Sol Badguy by Ryoga8320

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|            Guilty Gear X2          |
|      FAQ/Move List - Sol Badguy    |
|           (v 1.0, 6-14-03)         |
|         Written by Ryoga8320       |

Table of Contents.

I.      Introduction
II.     Legal Stuff
III.    Backround (SPOILERS)
IV.     Standard controls
V.      System Stuff
VI.     Movelist
VII.    EX Movelist
VIII.   Costumes
IX.     Story Mode Paths
X.      Extra stuff
XI.     Legal Stuff(again)
XII.    Thanks

Version History

1.0 -- Started on 6-14-2003, basically finished as well, I'll add more if I
need to, or if I get around to doing it.


I.  Introduction

Alrighty, this is my second actual FAQ, and what a surprise another character
based one.  My first is for DW4, SSX, but anyway.  If you've emailed me about
changes and such, sorry bout that, I don't get around to it too often.  Anyway,
I've decided to write this thing because I like Sol, he's a good well rounded
character that's fairly easy to play.  Just for the record, I like Kliff,
Testament, EX Jam, and a few others, so I'm not really awesome with Sol.  Well,
at any rate, I may as well get on with it.


II.  Legal Stuff

Yeah yeah, this is the section that I tell you not to put my stuff on other
sites without my permission, and where I tell you to ask for my permission to
do so.  So yeah, follow what I said up there and everything is cool, go ahead
and print it out for your buddy that doesn't have internet, that's good and
well.  But don't print it and distribute it as your own stuff.  Ask if you want
to use this somewhere, and if I say yes, give me credit.  Anyway, enough of

Oh yeah, copyright Ryoga8320, 2003.


III. Background (SPOILERS)

This is just some backround information on Sol Badguy, or Fredrick as he used
to be called.  This information has been pulled directly from EChang's
excellent Plot FAQ.  So, kudos to EChang.

Q. Who is Frederick? Who is Sol?
A. Frederick is the man who became the prototype Gear, in 2016. After
undergoing his transformation, he donned his headgear, which is actually
a Gear Cell Control-type device (to suppress his Gear nature) and
disappeared. However, he kept "That Man", one of the researchers of the
Gear Project and the creator of Justice, in his sights. When That Man
began work on Justice, Frederick began work on the Outrage. He also saved
Kliff from a Gear attack when Kliff was only 6.
Decades later, Kliff recruited a certain "Sol Badguy" into the Holy Order.
It was this Sol that was responsible for the sealing away of Justice (in
Justice's Story Mode Ending in GGXX), and after Justice's escape five
years later, the destruction of Justice (in GG). Presenting himself as
a bounty hunter, he nevertheless revealed himself to Justice as the proto-
type of Gears, and therefore, as Frederick. Later on, he began hunting
other Gears, though once he found Dizzy, for reasons still unexplained
he did not kill her as he had killed others.
(DA pg. 226, 229, GG, GGX, GGXX)

Q. Why is Sol often called "Haitoku no Honoo"?
A. Haitoku no Honoo means in this context "Corrupted Flame", not "Flame of
Corruption" (as it is referring to the fact that Sol/Frederick has
been "corrupted", not that he corrupts others). This relates to the whole
title of the series, "Guilty Gear", as Sol can be described as both the
"Guilty Gear" and the "Corrupted Flame" for having worked on the Gear
Project. Who first bestowed the name on him is unknown, but when Justice and
Sol meet at the end of the Holy War, even before Justice knows that Sol is
a Gear, he calls Sol by this name.

And thanks once again to EChang for the good info.

This is Sol's profile from the story mode of the game.

Name: Sol Badguy
Height: 6 ft. 0 in.
Weight: 163 lbs.
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Race: Unknown/American

Solid information on this subject's history is, regrettably, still hard to come
by.  Here is what we know:  After joining the Sacred Order of Holy Knights in
2172, he deserted and became a bounty hunter.  One account places the subject
in the year 2099 -- exactly as he looks today -- participating in the Gear
Project.  Though his motives are unknown, he has been spotted hunting down and
destroying Gears.  His victory over Justice should serve as ample evidence of
his superhuman battle ability.  His occult powers easily surpass all known
limits.  Because of his muddy past and immense power, he is considered to be
incredibly dangerous.

Risk Rating: S


IV. Standard Controls

The following controls are the basic's for just about every character, if not
all of them.

f     -- forward
b     -- back, guard
d     -- crouch
u     -- jump
u/b   -- jump back, air guard
u/f   -- jump forward
d/b   -- crouching guard
d/f   -- down + forward

QCF   -- quarter circle forward (d, d/f, f)
QCB   -- quarter circle back (d, d/b, b)
HCF   -- half circle forward (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
HCB   -- half circle back (f, d/f, d, d/b, b)
DP    -- Dragon Punch motion, uppercut (f, d, d/f)
RDP   -- Reverse Dragon Punch motion (b, d, d/b)

P  -- Punch
K  -- Kick
S  -- Slash
HS -- Hard Slash
D  -- Dust

These are all the basic controls for everyone, and here's some basic movement

Double Jump
Jump, then push up again while in mid-air.  You'll jump again, useful in

High Jump
Push down, then up real quick.  You'll do a single high jump, but you can't
double jump from this.  It'll leave a cool looking blur of your character in

Push Forward or Back twice in quick succession.  Your character will leap
forward or back quickly.  This can also be done in mid-air, but not after a
double jump.  You can do it after a high jump though.

Push forward twice, hold forward on the second push.  Your character will run.


V.  System Stuff

Alright, I'll start at the top of the screen and go down.

Life Gauge
Does this really need an explination?  Here ya go.  If the little green gauge
ever disappears, you're dead.  Every attack takes off a certain amount.  I'll
get to that later on though.

Burst Gauge
This little life-saver is new to GGX2.  Basically, it allows you to interrupt
your opponents combo.  After one use, it's empty and you need to fill it back
up.  It can be filled by taking a beating from your opponent, or by attacking,
but taking the beating fills it faster.  If you use it to interrupt a combo,
the aura will be blue, but use it any time else and it's gold.  If you hit your
opponent with the gold aura, it will completely fill your tension guage.  Used
correctly this sucker can turn the tide of any fight.  It also carries over to
the next fight in arcade mode, vs. 2p and vs. cpu.

Guard Gauge
This Gauge represents your guard level, guard too much and it'll fill up and
start flashing.  This is when you're going to start taking a lot more guard
damage than normal.  Just getting hit lowers the gauge, but it never goes below
half unless you're taking hits.

Tension Gauge
This Gauge is what allows you to use cool Tension attacks, and it also allows
you to use Roman Cancels, False(?) Roman Cancels, and Faultless Defense.  The
gauge is filled by advancing on your opponent and attacking.  If you wait too
long in between attacks, the word "Danger" will appear on your Gauge.  If you
do nothing, you'll recieve a "Negative Penalty".  This is bad, because you'll
get dizzied easier, and tension only recovers at a 20% rate.  It'll also drain
the gauge completely.

Now for the other stuff, that's not so basic.

Negative Penalty
As said above, it sucks.  It's basically the penalty for turtling, so don't do
it.  For those that don't know, turtling is playing EXTREMELY defensively an
oft abused tactic against people like myself, who attack a lot.

Hold back while your opponent is attack.  A standing block will block middle
and high attacks, a crouching block will block any attacks except middle
attacks.  Air Guarding will block attacks in mid-air, but air guarding will not
block attacks from a grounded opponent.

Faultless Defense
Ok, this is very useful if used properly, just like everything else I guess. 
While guarding, hold down any 2 attack buttons (other than Dust), and it'll
make a cool looking 3-D circle swirl around your character.  What this does, is
makes you take no guard damage, and also pushes your opponent further back with
each hit that they connect with.  The downside?  It eats tension really fast if
you're not careful.  FD can also be used to block an attack from a grounded
opponent while you are in mid-air.

Air Recovery
If you get knocked into the air, you can push any attack button besides Dust to
right yourself and not hit face first into the ground.  There are some attacks
that can't be recovered from and you just have to kiss the dirt.  Or tile, or
spatial distortion or whatever is on the ground where you're fighting.

Instant Block
If you block an attack as soon as it connects, you will flash white and take no
guard damage.  It knocks the enemy back a little bit more, reduces the recovery
time for your guard, and also allows you to get tension faster for a small
period of time.  You need great timing to do it, so don't unless you know you

Dead Angle Attacks
While blocking, press forward and 2 attack buttons (except dust, as usual). 
This uses 50% tension.  It's basically a low damage counterattack that everyone

Strike Block
If two attacks of equal power hit, it makes a spiffy lightning blast and no one
takes any damage.  Also, all recovery time is removed.  This just looks cool
and is a fluke more often than not.  It can be fun in a fight against Ky, if
your reaction speed is fast enough, you can make some cool looking things

Basic Cancel
Everyone does this sooner or later, whether they realize it or not.  For
example doing Sol's standing S, then before he's completely finished it going
into Grand Viper (QCB+S).  It's simple, and can be done with almost any basic
to special attack, even some tension attacks.

Jump Cancel
Certain basic attacks can be cancelled with a jump, a staple move in some

Roman Cancel(why not Italian Cancel, or Greek?)
A roman cancel allows you to cancel out of almost any move, provided that move
hits your opponent.  It doesn't have to connect, so you can still do it if your
opponent blocks it.  It will cancel any recovery time of an attack, and use 50%
tension.  It'll also limit tension regain to 20% for 4 seconds.

False Roman Cancel
I have no idea why it's called False Roman Cancel, it's better than the normal
one.  I'd think it's called like Full Roman Cancel, but that's just me, it
makes more sense that way.   Anyway...  This is new in GGX2 and it's preformed
the same way as a roman cancel.  The only difference, the timing is utterly
insane.  This only takes 25% of your tension gauge to preform, and it'll have a
blue aura instead of the RC's red one.

Dizzy(not the character)
If you give the opponent the beating of their life in a short time period,
little birdie angel things will appear around their head.  This is your cue to
continue beating the crap out of them, or to wait for a second and hit them
with a non-comboed tension attack.

This is new as well.  Almost every character has an attack that will knock the
opponent off balance for a bit.  Some characters have multiples.  Sol's is his
f+hs attack.

Attack stuff

Basic attack
Push one of the four attack buttons, P, K, S, or HS.  Certain basic attacks
change depending on conditions.  Obviously crouching will change them.  But f+p
and f+hs are different attacks.  Also, jumping attacks are different, but that
goes without being said.

Special attacks
These'll be explained in a later section, but it's any move that involves a
directional pad input to preform.  They make all the characters the special
fighters they are, despite all of them having different sprites.

Tension attacks
These are the attacks that change the background for a sec.  They also use half
the tension gauge and hurt like hell if used correctly.  It's usually a bad
idea to chain them into a long hitting combo, because it drastically reduces
their damage.

Instant Kill
Every characters is different, and they can all be seen coming a mile away. 
Push P, K, S, and HS at the same time to power up, then preform the standard
motion (which is usually QCFx2+hs).  If it connects, the word Destroyed will
appear on the screen and the opponent will cease to live.  The problem with
powering up for this, it'll drain your tension gauge as a timer, once it's
empty, it'll start to drain your life.  If you use this attack and miss, you'll
lose your tension gauge for the rest of the round, and you won't be able to do
anything except basic attacks, special attacks, and normal guarding.

Dust attacks
There's 3 different ones.

Standing dust
Pops opponent high in the air, push up immediately to follow and make your own
air combo.  With the right conditions you can have some fun with this.

Crouching dust
It's a sweep, knocks the opponent to the ground.  Useful if used correctly, can
get you out of a pinch.

Air dust
A knock down attack.  Sol's is one of the most annoying attacks in the game,
because of the Air Dust loop.  Sadly, I'm not good at doing combos that other
people post.  I fight my way.

You gotta be really close obviously, these can be done with either f+hs or
b+hs.  The b+hs can be used to pull an opponent outta the corner, which I will
do from time to time, because I have a problem.  It's called being an honorable
gamer, not many of us still exist. (I don't like holding people in corners,
it's not fair.  I'm good enough to pummel someone in the corner, but I'll
usually back off to give them a chance.  No point in playin a game if you're
not getting a challange.)

Air Throws
These are also new, and have better range than normal throws.  You and your
opponent have to be in midair, go figure.

One more thing, this game isn't about comboing the crap out of everything in
sight.  Any combo starting with d+p or d+k will do drastically less damage,
because those attacks are massive combo starters in other games and in GGX. 
Also, after about hit 12 or 13 in a combo, the hits start doing 1 damage, so
it's kind of pointless to continue hitting after that.  Another reason to use
your tension attacks without comboing them I assume.


VI.  Movelist

That took long enough, onto the movelist.  I'll be describing all of Sol's
basic, special, and tension attacks.  I'll also list the damage incurred for
each attack by itself, without being comboed with anything.  I've done this in
training mode while fighting against Sol, because Sol takes the average amount
of damage in the game.  Potemkin takes the least, Kliff takes the most, and
Chipp is in second for most damage recieved.

Damage in parenthesis is for Dragon Install.

(d = down, D = dust)

R -- attack can be roman cancelled
F -- attack can be false roman cancelled
J -- attack can be jump cancelled
N/A -- attack cannot be cancelled

Basic Attacks              Command         Damage                 Cancel

Punch                      P               10(12)                 R/J
Kick                       K               2 hits, 14/12          R/J
Slash(close)               S               30(28)                 R/J
Slash(far)                 S               30(28)                 R
Hard Slash                 HS              40(44)                 R/J
Dust                       D               17                     R
Crouching Punch            d+p             8                      R
                           d/f+p d/b+p
Crouching Kick             d+k             12(14)                 R
                           d/f+k d/b+k
Crouching Slash            d+s             25(24)                 R
                           d/f+s d/b+s
Crouching Hard Slash       d+hs            36(40)                 R/J
                           d/f+hs d/b+hs
Sweep                      d+D             28(30)                 R
                           d/f+D d/b+D
Jump Punch                 u+p             13(12)                 R
                           u/f+p u/b+p
Jump Kick                  u+k             22                     R
                           u/f+k u/b+k
Jump Slash                 u+s             28(25)                 R/J
                           u/f+s u/b+s
Jump Hard Slash            u+hs            2 hits, 24/22          R
                           u/f+hs u/b+hs   (20/18)
Air Dust                   u+D             44                     R/J
                           u/f+D u/b+D
Advancing Punch            f+p             32                     R
Advancing Hard Slash       f+hs            2 hits, 40/37          R
Dead Angle                 (GC)f+2(p+k)    25                     R
Throw                      (near)f+hs      55                     N/A
Air Throw                  (mid-air, near) 55                     N/A

Special Attacks

Gun Flame                  QCF+p           42                     F
Gun Flame Feint            QCB+p           -                      n/a
Volcanic Viper(aerial)     DP+s/hs         2 hits, 40/22          R
              -->          QCB+k           13                     R

Grand Viper                QCB+s           5 hits, 7/6/17/15/13   R
Bandit Revolver(aerial)    QCF+k           2 hits, 24/33          R
Bandit Bringer             QCF+k(hold)     50                     F/R
Riot Stomp                 QCB+k           40                     F/R
Fafnir                     HCF+hs          70                     F/R
(command throw)            DP+k            37                     n/a

Tension Attacks

Tyrant Flame               HCB, f+hs       2 hits, 80/54          R
Dragon Install             QCBx2, s        -                      n/a

Instant Kill
Napalm Death               QCFx2, hs       Death                  n/a
                           (after power-up)

Now, I'm going to describe what they look like.

Sol's stance
One hand on hip, one hand holding Fireseal, pointed behind him.  Facing the
enemy, occasionally cracks his neck if left idle.

A basic hilt jab.  Minimal damage, combo starter, fast attack, fast recovery,
the whole bit for a basic attack.

A roundhouse kick to the opponents head, on an average height opponent anyway. 
2 hits, decent for starting combos.

A quick slash from left to right, mid level.  Good for starting certain combos.

Sol makes almost the same motion as the above, but he leans into the slash

Hard Slash
Slashes in front with Fireseal.  Very wide slash.

An elbow smash, pops the opponent into the air.  A little backwards if you ask
me, shouldn't he hit them up?

Crouching Punch
Another little hilt poke.  Used to be good for starting combos, but now
crouching punch and crouching kick have been nerfed for this purpose.  Not as
useful as it used to be

Crouching Kick
Sol does a shin kick, like the above attack, not as useful as it used to be,
avoid this.

Crouching Slash
Swings Fireseal in front of him, decent for making an opening if your opponent
is blocking high all the time.

Crouching Hard Slash
Rising Uppercut with Fireseal in hand.

Just what you'd expect from a sweep, he kicks their legs.

Jumping Punch
A punch with Sol's open hand

Jumping Kick
A frontal Jump kick

Jumping Slash
A downward Slash with Fireseal.

Jumping Hard Slash
Puts Fireseal between his legs, curled up in a ball of sorts.  Falls on the
opponent for 2 hits.  Kinda strange looking if you ask me.

Air Dust
Punches with Fireseals hilt, knocks down the enemy.  Used for Sol's Air dust

Advancing Punch
A punch with Sol's open hand, sends the opponent across the screen.

Advancing Hard Slash
A heavy slash with Sol putting his weight behind the swing.

Dead Angle Attack
Looks like his advancing punch, but without as much forward motion.

Grabs the opponents neck, says something to them, then headbutts them in the

Air Throw
Grabs opponents neck, says something to them again, and causes an explosion
damage them.

Gun Flame
Thrusts Fireseal into the ground, causing flames to erupt from the ground. 
Moves half way across the screen.  Useful in certain combos.

Gun Flame Feint
Preforms the same motions as Gun Flame, but says something and cancels it. 
Used to fake out and build tension.  I never use this, but it's rare that I get
to play against people.

Volcanic Viper
Uppercut while surrounded in flames, Hard slash version goes higher up.  Follow
up kick is a mid-air spin kick.  I tend to use the HS version to end combos.

Grand Viper
Slides along the ground in flames, then rises up in the same motion as a HS
volcanic viper.  Standard ending attack in combos for some Sol players, I try
to stay away from it now.  If it misses, the lag time is horrible.

Bandit Revolver
A jumping kick that hits twice, useful in combos if used correctly.  Be careful
not to hold the button at all, or you'll do Bandit Bringer and miss.

Bandit Bringer
A jumping punch, it's delayed.  It does some decent damage, but can be seen
coming a mile away.  It also pops the opponent into the air, useful for
starting combos, but I never use this one.

Riot Stomp
Sol jumps to the back of the screen, then flies across toward his opponent in a
flying kick.  Useful for getting out of certain situations, on top of being an
annoying move when used correctly.  I've gotten pummeled for using this before,
tension attacks suck if you're in the middle of this move.

A powered up punch that'll knock the enemy across the screen, and bounce them
off the back wall if you're close enough.  I've never really found a use for
this thing.

(command throw)
Sol grabs the enemy's neck yet again, and slams them into the ground, causing
them to bounce up.  I usually follow up with a volcanic viper, but a combo can
be had out of this move.

Tyrant Flame
Sol creates a ball of fire in front of himself and proceeds to punch this ball
of fire, resulting in a massive explosion.  It only goes half way across the

Dragon Install
Sol goes into a power-up stance and shouts "Dragon Install!"  For the next 6-8
seconds, Sol's movement and attack speed are a lot faster, and some of his
attacks change as well.  All the attacks retain the same properties, in terms
of being cancelled.

DI Gun Flame
Gun Flame becomes a massive explosion, going about the same distance. 60
damage, 1 hit.

DI Volcanic Viper(Slash)
3 hits, 40/18/16 damage, looks the same as normal VV, but does more damage.

DI Volcanic Viper(Hard Slash)
12 hits, 138 damage.  Sol rises into the sky, followed by a huge trail of flame
coming from his arm.

DI Bandit Revolver
4 hits, 20/18/16/26  Basically a longer version of the normal Bandit Revolver,
but in Dragon Install Sol loses Bandit Bringer.  So holding the button doesn't
do anything.

Well that's the end of the movelist for Normal Sol.  Time to move on to EX Sol.


VII.  EX Movelist

This is the List of EX Sol's changes.

All his basic attacks remain the same, with the exception of his basic kick, it
only does one hit now.  The moves that changed will be listed first, the new
moves second.  I will also list the moves that Sol no longer has in EX mode.

Attacks                Command               Damage                 Cancel

Kick                   K                     14                     R/J

Gun Flame(aerial)      QCF+s                 40                     n/a
                       QCF+hs                40                     n/a

Bandit Revolver        QCB+k                 32                     R
(New Moves)
Flame Dipper           QCF+k                 2 hits, 15/33          F/R

(New Tension)
Bukkirabou ni Naguru   QCBx2+s               2 hits, 72/64          R
Tyrant Wave(aerial)    HCB,F+hs              120                    R
Savage Fang            QCFx2+p               107, 3 hits            n/a

Lost Moves
Gun Flame Feint
Riot Stamp
Bandit Bringer
Tyrant Flame
Dragon Install

Gun Flame
Gun flame can now be done in the air as well as on the ground.  It also travels
all the way across the screen.  Slash produces a slow moving projectile, while
Hard Slash makes a much faster one.

Bandit Revolver
It now pops the opponent into the air, much like bandit bringer did, but it's
much easier to connect with.

Flame Dipper
A slide, then he does his sweep kick.  Useful for ending combos, I like this
move personally.

Bukkirabou Ni Naguru(thanks to EChang for the name)
Sol reaches out and touches someone.  First on the neck, then in the face. 
This move looks like his old Tyrant Flame, just without the fire, and the enemy
is the ball of fire that he punches now.

Tyrant Wave
This move can be preformed in the air, and it also goes all the way across the
screen, and quite quickly at that.  This is a very nice move, but don't combo
it into something too big, otherwise it won't do much.

Savage Fang
Sol thrusts Fireseal into the ground after doing the Dragon Install power-up
pose.  The attack itself looks like his Instant Kill, but he's not in the
middle of it jumping.


VIII.  Costumes

I just felt like adding this, for some extra flavor.  I'll also explain the
Gold and Shadow costumes here.

P -- This is Sol's basic costume, the one that's used for arcade mode, provided
you're not playing Sol already.

K -- Sol has slightly lighter skin tone than normal, mostly black clothing. 
His shirt has a red collar, and he's also got a red sash, and his shoes are red
as well.  Light brown hair.  Fireseal has a black hilt, red trim and
crossguard, and the blade is a blueish-white, very light blue.

S -- White shirt and gloves, blue pants and sash.  Blue collar and headband,
with white trim.  Blue shoes with white trim, black hair.  Slightly darker skin
tone.  Fireseal has a white hilt, blue trim and crossguard, and a black blade.

HS -- Sol has dark skin, blond hair.  Black shirt and gloves, white collar,
sash, pants, and headband.  All the trim is black.  Fireseal's blade and hilt
are black, the crossguard and trim are white.

D -- Sol has light skin, brown hair.  Black shirt and gloves, red collar, sash,
pants, headband and shoes.  Black trim on everything else.  Fireseal has a
black hilt, white blade, and red trim and crossguard.

start -- Your basic all black outfit, normal skin tone, dark brown hair.

(SP)P -- Black shirt with blue collar, has black trim.  White pants with a blue
sash, blue shoes.  Lighter skin tone, blond hair.  Fireseal has a black hilt,
blue trim and crossguard.

(SP)K -- An entirely bright red costume, with light brown skin tone, and red

(SP)S -- Light green shirt, dark green collar, green trim.  Dark green
headband, light green gloves.  White pants, dark green sash with light green
trim.  Dark green shoes with light green trim.  Normal skin tone with light
brown hair.  Fireseal has a light green hilt, dark green crossguard and trim,
white blade.

(SP)HS -- White shirt, brown collar, white trim.  Brown pants and sash, white
trim.  Brown shoes, white trim.  White gloves, brown headband.  Normal skin
tone, white hair.  Fireseal has a white hilt, brown trim and crossguard, and a
white blade.

(SP)D -- Gold costume, special powers.

(SP)start -- Shadow costume, infinite tension.

SP modes are achieved by holding down L1 when you select your character.  To
earn SP mode, you can beat all 3 of that characters story endings, defeat them
in survival mode, or complete a number of missions to unlock all of the SP and
EX modes.  Also, you can leave the game in training mode (unpaused) to activate
the very slow and time consuming, time release method.

Gold powers are as follows:
Increased attack power, increased defense, increased speed, and a much faster
tension gain rate.  These are the basics of Gold mode, all characters have
unique changes in Gold mode.  Sol's are:

Permanently in Dragon Install
Regenerates health
Infinite Tension

Sol's gold mode is very fun, but not for your opponent, unless they're in gold
mode as well.  SP mode is not allowed in survival, M.O.M., story mode(EX not
allowed here either), and mission mode(EX not allowed until all 50 missions are


IX.  Story Mode Paths

Here's how to get all of Sol's endings in Story Mode.  Credit to EChang for his
excellent story mode FAQ.

Millia ---------------------------------------------------------------
 |                                                                   |
(Normal Victory)                                                 (Time Up)
 |                                                                   |
Anji                                                               EX Venom
 |                                                                   |
Johnny ---------------------------------                           Slayer
 |                                     |                             |
(more than 120 seconds total)  (less than 120 seconds and         Ending #2
 |                               no continues)
 |                                     |
Eddie                               Testament
 |                                     |
Boss I-No                          Boss Dizzy
 |                                     |
Ending #1                           Ending #3

In the fight with I-No, you will have SP Powers and she will have boss
powers. In the fight with Slayer, only Special Attacks and Tension Attacks
hurt Slayer. In the fight against Dizzy, she has Gold Boss powers. In the
fight against Eddie, he starts at 6/8th health. In the fight against Venom,
Venom is EX.

Prerequisites:  Need Dizzy #2 for ending #3.

Nothing too difficult here, other than the last fight with Dizzy.  Gold boss
dizzy isn't too nice.  And of course, since the computer is using I-No, it has
Megalomania, because the computer gets "I'm a computer" tension attacks. 
Stupid computer....


X.  Extra Stuff

Just a couple of side notes.  Like how to get extra stuff.

EX mode
Just different moves lists for characters.  You can earn this for an character
by completing 2 of the three story mode paths, beating that character's EX mode
in survival, or earn them all at once by beating 35 missions.  Or you can use
the time release method. So basically there's 4 methods.

SP mode
Different costumes, unless used with the start or dust button, then it makes
Shadow and Gold characters, respectively.  Shadow characters have infinite
tension, and gold characters have special powers unique to each character.  You
can earn this for any character by completing all 3 story paths of that
character, defeating that character's SP mode in survival, or finish all 50
missions to earn all of them.  Or, again, you can use the time release method.

Guilty Gear Mode
There's 4 ways to open this up, finish 45 missions, get over level 300 in
survival, complete all 60 story mode endings, and the time release method.

Time release
For this to work, you have to have game time, not menu time.  Basically, put
the game in training mode, not paused, and let it sit.  It'll unlock characters
modes as they appear in survival.

Four ways to get this all-powerful Gear with the irritating voice.  Defeat him
at level 230 in survival, complete all 60 story mode endings, finish 40
missions, or again, time release

Robo Ky
Four ways to get this annoying sack of bolts.  Defeat him the first time he
appears in survival mode, complete all 61 story mode endings (Justice has one),
complete 40 missions, or, you guessed it, time release.

Four ways to get this crockety old man with the oversized butcher knife.  You
can do it the same way you get Robo Ky, Kliff just appears 10 levels later in

Well, that's about all, have fun.


XI.  Legal stuff (again)

Yeah yeah, this is the section that I tell you not to put my stuff on other
sites without my permission, and where I tell you to ask for my permission to
do so.  So yeah, follow what I said up there and everything is cool, go ahead
and print it out for your buddy that doesn't have internet, that's good and
well.  But don't print it and distribute it as your own stuff.  Ask if you want
to use this somewhere, and if I say yes, give me credit.  Anyway, enough of

Oh yeah, copyright Ryoga8320, 2003.


XII. Thanks

Thanks and kudos go out to:

Sammy, ArcSystem Works, and Ishiwatari Daisuke for this awesome fighting game,
may it's name always be held high.
EChang for the excellent Story FAQ and Plot FAQ.  I didn't know this game was
so damn deep, thanks for the info.
Me, for getting bored and liking Sol Badguy enough to do this.
and you, the reader, for reading this, hope it helps.