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Who has info about "The End" Garment Grid?

How do you get it? In the official guide it is shown to have an ability called "The End," but what does this ability do, how much (if any) MP does it consume, and how many targets does it affect?

_Cat_Bert_ asked for clarification:

Do you have all of the other garment grids? If you dont maybe you have to and if you do then i dont know

Accepted Answer

iamxemnasnobody answered:

You must oversoul every single monster in the game, with the two exceptions, Georapella and Precepts Guard, which just need to be fought in the Bevelle Underground. This is possible in one playthrough, as the Via Infinito dungeon contains every single enemy in the game (again, apart from those two above).

Once you do so, speak to Shinra to acquire the Garment Grid.

The End has the Break HP and Damage Limit Auto-Abilities, and if you pass through all the gates, the command Finale is unlocked.

Finale is a non-elemental, instantly-performed, physical attacks that always does 99,999 damge to a single target IF:

the girl who uses is has not escaped from a single battle throughout THAT playthrough.

Otherwise, it will deal normal damage (I believe).

The escape counter resets during the next New Game Plus playthrough.
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Xynz answered:

the end garment grid has these following AUTO ABILITIES (even you don't change dresspheres)

Break Damage Limit
Break HP Limit
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