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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I easily get Gil?

How can I easily get gil without using Pilfer Gil?

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From: Kraleck 5 years ago

Buying the debt-free O'aka's wares and selling them to Barkeep is by far the most abusable Gil trick in FFX-2.

There's also the Random Reels 777 (CONGRATS!) Pause Trick:
Learn the Lady Luck Dressphere's Random Reels for any (preferrably every) girl. Pause and un-Pause while the reels are spinning, then when the 7 is near the middle when Paused, hold X and un-Pause. Timed right, 7 should land on the bottom. Repeat for second and third reels. CONGRATS! nets you items as if you Bribed all of the fiends and extra Gil (plus the normal EXP and Gil after battle).

Using Lady Luck's CONGRATS! on a fiend that is immune to Bribe is extremely lucrative. Good fiends to CONGRATS! are Machina (especially multiple Machina and combinations with Killer Machina and Machina Leader) and the Jumbo Cactuar in the Rogue Cactuar Den. The normal Cactuars will flee when you nail a CONGRATS! and Jumbo Cactuar cannot fight back unless it is in OVERSOUL!!! mode (then it uses the Black Mage's -aga spells).

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If you have the Lady Luck Dressphere you can level it up till it learns Double Exp. then have fun friend!!!

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I'll tell you how I'm getting my gil. I helped O'oaka pay off his $100,000 debt in chapter 2 before doing the six consecutive battles at the agency. He decides to stay aboard the ship and pay you back by selling you things at rock bottom prices. I then buy hi-potions for 50 gil then sell them to barkeep for regular price....

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