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Version 1.43, English version of the FAQ
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	                - MILLIA RAGE -

By: Foreverzero (

First, the first: 
This guide was made in December 13, 2003 and it belongs to Foreverzero.
It cannot be reproduced total or in partially form; it should be in 
Gamefaqs (the english version, the Spanish version is in neoseeker), any
reproduction, sale or any action that breaks the copyright law will took 
to legal problems, you cannot make it neither a change (unless it is for 
personal or private use) or to expose it in another webs without my 
permission. If you want to post my FAQ in another web send me a mail to my
electronic mail address ( 



- VERSION 1.43
 MODE ITS ACTIVE. MY APOLOGIES. Oh, and the trigger fo the track 
 "Still in the Dark", thanks to Chrono Cross Dragon!

- VERSION 1.42
 Changed the "logic" of the endless combo, so it's more compatible to
 connect with all the characters. Added a tactic about this endless combo,
 in the Tactics section.

- VERSION 1.40
 Added an Endless Combo in Millia normal and Millia EX mode; have fun ;).

- VERSION 1.35
 Some corrections, changed some Earth to Air combos to be more easily to
 connect them with the opponent. Changed some tactics vs. other characters,
 other minimun changes.

- VERSION 1.30
 Added one combo (a great one) in the air to earth combo section (only with
 Millia EX), added more information about how to defeat May and Axl.

- VERSION 1.20
 Modified some combos, added a destructive combo (in Earth to Air section
 of Millia in EX mode), all the combos have been tested many times.

- VERSION 1.10
 Fixed some combos (to be able to hit more characters), added one more 
 tactic, fixed some spelling errors. Complete FAQ if something isn't missed.

- VERSION 1.00
 Finished the strategies against other characters section, fixed a lot
 of spelling errors, added the version history of the faq.

- VERSION 0.90
 Almost finished traducing the FAQ of Spanish to english, only
 the strategies against other characters section is incomplete.


1. Introduction 
2. Introduction to the game 
3. Nomenclature used in this guide 
4. The Basic thing 
5. History of Millia and other data 
6. Movements of Millia 
7. Combos 
8. Tactics (IMPORTANT!) 
9. Strategies against other characters 
10. Credits 

NOTE: For quick search, shadow the section to which you want to arrive,
then press "Ctrl + B" (if it is a version of Windows in Spanish, 
otherwise "Crtl + F") and later "Enter" (or "Return"), you arrived
this way to the section that you want in a breeze ;)  


1. Introduction 

Well, here ends all these formalities, and WELCOME TO MI FIRST FAQ!! so if
there is some error, send me an e-mail, Ok? ;) 
JESUS, I made this FAQ originally in Spanish, but I don't knew that in
GameFAQs, they no longer accept foreign language in Depth FAQs!! So don't
bother me if there is some bad spelling, because I don't talk so well
the english. The Spanish version of this FAQ is in, if you 
want it. 
Because for those that wonder why is the reason to make a FAQ of only one 
character??... because you can explain better their techniques and
any other information, but always deep. Millia is the character that
I like of the whole series of games of Guilty Gear (the second is 
Robo-Ky), she's quick in attacks, good combos.... that will be detailed
later. Because Millia has few changes in it?s EX version, I will also 
embrace that type (that in fact is with the one that we will work most of
the time) and a small mention in their way in Gold (in Shadow only 
increases its speed and she has infinite tension). 
Perhaps later I will make a guide of Robo-Ky, who knows, but for the  
moment I believe that already you're tired of this introduction so  
let us continue for that what in fact you are reading... 


2. Introduction to the game 

Some have wondered: but what it's Guilty Gear??... Guilty Gear is a 
2-D fighting game that came out for the PSX but that pitifully it was not
very good (perhaps for that time maybe -_-); years later, the Guilty 
Gear X came out for the Dreamcast, sequel of the Guilty Gear. It was 
superior in all the ways to its predecessor. There's a version for the 
PS2 and also one for the Gameboy Advance (with their limits, of course but
also with some interesting features, like 3-3 battle or tag battle).  
Another one, the Guilty Gear X plus only came out there in Japan, in the
one which you could already select Kliff and Justice. Time later, it
came out Guilty Gear XX The Midnight Carnival. Thanks to the popularity
that is having this game, in Japan an Arcadia comes out and in February 
of 2003 came out the version for America, called Guilty Gear X2. 
There is a another version, called Japan Guilty XX Gear #Reload, but 
only in Japan, with many changes in some characters (weaker/stronger 
attacks in some characters, a Robo-Ky completely different in all their
attacks, etc), but this version didn't come out for America :(. 
Guilty Gear X2 is a fighting game in 2-D with very original characters
and AWESOME designs, the graphics are very good, the resolution is
very good, the music is THE BEST and it doesn't leave your head for a
while, the control very well adapted and easy of getting used and 

history of among game to game that is interesting, besides an engine of
very quick game. 

Now, other they wondered: and which the history of Guilty Gear is??... 
(if there is some error here, warn me). Because everything begins in the
Guilty Gear, and it counts that there is a "Gear" (Testament) trying to
bring to the life to the most powerful Gear of all, called "Justice"; if
Justice is not stopped, all the Gears then will not stop to operate. 
Those Gears are some bioweapons that were invented for a conflict that 
it arose, but the gears put on against the humans and this way a war 
begins against the gears, in the one which the most powerful is Justice.  
At the end, "Sol Badguy" finishes Justice (Sol is also a Gear) but Sol
doesn't leave his operation, for being "a prototype." Already in  
the Guilty Gear X, realizes that even when leaving contained Justice, 
the Gears doesn't stop, then the rumors of a Gear arrive, called "Dizzy",
which has been born with the powers of a Gear.  
Then they define to give a recompense to who kills Dizzy... it finishes
that Sol defeat Dizzy, but for some reason he leaves she alive. Sol 
doesn't claim the reward and it finishes "Jam" claim it, to build up
her destroyed restaurant. It continues in Guilty Gear X2 that the Gears
won't stop until "that man" is defeated. Then so begins the search of 
"that man". "Johnny" finds Dizzy and it takes it to him where "May", and
it finishes living there. "Baiken" looks for vengeance for "that man"
that kill their parents and it lost an eye and an arm. "Anji Mito" it 
also looks for vengeance against "that man". "Zato-1" dies in 
Guilty Gear X and "Eddie" (the shade) takes control of his body, but
another guest is required in order to survive. MILLIA continues fighting
against Eddie for fear to the return of he and Venom realizes that Zato
has died, then he requests that "Slayer" returns, who was the leader of
the assassins 
(Millia, Venom, Slayer and Eddie refer to the assassins). 
I-no is in search for "that man"; Bridget looks for the recompense of
Dizzy without to know that it was already claimed; Testament has an
uncertain future now that it no longer protects Dizzy; Axl Low looks for
"that man" because he can be one that has information of returning at
his time; Ky looks for an answer of which it is the true justice... and
in short, this it is a quick view to the history of Guilty Gear, now you
are your the one that has to know the final of each one in Guilty Gear X2.
There is a movie of Guilty Gear X where it is related in better way the 
beginning of all (the gears, "that man", etc) and other things that they
don't mention in the game. PLEASE, IF SOMEBODY HAS THAT MOVIE, KNOWS

I finish this way the intro of this game, Next!! 


3. Nomenclature used in this guide 

This is something of what you should notice in the FAQ of fights. 
I will try to leave it to it but easy to understand. 

F = Forward 
B = Back 
C = Down 
J = Jump (or Up) 
BC = Back and Down at the same time 
FC = Forward and Down at the same time
P = Punch 
K = Kick 
S = Slash 
HS = Hard Slash 
D = Dust 
RC = Roman Cancel 
FR = False Roman Cancel 

U> = Half circle forward   (B, BC, C, FC, F)
<U = Half circle backward  (F, FC, C, BC, B)

)> = Quarter circle forward  (C, FC, F)
<( = Quarter circle backward (C, BC, B)   

, = after that command, it continues... 
Dp = Command of Dragon Punch - F, )> -  
+ = that command and the button...  - Ex: Dp+S -  
*= To cancel and to give attack immediately (Some attacks give more than
                                              1 hit, and they can be
                                              canceled for another 
                                              movement before it gives 
                                              the other hits.
                                              I will indicate after which
                                              hit to cancel and to give
                                              the attack. 
                                              (Ex: *F+P (1hit), HS) 

Cj. = Cancel the move with jump  - ex: C+HS with Millia elevates the
                                   opponent, then half time you connect
                                   the attack, jump quickly (either  
                                   toward the opponent or only up) 
                                   before it finishes the animation of
                                   the attack and then continue the combo, 
                                   if the attack with which you continue
                                   is can be canceled with a jump - 
Opj. = Jumps toward the opponent 
Mj. = In the air 
dF, = Dash forward  
dB, = Dash backward  

Well, I believe that you already understand so we pass to the basic thing,
perhaps you will find one or two interesting things. 


4. The Basic thing 

This is what the game offers us: 

- Tension Gauge 
  This bar is practically the center of the biggest things that you can 
  make in Guilty Gear X2. You need this bar to do those  
  Overdrive, the Faultless Defense, the Roman Cancel and False Roman 
  Cancel, Dead Angle Attacks, is the timer when entering in mode of 
  Instant Kill... it is VERY important. This is the bar that is in the 
  inferior part of the screen. If it's at 1/4 of all their capacity, 
  you can do a False Roman Cancel; if it's at 1/2 can do 
  or an overdrive, roman cancel or a dead angle attack. If it's full one, 
  you can do 2 of the movements before mentioned or there are some 
  overdrives that need the whole bar (the Gamma Ray of Dizzy and 
  Justice, or the complete Winger of Millia in EX mode). The faultless 
  Defense can be used as well as the timer of the Instant Kill in  
  any moment but both will go draining tension little by little. 
  But here the important thing comes: this  bar is filled in a 
  high grade if you attack, you make combos or if so  you go in 
  running or walking towards the opponent, and it's filled in a quite low
  rate for attacks that receive or that you cover. And more you use an
  Overdrives, the less you fill the tension gauge for a while. Likewise
  if you use a Roman Cancel or Dead Angle Attack, although for a short
  period. If you are granted with a Negative Penalty, your bar will be
  filled VERY slowly, and for a longer time (AND in this game, that is
  something fatal). 

- Negative Penalty 
  Since we mention the Negative Penalty, this one is sanctioned if a lot
  of time you passes covering or escaping or sew for the style for a good
  time, so better you avoid that game type. 
  Remember, if you are sanctioned, your tension will be filled very 
  slowly for a good time... in the one that perhaps don't survive...  

- Guard Gauge 
  This is the bar that its under the bar of energy of each fighter;
  while you block an attack, it will fill and if you don't receive an
  attack but block everything... it will begin to flash, making that the 
  next attack that you receive will do more damage than normal, and
  any attack will be a Counter Hit. While you receive damage, this bar
  will be reduced and when its almost empty , you will receive little
  damage (this is the cause why Overdrives don't do normal damage after
  a combo...they remove a lot less than what it usually removes). After 
  you finish the attack, the bar its returned to their normal position
  (to the one half). Be careful, because with Millia if your bar its
  flashing, the next attack if it will hurt you BIG TIME (literally);
  for if you don't know, Millia is one of the characters that receives
  more damage (after Chipp and Kliff) but we will see to not concerning
  in that ;) 

- Burst Gauge 
  Since we are with this of the bars, also this other one apart from your
  energy that is not so much a bar but a word ("Burst"). This can be
  activated if its not red; when you use it, can pass three things: 
a.If you are attacked and you use it to move away the opponent or to cut
  a combo, the word Burst will be "emptied" almost completely, leaving 
   as 2/3. I recommend using this option if they are being carried
  out in a combo that take a lot of damage, or think about it: it's the
  final round, you and the opponent are almost dying, and you make a 
  mistake but... Burst! you stop the combo and you go for revenge in no
  time (with Millia it's easy) and you finish it ­Muahahahahaha! 
  (I seemed a soccer commentator:) 
b.If you not receive an attack and you connect it to the opponent, ­your
  tension gauge will be filled completely! This is the best bonus of the
  Burst, and even you will have 2/3 of the word Burst. This is the best 
  recommendation, for example to do the complete Winger in EX mode
  with Millia. 
c.If you use it for anything, you didn't give to the opponent neither
  emptied completely, ­Congratulations! 
  Now, to fill the bar again, the most of time it's is not filled at
  the same round, but in a fight against Millia (in many of 

  the cases) to BOTH (opponent and you) will be filled their bars in no
  time (See section of tactics for info), there it depends of who uses
  the Burst better. 

- Faultless Defense 
  If you maintain pressed B+K+P or BC+K+P, and you have Tension, then a
  green sphere will come out covering the character. This is one of the 
  things that is useful in the game, if the opponent give you a lot of
  attacks and you cannot stop it, at least it can be moved away a little
  than if you cover in the normal way; but the most useful function it's 
  that you take much less damage, almost NULL to what you usually receive 
  if you are covering (too useful if Justice carries out its Gamma 
  Ray and you cannot stop it, then it is not of other way... Faultless 
  Defense). Another function is that if you use it while you are air, you
  can cover of attacks that they come from the floor (that which is no
  usually available). Also with some movements you can cut the time of
  recovery of these if you do the Faultless Defense, so if you 
  think that you can't react in time, use the Faultless Defense.
  But the bad point is that while you use it, it absorb little by little
  the bar of tension so use it if your opponent does an Overdrive and you
  cannot avoid it (in many cases like the Overdrive of Venom) or if 
  already you're about to die, don't doubt to use it, as a last breath
  (a lot of times you can change the things in a fight) 

- Roman Cancel (RC) and False Roman Cancel (FR) 
  If we say that you used an Overdrive but the opponent covered and you
  will receive a punishment for your mistake, you can use the Roman 
  The Roman Cancel allows you to cancel the movement that you're doing
  and this way to be possible to cover or to continue a combo or anything
  that comes to your mind. 
  But you can use the Roman Cancel if the attack IMPACTED THE OPPONENT,
  EITHER IF IT WAS COVERING OR NOT, and of course, if you have 1/2 of 
  available tension. When doing it, a red aura will come out of the 
  fighter and from this you can make the other action that you want. 
  The False Roman Cancel is very different: few movements are able to  
  to cancel with the FR and it is very strict the time that you should
  make it. 
  With Millia there are two movements, the "Iron Sabre" and the "Tandem 
  Top." With the FR it is not necessary that a movement has impacted, and 
  it will consume 1/4 of the tension gauge. I recommend you to 
  assign a button (perhaps L2) to use them, otherwise you should press

- Dead Angle Attacks 
  These are counters for any character, you do them by pressing 
  Forward (F)+ two attack buttons. These spend 1/2 of your tension 
  gauge, doesn't do great damage and they don't have a lot of reach, 
  although they are VERY quick. With Millia we won't use them in
  absolute, better it's to keep 50% of tension for better things. 

- Instant Kill 
  These movements defeat the opponent without caring the energy neither 
  anything, if they impact the opponent it's fried. To enter in way of
  Instant Kill, you should press K+P+S+HS, the bottom will become black 
  and your tension changed to a bar that will be reduced little by little,
  if it's that you had tension. Once in this mode, when your tension is
  empty, it will be drained your energy unless you leave the mode of
  Instant Kill, for that which you should press the four attack buttons.
  If you leave the mode of Instant Kill, your tension gauge will be back
  to zero; if you fail in connecting the Instant Kill, you will not have
  tension gauge for the rest of the round... it depends on you if to use
  them or not, I don't recommend so much to use them, but if the opponent
  uses them, why you not? although that, if you fail, get ready, because
  it will come a hard fight for you. 
  Another thing, you cannot do anything that it occupies tension while  
  you're in the mode of Instant Kill.   

----- Good, we already saw all the related with the Tension Gauge, now

      we go to other basic things of the game 

- Double Jump 
  All the characters can do double jump, you can make it by jumping
  another time in any moment of the first jump. There are some characters
  (like Justice) that has three jumps.  Millia can jump twice. 

- High Jump 
  All the characters can also do a High Jump, this can be do pressing
  C, J quickly (we will see if you understood... down and Up (or jump); 
  you have to memorize well the nomenclature, ok?). The High Jump is 
  higher than a jump (logical), but you don't underestimate it that if
  you have double jump you don't need the High Jump... Wrong!! The high
  Jump is immediate and many times it serves if an opponent jumps a lot,
  you can continue his jumping game using the High Jump, but you will 
  have the advantage in the air game, because you will be more high, and
  he will not have the time to jump again. You can use the dash in a High
  Jump, but not jump another time... although that is not important with
  Millia, because we have the "almighty" double dash, so you don't worry. 

- Run and Dash 
  When you press F, F quickly, in the floor your character will run 
  (except for Potemkin, Johnny and Slayer, these last ones are 
  different, Potemkin cannot run and he doesn't have dash).  
  When you run, your tension gauge is filled quickly but you are a little
  open and you have to use the Faultless Defense to cover quickly if you
  are surprised by some overdrive or another attack (sometimes you 
  reaction with normal covering). 
  The dash is in the same way, only THAT IS IN THE AIR; some characters 
  have two dash (MILLIA and Dizzy) and another has three (Justice). In a 
  dash, your character advance horizontally in the air and later lower 
  its altitude, while it's in a dash can give attacks, so we have 
  several combos to the disposition, BUT if you do the dash, in the 
  middle of it you don't have the chance to cover, and neither the 
  Faultless Defense will save you. Millia, as I said, has two dash, so 
  already you imagine all the plays that I have prepared.... jejejejej....
  MHAHAHAHAHAHAJAJAJAJA!! (maybe I?m a little crazy...)

- Dizzy  
  I don't SPEAK OF THE CHARACTER, Dizzy is a state in the one that a
  fighter is vulnerable to anything. You can enter in this state if you
  receive a long combo, many hits in a short period, or if you receive
  counter hit each time or some non prospective attack. 
  You can leave Dizzy pressing rapidly the buttons or pressing the arrows. 

- Stagger 
  The stagger is a "mini Dizzy" state, for a short period you're  
  vulnerable, and you can recognize it when you have a sign of a lever
  over the character. Some moves leave in Stagger... Millia has two 
  movements, these are: 

  F+P = Only if gives as a Counter Hit 
  Mj. <(+S = this is the command of Silent Force, only if it is a Counter
             Hit rots to get stagger to the opponent... Another good 
             one form to make some dirty tactics with Millia... 

  And well, to take off quick of the stagger press the buttons or the 

- Counter Hit 
  I have spoken of the Counter Hit but some walk lost and they say: What 
  in the Hell is this? The Counter Hit is the cancel of an attack
  of the one opponent with one yours... An example: If Sol fights against
  Millia, you use F+HS, but Sol uses its Dp+S... you didn't make him
  a scratch, but he canceled your attack with other... something that I
  But, many times a counter hit can simply be given with a simple attack
  to the opponent... Ex: a weak attack (Ex: P) against one strong 
  (Ex: HS), the weak one is quick and will block the strong one and you 
  can continue your attack.... There are exceptions, but it is this way
  like it works mostly (If there is some error of what I say here, warn 

- Opposing Hit 
  I believe that it calls this way, anyway: when the movement of two 
  fighters impact at the same time, lightning will appear in the screen, 
  in the center of the impact. The time of recovery of the movement that
  have been made it will be interrupted and BOTH can continue with 
  another movement immediately. It sometimes passes that your and the 
  opponent attack hit always at the same time (Ex: Millia and Sol, if 
  they attack both with C+P, never end up...), then I recommend that you
  don't cut it and wait until your tension gauge is filled, then if 
  you're very quick, use an overdrive for a pleasant surprise, otherwise
  cover or do other thing,(USE THE OVERDRIVE ONLY IF YOU ARE VERY QUICK...
  maybe you can learn from Chipp :) 

- Air Recovery 
  Many times after an attack, if it launches you to the air, you can 
  recover by pressing P+K, you will be this way clever to do anything
  you want to do. BUT there are some attacks of some characters that you
  cannot recover in the air (Ex: <(+K with Robo-Ky) so you don't miss 
  yourself. It also sometimes passes that you recover without possibility
  of defending (although it is strange and I have not confirmed it well,
  the faultless defense neither reacts... it passes a lot of time to a 
  friend, but I don't know if it's he or is part of the game... correct 
  me if I am mistaken) 

- Dust (D) 
  The Dust before was do by pressing S+HS, but today there only the need
  to press the button that you assign. The dust sends your opponent to  
  fly and you can follow him by pressing up (J) and to give him a good
  one combo. Usually the combos in a Dust (if you continue to go for the  
  opponent) don't do great damage, but it is very important part of the 
  strategies in the game. The Dust must be covered by pressing B (back) 
  otherwise it will impact you... there is the strategy THERE: 
  as it cannot be cover down, for an opponent that covers a lot form down
  and also covers when you attack it from the air, the Dust will be a 
  good form of confusing it and force him to leave its defense position.
  Although the Dust is something slow in the time of execution, if you 
  use it correctly it will be a good form for to combine it with your
  offensive and to break the opponent's defense... already we will do 
  some strategies with Millia in this aspect.  

- Sweep 
  If you press C+D (Down+Dust... got it?) you do an attack that if it is
  not covered from down (BC) it will knockdown the opponent. An important  
  attack since in Millia it's a little quick. 

- Air Knockdown attack 
  If you use the D in a jump (Mj.) you do an attack that well it will 
  knock the opponent or will sent it to bounce in the limit of the screen
  (we will call it wall). With Millia this attack is very good, since it
  sends to the opponent to bounce t the wall and to be able to him  
  to attack if it is that you have left time, but at least you moved away
  it and you can go to the counterattack. 

- Knockdown 
  When I refer to knock(ed) or knockdown it is that the opponent falls to
  the floor and it takes a little time in getting up again. If it bounces 
  in  a wall, either it will be knocked or it can recover (if there is  
  space between the floor and he) with P+K (air recovery). Now, while the
  opponent it's knocked, you can give him a combo before he/she gets up...
  but the bad point is that these small combos do little damage, even when
  you combine it with an overdrive. But don't get disappointed, sometimes
  that little one that you remove him when it's knocked can decide 
  everything at the end of a battle. 

- Throw 
  If you press F+HS or B+HS VERY CLOSE of the opponent, you will perform
  a throw. These remove an acceptable quantity of energy, but... I leave
  to you the decision of using it or not. Regarding my, I don't use them
  unless it was an accident, and if it's, I leave that the one opponent
  also throw me... I know, they were invented for not being covered the
  whole time, but there is the Dust and other tactics, here these are 
  considered as unworthy moves, if you go to the Arcadias with disposition
  of using them... I don't know what will happen. 

- Air throw 
  The same thing, only that's in the air. Although with these you don't 
  have be so close, and you should always mark F+HS or B+HS. No made a 
  mistake with movements like the one of Sol or Ky, that ARE NOT THROWS,
  they seem as a throw BUT it IS NOT IT, and to be being a special 
  movement is worthy of a good opponent. I will not give tactics with the
  throws, maybe later (in other version of the FAQ)

Fuffff! I believe we finally finish all the basic one, today we go with


5. History of Millia and other data 

Name: Millia Rage 
Height: 1.69 mt 
Weight: 48 kg 
Birthplace: Russia 
Date of birth: Unknown (She is orphan) 
Type of Blood: B 
Color of eyes: Blue 
She likes: To pursue cats 
Important things to her: The chastity 
She doesn't like : drops her hair, Zato-1 (Eddie) 
Voice actress: Sumitomo Yuuko 

- History 
  Losing their parents when it was even small, Millia was taken care and
  trained by a group of assassins who were interested in using their hair
  as versatile weapon to kill people. But this life was not very received
  by Millia; in contrary, her conscience was telling to Millia that she
  have to leave that organization. Not being able to left, the only form 
  was to defeat the leader, Zato, since he was the obstacle of Millia to 
  Finally, Millia is able to defeat Zato and to get some freedom, but all
  this didn't convince Millia and something told her that not yet there
  was gotten the absolute freedom. She had to finish with Zato once and  
  for all (now possesed by Eddie, the shadow) 
  She defeated Zato (Eddie) definitively, and there it is where she 
  understood that Zato has been controlled by the shade (Eddie) and it was 
  no longer the will of Zato, but that of Eddie. 
  Having believed that everything has finished... it defeated Zato, 
  she is now able to begin a new life, but... 

- Soundtrack 
  As I said before, the music of Guilty Gear X2 is very good and they sell
  it in two CDs, but the game also brings an option to listen to it 
  peacefully. The name of the track of Millia is "Writhe in Pain", and 
  there is of the Guilty Gear X, that is synthesized (if I am not mistaken)
  and that of the Guilty Gear X2 that is already played with real 
  instruments, something like "live" and that one sound very well. 
  As I said, you can buy the soundtrack but you can also extract those 
  tracks from the game. All that you need is: 
a)The game =) 
b)A DVD to be able to read it in the computer. 
c)A program that is called "MFaudio". This is a program can extract the 
  audio of the games of PS2, although it is an unknown format. As the file
  that contains all the audio is called "MUSIC.PCX", the program took it
  as RAW format and you should put in an Interleave value of 200 and ­
  ready!  you extract it in a file WAV, you pass it to MP3 and you already
  have almost the whole music, and you can cut all the tracks from that
  file to have it orderly (it can be done with Nero Wave Editor). 
d)The Isobuster, if the MFaudio doesn't read the MUSIC.PCX from the 
  DVD. You can extract the file MUSIC.PCX to your PC and you open the file
  from there. It happened to me that I cannot open the file from the DVD, 
  so that's the solution.   
  Remember that you can extract only if you have the game, otherwise its
  against the law... I only warn you, ok? :) 

- Other interesting data 
  When fighting Millia vs. Eddie (before named Zato) there will be an
  introduction before the battle start. They say different things. 
  The Instant Kill of Millia, "Iron Maiden", has the same name of the 
  famous band of Heavy Metal, Yeeahh! ~_^ 
  When two assassins fight (Millia, Slayer, Eddie or Venom) instead of 
  some of their tracks, will reproduce the one of "Assassin vs. Assassin." 
  If you know how to activate the track "Still in the Dark", then please
  tell me.
  By Chrono Cross Dragon:
  "I was answering you to your question about the "Still in the Dark" track.
  You can hear it when you usually fight using "Millia Vs Zato", and 
  when you fight Eddie in the 1st Ending of Millia."


6. Movements of Millia 

First we will see the command of the movements, later we will see the  
description of them. In the description I will put if one can be RC, FR, 
or Cj. (Cancel with a jump). First normal Millia and later EX mode. 
|| MILLIA RAGE (normal) || 

Punch = P  
Kick = K 
Slash = S (there are two versions: close and far) 
Hard Slash = HS 
Punch forward = F+P 
Kick forward = F+K 
Hard Slash forward = F+HS 
Punch down = C+P 
Kick down = C+K 
Slash down = C+S 
Hard Slash down = C+HS 
Punch in the air = Mj. P 
Kick in the air = Mj. K 
Slash in the air = Mj. S 
Hard Slash in the air = Mj. HS 
Dust = D 
Sweep = C+D 
Air Knockdown = Mj. D 
Throw = F+HS or B+HS (near the opponent) 
Air throw = Mj. F+HS or B+HS (near the opponent) 
Dead Angle = (covered) F+(dos attack buttons) 


Tandem Top =)> +S/HS (one can be done with S and the other with HS) 
Lust Shaker = S,S,S,S,S,S,S... OR <(+S,S,S,S,S,S.... 
Secret Garden = <(+HS, later (direction)+HS for the direction of the orb. 
Iron Sabre = <(+P 
Zenten = <(+K 
Bad Moon = Mj. )>+P 
Silent Force = Mj. <(+S 
Kousoku Rakka = Mj. )>+K 

Winger = <(, U> + HS  
Emerald Rain = )>, )> + S  

Iron Maiden = )>, )> + HS (In mode of Instant Kill) 

NOTE: Almost all the movements can usually be canceled (*),  
      so I will put when a move cannot be cancelled normally. 


Punch:     RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
Simple attack. To begin combos (It's better C+P) 

Kick:      RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
It hits down, mid and up, so is a good attack. Good to follow normal 
combos and to follow combos when the opponent it's knocked. 

Slash: (Short version)   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
Similar to the previous one. Good to follow most of the combos of 
Millia and the combos when the opponent it's knocked. It gives two hits. 

Slash: (Distant version)   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No   
Quick attack and with good range, good to follow it after the short slash 
in a combo. It can be used in a combo with the Emerald Rain. 

Hard Slash:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
Attack with good reach that if it impacts closely gives 2 hits. But it
will be used mostly to finish a combo without knocking the opponent and
move away the opponent a little; combinable with Emerald Rain. 

Punch forward:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
You give an attack with the hair in flower form. If you're close it will
give two hits, an if it hits as counter hit it will be a stagger. But
it will be more useful to stop many special movements of several 
characters... pitifully the Dp+S/HS of Sol cannot be stopped :(, but even
don't forget it, it will serve you and has good range. 

Kick forward:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
A kick something slow in the execution but that it avoids attacks that
that come from down. Only used for that, combos cannot be continued with
this kick. 

Hard Slash forward:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
­This is an attack! Although it takes a little in being executed, this 
attack has an incredible reach and it do a very good quantity of damage.
Use for everything, fewer stop combos. You can hit an air opponent if it's
not much high, and by the range you can use this attack to hit a knocked
opponent from a good distance if you cannot reach him to give a combo.
Use it for EVERYTHING, priority to a tactical game A LOT to give an 
extra hit to a knocked opponent. 

Punch down:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
Simple attack. Gives little damage; combos initiator, ok? 

Kick down:    RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
The same as the previous one, with the difference that this always gives
to opponents that are not covered for down; the previous (C+P) hit down
many times but not always, so you can use this (C+K) to begin many combos,
but it's not so quick as the C+P, anyway you can follow a combo. 
Use it according to the situation.

Slash down:    RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
Attack that is as the previous one, it impacts an opponent not covering 
down; good to combine it with the Winger. 

Hard Slash down:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
Attack that launches the opponent to the air, so you can follow with a
combo. Excellent to combine it with the Winger, but the time of recovery
of this move makes you open to an attack for a short time, if it doesn't

Punch in the air:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
Mainly use to make combos in the air. Although you cannot use it for  
to cancel an attack in the floor and continue the combo in the air.  

Kick in the air:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = Yes 
This on the contrary, you can join it to continue the combo in the air 
(Ex: C+HS, Cj. J+K), you cannot give two of these kicks in a chain, so  
you should combine it with Mj. P to continue an combo 
(Ex: C+HS, Mj. Opj.+K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. HS) (Translation: if you don't
still understand: Down+HS, you Cancel and jump toward the opponent with
kick, then punch, kick, finish with HS) 

Slash in the air:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
A attack used mostly to attack from the air to the earth, and as first
attacks in an combo using Dust (to cause bigger damage). 

Hard slash in the air:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This attack gives 3 hits (if it hit completely). You can use it to finish
air combos (it sends them to the ground) or also to attack the enemy when
it's over you (if it's space so that this attack impact when you jump). 

Dust:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. =??? 
The dust of Millia is slow (as almost all the Dust of all the characters)
and you notice it with easiness. The thing is to deceive the opponent.
Remember to follow the opponent for a combo pressing up once it impacts. 

Sweep:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
On the contrary, the sweep is quick and you can follow it with F+HS or 
with the Iron Sabre. Very useful. 

Air Knockdown:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This is also good, and although few times it impacts the opponents that
are in ground, you can make it. This attack also has a great distance. 
This attack will knockdown or make the opponent to bounce in the wall.

Throw:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This is simple, and it crosses the opponent so you are to the other one  
side if you execute it, then you can follow it with F+HS or Iron Sabre 
before he/she gets up, for extra damage. 

Air throw:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This is almost the same thing, and by the way the same recommendation: you
can combine it with F+HS if you are able to arrive before he/she gets up. 

Dead Angle:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This counter in Millia practically doesn't SERVE, it's very short the 
reach and you cannot cancel it, you cannot follow it in the air and 
neither it sends far the opponent. I don't recommend using it, unless
in a desperate situation.  


Tandem Top:   RC = No   FR = Yes   Cj. = No 
In this move, a green disk appears where Millia is and it impacts the 
opponent if it's in the moment that is formed the green disk. With S the
one is formed very quick, with HS it takes the disk to appear 
approximately 1 sec. To make the FR, it should have passed 14 frames... 
in other words, before the first disk appears (the FR is only available in
the HS version of this move) 

Lust Shaker:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
THE MOST IMPORTANT MOVE OF MILLIA (and who tells me the contrary it has 
to be a good reason). The Lust Shaker hits the opponent many times, being
filled the tension gauge quickly and also the burst (to both). 
If you have the correct timing, you make a combo of 16 hits with the 
Lust Shaker, and it is preferable to use it like punishment or termination
of a combo. Imagine, Sol fails its Dp+HS and ­jajajaja! you wait for it 
with your Lust Shaker, and if you have good timing, you will give him a
combo of 16 hits... learn how to use, and your opponent will be a kitten
wondering if to use a dragon punch or not, but when he/she finishes 
deciding you will already have defeated it jejejeje :). 

Secret Garden:  RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
In this movement, Millia is very vulnerable and in the time that you 
executes it, you can give the direction of the orb. Ex: Before the orb
comes out completely, if you give C+HS, F+HS, J+H, and C+HS, you would 
have listened 4 sounds that are the commands. The orb after going up, will go
down, later forward, up and down. In all that, you can already move but 
the time of execution is big, you can be hit easily. Use it if your 
opponent stays a lot waiting your attack or if it is Potemkin or Johnny,
which don't arrive easily towards you; but, there are better things, 
don't think of using it. 

Iron Sabre:   RC = Yes   FR = Yes   Cj. = No 
Another important movement. Millia makes a sword and ride over it, and 
don't stop until it collides with something (opponent or wall) or if she's
hit. You cannot include this in combos, but very useful in the work of 
confusing the opponent. It hits for down but if the opponent covers, you
recover somewhat quick, so there is not so much problem in using it. For
the one FR, has to be when is formed the sword, but that it doesn't begin
to move. We will already give tactics with this movement. 

Zenten:    RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
Movement used to avoid. It is not a attack, it is advisable to avoid air 
movements or to go to the opponent's other side. There is several tactics
to use it very well, but don't use it to go closer to the opponent. 

Bad Moon:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
Another important addition to the defense as well as to the offensive of 
Millia. Millia leaves "rotating" in the air with this movement, until 
it arrives to the floor or if she's hit. She won't stop even if she 
impacts the opponent, but if the opponent covers, either in the earth or
air, she will be stopped. This attack gives 3 hits (if it gives them all, 
of course) and their descent is a little slow, but combine it with 
Kousoku Rakka and you have a terrible weapon to confuse the opponent. 

Silent Force:  RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
This attack it's VERY IMPORTANT, don't forget it. When using it, it 
launch a "hair" of Millia at full speed to an angle of 45Ť, time of 
execution is Null, and so is the damage, but it stops all attack (so far,
I have not seen that it doesn't stop something) although a bad point 
it's that you cannot use it again if you don't go for it, this can be made
by pressing C at the place where the hair is.  

Kousoku Rakka:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
With this movement, Millia falls to a lot of speed in an angle of 45Ť 
(I believe). It's not an attack, but not for that reason it's not useful.
See tactics for more information. 


Winger:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
With this overdrive, Millia rises and later it descends. When rising, 
she goes hitting the opponent and when descending, she gives a single hit.
It is the overdrive of Millia that do more damage (which is very good) 

Emerald Rain:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
With this attack, Millia throws three disks horizontally, one later  
of the other one. The time of execution is short, but the speed of those  
disks are not very good, for what is better to execute it from close,  
so if you use it from far away, the opponent can jump it easily and leave
Millia vulnerable. 
The damage is not as good as of the Winger, and in an combo it is worse, 
but for their short time of execution and if it is executed closely she
can give one big surprise. 


Iron Maiden:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 

What would leave the combination of the Heavy Metal of Iron Maiden 
together with the Rage of Millia? I don't know... unless it's her Instant  
Kill. The Instant Kill of Millia "it pursues the opponent"; what I mean is, 
where it's the opponent will appear a circle in the floor and of there
many "knives" (for not to say hair...) will come out. If impacts at least
one of these knives, at the end will come out a X and the opponent will be
defeated. The time of execution of this Instant Kill is a little slow and
the only form that the opponent doesn't notice its if he is very high. Easy
to connect if the opponent fails an attack like Dragon Punch or that 
recovers slow; difficult to connect in other way. 

-----Now we go with the EX mode. 

|| MILLIA RAGE (EX mode) ||

Millia improves in the EX mode, I believe that you will don't use again
the normal mode (unless for the Winger). With the Pretty Maze and the
diverse options of the Winger, we have a stronger Millia. 


They are the same ones that in normal Millia. 


The tandem top changes for: 
Pretty Maze = )> +S/HS (it can also be executed in the air) 

The Secret Garden now can be executed also in the air. 

Lust Shaker now can be only do with <(+S,S,S,S,S..., no longer  

After those changes, the other special moves are the same. 


The Winger changes its execution: 
Winger (Ascent) = <(, U> + HS, and if you have more tension: 
(Descent)-------> <U + HS. 

Winger (Single descent) = Mj. <(, U> + HS 

Millia conserves its Emerald Rain intact. 


There are not changes. 

NOTE: In this description we will see only the altered moves. 


Pretty Maze:   RC = No   FR = Yes   Cj. = No 
Now with the superior Pretty Maze, we can already make combos in the air
and to make the opponent bounce in the wall so we can finish it him with
F+HS or a combo. Today the version with HS can be leave in the air and 
sometimes will give a surprise to an opponent making a dash. There are 
many things that now can be made with this change. For the FR, it's 
practically the same, but always with the HS version. 

Secret Garden:   RC = No   FR = No   Cj. = No 
The same, but now you can also execute it in the air, and the time of
execution is a little low, even so I don't believe that you will use it
a lot. 

Lust Shaker:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
What a great change! (joking). We lost the execution by pressing S,S,S,...
but always it can be performed with <(+S,S,S,S,S,S,S... so stop crying :). 


Winger:   RC = Yes   FR = No   Cj. = No 
WOW! what a change... First, now there are two phases, they separated the 
ascent and the descent, so you need a complete tension gauge if you want
to do the whole overdrive (the two phases), otherwise you will only be
able to do the ascent. Now, to execute it well, while it goes in the 
ascent, execute the following phase (<U+HS), don't wait that finishes the
ascent. If you notice, there is a version of the Winger that is in the
air, this it is the descent, so we already have an overdrive that can
surprise from air to earth, or for more combos. The Winger complete 
GIVES BIG DAMAGE (a little more than 1/3 without combo); the Winger 
performed in the air do good damage too, and if you do only the ascent
(in the ground, of course) it does a little more damage than the Emerald 
Rain (if it's not used in a combo). 


As you should already know (or for where don't know), to select the shadow
or the gold of any character, first they should have their SP mode, then
maintain L2 (the letters SP lights), and press Start if you want the 
shadow, or R1 if you want the gold. You can select EX mode in group with
gold or with shadow. You cannot select two same characters in gold or in
shadow, in that case the P1 will have the gold or shadow (according to the
situation) but the P2 will be of another color. 
Yes, you can select a gold and the other player the shadow of a same

Millia shadow, as all the characters in shadow, has a little boost in the 
speed and has infinite tension gauge. 

Millia Gold, has the ability that is ULTRA FAST, and you don't take it
slightly... It's REALLY QUICK!, as 9 times more than a normal character and
7 times more than a gold. Another bonus that has is that the Silent Force
returns to you at the pass of 5 sec., it's not necessary to look for it.
Millia doesn't have infinite tension in this mode. Each Gold has something
especial, so these abilities are only for Millia. But, it's very difficult
to get used to the control of Gold Millia, if you learn to use well it can
be very lethal (except that you fight against Gold Sol -_- or against 
Gold Testament -_-, these are almost impossible to defeat if another human
is using anyone of these two characters). 


7. Combos 

Yes!, we go to the good thing. I will put them by category, first Millia 
normal and later Millia EX. If it is necessary to do a special movement
or overdrive, I will put the name instead of the command. 

We will see if you understand: 
C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, *S (1 HIT), *F+P (1 HIT), *S (1 HIT),----- 

One little complicated so that you understands it: 
First Down+Punch, Kick, you Cancel with roman cancel when HS do 1 hit, 
run to get a little close, you Cancel Slash when do 1hit, you Cancel 
Forward+Punch when do 1hit, you continue immediately with Slash, cancel 
when Slash do 1hit and you finish with Emerald Rain. If with HS doesn't
continue the combo (in the RC), then use S, I have noticed that against
Venom and other sometimes HS doesn't hit as it should be, so you now know,
use S in that case.  

                           || MILLIA (Normal) || 

a.) P, K, *S (1 HIT), *HS (1 HIT), TANDEM TOP. 
  (NOTE: Sometimes you should use TANDEM TOP after S)
b.) C+P, C+P, S, HS 

c.) C+K, C+K, S, HS 


e.) F+HS, Iron Sabre or F+HS 

f.) SWEEP, F+HS or Iron Sabre 

g.) C+P, C+P, S, F+P 

h.) C+P, C+P, C+HS, F+P 

i.) C+K, *S (1 HIT), *F+P (1 HIT), *HS (1 HIT), TANDEM TOP 

j.) C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, *S (1 HIT), *F+P (1 HIT), *S (1 HIT),-- 


l.) C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, C+K, C+HS, WINGER, F+HS 

| AIR COMBOS (Jumping) | 

a.) Mj. P, Mj. P, Mj. HS 

b.) Mj. K, Mj. P, BAD MOON 

c.) Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. HS 

d.) Mj. P, Mj. S, Mj. HS OR BAD MOON 

e.) Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. Opj.+P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. HS 
  (NOTE: after the second KICK, you will double jump, since you jumped
         once, but you should also practice the timing of that jump, if
         you do it very soon you won't continue the combo and if you make
         it very later, the opponent can recover. PRACTICE!!) 
  (NOTE 2: we will use this combo later, so we have to put it a name, we
           will call it "COMBOAEREO.J.e", SO MEMORIZE IT WELL) 

| AIR COMBOS (In a dash) | 

a.) dF, Mj. P, Mj. HS  

b.) dF, Mj. P, BAD MOON 

c.) dF, Mj. P, Mj.P, SILENT FORCE



a.) C+K, *S (1 HIT), C+HS, Opj. dF, Mj. P, Mj. HS 

b.) C+K, *S (1 HIT), C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.e), F+HS 

c.) C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, C+S, C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.e),-- 
----> F+HS or Some combo for knocked opponent. 
  (NOTE: This is a good-looking combo, it's difficult to use it well in 
         battle, but once you masteries it you will see as your friend
         tell you:  "hey, c'mon! calm down! it's only a game!", and 
         something like that. This combo gives 13 hits and more 
         (according to if you use F+HS or a combo when it's knocked), 
         I believe that's more than enough and although it can be lengthen
         a little more, we would use a complete tension gauge, for two roman
         cancel, so with that it's ok :). 
         One thing more, with some characters fails using HS in the Roman
         Cancel, because it doesn't give two hits. In that case instead
         of HS, use S, and continues all the combo normally (I repeat this
         again, if somebody didn't stop to read it)) 

d.) C+S, C+HS, Cj. Opj.+K, Mj. P, Mj. P, Mj. HS or BAD MOON


a.) dF, Mj. P, Mj. P, Silent Force, C+P, *S (1 HIT), HS OR LUST SHAKER 

b.) dF, Mj. P, Mj. P, Mj. K, C+P, *S (1HIT), HS or TANDEM TOP or ----- 
   (NOTE: This combo has to be done near of the ground in the dash, so if
    you do it in other altitude than the correct, it will not work)
c.) Opj. or dF, Mj. P, BAD MOON, K, S, F+HS. 


a.) D, J+S, Mj. S, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. S, Mj. HS 

b.) D, J+S, Mj. S, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. S, -------- 
----> Mj. *HS (2 HITS), BAD MOON 

c.) D, J+P, Mj. P, Mj.P, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. S, Mj. HS  


a.) C+K, K, *S (1 HIT), HS 

b.) C+K, *S (1 HIT), LUST SHAKER 



a.) C+K, *S (1 HIT), *HS (1 HIT), Opj. dash, Cj. S, *S (1 HIT), *HS (1 HIT),
    Opj. dash, Cj.S, *S (HIT)...
  (NOTE: The best combo, VERY HARD to master it, but if you do it will be
         a pain to fight against you (GREAT!). OK, I will explain: I 
         mentioned that if you do a diagonal jump and then press the direction
         where that jump go it will dash. OK, you know that, but you will
         do that in this combo. Before you hit the opponent with the second
         hit of the HS, you jump towards the opponent (Opj.) and press
         quickly forward (F), this way you a perform a dash very near to the
         ground so you hit the opponent with the S, and then follow the combo
         again and again. If you are very good, even if the opponent is 
         covered it will cannot quit covering, because you follow the combo
         and they can't do anything, only wait that you do a mistake. 
         Master it, and you're a great fighter of Guilty Gear X2. 

--- I believe it's all, now we go with Millia in EX mode, and like I made
    in the movements,  I will put the new combos that can be done thanks
    to the changes. All the previous combos are able to do with Millia
    in EX mode. 

                       || MILLIA (EX mode) || 
To all the previous combos you, change TANDEM TOP for PRETTY MAZE, 
practically only changed the name and the animation of the movement: 
the combo always works. 

| AIR COMBOS (Jumping) | 

a.) Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. Opj.+P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. PRETTY MAZE 
   (NOTE: we will call to this combo, "COMBOAEREO.J.EX.a") 

b.) Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. Opj.+P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. *HS (1 TO 2 HITS), 
----> Mj. WINGER 
   (NOTE: combo only to presume, the WINGER doesn't do good damage because
          the previous hits. Sometimes it works and other time it fails...
          we will call it "COMBOAEREO.J.EX.b") 

| AIR COMBOS (in a dash) | 

a.) dF, Mj. P, Mj. P, Mj. PRETTY MAZE, F+HS. 
  (NOTE: IMPORTANT COMBO, more info in tactics section). 


a.) dF, Mj. P, Mj. P, Mj. PRETTY MAZE, WALL BOUNCE, LUST SHAKER or ----->
   any Earth to Air combo or WINGER.
  (NOTE: One combo that only work if the opponent bounce in the wall and
         if you are near, so you can hit him/her when he/she bounce, with
         the Lust Shaker (I recommend that, it does insanely damage for a
         simple combo ;) or Earth to air combo (this one if you want to 
         finish the opponent with an stunning combo) or the Winger (not 
         recommended, it will not do much damage as the Lust Shaker, 


a.) C+K, *S (1HIT), C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.EX.a) 

b.) C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, C+S, C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.EX.a) 

c.) C+K, *S (1HIT), C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.EX.b) 

d.) C+P, K, RC * HS (1 HIT), RUN, C+S, C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.EX.b)

e.) WINGER (COMPLETE), C+HS, Cj. Opj. (COMBOAEREO.J.EX.a) or -------
   (NOTE: This combo is awesome (mmm...), if you catch the opponent when you
          finish the Winger (and of course, if the opponent bounce in the 
          wall) you can do the any of the Air combos in the two modes, and
          if you do the COMBOAEREO.J.EX.b, maybe you can continue again the
          combo with any air combo, SO... the combo will be shocking (use
          this against Kliff, and you will see the energy bar of Kliff 
          going down in a few seconds, leaving a little for a final attack ;)


a.) D, J+P, Mj. P, Mj.P, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. P, Mj. K, Mj. S,-------- 
----> Mj. *HS (1 to 2 HITS), Mj. WINGER 
  (NOTE: combo more than everything to presume, the Winger's damage is
         BAD because all the previous hits.)  


a.) F+P, *S (1 HIT), HS, Opj. dash, Cj. S, Cj.HS, S, S, HS, Opj. dash, 
    any Air combo or EMERALD RAIN (AFTER HS), C+HS and then any Air Combo.
  (NOTE: because you have the Pretty Maze, do it if you want to finish in a 
         great way, or the other version.

--- We finish with EX Millia.. 


JAJAJAJA!! Did you believe that I would not give you some tips with these 
two modes? 

                         || MILLIA (SHADOW) ||

a.) C+P, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, K, RC *HS (1 HIT), RUN, K, RC...
   (NOTE: AN ENDLESS COMBO!! since we have unlimited tension, we can use
          roman cancel all the times. At one moment, your opponent will
          get dizzy, there if you want, finish the combo and give him a
          Winger (if it's in EX, COMPLETE WINGER). If he/she makes
          FORGET JAJAJAJAJA!!!! (I mean this combo again, if you don't

                         || MILLIA (GOLD) ||

By her great speed, Millia GOLD can make endless some combos in earth
without necessity of roman cancel, although I have not experimented well.
Use the Silent Force without concerns. The zenten if you Run will roll
to the other side to the screen (because of the velocity) so make some
great tactics ;). 

----- Finally we finish with the combos. Remember: some combos not work 
      similar with all the characters, so you have to experience with
      when to use a button, when to shorten the combo, etc. Even to the
      combo where the RC is used (In Normal or EX Millia) it can be added
      one hit more before C+HS, but with some characters it breaks the 
      combo, so that it is the version of the combo that works better.


8. Tactics (IMPORTANT!) 

Very well, you know the movements, you know the combos... but you use them
bad, you make mistakes, you don't know in what you could occupy a 
movement... because of that I will give you my best recommendations. 

1- Do you know for what I believe that they made Millia so versatile? 
   because SHE CAN CONFUSE A LOT. She has double dash, and it's perfect
   for her. 
   With the double dash, you can go to the opponent in a breeze or go
   over him and then return to him, this way is so rapidly the change
   that the most of the time the opponent will not change his defense.
   Use this tactic A LOT, and do some combos using dash (of the previous
   ones) and if you use the EX mode, make combo I tell you that it is VERY
   IMPORTANT. If you are in a corner and can't get out, make what I tell
   you here and you return toward with the combo, this way now YOU'RE the
   one that's cornering him. Combine also the High Jump with the double 
   dash, not stay only in the double jump. Make the air yours, and later 
   only the ground wait for it's conquer ;) 

2- The movement Kousoku Rakka... do you believe that it doesn't have an use? 
   WRONG. With this movement, if the opponent is near, you jump, you use
   it and you PASS to the contrary side, it is so quick that most of times
   the opponent doesn't notice and doesn't change his defense, leaving 
   it vulnerable. 
   Combine it with the Bad Moon, and your opponent won't know this way if
   you will be attacking him or using the Kousoku Rakka. Of there, you can
   use the LUST SHAKER or an combo in earth. Use it well and you will have
   to give your friend some pills for the headache... if it's that not 
   he/she throws the control before =P. 
   Another thing is to use the Bad Moon like counterattack. If the 
   opponent run forward to you and you can recover, then recover (K+P) and
   use the Bad Moon immediately, this will stop him and you will be free
   of the pressure. Use the Bad Moon to attack/defend, use it quickly and
   DON'T USE IT at a high altitude, better use the Kousoku Rakka to lower 
   quickly or use the dash to confuse or escape for a cornering. Speaking
   of this, if the opponent has you cornered, use the High Jump and later
   Kousoku Rakka, you will be of the other side in a blink and perhaps you
   can surprise the opponent.  

3- The Zenten... resemblance to the use of the Kousoku Rakka. With this
   you can avoid moves that comes form the air. If against who you fight
   it bothers much using dash, dash, and dash, simple... Zenten. Another
   important function: to deceive the opponent. Almost against all those
   that I fight if they have tension for an overdrive, they use it when
   you knock them and you go to the attack (to press them). Then you are
   surprised and AGH! you receive a good overdrive. With this movement,
   deceive them: make as if you go almost to the attack, and half time
   they get up, use Zenten... they will impact the overdrive to who knows
   what and you are behind of them, having the time to make what you
   want. This also works against special movements, although in smaller 
   proportion (the opponent recovers quick that in an overdrive). The same
   thing: learn how to combine it, if you want use it many times and the 
   opponent will believe that you make it again and again and then you go
   out with another thing, for the confuse and deceive game. Use it well,
   combine it with everything, the Kousoku Rakka, Zenten, Bad Moon, Iron
   Sabre, Lust Shaker and Silent Force and this way you has great tool of

4- Now with the Iron Sabre... in the combos on earth there is some that 
   finish with HS... but why we don't better use those that finish with 
   TANDEM TOP (OR PRETTY MAZE)?... because later an Iron Sabre goes. This  
   movement doesn't continue the combo, but per times it confuses the 
   opponent believing you finish the attack. But don't abuse, because once
   already he/she knows the play, it will simply jump it, and we don't 
   know what can happen. If you change the two types of combo, use Iron
   Sabre one time, then a combo with Pretty Maze and so, you use at random
   one or the other, you will do the right thing. 
   Make believe that you will use Iron Sabre but you go to the air and you
   make a combo... deceive, confuse, that is easy with Millia. 

5- I believe that you will already have met with an opponent that cancels 
   you everything with a movement type Dragon Punch (Sol especially)... 
   then this is the time to deceive and your Lust Shaker. Change your 
   attack way and make him to use its Dp wrong, in that moment you will go
   and you will apply him a beautiful Lust Shaker. 
   The Burst can be used in this way, if the Burst connects before the Dp,
   you will get a complete tension gauge... don't forget to say thank you. 
   With the Dp, the opponent can cancel almost every move that Millia has,
   even the Winger... it is something that I will hate always, but for 
   that reason there is the dash Forward, dash behind to deceive him, and
   if you apply him Lust Shaker many times when he makes a mistake, you
   will reduce the Dp problem in a big way.  

6- Millia doesn't have a Dp... we are unarmed when they knock us and we 
   can't get up without being covering and to receive the attack from the
   opponent. If we have enough tension, we can surprise them with a 
   Winger, although many times it becomes obvious that we will use it. 
   Neither way, we cannot make anything in this respect but on the 
   contrary perhaps we can press and force that the opponent covers of our
   attacks... how? Lust Shaker or Tandem Top version HS (Pretty Maze/HS). 
   Using that, there are two things: if we use Lust Shaker and the 
   opponent wants to do a Dp when he gets up, if it fails he will receive
   a good damage, but if not you will receive something of damage. It is a
   double edge weapon, but the recompense can be big (corner a opponent 
   and get tension gauge). We have the other option, Tandem Top with HS. 
   This attack (you already know, in EX mode it's called Pretty Maze),
   like it takes in leaving, you can leave it to force the opponent to 
   cover at all cost, and this way can go to the attack. The bad point is
   that you should be close, because you leave it slow, so should leave it
   with a little time of anticipation. You decide at the moment: 
   Lust Shaker or Tandem top/HS (Pretty Maze/HS) 

7- You will already know that the weakness of Millia is that its attacks
   don't do a lot of damage and even so other characters do her more 
   damage than normal. That is bad, but not so bad as it seems. Her speed,
   combos and others things save you form receiving big damage. But the
   question is how to make a greater damage? Well one answer is to make
   great combos, but is not all of that. The best answer is the F+HS; 
   with this attack you can reach the opponent from very far and you can
   use this to do a little extra damage to a knocked opponent, if you
   don't have the time to do him a combo. The best combo in a knocked 
   opponent is the one using Lust shaker, and is better if you're in a 
   corner. It does good damage and gives you tension. But if you can't do 
   a combo and even can't reach with F+HS, do the Iron Sabre to extra
   damage. It's important to do always and extra damage to the knocked
   opponent, because Millia, the most of the time, knocks the opponent 
   with her moves and she's quick enough to reach a knocked opponent from
   a long distance. 

8- But now, what can we do for a better defense?... the best thing is to 
   defend of attacks and special movements normally; but when is an 
   overdrive, the Faultless Defense is the best use, and when saying I'm
   saying to use it it?s to say wisely. Cover when the overdrive will 
   almost impact you, and not before, and stop using it when the movement
   no longer can impact you. Another important point is that like we use
   a lot of dash with Millia, if you are surprised with an overdrive, you  
   has to immediately use the faultless defense, this way your reaction
   is quickly and you will not receive damage; use the same strategy with
   the run. The best thing is always try to deceive the opponent and to
   avoid this way so you don't need to use your Faultless Defense. 
   Don't doubt to use the Faultless Defense if you have little energy 
   left: you can finish the opponent and he will despair to finish you, 
   using an overdrive or making you combos a lot, so he forgot his defense
   and you can take advantage of that, take note of these details. 

9- The overdrives of Millia many times are difficult to use them well, and
   the one that is the easiest to impact it's the Emerald Rain, but the
   damage is not so much as that of the Winger. BUT an advantage that has
   the Emerald Rain is the of counterattacking; what I mean is that if 
   your opponent uses an overdrive and you  cover it, you can do him
   the Emerald Rain and it will impact him easily, also the damage will be
   the normal since you haven't given neither a hit before.
   Another thing is that the Emerald Rain hits better if you are a little
   close (not much as the Winger), but if you're far, your opponent will
   easily jump it and you will be vulnerable if he dashes and go behind  
   The Winger many times it is used when you get up, to surprise, but like
   I said, after sometimes it is already known how you use it.  
   Then it is necessary to look for another way to use it if it's not in a
   combo. One forms easy it's to run toward the opponent and do the 
   Winger, he doesn't waited that. Another form is when the opponent is
   attacking a lot, you have to go away (dB or BRun), and do the Winger 
   when he follows you, sometimes it deceives.  
   In Millia EX mode, don't forget the Mj. Winger. If you attack the  
   opponent with Bad Moon several times or you jump and you try to 
   distract him, one of those times the Mj. Winger you can use and if you
   made it well, the opponent will fall in your trap. 

10-The Silent Force... you are lazy to go for it? then GET OUT OF THE BED 
   AND GO FOR IT!!!. The Silent Force is one of the best things that you
   have to stagger the opponent or stop his attack. It's so quick that if
   you use it in a dash and it hits, you immediately can give another
   attack, none of execution or recovery times. Yes, it don't do almost
   any damage, but it helps you to not receive damage and in the same way
   helps you to do a combo or overdrive for a great damage. Go for it when
   you can, in some situations it can save your life. Sometimes your 
   friend stays where the Silent Force is, but don't get mad, he is to the
   defensive, attack him a little and recover what is yours and will we
   see which one will get fun later ;)

11-I forgot something... the combos with C+HS (in the combos earth to air).
   These combos are great, I have finally proven those many times and they
   work, but the correct use of them is something to be careful. Don't use
   them as your only combo (I mean by this that you only use that combo) and
   use them many times if your opponent is in the air, in that case is easy
   to connect C+HS, this is a perfect move to counter the opponents that
   attack from the air. If you use that combo when an opponent is in the 
   earth, I recommend of using it only in the combo with the Roman Cancel, 
   because many times the combo with C+P, C+HS doesn't work with some 
   characters (one of them: Sol) and you will not continue the combo, 
   wasting an opportunity to do something better. Use it wisely in the earth,
   use it a lot if the attack comes from the air.

12-The Endless Combo... it's very difficult, isn't? but if you masterize it
   you can become a monster with Millia (at the point that only Justice, Sol
   or Kliff will be the only ones able to make you worry). But, the point is:
   don't try to do it all the time. If you fail with the dash or you made it
   too high, forget the endless combo and worry about yourself, don't worry
   about making the combo. This is because if you fail, you leave a "space" 
   which the opponent can do an overdrive or anything else, so be careful.
   Another thing: better start the combo with F+P, because that attack is a
   good counterattack, and then you don't get the opponent combo and you start
   with the endless. 
   Practice is the key to win.

13-I finish the tactics with this: use Millia in EX mode if she's 
   available in this mode. Millia EX it's a lot more versatile that in 
   her normal way. Her Mj. Pretty Maze and Mj. Winger helps a lot in its
   ability of confusing, deceive, counterattack and other things. Although
   you need a complete tension gauge for do the COMPLETE Winger, this one
   do great damage if it's complete, the damage it's bigger than the
   Winger of normal Millia, and even so, only the ascent or the Mj. Winger
   do good damage. Another bonus is that all of her combos in normal 
   Millia works in mode EX, so she's improved in a global way. 
   But either that you use normal or EX Millia, it is necessary to take 
   into account something: in the two modes, you should always play trying
   to confuse, deceive, use the Lust Shaker in an indiscriminate way, 
   combine the Bad Moon with the other movements always to confuse, use
   your double dash like a crazy, ALL. Don't use the same thing the whole
   time, try to play the most creatively possible, if we have so many 
   options it's because it should be this way. Neither you have to "stay"
   in the same  movement, as for example if you wanted to use an 
   Emerald Rain and you haven't do it, don't try to be using it because
   you want, use the correct thing, forget the ****** movement and 
   continue with the fight!!!! 

--- Practices all of this, read it again and again if you don't understand
    something, but the most important, use this to DESTROY, to SLAUGHTER
    to defeat it :) 


9. Strategies against other characters 

Very well, you already know how to use well everything, already you're 
making the game well of "deceive and confuse", you use the Lust Shaker to
the limit and everything... but there is a character that bothers you, 
you cannot defeat it or simply it cancels your tactics, or more simple: 
you don't know how to attack him well. Because of this I'm here  ;). 
I will say how you could defeat a character in his/her normal way or in 
EX mode. 

We will go in alphabetical order: 

- Anji Mito 
 With Anji in normal mode, we will have some difficulties in wanting to
 make your play at air, because an experienced player that uses Anji
 will be using his special grab many times. Better you attack it in the 
 floor and sometimes combines in the air. It won't be a lot of problem
 if you learn very well his moves. 
 Anji in EX mode is a little different, the great problem is his overdrives
 in this mode: he has an overdrive that is a counter and it does A LOT of
 damage, so you have to be very cautious and attack wisely, because with that
 overdrive he can reverse the flow of the battle. When he is able to do that
 overdrive (if he has tension...) you better attack a little and cover, in
 the way that he mistakes the overdrive and you are ready to do wathever you
 you want.

- Axl Low 
 I have played versus a better Axl and I have some conclusions: first, don't
 attack him much in the earth, it's better to do the game of confusing and
 deceive because if the person who is controlling Axl get used to your play,
 it will use the counters again and again. He has some attacks that cover him
 nearly complete, but it's vulnerable when he finish some of these attacks.
 In the air you can attack him whit the Bad Moon and to deceive in the earth
 you can do the Iron Sabre when you run, to deceive him if he uses a counter.
 His overdrives do great damage, but are somewhat predictable and easy to 
 avoid. Axl in Ex mode has another overdrive, and has some changes but it's
 the same: you have to confuse and deceive to beat him. Do all right, and you
 will be victorious.

- Baiken 
 Baiken in its normal mode can end up being a true problem. With all her
 counters, it's not so easy to penetrate her defense. Here it's where 
 enters the confusion and the deceive game. Don't attack with point combo,
 attack on time, another times 2, from the air, later in the floor, give
 her an attack down and later a Dust, do things to confuse. If she mistake
 and use her counters mistakenly, there you have to take advantage. Be not
 so far from her, and once she has tension for her overdrives, BE CAREFUL,
 because her three slash overdrive can do a lot of damage and her seals
 are a problem, more if she put the seal that you can't jump, there MILLIA
 IS IN PROBLEMS, but only for 14 seconds.  
 Baiken in EX mode is on the contrary less problematic, since she cannot 
 use her counters neither her overdrive of the seals when she's covering,
 so now you can attack more, always taking care, more from the triple
 tatami. Confuse, deceive and you will be well. 

- Bridget 
 Does somebody have information about Bridget?? The only thing that I 
 recommend it's to memorize his attacks and to attack a lot, because it 
 depends on his yo-yo, and has other attacks but they can be cover easily.
 I have not fought a lot against Bridget, but I have seen his fighting 
 style so I believe that you can defeat him without many problems. Who has
 info of how to defeat somebody experienced, it will be well received. 

- Chipp 
 Chipp... HE'S VERY QUICK!! neither Millia can compare the speed of Chipp 
 in the floor (Chipp is the quickest character, Millia it's in second 
 place), but in the air... 
 In normal mode, his special move in the one that throws a shade of he
 leaves you vulnerable little time, but his weak point is his defense and  
 that if he fails, he can be attacked easily. The air is another 
 disadvantage of him, as he has one dash, you can attack it very well in
 the air, always taking care of his Dp (alpha blade, I think...). 
 In EX mode, Chipp becomes quicker, being able to make in chain his
 gamma, alpha or beta blade, anyone of them three times or combined. 
 Difficult to predict if it's used by somebody experienced, but their
 disadvantage is always the air and if he fails it's vulnerable, also that
 you don't have to give him so many attacks to defeat it. 
 Take care of his overdrives, although they are a little predictable, some
 times if you are surprised, you will regret your mistake. 
 Use the Faultless Defense if you can't have a bit of distance between
 Chipp and you, and later you go the attack, quickly and whenever 
 he makes a mistake, you already know... LUST SHAKER. 

- Dizzy 
 One of my favorite characters, in her normal mode has some very good
 moves, but she's a little slow in her attacks, and her air game is 
 very bad. Use your speed to be victorious and press she when you knock
 her, since she doesn't have a Dp :) 
 In her EX mode, her air game is improved, but not enough, so the problem
 resides it her attack of the sword. That attack embraces from the air 
 until the floor, and it removes a lot if it hit you. Here enters the
 confusion play (that in fact should use against all the characters) and 
 to use the dF and dB, the combo of Pretty Maze in the dash and rapid
 combos; use the High Jump if possible and do a lot of dash direct to her
 if your are near the floor, because her sword attack, and once you are
 attacking don't loose her. Another thing, take care of her two 
 overdrives, one that she waits an attack and if you attack her in that
 moment, you will be impacted by her overdrive. The other is that it go
 through all the screen, and if you're near Dizzy, it will do more damage.
 She has another overdrive, the enormous ray, but don't be scared, it 
 don't do much damage like the one of Justice.

- Eddie 
 The rivals... Eddie in normal mode is problematic if it summons the 
 shade, but even so you can hit the shade and it will leave. Without the
 shade, Eddie hasn't big attacks, but he can hide in the floor to escape
 from some attacks, but Millia is quick and you can wait for him and when
 he comes out, you go with a good combo or Lust Shaker. Take care of his
 Drill Special (the bomb that he leaves and that after little time comes
 out a big drill), since do good damage. 
 Eddie EX has the improvement that he can do his basic drills from the 
 air, but he continues being slow, so I think you will don't have a lot of
 problem once you know his moves and at what moment you can go to the
 attack. Take care of his overdrives, they are very painful. 

- Faust 
 Faust is unpredictable, but slow. His attacks from long distance are his
 better attacks, but also take care of his "doors". 
 His overdrive is random, you can't know what will come out, so attack him
 and attempt his attacks and you will be victorious.
 In Ex mode, the overdrive in normal mode is no more but he has a different
 overdrive, it's not the big problem but if you get hit with that overdrive
 (when Faust go left right rapidly in his "stick") you will regret it. Better
 you wait sometimes and then attack, and when you are to the attack, don't let
 him to rest. 

- I-no 
 I-no has strange moves, you have to play several times against her to
 understand her fighting style. In normal mode, she has a great 
 disadvantage (at least in my opinion) that is the Run, she floats in the
 air with her run, so be prepared and do a good air combo. Not so
 I-no in EX mode is better, her Run is normal, so she can put a good 
 battle. Her attacks are always strange, that what emphasize is that you
 should not worry so much of her overdrives... well, in the one that is
 a "spear", if you are surprised,  there's no time to cover...  
 Practically you have to attack from the air, but if you are not able to,
 combine the attacks in the air, from the floor, use the dash, and the 
 normal tactics. 

- Jam Kuradoberi 
 Jam in normal mode has her kicks, so you be prepared for a little good
 battle. Don't try to always attack to the front, confuse and use your 
 F+HS to take off several attacks from far, but your F+P will be a good
 counter for several of her attacks. Take care of her kicks and don't 
 leave her the time to charge them, because the kicks charged do great 
 damage. So I recommend to ATTACK. 
 Her overdrives do good damage but they are a little slow in their
 execution, anyway be caution about that. 
 Her weak point is that if she fails some of her kicks or a overdrives,
 is VERY vulnerable, so make her what you want. 
 Her basic combos doesn't damage so much. 
 Jam in EX mode is no longer so lethal, she no longer has her kicks so 
 she loses her great attack force, although she wins an overdrive that is
 very good and that if you are surprised you practically cannot cover it.
 But as the tension isn't infinite, it's not very problematic in her EX
 mode. But she gains a good combo that can only be done near so a few of
 Iron Sabres and Bad Moons will do the work.
 Attack and attack, use your double dash everywhere, don't leave her to
 get up peacefully with a good Lust Shaker... EX mode weaks her. 

- Johnny 
 Johnny has good attack force, but the problem is in his Run. He advances
 a little with the Run, so it cannot arrive quickly towards you and on the
 other hand you can easily go towards him :). Use the Iron Sabre the most
 of the times, the most thing is to attack in the suitable moment, using
 your dash and all of that. Take care of his overdrive, if you go in the 
 air at that moment you will regret it. 
 Johnny in EX mode doesn't have a lot of difference, but now he can Run
 normally and his Mist Finer it's like a reversal, but that's his problem:
 now only if you attack him activate his Mist Finer. Only wait and attack
 when the effect of Mist Finer go away. 
 If you learn his forms of attacking and you confuse him, use your 
 Iron Sabre wisely and also your Bad Moon, you will go smooth in this fight.
 It can also help using the High Jump and the Kousoku Rakka sometimes to go
 to the other side and attack. 

- Justice 
 Justice........ you should already know that Justice is practically 
 invincible if an experienced player uses it and if it is not against
 another Justice, or against a Gold character and that Justice is not 
 But good, since if you come closer it can launch you to the air very 
 easily and this way receive a very painful combo (9 or 10 hits), you have
 to go to the attack QUICK, attack him from the air and move away, confuse
 and don't try to win the air game, since Justice is perfect in that. Use
 your Winger if he comes closer with a dash, but you have to be quick 
 otherwise you will suffer a good combo. Take care of all the overdrives
 he has, especially not use the Bad Moon so much or you will suffer his 
 ray that impacts in a circular form, and like you go direct to him... 
 it will hurt you a lot. 
 If he use the Ray that gives 45 hits, while he gets ready to use it, 
 QUICK, JUMP AND DASH TO GO BEHIND HIM, if you don't notice rapidly 
 there's is no other way but to use all your tension gauge in the 
 Faultless Defense. 
 Don't try to counterattack if he comes from the air, better be quick and
 when you have the opportunity, go directly to him and do a combo or an
 overdrive. Deceive him with Zenten and attack him a lot this way. Use 
 your F+HS most of the time; be careful of his bombs, wait and view if the
 bomb go up or horizontally, and then take an action. This is all I have
 to say to you, maybe you can defeat somebody using Justice at least 
 1 round, but 2 rounds... I doubt it. 

- Kliff Undersn 
 Kliff can be categorized as the number one enemy of Millia. His attacks
 has damn long distance, they don't leave that you go closer, neither 
 at least your F+HS can equal the distance of his attacks. BUT give him 
 a Lust Shaker and you will view how his energy bar goes out in no time;
 it will do a damage approximately 1/3 of his energy bar, but he too can
 defeat you with 10 attacks or less. So the strategy is to be careful, to
 attack from the floor, use the air to escape from his attacks and a FEW 
 times to attack him. Use a lot of Lust Shaker, the recovery time of his 
 attacks are slow so there go attack him. Also take care of his 
 overdrives, more of the dragon, but if you cover it he's vulnerable in
 that moment to an Emerald Rain, so make it quickly. The Winger is a 
 little advisable to use against him, since the Emerald Rain do damage  
 almost as the Winger... COMPLETE ;) 

- Ky Kiske 
 Ky it's lethal, he has very good attacks and they do some damage. In his
 normal mode, it's easy to avoid and to learn how to counterattack his
 moves, his Ride the Lighting in this mode it's not very good, but always
 you have to continue with the confusion and deceiving game, use your
 Lust Shaker if he fails a Dp, and learn where to cover his attacks and
 you will be well. 
 In EX mode it's very different: he's more lethal than ever. Thanks to a 
 combo that he can do, it gives pain to anyone that battle versus Ky EX. 
 This combo (do you want to know what combo? I will not tell you ~_~) do
 great damage and thank to his chain of Dp, <U+K, it's difficult to 
 escape from his Dp if you are in the air. Although if he do lot of Dp,
 you know what to do (deceive, when he fails: Lust Shaker :)
 To defeat him, you need to know many things: First, his time of recovery
 in several attacks is low. Second, his overdrives. You can easily deceive
 a Ky user with your Zenten, and since his recovery time is slow, you can
 do damage in that moment. His overdrives doesn't also remove a lot. 
 Although they improve his Ride the Lighting, if you deceive him it's 
 very vulnerable to an attack, more than in his normal version. 
 Use all the tactics, and once you have trained a good time, you will put
 a good fight against him. 

- May 
 I said that she was an easy character... I was wrong. A person who can
 control May in a good way can beat you easily. It's so DAMN CONFUSING...
 I don't know if she is the same in her normal way, but in the EX mode can
 be a pain, more when you think that her overdrive of the whale can be done
 to the front or to the rear, and she can combo with that overdrive and do
 A LOT OF DAMAGE, more than 1/3 of the energy bar. SO... how we can defeat
 her?? mmmm... don't do the backdash regulary, better forget it, and when
 May do any of her rolling attacks better wait for her, and attack rapidly.
 Don't try to attack her when she's rolling with a normal attack, better if
 she use the rolling that go up and then down (like an arc) you use the 
 Winger, or only in that momment try to attack her with the C+HS and then an
 air combo. Don't get mad, think, be rapidly and don't attack always first,
 sometimes is better to wait against May.

- Millia Rage 
 What have we got here?... you have to fight against your dear character:
 Millia (this reads so weird...) 
 You not only should, but YOU HAVE TO know Millia more than anybody (maybe
 with the exception of me :P... always joking!!) 
 It will be a rough battle, but at the same time interesting. It's obvious
 that it will win who are better in the control, more quickly, etc. But 
 the most important is to be creative, using all the arsenal of Millia. 
 Do you want me to tell you how to defeat she?? If you know her weak 
 points, you know how to defeat she... do you know them, don't you? If 
 don't, her weak points are: the damage that she receives is bigger than 
 the one of any other character, her attacks don't do a lot of damage, she
 doesn't have a Dp, she doesn't have attacks of long distance that are 
 quickly, she needs to be near the opponent to attack. 
 I already said them!! Do you need to know her good points? OK: 
 Great speed, double dash, big combinations of combo, easy to do combos,
 many movements to confuse, two movements to avoid, many game forms, 
 tension gauge fills quickly. 
 Very well, the weaknesses reside in her power, but when it's ability, 
 she shines. To defeat her is necessary to be quicker than the other
 one that is controlling her, predict her, know how to use the movements
 and the most important, who will have the best ability to deceive, not 
 much of confusing. 

- Potemkin 
 Potemkin is SLOW, but he RESISTS and do A LOT OF DAMAGE. Just the 
 opposite to Millia. As much in EX mode as in their normal mode, in what
 you have to be careful is of his grabs, so attack him but don't press him
 so much, do a distance between he and you and you will be able to defeat
 him this way, but I say it again, BE SO DAMN CAREFUL, because about 4 
 or 5 grabs that you receive and better say good-bye. He has a move in 
 which go on a "rampage" and you can't stop him with simple attacks. I
 recommend to use the Pretty Maze a lot in that case (Tandem Top) to stop
 him and also to maintain a distance among he and you. Don't ATTACK HIM
 WHEN HE GETS UP, that's the best moment for him to use his special grab.
 The overdrives are not the great thing, although if you are surprised, 
 you will not have the time to cover, but if he fails, is vulnerable for
 anything you want to do, so enjoy when he fails. 

- Robo-Ky 
 My second favorite character. Robo-Ky is a difficult opponent in good 
 hands. His special movements are very confused, you don't know where  
 to cover, because being in the floor, he can attack you so much for up  
 as down, and quickly. The key to defeat him is to cover of those two 
 special moves, since he's vulnerable if he fails, and if it doesn't use
 them his offensive is not great, so it's obvious that he will use them. 
 Cover from down most of the time and concentrate on seeing him, to know
 what attack he will do. He has a Dp, although it's short, so if he fails
 you can do a Lust Shaker but the most of the time is better to use a F+HS
 if you can't reach him in time. His Ray Divider is slow in being 
 executed, so don't worry so much for that one. But of what you should 
 worry is of his overdrives. His ray is ULTRA QUICK, and he can do it
 consecutively if he has a complete tension bar.  His "copy" of Ride the
 Lighting IT'S THE SAME: VERY QUICK, but if you cover it, you have all the
 time of the world to do most likely a Winger or the Lust Shaker. When 
 going to the attack, try of being quick and to attack him mostly from the
 air and a little from the earth, always using the confuse and deceive 
 game. Use the dash and all the combos you can. Learn the speed of his
 attacks and the correct time to cover them. Confuse and deceive, don't

- Slayer 
 In his normal mode, Slayer is an opponent at the beginning difficult, but
 when you understand his attacks and pay attention to where to cover, 
 he will become predictable. 
 Use a lot your Iron Sabre, F+HS and Bad Moon. Use some combos but not so
 direct, because of his rapids attacks. Like I said, the creativity is 
 the most important thing with Millia and the deceiving game and confuse. 
 In his EX mode, Slayer can make great damage, but always you should use 
 the same strategy: use Bad Moon, Iron Sabre, F+HS, and be careful. As 
 the run of Slayer is different, learn well how it works. 
 To attack, use the dash and all the tactics that you already know.  
 Take care of his overdrives (these do A LOT, read well: A LOT OF DAMAGE
 if he combines them)  
 Make the tactics, and you will leave victorious. 

- Sol Badguy 
 Sol... Sol... all the people knows how Sol plays, almost all the people
 use it... and you get a headache when you fight against him. Why? because
 of his Dp. With his Dp, he cancels practically EVERYTHING: overdrives, 
 special moves, attacks, dust... for heaven's sake, I believe that even a
 beginner could win using only the Dp and some attacks. 
 But well, I am here not to complain but to tell you how to defeat him
 more easily, and I have fought so many times against Sol, with several  
 people that I know all the techniques that he has. 
 First, in normal Sol, you should take care of not falling in his kick 
 (in that Sol bounces in the wall and go towards you). An easy form 
 to cancel that kick is with your F+P, but you have to pay attention when
 he is about to do it. 
 Another annoying movement is his Gun Flame, don't go so direct to it, 
 because it will impact you easily. Better use the best tactics: the 
 deceive. Go towards him with dash, make the technique of passing above
 him with a dF and later you go back to him, with a dash combo. When he
 already knows the play, he will utilize a lot the Dp so that you have to
 deceive him: jump but don't go to the attack, then if it worked, he will 
 use his Dp in a wrong way and you receive him with your beautiful 
 Lust Shaker.
 But you have to CALCULATE WELL, don't be a dumb and hit the air or he
 will be behind you to do what he wants to do (a pain for your error).
 His overdrive in the normal mode are very easy of deceiving, and NEVER 
 wait him when he's knocked with Lust shaker or another attack if he
 has enough tension to do an overdrive. But his most problematic overdrive
 is the Dragon Install: that overdrive makes Sol so quick that if you try
 to hit him in the moment that he's activating it, is VERY SECURE that he
 will react and be the next meal for his reinforced Dp. Better you wait 
 for him from far, DON'T JUMP unless for a good reason, otherwise you will
 suffer the consequences. If you maintain covered, Sol has his special
 grab and it's so damn that when he use that grab, it leaves you directly
 for his Mega Dp. SO don't maintain covered the whole time, half time you
 detect that he stops, give him a C+K or the Sweep to lose time. Try at
 all cost to lose time, since when the time is over, Sol is a dumb with
 a sign "KICK MY ASS" so give him the PUNISHMENT THAT DESERVES. 
 Now with EX Sol, it can be a little more difficult. He no longer has the
 Dragon Install, thanks to Arc System Works for that. But he has another
 Overdrive that once you get impacted around 5 times, you will get used it
 and to predict when he use it. He no longer has the kick that I told you
 in hid normal mode, but he has several different things. His Dp has a
 chain (like Ky) that sends you to the floor, what leaves you without 
 His new overdrive can be done in the air, and he can link it easily in a 
 combo; by the way, it damages you in a good way, but if you follow the 
 rule of gold: the deceive, you can success to have him use that overdrive
 by mistake. Another thing that you have to know about that overdrive is
 that if you cover it, Sol is vulnerable to an attack, like the "copy" of
 Ride the Lighting of Robo-Ky, but with the difference that the "copy" is
 much faster than the overdrive of Sol. 
 With Sol you will have to masteries all the tactics that I have told you,
 and when you finish you will beat Sol controlled by an experienced one,
 but I tell you, that will not be easy (whew! it became a long explanation
 but I think I have told everything) 

- Testament 

 With Testament the strategy is the same in his two modes: DON'T LEAVE HIM
 THE CHANCE TO ESCAPE!!!!!! If Testament attacks, it's not the great 
 thing, but if you won't attack YOU'RE IN PROBLEMS. Testament is strong  
 against the cowards, but we are not and we will give him a beating that
 he will never forget. 
 Before everything, don't let him to put or begins to place his ******
 traps. Don't stop, attack, and attack well, confuse, use the Dust, do
 EVERYTHING, but don't let him begin with his game of traps and to escape. 
 But while you're attacking, pay attention to his tension, since he can
 do his overdrive that if impacts you, he will leave you "poisoned" and
 your energy bar will be reduced little by little. Don't get 
 intimidated by his skulls, use the High Jump and combine the dash, pass
 above them and always the same thing: DON'T BE STATIC, ATTACK!!! 

- Venom 
 Venom is a problem as from the long distance as closely. In Normal Venom
 has a good offensive, and in the defense he needs the billiard balls, and
 those are also an important source in his offensive. But there is where
 his weak point resides: he needs those mentioned balls to have a worthy
 defensive and offensive. If you attack it quick and you don't forget 
 your defense (in the air too) you will attack him easily. Once close,
 his moves are not so quick, but if you don't get serious it can cause
 you good damage. Be careful of his overdrives, specially of the one
 called "Dark Angel" (the one big pink ball): if you cover it, get ready
 with the Faultless Defense and don't REMOVE THE VIEW DE VENOM, the 
 experienced players will not stand to view how that overdrive hit you,
 they will go to the attack and they will try to take off your defense.
 Better jump it and don't cover it, but if you are surprised there's is no
 other way than doing what I told you above.
 In EX Venom, he has a movement that charge some billiard balls, those 
 can be seen above their tension gauge, and with those he can do a dark 
 ball what if it's charged to the max, can do several hits, but it's no
 great thing, since he needs to charge the three to cause a good damage,
 so follows the customary thing: attack him, by preference in the air, 
 don't FORGET YOUR DEFENSE, and when you have it close you attack him 
 with all the combos you can do. 

- Zappa 
 Zappa in normal and EX mode is almost the same thing, especially it 
 follows a rule in those two modes: he needs to invoke his "servants" to
 have a good offensive, and if you hit him at least one time when he have
 a servant, he will lose it. So: First, it's not very good to attack him
 while he doesn't have a servant, because when he carries out the movement
 to invoke them, it cancels you many of your movements , but the worst 
 thing is that if he will won souls. The souls are the spheres that are
 around him, and when he has all the necessary spheres, he can invoke his
 strongest servant, "Raou." We will speak of him later. 
 The priority consists on attacking him when he has a servant, so once
 you hit him, continue the combo and don't lose that chance.
 Now the servants:
 When he have the dog, although sometimes a player using Zappa go together
 to the attack with the dog, but what you should make is to try to get the
 dog out of the sight. Other players covers and leaves the dog to attack
 you, so in that case you should try to get to the other side or confuse
 him and use the dust and aerial attacks to pressure him to leave the 
 defense stance. 
 When the sword comes out, you mustn?t be intimidated, maybe it does good
 damage but it's not as strong as it seems, the sword is slow, the same 
 when it does an attack, so you have to follows the same rules of trying
 to break his defense, or if he goes to the attack, the sword is slow so
 don't worry since his attack will not be so great.
 Also helps to use the Iron Sabre and the Zenten or the Kousoku Rakka to
 go to the contrary side when he covers. 
 The ghosts are the more annoying things: an experienced player of Zappa
 will spend most of the time throwing those damned ghosts and escape, or
 it will combine the attack together with them. The best thing is going
 to attack him from the air, but don't abuse, the only thing is to come
 closer to him and to press him, already without the ghosts it will be
 a piece of cake to attack him. 
 Now there's a big problem: Raou. If he invokes it, TAKE CARE OF HIS 
 OVERDRIVE, because it does an excessive amount of damage. If he invokes
 Raou, don't go direct to the attack and better be cautious, because he
 has time in the Raou mode, and the one that uses Zappa will attack you
 insanely, but you can take advantage if he forgets his defense or you can
 wait to the time of Raou ends, but that took a time, so better it take
 advantage of his errors. 
 Zappa has an overdrive without Raou, but you can only be hit by it if you
 are in the earth, anyway be careful because it's quite surprising.
 Don't leave him to get in Raou mode, attack him when he has a servant,
 use well your overdrives, and you will be well this way.

---I believe that I finish here, saying that the practice makes the 
   master, and that most of the time you will have to use ALL the tactics
   against Sol, Ky, Kliff, Robo-Ky, Venom, May, Slayer and Millia (if you 
   have to battle against her ^.^, teach your friend or enemy who is the
   master ;). Remember, there so many persons that it will never use a 
   character in the way I tell here all the time, but as I tell here is the
   most common way to battle well with they and have a good fight ^-^  
   If somebody has information of how to fight against an experienced
   player of Bridget, Faust, send me an e-mail; the same thing if you have
   great combos or another interesting tactic or strategy against a 
   character that is of utility (memory: my e-mail is and don't worry, you will have the credit
   that you deserve. ;) 


10. Credits 

To Chrono Cross Dragon, for the information about how to activate the
track "Still in the Dark", in a normal fight. Thanks!

To AdrenalineSL, I read of their FAQ of Millia some of the history, and
this way I understood more of it, and also serve some ideas for the
combos in a Dust. 
Thank you for a very good FAQ, perhaps if you read my FAQ it serves you
of something ;) 

To Edward Chang, by his GGXX FAQ, I knew this way that certain movements
had certain properties and what movements are FR, RC and Cj. of Millia.
Stupendous FAQ, VERY COMPLETE.  

To Sammy and Arc System Works, for a wonderful game of fights, in my 
opinion THE BEST. 

To you reader, to read all the madness that I have put here.  

Almost forgot... TO GAMEFAQS!!! pardon... one web that it takes out us 
of very difficult problems. I think that in the future it will accept
in-depth FAQs of foreign language, it's not fair to leave us away because
we speak other language. Maybe it can be done something.

To my (modesty separated)... it was an arduous work, but I believe that
it will serve and I will continue making modifications along the time,
don't believe that this it is the end of this FAQ. And please, don't
bother me with the errors of spelling or that sort of thing if it isn't
important, because by the problem of the FAQ in Spanish, I had to review 
ALL the FAQ AGAIN, and write it in English (which I can't speak perfectly,
less write it).

Well, I say goodbye, some doubt, suggestion, complains, history, blablabla 
send it to my mail: or put it in the message 
board of GameFAQs. If you think of sending me mail garbage (SPAM) or a 
virus, or another thing that it is not to make a well, I will see myself 
in the responsibility of seeking vengeance... (joking!) 

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December of 2003