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"Solid, Underrated Game"

In my view, this game is purely underrated by many. There are many great features and modes that are incorporated into this game, but yet it still does miss a few things here and there. There are some MAJOR glitches in the game which really drag the score down 2 points. Here is how I see the game.

This game has rock solid graphics. The players and fans are realistic, and now even the Umpires come up onto the screen and call balls and strikes. Realistic looking graphics and effects, but all in all, they can get boring after some time. There really is no variation... And the score gets an 8/10 for the Nicely designed Stadiums and Fields.

The Glitches really bug me here. The biggest one I know if is when a Player Hits a HOME RUN just over the fence, and it doesn't go DEEP into the seats, your stats wont keep track of the Homers. I finally managed to get a Huge 4-HR Game with a player, and only 2 Were registered. This definitely messes up the Home Run Races, the player stats, and much more. Otherwise, the game is pretty good... Not many fielding errors, and the Stats before each AB Is pretty nifty as well.

This is the best part of the game. Great player sounds, great fan/crowd sounds, umpire sounds, etc. The stadium music is not that bad either... It's pretty rare when you see that Sound is the best part of a Baseball game, but I guess MLB 2004 is now a Pioneer for many things, both good and bad.

Play Time/Replayability-5/10
What this game lacked was an expansion mode. If 989 Sports would have Cleaned up the 2 major glitches, added this mode, and put in some more ballpark features, this would be a much better game. The Career Mode is the best mode, 10 years long... You can be a team, or be a player trying to work his way up into the big leagues... If you are looking for replayability, buy All Star Baseball 2004.

Final Recommendation-Rent
If you can get this as a 10 day Rental, then Rent it... But if you see this game lower than $30, however, then Buy It. All your Fun will come within the first week in Career mode, and most other modes as well. I got this game as a gift, and kept it... It really isn't that bad. If you can get this at a good price, then go for it.

In MLB 2005, 989 Sports needs to brush up their graphics a tad, add an expansion mode, and fix their glitches and they have a 10/10, I am curious to see what will happen. And Yes, I do believe this is a truly underrated game.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 11/29/03

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