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     Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman
                This game is copyrighted to THQ
                Spongebob Squarepants is copyrighted to Nickelodeon

                        Walkthrough and FAQ
                       For Playstation 2(tm) 

                   Submitted By: Brian Kubala 
                   E-mail: Spfan05@aol.com
                   AIM: Spfan05
                   YIM: Damnniceblueeyes
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                 With some help from: Ally Sweetman
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                   YIM: allycat711@pacbell.net

                 Copyright 2003 Brian Kubala and Ally Sweetman

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  I.    Versions
  II.   Controls   
  III.  The Story
  IV.   Introduction
  V.    The Worlds
  VI.   Walkthrough (The Order Depends on how you play)
        *Bikini Bottom
        *Tree Dome
        *Jellyfish Fields        
        *Chum World
        *Goo Lagoon
        *Dutchman's Graveyard
  VII.  Frequently Asked Questions
  VIII. Codes
  IX.   Thanks

   I. Version:  0.01

   I just started this FAQ/Walkthrough, it's my first one so I guess we'll see
how it turns out. I added the controls section and the story section.

      Version:  0.02

   I added the contents and a minor walkthrough for Bikini Bottom.

      Version:  0.1

   I finished the bikini bottom walkthrough and I added the downtown

      Version: 0.12

   Finished up the downtown section. There is no more "Downtown Again"
because I explained how to help sandy clean up the trash. I hope you enjoy
reading my FAQ/Walkthrough. I also downloaded YIM for those who need help.
I might download MSN Messenger for even further extended help.

      Version: 0.13

   I downloaded MSN.

      Version: 0.13 version 2 (that cracks me up)
   I recruited another person to help me out with this. Her name is Ally
Sweetman. Give Ally the same respect you have given me, and I ask that
you go to her with some of your questions as well. She has YIM as well
so message her at allycat711@pacbell.net That is also her e-mail.

      Version: 0.65

   I was a little off with my previous versions. I don't think it really
matters though. I added the Treedome walkthrough and Ally should have the
Jellyfish Fields walkthrough done sometime soon. Feel free to continue to
write in and ask us questions. We will be glad to help.

    II. Controls: 

The Directional Buttons are used for movement

The Left Analog Stick is used for movement

The Right Analog Stick is used to rotate the camera

The X Button is used to jump and to select

The X Button while in the air is used to glide

The R1 Button is to duck

The L1 Button when used while moving is used to sneak

The X Button when used while crouching is for a power jump

The Square Button is the action button

The Circle Button when used in the air is a belly slam

The Triangle Button is used to back out of the menu

The Start Button is used to pause the game

The Select Button is used to display Spongebob's Status

   III. The Story (Taken from the Instruction Manual from the game):

When Spongebob Squarepants discovers a mysterious looking treasure
chest, he can't resist the temptation to peek inside. What's this?
Another chest, inside another chest, and ... say, there's just a
plain old bottle in here! Uh-oh, Spongebob, it likes like your
curiosity really got the best of you this time! That ordinary
looking bottle imprisoned the ghost of the notorius Flying Dutchman,
and was the only thing keeping him from threatening the residents
of Bikini Bottom-that is, until you opened it and set him free!
Now the Flying Dutchman plans to force Spongebob and all of his
friends to spend eternity serving as members of his ghostly
pirate crew-whether they like it or not!

Spongebob Squarepants desperately tries to warn his friends about
the Dutchman, but they won't listen to him. One by one, they are
hypnotized and put under the Dutchman's evil spell. Spongebob
knows he must find a way to stop the Dutchman before it's too
late, but he can't do it alone. Help Spongebob find the Seven
Lost Treasures of the Dutchman that are hidden throughout the
the game. Together maybe you can locate the Dutchman's secret
hideout, recapture him, and save Spongebob's friends!

You really need to work fast, if you plan to help Spongebob stop
the Flying Dutchman from turning his friends into ghost pirates.
Start by exploring Bikini Bottom, which is a great place to learn
what you'll need to do throughout the game. Then, try to find 
Squidward Tentacles to see if he can give you some useful advice.
Maybe he will loan you his book about ghostly lore. Of course,
you're bound to run into lots of obstacles along the way and you
may have to solve some tricky puzzles. Luckily, many undersea
creatures are friendly and willing to help. You'd better hurry
though. Some of Spongebob's friends have already been captured
and placed under the Duthcman's wicked spell. You've got to stop
that mean old ghost, or Spongebob and his friends are doomed 
to be ghost pirates forever!

    IV. Introduction

This game is very addicting. I beat found the Seven Lost Treasures
in about 3 days. I could've done it faster but I had to go to
school. Well, anyways, the point of the game is to find the lost
treasures, to do this, you will be given a list of assignments
to do, and for each assignment you complete, you will get a letter
tile. If you get all the tiles, they will spell out Spongebob.
You can view how many tiles you have got by pushing the select
button or pausing the game, and checking your to do list. The
to do list is also the assignments you must complete to find
the lost treasures. So, let's say I was in Bikini Bottom for 
the first time, I could push start and go to my to do find out 
that the first assignment on it is to jump up to vista point.
So, you would find vista point, and jump up ontop of it, and 
you will find a letter tile. The point is to get every letter
tile in every world, sound easy? Think again.   

    V. The Worlds (In alphabetical order):

Bikini Bottom
Chum World
Dutchman's Graveyard
Goo Lagoon
Jellyfish Fields
Tree Dome

    VI. The Walkthrough
        *Bikini Bottom

   This game will start our with Spongebob waking up from a silly
dream he had where Mr. Krabs had to shut down the Krusty Krab.
Spongebob decides that he better walk his pet snail Gary before
he heads off to work. You start off in Spongebob's room. What
you need to do here is to grab the pants to the left of his bed.
After you grab his pants, head right to the door to his room. In
this next room, you will see Gary the snail. Move toward Gary.
He will tell you that he had a dream to and that something
really bad is going to happen, so Spongebob decides to cheer him
up by fetching his favorite fetching stick. The door you want to
go into is the door to the right of the one you came out of.
After a cut scene, move over to the stick and press the action
button (the square button). The game will automatically bring you
back to Gary. Spongebob throws the stick and Gary brings back a
chest he dug up from the yard. Inside the chest, you find a muddy,
little bottle, so, being the fun loving guy he is, Spongebob
decides to clean the bottle. Big mistake, the Flying Dutchman
comes out of the bottle and decides to take Spongebob aboard his
crew. But as you may assume, the game is called SPONGEBOB
SQUAREPANTS:Revenge of the Flying Dutchman. So, the Dutchman
decides to take Gary instead.

   After the Dutchman leaves, go around the room and pick up the
doubloons. You can get one of them by just jumping onto it, but
there are four doubloons that you will need to power jump to get.
Walk over to his couch and press the R1 button to crouch and jump
to power jump up onto the doubloons. Next, move over to the first
door you came out of and power jump to get the other two doubloons.
Next, go to the door where you found the fetching stick for Gary. Get
the other doubloons in the room, you will need to power jump to get
onto his refrigerator. Go back to the previous room. Go through the
door labeled, "To Bikini Bottom". 

   Get the doubloons surrounding Spongebob's house (the pineapple). Go
around to the back of his house, and press the action button on the
barrel blocking the backdoor of his house. Now, if you need to get in
through the back of the house, you can! Next, move around to the front
of the house. You may need to use the right analog stick to get a 
better view. Go across the street and go to the bench and
listen to how to get to other worlds by using the bus.

   Behind the bench, there is a rock. Jump onto the rock, then jump off
of the rock to the platform above it, make sure to get all
of the doubloons. Jump off of the upper platform to the
ledge above it. Again, make sure to get all of the doubloons.
Go to the far edge of the ledge to where you can see yet another
platform with doubloons on it. Get all of the doubloons from
the platform. From this platform, you can see a letter tile.
From here, you can either power jump to the other ledge or you
and jump, and then push X again while in the air to glide and to
reach the other ledge and reach the letter tile. Getting this
letter tile will give you another introduction to the letter

   Head to a big rock, where Spongebob's friend Patrick the Starfish
is. The big rock is actually his house and something is wrong with 
his T.V.! Whatever shall he do? Spongebob can power jump onto Patrick's
house. And break the barrel on Patrick's antenna by pushing the action
button. After busting the barrel, go back to Patrick to receive a 
letter tile. Patrick will run off so follow him. He goes to the left 
if you are looking at his house. The right if you are facing a rock 
face. Near the end of the path, you will see some doubloons so go
ahead and grab them. At this time, you should have 33 doubloons.
Pause the game and go to options, and save your game. 

   After saving, use the triangle button a couple of times to get back
to the game. Follow the same path you were on to the Krusty Krab.
Once you are at the new location, you should see some hooks to the
right. Before you do anything with the hooks, move forward until
you reach the bench. You should now see a rock with steam coming
out of it with doubloons on top. Walk up the rock and get the
doubloons. The inside of the rock acts as a trampoline, so
don't worry about being hurt. After you move past the rock
a little bit and a little to the left, you should see a target
coming out of the ground. Jump and push the circle button while
in the air and belly slam onto the target. A changing tent will
appear, these are used to change into the four costumes
available in the game. If you walk into the tent, you will see
that the X button is assigned to the fishing gear costume, the
Square button is assigned to the square pants costume, which is
the default costume, the Triangle button is assigned to the
Mermaid Man costume, and the Circle button is assigned to the
reef blower costume. You have the fishing gear and the square
pants costumes. Push the X button while in the tent and change
into your fishing gear. To use the net, push the action button.
The net is the most useful costume you have because it is used
to catch jellyfish and to hang from hooks which is a very
important feature in the game.

   After leaving the tent, go back to those hooks you saw earlier.
Use the right analog stick to rotate the camera. Move near the hook
on the left. Press the action button to grab onto the hook, you don't
need to hold it, but of you push it twice you fall off of the hook. 
Once on the hook, wait for it to come to a stop. Then jump off and 
land on the ledge protruding the the cliff. Next, jump to the hook to
on the left of the ledge and grab it. You may have a bad camera angle 
so this can be tricky. Once again, wait til the hook stops moving and 
jump off onto the other ledge. Get all of the doubloons and the letter
tile, and save your game.

   Go back to your game and jump off of the ledge you are on. Turn
around and grab onto the other hook that you haven't been on.
Wait til it stops, and jump onto the ledge and get the doubloons. 
From here, jump back down to ground level. If you go back near the
changing tent, you should see some jellyfish. Jellyfish can harm you
if you do not catch them. Press the action button near the jellyfish 
and you will catch it. There should be at least one jellyfish there,
but sometimes there is a pink one and a blue one. I have found no 
difference in the color of the jellyfish, all I found out that the pink
jellyfish fly in a pattern, so you can just stand where it flies and 
it will fly right into your net! 

   Go to the side of the Krusty Krab and get the doubloons. After you 
get them, you should have 50 doubloons and you will get a letter tile
for getting the correct amount of doubloons for this world. The number
of doubloons varies from world to world. Next, go behind the Krusty
Krab, and listen about the clams, and what you can do with them. You 
are able to jump onto the clams and they will open up and you will be
shot into the air. Get the pants that are in the dumpster, then jump
onto one of the clams and get ontop of the Krusty Krab. Catch the 
jellyfish that is flying around up there. Then, jump down to the front
of the Krusty Krab, and catch the jellyfish flying around the police 
boat. Now, go inside of the Krusty Krab.

   After the game is done loading, you will be inside. You will see 
a lot of jellyfish in here, but they aren't your top priority at the 
moment. Your priority is to get rid of the yellow shark guy walking 
around the Krusty Krab. To defeat him, power jump to where you are 
above him, then do a belly slam on him. You will need to hit him three
times, but you will get the letter tile for doing so. Save your game 
and let's continue.

   Catch all of the jellyfish now. The green jellyfish will move out 
of your way so you have to sneak up on them by using the L1 button. 
Once you are close enough, bag the jellyfish and move onto the next 
one. You may need to power jump to get one of the pink ones. After you
clear out the first floor of the Krusty Krab from the jellyfish, get 
all of the doubloons. Belly slam the barrels to get some more 
doubloons. Save your game and move to the back of the Krusty Krab 
near the kitchen.

   Jump onto the back of the boat and power jump to the second floor. 
Get the doubloons, jellyfish, and letter tile. You should have 97 
doubloons, eight jellyfish, and need two letter tiles. The other two
letter tiles are outside of the Krusty Krab so go outside and save your

   Head right and you will see another clam. Have the clam shoot you up
and you should see a letter tile in the Krusty Krab sign. Move 
Spongebob into the shell and get the tile. Now, go over to the corner 
by the clam, and you will see your ninth jellyfish. Catch it. This is a
green jellyfish so don't forget to sneak up on it. Now, go over to the
Chum Bucket.

   When facing the doors of the Chum Bucket, go right. You should see a
letter tile, so power jump onto the ledge and get the final letter tile
for Bikini Bottom.

   You will have to figure out a little puzzle afterwards, just belly
slam on a piece to move it, these puzzles are pretty easy. Don't worry
about not finishing in time. You have plenty of it. The puzzle is of 
the treasure chest that you are trying to find. It is a hint to its 
exact location. 

   Once you complete the puzzle, you will be taken back to the 
pineapple where Spongebob lives. Use the action button to use
the stick he is carrying to find the treasure. The stick will have
circles coming out of it, and it will vibrate. The direction the
circles are coming out of the stick, is the direction you want to
go in. But to save you the trouble, it is behind Patrick's house.
If you jump ontop of his house, you should be able to see the treasure.
What's inside you ask? A smelly old sock! Eww! 

   After you find the treasure, you will see a cut scene of the 
Dutchman hypnotizing Gary into joining his crew. Go into Spongebob's
room, get the pants and the doubloons, go outside of his house, 
save your game, and take a break. You did a good job completing Bikini


   From where you start out, go over to Squidward Tentacles house.
His house is right next to Spongebob's. Squidward will be standing
outside. Go to him and talk to him. You will have to race him to
the Krusty Krab. Squidward doesn't move very fast so this should
be no problem.

   Once at the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs will talk to you. He will be down
in the dumps afterwards, so try to cheer him up. He will be in the 
kitchen. The kitchen is to the right of the boat. Talk to Mr. Krabs and
he will ask you to meet him downtown. Grab the bus ticket he leaves
behind. Exit the Krusty Krab and go to the bus stop labled
"Downtown bus stop". Hop on the bench to ride the bus.

   You will now be in downtown. Spongebob will be worried about never
finding Mr. Krabs but he is right across the street.

   Save your game and go talk to him. He will ask you to deliver food
to 17 Seashell Street. Pick up the bag of food and head to the spot
where you started downtown. You will see an intersection. The street
going to the right is Seashell Street. You can tell by reading the
street sign. If you spill the food you have to go back to Mr. Krabs
and get some more. Continue going down Seashell Street. Look at the
numbers on the buildings until you find the one that says 17. It is
quite a ways down the street. Once you find it, Go up to the door
and the food will be delivered and you will get a tip of five sand

   Change into your fishing gear in the changing tent and on your way 
back catch any jellyfish you see and get the doubloons. You should have
41 doubloons and five jellyfish. If you have more or less that's 
alright for now. But you will need all the doubloons and jellyfish you
can get for the letter tiles. 

   Go back to Mr. Krabs and get the next delivery. This one he will ask
you to meet him at the construction site. This is just across the 
street from where you are standing now. Once you've arrived at the 
construction site, you should see Mr. Krabs standing back in the 
corner. Talk to him and he will tell you to deliver food to the 
foreman. Pick up the food and head straight. Keep on walking until you
reach the drills coming out of the wall. Avoid the drills and jump onto
the brick wall and up onto the blue platform. Look right and you will 
see a guy. This guy is the foreman, go give him his food.

   Head back to where the drills start and turn left. You should see a
changing tent, to the right of the changing tent is Patrick. Talk to 
him. He will say that he will give you the Mermaid Man costume if you 
bring him some food. Go to Mr. Krabs and get some more food and give it
to Patrick. You will now have the Mermaid Man Costume. 

   Change into your new costume and go back to where the foreman is. 
You will see a red glowing light. Press the action button and throw a 
water ball to hit the glowing light. Power jump and glide to the 
platform the you made, and throw another water ball at the glowing 
light. Jump onto the next platform and rotate the camera to see another
light. You will need to power jump and throw a water ball to hit this 
one. Jump onto the next platform. Power jump and hit the next light, 
move to next platform, making sure to grab the pants. Throw a water 
ball at the guy using the jackhammer. You will need to hit him twice to
get rid of him. Jump onto the final platform, and move to the letter 
tile. Good job, you have just crossed the chasm. Save your game and 
drop down off of the platform. 

   You may land in the water next to the bridge, which is instant 
death, but that's ok. Go to Mr. Krabs and get the next food delivery.
(If you are on the bridge, turn right.) Go back to the bridge with the
delivery. Cross the bridge and give the foreman his food. Return to 
Mr. Krabs. He will tell you to meet him at the High Rise apartments. 
Go back to the area with the bridge, but don't cross it. 
Instead, go right and go through the gates. 

   Grab the food and hop onto the big jellyfish. When it stops. Jump 
off at the apartment number eight. Get onto the inclined blue platform.
Wait for the moving platform to come to you, and jump on it. Wait for 
the platform to have it's high point to the left, and jump off of it 
onto the ledge in front of apartment number 9. Deliver the food to this
apartment and go back to Mr. Krabs.

   It's ok if you fall off the platforms, I died quite a few times 
trying to do this. You will just come back to life by Mr. Krabs. 

   Grab the food and he'll tell you to deliver the food to apartment 
number 4. Head left, avoiding the jellyfish. Jump onto the giant 
jellyfish when it comes close enough. This jellyfish moves so be 
careful. When it stops, jump off onto the platform. Next, go left and
jump multiple times on the very steep platform. You will have to hold
left while jumping to make it up. Apartment four is to the left of 
where it stops. Deliver your food and make your way back to Mr. Krabs.

   You can just jump off and miss everything if you are trying to do 
it faster. 

   Pick up the delivery and head back to the left. Jump onto the giant
jellyfish and jump off of it when it comes to a complete stop. To reach
apartment one, you will have to jump off of the ledge by aparment 
three, and move back towards the building and land on the ledge in 
front of apartment one, if that makes any sense, if not, e-mail me and
i'll try to explain it better. Deliver the food and go back to 
Mr. Krabs.

   He will tell you to meet him back in the business district, 
but don't leave the high rise aparments yet. Ride the giant jellyfish
by the stand where you get food. Get on the moving blue platform and 
jump off of the left side. Keep going left until you reach the changing
tent, change into your fishing gear. Next, go back to the right and get
on the blue moving platform and jump off of the right side. Catch the
jellyfish there so it won't be a problem if you have some trouble
with this. Next, power jump off of the chair on the ledge, and grab
onto the hook with your net by using the action button. Ride the hook
and jump off when it stops. Get all of the doubloons and save your 

   Next, drop down and get the pants inside the oval shaped thing. Jump
out and get ontop of it. You will see a pipe with steam coming out of 
it, jump onto the steaming part. You will bounce off of it like it is a
trampoline. Move to the next one, but you will have to move towards the
building to do it. Once you get there, move to the right and get onto 
the blue part of the building. You should now be at the ledge of
apartment ten. Catch the green jellyfish and save your game. Next, you
will have to jump onto the rotating wheel. But as soon as you do that,
you will need to power jump off of it to the left. This is the hardest
part of getting this letter tile. Catch the jellyfish flying around 
this ledge, power jump and you will see the letter tile. Power jump 
again and get the letter tile, save your game.

   Now, to get the last tile for the high rise. Jump off of the entire
high rise and start back by where Mr. Krabs was. Ride the giant 
jellyfish up to the ledge or if there isn't a giant jellyfish, jump on
the steaming thing and get to the changing tent, if there is a giant 
jellyfish, move left and get to the changing tent. To the left of the 
changing tent, there is a hook, grab onto it and ride it. Jump off when
it stops and jump onto the hook to the right and jump off when it 
stops. Run up the steep slope and when you reach a blue chair, power 
jump and grab onto the hook. Jump off of it because it doesn't take you
anywhere. When the platform starts moving up and down, jump onto it. 
Jump off when it takes you to the pipe. This part is hard, you may want
to take it slow and walk using the L1 button. Just follow the pipes til
you see a pipe with steam coming out of it, jump onto it and follow the
other pipe above it and you will see the letter tile, you may want to 
just jump and get it, that's alright. But I suggest you continue 
walking on the pipes. Whichever way you do it, it is the last letter 
tile you will need to get from the high rise, you might want to get the
doubloons and catch the jellyfish as you see fit. 

   Once you are done with the high rise, go back to the construction 
site by going into the right pipe on the main platform. (The one where
Mr. Krabs was.) From here, go straight and find the big target on the
ground, you will have to make a right turn, and when you get near it, 
a pop-up type thing will appear telling you to move something heavy 
onto the pressure plate. What you do here, is to move the rocks by the
plate onto the plate, there are four rocks total that you will have to
move onto the plate. All of which are right by it. Move all of the 
rocks onto the plate, and then jump onto the lowest blue tower that 
comes up. Then, power jump onto the next one. The next tower is tricky
because you will get hit by the wrecking ball if you don't jump onto 
it, and then jumping off of it to the next one. You will need to power
jump to the last two, and it may take a couple tries, but it is 

   After you obtained the letter tile, go around the construction site
catching any jellyfish and getting any doubloons you see. Then, go back to the
business district and find Mr. Krabs at the same place where he was the
last time you delivered food there. 

   He will tell you that some other delivery boy is stealing the 
customers. You may want to save your game before you try this because
this is the hardest part of the game so far. You will have 240 seconds
to make four deliveries. The first delivery is to 88
Albatross. From where you're standing, go left and then make a right
turn when the street takes a bend. Then you will have to take another
left due to the way the street is made. Not far after the left turn
is 88 Albatross Avenue. It is on the right side, make your delivery
and hurry back to Mr. Krabs for the next.

   24 Seashell Street is your next delivery. Pick up the food and head
right and make a right turn as soon as you can onto Seashell street. 
This delivery is quite a ways down so you may want to do this while 
jumping because it goes faster. Just stay on Seashell Street and look 
at the numbers on the buildings until you see number 24, it should be 
on the left side. Deliver the food and head back to Mr. Krabs.

   10 Stormy Way is your next destination. This one, you right, but
keep going straight after you pass the intersection. It isn't very
far, but it's on the right side of the street, just look at the
numbers on the buildings. Go back to Mr. Krabs for the last delivery.

   This one isn't very hard. It is to 11 Seashell Street, head right
again and turn right onto Seashell Street. Look at the numbers on the
buildings until you see number 11, it is on the right side of the
street. You should see an unknown person waiting at the door.

   This unknown person is really Patrick, and he says that he is
working for Mr. Krabs also. Go see Mr. Krabs about this. He says
that Spongebob is talking crazy and that Spongebob should follow
Patrick around in Bikini Bottom. So, Bikini Bottom! Here we come!

   Before we head off the Bikini Bottom, go around and find any missed
doubloons or jellyfish. These will be important to you later in the game.

   Find the changing tent. Somewhere to the left of the changing tent is
a newspaper stand. Head right down the alley by the stand. Power jump onto
the ledge with the doubloons. Get the doubloons and power jump to the
other platform with the letter tile. Good job, you found the Up, Up, and
Alleyway letter tile.

   Keep progressing through the alleyway til you get to an intersection.
Catch the green jellyfish by sneaking up to it and head to the left. Keep
going straight on the same road that you are on and follow it until it
makes a right turn. Get any doubloons you see and turn around and follow
the same road until you come to the intersection again.

   Head left into the alleyway. Get all of the doubloons and catch the
jellyfish that is at the end of the alley. From here, go straight onto
the road that is a little to the left of where you are now. Make the left
turn, make the other left turn, and hop onto the Bikini Bottom bus stop.

   You may have noticed that you missed the "Help Sandy Clean Up the Trash"
letter tile. You will need to come back to Downtown after you get the reef
blower from Jellyfish Fields first. To get the reef blower, collect a game
total of 100 jellyfish and give them to the fisherman in Jellyfish Fields
and he will let you select a prize. Your prize will be, of course, the reef

   Head back to downtown and Sandy will be around the changing tent,talk to
her and you'll end up helping her out. Blow the trash balls into the sewer
with the reef blower by using the action button.

   Save your game and continue on to Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs will be
abducted. You will see Patrick running away so keep away from him so
he doesn't see you. He will end up at the Chum Bucket. Go up to him
once he is at the chum bucket and stops running.

   Now you will find out who is behind this whole mess. A robotic
Mr. Krabs! It is really Plankton. Watch the movie and save your game.

   The ticket to Jellyfish Fields is attached to a jellyfish behind
Patrick's house. Before it will appear, the Treedome must be completed.
Onwards to the Treedome!


   You may notice that the Treedome is behind Patrick's house as well
but it is blocked off currently. To unblock it, you first must buy the
"acorn" from Squidward. The acorn is on the opposite side of Squidward
from the boxes. He'll want 200 sand dollars for it. Go to him, then go
back to the acorn. The acorn is yours.

   Head over to the Treedome, it is still blocked off. Sneak up to
Squidward and take his book. It will tell you how to defeat the
Dutchman. Seven on his treasures.

   Sandy will break down the entrance so you can get through. Pick up
the acorn with the action button and head over to her. Proceed to the

   You will automatically put into your karate gear and must defeat
Sandy by breaking boxes. She usually breaks around 27 boxes. To break
boxes yourself, go up to them and press the action button a couple of
times. This isn't to hard. Go on ahead to the treedome.

   Something is wrong! Sandy has holes in her Treedome. You'll need to
plug the holes up to stop the water from coming in. Pick up the giant
acorns, and throw them with the action button so that they stick in
the holes in the treedome. This part is kind of hard and can be
frustrating. There are 10 holes in all. You may need to jump and throw
the acorns into the holes. It is a little easier if you get really 
close to the holes and then throw the acorns.

   You will realize that sometimes you have to stand farther away to
throw the acorns into the holes.

   After you plug the holes, go talk with Sandy. She'll wish for something
to spruce up her tree with. For some reason the game didn't bring the
acorn into the treedome like you did, so go back to Squidward's, pick
up the acorn, and go back and talk to Sandy.

   The acorn will not be in your hands when you get there, but it will
be right next to you. Pick it up and give it to Sandy.

   She'll put it up in her tree and tell you that it isn't an acorn.
Go into the door she left open.

   Step out onto the mushroom while being careful not to fall off.
Power jump onto the next mushroom and then onto the branch. Talk to

   The "acorn" is acutally a hive filled with bees and wasps. Carefully
make your way to the top of the tree by staying on the braches and leaves
and gliding will also help here. Always power jump at this part. Some
jumps look closer than they really are.

   Once at the top, Get ontop of the hive and belly slam it so it will
fall off the branch. It's alright if you fall off here. Go back to Sandy.

   Start going back to the spot where the hive was. Stop at the changing
tent and change into your jellyfishing gear. Go back to the spot where
the hive was ands catch all of the bees and wasps. Make your way down
the tree taking care to catch all of the flying insects in the branches.

   There should be 5 bees or wasps up in the branches. The rest are down
on ground level. Go to the spot where you first came in. Don't die or 
you will be taken up to the top of the tree.

   Once on the ground, search around the tree looking for bees and wasps.
Catch the remaining five and head back up in the tree to Sandy. You will
see the hive laying on the ground. Get the letter tile for knocking down
the bee hive.

   Once you are back to Sandy, grab the letter tile she leaves behind and
start heading up the tree. The first branch you see, stop on it. Walk
slowly on the brach, get on the leave, power jump, and get the letter tile.

   Go all the way up to the top of the tree again and into Sandy's room.
Karate match time! She usually breaks around 23 boxes. Same rules as last
time. It's a little harder this time then it was last time.

   Get the doubloons that are on her bed and leave her room. While making
your way down the tree this time, get all the doubloons on the branches.

   Head right when you reach the ground. Power jump onto the root of the
tree and grab the two doubloons. When the closer windows opens, jump onto
it. When the other one opens, jump onto it before the one you are on
closes. From here, power jump onto the other root, you will have to
glide to do this. Grab the letter tile and save your game.

   Staying on this root, go back to the tree. Jump onto the leaf and
then onto the next leaf. From here, power jump towards the birdbath and
get the letter tile. You will have to glide to get it. You should also
receive the letter tile for getting 100 doubloons here also. Save your

   From bouncing on the birdbath like you should be now, get back
over to the leaf you got to the birdbath from. If you don't make it,
follow  the previous instructions til you get to this leaf.

   Jump onto the leaf you haven't been on yet and then onto the root.
Change into your jellyfishing gear. Power jump onto the running wheel.
Keep ontop of it for 60 seconds. It is easier if you just keep jumping
and landing on the wheel than running. Get the letter tile from doing
this and get ready for the puzzle.

   Belly slam on the pieces to get them together and the treasure you
are looking for will be on the root right after you jump across the
windows. What's inside? Some dentures! Ewwwwwwwwwww!

   Save your game and continue on. Squidward will be abducted.

   Grab the pants if you need them and head outside. A bus ticket
to Jellyfish Fields will now be attached to a jellyfish flying
out behind Patrick's house now. Catch that jellyfish and get the
bus ticket.

     *Jellyfish Fields, Brought to you by Ally Sweetman

   Coming Soon!

     *Chum World
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