Aoi by Gohjin

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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Aoi FAQ
Author: Gohjin
Created: May 23, 2005
Finished July 6, 2005
Version 1.0

Background Information on Aoi (Instruction Manual Stuff)
Aoi Umenokouji
Country of Origin Japan
Sex Female
Blood Type A
Job College Student
Hobby Ikebana
Height 5'4"
Weight 104 lbs.
Bust/Waist/Hips 33/21/24
Fighting Style Aiki ju-jutsu

Aoi has realized what a small world she was in after losing at the previous
Tournament. Returning home, she tried hard not only to learn Aikido and
Kobujutsu, but to also improve her knowledge of other martial arts. She is
anxious to enter the Fourth World Fighting Tournament so that she can
demonstrate her enhanced repertoire of moves.

Aoi is different from the other characters in Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. Power
is not the thing that wins the matches for her, but putting her opponents in a
tight spot so you can pummel them. Offensively she uses her speed and move
canceling to her advantage. This style of offensive play confuses the opponent
and keeps them guessing. On the defensive side she can reverse almost every
move in the game. If that isnít a good enough upside she has the Tenchi Iníyou
stance that parries just about all mid and high attacks in the game. In my
opinion she can be an intermediate or expert character. If you can master
attacking and reading your opponents moves, you will be pretty hard person to

Button Legend

Up = U
Down = D
Forward = F
Backward = B
Up-Forward = U/F
Up-Backward = U/B
Down-Forward = D/F
Down-Backward = D/B
Half-Circle Forward = HCF
Half-Circle Backward = HCB

Punch = P
Kick = K
Guard = G
Multibutton movements will have a + between them like P+K

CH = counter hit
Sabaki = reversal
(Note damages totals based on normal hit unless specified)


Normal Moves 
*Puts you in Tenchi Iníyou Stance (AKA YY Stance)
**Cancels last hit of move	

Move Name                          Command               Hit level       Damage
Datosu                             P                     H               10
Nirentotsu                         P,P                   HH              20
Nirentotsu Ouchu                   P,P,P                 HHH             32
Rentotsu Kodachi                   P,P,P,K               HHHM            57
*Rentotsu Kodachi~Tenchi In'you    P,P,P,K,P+K+G         HHHM            57
Rentotsu Kusanagi                  P,P,P,D,K             HHHL            52
**Rentotsu Kusanagi~Stopping       P,P,P,D,K,G	         HHH             32
*Rentotsu Kusanagi~Tenchi In'you   P,P,P,D,K,P+K+G       HHHL            52
Nirentotsu Ouda                    P,P,F,P               HHM             40
Rentotsu Kinuguruma                P,P,F,P,P             HHMM            60
**Nirentotsu Ouda~Stopping         P,P,F,P,G             HH              20
**Rentotsu Kinuguruma~Stopping     P,P,F,P,P,G           HHM             40
Nirentotsu Kugikyaku               P,P,K                 HHH             40
Shougerigasane                     P,K                   HH              30
Gedan Shouda                       D,P                   L               9
Chudan Hijiíate                    F,P                   M               15
Tsumujisakura                      F,P,P                 MM              30
**Tsumujisakura~Stopping           F,P,P,G               M               15
Koromoguruma                       F,F,P                 M               25
**Koromoguruma~Stopping            F,F,P,G               N/A             0
Joudan no Ate                      F,B,P                 H               10
(deflects some High attacks)           
Kagetsurou                         B,P                   H               19
*Kagetsurou~Tenchi Iníyou          B,P,P+K+G             H               19
Kasaneate                          B,F,P                 MM              30
Tenkai                             P+G                   MM + throw	 55
(during Kasaneate)
Ryoushi                            B,D/F,P               M               15
Sodeshinken                        D/F,P                 M               24
Sodeshinken~Stopping               D/F,P,G               N/A             0
*Sodeshinken Tenchi In'you         D/F,P,P+K+G           M               24
Musouha                            hold D,D/F,P          M               27
Sodeguruma                         B,P+G                 M + throw       45
(on musouha counter hit)
Sunekudaki                         B/D,P                 L               20
Uegeri                             K                     M               25
Raijinha                           F,K                   M               20
*Raijinha~Tenchi Iníyou            F,K, P+K+G            M               20
Kumogeri                           F,K,K                 MM              40
(moves forward)  
Kasumigeri                         D,K                   L               15
Gedan Keriíate                     hold D,K or B/D,K     L               12
Maegeri                            D/F,K                 M               21
Hirate                             P+K                   H               8
Hirate 2                           P+K,P                 H               17
Hirate 3                           P+K,P,P               H               26
Tengu Otoshi                       P+K                   M               15
(When rising from a crouch) 
Ouda                               F,P+K                 M               20
Oushu Hijiate                      F,P+K,P               MM              35
**Oushu Hijiate~Stopping           F,P+K,P,G             M               20
Sanseigan                          F,F,P+K               M               21
Ouka                               F,F,P+K,P             MM              41
Shinchuzuki                        QCF,P+K               M               21
(sabaki mid and high punches)                           		   
Jousei Ryosenshou                  B,B,P+K               H               14
**Jousei Ryosenshou~Stopping       B,B,P+K,G             N/A             0
Soushouda                          B,F,P+K               M               20
Inshou                             B,D/F,P+K             M               18
Hou'oushu                          D/F,P+K               M               15
Shigure                            K+G                   H               22
Kusanagi                           D,K+G                 L               20
**Kusanagi~Stopping                D,K+G,G               N/A             0
*Kusanagi Tenchi In'you            D,K+G,P+K+G           H               20
Joudan Keriíate                    F,K+G                 H               18
Suigetsutotsu                      F,K+G,P               HM              33
Ogamigeri                          B,K+G                 M               25
(turns back and deflects some mid attacks, turns around)         
Mikawashi Hiji'ate                 P+K+G                 M               22
(while evading)
*Tenchi In'you                     B,P+K+G 	         N/A             0
(hold to maintain stance)  
Ryusui                             D,P or U,P            M        	 22
(from Tenchi In'you)		
Shutoumawari                       P                     H               12
(opponent behind) 	
Sokutougeri                        K                     H               20
(opponent behind) 	
Mawari Shutou                      D,P                   L               20
(opponent behind) 	
Mawari Sunegeri                    D,K                   L               20
(opponent behind) 	
Mawari Shitageri                   hold D,K              L               12
(opponent behind) 	
Uzumaki Shutou                     B,B,P                 H               14
(turns you around)	

Jumping Attack
While jumping
Tobi Shutou                        P                     M               25
(while rising)
Tobi Shutou                        P                     M               25
in midair)      
Tobi Maegeri                       K                     M               20
(while rising/in midair)     
Tobi Kakatogeri                    K                     M               20
(before landing)

Down Attack
While opponent is on ground
Tateshutou                         D/F,P                                 10
Kusei Komashotou                   U,P                                   25
Kusei Gatotsugeri                  U,K+G                                 25

Ko'ate                             P+G                                   40
Hikichigai                         P+G,F or D or B or U                  0
Morotebiki                         Hold D,B,P+G                          55
Konoha Otoshi                      D/F,P+G                               50
Oboroguruma                        D/F,D/F,P+G                           42
Hangetsuha                         B/D,P+G                               45
Aikinage                           hold D,F,P+G                          40
Okurite Mawashi                    B,F,P+G                               50
Kiri'e Otoshi                      U,F,D,B,P+G or D,F,U,B,P+G            57
(Do either in a circular motion)                       
Teiboku Taoshi                     U,B,D,F,P+G or D,B,U,F,P+G            40
(Do either in a circular motion)                       
Taiboku Kudaki                     HCF K+G                               60
(During Taiboku Taoshi)
Samidare/Ayatetori                 P+G                                   40
(On opponents side)
Sugi Taoshi                        P+G                                   50
(Opponent facing away)
Tekime Toushin                     D,P+K+G                               50
(opponent crouching)      
Shin no Kurai                      B/D,P+K+G                             53
(opponent crouching)        
Samidare/Ayatetori                 B/D P+K+G or D P+K+G                  40
(on crouching opponentís side)
Sugi Taoshi                        B/D P+K+G or D P+K+G                  50
(opponent facing away and crouching)      

Chain Throw Combos
Chougarami                         HCB,P+G                               30
Wakigarami                         HCF,P+G                               20
Yumigatame                         B,D,P+G or F,D,P+G                    50,40
(During Chougarami or Wakigarami)	
Itomaki                            F,U,P+G or B,U,P+G                    65,55
(During Chougarami or Wakigarami)
Ebi'ori                            D,U,P+G                               55,45
(During Yumigatame)
Kaibiki                            U,D,P+G                               81,71
(During Yumigatame)
Ground Throws
Edakudaki                          D,P+G or D/F,P+G                      26
(Opponent down, face up, feet toward Aoi)
Fuyoujin                           D,P+G or D/F,P+G                      26
(Opponent down, face up, head toward Aoi)
Unsui                              D,P+G or D/F,P+G                      26
(Opponent down, face down, feet toward Aoi)
Fudoujin                           D,P+G or D/F,P+G                      26
(Opponent down, face down, head toward Aoi)

Tenshin Nyushin/Uzuneri            B,P+K                                 25
(high P reversal) 
Edaski/Kusabi Otoshi               B,P+K                                 25
(high K reversal)
Ryu no Agito                       B,P+K                                 30
(high elbow reversal)
Konami                             B,P+K                                 0
(high spin kick reversal)
Ryoukoromo                         B,P+K                                 20
(high double hand reversal)
Tsumuji                            B,P+K                                 0
(high double foot reversal)
Urakotegaeshi                      B,P+K                                 30
(opponent behind high P reversal)
Urasenryu                          B,P+K                                 30
(opponent behind high K reversal)
Tenshin Nyushin/Uzuneri            B/D,P+K                               25
(mid P reversal)
Edaski/Kusabi Otoshi               B/D,P+K                               25
(mid K reversal)
Ryu no Agito                       B/D,P+K                               30
(mid elbow reversal)
Tsutakazura/Ougisaki               B/D,P+K                               30
(side kick reversal)
Fusharin/Ochibamai                 B/D,P+K                               30
(knee reversal)
Ouzu                               B/D,P+K                               25
(somersault reversal)
Konami                             B/D,P+K                               0
(mid spin kick reversal)
Ryoukoromo                         B/D,P+K                               20
(mid double hand reversal)
Tsumuji                            B/D,P+K                               0
(mid double foot reversal)
Tasuki Shichijou                   B/D,P+K                               20
(mid shoulder reversal)
Chidori                            B/D,P+K                               25
(mid head reversal)
Oroshi Haori                       B/D,P+K                               30
(mid back reversal)
Urakotegaeshi                      B/D,P+K                               30
(opponent behind, mid P reversal)
Urasenryu                          B/D,P+K                               30
(opponent behind, mid K reversal)
Senryu                             D,P+K                                 25
(low P reversal)
Kaede Otoshi                       D,P+K                                 25
(low K reversal)
Konami                             D,P+K                                 0
(low spin kick reversal)
Mamorimino                         P+K                                   0
(P down attack reversal, lying face up, head toward opponent)
Mamorimino                         P+K                                   0
(K down attack reversal, lying face up, head toward opponent)
Hasami Okuri                       P+K                                   0
(P down attack reversal, lying face up feet toward opponent)
Hasami Okuri                       P+K                                   0
(K down attack reversal, lying face up feet toward opponent)

Ryuseishu High or mid, Punch and Elbow                                   0
Ha'oboro High or mid Kick                                                0
Hangetsuguruma Mid Kick and Elbow                                        0

The Doís and Doníts for Aoi players
These are just some of the things I would advise for any level of Aoi players.


USE YOUR FLOATERS! Donít be afraid to use these. A benefit for Aoi over the
other fighters is that her floater moves are perfectly safe to do. You donít
have to worry about being thrown, because you have enough time to pull of an
evade or another move.

LEARN HOW TO REVERSE MOVES: If will make your life a whole lot easier if you
do. If you know your opponent likes to do a certain move make them think twice
by reversing it. This will keep your opponent think twice about attacking you.
If you get frustrated about the timing of reversals just remember to hit the
appropriate reversal AS IT IS ABOUT TO HIT YOU.

USE THEM THROWS: If you havenít noticed Aoi has a whole lot of throws. Some of
her throws can lead to big damage (60-70) points worth. It is vital to her
offense that you learn how to throw, so learn how to mix the throws with the
striking attacks.

LEARN HOW TO SABAKI: I wouldnít say that it is a vital thing to learn, but it
sure would be helpful. They are helpful in freezing your opponent for a throw,
or if they try and counterattack start up a combo.

CANCEL MOVES WHEN NECESSARY: When you are using one of the G-canceling moves
and you are about to be put in a difficult spot, just cancel the move. This
will minimize the damage you take during the fight thus increasing your chances
to win.

KEEP THEM MOVES MIXED: I think that is self-explanatory.

THE YY STANCE: Remember this deflects most high and mid attacks (except
spinning attacks). Use this to your advantage by deflecting and then punishing
the staggered opponent. 


Please try to avoid the following:

Avoid using B/D P, D K, hold D,K or B/D,K, and HCF P+K (too much). Even though
they do damage when they connect, recovery time is horrendous. All these moves
will get you a free beatdown when blocked (HCF P+K has pretty bad recovery time
when it connects).

DONíT ABUSE SWEEP: I read in the message board recently to abuse sweep. Look
sweep is a privilege, but its abuse can lead to your downfall. For example a
person with a low throw blocks it from close range guess what unless you escape
you are going get THROWN. Even those without low throws can get a quick one-two
punch on you that can lead to you being put in a tight spot.

DONíT ABUSE REVERSALS: As much as a benefit as it is when used wrong can lead
to major damage. If you mess up on the level of the reversal, the damage you
take will be that of a counter hit. 

DONíT ABUSE THE G-CANCELING: As nice as it is to cancel moves it is still
risky. When you cancel and your opponent catches on, there is a slight window
that they can beat you down. So use with caution.

MOST IMPORTANT: DONíT BE ONE-DIMENSIONAL: It is just plain and simple, you
canít be one-dimensional and expect to win with Aoi. It may work on the CPU but
it sure wonít work on humans. 

I donít have much more to offer you than what the game says, but I do have a
few up my sleeve:
F,F P (counter hit into wall) b,d/f P+K F,KK then a ground attack or ground
throw (113 pts of damage)
On counter hit D/F,P P,P,P,K (71 points of damage)   
(Notes: works on lightweights on either foot position, everyone but
heavyweights open foot position.)
On counter hit D/F,P F,K,K (68 points of damage)
(Notes: works on lightweights on either foot position, everyone else open foot
On counter hit D/F,P P,P,F,P,P(74 points of damage)   
(Notes: works on lightweights on either foot position, everyone but
heavyweights open foot position.)

Training mode combos:	                                    Damage
Combo 1 -  On counter hit(F,K) -> (hold F,P,P,F,P,P)	      68
Combo 2 -  On counter hit(F,K) -> (F,P) -> (hold F,P,P,P,K)   67
Combo 3 - (B,B,P+K) -> (hold F,P,P,P,K)			      51
Combo 4 - (B,D/F,P+K) -> (F,K,K)                              59
Combo 5 - (B,F,P+K) -> (F,K,K)                                52
Combo 6 - (B,F,P+K) -> (D,P) -> (F,F,P+K,P)                   55
Combo 8 Ė  On counter hit(K+G) -> (F,P,P,P,K)                 66
(donít work on lion)
Combo 7 - (F,K+G,P) -> (F,P) -> (F,P) -> (F,P,P,P,K)          56

Character Strategies:

Akira: The supreme pain in the butt. Those fast attacks, those powerful combos,
quite the reversal arsenal. So you would think you are in a heap of trouble
right? HECK NO! One of Akiraís downfalls is that he has no circular attacks not
to mention a poor low and high attack game. So in this case mid reversals are
your friends. The YY stance is pretty useless against him though due to the
fact he has little to parry. So your best options here are to keep up the
pressure, and reverse those moves, at the same time avoiding those insane
damage combos and of course SPOD.

Aoi: Ah the wonderful mirror match. Hopefully if you read the rest of this FAQ
you should know by now what Aoiís strengths and weaknesses are. Just focus on
parrying and your mix up game. Reversals are very dangerous considering Aoiís
G-Canceling moves. I am not saying donít use them, I am saying use them with

Brad: A fast and powerful offensive game he has, but a pathetic defensive game
he also has. You should have no trouble producing offense here. When he does
one of those sways, just D,P him out of it and decide what you want to do with
him. Parrying and reversals are viable options here, but make sure you know
when to use them. If you donít Brad will Muhammad Ali you in no time flat.
Remember he has very few low attacks.

Goh: The other new addition to the lineup. He has an insane throw game, with
some nice striking attacks, and useful sabakiís. You have to be on your toes in
this fight. Try to keep some distance from him, because he is pretty good at
interrupting peopleís attacks. When you do cut in make sure you punish him
quickly before he can sabaki you and pummel you for insane damage. 

Jacky: Watch out of that P parry of his. Itís quick and he gets a free cheap P
while he is at it. He is pretty fast with a bunch of combos that can drop your
life in a hurry. For the trained Aoi player you can neutralize his offense with
mid reversals. The YY stance is great here. It covers all his mid attacks
except that spin kick. Also watch those lows of his they are might fast.
Overall he shouldnít be a problem for you. 

Jeffry: Slow but powerful he is. Your reversals can easily turn the tide of
battle in your favor since his moves are easy to track. Also most of his moves
when blocked guarantee him some pain. So donít be nice to him, beat him down.
But predictability can be a problem. If you donít keep your moves mixed, his
defensive game can eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so beware.

Kage: Ah probably Aoiís hardest matchup. He is quick, powerful, and has a
variety of moves that leave him safe. There are many things to watch out for.
Donít evade too much because if you do, Kage will punish you with those darn
throw combos of his. Whenever you get a chance punish him quickly because if
you donít, he sure will. Jumanji stance another pain in the side. It sabakiís
punches, unleashes fast attacks, and some of the deflect. Use extreme caution
when he is in this stance. Donít act too quickly where he can punish you with a
quick combo, or he can get that throw off. Personally I wouldnít advice
attacking since he can most likely break your attack. The YY stance is probably
your best option, because if he doesnít attack you, he will sometimes go for a
throw. So you can move out of the way with the YY stance evade. Personally I
have had low success rate reversing so use the YY stance and your elbow attacks
(since they go off quick) as your best options for success. 

Lau: The most annoying character with those PPP combinations. Unfortunately for
him you have the YY stance that can neutralize that offense of his as fast of
it is. Remember to reversal the last hit of those PPP combinations of his. He
has no reversals but he is pretty good at counterattacking. Just remember to
keep the pressure up on him. If you can disrupt his offensive flow, you will
beat him easily. 

Lei: The butt kicking monk. He has all those darn stances that keep you
guessing. He start up combos and juggles at the drop of a hat. The downfall of
those stances is the recovery time is immense. Punish this weakness with throws
and striking attacks. The main key to this battle is to keep this guy out of
his stances. Keep him out of these stances at all costs. It just makes you life
that much easier. 

Lion: This guy is the definition of annoying. All those annoying but quick
lows, low attacks that appear to be mid attacks, vice versa, a pretty good
throw game, and he is insanely fast. A key downfall for him though is combo
starters are easy to stop. The key to beating this guy is stopping those combo
starters. Also beware of those darn lows. They may be weak, but if he gets
enough hits on you, the damage will pile up. The YY stance is not a good option
because of all those spinning attacks of his. Reversals are good here, just
remember to know exactly what level his attack is or he can overwhelm you. You
have to be patient here. You canít overwhelm this guy so you will just have to
pick your spots. Do this and you will be fine.

Pai: Ah the first character I ever used in the Virtua Fighter series. She is
fast, combos, well, has a good throw game, and has an arsenal of reversals.
Although this is well and good, she has a bad recovery time on her combo
starters. When you block her large recovery attacks, punish her with throws,
striking attacks, etc. Donít over pursue her or she will quickly turn the
tables on you with a big combo. Reversals and YY stance will work here, but I
wouldnít advise using them unless you know what coming. 

Sarah: She can be very frustrating because of her speed, but that is all you
have to fear from her. She doesnít have a lot of power, but she has that
annoying flamingo stance. It is so fast that it is pretty hard to cut in.
Fortunately for you though, your YY stance will disrupt that easily. I
recommend the YY stance against her because it does a good job at disrupting
her strings and combos. Offensively STAY ON HER! Keep them legs away from you.
This will help neutralize her offense and since her defense isnít that great
will have her on her heals in no time. 

Shun: He is tricky with those stances of his, but he shouldnít be much of a
problem. He doesnít have many reversals and parries, not that many combos, and
he relies heavily on drink points. The best strategy is to keep him from
drinking. By doing this you will keep him from gaining combos and power. So
just stay on Shun and defend with the necessary moves and he shouldnít be a

Vanessa: A perfectly balanced character. She has quality offense and defense
and catches P's when not blocking in the defensive stance. So use punch
with caution. If she happens use to change stances in front of you 
(an experienced Vanessa will always B,B,K+G to switch stances), you can punish
her with a variety of attacks. I guess I should give you 2 strategies here.
While in her defensive stance avoid P unless you get a float or know you will
get a counter hit.  Just stay on her because in this stance her offense is
limited. When she goes offensive this is actually to your benefit. Reverse and
parry moves in order to gain an advantage. Her defense is poor in this stance
so be sure to keep the pressure up. 

Wolf: He is one powerful piece of work. One error here can lead to major damage
(Especially that darn giant swing). He has few striking attacks and they are
very slow executing (except for that elbow) parrys and reversals will punish
him. Be sure to brush on your throw escapes you he will cause some serious
damage on you. Either that or interrupt the throw itself. Unload your offense
on him and be sure to watch out for his kick and D,P reversals. One last thing,
for the benefit of your moral and your competence, DONíT GET HIT WITH THAT P+K
fully charged B,P U,B,D,F,P+G. Not only is it demoralizing, embarrassing, and
proves you need some practice, it takes around 65 to 75 percent of your life. 

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