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		マイト    アソド     マジック								
		ディ ・オフ・ザ・デストロイヤー
        Might   and   Magic VIII 
        Day    of   the    Destroyer
Translation guide by wisher21

Table of contents
I.    Intro / comments
II.   Changes/ Popegg support
III.  Menu translations
IV.   Classes / Attributes
V.    Skills
VI.   Spells / Monster Abilities
VII.  Outro / Contact Information
I.  Intro / comments
	Before Might & Magic VIII was ported to the jp ps2, the last game in the
main series to appear on a console was Might & Magic III, almost ten years
previously.  It's a very faithful port of the PC version, with just a few minor
changes.  I would recommend this game only to devoted fans of the series - it's
hard to find, the graphics are dated, and you have to be able to load it.
Still, for those who do really enjoy the series, it's impressive to see it
displayed on a large television while moving around with the ps2 controller.
If only they'd ported VI instead. Anyway,  the sole purpose of this guide is to
translate back to English what was translated in the jp ps2 version.  This only
covers the menus and such, not the dialog of the game, of which there's far too
much to be even remotely feasible.    I assume that you're already familiar with
the game and what needs to be done to advance the plot and progress, if not,
check a full walkthrough.  As far as content, except for the very few places
noted,  the game is exactly the same as the PC version.
II.  Changes / Popegg support

	There are two main ingame differences that I've found.  First, in the very
beginning of the game, there is a short new introductory area.  I believe that
the main purpose of this was to gain familiarity with the controls.  You start
in a stone room, and a Minotaur gives you instructions to avoid the red squares
on the floor and make it to the next room.

 	After you successfully complete this room, you are given instructions to
now follow the red path on the floor.  If you fall off the path, you're returned
to the beginning.  In this third room you encounter a sizeable group of Coatl.
It's best to just run past them to the exit (unless perhaps you're a troll).
After you're outside this tiny dungeon, you'll be on a small island with a large
group of friendly pirates and lizardmen.  There is a boat that will take you to
Dagger Wound Isles for free.  You can't return  once you leave, but as there's
no reason to, set sail.

	The only other change I've found is in the scale of the maps.  Distances
between places on the overworld map are shorter than they are on the PC version.
For instance, on Dagger Wound Isle, it's entirely possible to set sail for
Ravenshore without ever having set foot in the Abandoned Temple- you can jump
onto the water and make it to the island with the boat to Ravenshore before you
drown.  This isn't possible (with a low level party) on the PC version at all.

	The other main difference isn't related to the gameplay, but rather
peripheral support.  There is a little known peripheral for the ps2, the Popegg
printer.  It's a usb printer designed specifically for the ps2.  It comes with
a Printfan software for creating postcards you could send to your friend.
Fairly useless, but a fun novelty if you take the time to track one down.
Anyway, if you press select at any point during the game,  and you have a
Popegg connected, you can print out a picture of the screen.  You have three
choices for the quality of the picture (and how long it takes to print).  The
quality of the picture is decent, but limited by the small size of the paper.

III.   Menu translations
クラス (class)
(to be completed in next version)
IV.   Classes / Attributes

Class names

ナイト	(Knight)
ヴァンパイア	(Vampire)
クレリック	(Cleric)
ダーケエルフ	(Elf)
ドラゴン	(Dragon)
トロール	(Troll)


力 Might
耐久力	Endurance
知性 Intelligence
カリスマ	Personality
器用度	Accuracy
速さ	Speed
運	Luck


V.  Skills

Magic Skills

炎 Fire
風 Air
水 Water
地 Earth
心霊  Spirit
精神 Mind
肉体 Body	
光 Light
闇 Dark

Combat Skills

短剣   Dagger
長剣	 Sword
斧  Axe
槍  Spear
メイス  Mace
杖   Staff	
弓  Bow
レザー  Leather
チェーン   Chain
プレート   Plate
盾  Shield		

Miscellaneous Skills

アイテム鑑定 Identify Item
取引 Merchant
ボディビル Body Building
解 除 Disarm Trap
知覚 Perception
修復 Repair
修練 Arms Master
瞑想 Meditation
モンスター識別 Identify Monster
習得 Learning
錬金術 Alchemy	
再生 Regeneration
VI.   Spells / Monster Abilities

Spell Name Translations

習得レべル (Normal Level)
見習レべル (Expert Level)
達人レべル (Master Level)
賢者レべル (Grandmaster Level)

Fire Magic, Normal Level

トーチライト	Torch Light
ファイアーボルト Fire Bolt
ファイアーレジスタンス Fire Resistance	
ファイアーオーラ Fire Aura

Fire Magic,  Expert Level

ヘイスト Haste
ファーイアーボール Fireball	
ファーイアスパイク Fire Spike

Fire Magic, Master Level

イモレーツヨン Immolation
メテオシャワー Meteor Shower
インフェルノ Inferno

Fire Magic, Grandmaster Level

インシネレイト Incinerate

Air Magic, Normal Level		

ウイザードアイ Wizard Eye
フェザーフォール Feather Fall
エアレジスタンス Air Resistance
スパーク Sparks

Air Magic, Expert Level

ジャンプ Jump
シールド	Shield
ライトニングボルト Lightning Bolt

Air Magic, Master Level

インビジブビリラィ Invisibility
インプロージヨン Implosion
フライ Fly

Air Magic, Grandmaster Level

スターバースト Starburst

Water Magic, Normal Level

アウェイケソ  Awaken
ポイズンスプレー Poison Spray
ウォーターレジスタンス Water Resistance
アイスボルト Ice Bolt

Water Magic, Expert Level

ウォーターウォーク Water Walk
リチャージアイテム Recharge Item
アシッドバースト Acid Burst

Water Magic, Master Level

エンテャントアイテム Enchant Item
タウンポータル Town Portal
アイスブラスト Ice Blast

Water Magic, Grandmaster Level

ロイズビーコン Lloyd's Beacon

Earth Magic, Normal Level

スタン Stun
スロウ Slow
アースレジスタンス Earth Resistance
デッドリースワーム Deadly Swarm

Earth Magic, Expert Level

ストーンスキン Stone Skin
ブレード Blades
ストーントゥフレッツュ Stone to Flesh

Earth Magic, Master Level

ロックブラスト Rock Blast
テレキネシス Telekinesis
デスブロッサム Death Blossom

Earth Magic, Grandmaster Level

マスディストーション Mass Distortion

Spirit Magic, Normal Level

ディテクトライフ Detect Life
ブレス Bless
フェイト Fate
ターンアンデッド Turn Undead

Spirit Magic, Expert Level

リムーブカース Remove Curse
プリザベーツヨン Preservation
ヒロイズム Heroism

Spirit Magic, Master Level

スピリットラッシュ Spirit Lash
レイズデッド Raise Dead
シェアードライブ Shared Life

Spirit Magic, Grandmaster Level

レザレクション Resurrection

Mind Magic, Normal Level

テレパシー Telepathy
リムーブフェア Remove Fear
マインドレジスタンス Mind Resistance
マインドブラスト Mind Blast

Mind Magic, Expert Level

チャーム Charm
キュアパラライズ Cure Paralysis

Mind Magic, Master Level

マスフェア Mass Fear
キュアインサニティー Cure Insanity
サイキックショック Psychic Shock
Mind Magic, Grandmaster Level

エンスレイブ Enslave

Body Magic, Normal Level

キュアウイークネス Cure Weakness
ヒール Heal
ボディレジスタンス Body Resistance
ハーム Harm

Body Magic, Expert Level

リジェネレーション Regeneration
キュアポイズン Cure Poison
ハンマーハンド Hammerhands

Body Magic, Master Level

キュアディジーズ Cure Disease
プロテクションフロムマジック Protection From Magic
フライングフィスト Flying Fist

Body Magic, Grandmaster Level

パワーキュア Power Cure

Light Magic, Normal Level

ライトボルト Light Bolt
デストロイアンデッド Destroy Undead
ディスペルマジック Dispel Magic
パラライズ Paralyze

Light Magic, Expert Level

サモンエレメンタル Summmon Elemental
ディ オブザゴッド Day of the Gods

Light Magic, Master Level

プリズマチックライト Prismatic Light
ディ オブプロテクション Day of Protection
アワーオブパワー Hour of Power
サンレイ Sunray

Light Magic, Grandmaster Level

ヂバインインターベーツョン Divine Intervention

Dark Magic, Normal Level

リアニメート Reanimate
トキツッククラウド Toxic Cloud
ヴァンピリックウエポン Vampiric Weapon
ツュランキングレィ Shrinking Ray

Dark Magic, Expert Level

ツュラップメタル Shrapmetal
コントロールアンデッド Contrl Undead
ペインリフレクション Pain Reflection

Dark Magic, Master Level

ダークグラスプ Dark Grasp
ドラゴンブレス Dragon Breath
ハルマゲドン Armageddon

Dark Magic, Grandmaster Level

ソウルドリンカー Souldrinker

Monster Abilities

Dark Elf Skills

グラマー Glamour

トラベラーズブーン Traveler's Boon

ブラインド Blind

ダークファイアーボルト Darkfire Bolt

Vampire Skills

ライフドレーン Lifedrain

レビテイト Levitate

チャーム Charm

ミストフォーム Mistform

Dragon Skills

フェア Fear

フレームブラスト Flame Blast

フライト Flight

フィングバフィット Wing Buffet
VII.  Outro / Contact Information

Well, I wonder whether or not this guide will be of use to anyone other than
myself; I took on this project mainly so I could more easily play through the
game.  The only site that currently has permission to host this guide is  However, I'm very likely to grant permission to host this guide,
especially given its very limited audience, to anyone who asks.  Still, I ask
that you do seek permission before you host this guide on your site.  Finally,
for anyone who actually has this version of the game and used this guide,
I'd love to hear about it.
contact me at