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Justice FAQ

Guilty Gear X2:The Midnight Carnival
Created By:Dead Snake (DeadSnake6@yahoo.com)
 Version 1.5 

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Table of Contents

1. Intro

2. How To Unlock Justice/Gold Mode

3. Why Play As Justice?

4. Bio/Character Profile

5. Universal Moves,Burst And Tension Gauges

6. Basic Controll Legend

7. Justice's Move Set

8. Combos

9. Arcade Quotes

10. Story Mode Flow Chart/Quotes

11. Vs.Other Character's

12. Pros And Cons

13. End/Credits

1. Intro\

This Guide Was Made intending to let guilty gear players 
learn more about Justice.
(Note:If Ihave Any Names Of Justices Moves Or Any Info Is Wrong 
Or If You have any info to contribute please contact me via e-mail 
and let me know.)e-mail:DeadSnake6@yahoo.com
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwisedistributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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This FAQ Is Only To Be Used On GameFaqs 

2. Character Profile\



Weight:487 lbs


Birthday:September 2

Blood Type:Unknown



Justice was the creation of "That Man" In the year 2073, years 
after his disapperance from the original gear project in 2014.
Justice was supposibly the "perfect gear"and the only
command-type gear, meaning that she could control other 
gears, and even overiding the the original commands 
given by their master's.

In 2074 certain major countries try to use gear's to
 overwhelm and take over other countries.But from among the 
rank's a gear possesing it's own free will going
by the name Justice came forth.As "That Man" had planned the other gears 
would become followers of justice and waged war against humankind
and destroyed the country of japan and most of it's race.

Which led to the formation of the Holy Order and thus began the holy war.
In 2175 the holy order sealed justice away and peace was restored.
But not more than 5 years later the humanoid gear testament released 
Justice and a second holy order Formed To Do Battle With Justice.
Justice was slain in battle by Sol-Badguy Thus ending 
Justice as a threat to mankind.
3.Why Pick Justice?\

I Pick Justice Because she Has Decent Attack Speed,Good Attack Range,
Powerfull Moves,Fast Instant Kill And Good Speed But Not The Best.
he's A Good Character Especially If Your A Good Fighter With Dizzy
Because Most Of The Moves Are Similar But Alittle Easier.
Justice Is Also A Good Defensive Chracter,Also A Good Offensive 
Chracter And If You Use Justice Pretty Good You Can Overwhelm Your 
Opponent With A Flurry Of Attacks.

4.How To Unlock Justice/Gold Mode\

To Unlock Justice You Can Beat Her In Survival Mode At Level 230
Wich I Found It was Pretty Hard.The Alternitive Way Is To Get All 
60 Endings In Story Mode And Then You'll Unlock Justice's Story 
Mode Beat That And Then Justice,Kliff And Robo Ky Will Be Selectable 
Character's In All Modes except Story Mode For Kliff And Robo Ky.All 
3 Character's Will Not Be Selectable Until Justice's Story Mode Is

See Below For Story Mode Flow Chart.

Justice Does Not Have An EX Mode.

To Unlock Gold Mode For Justice You Have To Defeat Her In Survival 
At Level 510.Or You Can Beat All 50 Misions In Mision Mode.If You 
Decide To Beat All 50 Misions You Will Also Unlock Gold Mode For 
Kliff And Robo Ky.
4.Universal Modes and Guages\

Tension Gauge
The tension gauge is a gauge thatincreases as you use agressive moves
as power increses Moves such as ovedrives,faultless defense,dead 
angle attacksand roman cancel all require 50% of the gauge faultless 
defence gradually decreaseswhen using.

Burst Gauge
The burst gauge is below your Health Gauge.When it is Flashing/pulsating
and says "BURST",you can press R1+any other attack button to unleash 
a counterattack which could turn matches around.

Roman Cancel
Push any 3 attack buttons to forcfully stop your attack and creat your own 
original combo.Require's 50% of Tension Gauge.

Faultless Defense
Push the kick and puch button simulataneously while pushing the
direction for guard to creat an impenitrable barrier.The barrier 
decreasesas time passes.

Recovery/Recovery Direction
When Hit Into The Air Press Any 2 Attack Buttons To regain your balance.
If you hit a directional button Along with the 2 buttons you can choose 
which direction to go.

Press The dust attack button while crouching to sweep your opponent.
if the attack hits the opponent won't be able to use recovery to regain

Dust Attack
Push the dust button while standing to launch your opponent into the air
and pull off a devastating combo.Push the dust button during a
jump to perform an arieldust Attack.

Dead Angle Attack
Once You've Guarded An Attack Push Any 2 Buttons Except Dust To Counterattack 
from the guard position.

Overdrives are powerful attacks that consume 50% of the tension gauge.
Some character's such as Dizzy and Justice who need 100% of the gauge 
to perform Gamma Ray one of their overdrives.

Instant-Kill is a devastating one hit kill that if connected kills 
the opponent no matter how much health the opponent has.

5.Basic Controls\
Controll Motions

U = Up
D = Down
F = Forward
B = Back
J = Jump 
U+F = UpForward
U+B = UpBack
D+F = DownForward
D+B = DownBack
FF = Dash
BD = Backwards Dash 
HJ = High Jump
DJ = Double Jump
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
HCB = Half Circle Back
HCF = Half Circle Forward
DP = Foward,Down,Downfoward 
RDP = Back,Down,Downback

Attack Buttons

P = Punch
K = Kick
S = Slash
HS = Hard Slash
D = Dust

6.Special Moves\

1. Valkyrie Arc - QCF+P
    -Tale extends vertically in front of Justice And when oppenent 
attack's As long as the tale is there they will be caught and hurled
behind her. 

This Move Is Excellent For Counter's If Timed Right.   
2. Michael Sword - HCF+HS
    -Slashes Horizontaly with extended hand.
Note:Slash is equal to at least one character Distant.

Good Attack For Surprising Opponents
3. Strike Back Tail - RDP+K
    - she Flips Back And The tail whips the opponent in a vertical tail whip
and lightning is shot up at the same time.

4. Nitro Bomb - RDP+H or HS >Press Punch Button to detonate
    - she basically Shoots out a small fireball like object and it slowly 
moves across the screen until it hits the opponent or it is detonated.
Pressing the HS Instead Throws the bomb upwards towards the middle 
of the screen and it slowly decends and hits the ground. 
7.Overdrives Moves\
Tension Gauge Must Have At Lest 50 % Of The Gauge to Perform Overdrives

1. Michael Blade(Inhanced) - HCB+F + HS

   -Its Basically The Same As Above Except It Has A Longer Reach.
To Be Precise Im Pretty Sure About The Whole Screen.

2. Imperiael Ray - F+HCF+S

   -Justice Charges A blast that start's behind her and goes all around her.
Doing this move up close can do a combo about 10-40 Hits maybe more.I don't 
usually use this move that much.

3. Gamma Ray - B,F,B,HCB+HS
   -Justice Activates the overdrive if opponent is really close they are hit 
in the air and the 2 pod like things on her shoulders open and charges a beam 
up and fires while opponent is still in the air.Max hits 53 when opponent 
launched in air from being to close.If opponent is far away and doesn't block
Max Hits 52. 

8.Justice's Instant-Kill\

 X Laser - QCF,QCF+HS 
Besure you activate the instant-kill gauge by pressing all four 
attack buttons at once.
   -Once Activated she Crouches And Dashes Foward Really Fast If
Connected she Takes The Opponent up into space Kills Them By Making them 
explode and comesback down 
Note:Opponent will fall down eventually.     


These Are Some Combos That I Use.They Are Not The Best But I Like Them 
They Have Decent Damage.And If Anyone Has Any Combos They Would Like To
Submit Please Send It To Me Via e-mail And I Shall Credit You For Them.

       P,P,P,H,H,Michael Blade(HCB+F+HS) Hits 9 
 Damge Less Than Half Life 

       P,P,P,P,F+K,H,H,Michael Blade(HCB+F+HS) Hits 10  
Damage Less Than Half Not That Good But Decent

       F+HS Lauches opponent In Air,HS,H,Michael Blade(HCB+F+HS) Hits 7  
Damage A little Less Than Half.Pretty Effective 

       Michael Blade(HCB+F+HS),Michael Blade(HCB+F+HS),F+HS,HS, Hits 4 
Damage More Than Half Life

For This Combo You Must Have A Full Tension Gauge.And Character Has 
To Be At least 2 Character Distant Or Less.

Again If Anyone Has Any Combos You Would Like To Submit Please Do So
If You Wish You Will Be Credited For Any Info Or Combos You Submit.

10.Arcade Quotes\

Vs. Sol: I am Gear No. 1. The first complete and absolute of my kind.
Vs. Ky: So this is the Sacred Order. The very essence of human good.... How

Vs. Axl: I can sense the aberrations in your body.... What is an interloper 
like you doing here?

Vs. Anji: Another Japanese man.... It looks like they haven't all died out 
yet,after all.

Vs. Baiken: Slaughter brings about hatred, and hatred brings about 
slaughter. It takes a sinful being to turn that cycle to one's own side. 

Vs. Eddie: Go away. Those who are not human are not my enemy.

Vs. Millia: You've strengthened your body with magic.... Too bad you'll 
always be second class.

Vs. Chipp: A high-speed approach to battle.... I see there is something to 
be learned from you.

Vs. Faust: This being is not in my data.... You are a precious sample. I 
look forward to analyzing your DNA.

Vs. Jam: So, you've mastered Ki force.... There's still not enough power 
behind your attacks.

Vs. Potemkin: You cannot defeat me with raw power. Is your patriotism 
clouding your judgement?

Vs. Venom: Did you expect to win without putting your life on the line?

Vs. Johnny: So this is what they call "divine speed". The idiocy of humans 
never fails to make me laugh.

Vs. Bridget: I'm not crushing you.... I'm crushing the future that lies 
before you. The human race must multiply no further.

Vs. Slayer: This battle is between us and the humans. This is no place for
beings like you, Nightwalker.

Vs. May: Pathetic Japanese.... It disgusts me to think that there are still

Vs. Dizzy: It's time for you to go to sleep.

Vs. Zappa: Gathering spirits and wielding them as weapons.... An effective

Vs. I-No: A causal interference body, huh.... What does the future demand of 

Vs. Testament: What an interesting sample defect. How can a Gear who can 
think for himself justify this resistance?

Vs. Robo Ky: A non-organic spiritual power amplifier? What on earth are they

Vs. Kliff: It's finally time for this old soldier to fade away.

Vs. Justice: What's behind this machine? Humans love wasting their time on 
such useless contraptions.

11.Story Mode Flow Chart/Quotes\

Story Mode Map

Kliff U.
Ky K.
Sol B.
(path #1)

Note:Justice Has Only 1 Path.

Story Mode Quotes

(Black screen)
That Man: Him... ...and you. I curse my powerlessness. But there is no 

(Dragon Lair)
Kliff: How many times have we met like this?

Justice: Seventeen.

Kliff: Excellent. Let us make today the last day of the Crusades!

(after the fight)
Justice: How can you think you can win with that aging body?

Kliff: Because there are others who will take my place. That is the strength
that we humans have.

Ky: Master Kliff!

Kliff: There are those who can carry on both my technique and my spirit.
Ky: You! Justice!

Justice: You show a good spirit in your eyes. The pretty eyes of someone who
knows nothing yet but battle.

Ky: What nonsense!

Justice: ...Of course, I still have no intention of losing to you.

Justice: ...That was a merciless enemy. Mankind is blessed with much greater
 skills as a fighting species than mere Gears. Or perhaps, it was 
for precisely that reason that they created us. To provide a release 
for their urge to fight, instead of destroying each other. ...If that 
were true, it would be the ultimate irony. Don't you agree, Immoral Flame?

Sol: ...I've heard enough of your ramblings. Prepare yourself!

(after the fight)
Justice: Hmm.... That mark on your forehead.... You're...a Gear, aren't you. 
A surviving humanoid Gear that I was unaware of. Now this is a 
surprise. Very well, then. Join with me and revel in destruction!

Sol: ....

Justice: (clashing sound) ...How dare you! Why do you disobey my orders?!
Sol: (clashing sound) You can ponder that in hell!

(Black screen)
That Man: Eventually, heaven and earth will fall, and man and beast will be 
no more. If this suceeds.... ...You will surely be known as the 
greatest traitor of all time. I have no right to apologize to you. All I 
can do is pray. Frederick.... You are the world's only hope....

Ky: ...What in the world is this? Justice is losing power? This fire and
lava.... It must be.... Attention, all support units! The time has come 
to engage and seal away Justice!

(Pic of the full moon night sky)
Narrator: After a hundred years, two pillars of hope met on the battlefield. 
Inthe year 2175, with the sealing of Justice, the Crusades finally 
came to an end. Once again, mankind began to walk along the road to 
peace.Still, even to this day.... There are very few who know the 
truth.......About the blood tragedy that stood behind those fateful events.

VS.Other Character's\
Note:the dificulty was set on maniac throuoght the test.

-Vs. Sol-Badguy
	-Sol will most likely use 3 gun flames,sol will also be pretty
offensive and will be defensive when you attack.

-Vs. Ky Kiske
	-Ky Really isn't that offensive but he will use stun edge and 
the charged up one a good deal of the time.

-Vs. May
	-May isn't that hard,just go in and beat her down.

-Vs. Millia Rage
	-Hard,very fast,and is offensive most of the match.

-Vs. Axl Low
	-Smart,Is Defensive and will be offensive when he get's
 the opportune moment.

-Vs. Eddie
	-Very offensive try to be defensive and wait for the opportune 

-Vs. Potemkin
	-Very powerful moves,has a strong defense but hes slow,and try not to
stay close to potemkin to long.

-Vs. Chipp Zanuff
	-Very fast,air type,likes to combo,but he has a weak defense,try to
avoid getting knocked into a combo,and watch out for his teleporting.	

-Vs. Johnny
	-Johnny Isn't that hard,just watch out for the mist whiner and his 
gold coins.

-Vs. Faust
	-Faust isn't much trouble,he has a long attack range and he has a move 
that reaches across the screen.

-Vs. Anji Mito
	-Kinda weak,just beat him down
-Vs. Baiken
	-Very defensive,most of her moves are counter's,so wait till she attacks
guard then use dead angle.

-Vs. Jam Kuradoberi
	-She is pretty defensive and offensive and is also a anti air type character. 

-Vs. Venom
	-Very fast attacking and is offensive,and try to dodge his overdrives.

-Vs. Testament
	-Extremely offensive but if you block he'll use the exe beast from behind
and break your guard.

-Vs. Dizzy
	-watch out for hunger strike those skull like things and if you see
dizzy about to use gamma ray block after the first 3 small beams are fired
right before the big one jump 3 times and dash forward in the air.

-Vs. Slayer
	-Watch out for his dashing since he disappears and he is sum what offensive.

-Vs. I-NO
	-Is pretty offensive,has alot of air type moves,and when she has her tension up
dont jump in the air or she'll use her air overdrive.

-Vs. Bridget
	-Is pretty offensive,just try to beat her/him/it down before it attacks.

-Vs. Zappa
	-Is offensive and defensive try to use dead angle.

-Vs. Robo-Ky
	-Is extremely offensive and can be deffensive,plus his backround music will
really get on your nerves.

-Vs. Kliff
	-Slow just beat him down ,but he will be defensive.
-Vs. Justice
	-Equal match no better no worse just fight.If your really good with justice 
than you'll have fun on this one.

12.Pros And Cons\

-Decent Normal Attacks
-Good Defense
-Excellent Specials
-Good Attack Power
-Fast Instant kill

-Slow Movement
-Predictable Moves
-Slow Attack Speed


Thanks To Sammy And Arc Systems And Any One Who Worked On The
Guilty Gear Series And Thanks To EChang For The Plot FAQ On 
Which I Got The Info On Justice From,And thanks to my friend 
For Taking A Beating While I Tested Justice.

This FAQ Is Copyright 2004 DeadSnake