FAQ/Walkthrough by wellgert

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/17/02 | Printable Version

Platform : Playstation 2 (Japanese version)
written by wellgert
version 1.0

Contact : su43platypus@netcourrier.com

Table of contents

1) Introduction

2) Controls and how to play
--Introduction mission--

3) Lessons missions
Lesson mission 1 : Take off and landing
Lesson mission 2 : Altitude
Lesson mission 3 : Side flight
Lesson mission 4 : Correction and rings 1
Lesson mission 5 : Correction and rings 2
Lesson mission 6 : Autorotation

4) Trial missions
Trial mission 1 : The rings
Trial mission 2 : Helitaxi
Trial mission 3 : Police
Trial mission 4 : Winch
Trial mission 5 : Drop
Trial mission 6 : Balloons

5) Rescue missions
Rescue mission 1 : Crash in the snow mountains
Rescue mission 2 : War times
Rescue mission 3 : Hotel on fire
Rescue mission 4 : River fury
Rescue mission 5 : The tornado
Rescue mission 6 : The volcano

6) Outro
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information

1) Introduction
This FAQ aim to help the non-Japanese player who can have some problems playing
missions without understanding the briefing.

2) Controls and how to play


Right analog stick :
up/down : go forward/go backward
right/left : strafe right/strafe left

Left analog stick :
right/left : turn right/turn left
up/down : not used

Select : change the appearance of the indicators
Start : pause (allow you to end the mission)

Square : target view
Triangle : internal view
Circle : external view (close)
Cross : external view (far)

L1 : increase collective (go up)
L2 : decrease collective (go down)

R2 : change task
R1 : select task during change, active task when already selected

What you see on the flight screen (after the introduction mission)

On the top of screen, you can see the compass who show you direction you are
heading. This diagram explain you the signification of the numbers.

West 270_____|_____90 East

You have the radar on the right too. Under the radar, you have the wind speed.
And again under, you can have some informations which vary with the mission. In
the rescue missions, it's the number of people you still have to save and maybe
the number of injured people (I'm not sure). In the trial missions, it can be
point you have marked until now.
Under that (still on the right of the screen), you have a diagram who show you
the number of passengers that your chopper is currently carrying.
Under the diagram, you can see the current task like the winch (BOB), the fire
hose (WATER), the radio (of course useless if you do not understand
japanese), etc...
The time (limited or not) of the mission is visible too.
Just on the left, you can see the fuel gauge.

On the left, you can see your speed (SPD) in knots, your altitude (ALT) in feet,
and your rate of climb (VSI, when this number is negative, that means your
are going down). The gauge indicate your collective. BAL stand for "balance" and
indicate the heel (incline) of the chopper. The number P indicate the
front/rear balance and the number H indicate the right/left balance.

Often I will refer to a person to rescue as "him" or "her". That simply
signifies I have noticed if the person is a man or a women during the mission.
This game is sharp, isn't it ?
Please note I will refer to "helicopter" as well as "chopper". The two words
design the same thing.

Introduction mission.
Simply fly heading for the target and, when you reach it, press R1 to use the
winch and rescue the survivors.

3) Lessons missions

Lesson mission 1 : Take off and landing
In this mission you simply have to take off, fly through the rings and finally

Lesson mission 2 : Altitude
This mission ask you to fly at specified altitudes.
First, you have to fly at 1000 feet during 3 seconds. The game will count the
seconds only if you maintain your altitude, so be sharp.
Second, you have to fly at 50 kts during 3 seconds. Push carefully the stick to
get the right speed.
Third, you have to fly at 0 kts during 3 seconds. Simply don't touch nothing,
and it will be done.
Fourth, you have to head for 240 during 3 seconds. Use the left analog
to do it. You must see 240 at the top of the screen.
Fifth, you have to head the cap 0 during 3 seconds.
Sixth, you have to head for 120 and fly at 50 kts during 3 seconds.
Seventh, you have to head for 310 and fly at 50kts during 3 second, and the
lesson will be over.

Lesson mission 3 : Side flight.
This lesson ask you to pass through four rings heading for a specified
direction. Here is the direction for each ring :
Ring 1 heading 000
Ring 2 heading 000
Ring 3 heading 000
Ring 4 heading 000
Ring 1 heading 090
Ring 2 heading 180
Ring 3 heading 270
Ring 4 heading 000
End of lesson

Lesson mission 4 : Correction and rings 1
This lesson simply ask you to fly through some rings, but you have to correct
your heading constantly with the right analog stick.

Lesson mission 5 : Correction and rings 2
This mission ask you to do the same thing than lesson 3, but correcting
constantly your heading like in the lesson 4 (and like in the rest of the game).
Here is the direction you have to head for each ring :
Ring 1 heading 000
Ring 2 heading 270
Ring 3 heading 000
Ring 4 heading 090
Ring 5 heading 000
Landing heading 270

Lesson mission 6 : Autorotation
An autorotation is a maneuver a chopper pilot do to land when the
helicopter engine is broken.
To do it, you have to reduce the collective to zero and push up the right analog
stick to gain some speed in the fall. When you arrive just above your landing
zone, push down the right analog stick firmly to stop your fall and land slowly.

4) Trial missions

Trial mission 1 : The rings
You simply have to pass through 50 rings in 3 minutes (an orange ring count for
10 normal rings). Sometimes you can choose your way. I recommend you to buy the
cheap but agile and quick OH-6D chopper to complete that mission easily.

Trial mission 2 : Helitaxi
Do you remember Crazy taxi ? That mission is basically the same thing with an
helicopter. Land on any target, embark the passenger, carry him to the point the
game indicate, and when he has disembarked, take off and go to embark an other
man at an other target. That mission cannot be completed with the little
(and slow) 300CB chopper. I recommend you to use the OH-6D. You have to carry 4
people before you run out of time.

Trial mission 3 : Police
You have to light a car that the police try to stop. It's not easy. Use the
OH-6D chopper (it's the most agile of your choppers). You have to light
the car until the counter on the left of the screen (just under "score")
display more than 35% to complete the mission.

Trial mission 4 : Winch
Although it's not obvious in that mission, you will train you to use the winch.
You have to pass the "ball" you are carrying through 8 rings at least. That's
not easy, but all the helicopters can do it... Personally I prefer the little

Trial mission 5 : Drop
You have to drop some balls on several targets. You must be over 500 feet
(altitude) to be authorized to drop. And you earn more points (10) if the ball
hit the center of the target. You must earn 20 points or more to complete the
mission. The chopper for that mission is definitely the CH-47J (the most
stable). With the CH-47J, the mission is a piece of cake. Without, it's a

Trial mission 6 : Balloons
You have to crush at least 35 balloons with your rotor (just touch them). The
300CB chopper is too slow to accomplish the mission, I think any other
helicopter will do it.

5) Rescue missions
Rescue mission 1 : Crash in the snow mountains

Briefing : A plane has crashed in the mountains. Your mission is to find the
crash site, rescue the two passengers and carry them to the hospital. A recon
plane will help you to locate the crash site.
Good luck.

This first rescue mission is pretty simple. Take off and head for the north
(heading 000).  You will pass the ridge of the first mountains chain, then a
valley (where there are two road and a river) then finally arrive above the
mountain where the crash site is. The recon plane will show you the crash site.
If you don't see it, simply fly over the mountain (probably toward West,
heading 270) until you see the markers of the two targets. You can land to
rescue the man who call you, but you have to use the winch to get the second man
who is wounded. When your two passengers are on board, head for the cap 230. You
will see some rings like at the training. Pass through them and land on the roof
of the hospital.
Mission complete.

Rescue mission 2 : War times

Briefing : In a combat area, some civilians need to be supplied. They are
located in the brown rectangle. Your mission is to drop some supplies to them
(you have to embark the supplies in a camp first). The zone delimited in green
is under SAM (Surface to Air Missile) surveillance. Any aircraft or helicopter
flying in that area will be shot down... however, that's exactly you will have
to do... Fly low to not be discovered.
IF YOU ARE SPOTTED BY A SAM, don't panic, simply go down and hide you behind the
relief or in the hole.
IF THE SAM FIRE A MISSILE, try to hide in a hole of the relief. If you are in an
open space, try to locate the missile and move to escape him (it can be done).
The recon plane will help you to spot the targets.
Good luck.

Take off and head for cap 170. You will see a little camp. Land and the supplies
will be loaded. Take off and head for cap 310. Pass the river and the targets
(and the lake) should begin to appear.
One is at the East of the lake. An other target is at the North of the lake. An
other is just on the north lakeside. You have a fourth target at the East of the
lake and the fifth is at the far West of the map. I think I don't forget
anything, but anyway, the targets are easy to find.
To parachute the supply in, select "DROP" with R2 and drop with R1, just like in
the trial mission 5. This time, you must fly higher than 900 feet (altitude) to
be authorized to drop your supply. You will probably be discovered by the SAM
flying so high, so do your job quickly. After you have visited all the targets,
return to land to your rescue ship at the East.
Mission complete

Rescue mission 3 : Hotel on fire

Briefing : You have seen the title : a great hotel of the coast is on fire. Your
mission is to rescue the survivors and extinguish all the fires.

Take off, the hotel is just in front of you. Select the fire hose (R2 to select
WATER then R1 to "fire" the water) and go to extinguish all the flames you can
see on the hotel (especially then you see a target with). If you see a person in
danger (red), go to extinguish his fire in priority. DO NOT TRY TO winch THEM.
Just extinguish all the fires. When his fire is extinguished, the person will go
to the roof of the hotel and will wait for evacuation. When you will have
extinguished all the fires, you will be able to land quietly on the roof and
carry the survivors to the landing zone on the beach. When you will have embark
all the survivors, you will have to pass through some rings before your final
Mission complete.

Rescue mission 4 : River fury

Briefing : A river is flooding a village. You have to rescue the survivors
before they drown. A recon commando of three dogs will help you to spot the
targets. As you can see, these dogs are professionals and work alone.
Good luck.

Take off and head for the cap 140, you should see the village quickly. The
targets will appear, most of them appear randomly. You often have to wait they
are in water before being able to get them with the winch. You can drop them
some lifebelts (useful if your chopper is full and you have to disembark
passenger at the landing zone before). After you have rescue all people, the
music change and you will have to pass through some rings before you land.
Mission complete.

Rescue mission 5 : The tornado

Briefing : A tornado threats several farms and a zeppelin in difficulty. You
to evacuate the farmers and zeppelin passengers before the tornado destroy
Good luck.

Nothing really difficult here. Take off and head for the first farm (cap 320).
Land (or use the winch), get the farmer and head for the second farm (cap 070).
Land and take the two farmers on board (or use the winch but I don't think you
have enough time to play with Bob). Head for the third farm (cap 000). The
farmer is near his car on the road near his farm as you can see. After got him,
head for the heliport (cap 310) to disembark your passengers (your helicopter
can not carry more people and you have still people of the Zeppelin to rescue).
When your passengers have disembarked, take off and head for the zeppelin (cap
190). You have to winch people when they go on the "roof" of the zeppelin. There
are 4 people to rescue. When you have done it, head for your base
(approximately cap 180, because the zeppelin is moving), pass through the rings
and land.
Mission complete.

Rescue mission 6 : the volcano

A volcano has suddenly become active. Your mission is to rescue the survivors
who has not yet evacuated. As you can see, the ashes have cover the city, and
the visibility is reduced. The "dogs recon commando" will help you to spot
the persons to evacuate. You could have to extinguish some fire before rescue
some people.
Good luck.

#                                         start                  #
#                                                                #
#                  volcano                    3                  #
#                         A                                      #
#[-----------------------------------------------------------]   #
#[                         1,2___  ____                      ]   #
#[                  4              B            |            ]   #
#[                                      D       |            ]   #
#[                                        C___5_|____________]   #
#[                                             E|            ]   #
#[       F,G                                    |            ]   #
#[                                  H_____________I___J______]   #
#[-----------------------------------------------------------]   #
#                            K                                   #
#              Rescue ship                                       #

###### : limits of the map

___  and | : roads

-------- and [ ] : theoretical limits of the zone where you must search
(shown in the briefing).

First of all, the numbers indicate people who are ever present in the
mission and the letters show the position of people who appear randomly in the
mission. To complete the mission, you have to rescue ALL the persons you
detect, but I prefer to tell you that you probably have to rescue the
"numbers" in priority. You must rescue people in danger (red) in priority
too, but if I could give you a counsel, finish to rescue the person you are
dealing with before to go to an other person in danger whom the game have just
noticed you. Your CH-53 helicopter can carry until height passengers, all of
must be carried to the rescue ship in the south.
I will explain now the best method I've found to finish this mission.

First, take off and fly to the mountain road I have note on the map (near 1,2).
You can see that this road has been cut off, probably by a lava flow. Fly until
the extreme end of the road and land on it (in the axe of the road, heading
270), just before the cars which block the way. You will see two persons coming
this is 1 and 2. If you have landed like I say, they should go aboard the
chopper. If they don't, try to land closer them. You can of course use Bob and
the winch to get them but personally I think it's more simple (and quick) to
land and leave the person come to you.

During that operation, the game may notice you that the person 3 is now in
danger. I have not found how to rescue that person before she is in danger (she
stay in her car until that time). That's why I prefer to go to rescue 1 and 2
before her. person 3 is hanging in a fissure (crack) in a valley at the West of
the volcano. You have to use Bob and the winch to rescue that person (yeah, I
hate the winch, just the winch and not Bob who is a hero...).

Now, the real problems begin : people 4 and 5 must be rescued BEFORE to be
marked in danger. I do not found how to rescue them when they are in danger. If
you know how to proceed, any explanation are welcome.
Immediately after rescued person 3, go to the fissure at 4 and wait for the
person 4. He should appear in the north of the fissure. If the game notice you a
other person in danger, go to rescue this person and return immediately after to
4. An other thing : DO NOT land before person 4 arrive, you risk to be hit by
the volcanic ash (ejecta) (yeah, "it" almost aim at you when you don't fly,
naughty...). You can land or use the winch to get person 4 then he arrive. If
miss person 4, he will finally fall in the fissure, where you cannot reach him
(your chopper is too big to go down in the fissure) and you will end the mission
at the end.

When you have rescued person 4, go to 5, East of the intersection of the roads I
have noted on the map. As you can see, the building near the intersection are to
high to authorize you to land or use the winch, so you have to get person 5
she reach the intersection. Search her carefully on the road until she appear.
Of course, if the game show you an other person in danger, you have to take care
of it, but I prefer to tell you : if you miss person 5 now, you probably won't
be able to get her after, and the mission will be a failure...

After you got her, you now have to take care of the "letters" persons. I try to
describe their locations.

Person A : On the side of the volcano. You probably have to extinguish the fire
before saving him.
Person B : Near a tree. You probably have to extinguish the fire before saving
Person C : May appear near the road East-West, but more at West than person 5,
do not confuse them.
Person D : Near a large but low building behind a little ridge. You probably
have to extinguish the fire before saving her.
Person E : She is running on the North-south road.
Person F and G : They are near some hangars and trees. You probably have to
extinguish the fire before saving them.
Person H : He is running on the coast road between the docks and the warehouse
the port.
Person I : She may be running on the coast road.
Person J : That man is waiting you next his burning house. You have to
extinguish the fire before save him.
Person K : That man is in the water just in front of the docks. Save him with
the winch before he drown.

Land on the rescue ship  South when your chopper is full of passengers. When
you will have rescued the last person, you will notice that the music has
changed, and that several rings have appeared near the rescued ship. Pass
through the rings and land on the boat.
Mission complete

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you done this FAQ ?
Because I really have enjoyed this game, but I have notice that the language
make the progression difficult for the non-Japanese.

Why do you love this game so much ?
Because this game is original (unfortunately it's very rare today). For example,
do you know lot of games which allow you to fly near a tornado ? Saving people
seems to be a really interesting idea too.

Can I put your FAQ on my website ?
You must ask my authorization before doing that. I would be happy to give it,
ask first. Thanks.

This FAQ is  2002 wellgert. All rights reserved.

Thanks To Ask and Garden for making this game.
Thanks you to have played it.
Special thanks to Bob, the man who winch rescued people. Bob is the REAL
hero in this game : he is out of the chopper ALL THE TIME. He has to support
rain, snow, wind... and your errors when you use the winch (you can hear him
sometime). Thanks to him.