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King of Route 66 PS2 version FAQ v. 0.8

By E. Watts (bannatum@netscape.net; don't email me with questions about the
game, don't spam me, so basically only email me with additional info about the
Created 10/30/03

II. States
1. Illinois
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
2. Missouri
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
3. Kansas
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
4. Oklahoma
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
5. Texas
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
6. New Mexico
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
7. Arizona
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
8. California
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
9. Route 66
a. Stage 1
b. Stage 2
c. Stage 3
III. Corkboard
1. Queen Profiles
2. Queen of Route 66 Disco
3. Unlocking Disco Features
I. Emblem catch
II. Emblem Catch 2
III. Convoy Golf
IV. Moving Targets
V. Destroy the Cars
VI. Long Haul Slam
VII. Protect Annie
VIII. Sooner the Better


This FAQ covers the home version of Sega AM2's King of Route 66.
There is a fine FAQ for the arcade version (and thus the main game of the home
version) available at

I. General
While the main game is of questionable value, the Queen of Route 66 subgame
makes the purchase of the game fully worthwhile. Essentially minigames based
around finding a pattern and upgrading your rig, the gameplay concept is simple
and engaging, just with complicated graphics.
Clearing a state makes the Queen of the cleared state show up in the bar with
you in the selection screen of Queen of Route 66 mode.
Read the stage FAQs if you're stuck; the fun of the game is to figure out the
stages. But hey, it's no fun to be stuck, so here's what I've found to be
effective routes. Some sections require only some general advice, while some
require more detailed instructions. The following info is tailored to those

II. States

1. Illinois
Someone stole the Queen's jewels and you need to get them back.
a. Stage 1
15 jewels, 100 seconds
Go straight. get the white jewel while turning left; get the green; turn left;
get the red; turn left and get the white; turn left and nitro for some time;
ignore the 66 and  veer left for a ramp behind some trees and get a red; go
over the right part of the ramp and come down for a green. Turn left for a
white in a fountain; turn right for a red in a fountain; Turn left and follow
under the train tracks; turn right, get the green; nitro and get the 66 and a
white; get a green and turn right; nitro and get a 66 and a red; veer left to
get a white in a fountain; turn right and go down the road for the green, turn
right; get the red. You're done.

b. Stage 2
23 jewels, 90 seconds
You need to start turning right immediately as you gain control of the truck;
get the white, red and green; turn left, get the white nitro white 66 (red);
turn right white 66 red; turn right; get a green, then a white as you turn
right; get the green; turn left; nitro green red white, right, right and get
the red get the green and turn left to between the buildings; red 66 green
left; nitro green green 66 red right white right up the stairs, veer right, get
the white past the fountain, and you're done.

c. Stage 3
Much harder than Stages 1 or 2, with many more jewels and alot more time.
you'll need it. This stage lets you gather lots of jewels, and that means as
you learn the stage, you'll be making money (even tho you're losing). This
means you'll have a chance to upgrade your hunk of junk and have a chance to
actually finish.

Short version: circle the first block, then take the most direct route to get
over the bridge, getting all the gems you can get while going quickly. Find the
most efficient way around the gems there, and come back to get the rest of the
gems in the first section of the city.

Long version: First block: you need to start off by going back to the
beginning; there are some jewels in the very first block; so, pick up the green
jewel in front of you after starting, and turn left at the first street you
come to after gaining control; don't bother with the red jewel here, as you can
pick it up later. Make a wide left at the next place to turn and pick up the
green jewel while going as fast as possible. Pick up the white jewel at the
next left turn. Now you're pointed towards where you started the stage. Turn
left at the next corner and you have a straight away. Use a Nitro here and pick
up that red jewel you ignored before and the green jewel after it. Ignore the
blue thing to the right; it's a 66 symbol, but you need to veer into the trees
on your left (your nitro should have dissipated by now), and go up the ramp
there to pick up a white jewel and a red jewel. Go get the () in the fountain
in front of the building passage; go into the passage, get the 66, and the ();
come crashing out, get the white, get some of the gems in the fence floor area
between buildings; try to get the greeen white  ; turn right, and don't get the
2 gems in the fountains; and turn left onto the raised bridge.
Get the 66 then stay on the left of the bridge and don't slow down as you're
about to go over the edge; there's a red gem that you will overshoot , but
you'll get it laterf. There's a strsaightaway; use a nitro, then get the 66 and
a green. Veer right as just past the corner is a red. Veer left to get a green
soon after this. Straighten out, then get the white gem in the next left turn.
Complete the turn, get the green and the 66 and another green. Turn right and
get the red, the 66 and the white; go straight until you see the red arrows
pointing left; get the green; get the red and turn right; stay on the road and
get the green; make the first sharp left; get the red; go right, before the
hamburger place with the double arches; \get the white in front of the
hamburger placeturn right; go offroad between the buildings, get the 66; turn
left while getting the white and head into the underground road; red green 66
white; turn right up the ramp; turn left onto the bridge; you need some speed
to jump (I think).
Coming down the bridge, veer left and get the gems in the fountains. Turn left
and get on the road that's a bit right when you come off the bridge); and get
the (); turn right and get the green; then red; then whote as you turn left;
then green green; then veer left to get white fountain and red fountain; then
veerturn right to get the green; turn rigth into getting the white; nitro and
get the green red white 66; turn right getting the green; then the white, then
get the last two red gems inbetween the buildings.

Then you get a cutscene of the Illinois Queen kissing you (at least with Texas
Hawk you do; I'm not sure what happens for the others yet).

"See you next state..." in white in the lower right corner of a black screen;
very Cowboy Bebop of them.

2. Missouri
An evil pet shop owner has captured all the Cardinals in the city. Get it? it's
even capitalized in the game... And we save them by ramming into the boxes
they're in until they explode. Hmm. I'm not sure if they're red birds flying
out or chunks of ballplayers.
Here your strategy is different than with the gems in Illinois. You need to
smash into the boxes here, which decreases your momentum, which you need to
smash the rest of the boxes. So you need to hit hard, but not so hard that you
lose too much power. It seems best to hit it fast and off center so it smashes
into a wall.

a. Stage 1
120 seconds. 20 boxes.
Veer left at the first turn so you can turn sharpkly into the box. Veer right
into the two boxes ahead of you; veer kleft for the 66 emblem; you may want to
nitro here; go right towards the airport; smash the box on the way; veer right
in the airport and hit the line of 4 boxes, go up the ramp and hit the upstairs
box; fly out the window and destroy the two boxes on the tarmac; turn left and
head over the stepped terraces on the rigth to destroy three boxes that go down
the terraces. Smash the box in the corner as you turn left; make your snakey
left/right turn ahead and grab the 66, then smash the first box as you are
turning right to hit the next box; turn left and left again. you might want to
use a nitro here, or you might want to save it for points. Veer right into the
airport again, smash the three boxes on the left this time, and you're done.
Assuming you've gotten the hang of breaking the boxes quickly.

b. Stage 2
160 seconds. 30 boxes.
You start off in the same place as Stage 1, but there's a whole added section
as well. At the first split, head right; there's nothing to the left. Make it a
sharp right, since you need to explode the two boxes at the corner. It's best
to bounce them off the walls to explode them.Keep going, getting the 66, and
bouncing the next box off the wall. Head up to the airport and bounce that box
off the wall. Head straight into the airport terminal to keep up your momentum;
destroy the 2 boxes inside , turn left out of the terminal to get the box out
there, turn left and destroy the box you passed up before; head down the ramp
you came up, turning right as you exit. Destroy the box at the next corner, and
go to the stepped lawns and take out the two boxes there (try to knock them
left so that if they're not immediately destroyed you'll be able to deal with
them more easily). Turn right at the next corner in to the new area; bounce the
two boxes there off the wall to destroy them. Turn into the alley before the
diner, and bounce the box in there off the diner; turn left at the end of the
diner, go straight; get the 66 and prepare to plow through houses; you'll need
to do this a few times to get the right angle. Using the nitro helps to bust
through the walls and boxes here, but you need to know where the boxes are.
Since they're hidden in the houses, it's best to get a feeling for their
placement by experience. Now, turn right and bust through the next set of
houses with their hidden boxes using another nitro. Make a U turn, pick up any
stragglers you may have missed (this is the biggest time suck on the level; if
you can destroy the boxes in the first go, you'll have a good chunk of time
bonus), and head out through the gap in the fence with the red arrows behind it
pointing right. Turn right. Take out the lone box as you turn right, then nitro
to get the last three boxes.

c. Stage 3
200 Seconds; 36 boxes
Start in the same place again. Another added area. Turn right, getting the
close box; get the box on the right, ignoring the 66; keep your speed up and
try not to hit any trees. Go to the right of the ramp to the airport and get
the three boxes around the lower terminal. Turn left, go over the terraces and
destroy the box. Don't worry about the lower box, altho you can try to destroy
it if you want. Go past the intersection, turn at the next right while
destroying the box. There's a 66 and a box; ignore the 66 and destroy the box
while turning right; take the next left and destroy that box; now you'll be
running the first half of what you've already done, picking up 2 66 symbols and
destroying the box below the terraces if you didn't already get it; use nitros
leading up to the airport and after you pass the airport ramp to get some time.
Turn right into the section that was new in stage 2, and veer left to destroy
the box that's there; destroy the box under the building in front of you and
continue through the garage to the stand of homes; the 2 boxes are between the
homes, (I just realized they aren't homes, they say something about Tornado; I
guess you can just destroy the stuff that belongs to your enemies...), so
destroy them as efficiently as possible; maybe using a nitro, but I prefer
snaking through the buildings. (there are a bunch of 66 symbols in there
buildings if you have time to get them). Turn right, and right again and get
the two boxes along this street; make a Uturn and then turn left where you came
in. Destroy the 4 boxes around the round building. Continue in the circle until
you can go to the parking lot with 12 boxes in three rows of 4. I like to start
with the middle row, then come back for one of the other rows, then turn around
for the last row, then turn around back to the street where I can pick up any I
missed. Exit and turn left, getting the box; get the 2 66 symbols and crash
through the drive in to get the next two symbols. Turn left at the corner and
get the box there.
You win, and the queen will sing for you. And unrealistically want to leave her
life for you.
(above is workable with minimal enhancements; I used a muffler and the level 1
combo engine, with no assist items. After this tho, I had almost enough money
to buy the completely new truck.)

3. Kansas
Race against rocks (or rather a guy dumping them on you). The heart bomb assist
item may help you here.

a. Stage 1
80 seconds
Uh, avoid the rocks, you'll do fine. Is there a pattern to the rock dumping?
Nope, doesn't seem to be in terms of absolute rock dumping location. So, not
much to FAQ about.

b. Stage 2
60 seconds.
My main advice here is to upgrade your truck. I saved up to buy the new machine
instead of individual part upgrades, which has a big payoff. If you've been
improving your skills, doing the courses over and over, you might have enough
cash. In going over courses again for the FAQ I had almost enough byt his point
for the new machine. Upgrading individual parts would work too if you;re better
at the game than I was initially.  (And of course you have a FAQ so you dont
need to actually figure out how to do things...)

c. Stage 3
50 seconds.
I did it my first try with the complete truck.

4. Oklahoma
No destroying. Well, you can smash into some stuff; there's a crush meter
telling you how much more you can crush and still finish. The time assist item
may be useful here.
(I haven't tested this with the old truck; the old truck will almost certainly
need upgrades or assist items to win these races).

a. Stage 1
45 seconds.
Not a problem in the new truck

b. Stage 2
40 Seconds.
You'll need some nitros to do it in time, even with the new truck. Use them in
long straightaways.

c. Stage 3
35 seconds.
You need to use a nitro in the first straightaway once you straighten out after
starting; veer to the right of the yellow car that's usually stopped at the
turn. Also nitro in the straightaway after the hairpin turn. Then you need to
go to the left of the building right before the final turn (it keeps your speed
up even tho it isn't the road), and then nitro again in the final straightaway.
And if you lose any time, you won't make it.

5. Texas
Battle Royale. Destroy the other trucks. You need to hit them from behind or
sideswipe them, or tbone them; head on does nothing to them.

a. Stage 1
130 seconds
2 rivals. Essentially you need to break the other guys' trailers. Get on it.

b. Stage 2
270 seconds
3 rivals; Tornado Employee, Jack Hammer, T-Bone.
With so much more time, actually easier than stage one I think.

c. Stage 3
480 seconds.
4 rivals. Killer Bee, Cactus, Mouth, Master Chin
They're a little more aggressive, but pretty easy to smash if you have the new

6. New Mexico
Get to the goal without exploding.

a. Stage 1
60 Seconds
Ramming through the barrier you find almost immediately may shave some time and
danger points off, if you land in the valley. Don't use the nitro, it's too
dangerous, and you have enough time.

b. Stage 2
40 seconds
Don't worry, it's not the same course. This is actually a pretty
straightforward course. The tornados (the natural hazards, not the truckers)
don't seem to come into play. It was easier than the first stage.

c. Stage 3
55 seconds
You can make it; the main problem is hitting cars on the winding road. Don't do
that, and take the last corner slowly.
The queen seems to be an alien who looks like Storm from the Xmen, or maybe
Vanessa from Virtua Fighter 4.

7. Arizona
Race the queen. No trailer, just the cab.

a. Stage 1
20 seconds to the goal. Not actually racing her yet.
Nitro in the first straghtaway, then take the ramp in front of you without a
nitro (if you use one, you'll likely flip); nitro towards the next ramp, go
over it, and scramble for the goal.

b. Stage 2
Keep your corners tight. Nitro in the longish straightaway downhill; then nitro
in the town; and lastly nitro after the final curve. In the new truck you can
finish the stage without an assist item.

c. Stage 3
Actually racing the queen this time. Use slipstream to get ahead of the queen,
keep your corners tight and fast, and try to save your nitros until the last
leg of the track. Keep the queen snarled up until the very last bit and nitro
in front of her if you have to.

8. California
Race rivals for the queen.

a. Stage 1
Everyone else in the race deserves it more than you. Your rig steers like some
form of lungfish, and drives almost as fast. Everyone else drives like they
start at nitro speed and turn like the Byrds.
Use slipstream behind the truck on the right immediately after starting. Go
right and take the hairpin turn, take the snakey turn with as much to an eye of
heading straight for the hillside as possible and nitro when you see the
hillside; go over the edge into the wooded hillside; keep your bearings when
you hit the road or you'll lose time. You're probably in the midst of the other
trucks; try to keep ahead of some of them until you hit the forced nitro red
zone. Get the 66; head for the big motel arrow sign; nitro in the teepee
section as soon as the red nitro wears off; take the turn and nitro across the

b. Stage 2
Pretty easy. Nitro at the start, to the red nitro area immediately ahead; land
cleanly; nitro to the red nitro area up the ramp; land safely, nitro to the

c. Stage 3
Also pretty easy. Nitro to the first red zone; take the next red zone; then
nitro, turn left, and nitro again. With a little skill and luck, you can be
Cut scene, credit roll, and a new stage is unlocked called Route 66.

9. Route 66

a. Stage 1
Circle the oval course 4 times so your total point score is (1600) or more.
Drive fast.

b. Stage 2
Oval course, battling rivals.
Draft, use nitros when they'll help you, win.

c. Stage 3
California; destroy the rival.

The game tells you: "You can see pleasure demonstration on a cork board". How
Unlocks everything that is unlocked with the number of emblems you have at this
point, and you should have quite a few (see section III 2 below for more

III. Corkboard
1. Queen Profiles:
Unlocked on the Corkboard by clearing the relevant state. The cutscene you get
for clearing the stages is also accessible here. Why would successful
businesswomen want to leave all that for an ugly trucker? Because it's a game
and not real!
Illinois: Sandy: Occupation: Jewelry Store Manager; Measurements: B:36 W:24
H:36; Favorites: R&B, beauty contests.
Missouri: Kylie: Occupation: Country Jazz Singer; Measurements: B: 35 W:24
H:36; Favorites: All animals, particularly birds. Their singing inspires her
Kansas: Candice: Occupation: Farmer. She is also the little sister of the
Tornado trucker Jack Hammer. Measurements: B:34 W:25 H:35; Favorites: Country
music, folk dancing.
Oklahoma: Nicole: Occupation: Former actress (stage musicals). Recently, she
was discovered by a scout and she is trying to become a singer. Measurements:
B:36 W:25 H:37; Favorites: Oklahoma City!
Texas: Amanda Jo; Occupation: Cowgirl adn Rodeo Queen; Measurements: B:36 W:25
H:38; Favorites: Anything that's #1 and from Texas.
New Mexico: Maria: Occupation: Master magician. In actuality, she is an alien
and the sole survivor of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Measurements: B:34 W:24
H:34; Favorites: Teasing humans.

2. Queen of Route 66 Disco
The disco is an odd little feature of this game, and your reward for doing
well. Well, for collecting the blue Route 66 emblems you see around, at least.
When you finish a state, you unlock the queen for that state in the disco. The
queens dance en masse in the main screen, but you can choose them individually
within the disco, where they will dance for you.

3. Unlocking Disco Features
You unlock the queens by completing their states in the Queen of Route 66.
You unlock options within the disco for the queens by collecting Route 66
emblems in the game; emblems from within the main game (King of Route 66),
Queen of Route 66, and Rival Chase count; but emblems from Route 66 Challenge
Certain numbers of emblems equal a certain number of options available within
the disco. For example, when I had 470 emblems , I had access to  4 cameras, 5
effects, 3 "musics", and was told that I needed 30 more emblems to unlock one
more option.
Additionally, completing all levels of Route 66 Challenge with gold medals
unlocks a new secret. Namely, bikinis in the disco. Oddly, the Queens are
forced into the bikinis in the main disco page, altho you can choose bikinis or
not bikinis in the individual Queen screens.

I. Emblem catch: You need to get 55 emblems for the gold (I think there's 60
altogether). Try to stay in the middle of the road as you can more quickly and
easily change sides to get emblems. Remember, you only need to barely touch an
emblem (or its field of influence) to pick it up; centering your truck on it
isn't going to help.
II. Emblem Catch 2: Time penalty when you hit cargo; you need 35 emblems out of
40 for the gold. It's only the red barrels you need to not hit. Go crazy on
everything else if you want. The 66 symbols should be defining your course; cut
across corners if that's the shortest way to a lione of blue, don't center the
symbols on your truck so you can see where the red barrels are, and keep your
speed up.
III. Convoy Golf: This level takes forever to load. It takes awhile to get a
handle on. And if you screw up once you hit the car, you can't restart and
avoid the long load time. 17 seconds from start to character select, 20 seconds
from character select til the level appears, and 10 seconds until you get
control of the truck adds up when your gametime is probably around 10 seconds
and you need to do it several times. Highway Cat seems like the best for
clearing this level quickly. Tine your nitro so it peaks  in terms of speed as
you are hitting the car, and you might make the 250 yards you need for gold.
IV. Moving Targets: Destroy Tornado cars. 60 seconds. You need 65 hits (and
only hits on different cars, not explosions) to get the gold. Drive between the
two rows going your way, and stay as centered as possible and you should get
plenty of hits; when there's only one row of cars going your way, get some
sideswipe hits in on the oncoming traffic. You should clear this with gold
pretty quickly.
V. Destroy the Cars
Destroy 50 parked cars in the middle of nowhere. Again, you only need to bang
into them, or hit something that hits them. Stick to the outer edges, knocking
cars towards inner cars. It should work out.
VI. Long Haul Slam
You need to push nitro at the bottom of the first big hill; this is the main
way you can add extra points. Try to get all the gold 66 emblems, and of course
try to wreck as many cars as you can.
VII. Protect Annie
Smash Tornado cars to get a girl from point A to point B. Annie's psychotic;
you need to block her in and destroy Tornado cars at the same time; try not to
use nitro straight off; you'll need it more later, and you can get in front of
Annie before she hurts herself with the first group of Tornado cars.
VIII. Sooner the Better
A bomb counts down if your speed drops below 45, but the countdown stops when
your speed is within the limits. Power through the turns; if you think your
speed is about to drop, nitro in the turn and you should be able to maintain
speed. You need to never drop below the speed limit to get the gold. If you're
going for the gold, be prepared to restart the first time you hear the horn.
Completing all levels with gold medals unlocks a new secret. Namely, bikinis in
the Disco in Queen of Route 66. Oddly, they are forced into the bikinis in the
main disco page.

This section of the game has six stages. The first three are against Bigfoot,
the last three are against Lizard Tail.
A time of 7:55:90, first time through, using Texas Hawk, unlocked Bigfoot as a
character for versus mode.
Emblems you collect during rival chase seem to count towards the totals in the
Queen of Route 66 Disco.
I think you can win by reaching the goal first, but I just destroyed everyone.


Copyright 2003 E. Watts. You must get explicit approval from me
to put this FAQ on a website or distribute it in any other manner. Approval is
granted for this FAQ to be used on the GameFAQs website. Permission is
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Thanks to AM2 for making great games.