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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
100% completion problem: cannot view Brother/Barkeep scene chapter 5? 1
90k gil? You kidding me? 4
Beating Shinra later on in Sphere Break - does it affect %? 3
Campaigning for Both Argent Inc. and Open Air? 2
Can I still capture chocobo's in chapter 5? 1
Chocobos help?? 5
Comsphere Issues? 2
Do I have to have a certain percentage complete to get the good ending? 3
Doesh getting zhish item help with compleshion, yesh? 1
Farplane/Song of Shuyin problem? 2
Help Plz? 2
Help with Maechen? 1
Help with the last 2 search sphere numbers? 2
Help with the perfect ending plz? 1
How did I get 99% completion when I followed the 100% completion guide to a T? 8
How do I beat Gunners gauntlet? 1
How do I find the 2nd set of numbers on Besaid? 4
How do I get a perfect ending? 4
How do i get to clasko? 1
How do I get to the machina reactor in Clasko's secret maze? 2
How do I make the wall of spikes come back? 2
How do I solve (catuar nation puzzle)? 1
How do I solve (o'aka in makilania)? 2
How do I solve the Besaid puzzle? 1
How do I solve the first mission to zanarkand? 2
How do I solve the Gunner's Gauntlet? 1
How do I solve the Marnela request? 1
How do I solve the security trigger puzzle? 2
How do I solve the thunder plains? 1
How do i unlock the besaid aurouchs? 2
How do you open the door in the cave wakka is looking for his parents sphere in? 1
I need help figuring out where to find Islaya the sage? 1
Is there any point in taking the PR/matchmaking rating beyond 400/70? 1
Last Puzzle??????????????? 1
Missed Azi Dahaka for The End GG? 1
New Yevon and the Key To Success? 1
PR Quest - How many points needed to reach next level? 2
Recommedation for good blitzball team? 2
Too late? 1
What is the second four ciphera code for the cave in besaid? 1
What this Tobli want? 1
Where are all the cactuar? 3
Where are other two numbers for Besaid search? 2
Where do I find Anything Eater and King VERMIN! in Via Infinito? 1
Where is crimson sphere 4? 1
Who do I talk to so I can ride a chocobo on mihin highroad? 1

Item Location Help Answers
AP Egg and Ap Leveling, How does it work? 2
Bribing a Ribbon from Flailing Ochu (Oversoul)? 2
Can I get the mineveras plate and enterprise accessory in one go of the game? 1
Can I still get 100% completion if I missed the trainer dressphere? 4
Can I still get tthe Dark Knight Dressphere? 1
Can you get missed crimson spheres? 4
Can't Find Aurora Rain? 3
Do you have any strategy to obtain Lady Luck dressphere? 2
Does a item like this exist? 1
Getting mimett and sylkis greens? 1
Gippal's Sphere needed to get 100%? 2
Hero Drinks? 1
How can I beat Shinra for this dressphere? 3
How can I easily get Gil? 3
How do I get Iron Duke? 1
How do I get Rikku's Special Dressphere? 1
How do I get the Berserker Dressphere? 1
How do I get the enterprise accessory? 2
How do I get the Mineveras plate accessory? 1
How do I obtain new atacks in Blue Bullet? 1
How do i use the deathproof node? 1
How do you elicit rare drops? 2
How do you eqip the special dresspheres? 2
How do you get Crimson Sphere 1 in Ch 3, if you sided with Youth League? 1
How does the "force of nature" accessory affect an attack? 1
How to get Dark Knight dressphere? 2
How to get Luck Accessories? 5
how to view Crimson Sphere 9? 1
I can't find the last goon costume
where can i find it ?
I finaly got "The End" GG and used finale but was dissapointed. how much stronger is this attack than a normal 1
I need help getting the Howling Wind Garment Grid, can someone help me please? 3
If i get the trainer dress sphere can i still get Key to Success? 1
Is it possible to get more than one Iron Duke per game? 2
Is it still possible to get a Dark KNight Dressphere even though you are on the side of the Youth League? 2
Is there any way to get 5th Crimson Sphere in Chapter 5 ? 2
Missed out?? 1
Moving rocks on Mt. Gagazet? 2
Well i got 2 questoins? 1
Were can u get the bersker dresssphere? 1
What is that thing selling at Calm Lands (200 000 credits)? 1
Where can I find (a firestrike accessory)? 3
Where can I find (hero drink)? 1
Where can I find (lady luck n mascot dresspheres)? 1
Where can I find (the desert key)? 1
Where can I find a chokobo area that allows me to buy a chocobo? 1
Where can I find a core sphere? 2
Where can I find a poision proof accessory? 3
Where can I find all (and i mean ALL) of the crimson spheres? 1
Where can I find ALL Dresspheres? 2
Where can I find aurons coin? 2
Where can I find Cat Nip and how do i use it? 2
Where can I find Charm Bangle? 1
Where can I find chocobo's that can level up to level 5? 4
Where can I find Crimson Sphere 2 and 3? 1
Where can I find dark night dressphere? 1
Where can I find Exorcist Bracer? 1
Where can I find items for yrp special dressphere to learn break damage &hp limit ?and how to get it ? 2
Where can I find lure braclet? 1
Where can I find Mounted Assault and Strength of One? 3
Where can I find Paine's Special Dress-sphere? 1
Where can I find the 3 uniforms? 1
Where can I find the Al Bhed Primers? 2
Where can I find the Dark Knight Dressphere? 3
Where can I find the Defense Bracer? 1
Where can I find the vito infinitio? 1
Where can I find Victor Primoris? 2
Where can I get these key items for the special dress spheres? 1
Who has info about "The End" Garment Grid? 2

Other Help Answers
**PLEASE HELP** Episode Complete For Moonflow ? 2
?I need help on Chapter five 5
Abyss of Farplane question...? 1
Anyone have 100% complete save game + secret ending? 3
Are there any Games like Final Fantasy X-2 on the PC? 1
Azi Dahaka? 2
Besaid Island only gives me 1.6% or 1.7%, why is that? 2
Blitzball? 4
Bribe Help? 1
Calm Lands Episode Complete Question? 3
Can I choose what ability is in each slot? 1
Can you get Trainer Dressphere after giving incorrect answers to Kimahri? 2
Chocobo capturing? 1
Chocobo Ranch important question...? 2
Do I need to finish the "marriage mission" in the calm land? 4
Do I need to raise the choccobo's I've captured in order to get some percentage in the game? 3
Do i really need to complete ALL hotsports (from CH.1-5) to get the mascot dressphere? 2
Do you have to complete Via Infinito for 100%? 3
Does anyone have sheet music for "Memory of Light Waves"? 2
Does breserk add "damage" to potions? 1
Does it matter which hole you jump in? 1
Does losing the sphere break match against Shinra affect the percentage? 1
Does pressing the X button (skipping some lines in cutscenes) affect the completion percentage of the game? 1
Dress Spheres: Which is the best way to go? 5
During the Chasedown with the fake Yuna, is it important for 100% completion in one round to talk to the moogle? 2
Farplane Percentage? 2
Fastest money making BEFORE CH2? 1
FFX or FFX-2? 4
Final Fantasy X-2? 2
Finding Vegnagon any help? 2
Hey um how do u get the moogle dressphere? 5
Hidden Abilities?? 2
How Can I change save region from PAL to NTSC? 1
How can i get a complete episode at all of the spira? 2
How can i get the anihilator blue bullet but i already deafeated experiment max level?? 1
How can i get the great ending of this game? 2
How can I make a Malboro use Bad Breath? 1
How come I can't use Floral Fallal, Machina Maw, and Full Throttle? 2
How do I get a chocobo? 1
How do I get back at the farplane abyss? 4
How do I get claskos secret cave? 1
How do i get good ending A??? 2
How do I get the "Saves" from my computer to my PS Memory Card? 3
How do i know which game version i have? 2
How do I use each of the girls special dress sphere? 2
How do you do the thing in Zandarek? 1
How Do you get past the "Valuable Data" on Final Fantasy X-2? 2
How do you get Tobli into the elevator? 1
How do you get your SCOUT level up in Blitzball? 2
How do you input main commands into different jobs? 1
How do you trade with other teams in Blitzball? 1
How do you use the traits on coins in sphere break? 1
How do you use the traits on coins in sphere break? Update 3
How does haste help? 3
How does it work when I beat the game? save+? 1
How does luck benefit you? 1
How long is this game? 2
How many dressspheres are they and what are they? 2
How many gameplays does this game allow on the New Game+? 1
How to complete the episode in Zanarkand? 4
How to discover Ruin Depth when i have 4 bold chocobo in level 5? 1
how to do Congrats on Random Reels with Lady Luck? 1
How to obtain dark knight dressphere in chapter 5? 1
I bought a ps2 with a save file 99 of everything, help? 4
I can't complete 72%? 2
I need help on the cactuar nation? 1
I need help? 1
I'm stupid, please help?? 1
If i follow the guide here perfectly,can i get a 100%?? 1
In Chapter 5 when I go to the Zanarkand Ruins, where is Isaaru? 5
Is there a way to easaly defeat aeons? 1
Is there a way to get tidus back at the end of the game? 1
Is there any thing valubal in bikanel desert? 1
Is Vegnagun's head also similar to Sin's head? 2
Is warror's assault the best skill in the early times? 3
Many questions? 1
Max gil? 1
New Game +plus? 1
Piano nodes won't light up? 4
Purchasing the game... Final Fantasy > Kingdom Hearts...Again? 3
Sphere break for 100%? 3
Sphere Break?? 1
Stat Maximization? 1
Story completion can exceed 100%? 2
The game wont load after mission 1 (at the Celcius and going to use the lift and blank). someone?? 2
Training? 2
What all carries over to new game+? 3
What is a good place to auto farm exp/ap in Chapter 3-5? 1
What is an airship menu,and where is it? 2
What is the best way for AP? 2
What is the difference between the USA Greatest Hits and USA version of this game? 5
What is the oversoul special ability that enemies use? 3
What should I do? 3
What stat (attk/majic) do certin abilities require? 1
What the hell was that!!? 3
What will be happen if i end this game with mission not completed 100%? 4
What's that "panel-thing" at Calm Lands? 1
When are you able to play blitzball? 3
When the screen turns black after Yuna sings and decides to go to sleep why doesn't anything happen? 2
Where do i find Tromell (or whatever his name is)? 1
Where do i get more mimet greens from? 3
Where is Ruins Depths? 2
Where is the cave with Jojimbo? 2
Where Is The Monster Arena? 2
Where? 2
Why can't i learn any new abilites for Machina Maw? 2
Why can't I pick up the movie sphere in Kilika? 2
Why does CONGRATS! not work? 1
Why so many conflicting reviews? 8
Yaibal? 1
Yuna and Paine have constant ailments in battle, but cant be healed/cured, in or out of battle, any help? 2

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