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Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best strategy for leveling up?

I'm looking for good spots in each chapter in level grind my characters. Thanks.

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From: humberto113 6 years ago

In the final chapter when you jump into the Farplane hole, get to a Save Point with the Lady Luck costumes and train there, its a great place to level up to 99 to beat everything faster.

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Miihen Highroad and Thunder Plains are great spots to level up only because they take so long. You may as well level up a lot while in these spots because in order to get all of the items, you are gonna spend a lot of time in these spots anyway

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Later in the game, I found the new cave in the thunderplains when having the Lady Luck costumes equipped a good place to train.

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You can train at any place you find your self capable of handling its fiends.....if the fiends are easy for you and give alot of EXP points..then equip one character with lure improves the odd of random encounters and it will take only 2 steps to engage in a battle!!!!

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