Question from Dark_Wing0321

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find chocobo's that can level up to level 5?

I need to find chocobo's that level up to lvl 5.
All the chocobo's i have are either lvl1 or stops leveling up to lvl4.
I'm having trouble finding chocobo's that will level up to lv 5.
if you can give me info on chocobo' s leveling up to lvl5 that will be great.

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From: cloudyapril 5 years ago

Things about it a bit random I think, but you have higher chance getting those Choco at Thunder Plains, Bikanel and Kilika. Equip yourself with accesory that make the encounter rate up and hopefully luck with you.

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Try the Thunder Plains, Bikanel or Kilika. Split Infinity has a guide available on raising chocobos. :)

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Once you get to Chapter 5, I find that Kilika Forest will produce Chocobos capable of growing up to be Level 5 birds.

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Chapter 5, Thunder Plains, Bikanel or Kilika. Chapter determines what level they can be levelled to...MOST of the time at least, with mine i was in chapter 3 and only got lvl 1's & 2's.

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