Chipp by Shamgi

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A guide to Chipp in GGXX
Written By: Shamgi

his guide is written and owned by Shamgi, AKA Chris Parker. It is not to be 
displayed anywhere without the authors strict permission.
Left to do:
Add Tactics to complex combo, along with traps. 
Get way more combos in the combo section
Finish Versus section

0.75 1/29/03 Added Combos, and Chipp's Air Throw Trap. Also added a Tactic 
to the Basic Tactics section, called "Can You See Me?"

0.5 1/26/03 Guide created and posted

1. Basics
1.1 Chipp Stats
1.2 Basic Moves
1.3 Basic(Gatling) Combos
1.4 Basic Tatics

2. Chipp's special moves
2.1 Descriptions
2.2 Combos

3. Techs
3.1 Descriptions
3.2 Uses

4. Overdrives
4.1 Descriptions
4.2 Uses
4.3 Combos

5. General strats and combos

6. Versus Guide
6.1 Anji
6.2 Axl
6.3 Baiken
6.4 Bridget
6.5 Chipp
6.6 Dizzy
6.7 Eddie
6.8 Faust
6.9 I-no
6.10 Jam
6.11 Johnny
6.12 Justice
6.13 Kliff
6.14 Ky
6.15 May
6.16 Milla
6.17 Potekmin
6.18 Robo-Ky
6.19 Slayer
6.2 Sol
6.21 Testament
6.22 Venom
6.23 Zappa

7. Credits

*Note - Due to the layout of the guild, most combo's, strats, and other things 
will be discussed in the end, when everything that needs to be covered has. 
If you played GGX or are sure in your understanding of the stuff I'm talking 
about, feel free to skip ahead. Also, if you see something you don't 
understand, such as Jump Cancel or Roman Cancel, check the techs section, 
it should fill you in

1. Basics
Chipp is easily the fastest character in the game, only Milla comes close. 
He also has the second lowest defense(second only to Kilff), but he holds 
no easy advantage, requiring plently of mastery. Long story short: Be ready 
to play alot, and lose just as much.

1.1 Stats
Chipp has a defense of 1.30, which means he takes 30% more damage from every 
attack landed. His run is the fastest in the game, allowing him to reach 
opponents quickly. Chipp is one of the two characters who can preform a triple 
jump. Chipp has one of the greatest combo potetionals in the game, allowing 
for 5, 10, and even 15 hit combos using no tension at all, and with Roman 
Cancels, his combo ability is almost on the verge of pure cheapness.

1.2 Basic moves

P = Punch
K = Kick
S = Slash
HS = Heavy Slash
D = Dust
QCF = Quarter Circle Foward
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
HCF = Half Circle Foward
HCB = Half Circle Back
DP = Dragon Punch(Foward, Down, Down +Foward)
RDP = Reverse Dragon Punch
Tap (Direction) = Double tap motion in direction shown.

Punch - A normal punch. Use it as a combo move only, it holds no damage 
potetional on it's own

	Foward + Punch(F+P) A quick two hit combo. Much more useful than the 
reguler punch, this does decent damage on it's own, but should always be in 
a combo.

	Crouching Punch(c.P) just a copy of the punch, even down to damage. 
No use at all.

	Jumping Punch(j.P) again a copy, but is more important in air combos.

Kick - It has more range than the punch and does more damage, but pushes Chipp 
back father, making it harder to combo with.

	F+K - chipp drop kicks his opponent. This move can have no normal 
followup, which makes it seem kinda useless, but it can be comboed into, and 
can be Roman Canceled for great effect. Also, if you are running, the move 
travels farther, and allows you to pass through the opponent, even if it's 
	c.K - Just like a crouching punch, but with a major difference, it hits 
low, which makes it an important combo opener. 

	j.K - this move has two hits, which means some different uses. The first 
hit does small damage but can be comboed out of, essential for air combos. 
The second hit causes the same amount of damage, but results in the opponent 
flying straight into the ground, great for keeping jump happy opponents on 
the ground. It can be combed outof as well, but you have to be quick, and 
usually can only with another j.K. Chained a large amount of them is no small 
task, but can result in a nice combo.

	Slash - This move, like all others, can be repeated, for a two hit combo. 
Chipp will use his Slash alot, from combos to floating to tech use. It does 
decent damage, and does combo, making it one of the most used basic moves 
Chipp has.

	Second hit - has decent range, but usually not advised to be used alone.

	c.S - just a normal slash, no real difference

	j.S - this is a nice move, but is hard to use on it's own. It hits both 
front and back, which can come in handy in some combos, but has little range, 
meaning it is mostly used in combos. It comes out quick, which also makes 
it useful for cross ups and counter hits.

	HS - This move comes out quick, as with every other move Chipp has, 
and does nice damage, but will combo into every special move Chipp has(more 
on that later) The move is combo use only, mostly useless on it's one because 
of lack of range.

	F+HS - a move that cannot be comboed into, it is one of the the few 
moves Chipp uses that comes out slow, but does great damage and good combo 
options. It also causes stagger.

	c.HS - This move holds some great combo ability, possibly the greatest 
of Chipp's moves. It launches the opponent in the air, allowing for 10+ hit 
air combos. The problem is getting up before the opponent recovers.

	j.HS - Chipp flips foward, blade towards the opponent. Hits twice. A 
nice move, it's an air combo finisher, and also a pressure move. It has great 
proarity, and good damage, it just comes out slow and has little range. It's 
a decent cross up move,but it usually will get beat by faster moves, stay 
with the j.S. 

1.3 Basic combos

	P, K, S, HS - The universal combo, and an easier one to pull off. It 
can't be comboed into much, but still does nice damage. 

	S, HS - Not much damage, but it's important for plently of Chipp's 
combos, so it's getting put here

	P, P, P, P, ... - Bad damage, bad range, just bad. It's a masher combo, 
so don't use it

	F+P, S, F+P, S, ... - Nice damage combo, but pushes back fast. Used 
mostly as a combo opener.

	c.K, S, S, HS - starts with a low hit, so worth the damage. Basically 
an example combo for the c.K opener.

Now for some jumping combos

	j.HS, S, S, HS - You have to fairly low to the ground to hit with this, 
but still is a great combo, due to it's continued pressure ability. You can 
Jump Cancel the HS, which allows you to repeat the combo. Not as effective 
as in GGX, due to Burst added in.

	j.P, j.K, j.S - Chipp's normal air combo, used in almost every air combo 
Chipp preforms. 

1.4 Basic Tatics
These are just some basic ways to play Chipp. If any combo is well suited 
to one style of play, it will be marked as such.

	Hit and Run - Run in, do a combo, then dodge out. Most people think 
this a dishonorable way to fight,  but it's quite effective and the best way 
to fight with Chipp. Use his triple jump and speed to dodge attacks, then 
rush in and hit with a quick combo. Pressure characters and people that can 
manage to keep close will muder Chipp if he's played this way.

	Pressure - Use combos to force your opponent to keep blocking, and don't 
allow for counter attacks. Also a great way to fight with Chipp. Causes more 
damage, but puts you in more danger of damage

	Air Control - Stay in the air, and force the opponent to get up with 
you, then take them to school. Use Air Dusts to force them back to the ground, 
and air combos to deak damage. Good for Chipp's triple jump, but other good 
air characters or with good anti air moves(Milla, Chipp, Dizzy, Slayer) will 
cause major problems, so be ready for ground combat.

	Combo Domination - Use large, long, unrecoverable combos to control 
the match. This is a much harder way to play, and is usually not a main way 
to play. People who master this will be able to whip out 10 hit combos that 
can do 100-200 points of damage, without tension. To play this way, Jump 
Install, Instant Air Dash, Roman Cancel, False Roman Cancel, and a good 
understanding of how Chipps combos and special moves is a must.  However, 
being able to whip out a 14 hit combo right at the start of a match that will 
drop an opponents life bar by about 1/4 - 1/2 is well worth it. Good blockers 
and counter characters will get you and, along with those who tend to Burst 
on defense.

	Can you see me? - Use Chipp's invisibility, combined with his teleports, 
to confuse and throw off the opponents attacks, usually resulting in misses. 
You use teleports to either get in front of behind the opponent, forcing him 
to guess which side you will pick. Occasionaly use the Slash teleport to move 
back slightly, then follow up with a Gamma Blade to trap your attacking 
opponent. Those that can read pattern well will get you here, along with quic 
grabbers(when you teleport close)

2. Chipp's special moves
Chipp has a wide array of special moves, each with a specilized task. Chipp 
doesn't really have any general moves, so you must learn which move should 
be used where. 

2.1 Descriptions

	Grab(Foward or Backward+HS close to the opponent) - Chipp grabs the 
opponent, thenforces then to the ground and lands on them with his blade. 
Can not be comboed out of unlike several characters, so sees less use. Use 
it mainly to break defense happy characters, especially those who get mad 
about it.

	Air Grab(Foward or Backward+HS in the air, close to the opponent) - 
New to GGX2, this move is just an air version of the same basic concept, a 
defense breaker. It, however, is part of a Chipp trap, which will be featured 

	Suriken(Respect)(Air only) - Chipp stops midair, then throws a single 
suriken. He will then resume upward motion. This move has little offensive 
use, mostly since it only causes 1 point of damage, but does actually have 
uses. It can be used to fustrate your opponent either by forcing them to block 
longer or to take care in jumping. Also, it can be used as a dodge move, strange 
as that sounds. Simply  high jump, then throw a suriken.   You should be able 
to do it about 4-5 times, and stay in the air for about 10 seconds, which 
can easily throw you opponents timing off. Also, if your opponent has an 
attack pattern for hitting the ground(ex. As Ky he'll throw out a Charged 
Stun Edge as you land) Use the suriken to dodge the attack. Great to use, 
if only as a joke.

	Alpha Blade(QCF+P)(Air Ok) - Chipp crounches low, then dashes across 
he screen, damaging anything in the way. This is Chipp's longest range move, 
so use it to that effect. It can't be comboed into well, but can be comboed 
out of using either the Jump Install or a Roman Cancel. Both work, but the 
Jump Install version is recommended, it costs less tension and does the same 

		Alpha Special(HS during Alpha Blade)(Ground Only) - Chipp spins 
quickly, slamming his blade into the opponents back. A guessing move, it 
forces to opponent to either block longer or take the hit. Should only be 
preformed about 25% of the time, or the opponent will just keep blocking. 
If you do it and they continue blocking, you will most likely be behind them, 
and also having them walking towards you(They were pushing back to block, 
and you switched sides, so they are pushing foward) just asking for a combo. 
Use this to great effect.

	Beta Blade(DP+S)(Air Ok) - Chipp preforms an uppercut, energy coating 
the blade. Two hits. This is Chipp's air combo finisher, used mostly for that 
function.It has little foward motion, but can be used as a semi blocking move, 
it can block projectiles and supers.

	Gamma Blade(HCF+HS) - Chipp shoots out a sprit form of himself, if it 
connects, it holds the opponent for several seconds. The Gamma Blade is 
radically different from it's X version, which was mainly an air combo starter 
and OTG move. Gamma Blade can not be combod into at all, unless used as an 
OTG move, which will still capture the opponent. You will still do OTG damage 
though. More info on this later.

	Resso(QCF+S) - Chipp strikes foward quickly with a punch, ignitng the 
opponent. The first of Chipp's important three hit combo, ths move alone has 
little use on it's own.

	Rokusai(QCF+S during Resso) - Chipp quickly follows the punch with a 
kick, tripping up the opponent. Second hit of two, this hits low.

	Senshu(QCF+K during Resso or Rouksai) Chipp brings his heel down upon 
the opponent, bouncing them off the ground and into the air. The last hit 
of three, this move hits overhead, but has a fatal flaw. It doesn't combo 
with the other two hits, so it can be blocked even if the other two hit. It 
still has a ton of uses, which will be explained later

	Genro Zan(HCF+K) - Chipp jumps foward, leaves clouding your view, if 
he hits an enemy, he latches unto their back and slits their throat, causing 
serious damage. This is Chipp's grab type move, and it can be used to great 
effect. It can be followed by a S, S, and while it doesn't combo, the opponent 
will usually be to busy blocking to dodge. It can also be used on opponents 
waking up(standing up from being floored), and if done right, can not be 
dodged. The move has serious flaws though. It has a long recovery time if 
it misses, can be ducked by most enemies, and any attack will knock Chipp 
out of the move. Use with care.

	Invisibility(QCB+K) - Chipp focuses, then flashes invisible. This move 
can look initually worthless, since Chipp is never fully invisible, but it's 
use is more behind the sceens, it prevents opponents from seeing your move 
start up. They can't read your moves by there start up, and if your in a combo, 
can't read you at all. This can have some huge advantages, but Chipp loses 
it if he's hit, so watch out.

	Teleport(Tap(P or K or S or HS)) - Chipp quickly teleports to various 
spots on the screen. Great for dodging moves, this can get you out of some 
tight spots. P Teleports you foward about 1/4 of the screen, K Teleports you 
behind the opponent(or if you're far away right in front of them), Slash 
Teleports you back about 1/8 of the screen, HS teleports you in front of the 
opponent in the air(If theyare on the ground, you appear above them, if their 
in the air, you appear right next to them) 

2.2 Combos

To come in the next update

3. Techs

	Faultless Defense(Any two Attack buttons + Back) This creates a green 
barrier around the player, causing no block damage, but in return slowly 
drains tension. This should be used to block overdrives and strong special 
moves, most other things it's not worth using.

	Dust Attacks(D, Down+D, D in the air) - Three attacks are used to defeat 
turtle type players, and have uses in combos. The normal dust hits high, 
launching the opponent into the air, which the player can follow up with an 
air combo simply by pressing up. The Down+D is a sweep that hits low, and 
is usually quick. New to X2 is the air dust, a move that knocks the opponent 
to the ground, used to combat air fighting foes. All of Chipp's Dusts are 
quick or quicker compared to most other Dusts, and they should all be used 
to great effect.

	Burst(D+Any other attack button) - Burst is new to X2, designed to 
prevent long, damaging combos from reining over everything else. There are 
two kinds of Burst, Blue and Yellow. Blue Burst consumes the entire Burst 
gauge(located right below your health),  and is used when being attacked. 
If used, it will stop the opponents combo and knock them back, and refills 
2/3 of the gauge. The Yellow Burst is used as an attack, and takes only 2/3 
of the gauge. If it connects, then a small amount of damage will be dealt, 
but will fill your tension to max, t's it possible to preform a max tension 
combo right at the beginning of the match, giving you a distinct advantage. 
It is hard to hit with, so don't try it all the time.

	Jump Cancel(Jump during a basic move) - The simplest and easiest to 
use of the cancels, the Jump Cancel is used mainly in air combos. You can 
simply jump out of a basic attack, allowing you to continue a combo into the 
air or escape the lag time of a move. Not all moves can be Jump Canceled.

	Roman Cancel(50% tension, any three attack buttons) - One of the most 
powerful of the cancels, it's also the most expensive, costing 50% of your 
tension bar to preform. It allows to to cancel any move, basic, special, or 
overdrives, and retun to basic stance, allowing you combo anything into 
anything. Roman Cancels should not be used with no restraint, any Roman Cancel 
combo should be practiced and perfected before hand.

	False Roman Cancel(25% tension, any three attack buttons during some 
moves) - New to Guilty Gear X2, the False Roman Cancel costs less than a normal 
Roman Cancel, but can only be preformed with a few moves, and thus has a more 
defined role. This move is extemely diffcult to preform, requiring input 
during only a few frames(usually within 5-10 frames) but the results can often 
be worth the practice. Moves that use the False Roman Cancel will be talked 
abbout later.

	Jump Install(Up on some moves) - While it may sound something like Jump 
Cancel, Jump Install is both harder to use and more powerful in it's use, 
allowing for large combos at would otherwise be impossible to preform.  Chipp 
only has two examples of Jump Install, which I will discuss later. 

	Air Dash(Tap(Foward or Back in the air)) - Simply what the name implys, 
it's just an air dash. Used to cut air time to prevent the opponent from 

	Instant Air Dash(Jump Foward, then Foward) - This has to be quick, but 
allows you to air dash as soon as you leave the ground. Jump foward(which 
counts as pressing foward) then press foward again to dash quickly, used to 
create air dash combos close to the ground.

4. Overdrives
Both of Chipps Overdrives have range almost to the full screen, but each has 
it's own disadvantage.

	Banki Messai(QCF, QCF+K) - Chipp charges up quickly, then pounds his 
opponent into the ground with 20 blows. This is more of a show Overdrives 
for to reasons, crap damage and insane combo ability. It does maybe about 
100 - 150 points of damage on it's own, and much less in a combo. It does 
have huge invincibility frames however, even to the point of going through 
projectiles, which is it's major use. For 50% tension, you can dodge Dizzy's 
laser, which costs 100% tension. It will also dodge every other projectile 
along with most overdrive projectiles. Use it to this effect, because wasting 
50% tension and dodging Venom's Dark Angel better than taking all the block 

	Zansi Roga(HCB, F+HS) - Chipp drops into stance, then launches himself 
foward, hitting the opponent from side to side 5 times, then hits with a 
powerful downward slash. This move is so powerful and effective it's almost 
borderline cheap, but it is balanced, no matter what Hyper Angel Kaeverak 
says. It does major damage, but the start up time can be a problem(it has 
an unlimited range though, so a dizzy'd character has nowhere to hide) It 
has one other main advantage, it's side switching. If the opponent is in the 
center of the screen when te super its, when Chipp hits the other side, the 
defense must be switched or the super will hit. but, if the opponent blocks 
all the hits, you will be open for several seconds during the end. Also, some 
characters are short enough to block the later hits, and if you miss them, 
you will be open again. The last bad part is that the moves can not be comboed 
into from any other move, and thus must be used on it's own.

4.2 Combos 

We'll start with some simple ones, that lack power

	c.K, s.S, s.S, c.S, s.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S)
	Has a low start up, so it can usually hit opponents. 

	s.S, s.S, c.S, c.HS xx Beta Blade(DP+S)
	A simple buffer combo, does moderate damage.

	Now, lets do some complex combos, still without tension.

	Alpha Blade(QCF+P)(In Air)(Close to the ground) - s.S, s.HS, JC, j.P, 
j.K, j.S, JC j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S) 
	A show of just what Chipp can do, this is a 14-16 hit combo without 
any tension or special requirements. The only problem with the move is that 
to preform the launcher, you have to be at range, which allows your opponent 
easy blocking, but it's still worth trying because of the nil recover time 
with the air Alpha Blade. A staple of Chipp's combos.

	s.S(Jump Install), s.S, c.HS, Teleport(Tap(HS)), j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, 
j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S)
	Chipp's main Jump Install combo, it's a hard combo to use, taking huge 
timing skills. When you preform the first Slash, you hold up, which starts 
the Install combo, then when you preform the second Slash, you stop holding 
up. When you teleport, the machine thinks you've prefrmed a jump do to holding 
up during the Slash, and allows you to JC the teleport, something normally 
impossible. Needless to say, this combo is alot easier to talk about then 
it is to do, so don't just try and do it during an important match. Worth 
the practice however.

	Genro Zan(HCF+K)(you in corner perferable), s.S, s.HS, Instant Air 
Dash(Up+Foward, Foward), j.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S)
	A fairly unusal and unexpected combo, it actually allows for you to 
combo off the Genro Zan, which does a ton of damage on it's own(around 100 
points, the highest damage of Chipp's moves) It does have a limit however. 
Only a few characters(Jam and Baiken so far) are able to be hit by this combo, 
and it's hard to time for them anyway. It does, however, provide Chipp with 
another means of dealing extra damage for no extra tension, so it makes it 

	Now, let's add some tension, starting at 50%

	F+P, s.S, F+P, s.S, Sweep(Down+Dust), Resso(QCF+S), RC, s.HS, Instant 
Air Dash(Up+Foward, Foward), j.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S)
	This combo will throw you opponent for a loop, the sweep catching most 
people off guard. The Instant Air Dash is important, else you won't be able 
to reach your opponent before they recover. A nice combo, but nothing special.

	Now, Full Tension Combos(the one's a give my crappy names to)

	Chipp's Flaming Fists 
	s.S, s.S, s.HS, Resso(QCF+S), Rokusai(QCF+S), RC, s.S, s.S, 
Resso(QCF+S), Rokusai(QCF+S), RC, s.S, s.S, Resso(QCF+S), Rokusai(QCF+S), 
Senshu(QCF+K), s.S, s.HS, JC, j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.HS, 
Beta Blade(DP+S)
	This is a huge combo, around 25 hits long. It does good damage, and 
can really get your opponent if they don't block low for the Rokusai. It has 
a block point at the Senshu, but the rest of the combo's just icing on the 
cake, so don't worry if they block it. There's nothing really tough to do 
in here either, it's just the length can through off some timing. Well worth 
the use.

	Shinobi's Fury
	F+HS, Zansai Roga(HCB, F+HS), RC(sixth hit, the downward slice), F+HS, 
JC, j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.P, j.K, j.S, JC, j.HS, Beta Blade(DP+S)
	At 18 hits, this thing is a monster. It can drop Sol's life bar around 
3/4's of the way, and almost kill Chipp outright. Use the foward HS after 
the Roman Cancel to float the opponent back up, timing for characters vary, 
but a general rule is that only the top of the blade should hit the character. 

	Note- Much longer combos exist, like a 50 something hit combo proformed 
only with 100% tension. However, these combos are not worth it(the 50 hit 
combo only did about 200 points of damage) so don't really learn them unless 
you want to be the Chipp master.

	Note 2 - Have your own combos? send them in! If they're worth it in 
a match, I'll put in it, clearly marked with you name and the name of the 
combo*. Send them to

	*Only combo's with exceptional damage or length will be posted with 
a name. All sent in combos will feature the creators name*

5. Tactics and Traps

	Gamma Blade(HCK+HS), Teleport(Tap(K)), Jump, Air Grab(F+HS)
	Chipp's grab combo,this is fairly hard to preform due to the speed 
required, but it's a lethal trap. If the opponent Recovers, you get them with 
the throw. If they don't Recover, then you can still hit them with the air 
throw, or just land and repeat the combo. Hard to use, but deadly.

6. Versus Guide(Incomplete)

6.1 Anji

6.2 Axl
	An Axl player will try to set the rythm of the match. Don't let them. 
Otherwise he'll force you play his way,  which is bad for you. His range will 
force you into the air, don't stay there, He can do some serious damage. He's 
usually weak in the back, but beware his super, it hits on all sides. Keep 
moving to avoid damage.

6.3 Baiken
	Her curses, especially her defense halving one, are to be avoided at 
all costs. Try not to attack her from the air, since her air counter is quite 
powerful. Her new Air Dust combos will also put a large dent in your health, 
so watch out when you're in the air. Hit and Run mixed in with some Pressure 
is nice against her, just wtch for counters

6.4 Bridget

6.5 Chipp
	This fight will go quick, unless neither opponent know how to play. 
You will constantly be forced to seek the upper hand in your fights, and must 
out think and out manuver your opponents. Try to avoid air fights unless you 
know you're better, they can easily cause your loss. This fight will test 
you reactions more than any other. A mix of all stragities is advisied, so 
your opponent can't read you easily

6.6 Dizzy

6.7 Eddie

6.8 Faust

6.9 I-no

6.10 Jam

6.11 Johnny

6.12 Justice
	Justice is a pain to fight, mostly because of how much damage hit 
attacks do. Either of his rays(Gamma or Imperial) will make your match end 
abrubtly, so avoid hem at all costs. Don't let him pin you down with his N.B., 
you can jump other both versions.  His height makes it so he can't duck your 
attacks like most characters, use this to your advantage. Pressure is 

6.13 Kliff
	Kliff has lower defense than you, but his attacks are burtal, and can 
easily rain on your parade. Also, his lack of weight in the air may throw 
off your combos, learn to deal with his weight differently. Press or large 
combos is advisied, as you can kill him easily if you string a big enough 
combo together.

6.14 Ky

6.15 May

6.16 Milla

6.17 Potekmin
	Clash of the extremes, this makes for one of the more interesting fights. 
Potekmins Bulk makes him an easy target to your attacks, but his high defense 
and attack means he can take anything you throw at him and dish it back at 
twice the damage. Avoid his Heat Knuckle and Heavenly Potekmin Buster like 
the plage, don't stay in the air where he can get you with those moves. Learn 
to jump often, to avoid his Sliding Head. Hit and Run is advisied.

6.18 Robo-Ky

6.19 Slayer

6.2 Sol

6.21 Testament
	Testament has more trap moves than any other character, so you got to 
be careful about being hit. His lock on is more of an annoyance, but it can 
do real damage. The posion saps your already easily lost life, so avoid 
Testaments super and counter as much as possble. His blood nets hold you for 
several seconds, so watch where they are and use a Gamma Blade, it will disable 
them. His tree thing(can't remember the exact name) activates when you walk 
over it, so try and jump over them. He can set them and leave them out, so 
remember where he put them, it's easy for a match to end when you run into 
the one blood net.

6.22 Venom
	His Pool Formation is quite deadly, so don't try to rush in. He likes 
to stay at range, so try to get close, his ranged attacks are his main game. 
You can jump over the Dark Angel, so don't even take the block damage. Pressure 
and Air Dommiance are advisied.

6.23 Zappa
	Zappa needs to hit his opponent before he can start any long combos 
or big damage attacks, so try to avoid his summon attack. Beware his ability 
to summon ghosts as he's hit, a good Zappa player will turn this to his 
advantage. Zappa lacks range on most of his attacks, so Hit and Run is 

7. Thanks

bungiefan, for allowing me to play the game

skuldnoshinpo, for allowing me to use stuff from his guide.(Though most of 
what I plan to use isn't in yet, but it will come)