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Where can I find ALL Dresspheres?

I'm at the end of the game and am lacking most of the dresspheres, including Paine's Full Throttle. I would like to know if I can still get them, and, if so, where they are. Actually, it would be nice to know where they are regardless.

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Yes, I know there are FAQs for this, but I would like it to be answered here.

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Thanks, Camden.

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From: Camden 3 years ago

I just trimmed these from StarNeptune's Dressphere Ability FAQ.

HOW ACQUIRED: Yuna's default Dressphere.

HOW ACQUIRED: Rikku's default dressphere

HOW ACQUIRED: Paine's default dressphere

HOW ACQUIRED: Defeat LeBlanc at the beginning of the game

HOW ACQUIRED: Defeat Boris at Mt. Gagazet in Chapter 1.

HOW ACQUIRED: Defeat the Flame Dragon on Besaid Island in Chapter 1.

HOW ACQUIRED: Help out Tobli by protecting his Hypello assistant on the
Moonflow in Chapter 1, and he gives you this as a reward.

HOW ACQUIRED: Defeat Shinra at Sphere Break in either Chapter 3 or Chapter 5.

HOW ACQUIRED: Receive from Kimarhi in the Mt. Gagazet mission in Chapter 3 if
you answered his questions correctly.

HOW ACQUIRED: Help out Clasko by clearing out the fiends in the old Monster
Arena at the Calm Lands in Chapter 2.

HOW ACQUIRED: Defeat 6 sets of fiends outside the Macalania Travel Agency in
Chapter 3.

HOW ACQUIRED: Lying on the ground after defeating the Daeva duo near Ifrit's
chamber in Chapter 3. If you miss it then, you can pick it up in a chest in
Chapter 5 in the same room.

HOW ACQUIRED: It's on a ledge in Under-Bevelle.

HOW ACQUIRED: Get an Episode Complete in every place in Spira and Brother gives it to you.

HOW ACQUIRED: Found in the path near Djose Temple in Chapter 2.

HOW ACQUIRED: Found at the Oasis at Bikanel Desert in Chapter 2.

HOW ACQUIRED: Talk to Tromell Guado four times in Macalania Woods in Chapter 1.

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Sorry, but the request is unreasonable. Here's why: There are seventeen different dresspheres. I look at Split Infinity's Dresspheres/Garment Grids Locations Guide whenever I seek that info. That guide contains good, quick-and-dirty, and succinct how-to information. Easy reading, but at over 1,500 words -- on the DS stuff alone! -- still more words than this Answers ad-fiesta will bear. Plus it's copyrighted info. Glad to help however I can, but rewriting that guide's info (for all seventeen!) is too much to ask.

Dresspheres/Garment Grids Locations Guide

On Full Throttle, it can only be obtained in Ch.1 or Ch.2. If you're in Ch.5, then ouch, you can't pick it up this game. FFX-2 offers a New Game Plus feature, fortunately.

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