Zappa by Earthbound X

Version: 0.70 | Updated: 02/06/03 | Printable Version


  KBBBBBN             kBBBBBE           mB       kB,            EBBBH 
KB                  PB0                   BBX  BBX             BN   MB
B    KBBH           B    0BBB               MBB                    kB,
BB     PB           BB      B             kBB  BB                XB   
  BPBBPP0             HPBBBME           mBN      PBN           BBBkPBP

  ,0wwww0N            Nm       EP00          mPk0                 M0  
 BBBBBBBBBBB        BBB0     mBBBBBBE      ,BBBBBBBm           ,BBB   
          BBBN    PBBBBBBm     HBB  BBBB      BBM MBBBk       BBBBBBB 
         PBBH    kBBKKBBBK    ,BBB   EBBB    HBBE   BBBK     PBBKBBBB,
         BBB    0BBB  ,KBP    MBBB    BBBm   BBBm    BBB    NBBB  NBB 
       MBBX     BBB    HBP    EBB     0BBX  ,BBK     HBB    BBB    KB 
       BBH      BBM    mBB    HBB      BBk   BBk     wBB    BBw    XB0
     KBBH      PBE     mBP    BBK     ,BBN  NBBm     kBB   BBH     HB 
    BBB,      mBB,wBBBBBBBN   BB     kBBM   HBH     PBB   mBB 0BBBBBBk
   BBBw      BBBBBKN0   BK   MBB  0BBBB,   wBB   MBBBk   BBBBBPN0  0Bw
 ,BBB       MBBH       kBH    BBBBBBM       XBBBBBB     KBBk       EB 
0BBE        HBBk       XBN  KBBX,         NBBBm          KBm       KB 
BB0     wBBBBBK        XB,   XB            wBP           BB        KB 
BBBBBBBBBKK  BN        KB    kB            ,BE          0Bw        BB 
BBBBB       MB         BB    BBH           PBB0         PB         BB 
           0BH        ,m,    XB            0BP         wBk        wm 



My guide to Zappa, everyone's favorite possessed Aussie.

Things added in V.70 -
--Well, basically... everything. enjoy, and please, send feedback to

V1.1- Added combos, added quotes, added story branch. More to come, soon.

I'll answer questions as best as i can.. if i can tear myself away from GGX2.

5-Story Mode

Section One: Basics

I'll skip the basic controls, you can find them nearly anywhere.

(Taken fron US manual)

Character Info-


Height: 5'11
Weight: 146
Blood type: A
Origin: Australia
Birthday:June 15
Eye Color:Blue
Hobbies: Finding a mate / Keeping a Diary
Voice Actor: Ueda Yuuji

Just a typical Joe who sadly happens to be possessed by evil spirits. Due to
His origins, Zappa lacks basic combat skills, but when the spirits inside are
awakened, he can unleash incomprehensible destructive powers. His inner demons
are legion, and when he's pushed far enough, Zappa summons up the evilist and 
most vile spirit of all. Don't make him angry! You won't like him when he's 
angry! Zappa searches for Faust to Relieve him of his terrible affliction.


(Taken from Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #6940) 

The so called 'vengeful spirit' that the subject carries has yet to be 
confirmed, but has been spotted by several eye witnesses. Theories abound 
on it's origin. Some say it is the embodiment of someone's innermost 
thoughts; others say it's a prewar expirimental weapon. Regardless, this
subject is confirmed to have an extremely rare form of mind parasite. 
If captured, the insights his body could bring to mental weaponry could
be useful. However, his motives see-saw between his own desires and those
of his parasite. As such, he should be approached with caution. 

Risk Rating : B+


Summary - In a cast of freakishly weird fighters, with unclear motives, 
I'd have to say, Zappa takes the cake. He falls under my "You've got to 
see it to believe it" category - his every movement looks to be wracked 
with horrible pain. A+ to the animators - it's so realistic, it's almost 

On a side note, his voice acting is hilarious. He also seems to be the 
most talkative character in the game.

Costumes - 

(punch) = White suit, Brown hair, Tan chaps.
(kick) = Green suit, Pale skin, Black eyes, White hair.
(slash) = White suit, Gray/Brown hair, Blue pants.
(h.Slash) = Red suit, White hair, Pink chaps, Black pants.
(dust) = Navy blue  suit, Blonde hair, Red jewelry, Brown chaps.
(start)= Gold shirt, Purple pants, Gold hair.


Fight intros- To be added later

Standard Intros

A swarm of locusts fly across the screen, obscuring the view. After a moment, 
they clear out,revealing zappa, with his back turned to the opponent.

Section Two: Moves

Basic moves (Damage done to Sol, the standard.)

Zappa smacks the opponent quickly. (9)

Close Punch
Zappa twirls quickly, smacking the opponent in the shins. (24)

Duck + Punch
Zappa headbutts the enemy. (12)

Jump + Punch
Zappa.. well.. Smacks the enemy. (13)


Somehow, Zappa kicks the enemy with both of his feet at once. (22)

Down + Kick
Zappa bites (?) the enemy's ankle. (16)

Jump + Kick
Zappa goes spread eagle, making the enemy lick boot. (22)


A giant mouth appears in Zappa's back, and spews pus. (30)

Close Slash
Zappa rolls, onto his back, kneeing the foe. (26)

Duck + Slash
Zappa's ghost's arms sprout from his shoulders: the four arms smack the 
opponent. (26)

Jump + Slash
Zappa convulses in midair, flailing. (32)


Zappa pulls a windmill with his feet, in a semi cartwheel. (54)

Forward + H.Slash
Zappa lands a flying elbow. (50)

Duck + H.Slash 
Zappa grabs at his head, which is replaced by his ghost's head. (60)

Jump +H.slash
Zappa tries to tapdance on his foe's head. (28)


Zappa grabs the enemy with his teeth, and flings them using his neck muscles.


Zappa's legs turn into a tongue, and he licks the opponent. (17)

More to come...

Special moves

QCF = Hadoken type maneuver. Start with down, roll towards opponent.
QCB = Replace towards, with back.
HCF = Start with back, roll to down, then to forward. one motion.
HCB = Start forward, roll down, go to back. one motion.
DPf = Dragon punch forward - Start with forward, roll down, roll back to 
forward. one motion.

P= punch
K= kick
S= Slash
HS= Hard slash

Ghost summons! (Yippee!)
Zappa's main staple is his ability to summon spirits, or ghosts. it's 
not too complicated, and it is highly unpredictable - a double edged sword.
In order to keep a ghost, you can't get hit. If you do, your out of luck,
time to resummon. However, if you don't get the spirit you want, you can
purposely get hit. The only other way i've found to get rid of a ghost,
is to use your basic overdrive. (NOTE: Sometimes, if Zappa has no ghost
summoned, and he gets hit, a random ghost will appear to aid him.)

QCF + P - "Say hello to the three centipides" 
This move summons a "random" ghost to your aid. the types are listed 
below. It also damages your opponent if they're close to you. (20)

*Ghost - Three hooded ghosts float about Zappa. When these are summoned, 
you can make use of the following moves.
**QCF + S /or/ HS - "Ghost mode: Go Away and Don't Come Back!"
Using this move, Zappa 'flings' a ghost towards his opponent, as a
projectile. If it hits, it sticks around, tormenting the enemy. 

It does 24 initial damage - the ghost clings on and does extra damage as well. (1) 
or (15) as best as i can tell.
It is usable in the air, as well.

*Sword - A sweet looking, jagged, half blade. It seems to be 
coated in blood. 
It floats around Zappa, looking really angry. For a sword.

**QCF + S - "Sword mode: Looks painful ... And is!"
Zappa and sword dash at opponent. looks painful. like the name 
of the move. (2)

**QCF + S (hit HS at the right time, after looks painful)
Looks painful followup. just an extra slash. nice finish for a small combo. (10)

**DPF + HS - "Sword mode: Fall down go boom" 
A bloody looking uppercut, performed by the sword. (30)

*Dog - Probably my favorite: it's a ghostly looking black dog, that 
breathes out blood. It's moves are performed by using the dust button
(r1, default) in conjunction with a directional button. Here are the 
results of the buttons.)

D+Towards= The dog lunges at the opponent. It has a bit of kickback, 
which sets it up for another move, or one of Zappa's combos. (25)

D= The dog pukes out it's skeleton (it's less disgusting than it sounds,)
It's a mid/long range attack, that does decent damage. (25)

D+down= The dog chomps down hard. it's a good move to stop opponents in 
their tracks, or set them up for a nice counter move. (30)

D+back= The dog flips backwards. If you tap D again, he shoots back in 
the direction he jumped from, spearing anything in the way.(25), (30 if done
with followup)

D+up= A simple flip-kick, by the dog. (30)

*Raou - Zappa's strongest ghost. If you've played Zappa before, you might 
have noticed the blue orbs, circling him. These range from 1-8, and all 
increase when you perform a special move from either sword mode, or ghost 
mode. The chance of Raou appearing depends on the number of orbs - 1 orbs 
is very very rare, 8 orbs = 100% chance.

*QCF + S "Raou mode: Darkness Anthem"
Raou tosses a glowing sphere of purple energy out of his hand, which 
stays stationary. (77)

**p (during darkness anthem)
The sphere flies out in a horizontal pattern. it can strike multiple 
times. (2, as far as i've seen.) (57)

QCB + S "Raou mode: Last Edguy"
Weird name, good anti-air attack. Raou and Zappa perform a strange 
uppercut motion, which ignites a diagonal flame. (100)


HCB -> F + HS - "It's alive!"
Zappa screams, and the three centipedes fly from him, hitting for 
moderate damage. not very useful, but it's good for unsummoning a 
ghost if you don't feel like getting hit. (134)

HCB -> F + S "Raou Mode: Bellows Maris"
Awesome. Just awesome. Of course, Raou has to be summoned for this attack 
- it's a screen-wide spray of energy, as Raou swings his arm. (weapon?) 
It's like one of those cheap boss attacks. Tasty. (215)

Frightening! (charge up gauge, QCF(x2), HS
Must be in close, close range. I won't spoil it for you - but 
if you've seen the ring, you'll probably recognize it. (100% kill)


Section three: Strategy.

The basics
I personally think Zappa is one of the most entertaining characters 
to use. Want to make your opponent sweat? (if your opponent is a human.) 
Use Zappa. Not only is he quick, his damage is moderate, and he's VERY 
unpredictable. If you learn how to manage all of his summons, you've got
good backup for every situation-

Sword: Great for combos, higher damage than usual.

Dog: Best used as a supplement for Zappa's standard moves- can interrupt 
some moves, and acts as a good counter mechanism.

Ghosts: Decent projectile attacks, plus, they're great for building up 
the orbs that encircle Zappa.

Raou: Do i need to say anything? If you get Raou, go all out. 
Your ungodly for about 15 seconds - make 'em cry.



Keep on your toes - I personally have a problem guarding against Anji- 
he's fairly hard to read. Don't count on keeping one ghost for too 
long if you don't know how Anji plays. If you're unsure, 
try and get the sword, and go to town.


Yuck. His reach is just plain ugly. Keep moving, or you'll be trying
to get your ghosts back. Try using the dog on him- get it up close,
so he has to get closer to you to do the damage.


Honestly, i haven't had a problem against her Counter abilities. 
The few human opponents i've played against can't seem to counter
in time, which happens to be Baiken's strongest suite. Go get 'em.


Hmm.. The yoyo can pose a problem - Watch where they set up the Yo-yo,
and try and play keep-away if you can. His dashing attack is ugly - 
be ready to faultless guard, and retaliate.


Heh. Chipp, as you probably know, is a paper tiger. If you know 
his moves, he's a piece of cake. I don't bother to guard, rather,
i use air-dash evade, and try and set up some massive trauma.


Her projectile attacks are hellacious- try and get up close and personal,
and keep it that way. If you can pummel her enough, and don't mind 
dropping the ghost you have, perform Zappa's "It's alive" overdrive. 
it's a good add-on to a counter-combo.


Watch out for Invite hell, and his new aerial fake move. Those two
seem to throw me off alot. Other than that, play cat and mouse- 
he has great mid range attacks, and can smack you around 
if you're not careful. Try and get Raou, and show him who's boss.

-To be added

Her aerial moves are evil, especially her Overdrive. 
STAY OUT OF THE AIR! This fight is best fought with the three ghosts, IMO.


Nothing special - Get the sword, keep her suppressed if you can.
If not, be prepared to cry. She can really do some damage, and 
at higher difficulty levels, she pulls off Overdrives very nicely.


Heh. Mist finer can spell doom for you, if you're not careful.
Don't let the coins hit you, for the love of god! If you don't know 
this by now, you should probably practice a bit more, 
or find a kind sparring partner.

-To be added

-To be added

Know Ryu? Sorry, but that's what i compare his style to- toss some
projectiles, then catch you off guard with a close-range attack.
Study up on his moves, know when to Faultless. Ky's a
sucker for being knocked back by Faultless guards, and if 
you know your Zappa, that's your opening.

-To be added

-To be added

-To be added

-To be added

Watch for his Dandy step windup - you can see it coming in time to
defend or dash back. Just make sure you're out of range, you only
have a split second to counter dandy step. Other than that,
be ready to block and retaliate - Slayer's moves are excellent
for catching people off-guard.

Most people i know have played enough of Sol to read him perfectly - 
The computer likes to use grand viper/volcanic viper,
and dust combos. The players i've fought against love to use 
his Riot stamp, and buffer a grand viper into yer head.

Whereas Zappa is the master of unpredictability, Testament can 
lay traps all over your sorry butt. WATCH HIM! He has 2 particular
animations for his traps - his 'skirt' blows up a bit,
or he slits his throat (?). The former will leave a tree in his spot,
that pops up like a trampoline, making you an easy target for 
his overdrive. The latter traps you in a web of blood. Then, you're fair game.

Hmm.. tricky. I've personally always had problems with good Venom 
players. His stinger aim is sadly easy to avoid when you're 
right-minded - but his ball formation is dangerous. 
Get up close, and be ready to block when he performs 
a double-head morbid.

Insanity. Just keep plugging away, do whatever you can to avoid your own
attacks. I haven't had a chance to play a human Zappa yet, so i really
can't say that much.


Section 4:Combos
To be added later - right now i'm working on strategy VS other opponents. 
If you have a nice combo to add, i'd love to see it.


P, S, S, HS, DPF + HS, HS - Hard to pull off, if you're lucky, you can hit 
them with the extra HS after 'fall down go boom'.
-more to come


Section 5: Zappa's story mode summary

Anji --------------------------------------------
 |                                              |
(no Instant Kill)                          (Instant Kill)
 |                                              |
Sol                                            I-No
 |                                              |
Faust -------------                            Ky
 |                |                             |
(lose)          (win)                       Ending #3
 |                |
Ending #1      Ending #2

Prerequisites: Need Ky's Ending #3 for Ending #3.

(Thanks to Edward Chang for his great story mode FAQ,which is where i foudn this
flowchart. Check it out, it's very useful.)


Section 6: Quotes

 Faust-sensei wo mikakemasen deshita ka? Shuukaku nashi ka... Aaaaa!: 
   Have you seen Dr. Faust? I don't have a clue but... aaaa!
 Donata ka, donata ka tasukete kudasai tte itte mo na... haguoo!: Someone,
   someone please help me, I said... haguoo!
 Yabai, yabai tte! Kono mama dato... kitaaaa!: This is bad, this is bad...
   if this goes on... here it comes!
 (vs. Faust) Anata nara watashi no kurushimi gaa...: You might be able to
   ease my pain...
 (vs. Faust) Temijikai ni setsumei suru to desu ne... aaa...: To explain it
   quickly... aaa...
 (vs. Faust) Hayaku, ishi ga aru uchi ni...!: Hurry, while I still have my


 Nanja korya! Toriaizu kizetsu...: What is this! Well for now, faint...
 Mata mo fukuzatsu kossetsu da!: Another complicated bone fracture!
 Abosoborobierobuburo... mitana!: (gibberish) Did you see that!
 Ore no! Soshite! Akuma de ore no! Zetsubou...: Mine! And then! Perhaps
   mine! Despair...
 Kore wa! Ittai! Doushita! Mondesharo!: What! The heck! Is happening!


 Tattate kureru!: I'll curse you!
 Urameshii zo!: I'm bitter!
 Nani yue konna koto ni...!: What are you doing...!
 Oyasumi Zappa!: Good night Zappa!
 Nani ga nanda ka sappari da!: Somehow I feel great!


 Kanben shite kudasai.: Give me a break.
 Nigasanai wa yo...: I won't let you run away...
 Keshiki ga keshiki ga keshiki gaaaa...: The scenery, the scenery, the 


 Kono karada igokochi ii wa.: This body is comfortable.
 Karada wo kaesu tsumori wa nai.: We don't want to give this body back.
 Nanka, senaka ga muzugayui na.: My back itches for some reason...


 Kore ga saishin no chiryou?: Is this the latest medical treatment?
 Anta sore demo isha ka?: Are you really a doctor?
 Kodomo wa netoke!: Put the kids to sleep!


 Ore ga warui no ka?: Am I evil?
 Doushite konna me ni?: Why do you look at me like that...
 Mou suki ni shite.: Do what you want...


 Ko, koko wa ittai!: Wh-where is this!

Psych Burst

Psych Burst Counter

 Zu ni norun ja nai yo!: Don't push for too much!

Air Recovery

 Itaku mo kayuku mo nai!: It doesn't hurt or itch or anything!
 Onore!: Damn you!
 Dakara shinjau tte!: I said, I might die!





Postfight Speech

vs. Sol: Aa! Mata hito ga taoreteiru! Daijoubu desu ka? U... Rifujin ni
         sakki wo houshutsu shiteirassharu!
         Aa! Another person has collapsed! Are you okay? U... I feel
         an unreasonable thirst for blood...

vs. Ky: Mata karada ga... soko no keisatsu no hito, tasuketee! tte nani,
        okotterun desu? E? Taihou? Baka na!
        My body is... hey Mr. Policeman, help me! Huh, why are you angry?
        Huh? Arrest me? No way!

vs. May: Shoujo ga taoreteiru! Shikkari shi... e? Yoru na? Hee... ku... namida
         A girl has collapsed! Wake up... huh? Don't come any closer? Hee...

vs. Millia: "Haikei hahuesama, senjitsu, uruonda hitomi de ore wo mitsumeru
            josei ga michibashi de neteimashita. Ore wa koi wo shite shimatta 
            you desu." Shikashi, doko to naku sagesunda ita you ni mo...
            "Dearest mother, the other day, I found a women lying by the road
            who stared at me with moist eyes. I felt that I was in love..."
            But, I also felt that I was being ridiculed...

vs. Axl: Yatto futsuuppoi hito ni aeta to omotta no ni, kono hito mo neteru.
         Ha! Shikamo naiteiru. Sotto shitoite ageyou.
         I thought I had found a normal person, but he's sleeping too. And
         crying too. I'll just leave him alone...

vs. Potemkin: Gorira ga taoreteiru! Iya! Gorira yori dekai! Tasukeyou ni mo
              kowakute chikayoren!
              A gorilla is collapsed! No! Bigger than a gorilla! Even if I
              want to help I'm too scared to get close!

vs. Chipp: Kokko no hito! Kami ga masshiro dashi! Watashi ga neteru aida ni,
           iiitai, donna osoroshii me ni!
           This person! His hair is white! While I was sleeping, what could
           possibly have happened!

vs. Eddie: Moshimoshi, moshimoshi? Hii! Kono hito, ikishitenai yo! Nanka
           tsuchikeiro shiteru shi.
           Hello, hello? Aaah! This person isn't breathing! And he looks
           ashen too...

vs. Baiken: Do, doushitan desu ka? Kyuu ni katana to ka furimawashite,
            abunai tte! Sore kireru tte! A! Honki da! Okka ne!
            Wh-what's wrong? Swinging around your sword like that is 
            dangerous! You're going to hurt me! Ah! She's serious! No way!

vs. Faust: Aa, sensei! Baka na, sakki made genki ni tatte ita no ni! Dare ga
           konna hidoi koto wo!
           Aa, Doctor! No way, you were standing there healthy earlier!
           Who could do something this horrible!

vs. Testament: Houwa! Shinigami? Tsui ni omukae ga!... Shinigami made mo
               Whoa! Death? He's come for me!... Death is sleeping too...

vs. Jam: Sasayaka de... chiisai yume... atashi ni datte atta no ni... sore
         na no ni... ano hito wa... nikuiiii!
         Fresh... with dreams... I had them too... but even so... that
         person... hate!

vs. Anji: "Haikei hahuesama senjitsu araka ni hanzaisha to omowareru 
          roshutsugyou ga, ourai de nonbiri to neteorimashita. Toukai wa
          kowai tokoro desu."
          "Dearest mother, the other day, I saw a criminal-looking
          exhibitionist lying in the street. The city is a scary place..."

vs. Johnny: Urameshii... onna wo nakasu otoko... hitori nokorazu...
            norotte yaru...
            How hateful... a man who cries for women... without leaving
            a single one... I'll curse you...

vs. Venom: Mieru... mieru yo... anta no kata ni mo, senaka ni mo... bettari
           to nayami ga...
           I see... I see it... on your shoulders, your back... hate is
           clinging to you...

vs. Dizzy: "Haikei hahuesama senjitsu kureetaa no chuushin ni hane no 
           ueta shoujo ga tsuffushite orimashita. Yo no naka wa dounatte
           shimatta no deshou ka? Sore to mo kotoshi no harai ka nani ka
           deshou ka?"
           "Dearest mother, the other day I saw a young girl with wings
           stuffed into the center of a crater. What is the world coming 
           to? Or is it this year's fad?"

vs. Slayer: Hie! Hi, Hito ga sakasama ni neteru! ...tte, nanda, ore no kubi
            ga sakasama ni natteru no ka. Eeh?
            Aah! A person's sleeping upside down! ... huh, what the, 
            my neck is upside down. Eh?

vs. I-No: Ge, mata hen na houkou ni! Mi, mimi ga! Ude ga! Ashi ga! Kubi ga!
          Geh, another weird pose! Ears! Arms! Legs! Neck! ...neck?

vs. Zappa: Aa! Shinderu! Tte kore ore jan! Ore shinda? Ore shinda?!
           Aa! He's dead! But that's me! Am I dead? Am I dead?!

vs. Bridget: "Haikei hahuesama, senjitsu, juu ni sumau mori nide nejire
             taoreteita shouko wo kaihoushita tokoro, ii kanji datta no de 
             yomekouhou ni agetara otoko deshita. ... otoko deshita!"
             "Dearest mother, the other day I was taking care of a young
             girl in the forest where beasts live and I felt she would
             be a good bride, but when I lifted her up she was a man.
             ... a man!"


Section 7: Credits/Misc

First off, big thanks to Edward Chang - his FAQs are great, and helped alot. I
suggest if you need help completing story mode, or need to know what a 
character is saying, you check one of his FAQs. Also, i'd like to give thanks
to the folks over at Ascii generator. 
Copyright 2002 Jonathan Mathews Software)
You can pick it up at
I'd very much appreciate any Input - email me at
if you have anything you'd like to say- good contributions will be placed inside.
Thanks, and i hope this Faq helped you out a bit.

FAQ Copyright 2003 - Earthbound X /Simon Alexander - 
Duplication in any form without permission is forbidden. 

       .KuWe9K                 WW                 
     eeeeeeeeeW     .eee      eee zeeeeeee        
   eeee          ueeeeeu     XeeE    zeeeeeeeX    
 Weeee           Weeeey      eee5     eeeWeeeeee  
 Deee9           .eeeee      eee.   5eee9  .eeeee 
 eeee            zeeeeeu     eee.   eeeeu    5eee#
 eeGW Xeeeee     eeeeeee    yeee    eeee       eeD
 eeeeeeeeeeee.  .eee9eeez   5eee    eeeE       ee#
 eeeee          zeee 5eee   WeeE    eee        eeW
 yee5            eeeE  eeee  eee#   ueee      yeee 
 WeeX            eeeW   eee  eee.   ueeG     ueee  
 Kee         9u  eeX    eeeeEee9    Eeeu    5eeW   
 EeG     eeeeee.Dee.     eeeeeey    eee   ueeee
 eeeeeeeeeeeX   eee       eeeee.   Kee  zeeeee
   yyyyy5       Wee.        XD        .eeeeX