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Diao Chan FAQ
By: Kyuuketsuki
ascii by: Kyuuketsuki (my first try)

Table of Contents

<UPD> Update Information
<PLG> My Plug
<INT> Introduction
<BIO> Unlocking Diao Chan
<LOC> In-Game Biography
<MOV> Moveset
<STG> Stages
<WEP> Weapons
<COS> Costumes
<CRE> Credits
<COP> Copyright

Updates Information <UPD>

1.0 First Version. All Basic information added
1.1 Added Diao Chan's second weapon information

My Plug <PLG>

As I write this I am currently running a Dynasty Warriors tournament
fan site called Clash of Kingdoms. It is extremely fun and a great
way to meet good people and make some great new friends. Unfortunately
it started dying and I have decided to revive it.My efforts have been
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You may use any game between 3 and 5 with the exception of DW4:Empires.

Introduction <INT>

This is my third GameFAQs FAQ. Everything I have written is based on what I
have discovered myself in the game unless noted otherwise.

Any additional information about Diao Chan is welcomed, however I will not
respond to flaming.

In-game Bio <BIO>

A young songstress unequaled in beauty as well as song and dance. Raised by
Wang Yun as his own daughter. For the sake of Wang, who is fearful of Dong
Zhuo and Lu bu, she gets close to both of them, and succeeds in tearing their
relationship apart, with Lu Bu later killing Dong Zhou.

Unlocking Diao Chan <LOC>

In the original Dynasty Warriors 3, you must defeat her in battle at Hu Lao
Gate. In Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends it is only slightly easier. What
you have to do is put the Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends into your Sony
Playstation 2 and turn the console on. Voila! Diao Chan is now a playable

<MOV> Moveset

S- Swipe with left mace left to right
SS- Swipe left mace forward and right mace backward
SSS- Spin backwards clockwise swiping with moth maces
SSSS- Spinning back kick
SSSSS- Spin mace and body clockwise 360 degrees
SSSSSS- Spin mace and body clockwise 720 degrees

T- Spin mace and body clockwise 360 degrees
ST- Swipe mace up lifting Diao Chan off the ground slightly, lifts enemies
SST- Jump off ground slightly spinning mace and body 360 degrees, stuns
SSST- Spin mace cleft to right followed by kick left to right, crowd clearer
SSSST- Fling mace up lifting enemy of the ground
SSSSTT- Pummel airborne enemy three times with mace then fling them forward
SSSSST- Launch two air waves diagonally forward and left and diagonally
forward and right

Jump Attack- Swipe mace downward in an arc

Running Attack- Somersault

Mounted Attack- Swing right mace to the right, then left mace to the left
Mounted Charge- Swing both maces right then left
Mounted Musou- Maces turn white, powerful alternating right and left swings
with mace

Musou Attack- Repeated spinning kicks from right to left, ended with a
downward swipe with both maces

True Musou- Flaming version of regular musou, ended with Diao Chan spinning
and launching waves in all directions

Officer Defeat Quote- "I defeated an Officer."

Stages <STG>

The Battle at Hu Lao Gate

Introduction: The Yellow Turban Rebellion had been quelled through the valiant
efforts of the Imperial Army, but the land still remains in chaos. It is here
that the savior Dong Zhuo arrives from Xi Liang, and brings order back to the

After his heroic rescue of the young Han Emporer, Dong Zhuo entered the
capital of Luo Yang and was given full responsibility over military affairs.
Furthermore, Dong Zhuo enlisted the mighty Lu Bu into his service, and soon
gained tremendous political influence through awesome military power.

Regional leaders were extremely jealous of Dong Zhuo's accomplishments, and
when Cao Cao called upon them to take up arms and remove Dong Zhuo from power,
they immediately responded. It was here the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition Army was
formed, with Yuan Shao serving as supreme commander.

In the year 191, the Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance marched on Luo Yang. Dong Zhuo,
seeking to vanquish those who would stand against him, stationed himself at
the indomitable Hu Lao Gate. Within the ranks, the figures of Lu Bu and Diao
Chan could also be seen.

Victory Conditions: Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Sun Jian, and Liu Bei are defeated
Defeat Conditions: Dong Zhuo is killed

Diao Chan's first stage is quite an easy one. You have an extremely good
fighter taking care of the loose ends you leave. Lu Bu will clean up shop if
you run into a jam. You start out in the southeast. Sun Jian is the closest
Commander to you. It is a good idea to take out Cheng Pu, Han Dang, and Sun
Jian before they have a chance to make trouble for Dong Zhuo. After that you
should go northeast to Si Shui Gate and take out Gongsun Zan, Guan Yu, Zhang
Fei, and Liu bei. Ok, two commanders down, two to go. Next I recommomend
heading west and taking out Yuan Shao. Now you have a choice to make. You can
whip around east and take out Yuan Shu or you can go straight for Cao Cao and
finish the level. If you do go for Yuan Shu then you are going to have to
either abandon your horse when you are done to go for Cao Cao atop the Fan
Shui Gate or ride all the way back to where Yuan Shau was waiting and take the
east route at the fork as opposed to the left which took you to Yuan Shu. Cao
Cao has the most subgenerals (Xiahou Dun, Cao Ren, and Cao Hong) and is one of
the hardest enemies in the game in later stages, as he is probably the best
playable character in Dynasty Warriors 3. Note: This in not merely my opinion,
his skills and moveset are great in this game, much more so than in Dynasty
Warriors 4 and 5. But on the first stage he should be cake. Once you have
successfully defeated Lord Mengde (that's Cao Cao) then victory is yours.


The Battle at Guan Du

Introduction: The battle of Hu Lao Gate ends in victory for Dong Zhuo, thanks
to his leadership and to the tremendous efforts of Lu Bu and Diao chan. Having
lost their leader Yuan Shao, the Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance crumbles, and its
members return to their territories in defeat.

After Yuan Shao's death, Cao Cao seizes control of his former territories in
the He Bei region and gains tremendous power in the North. Still determined to
wrest political power from Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao begins a campaign south and
marches with his army toward Luo Yang at a furious pace.

In the year 200, Dong Zhuo camps his army at Guan Du to confront Cao Cao's
army that has crossed the Huang River. Dong Zhuo will now have to match his
intellect against Cao Cao's in a battle for control of thr Central Plains.

Victory Conditions: Cao Cao is defeated
Defeat Conditions: Dong Zhuo is killed

Diao Chan starts inside of Guan Du Castle in this stage. Your goal is to
defeat Cao Cao and make sure Dong Zhuo is not discovered and killed. The best
way to do this is to take out all of the generals on the stage. Dong Zhuo is
hidden in one of the small boxes on the screen. It is random, so it will be
different every time you play the stage. But you do not really have to worry
about that too much when you are on Dong Zhuo's side. Zhang He will be one of
your biggest threats, as he tends to search for Dong Zhuo quickly. It would be
wise to wipe him out quickly. In time, seige towers will appear at the North
and east walls of Guan Du Castle. If you wait long enough the enemy will 
breech the castle walls and start looking for Dong Zhuo in the outposts. If
this happens you are either taking too long or you are going for score.
(which I would never blame anyone for, remember 1415 KOs give you 9999 points)
When you are ready to finish the stage go up to the northwest part of the
screen and finish of the Lord of Chaos.


The Battle at He Fei

Introduction: Dong Zhuo has occupied most of Northern China. It seems he has
solidified his position in the seat of power, but a new threat is growing in
the South: Sun Ce, 'The Little Conquerer' of the South.

Blinded by ambition, Sun Ce brazenly marches north with his troops to face
Dong Zhuo. Upon hearing the reports, Dong Zhuo concludes that this is a golden
opportunity to defeat Sun Ce and conquer the southern territories as well.

Dong Zhuo, with Lu Bu by his side, marches towards He Fei with his army. "No
matter how strong this Sun Ce may be, he will be no match for Lu Bu and me..."
is what Dong Zhuo thinks as he anxiously prepares for battle.

Victory Conditions: Sun Ce is defeated
Defeat Conditions: Dong Zhuo is killed

Well you start at the southwest part of the map, just south of the river. Your
first order of business is to clear out that pesky central area. So head there
via the path to the southeast of your starting position. On the way to the
central area you will run into our nunchaku buddy, Ling Tong.(it's a Dynasty
Warriors 5 reference, buy it, it's good) Take out Ling Tong, Cheng Pu will
probably be pretty close to you by now. Give him a taste of mace. Once you get
to the central area you will be in proximity of Lu Meng. Have you figured out
what to do with him yet? Bash him into the 4th century. Then you should take
out Xu Sheng before finally going for the Little Conquerer and ending his
short-lived reign over Southern China.


The Battle of Mt. Ding Jun

Introduction: After the fall of Sun Ce at Hei Fe, Dong Zhuo occupies the lands
south of the Chang Jiang River. The only enemy left for Dong Zhuo is now Liu
Bei, who has fled into Shu. Dong Zhuo, with Lu Bu by his side, now begins a
campaign against Liu Bei.

Claiming to be of the Imperial Bloodline, Liu Bei champions the cause of the
Restoration of the Han, and founds a large kingdom in Shu to oppose Dong Zhuo.
With Lu Bu and Diao Chan by his side, Dong Zhuo begins his attack on Liu Bei
by entering the Han Zhong Region.

The Shu Army was camping in the natural fortress of Mount Ding Jun, with their
commander being the famed strategist Zhuge Liang. Having only ever relied on
brute force in battle, Dong Zhuo orders his troops to simply charge the enemy.

Victory Conditions: Liu Bei is defeated
Defeat Condition: Dong Zhuo is killed

Well if you didn't figure it out by the last page of the introduction that
Zhuge Liang has something up his sleeve then you are about as smart as Lu Bu.
If you act really fast on this one you can eliminate Liu Bei before Dong Zhuo
gets raped by Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. Make your way down the side path toward
Liu Bei. You will run into Zhuge Liang on the way, probably after Guan Yu
attacks Liu Bei and Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei attack Dong Zhuo. So if you are
buffed up enough to take out Zhuge Liang quickly then by all means, take him
out. If Dong Zhuo is near death you may need to go assist him. But if you want
to chance it, then go attack Liu Bei. Once you beat Liu Bei, the battle is won.


The Battle at Yi Ling

Introduction: Thanks to the efforts of Lu Bu and Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo is able
to rout Liu Bei's forces. Lu Bu had come to see Diao Chan as more than a
comrade-in-arms, and on her advice, he quickly retreats to Wu.

The Shu forces immediately take advantage of Lu Bu's absence and advance into
Jing, camping at Yi Ling along the Chang Jiang River. Meanwhile, back in Wu,
Lu Bu has organized a large force to march on Yi Ling.

Where Lu Bu went, Diao Chan always followed. Through her words, Lu Bu was
beginning to see another enemy behind the Shu forces at Yi Ling. Diao Chan's
plan was progressing smoothly.

Victory Conditions: Liu Bei is defeated
Defeat Conditions: Lu Bu is killed

Judging by the map screen before the battle starts, this battle should be a
piece of cak, right? Hell no. This battle is tough, especially for Diao Chan,
who is no Ms. Universe. At least you don't have to worry too much about Lu Bu,
who should be able to hold his own pretty well. But if you are not
significantly buffed, this battle will prove challenging. Oh and as for there
only being three enemy generals, if you thought that was going to be permanent
you need to play more DW games. Reinforcements WILL join the battle. You start
out at the top, toward the center. Go immediately for Ma Chao. Once Zhao Yun
and Huang Quan arrive your hands start to get full. Once Wei Yan arrives your
hands start to overflow. But if you keep your cool and bust alot of skulls you
will make it through this battle alive. Once you have cleared the battle of
all the minor generals, head for Liu Bei. Now in my opinion, Liu Bei is easy,
especially in comparison to another ruler...say Cao Cao. Take him out and
victory is yours.


The Battle at Chi Bi

Introduction: Diao Chan's true objective is to create a rift between Dong Zhuo
and Lu Bu, and make them fight each other. But Lu Bu, discovering the truth,
forgives Diao Chan and decides to become an independent power.

Dong Zhuo was infuriated by the news of Lu Bu's revolt. This man, whom Dong
Zhuo loved like a son, has betrayed him. After organizing an invasion force,
Dong Zhuo personally leads his men south for an all-out attack on Lu Bu.

Dong Zhuo's massive fleet covers the Chang Jiang River. in response Lu Bu
gathers elite Wu soldiers skilled in naval combat and lies in wait at Chi Bi.
For the two heroes, this is to be the final battle to determine supremacy over
the land, and to capture the heart of Diao Chan.

Victory Conditions: Dong Zhuo is defeated
Defeat Conditions: Lu Bu is killed or Diao Chan is killed

Well you start out at the far northwest corner. There are a bunch of Dong Zhuo
generals you must beat. It's pretty straight forward, just wipe everyone out.
You may even get a little something special if you take out all the enemy
genarals and subgenerals personally. This is alot harder than you might think.
Anyway, work your way through the level, taking out the Dong man's generals,
and eventually take out that fat bastard, ending the battle.


Diao Chan's Escape

Introduction: Dong Zhuo has finally been defeated. The pain, the suffering, the
sacrifices... For Diao Chan, everything she had endured was for this moment.
Soon after, Diao Chan convinces the politically inept Lu Bu to support the
restoration of the Han Dynasty.

Thus, the Han Dynasty regains its former glory. Lu Bu is stripped of his power,
and his forces are disbanded. Wang Yun, Diao Chan's father and mastermind
behind the fall of Dong Zhuo, has passed away, and Diao Chan no longer has a
home to return to.

Diao Chan decides that she must part with Lu Bu. After quietly departing the
Capital, she begins to travel west alone. But a figure can be seen in the
distance, furiously pursuing Diao Chan, This figure is none other than Lu Bu.

Victory Conditions: Diao Chan breaks through the five gates
Defeat Conditions: Diao Chan is killed

Warning: Be buffed for this battle. It is not easy. With that out of the way,
let's get started. You start of at the bottom of the map, and you have to work
your way north. Don't expect time to get used to the scenery(you should have
done that in Dynasty Warriors 3 with Guan Yu's Escape) because you are thrown
right into battle as soon as you begin. Take out Wei Xu and the first gate will
open. BAM! Curveball. The remaining Wu forces are pissed and are gonna try to
hinder your passage. Make sure that the key word is TRY and wipe the floor with
them. Once you take out Lu Meng and Taishi Ci, the second gate will open. Well
now you get to fight Xiahou Dun and Zhang He. Xiahou Dun doesn't like the fact
that you killed his cousin Cao Cao, and Zhang He doesn't like the fact that
such a beautiful person is gone from the world. Make sure you watch the pre-
battle dialogue, as it is quite funny. I can't really tell which of the two
is more lady-like. Anyway, of the Wei remnants, and the third gate will open.
Now, if you can't figure out what's gonna happen next, you need to stop
smoking whatever it is you are smoking. Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun are your next
opponents. They are pretty pissed at you for getting rid of their "virtuous"
leader.(Don't even get me started on Liu Bei) Shorten their lives, and the
fourth gate will open and you get to fight one of the most noble generals in
this game, Zhang Liao. Just take care of him and the other officer. Now, it
doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out who your last opponent will be.
But in case you want a rocket surgeon's opinion, it will be Lu Bu. He is no
easy final opponent. It's not my style, but if you aren't all that skilled, I
recommend blocking alot. Musou is your friend as well. Once you defeat Lu Bu,
run to the exit at the top of the screen and pass through the last gate. Now
you will escape, successfully ending Diao Chan's Musou Mode. Congrats. Give
yourself a pat on the back. Only a small one though if you didn't play on Hard.

Weapons <WEP>

Here is the readout of Diao Chan's weapons. I will give the base stats for
weapons 1-3. I will give you bonuses on 4th and 5thh weapons.

First Weapon
Max Hits 4

Second Weapon
Great Mace
Max Hits 5

Third Weapon
Gold Orb
Max Hits 6

Fourth Weapon
Gold Globe
Max Hits 6
Mousou Max+65
Musou Charge+30

Fifth Weapon
Imperial Mace
Fire Element (SSST, not kick)
Max Hits 6
HP Max+72
Musou Charge+10

Obtaining Fourth Weapon (Must Have Original Dynasty Warriors 3)

Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Dong Zhuo's Forces

Defeat Yuan Shu. It's just that easy. The Special Item will be discovered just
to the west of the Fan Shui Gate.

Obtaining Fifth Weapon

Diao Chan's Escape
Diao Chan's Forces

Defeat Lu Bu. This is alot harder than obtaining the fourth weapon. You are
seriously pressed for time. By the time you start fighting Lu Bu you are gonna
be nearly out of time. Not to mention that on Very Hard you are going to be
fighting for your life, even if Diao Chan is maxxed out.(This is why I love
Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends. It is the hardest of them all.) Give it
your best shot. I honestly can't remember my strategy for getting it, but
perhaps in the future I will play it again and update my method.

Costumes <COS>

Diao Chan's First costume is her standard costume. It is a white suit with pink
stuff around her waist.(I don't know the names for this stuff. Ask someone who
knows about ancient women's clothing.)She has flowers in her hair and white
heels... or dance shoes. I can't really tell. She has pink hose on.

Diao Chan's second costume is exactly the same as the first, except the things
that were pink are now purple.


KOEI for making many excellent series.

GameFAQs and CJayC for this great site.

All my Clash of Kingdoms bretheren

All the fans who keep making DW a success


This FAQ is by me (Kyuuketsuki) for use at GameFAQs. Any publication of
this FAQ or portions of it on any other website without my permission
is a serious violation of Copright Laws.(Copyright Jared Archibald 2005)
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