworks even refers to him as a kind of
"system" (perhaps an immune system with an attitude?) rather than a separate

Q. Who is Dizzy's father?
A. This is a point of some contention. In Sol's GGX+ ending #3, That Man is 
heard to say "So he had a child... unexpected.", referring to Dizzy. And in 
GGXX, That Man tells Dizzy "You have traces of him in you." So who is That
Man talking about? There are two major competing theories right now, that 
either Sol or Justice is Dizzy's father. There are several good pieces of 
evidence for both.
First, for Sol, Dizzy's Ending #2 and Sol's Ending #2 hint that Sol may
be Dizzy's father. After Sol rescues her, Dizzy wakes up and feels confused
that despite using her power, she feels warm and peaceful. Later when
April comes to pick her up, Dizzy mentions that she feels oddly nostalgic,
and April asks if maybe she had memories of her real mother - or father.
Sol has shown in several instances paternal protectiveness over Dizzy, and
this may mean that he is her father.
On the other hand, Dizzy shares many, many physical characteristics with
Justice (a tail; their crouching K; their standing S) and many move names
(Imperial Ray; Gamma Ray; in EX mode, Michael Sword). In the GGXX console
version, Dizzy also has pre-battle quotes with Justice, including "Totemo...
fushigi na kanji." (Such a strange feeling.). Her post battle quote with
Justice includes the line "Nan darou, kono natsukashii kimochi..." (What
is this nostalgic feeling?). In GGXX's Story Mode, the Shuusen Kanrikyoku's
report on Dizzy says that she appears to have the same power as Justice
over other Gears - in other words, the power to impart free will on 
otherwise subservient Gears. (Indeed, this may be the only reason Testament
is still alive.)
Whichever the case, it's almost certain that at least one of the two is
her parent, and there's even a theory that Justice was actually female and
that both Sol and Justice are her parents. (This would contradict somewhat
with Justice's GGXX or Sol's original GG ending in which Justice doesn't
recognize Sol, however).

Q. Is that super-laser (the brilliant white laser I've seen in Story/Mission
   Mode) performable? If so, how?
A. Answer: no. The GGXX Complete Guide describes this move (the official name
is "Hikari no Tsubasa", or "Wings of Light") as a Boss Dizzy-only move -
which means that without fancy hacking with a Gameshark, no human would be
able to do this move.

Stygian Ablyss, Craiken, Ben "tragic" Cureton, Xerlic, Destin, and Kono for 
combos, gameplay tips, corrections, and tech notes.
Sammy, ArcSystem Works, and Ishiwatari Daisuke for another great game

This FAQ copyright 2003 to Edward Chang. Retransmission in any form 
without express permission of the author is strictly forbidden.