Krillin by IListen2 Metal

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Game: Dragonball Z: Budokai
System: Playstation 2
Character: Krillin
By Kevin Lorenz a.k.a. IListen2 Metal
First Draft: May Ninth, 2003

Let's dive right in, shall we? Use Ctrl + F to find something specific.


1A)     Disclaimer
2B)     Version History
3C)     Krillin basics
4D)     Krillin's Moves
5E)     Capsule Choice
6F)     My Krillin
7G)     FAQ
8H)     Credits/Thanks
9I)     Contributing
10J)    Contact


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2B) Version History
Version Indefinite Edit.2: Just like the last one, minus the capsule (Thank
You!) 6/05/03

Version Indefinite Edit: Special pre-Final stage, I'm pretty much done with the
guide, you can e-mail me the very last capsule I need, your strats, etc, and
I'll add them. But I'm done.

Version 1.4: The charts turned out wrong, so I edited them a bit. Easier to
read. Few minor this and thats fixed. Might as well finish it up today, huh?

Version 1.3: What did I tell you? If a new idea came along, I'd edit the guide.
Well... a new idea came along. I edited the "Krillin Basics" section so that
the priority goes like this: Type of Attack > Number of Buttons. So yeah. MUCH
easier to read now. Just about done. All I have to do is the P + K combos.

Version 1.2: Finished combos, except for P + K, and a few minor mistakes. Guide
is pretty much complete, unless I think of something innovating, or someone
e-mails me asking about something I feel important. Woo. 05/10/2003

Version 1.1: Finished capsules, all I have left is the Punch/Kick combos.

Version 1.0: Submitted, all the skills done. All One/two hit combos done.
Contact, Credits, FAQ, Disclaimer, done. 05/08/2003


3C) Krillin Basics

Krillin is small, so he can dodge a lot of attacks the bigger guys throw at
him. Keep that in mind.

-- ** --
-- ** --

All (most?) characters have a special saying that they say against another
oponnent, Krillin's is Android 18.

Begin Match: "I'll do it when I do it"

Begin Match vs Android 18: "Oh no... I'm stuck"

End Match: "Yah!"

End Match vs Android 18: "Android 18, I LOVE YOU!!"

Taunt: Krillin's taunt is pretty... uh... "great." He simply says

"How Was It?"

--     * *   --
Punches + Kicks
--     * *   --
I'll make a chart for all* the singular/two hit combos**.

*Note: Not all. Most of them, though.
**Note: I didn't list _EVERY_ button combination, simply because a lot of them
do the same thing.

P = Punch
K = Kick
E = Energy
C = Counter


 Buttons   Damage    What-It-Does

|<*P       |  95  |Knocks them up into the air.                                
|  P       |  83  |Just a quick jab.                                           
|<*P-P     | 174  |Knocks them into the air, then sends them across the screen.
|  P-P     | 145  |Two quick jabs.                                             
|(fly)P    | 101  |Punches them while flying, knocks them away.                
| P-P-P    | 186  |Three quick jabs.                                           
|P-*>P-P   | 200  |Two Punches, followed by an elbow                           
|*>P-P-P   | 194  |Slower, stronger.                                           
|P-<*P-P   | 254  |Three punches, knocks them back.                            
|P-P-P-P   | 246  |Four punches.                                               
|*>P-P-P-P | 254  |Four punches, slightly slower, slightly stronger.           


|<*K        | 107  |Knocks them onto their backs.                              
|  K        |  95  |Just a quick kick.                                         
|<*K-K      | 107  |Trips them, kicks them twice, sends them flying.           
|<*K-<*K    | 167  |Stuns, lower kicks.                                        
|  K-K      | 165  |Two quick kicks.                                           
|(fly)K     | 107  |Kicks them while flying, knocks them away.                 
| K-K-K     | 232  |Three kicks, third knocks them back.                       
|K-K-<*K-K  | 320  |Four kicks, kicks into the air, kicks away.                
|K-K-*>K-K-K| 393  |Six kicks, kicks into the air, kicks away.                 


|  C*      | 118  |Just a simple counter. Knocks them away.                    
|(fly)C    |  95  |Headbuts them while flying, knocks them away.               

*Note: "Charging" does not increase your damage.

Punch/Kick combos

|  P-K     | 162  |Punches, then kicks.                                        
|*>P-K     | 158  |Punches, then lower kicks.                                  
|P-K-K     | 169  |Punches, sends them flying.                                 
|*>P-K-K   | 164  |Punches, sends them flying, slightly faster.                
|P-P-K-K   | 270  |Two punches, two kicks, nothing special.                    
|P-P-K-K-K | 362  |Two punches, three kicks, nothing special.                  


 Buttons  Damage    What-It-Does

|<*P       | 183  |Knocks them up into the air.                                
|  P       |  91  |Just a quick jab.                                           
|<*P-P     | 190  |Knocks them into the air, then sends them across the screen.
|  P-P     | 158  |Two quick jabs.                                             
| P-*>P    | 129  |Two punches, followed by a 'stunner.'                       
|(fly)P    | 103  |Punches them while flying, knocks them away.                
| P-P-P    | 205  |Three quick jabs.                                           
|P-*>P-P   | 220  |Two Punches, followed by an elbow                           
|*>P-P-P   | 214  |Slower, stronger.                                           
|P-<*P-P   | 280  |Three punches, knocks them back.                            
|P-P-P-P   | 270  |Four punches.                                               
|*>P-P-P-P | 280  |Four punches, slightly slower, slightly stronger.

|<*K        | 117  | Knocks them onto their backs.                             
|  K        | 103  | Just a quick kick.                                        
|<*K-K      | 260  | Stuns, then does two kicks, then sends them flying.       
|<*K-<*K    | 183  | Stuns, lower kicks.                                       
|  K-K      | 180  | Two quick kicks.                                          
| K-*>K     | 219  | Two kicks, followed by a spinny-kick.                     
|(fly)K     | 117  | Kicks them while flying, knocks them away.                
| K-K-K     | 255  |Three kicks, third knocks them back.                       
|K-K-<*K-K  | 242  |Four kicks, kicks into the air, kicks away.                
|K-K-*>K-K-K| 432  |Six kicks, kicks into the air, kicks away.                 

|   C*     | 130  | Just a simple counter. Knocks them away.                   
|(fly)C    | 103  | Headbuts them while flying, knocks them away.              

*Note: "Charging" does not increase your damage.

|  P-K     |  178   | Punches, then kicks.                                     
|*>P-K     |  173   | Punches, then lower kicks.                               
|P-K-K     |  186   |Punches, sends them flying.                               
|*>P-K-K   |  180   |Punches, sends them flying, slightly faster.              
| P-P-K-K  |  298   |Two punches, two kicks, nothing special.                  
|P-P-K-K-K |  399   |Two punches, three kicks, nothing special.                

This chart is incomplete, if you have anything to add, e-mail me. I'll finish
it some other time.

You have to love my beautiful chart work, huh?


4D) Krillin's Moves

If I use +, it means press them all at the same time. *>, means press forward
while kicking, or punching, whatever. On the other end of the playing field is
<*, meaning press backwards. And, when I list the damages, it doesn't include
all the punches and kicks. Keep that in mind. Also remember sometimes the
damages are a little off, sorry.

[ ] = in Unlock Potential
{ } = More than one capsule equipped.
{[ ]} = More than one capsule equipped, and in Unlock Potential.

Skill: Unlock Potential
Ki-Guages: Three to activate, deactivates if less than three. Doesn't USE them.
What-It-Does:It makes you slightly faster, slightly stronger, slightly balder.
I mean... er... o_o. If you're right by them, they'll get stunned.
Buttons: (P + K + G)


Skill: Kamehameha
Ki-Guages: One used.
What-It-Does: Blast of energy, somewhat damaging. Quick.
Buttons: (P - P - P - P - E) or (P - P - <*P - P - E) or (*>P - P - *>P - P -
Damage: 300 [330] {540} {[594]}


Skill: Destructo Disk
Ki-Guages: Two used. Must be in "Unlock Potential."
What-It-Does: Ultimate Move. Lots o' Damage. Very cool looking. Four disks
Buttons: (K - K - *>K - K - E)
Damage: [770] {[845]}

About this... notice the damages. The damages changes, each time, I guess. The
first time I did it, I got about 800 damage. Then 700something, then
800something. I just put 770 because it's the average.


Skill: Zanku Fist
Ki-Guages: One used.
What-It-Does: You attack your opponent by hitting repeatedly.
Buttons: (*>P - P - K - K - E)
Damage: 505 [551] {705} {[769]}


Skill: Jackhammer
Ki-Guages: None
What-It-Does: You grab your opponent, and commence with kicking them 11 times.
Ends with knocking them a few feet away.
Butons: (P + G)
Damage: 285 [309] {570} {[627]}


Skill: Berserk Fist
Ki-Guages: Three used.
What-it-Does: Hits them 22(!)  times, and sends them flying. If you have two
capsules equipped, it attacks 42 times.
Buttons: (*>P - P - P - P - E)
Damage: 562 [609] {746} {[805]}


5E) Capsule Choice

I'll list every single capsule Krillin can possibly equip, what it does, and
what I think about it. I'll rate it on a scale of 1-3 (Don't use it[DUi];
Optional[Opt]; or Use it[Ui].) Let's begin. All abilities and skills require
ONE slot. You can equip two of the same Ability/Physical.


 Capsule            Rating  What I think about it.

| Unlock Potential | Ui   |**MUST HAVE** 10% damage boost, speed boost, can't
go wrong.   |
| Kamehameha       | Ui   |Very good, quick, lots of damage, easy to pull off. 
| Destructo Disk   | Opt  |Uber-awesome, lots of Ki required, though. Use it if
you can.  |


 Capsule        Rating  What I think about it.

| Zanku Fist   | Opt  |Sort of a downplayed Berserk Fist, less Ki. Still good,
though.  |
| Jackhammer   | Opt  |No required Ki, little damage. Sometimes hard to grab
enemy.     |
| Berserk Fist | Ui   |VERY awesome skill. INSANE damage, easy to pull of. Too
much Ki. |


I'll list them in the groups they fit in. I.E. I'll list all the "Rage!"
together, all the "Serious!" etc.

 Capsule          Rating  What I think about it.

| 1/3 Senzu Bean | Opt  |Sometimes the enemy beats you by just a few hits, this
helps then.     |
| Senzu Bean     | DUi  |If you EVER need to use this, you need to practice
with the character. |

 Capsule           Rating  What I think about it.

| General Vest    | Opt  |Minor defense increase, one slot, it's all right.    
| Training Vest   | Opt  |Two slots, somewhat increased defense. Kind of shaky.
| Sturdy Vest     | DUi  |Three slots. Not enough defense increase.            
| Mysterious Vest | DUi  |FOUR slots, not NEARLY enough defense increase. NEVER
wear. |

 Capsule                 Rating  What I think about it.

| Gero's Energy R&D      | Opt  |Not many enemies shoot a lot of Ki. Useful
against humans? |
| Gero's Deflection R&D  | DUi  |Same as above. Except it deflects the Ki.     
| Ger's Deflect Back R&D | Opt* |It deflects the Ki back at the shooter.       

*I don't have this, Davmaster (and darknavigator) gave me the imformation, so I
can't tell you whether or not to use it. I'd assume it'd be better than
Deflection, most likely better than Energy, but, neither of those are that
stupendous in the first place.

 Capsule               Rating  What I think about it.

| Viral Heart Disease | Opt  |See below. Use with Vaccine.             |
| Vaccine**           | Opt  |See below. Use with Viral Heart Disease. |

There is an easy way to get money if you use these two capsules together. Put
them on, set the World Tournament (or match) length to 30 seconds in the
options menu. Go to "Advance" tournament. Now evade, block, run, whatever you
can to not get hit. Then when the 30 seconds are over, the enemy will be hurt
more, and you'll win the match. Equip _Mysterious Vest_, if you want. Might

 Capsule            Rating  What I think about it

| Super Holy Water |  Ui  |Reduces damage taken, only one slot, use if you have
the space. |

 Capsule      Rating  What I think about it.

| Serious!   | Opt  |When you drop below 1/3 life, you begin to do more damage,
one slot. Okay |
| Serious!!  | DUi  |Two slots, more damage after 1/2. Not really worth it.    
| Serious!!! | DUi  |Three slots, more damage after 2/3. Too many slots. Not
worth it AT ALL.  |

 Capsule   Rating  What I think about it.

| Rage!   | Opt  |Attack stronger first 10 seconds of battle. Battles aren't
won that quickly. |
| Rage!!  | DUi  |Stronger first 15 seconds. Two slots. Not worth it.          
| Rage!!! | DUi  |Stronger first 20 seconds. Three slots. You'd be better off
with Serious!!!  |

 Capsule                       Rating  What I think about it.

| Potential                   | Ui   |Attack power increases for 30 seconds,
well worth it.     |
| Super Kami Water            | Opt  |Health slowly decreases, attack power
increased.          |
| Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D | DUi  |Infinite ki, cannot transform. Unlock
Potential too good. |

 Capsule       Rating  What I think about it.

|Breakthrough | Opt  |All of his skills, like wearing two. All slots. I use
this... sometimes. |


6F) My Krillin

So, you want to know how I use my Krillin, eh?

My capsules generally look like this.

| Unlock Potential |
| Kamehameha       |
| Kamehameha       |
| Destructo Disk   |
| Potential        |
| Berserk Fist     |


| Breakthrough |

I really enjoy making these charts, as you can see.

**What I do in a Fight**

I usually go in, transform (Unlock Potential), then beat them a little.
Followed by a Kamehameha, if they aren't blocking. Maybe a Berserk Fist. If the
match drags on too long, I generally use Destructo Disk on them. I have no
trouble at Advance, unless the get a lucky shot and knock me out of the ring.
Pretty simple, eh?

**Others' Strategies/Capsule Choice/Etc**

From: "David Chan" <>
To: <>
Subject: DBZ Budokai: Cheep way to knock out in Tornament
Date: Sunday, May 18, 2003 10:24 AM

I kind of figured this out by accident, but if you use Krillin in the
tornament, unlock potential to knock opponent back, use Destructo Disk, your
opponent lies down in the air for a few seconds. While they are lying down,
you can dash up to them and press back kick, kick to knock the opponent out
of the ring. You might be wondering that you cant knock opponents anywhere
while they are lying on their backs, but with the back kick, kick, this is
possible. I find that this could the main plan for beating the tornament
while you can leave the: play as a short character and equip viral heart
disease w/ vaccine method as the backup plan.  By the way, the back kick,
kick method would work with kid gohan as well, but kid gohan doesn't have a
special move that owuld guarantee the oponent to lie in the air for a few
seconds that would enable you to kick them out of the arena.



Q: Do you like Krillin?
A: No, I like bald people. Specifically, vertically challenged bald people.

Q: Do you like DBZ?
A: I used to, not so much anymore.

Q: wut ub3r 1337 rox0rz ur sox0rz?
A: Yeah man.

Q: How are you?
A: I'm great, thanks for asking.


8H) Credits/Thanks

Well... the usual people.

Developers, programmers, publishers, etc.

Davmaster and Darknavigator, for the last capsule, you better be thanking them,

David Chan, for his bit of strategy, same goes for him.

CJayC for hosting such a great website. You see that in every guide, I know.
But he deserves it. I'd like to see _you_ run this place.

My parents, for being awesome. And giving me money.

Smashing Pumpkins, because they're just so awesome.

Metallica, because they're even awesomer.

You, for reading this, and maybe even showing my amusing antics (*cough cough*)
to some big publisher with money spewing forth from their pockets like Niagra
Falls. Unless you show it to them claiming it is yours, then I'll have to warm
up the kickin' boot(a.k.a. Kickin_g_ Boot).

Maria Grando, for being so amazing.

And last... me! For writing this FAQ.


9I) Contributing

If you e-mail me imformation, or IM it to me, whatever, be sure to include how
you want to be credited.

**Things _TO_ Contribute

.Your strategies
.Your capsule choice

**Things _NOT TO_ Contribute

.Why other characters are better
.Why you're better than me

**Remember** Always put something regarding GameFAQs, this FAQ, or an orange soda
promotion in the title. That'll get my attention.

10J) Contact

Feel free to send me e-mail at.

If you don't have a subject, it automaticaly gets deleted. I'll never see it.
Ever. Put a subject on it.


GameFAQs: IListen2 Metal

I welcome just about all mail. Even if it is just "you sux0rz."
If you have any questions, e-mail them to me. They may eventually go into the
DO NOT send the same question over and over. I'll get around to it. Unless it
is posted somewhere in the guide, then I'll just ignore you.

*PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE* e-mail me if you see this on _ANY_ site OTHER THAN those
listed below.


Yes, short list, but that's how it goes.

The end.