Guan Yu by Kaidyn

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Dynasty Warriors 4 - Guan Yu
Character Guide
by Kaidyn04
Version 1.3
This guide is copyright 2003 by Jason Corbeille. (Kaidyn04)

Table Of Contents

1) Version History
2) Background
3) Stats Analysis
4) Moves
5) Unlocking
6) 10th Level Weapon Acquisiton
7) Costumes
8) Overview/Strategy
9) Orbs and You
10) Recommended Equipment
11) Quick References about maxing out
12) Shu Campaign List
13) Thanks
14) Legal Stuff

1) Version History

3/30/2003 - Version 1.0 - Started and pretty much finished guide
6/29/2003 - Version 1.1 - Added some contributions to the 10th Weapon Acquisition 
part. I've also had two e-mails about what Guan Yu says with his fire musou, 
being either "Soar Blue Dragon" or "Roar Blue Dragon" can someone tell me 
which is correct so I may change it?
7/10/2003 - Version 1.2 - Added a complete BIG biography. Had Roar Blue Dragon
confirmed. Also:new e-mail address, check top for all you people who have been
following me since version 1. Oh,and someone came up with the idea for me to 
write an FAQ (or three) for the Campaign Lists for each of the kingdoms. If 
anyone else would like to see this, e-mail me. I want at least 2 more people 
before putting effort into something that may not be totally necessary.
8/25/2003 - Version 1.3 - Did some proofreading. Added a contribution to the
equipment section.

2) Background

Taken from the game:
"A Shu officer. Sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, he is the leader of
the Five Tigers and helped build the foundation of the Shu Kingdom. With
his strong sense of duty and bravery, he was labeled a warrior without equal.
Guan Yu is also know for his beautiful, long beard." Born: 162. Died: 219
(credited to Koei. In-game Bio of Guan Yu)

"Guan Yu, styled Yunchang (originally Changsheng), according to the novel san 
guo yan yi (romance of the three kingdoms) Guan Yu, was a farmer and when he 
heard of Liu Bei’s desire to help the Han, and because he was a relative of 
the Han emperor, Guan Yu, decided to join with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, they 
swore the famous oath of brotherhood in a peach garden. Guan Yu and his new 
brothers recruited a small force and decided to help the Han in their battles 
with the yellow turbans, during the battles Guan Yu made a name for himself 
and his brothers volunteer forces by quickly killing various yellow turban 
generals in one blow. After the yellow turban (or scarves) rebellion was 
squashed, and the alliance against dong zhou was formed Guan Yu and his 
brothers joined up under Liu Bei’s friend Gongsun Zan. During the allied 
assault on si pass, Sun Jian’s attack was repulsed by Hua Xiong and when 
general after general where sent against him Hua Xiong killed them all, when 
Yuan Shao enquired if they had no leader whom would fight Guan Yu spoke up 
saying that he would kill this Hua Xiong, when Yuan Shao asked who he was, 
Gongsun Zan replied that he was an archer and at this Yuan Shu, spoke out that
they should beat him for speaking to them and Cao Cao argued that they should 
let him try and poured some wine and offered it to Guan who said to pour it 
and he will return shortly Guan Yu then rode out and kill Hua Xiong and 
returned with his head before the wine had cooled. Later after Cao Caos 
campaign against Lu Bu where Guan Yu had helped to save Zhang liao’s life, 
Cao Cao attacked Liu Bei’s lands and managed to make Liu Bei flee to Yuan Shao,
and Cao Cao captured Guan Yu, Cao sent Guan’s friend Zhang liao out to meet 
with him and Zhang liao talked Guan Yu into serving Cao Cao. Cao Cao proceeded
to heap gift after gift onto Guan Yu in a bid to get him to be loyal to Cao, 
when Cao Cao invaded north Yuan Shao’s great generals Yan Liang and Wen Chou 
proved too great for Cao Cao’s generals to beat and at this Guan Yu rode forth
and cut a path straight to Yan Liang and slayed him, due to this effort Cao Cao
rewarded Guan Yu with the Red hare and the title of Marquis of Han Shou. Guan 
Yu showed great emotion upon receiving Red hare, and when Cao Cao grew angry 
and asked why he was so pleased with this gift but refused the other gifts, 
Guan Yu replied that with Red Hare he could reach his Brothers in a few days. 
After this Cao Cao sent Zhang Liao to enquire about Guan Yu’s feelings and 
Zhang Liao told Cao Cao that Guan Yu wouldn’t leave until he had rendered a 
great service for Cao Cao so Cao Cao decided to take Guan Yu out of his van so
that he could not render this service, but upon Cao Cao’s army meeting with 
Yuan Shao’s army under Wen Chou, Cao Cao was forced to send Guan Yu out once 
again and he again Slaughtered Yuan Shao’s general and troops. Upon rendering 
this deed Guan Yu prepared to leave taking with him only Red Hare and his 
Sister’s in-laws and after he had left Guan Yu undertook one of the greatest 
deeds of his life where he defeated six generals through five passes a deed 
that lasted unmatched for years. After this Guan Yu found himself in the 
presence of his brother Zhang Fei, and Zhang Fei did not trust Guan Yu and told
him to go and slay the last of Cao Cao’s generals that were pursuing him, 
which Guan Yu did. After this feat Guan Yu participated in many battles 
including the battle at Bo wan Po where he and others used Zhuge Liangs plots
to destroy the Wei army lead by Xiahou Dun. Following this battle Guan Yu had 
a leading role in Liu Bei’s campaign for Jing, where he stayed as the governor
until his death. During his time in Jing, Guan Yu was approached by Wu to have
his daughter marry into the Wu family as Liu Bei had done, Guan Yu refused and
this lead to great hostilities between the two states of Wu and Shu which 
culminated in Lu Xun’s and Lu Meng’s invasion of Jing in which all of the 
governors of the cities in Jing gave the cities to Wu and left Guan Yu alone 
with his Son and loyal follower to battle Wu, eventually Guan Yu and his son 
where captured and taken to Wu, where Sun Quan Tried to get Guan Yu to join his
kingdom at which Guan Yu responded with insults which lead to Guan Yu being 
executed. Guan Yu died age fifty eight in the year 219 A.D."
(credited to youngphoenix. He had lots of time on his hands =/ )

3) Stats Analysis
-this is a MAX level Guan Yu-

Life: Good, he has a good amount of life, probably not the greatest, but
enough to survive for quite some time if you get under attack.

Musou: Low, his musou attack doesn't last for a long time, but since it's only
really a crowd clearer attack that doesn't matter too much.

Attack: Extreme, with a MAX level Guan Yu, his attack power almost reaches
to the end of the bar (without any items, 9th level weapon). With a Tiger
Amulet, he can easily be maxed out in attack power.

Defense: Great, this is just a bit lower than attack power, which means you
can take a beating an keep on ticking.

Speed: Slow, but look how big he is! Well, this is one of his downfalls.

Reach: Great, he has a halberd.

Mounted Attack: Poor, he swings from one side to another.


Crowd Clearing: Excellent, all of his stats are centered around doing this.
A lot of his charge attacks, his musou, and his reach all contribue to him
being an excellent crowd clearing character.

Dueling: Average, he may not have many attacks that are directed at a single
character, but his attack and defense more than make up for this. Still, many
enemies could beat him in a duel if not played very well.

4) Charge Moves

Triangle - He bounds towards the enemy spinning his halberd as he does so.
This is pretty useless, except for maybe a crowd clearer.

Square, Triangle - A very small launch into the air. Not worth it.

Square, Square, Triangle - It is a combo, that stuns on the last hit. Very
useful, and is very good at first, since it gives you more attacks then you
would normally have.

Square, Square, Square, Triangle - He spins in a circle with his halberd
extended. It is an excellent crowd clearer but isn't very good for duels.

Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Guan Yu launches the enemy
high into the air. Later on, you can add in additional triangles, making
him slam the enemy back to the ground, then hit the ground causing a

Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Fires a little wave from
the area around him. I have never found much use for this, as 3 squares then
triangle does virtually the same thing.

Musou: It's almost exactly like it was in DW3. It does the same spinning
around in circles, which makes this an excellent crowd clearer, but not
too great for duels.

True Musou Quote: "Roar Blue Dragon!" 

5) Unlocking
Guan Yu is one of the three characters that you can choose from (of Shu) at
the beginning of the game.

6) 10th Level Weapon Acquisition
In case this is the first time any of you have attempted to get a 10th weapon,
the following are requirements for every character:
Must have Level 9 Weapon
Must be playing on HARD difficulty.

Now, Guan Yu Specifically:
Attack Power: +57
Stage: Battle of Fan Castle
Method: After Guan Yu says "Looks like we have been surrounded" and after Wu 
back-troops appear, defeat Zhou Tai, Lu Xun and Lu Meng.After this is done, 
you will get a "Weapon Acquired" message. 

7) Costumes
1) Your default Guan Yu. He is wearing all green and has his turban thing.
2) Same, but Guan Yu is white as a primary color.
3) Costume 1, except without the turban.
4) Costume 2, without the turban.
5) Like costume 1, but with spike-like things coming out of his turban
and it doesn't have the top right part of the robe. Also, the robe has a
design of a flame, instead of a colorwash type thing.
6) Costume 5, except the colors of costume 2 and Guan Yu is black.
(I knew it!)

8) Overview/Strategy

Guan Yu is still a big lumbering guy like in DW3, except now it seems his
attacks have a little bit more power to back it up. His combo seems much
better, and I personally like his square, triangle. It's an easy way to level
up your weapon, and does a good amount of damage. Though I believe it isn't
as good once you can get square,square,sqauare,triangle,triangle,triangle.
Anyway, he isn't the best of characters, but can be a very good character if
you can get past his being so slow. (hint: Use a Red Hare Saddle ^.^)

9) Orbs and You
This section will have a short description of each orb and my opinion on how
good they are when paired with Guan Yu.

1) Fire Orb: this orb adds fire to your attack, and if you've ever noticed
from when you do a True Musou, fire makes your attacks do more damage. I think
this is a useless orb and I think if you do want to use it, it's more useful
for a dueling character.

2) Lightning Orb: this orb adds electricity to your attack, which does extra
damage to the person you hit, and everyone around them when they hit the
ground. I think this is very very good for Guan Yu as it makes him even
more of a crowd clearing character.

3) Vorpal Orb: this orb can cause instant death to soldiers, and massive
damage to officers. This is very good for almost every officer, and especially
good for Guan Yu as he can instant death a massive amount of enemies at the
same time (if you are lucky).

4) Ice Orb: this orb freezes enemies. I love this orb for officers, and it's
decent with Guan Yu, though it gets annoying when because of his long range
you freeze people behind and you can't find who you froze.

5) Blast Orb: this orb can bypass blocks. I find it useless, since your
musou has to be full (unless you have level 10 weapon) to bypass blocks, and
if I am dueling, I would much prefer to use my musou attack from behind the
officer instead of activating the Blast Orb.

6) Poison Orb: I've never gotten this orb, but from what I've heard you do
extra damage on your next attack. This Orb doesn't even get close to the
other orbs in power. I would recommend eating this orb or something.

10) Recommended Equipment
Saddle: Red Hare (fastest horse, and it makes sense for him)
Orbs in order of goodness: Vorpal, Lightning, or Ice.
Normal Items: Speed Scroll (because Guan Yu is massivly slow)
Tortoise Amulet (to push his defense to the max)
Tiger Amulet (push his attack to the max)
Peacock Urn (never hurts to have extra life)

-from: ToXicXxX1

Sadle:Red Hare (it goes with him)
Orb:Lightning (very good when surrounded)
Items:Wind Scroll (with his musou everyone will be annihillated he is already 
a good crowd clearer just look at his weapon)
Way of Musou (his true musou makes him God :) 
Tortoise Amulet (he already has good defense and it can't hurt to have more)
Tiger Amulet (repeat what I said for tortoise except exchange defense with attack)

Of course, feel free to change this around at your own discretion, as mine
may not be the best. In fact, if you find a better equipment set, feel
free to e-mail me with the set, and the reasons, I'll be happy to say
that you contributed the information.

11) Quick References
 This section is just so you know what officers drop, in case you are
forgetful. Also, I think (at least how it worked in 3), you should get
better drops depeding on the difficulty.

    Attack Bonuses

Bronze Sword: Attack + 1

Iron Sword: Attack + 2

Silver Sword: Attack + 4

Gold Sword: Attack +8

    Defense Bonuses

Footsoldier's Shield: Defense +1

Nobleman's Shield: Defense +2

General's Shield: Defense +4

Emperor's Shield: Defense +8

12) Shu Campaign List

Chapter 1: Oath at the Garden

Battle 1: The Yellow Turban Fortress
Battle 2: The Yellow Turban Menace
Battle 3: The Yellow Turban Rebellion

Gaiden 1: Eliminate Zhang Jiao!
Unlocking: Play Yellow Turban Rebellion first. Let Zhang Jiao escape in
Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Chapter 2: Alliance Against Dong Zhuo

Batle 4: Battle at Si Shui Gate
Battle 5: Battle of Hu Lao Gate

Gaiden 2: Battle of Ru Nan
Unlocking: Choose Hu Lao Gate first. Kill Dong Zhuo, and leave Lu Bu alive.

Gaiden 3: Guan Yu's Escape
Unlocking: Select Yellow Turban Rebellion in Chapter 1 first. In Battle
at Si Shui Gate defeat Hua Xiong after Yuan Shao asks if anyone can defeat

Chapter 3: The Flight of Liu Bei

Battle 6: Battle of Bo Wan Po
Battle 7: Battle of Chang Ban
Battle 8: Battle of Chi Bi

Chapter 4: The Three Kingdoms
Battle 9: Battle of Luo Castle
Battle 10: Campaign for Jing
Battle 11: Campaign for Chang Du

Gaiden 4: Battle of Tong Gate
Unlocking: Choose campagin of Chang Du first. Defeat Ma Chao when he appears
as reinforcements.

Chapter: 5 Fall of Wu/ Fall of Wei
You will fight Wei if you achieved the burning of Cao Cao's boats at Chi Bi.
If not, you will fight Wu.

Fall of Wu/ Fall of Wei
Battle 12: Battle at Fan Castle/ Battle of Mt. Ding Jun
Battle 13: The Nanman Campaign/ Battle of Jie Ting
Battle 14: Battle of Yi Ling/ Battle of Wu Zhang Plains

Gaiden 5: Tian Sui (not sure of exact name)
Unlocking: Choose battle of Chi Bi first, makes sure prayer does not suceed.

Gaiden 6: Battle of Han zhong
Unlocking: Let Dong Zhuo escape in the Battle of Hu Lao Gate. Choose either
Yi Ling or Wu Zhang Plains as your first choice in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Final Chapter: The End of the Three Kingdoms
You will fight the opposite kingdom of who you fought in chapter 5.

Battle 15: Battle of Mt. Ding Jun/ Battle at Fan Castle
Battle 16: Battle of Jie Ting/ The Nanman Campaign
Battle 17: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains/ Battle of Yi Ling.

Congratulations, you have completed the game as Guan Yu of Shu!

13) Thanks
Koei, for making this game
Muni Shinobu, for writing all those FAQs so I didn't have to kill someone
while trying to figure this stuff out.
YoungPhoenix, for his HUGE contribution. (Guan Yu's 2nd bio)
Raedryn, for helping me kick the living shiz out of this game until it got 
boring. Like, beating Lu Bu with a rank 16 Huang was wrong.
You, for reading it.

14) Legal Stuff
This particular document is copyright Jason M. Corbeille (c)2003 It is
intended for private home use only. Any reproduction, transmission, or
distrubution in  part or whole without the writers(me) consent is unlawful.

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