Slayer by Arvandor

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/18/04 | Printable Version

Guilty Gear XX for the PS2

Advanced Slayer Strategy

Author: Arvandor


Added some combos, changed the basic air combo to one of two combos,
one that does more damage (I haven't bothered to change the numbers,
since the combo varies a bit more now, and damage is more static, so I
instead deleted all the damages entirely), and one that does good damage
and grounds for wake-up options.
Made some changes to the "Strategies" section, including the addition of
the "Back Dash Cancel" subsection.

I took the time and managed enough boredom to write up this FAQ (not to
mention the one other Slayer FAQ on gamefaqs is a bit lacking in solid
strategy).  Use of this FAQ outside of Gamefaqs is prohibited unless I am
asked permission and say otherwise.  Keep in mind that a good lot of this
stuff I tested, experimented, figured out, and play tested myself, very
little of what I know of Slayer came from online.  The few sources I did
get some info from I'll site in the credits.  Feel free to e-mail me about
any questions, comments, suggestions, info I don't have, or info I listed
that is wrong (I doubt it, but it could happen).  If you send me any stupid
questions or questions that can be answered in this FAQ, you will be
sacked.  Do you understand me? SACKED!

This guide is NOT newbie friendly, I am writing this FAQ under the
assumption that you already know what RC, FRC, Burst, Dead-angle
Attacks, and other such GGXX functions are.  I use the number system for
identifying joystick/d-pad positions (blame soul calibur 2 for that one). 
Either than that, c.X stands for close, f.X stands for far, j.X stands for
jumping or already in air, dj.X means you should have double jumped, and
jc is a jump cancel.

Table of Contents

I.	Character Bio
II.	Basic Move List
III.	Special moves
IV.	Overdrives
V.	Combos
VI.	Strategy
VII.	Credits

I. Character Bio

Name: Slayer
Height: 6' 1"
Blood type: Unanalyzable
Birthday: Oct. 31
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Non-Human / Transylvania (We all know he's Nosferatu ie a Vampire)
Risk Rating: S+

Postwar Admin. Bureau Report #3390
	Subject is an entirely different form of life, completely inapplicable
to any previously known categories. Neither Human nor Gear in origin, his
DnA structure bears no relation at all to anything currently on record.
	It is unknown how many other beings like this one are in existence,
and whether or not they have any relation to the human race.
	Besides his name (Slayer), all we know about the man is that he
founded the Assassins' Guild.
	His battle abilities and his combat style have no known method of
suppression, making him an unmatched threat of the highest calibur.

Near as I can tell basically Slayer is an elder vampire who founded the
Assassin's guild.  Slayer is in disapproval of the current state of the
guild, and intrigued by other current events.  So he goes out to set the
guild straight or destroy it, whichever he feels will work best at the time
I'm sure.

II. Basic Move List

Damage based on Sol as my beating dummy, as always (has average
defense and I just love beating on the guy).  Also note, that wherever
236P/K combos (or just 236P in the case of HS) you can also "link" any
special move at the end, others just won't combo.  In other words, if you
do c.S f.S 214P, you will dandy step out of the f.S sooner than you would be
able to do any other normal attack.  Also, Overdrives will combo where
236P would combo if you're in range and have the tension.  Slayer's 2D
will also link into many of his moves, but I see very little reason to do so
unless you want your opponent grounded for whatever reason.

P (16 damage)
Notes: fast, K combos, whiffs over duckers

2P (14 damage)
Notes: fast, P combos, damage scaling makes it bad for starting larger

6P (34 damage)
Notes: Slayer ducks, then shoulders his opponent. It either has unreliable
invincibility frames, or the way he ducks back and crouches just evades
moves on occasion.  Causes wall bounce on hit. FRC'able

j.P (13 damage)
Notes: Quick but lacks any real range, main use is to keep air combos going
(since j.K j.K doesn't combo)

K (28 damage)
Notes: Relatively quick, decent range, great combo starter, 236P/K combos

2K (16 damage)
Notes: fast and hits low, almost exact same range as K, bad for longer
combos because of damage scaling.  236P/K combos

6K (22 damage)
Notes: This move hops over lows, attacks high, has relatively good priority
and anti-air, and with really precise timing c.S f.S combos in (2 frames or
so after Slayer lands completely) on a crouching opponent (or on counter-
hit, easier to time on counter-hit).  Hold K for more than 5 frames, and
Slayer won't execute the kick, he will only hop, decent for creating mixups
or just closing distance over lows.

j.K (24 damage)
Notes: Decent speed, good range, great air-poke, lacks in priority and loses
out to a lot of other air moves 214K combos

c.S (28 damage)
Notes: Quick, decent damage, close range only, jump cancelable, 236P/K
and f.S combo

f.S (32 damage)
Notes: Good range, quick for its reach, jump cancelable, 236P/K and c.S
combo.  I'll describe comboing in the c.S in the combos section.

2S (28 damage)
Notes: Very close range, good for anti-air, 236P/K combo (Slayer kicks
almost straight up)

j.S (20 damage)x4
Notes: Of all the odd moves, Slayer flails at the enemy, kicking up to 4
times, 214K combos after first or second hit

-Hard Slashes
HS (50 damage)
Notes: Decent range, slow speed, jump cancelable, causes stagger on
normal hit, 236P combos (236K only won't combo when AI in training is
set to max recovery, since I have seen no human wiggle out of stagger
THAT fast, even when anticipating the stagger)

2HS (48 damage)
Notes: Great range, hits low, knock-down on counter-hit and has
invincibility frames vs. lows (when Slayer lifts his feet to stomp, lows
will whiff)

6HS (60 damage)
Notes: Causes stagger on counter-hit, 236P/K combo

j.HS (42 damage)
Notes: Decent priority, a bit slow, 214K combos

D (22 damage)
Notes: Slow, bad range (bad enough that his backing away windup is
useless) but it does hit high, so its good if you can catch someone
expecting a low

2D (30 damage)
Notes: Excellent range, hits low, Slayer slides at his opponent M.Bison
style, horrible recovery, very unsafe on block

j.D (40 damage)
Notes: Decent speed, grounds opponent instantly (so fast in fact, 214K
won't combo in, but 214214S will and has to be buffered quite quickly)

III. Special Moves

Phase Step 
This isn't exactly a special move, its just Slayer's method of dashing, but
its so unique I figured I'd list it.  Slayer just teleports 2 character
lengths in the desired direction.  Amazing invincibility frames.  This
movement is great for making moves whiff, or getting behind someone.

Dandy Step 
Slayer dashes back really quick, then rushes in about as far forward from
where he started as he went back (thus moving him in closer).  Has
invincibility frames that are difficult to utilize as such.  FRC just as he
starts to rush forward (useless IMHO unless you realize you may be
dashing into your doom and can FRC that fast).  Which button you use
determines what he does, P does a very quick short step back and short
step in, K does a slower long step back, and huge step back in (P version
closes distance so little its barely noticeable, whereas K version steps in
about as far as Phase Step).

Pile Bunker (80 damage)
214P P
Slayer does a really powerful straight punch, causes a vicious wall-
bounce on counter-hit.  This move has mediocre recovery, and is unsafe in
some situations (it is generally safe if done at its max range).

Cross-wise Heel (35, 36 damage)
214P K
Slayer does a double kick upwards, not quite as much range as Pile Bunker,
very unsafe on block, but its great anti-air, and puts your opponent in a
non-recoverable float, allowing for some nasty follow-ups (see combos

Under Pressure (30 damage)
214P S
Slayer comes in with a really close range hammer fist which is; safe on
block, will cause stagger on counter-hit, and has okayish follow-up

It's Late (44 damage)
214P S HS
Slayer does a downward punch that is a high hit.  Causes a nasty bounce
stun on counter-hit, and is very safe on block.  This second hit can be
delayed for around 10 extra frames, but can be interrupted by very quick
pokes even if not delayed. (note: If you catch your opponent with 214P S HS
while they are airborne, it combos naturally)

Mappa Punch (45 damage)
Slayer throws himself forward to punch with an outstretched fist.  Good
range. The kick version has much longer range and hurts a little more, but
is unsafe even on hit at close range.  Use the punch version unless you're
out of range for it or if you're going to RC.

Bloodsucking Universe (Throw 27 damage)
Slayer grabs your opponent and takes a chunk out of their neck.  Causes
stagger.  The stagger is enough that it CANNOT be wiggled out of in time
to block a HS or 66c.S f.S (or another 663214HS, yes its an infinite, yes
its boring, no its not worth it, note the 66 is because you have to dash in)

Undertow (60 damage unblockable)
Slayer winds up a punch and lights his hand on fire, then back fists his
opponent with a bit of an explosion.  This move is unique in that your
opponent can't block it; their character won't even go into a guard state.

Footloose Journey (36 damage x3)
214K in air
Slayer spins his legs incredibly fast hitting his opponenent up to 3 times.
This move causes for a weird helicopter type float effect, and you'll gain
some altitude and/or speed in whichever direction your momentum is
carrying you; if you're falling fast enough you won't gain altitude, but your
decent will slow a bit.

IV. Overdrives

Dead on Time (20 damage)
Slayer leans back with some invincibility frames, then flies forward with
a nasty punch.  This move is not too good on its own, but it has its uses in
a few full-tension combos.

Eternal Wings (80 damage)
I know the damage looks bad, but this move is extremely useful as it has
great invincibility frames, works awesome on wakeup, and guarantees
some very painful followups (especially in the corner, in fact, if you hit
someone while their back is to the wall, this is Slayer's strongest
overdrive by a long shot).  Its largest downfall is its range or lack thereof.

Direct Hit Dandy (100 damage, 160 if opponent caught in "purple orb")
214214S in the air
Slayer charges up and dives downwards at a 45 degree angle, causes
stagger on hit, and a wall bounce on counter-hit, combos into the j.D, but
you have to buffer it in really quick during the j.D, or your opponent will
get knocked down too far too fast to follow up with anything (which would
be the only point to comboing in this overdrive in the first place, to
refloat them for another air combo).  The strange properties of the "purple
orb" is something I've never tried to utilize.  However, if you can find
setups where you can hit people while they are behind or above you with
this super, and get caught in the tail of it, instead of Slayer diving, you
can deal MASSIVE amounts of damage.  I have heard mention of ways to get
both parts to hit, but those are even less practical.

V. Combos

Slayer has some INSANELY devastating combos, nobody rivals Slayer in
sheer damage.  He can't, however, gatling like the other members of the
cast can.  I realize there are many more combo options either than the
ones I listed, but some are impractical, don't do as much damage, or can be
figured out on your own from piecing together bits of info here and there
within this FAQ, or... experimenting on your own. *gasp*

Okay, now for that c.S f.S thing I mentioned earlier.  His best "gatling"
combo isn't even a normal gatling.  When you land c.S f.S at close range
there is just enough recovery and it leaves you deep enough that you can
combo in another c.S f.S, but the timing is really tight.  You have about 2
frames where you can input the 3rd slash about 10 frames after the
second slash impacts.  It CAN be mashed, but its REALLY inconsistent, I
find it easier to just time it. Don't give up, I can do it about 60% of the
time in actual combat against humans, and the damage is more than worth
it (a simple c.S f.S c.S f.S 236P does 120 damage)
Also as mentioned earlier, 6K can combo into c.S f.S if the opponent eats
the 6K ducking or on counter-hit (the timing is just as tight as c.S f.S: its
about 2 frames after Slayer lands)
Note: If you can't do the 4 hit slash combo consistently, just stick with 2,
you'll be fine.

Air Combo - Whenever I say Air combo, I mean j.K j.P j.K [jc] dj.K dj.P dj.D
214K, it is the most reliable, and certainly the most painful air combo
Slayer can do, and he can do it in many different situations. Many more
situations than I have listed, a lot of them are too situational to be
consistent, so you have to learn to look for it and be opportunistic about
it.  Also, some characters float higher or lower than others, and you may
have to add or ommit some attacks before finishing with the dj.D 214K.
You can also neglect doing the 214K to ground your opponent with the dust
for wakeup options rather than the extra damage.

Now on to the more scripted Slayer Combos

IMPORTANT NOTE: From now on the c.S f.S c.S f.S will be referred to as
Sx4.  All the overdrive combos can start with this since they combo in
after the f.S, but I will list the damages off just the normal super (the
Sx4 only tacks on another 20 damage in the full tension combos, and in the
half tension combos, the RC combo does more, the reason I list those
overdrive combos, is so you know what to do after using overdrives
normally, because that CAN be useful)

-=No Tension=-

Sx4 236P

2P P K 236P

214P P (counter-hit) K [jc] Air Combo

214P K Jump and air combo, timing on landing the first kick in the air
combo is kind of tight, practice it, the damage is very worth it. Otherwise
just tack on a pile bunker.

214P S HS (second hit counter-hit) jump and Air Combo

D /\ j.D j.D j.K j.P j.K j.P j.K [jc] j.K j.P j.K j.D 214K

D (IMMEDIATELY) jump and 214K (land) c.S [jc] Air Combo

-=Half Tension=-

Sx4 236K RC HS 236P

236236HS (near wall) c.S [jc] Air Combo (if not near wall, do next combo)
-219 damage Also note: If you do this close to the wall with your
opponent's back to it, your opponent will fall behind you, so jump cancel
away from the wall.

236236HS 214K P

j.214214S (on counter-hit) 214P P

2D RC c.S f.S [jc] Air Combo

214P K [jc] j.K j.P j.K j.D 214214S (land) c.S [jc] Air Combo (you must
buffer the 214214S overdrive VERY quickly or they won't float enough for
you to re-float them with c.S and air combo, won't work on some
characters, and others you have to exclude the second j.K or they'll float
too high for the j.D, usually this applies to lighter characters like Chip and

-=Full Tension=-

Sx4 236K RC HS 236K RC HS 236P

Sx4 236K RC c.S f.S 632146S (Just for a change of pace, you know?  Great
for style points if you know the super will kill them off)

632146S RC j.K (land) c.S jc Air Combo - difficult to time so that its all
guaranteed and unable to be recovered out of, also slightly range

236236HS 632146S

214214S (counter-hit) 632146S

632146S RC j.214K

Note: There are a whole slew of combos I didn't list, and a lot of the
higher damage ones involve floating people with 214214S once or more
and re-floating them for more air-combo goodness, or the wonderful
jump-install combos he can do, OR the insanely nasty "purple orb" set-
ups; but these are all highly impractical, so I didn't list them, but they are
there just so you know. I'd highly suggest downloading Dr. Koo's vids.  I'd
give you a link, but I haven't got one since the forums are
down. Not entirely practical, but very impressive drooling Slayer pain.
Some very interesting use of invincibility frames and interrupting things
you shouldn't be able to with 63214HS (due to the BDC, see Strategy
section). You can do re-float into air combo off of the wall-bounce on a 6P
if you FRC it, but you have to be pretty close to the wall, otherwise the
best you can hope for is a 236K or maybe a 214K P

VI. Strategy

Alright, on to the mixups and mind-games of Slayer.  He has a lot more
than people are willing to give him credit for, you have just got to dig for
it. I'll list some general strategies I use in my fights, and try not to
ramble on too much.


Slayer is kind of a turtle, yet at the same time not.  Wait till you think you
can punish a mistake, then apply some pressure, and go back to turtling.  I
play what I find to be highly aggressive as far as a standard Slayer should
be played (see next paragraph), but it seems to work for me.  Mess around,
find out what works best for you.  Since most of this strategy will be
based off of the way I play and what my opponents eat, it may not work
for you, but hopefully it will give you some ideas to toy around with.

The way I play my Slayer is as a high risk high reward character.  Some of
his unsafe risky moves (ie 214P K) guarantee massive amounts of damage. 
I like to play him as such, playing a safe Slayer is doable, but not nearly
as fun and in some cases is even less effective.  Don't be afraid to toss
out the 214P P that may get blocked and get you punished for a whole
what? 60-70 damage maybe unless they're Po-chop? And what do you get
in return if they DON'T block? Not only do you get 80 damage on normal hit
and knockdown, but you get a whooping 239 damage on counter-hit, this is
the tradeoff.  So don't be afraid to stick it out there, be aggressive when
you get the chances.

I think the overall strength of Slayer, besides the obvious high damage
output is fear.  Fear plays a big factor in Slayer's game.  You force people
to react the wrong way to something from the fear of something else
happening.  I realize that all the characters more or less follow this same
principle, but with Slayer I think its truly what gives him his power.  Fear.

-=Misc. Move Notes=-

2HS is great containment and anti-rush.  The move's range is deceptive,
its low, fairly quick, and knocks down on counter-hit.  It'll tear Jam
straight out of her dashes, stop ground-based beta-blading from Chipp,
kill other Slayer's dandy stepping, and much more.  It's a good move, use
it, whore it.  I know it hops lows, but at the range that would work, its
usually not a good idea to 2HS.

c.S and f.S (even on its own) are both excellent moves, especially since
you can link specials out of both.  You'd be amazed how effective a c.S
214P 63214HS is.  The f.S is also good, it has good range and is fairly
quick, plus it moves you in a wee bit while attacking.  Its one downside is
that higher priority moves can hit your hand giving them a counter-hit, but
that is rare (usually only things like Sol's VV (ie 623S/HS), or other high
priority moves of that sort)

2K is a good quick hard to see low, and 236P combos.  Not a whole lot of
damage, but is pesky enough to get people thinking before blocking high
the entire time.

Once you've discouraged blocking low ALL the time, random 6K's can be
tossed in to frustrate and severely damage an opponent. Master the timing
of 6K c.S f.S, it's more important than Sx4 in my opinion, because its the
harshest and most effective way to punish ducking.

6HS, and 236P/K are both good for not only killing back dash (since 6HS
and 236K linger enough that you can hit most characters at the end of
their backdash) but also for closing distance while attacking.

j.HS and j.D are two great air moves.  If you teleport jump cancel (ie 667)
and then double jump or not as nescessary to position yourself, you can
apply wonderful pressure with these moves.  They both have good speed,
priority, blockstun, and decent damage capabilities.  j.HS on a grounded
opponent as you land can combo ino Sx4.  And j.HS on an airborne opponent
counter-hit, or j.D counter-hit, both can bounce your foe into c.S air combo
or just air combo depending.  Use these as your air to ground moves, and in
some cases, air to air moves.

2D... I've been using 2D less and less as of late since it's really too unsafe
to be worth the possible wee bit of damage and knockdown.  The ONLY time
I use 2D is when I know I can hit someone as they are landing when they
can't block a low, and can't reach with 2HS.
-Update: I've started using this move again, but usually only when I have
tension.  2D (blocked) RC 4xS 236P build tons of guard gauge, and
sometimes if they try to punish the unsafe 2D, will get counter-hit by the
4xS.  2D (hit) RC c.S f.S Air Combo does great damage, especially off of a
low.  Also good for killing backdash.


Become a professional at linking teleports together, it can make Slayer a
very frustrating opponent to fight against, and once you've mastered the
timing, he can cross distance quicker than most would give him credit for. 
Moves will whiff, Slayer will end up behind the opponent, and can cause
frustration in an opponent (which is always good).  If someone is blocking,
teleport behind just before attacking, you can catch people still holding
back to block (which is now forward) and beat the stuffing out of your foe. 
Won't always work, kind of easy to see after you've eaten it a few times,
but that is when 6632147HS comes in handy if they're trying to figure out
which way to block, because with that move, it doesn't matter which way
they're blocking, they get to take damage anyway.

Whenever you ground your opponent and he's close to you, teleport behind
just as they are able to and attack, if they try to wake up with an attack,
it will whiff, so they'll start to stand up blocking, which is where you
toss in a 63214HS, or just delay a K (if you wait for the 63214HS they
may try to poke you, and the K will hit them out of the poke, welcome to
timing mix-ups). If they keep throwing you, do a 6K, you can't be thrown
out of it, and you'll tag a counter-hit making for an easy 6K c.S f.S 236P

Don't get too predictable with your teleporting, because Slayer does have
the fading back into existence period where he isn't invincible and can't
block (fortunately you can help prevent this via BDC, see below).  Its very
difficult for an opponent to make use of this openness intentionally if you
don't teleport in a very predictable fashion.  Also be careful about too
much teleporting at close ranges, even on wakeup, your opponent can
throw you out of it if you do it too late or are just standing too close
waiting to 63214HS.  The thing about throws, is that they won't whiff if
you teleport behind, you'll still get thrown, so be weary.

-=Back Dash Cancel (BDC)=-

The BDC is one of Slayer's strongest assests.  It allows him to completely
negate opponent's okizime, and adds some good quick mixups, and some
other interesting properties.   Back dash cancelling involves using Slayer's
ability to cancel his dash (44 or 66) into a jump.  The backdash cancel is
used more because it has better invincibility frame properties (Mainly it
starts from frame 0 or 1 instead of 4).

Now, when you BDC, you jump, and retain a few frames of invuln you would
have had from finishing the teleport.  Its done by either doing 447, or 669. 
447 timed perfectly on waking up allows you to jump backwards and any
attack attempts at you pass through you harmlessly.  If timed right, this
can be used offensively, 4476HS can allow you to air throw people out of
some interesting spots: In the middle of an attack that should beat out
air-throw, out of some air overdrives (I-No's for example) and even out of
bursts (usually this is done accidentally, even anticipating it can be

Another interesting property of the BDC, is that it allows you to transfer
some of your invincibility frames into some special attacks by "Tiger
Knee'ing" or "TK'ing" them.  Although very difficult, 6321447HS will
result in a command throw with invincibility frames, as well as minimal
retreating movement.  If mastered, this can land you free damage and
tension.  Likewise, 442369P/K will give you a Mappa Punch with
invincibility frames; again very abusable if mastered.  You can even do it
to Undertow, though I've only seen it done (ala Dr. Koo) and have never even
attempted doing it myself. 

-=Blood Sucking Universe=-

VERY important move for Slayer, has great speed, insane priority, can grab
people out of things you normally couldn't (like some overdrives) - Note: I
found out this is only possible via the BDC -, gives good damage, and if
they're grounded they can't block it.  Learn to see when people stand there
and block whatever you're going to do next, and bite em.   Good way to
keep turtles on their toes.

Now, this move has that inescapable stagger, and if you hit your opponent
during that the damage scaling takes damage down A LOT, making it very
pointless to attempt tension combos.  However, if you have near perfect
timing and your opponent isn't a god at stagger-wiggling. There is a split
second where you can attack the opponent as they transition from the
inescapable stagger to the normal stagger that can be wiggled. If you hit
them just after the inescapable stagger wears off, follow ups will do
normal damage, VERY painful, VERY hard to time (actually I think that it is
impossible if your opponent is wiggling, there are 0 frames of the non-
damage scaled stagger if they wiggle even a little bit). Its a technique I'm
still working on myself, but do practice it, very worthwhile.  I'd suggest
going into training mode, setting the AI to block everything, and max
stagger escape, then just throw, dash in, and do c.S f.S 236P.  You'll know
when you do it right because your damage will be around 150 instead of
102 or whatever it ends up being.

The best followup to a Blood Sucking Universe is 66 Sx4 236P, if you don't
feel confident in your Sx4 timing, just do a HS 236P; or if you really don't
mind pissing off whoever you're playing, go for the 6632147HS -
repeatx5-8 Dandystep Punch.  This gives lots of tension, decent damage
and can insta-dizzy many characters, allowing you to RC the punch into an
IK charge, you win.

-=Dandy Step=-

Dandy Step is a very strong tool for Slayer, it allows you to punish slower
attacks by making them whiff, or just forces simple mix ups.  If people
like to block all your dandy step options, simply dandy step up close, and
then 63214HS them.  If you think they may try to poke you out of doing
that, do pile bunker, and it'll grab you a counter-hit and LOTS of damage.  I
like to use dandy step as okizime unless they have tension.  LOTS of supers
will just own dandy step, so be cautious there.  Many strings are also
"escapable" via dandy step.  Some characters have little enough blockstun
between certain moves or finishing special attacks that you can dandy
step out of the end of their string, and get in a free dandy step punch.  This
is HIGHLY situational, and should be experimented with on your own in
casual play.  I've barely found any reliable spots to do it myself, but I'm
working on it.

Dandy step S is a decent move.  Most will stand to block the second hit,
which is where you throw in the 2K 236P, or dash behind and attack, or do
632146HS.  Again, if someone tries to poke you out of it, the counter-hit
will resoundingly say, "Stand and watch, no attacking." Be aware, that you
can be interrupted out of the second hit by a throw or a VERY quick poke
(even if the first one HITS, not just on block is it unsafe), but that is
where 214P/K S 66 comes in handy.  Just keep em guessing and whiffing. 
I wouldn't suggest using this move more than once or twice a match,
because although its good for random confusion, its risk isn't worth the

If ever your opponent is air-born, 214P K is your friend, it out-prioritizes
almost all aerial attacks, and guarantees tons of damage (the juggle is
easier to time on an airborne opponent too since they're launched from
higher up). Its also a lot safer to do on someone who is in the air than a
grounded opponent.

Also keep in mind that just dandy stepping randomly can be a good idea if
done rarely.  Some characters have good anti-dandy step options and will
punish you if you use it too much.

-=Undertow (632146P)=-

Not the greatest of moves, since anybody with reflexes who has eaten the
move a few times can poke you out of it. But used very VERY sparingly, you
can get some free damage on people.  Best use of this is out of strings you
normally 236P or dandy step out of, once you've conditioned your opponent
to things like c.S f.S 236P or Dandy step, sometimes they'll deer in
headlights against a c.S f.S 632146P and just eat it.  c.S 632146P is good
too.  Especially if your opponent is used to blocking 4 Slashes ;).  If you
time this move perfectly on wakeup, there is not a whole lot your
opponent can do about it, another free 60 points of damage (VERY difficult
to do though)

-=Anti Air=-

Besides 214P K which can be hard to apply in certain situations, 6K, P, 6P,
6HS and 2S are all good anti-air attacks.  P pokes high enough to be good
against air, 6P ducks enough that a lot of air moves will whiff, and 2S
kicks straight up with decent priority, great for hitting someone who is
almost on top of your head, and you can then link into Dandy Step and
sometimes force them to block a 214P K airborne.  6HS is the hardest to
apply, but if you land a CH 6HS while anti-airing, it will grant you a free
214P P for a very painful 2-hit combo.

Also keep in mind that a lot of the time if you hit someone in the air with
a normal hit while you are grounded they'll float enough for you to air
combo them, certainly feel free to do so. 2S, P, c.S, f.S, 6K, 6HS all work
fairly well for this.


BDC is all you really need.  BDC gets you out of all sorts of Okizime
trouble.  A well timed 447 and all they can do is hope to anticipate it and
air throw you; though I've seen a lot of Slayer match vids and its very
VERY rarely punished.  Either than that, you either block, or 236236HS. 
236236HS isn't a whole lot of damage for half tension, but it works
AMAZINGLY well on wakeup and shouldn't be ignored as an option.  If only
because it can screw with an opponents pace, and return initiative to you.


When you knock your opponent down, you have initiative.  Slayer can ground
his opponents a great number of ways, and all have pretty good follow ups. 
At close range you can simply c.S f.S if they try to wake up poking.  At
longer range you can 6HS and rush in attacking, if timed right, there isn't
a whole lot they can do but block it unless they have a godlike wakeup
move (ie Sol's VV) but in those cases, you can just block and punish him on
his way down if he's abusing his VV (Volcanic Viper, 623S/HS) too much
(yay free dandy step K into air combo).

6K is obviously a wonderful okizime option.  Often times an opponent will
wake up blocking low, and tossing in a high is a good idea, especially one
that will hop over lows (also you can't be thrown out of 6K, and timing the
6K to be uninterruptable is easy).  Plus if you're good at the timing on 6K
c.S f.S, the pain involved can really get people blocking high, which is
where you toss in the 2K 236P, or the 2HS.  Plus the fake into the
command throw is really good.  As well as a 6632147HS (hard to time, but
works great for people who are watching for mixups, and unlike
663214HS, 6632147HS if timed right, they can't throw you out of it since
you cancel the teleport)

Dandy step is an obvious okizime option, Dandy step so that they'd have to
block any dandy step based attack you do, and then use any normal mixups
from there, if they guess wrong, they eat damage.  Again, be warned about
tension and people waking up with overdrives when you dandy step in. I've
eaten way too many overdrives when dandy stepping into someone on their

-=Stagger and Dizzy=-

Stagger is obviously a fairly important part of Slayer's game, he can
induce stagger more than most characters.  His moves also seem to have
an absolutely insane dizzy buffer, I've never seen anyone induce a dizzy
state even half as much as Slayer has.  Its also infuriating for an opponent
to get dizzied more than once (hell, even once sucks)

HS, 6HS on counter-hit, 214P S on counter-hit, 214214S, 63214HS all
induce stagger, which means your opponent has to mash buttons and
wiggle the joystick to break out of it before he can do anything (including
block).  HS 214P P is guaranteed if your opponent doesn't mash, so if you
do things they can't mash out of, and they get lazy and quit mashing, throw
out a 214P P.  Following up HS with dandy step options is a great idea
because of this, its harder to react to mix-ups when you're busy trying to
mash out of stagger so that you are even ABLE to react whether you know
what is coming or not.  Use this to your advantage.  HS 214K into 63214HS
into more stagger options from there can be VERY disheartening to a foe.

Doing undertow out of 6HS and HS are especially effective since although
you can be poked out of it, trying to mash out of stagger, and then poke you
or hop away before they get smacked by the unblockable can prove to be
quite the chore.  If anything it will annoy your opponent, which is always a

As for dizziness options, if you ever manage to get your opponent into a
state of dizziness (even at the beginning of a combo), finish off the combo
you're doing (since it won't affect the dizziness, except maybe give them
a few free seconds of dizzy time worn off) and then follow up with 214P K
into Air Combo.  After being dizzied and then eating that extra 173 points
of damage, very few survive at that point.  I've also played people who can
mash out of HS 214P P, but they can't mash out of dizziness in time to
avoid 214P K, so it has extremely high chances of working. Note also that
6HS seems to induce dizzy a lot more effectively than most of the rest of
his move list.


I'd like to give a special thanks to Ratticus1, Wraith, Manji128, Jake and
TL for suffering through repeated beatings, and still coming back to play
once in a while.  They're great sports (save maybe Wraith ;P but we don't
hold it against him)

I got a few of my combos from the combo list at, and
some of the move names from Godrugal's Slayer FAQ.

Also thanks from me (and probably from those of you reading this FAQ) to
Ratticus1 and Wraith for proofreading this document.  I have really bad
formatting issues, and when I start ranting about strategy sometimes
thoughts just kind of mingle together as they come to me and end up all
confused and chaotic on the screen (not to mention sometimes my
thoughts have bad grammar because I forget what tense I started the
thought in etc).

This FAQ copyright 2004, 2005 to Russell Milligan (Arvandor on the
Gamefaqs boards).  Retransmission in any form without express
permission is strictly forbidden.