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How do I get back at the farplane abyss?

I already defeated the magus sisters and the dark anima (the one with the oblivion skill). Then met up with leblanc and onto the keyboards.
I am at the moving music platforms already and once I have reached the top there is some sort of portal or gate there is a fiend or monster blocking it and I have to battle with it to get through.

However, I can't defeat the monster so I went back up to the Celsius.

How do I get back to the farplane abyss?

I tried using the holes in the ground but I can't seem to get in except the one with the machines and stuff (where you need to "bypass" the security). But that will just lead me to a useless balcony with a treasure chest.

lindstradt provided additional details:

I want to get back to the heart of farplane. Not just to the Farplane Abyss

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Death_Master911 answered:

If you want to get back just board the Celsius, speak to Brother and pick a destination.
And there are two ways to getting past Azi Dahaka, WAY OF THE CALM OR WAY OF HEAD THRU THE WALL....

Once scene is finished, notice the piano to your left. There's an electric
barrier to your right that is activated every so often. If you get caught in
current, gals suffer some damage. There's also 1st blue spot on the ground
near the piano - step on it and three notes will be played. Now examine the
piano and punch in these three notes (use the hint at bottom of screen).

With first barrier out of the way, go N - path branches off into two at
1stcross. Take W one and step on 2nd blue spot on your way to hear two notes
(don't get struck by electricity!), while E path's 3rd blue spot gives away
one note. Where paths merge back together (2ndcross), make a jump to the
chest. Nearby is 2nd piano, but before activating it take path to SE of the
piano to reach 4th blue spot. Now you have all the notes you need to play on
2nd piano. Do it and another barrier has been destroyed. Get MEGALIXIR from
nearby chest.

Hop back on main track and go N until you reach 3rdcross - take left path
first and step on 5th blue spot to hear two notes. Now back to 3rdcross and
take right path - immediately after electric current jump down onto another
road. First go up a bit to step on 6th blue spot, which gives away one note.
Hike to other end of this path and step on 7th blue spot for two more notes.
You'll automatically jump back down on left path from 3rdcross. Go N until two
paths merge again at 4thcross. Jump to your right and find 3rd piano (loot a
chest near it for 3x TURBO ETHER). Third barrier is deactivated, so proceed N
for more scenes. You get PAINE'S SPHERE KEY ITEM.

Make use of SSP here. This next puzzle is so friggin' annoyin'... I don't feel
like explaining it, so just follow these directions, okay? Let's begin...

There are two starting stones, one to the left of SSP, one to the right of
SSP. Jump on stone to the left of SSP to be transported a bit up. When it
stops, jump to the right - three notes are played. Jump right to be
transported a bit up. Jump up, and up again to hear two more notes. Now jump
all the way back to SSP. Now take stone to the right of SSP, which will
transport you up again. Jump on the block that is more N to transport yourself
to another big block - this one plays one note. Back to SSP again, and again
jump on block to the left of SSP.

When it stops, jump left, then up. When this block stops, jump right to hear
one note. Jump left and block you previously used will float even higher. Jump
right, loot the chest with 2x MEGA PHOENIX, then jump up to hear two notes.
Jump down, left and you'll be transported down. Jump down, then immediately
back up. As block stops, jump left and left again to hear one note. Jump back
to SSP. Take block to the right of SSP yet again. When it stops, jump left on
the block that is more S - you will reach a block that plays two notes.
Finally, jump left and stand on circular shape which will play the notes in
order you stepped on. Beware, if you screwed up, you will fight very strong
boss (but you can escape from it and try to do the puzzle again). If you were
successful in clearing the puzzle, door deactivates and access is granted.
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AZorro007 answered:

To get back you need to speak with Brother on the Celsius Bridge. There will be selectable destination options of going down the hole at any of the five temples plus, once you have completed the journey down at least one of the holes, an option to return to the Farplane point where LeBlanc waits. To get back to the Heart of the Farplane you have to reenter through the "glowing tunnel" and battle your way back up through the keyboard maze section of the Farplane.
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Kraleck answered:

You don't need to fight the fiend in the gate ring unless you want a lesson in pain or a 100% bestiary. Stop moving when it glows to avoid it.
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Death_Master911 answered:


After the scene make your way N and N only - to pass electric barriers, wait
for them until they detract, and as for lasers, press Circle to jump over them
just as security orb is about to shoot you. Approach the first circular... er,
'door' or whatever...

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