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Android #18 FAQ
Game: Dragonball Z Budokai
System: PS2
Copyright 2002 Shinji2120
Version 1.0


Well to tell you the truth I wasn't expecting this game to be too good.  I mean
as you know most games based on licenses suck.  Budokai is an exception to that
rule for me.  I know there are a lot of people who will not like the game
because it's pretty simplistic when compared to most fighters.  If you want a
deep fighter then go play Virtua Fighter, but if you just plain want to have
fun then try out Budokai!

Ok now I guess I'll explain what you're all wondering.  "Why an 18 FAQ?"  Well
18 is my favorite character from the show so naturally I'd use her the most in
the game.  Also I'm betting you that you'll see tons of FAQs on the saiyans and
on Cell and Frieza.  So I thought why not make one about everyone's favorite 


I'll list how I set up my controls.  If I accidently say square instead of 
punch you'll know what I mean.



Ok here I'll list all the combos I have found.  I'll list the amount of damage
and any comments that I might have about them.

P-72-It's a punch.  Fast and easy to use.  You'll be punching a lot in this 

P, P-138-Recovery on this is way too slow.  I see no reason to stop at two 
punches.  If you do this prepare to be hit hard right after.

P, P, P-208-This is actually a fairly decent combo.  If you're not planning to
do a Power Blitz then this is a good combo to use.

P, P, P, P-264-This isn't bad but it should really only be used if you are 
planning to do a Power Blitz.  It doesn't leave you as open as the P, P combo.

back+P-82-Like the P, P combo this is much too slow to be useful.  Don't use 

back+P, P-164-Another one that is too slow to be of any good use.  Stay away
from it.

back+P, back+P-169-This is one of three juggle launchers that I have found. You
can combo this into a Power Blitz or a Power Falling Star.  You have to get the 
timing right though.

forward+P-Same as P, 18 just uses her other hand

P, forward+P, P-230-Another launcher.  Same strategy as the previous one.

P, P, P, forward+P-382-Same as the previous 4 punch combo but 18 ends it with
striking the opponent with her palm.  This is great in the World Tournament
for ring outs.  It also gives you some breathing room if you need to power up.

back+P, forward+P-100-This is a fairly slow move but it's great for ring outs 
in the tournament.


K-82-Like all the kick combos this is really fast.  There's no reason not to go 
the full four kicks.

K, K-158-Also very quick, but keep going only two more kicks to finish!

K, K, K-228-As usual a fast kick combo but only one more kick for the whole 

K, K, K, K-366-The last kicks comes in a tad slower than the other 3 but it's
still fast.  Also the last kick knocks your opponent across the arena.  Another
good ringout move.

back+K-87-She will raise her foot and bring it down on top of the opponents
head.  I'd do the the next combo rather than just this.  This leaves you a bit

back+K, K-242-After doing the previous action 18 will bring her foot up and 
then back down again knocking the opponent flat.  I don't really use this that
much.  It's not bad, but there's better.

forward+K-92-A quick knee to the chin.  Follow this up with a few more kicks.

K, forward+K-174-Normal kick followed by a spinning kick.  Good for knocking
away your opponent.  And for those good old ring outs in the tourny.

K, back+K-237-This is a normal kick followed by the up and down kick that
knocks the opponent flat.

back+K, back+K-177-This is the other launcher.  A little harder to link this 
one into a combo than the other two.  

back+K, forward+K-177-This will launch your opponent up into the air and you'll
be engaged in an aeriel battle if you rush up to meet him.  Avoid this at all
costs in the tournament.  It is much easier to be knoocked out of the ring in
flight than if you're on the ground.

K, K, back+K-241-A kick then a knee.

K, K, forward+K-237-kicks then a spin kick.  Don't do this one.

Punch and Kick:

P, K-164-Punch then a quick spin kick.

P, P, K-217-Two punches followed by the same spin kick.

back+P, K-182-Another move that knocks your opponent airborne.  Suicide in the

forward+P, K-152-A punch followed by a sweep kick.  This isn't bad and better 
than the full combo when you're in the tournment you'll see why.

forward+P, K, K-235-Punch, then a sweep, then the kick into the air.

back+punch, forward+kick-199-This one looks cool.  A punch followed by a few 
rapid kicks.

back+K, forward+P-163-The easiest launcher to turn into a juggle. (I just
realized I lied back there about there being only 3 launchers I've found,

back+P, back+K-172-Punch followed by a knee.


Here I'll list 18's specials.  She doesn't have as many as other characters, 
but I find this to be a good thing since that frees up room for more support
capsules.  Damage noted include the combo to initiate the move.

Power Blitz-P, P, P, P, E-485-This is the move that I use the most.  Easy to do
and can be quite powerful if you set it up the right way.  Also easy to connect
with other comboes.  Be careful though, if the opponent blocks then you'll most
likely get hit.

Energy Field-forward+P, P, P, K, E-242-This is another fairly easy move to pull
off.  It's not too damaging but it does knock your opponent a good distance 
away.  Currently this is one of the moves I'm not using but it's not bad.

Power Strike-K, K, forward+K, K, E-529-Her most damaging special but not by 
much. I found it a bit annoying to use at first until I got the hang of it.  I
suggest using this or Power Falling Star along with Power Blitz as your two 
main specials.

Power Falling Star-forward+P, P, P, P, E-500-This is only a bit less powerful
than Power Strike and a bit easy to do.  This is the one I prefer.

Buster Swing-P+G-300-A normal throw.  I like to have a throw because of people
who like to block all the time.  Nice way to teach them a lesson.


Here I'll list all the capsules that 18 can equip and I'll also put down how
useful I believe them to be.  Remember everyone is different so try out 
different combinations.

1/3 senzu bean-This is actually not bad for how much space it takes up.  It's
a lot better than the whole senzu bean since it takes 2 less slots.  Also 1/3
of your health is usually enough to win the battle with.

Senzu bean-This seems like a waste to me.  It takes up 3 slots so that's 2 less
that you have for offense and defense.  And frankly if you need something that
brings you back to life with full health that badly then you should practice

Special Coating-10% increase in defense.  Not bad.  Currently I'm using it.
Since I have a mostly offensive character I threw it in there so I'd get at 
least a little defense boost.

Improved Special Coating-20% increase in defense.  This isn't bad either.  Only
two slots.  Not a bad choice.

Nanomachines-30% increase in defense.  For 3 slots this is a bit pricy.  I 
guess if you're going for a lot of defense then you could use this.  Other than
that I'd say skip it.

Improved Nanomachines-40% increase in defense.  Wow that's a lot of defense.
Unfortunately that's also a lot of slots.  Four is too much for me to commit
to just defense.  I say skip it.

Gero's Energy-This absorbs ki blasts and transfers them to your ki.  This is 
pretty much useless.  The small amount of ki you get doesn't justify it taking
up space.

Gero's Deflection-This automatically deflects ki blasts when you block.  You 
won't see that many ki blasts in a battle.  Skip this.

Gero's Deflect-back-Deflects the ki blasts back at the enemy.  Same as
deflection.  Skip it.

Heart Disease-Drains both fighters health.  This is interesting if you're
playing with someone who likes to just sit back and block.  This should also
be paired with the vaccine.

Vaccine-Nullifies the effects of the heart disease.  Like I stated earlier the
Heart Disease/vaccine combo is good against defensive players.  Other than that
it's quite useless.  

Super Holy Water-I have no idea what this does.  It says it lowers damage 
percentage but I haven't noticed a difference.  If anyone finds out then email

Android Barrier-Nullifies all ki attacks.  Unless you fight someone who likes
to shoot ki at you then you can skip this.

Serious!-This increases your strength when your health falls to 1/3 or less.
By that time you should have worn your opponent down so much you don't need it.
If you haven't then you need more practice.  You can forget about this one.

Serious!!-Same as previous one but it starts when your health reaches 1/2 or
less.  I don't care for these but since this is the middle one of the 3 it's
the best one to use.

Serious!!!-This one kicks in at 2/3 or less life.  Too many slots for me to 

Rage!-Increases your strength for the first 10 seconds of the battle.  You are
not going to do anything in 10 seconds that justify using this.

Rage!!-Increase strength for 15 seconds.  Same as previous one.  Skip it.

Rage!!!-Increases strength for 20 seconds.  I find these useless.  Any good
player will see through this and block for those 20 seconds.  And 3 slots!
Do not use this.

Potential-I like this capsul a lot.  It increases your strength by 10% every
few seconds for a maximum of a 40% increase!  This will make 18 as strong as
most of the Saiyans in their highest transformation.  And for only 2 slots it's
an excellent deal.  Highly reccommended!

Super Kami Water-This gives you a huge strength increase but drains your 
health.  A lot!  A player will notice your health draining and know immediately
to just block and wait, then move in for the kill.  I guess if you wanted to
make a one hit kill 18 you could pair this Potential and some attack capsules,
but other than that stay away from this one.

Gero's Perpetual Energy-This keeps your ki at max but no transformations.  Well
since this is a 18 FAQ we don't have to worry about transformations.  So this 
is a good capsule to use if you're going for an all around character and you
focus on special moves.

Breakthrough-You can only get this by getting all seven dragonballs then
choosing 18.  It will give you a capsule which contains all of 18's moves and 
they'll be doubled in power!  The downside to this is that it takes up all 7
slots so you cannot use any other support capsules.  I don't find this too
useful since 18 doesn't have too many moves to begin with anyway.  And with
capsules like potential you can make her really strong already.

My 18

Here's how I set up 18 currently

1. Potential
2. Power Blitz
3. Power Blitz
4. Power Shooting Star
5. Special Coating
6. Buster Swing

With 2 Power Blitzes and Potential at full power you can pretty much wipe out a
whole energy bar in one attack.  Power Shooting Star is one of the easier moves
to do and quite powerful.  Special Coating gives me some defense increase and 
Buster Swing for those blockers.  If you want even more power then you can take
out the Special Coating for another Power Blitz or Power Shooting Star.

Random Stuff


Press X-This is the outfit 18 wears when she fights Vegeta and kicks his ass^_^

Press Square-This is the one she wears when Cell absorbs her.

Ok that's it for now^_^  Thanks for reading my FAQ.  I'll be adding some 
updates in the future as I continue to perfect my 18 fighting skills.  I'm 
always open to suggestions from people.  Don't worry you will be credited.  My
contact info is as follows

AIM: Rei Fan2120
Yahoo: First_child_rei_fan
ICQ: 143927405

Feel free to contact me I don't bite^_^