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Version 1.0

by: royalflame09

Part 1: FAQ Introduction
    I. Welcome
    II. Version History and My History with GGX2
Part 2: Basic Introduction to the World of Guilty Gear
    III. Fighting Mechanics
    VI. Why You Should Get GGX2
    V. Basic History of Guilty Gear
Part 3: Eddie Information
    VI. Background Information *SPOILER ALERT*
    VII. Strengths and Weaknesses of Eddie
    VIII. Eddie's Statistics
    IX. Tips for Playing
    X. Eddie's Biggest Enemies
Part 4: Eddie's Moves
    XI. Key for Eddie's Moves
    XII. Eddie's Regular Attacks
    XIII. Eddie's Special Moves
    XIV. Eddie's Overdrives and Instant Kill
Part 5: Eddie's Story Mode
    XV. Path Ways for Story Mode Endings
Part 6: Finale
    XVI. Credits and Thanks
    XVII. Legal Information
    XVIII. Contact Me
    XIX. Parting Words

PART 1: FAQ Introduction

I. Welcome

Hey, this is royalflame09 welcoming you to the world of Guilty Gear and this
Eddie FAQ.  Before saying anything else, I made that thing at the top, so sorry
if its not that great.  While on a trip to the PASF of Texas convention (a
Spanish club), one of my roommates brought over GGX2.  Being a fan of the
original, I had been waiting to play this title with anticipation.  It was a
blast to play.  Yet, just recently, in order to finish the story mode, I need
to play as Eddie.  Upon finishing the story mode, I found out that Eddie is
very cool.  He's a bit strange, yet with practice, he can be on of the best
characters in the game.  Hopefully, this guide will help you use Eddie
effectively, and persuade your mind to play as him.

II. Version History and My History with GGX2

This my first time playing the game.  Enjoying the flashy new look and having a
blast with it.

Gone through Eddie's Story Mode, and after finishing them all, practiced with

Starting on Version 1.0 of FAQ.

Date:3/11/2003 Version 1.0 complete
Finished my first version of the Eddie FAQ.

Very soon I'm planning on updating all of my guides and makiing quite a few
more.  I've gotten all the info I need.  I expect to have something new by
March 12.

NEXT TIME:I'll finish up the rest of rest of the guide(Eddie's Regular Attacks,
Eddie's Statistics, and Eddie's Biggest Enemies) along with some basic combos. 
Tell me wheter or not I should do it by contacting me.


PART 2: Introduction to the World of Guilty Gear

III. Fighting Mechanics

The Fighting Mechanics section covers most of the universal moves of this game.
 This neglect common moves like double/high jumping, guarding, and so on.

Dead Angle Attack: This is a special type of counterattack that drains your
Tension Gauge by 50%.  When guarding an attack from a guard position, press
forward with any  two attack buttons.

Dust Attack: Pressing the Dust button will allow you to launch your opponent
into the air, allowing you to perform an aerial combo.  Essentially a launcher
in this game.  No cost to use.

Faultless Defense: Basically a much more powerful version of a Guard, but it
drains your Tension slowly with use.  To do this, do the Guarding motion, while
pressing Punch and Kick.

Roman Cancel: This cancels any move you may be using at the moment, reverting
to your normal position allowing yourself to go into other combos.  To do this,
press 3 attack buttons while attacking.  You must have 50% of your Tension
Gauge to use this.

Burst Attack: This is either a very quick boost in Tension or a fairly powerful
counterattack.  There's a separate gauge for Burst that transfers from duel to
duel (i.e. matches).  This increases the same way as your Tension Gauge, and
you always start with a full one at the beginning of a fight.  To do a Burst
Attack, use a Dust attack in combination with a normal attack button.  The
former is harder to use.  Completely depletes the Burst Gauge.

False Roman Cancel: As soon as I can, I'll give the info on this move.

Instant Kill "Summon" and Instant Kill: The Instant Kill is basically an attack
that kills your opponent in one move.  The Instant Kill "Summon" is the calling
of your Instant Kill Gauge, which is done by pressing all four attack buttons
simultaneously at any time.  This drains your Tension bar until all of it has
depleted, in which your life begins to drain.  I also think that when your
Tension depletes, you become weaker and take more damage.  You may only do an
instant kill in this mode, which is a combination of movements and attack.  If
you miss your attack, you lose your Tension is lost for the rest of the duel,
i.e. none of the moves that require Tension cannot be used.

That concludes this section of the FAQ.


IV. Why You Should Get GGX2

This is a definite must buy for newbies of the series, with Marvel vs. Capcom
being the only competition.  If you can, get both, since they are different
types of 2-D fighting games. If not, get this especially if you liked the old
SNK series Samurai Showdown(man, I loved that game) since the basic idea of
weapon-based fighting is still. So, what about those who've played GGX to
death?  Here's a basic list of the new features.

-MUCH better graphics
-new burst attack
-great new characters(vampire leader, cross-dresser, rock star witch, and
possessed man, plus hidden people)
-story and mission modes
-better backgrounds in fights(more colors and motions in the scene)
-EX and Gold modes for each character
-some small changes in some Instant Kills
-you get Dizzy and Testament at the start
-NO load times between battles(YEA!)

I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you either play or see the game in
motion, your going to want it very badly.  Must have for any 2-D fighting fan.


V. Basic History of Guilty Gear

To make a long story short,  the basic premise of why most of these people are
fighting for three basic reasons: to earn a bounty, to earn money for winning
the tournament, or to get revenge upon the man who created Gears, which caused
the destruction of Japan and killed most of the Japanese.  Some exception do
occur (such as Axl and Zappa, who have different goals). Also, each character
has his/her own personal goals, which is mentioned at the beginning and
throughout that characters Story Mode.  So, basically its an excuse to bring
this great game to the US, like most stories in fighting games are.


Part 3: Eddie Information

VI. Background Information*SPOILER ALERT*

Zato-1(or Zato), the body that Eddie inhabits, was once the leader of the
Assassins Guild, until his shadow possessed him.  This possession was due to an
ability Zato acquired, the ability to manipulate shadows.  In exchange, Zato
lost his eyesight.  After the first Guilty Gear tournament, Zato lost control
of his own body, due to his shadow, now named Eddie.  After the last game(GGX),
Zato finally lost complete control.*SPOILER ALERT*Also, Zato is now dead, so
Eddie needs to find a new body to inhabit throughout story mode.  In one path,
I-No and Eddie strike a deal to find Dizzy and to have Eddie take over Dizzy's
body.  Yet, knowing I-No ways, you may have an idea of how this ends.  Another
segment has I-No and Eddie finding a suitable host.  This turns out to be
Slayers gal, and this ends in tragedy. The final path is the coolest IMHO,
since it ends in a cinema sequence, and it doesn't leave Eddie in a bad
position.  This one revolves around finding the old major members of the
Assassins Guild, when Zato was in charge.


VII. Strengths and Weaknesses of Eddie

-long double jump take gets high
-small projectile that stays for a while
-great damage on Overdrives
-one good aerial combo
-excellent teleportation moves
-nice lengths to normal attacks
-pretty good anti-air moves
-he's such a badass
-plays an excellent keep away game


-he sort of slow
-small lags in some moves
-awful Instant Kill range
-odd Overdrive ranges


Eddie has a lot more strengths than weaknesses, but the very odd Overdrive
ranges really hurt Eddie.  Overall, Eddie's strengths weights over the


VIII. Eddies Statistics



IX. Tips for Playing

This section of the FAQ helps you by providing basic fighting tips with Eddie.

-Break the Law is one of the best moves Eddie has, since he goes into a puddle,
allowing you to miss certain dash moves *cough Chipp and Bridget cough* with

-Invite Hell can be very effective two hit combo by using the close distance
one following the long distance one.

-The mini Eddie is your friend, since he has six moves that come from this one
single move.

-Drunkard Shade has many uses.  The two that most stand out are the ability to
reflect projectiles and the ability to stop dashing attacks.

-Master air combos using Executor, since that move does a ton of damage,
especially if you make it travel across the screen.


X. Eddie's Biggest Enemies



Part 4: Eddies Moves

XI. Key for Eddies Moves

HS-High Slash
Any Direction-AD
Down, Down Forward, Forwad-QCF
Down, Down Backward, Backward-QCB
Forward, Down Forward, Down, Down Backward, Backward-HCB
Backward, Down Backward, Down, Down Forward, Forward-HCF
Forward, Down, Down Forward-DPM(Dragon Punch Motion, review your Street Fighter
if you don't understand)
Any Motion done twice in a row-MotionX2
Also Available in air-*
Must be done in the air-#
Charge for X amount of sceonds-(-C#-)


XII. Eddie's Regular Moves



XIII. Eddie's Special Moves

This is the format that I will be doing this portion of the FAQ.

*Move Name:Motion and Button Press:Damage:Effectiveness(10 star scale, 1 for
least effective, 10 for most effective)
*Any Perquisites *
Attack Type(Dash, Projectile, Support, Ground[just a basic attack that counters
nothing special], Anti-Air, or Movement)
Description of move

Invite Hell:D,D+S/HS:8/10
Ground Type
Eddie summons a shadow drill that comes up from the ground.  Pressing slash
does a close-up drill while high slash does a far drill.  This attack is done
fairly fast, does a moderate amount of damage to your opponent, and can be done
in a 2-hit combo.  One of Eddies best moves.

Break the Law:QCB+K:9/10
Movement Type
Eddie goes into a puddle, allowing you to move around on the ground.  The
movement is done very fast and your pretty much invulnerable while in this
move.  Another great move for Eddie, hurray!

Summon Eddie:QCf+P/K/S/HS:10/10
Support Type
Eddie call upon a small version of Eddie, which opens up a bunch of moves.  The
mini Eddie stays on the ground and you can double team on your opponent.  Also,
when released, the button you push to release him, he does the attack you used.
 It's really cool.  But, if you run out of time or if either of you gets hit,
the mini Eddie disappears.  Also effective as a shield as well.  Top priority

   Eddie, Return!:QCF+P/K/S/HS:5/10
   *mini Eddie must be out*
   Support Type
   Useless, unless in certain situations, since it returns Eddie pre-
   maturely.  I tend to do this by mistake, and you almost always want
   to ride the mini Eddie gauge out, just to get one more move.  Any
   tips for this move are welcome to be e-mailed to me.

   Tiny Attack:P:6/10
   *mini Eddie must be out*
   Ground Type
   Mini Eddie rushes a small bit forward, in a low attack.  This is the
   worst of the mini Eddie attacks, and the move causes minimal damage.
   It's quick and takes up only a tiny portion of your Eddie Gauge,
   making it useful to pick at your opponents from a distance.

   Moving Attack:K:10/10
   *mini Eddie must be out*
   Dash Type
   Mini Eddie rushes out in a buzz-saw like form and attacks his
   opponents.  Very easy to control and does quite a bit of damage.
   The only major downside to this move is the fact that it takes up
   quite a bit of your Eddie Gauge.  One of the best moves he has.

   Anti-Aerial Attack:S:8/10
   *mini Eddie must be out*
   Anti-Air Type
   Mini Eddie reached his arm very high up at a quick rate.  Excellent
   anti-air that is fairly effective to use, except for its terrible
   lag time.  It's not the best he has, but it's up there.

   Drill Special:HS:9/10
   *mini Eddie must be out*
   Ground/Anti-Air Type
   Mini Eddie leaves a detonator on the ground, and after a few
   seconds, the detonator releases and a big drill appears.  This is
   easily to lure your opponents into, and it does a whole lot of
   damage.  Another great move for Eddie to use.

Drunkard Shade:QCB+S:8/10
Support Type
Eddie quickly puts up a shield made from shadows for a second or two.  During
this time, Eddie may reflect projectiles thrown at him.  This is also an
effective move to use against dashing opponents.  Does OK damage, but its many
uses make this an excellent move to use.

Damned Fang:F,B, DPM+S:7/10
Ground Type
Eddie gets a close opponent into a shadow ball and traps them inside. 
Afterwards, Eddie gets towards the top and bursts it, causing quite a bit of
damage to the opponent.  Its awkward range and command makes it hard to use.


XIV: Eddie's Overdrives and Instant Kills

This will be done in the same way as the last section.

Executor#:QCF, QCF+S:8/10
Dash Type
Eddie turns his body into a shadow sword, that charges really fast in a
horizontal fashion.  This move does quite a bit of damage, especially when done
from one side of the screen to the other.  Always use as a Air Combo finisher.

Amorphous:HCB, F+HS:9/10
Ground Type
Eddie summons a huge shadow shark-looking thing.  This does quite a bit of
damage and is VERY fast.  However, your opponent has to be about a kicking
distance away in order for it to hit.  Excellent overall.

Megalith Head:HCB, F+S:8/10
*mini Eddie must be out*
Mini Eddie gets fairly large and opens up his mouth wide.  The attack also does
a good amount of damage, but in order for it to his, the mini Eddie must be
fairly close to your opponent.  Pretty good, but not the best.

INSTANT KILL:Black in the Mind:P+K+S+HS, QCFX2+HS:1/10
This move is the worst move he has.  Eddie puts his arm high, grabs his
opponent, and a head appears that goes from a goddess like head to a skeleton
head.  This has terrible range and it's fairly easy to avoid the attack.  Good
to use against jumping opponents and its pretty cool, but the bad range makes
it useless to use.


Part 5: Eddie's Story Mode

XV. Path Ways for Story Mode Endings

*NOTE:This is directly from EChangs excellent Story Mode FAQ*

Faust ----------------------------------------------
|                                                 |
(more than 30 sec.)                     (less than 30 seconds)
|                                                 |
I-No --------------------                         Ky
|                      |                          |
(Instant Kill)  (no Instant Kill)                Chipp
|                      |                          |
Potemkin              Baiken                     Millia
|                      |                          |
Johnny                 Ky                        Venom
|                      |                          |
May                   Zappa                     Ending #2
|                      |
Dizzy                  Sol
|                      |
I-No                  Slayer
|                      |
Ending #3           Ending #1

Eddie gradually starts with less health in each round.  In the fight against
Venom, you will be poisoned.  In the fight against Dizzy or against Slayer, you
will have gold boss powers.

Prerequisites: Need I-No #2 for Ending #3.


XVI. Credits and Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people:

Sammy and Arc System Works for making a sequel to such an excellent gaming
experience and fighting game.

Blake Robinson for bring the game on the PASF trip.

Extended Play for giving this game such a good review(5/5, very rare on that

EChang for allowing me to use his excellent Story Mode FAQ in my FAQ.

gamefaqs.com for allowing me to post this FAQ on their sight.

And finally, I thank you for reading this FAQ, and I hope you learn to
effectively play or effectively fight Eddie.


XVII. Legal Information

Currently, the only sites that may currently post this FAQ up is gamefaqs.com
and neoseeker.com.


XVIII. Contact Me

Hey, tell me how this FAQ is.  Complement, criticize, suggest, and tell me how
I'll fill in the gaps ASAP.  Be sure to e-mail me at
servbotroyalmage09@hotmail.com or AIM me, royalflame09.


XIX. Parting Words

Make sure that you always have fun with this and quit when your tired or angry.
 Have fun playing as Eddie.  See you again!!!!!