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Can you use tidus?

I was just wondering if there is any, and i mean ANY, way to see or play as tidus in this game?

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Kraleck answered:

Get the good ending (or better) then play through a New Game + until you get to Chapter 5 for Blitzball. "Right to Play the Abes" will be a Blitzball prize and Tidus will be one of their players (he'll be called "Blitz Ace"). You can get him once you defeat the Zanarkand Abes and have the "Trading Privileges" tournament prize.

You can also use Trading Privileges to weaken the opposing team's players (especially those overpowered [CENSORED]s that call themselves the Al Bhed Psyches) by abusing the Blitzball Biorhythm System (Blitzball stats carry over, current teams don't).
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ravynfaerie answered:

You can not play as Tidus in X-2 but there are certain points when you see him (kinda.) Most are related to game play, and the other is related to the ending. I suggest you check out Split Infinity's FAQ/walkthrough or any walk endings walkthrough. :)
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cloudyapril answered:

You can only able to see him, never able to use him on battle but play him on your blitz team. With Blitz Ace name tough.
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gamecheatmaster answered:

if this is correct you can use him in the internation version of FFX-2 but im not sure
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