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Nippon Sumo Kyokai Kounin
Nippon Oozumou Honbasho Gekitouhen
Japan Sumo
For PS2
MAR 2003

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Table of Contents
1.0     Introduction
2.0     Start Menu
3.0     Controls
4.0     Sumo Stats
5.0     Sumo Icon Symbols

A game that only die hard Sumo fans would enjoy. If you've ever been to a sumo
tournament in Japan and enjoyed it then this game may be for you. This game is
Very Heavy on the Japanese, this FAQ is far from complete and I think I reached
my limit on being able to translate it any further. I've been to about 6 sumo
tournaments in Japan and I think this game does a pretty good job in trying to
capture the sumo ambiance.

This FAQ may contain mistakes and misinterpretations of the game, when you find
them please contact me so that I can correct and update this FAQ. Also, please
send additional information about the game that you feel should be included in
this FAQ.

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On initial start game asks where to save game data >Mem card 1 or Mem card 2
Confirm save location (yes/no)>Game begins>Press start button to continue or
watch demo

Start Menu ("O" select)
1. Honbasho (15-Day Tournament)>
2. VS/COM/2P Game Mode>
3. 100 Fights vs Computer
4. Tutorial
5. Game Options

Select AI level (Hard/Normal/Weak)
Select 1P
Press "O" to continue
Tournament Options Screen
Sumo Walk-in Ceremony (No- 3 JN characters / Yes - 2 JN Characters)
Champion Stage Ceremony (No- 3 JN characters / Yes - 2 JN Characters)
Press "O" to continue
Tournament Board
-Left/Right arrow to move on board
-"O" Select Fight (Watch Fight/Quick Result)
-"^" 1P's Fight
-"[]" Last Fight
After last fight press "O" to continue to Tournament Result Screen

Tournament Result Screen
Today's Results/Next Day's Match-up/????/Next Day

- "L1/R1" ????
- "O" ????

Next Day
>Next Day>Goes to Tournament Options Screen
>Return to Start Menu  (Yes/No)

End of Tournament
Tournament Trophy Screen (1st,2nd,3rd place results)
Press "O" to continue
Points Screen / Tournament Standing / Tournament Record / Options

- End
- Save

Select 1P vs COM / COM vs 1P / 1P vs 2P
Select Normal / Average
Select 1P
Select 2P
Adjust 1P Sumo data
Adjust 2P Sumo data
Select Location> Fight
After Fight Options
>Repeat Fight
>Fight Record
>Switch Sides
>Return to Start Menu (Yes/No)
>Select Different sumo players (Yes/No)

Select AI level (Hard/Normal/Weak)
Select 1P vs COM or COM vs 1P (pick side of screen)
Select 1P > Fight for 100 wins or lose (press start for Options)
Options>Return to fight/Command list/List of winnings/Return to Start Menu

Select sumo character (1P) for Tutorial
1. Step by step practice and lesson
   a. Tutorial on Sumo Moves
   >>Press "O" to advance, complete each lesson
   >>>Repeat//Quit//Next Lesson
   b. Learn about Sumo
2. Practice mode
   a. Practice certain moves>Select move
   >>Select move>(4 Options)
   >>>Select move
   >>>Repeat move
   >>>Tutorial(Lesson#/Free Play??/Return to Start Menu (Yes/No))
   >>>Return to Start Menu (Yes/No)
   b. Free Play??>Fight
   >>Select move>(4 Options)
   >>>Select move
   >>>Repeat move
   >>>Tutorial(Lesson#/Free Play??/Return to Start Menu (Yes/No))
   >>>Return to Start Menu (Yes/No)
3. Return to Start Menu (Yes/No)

Note: Pressing Start button during fight open a menu
- Return to fight
- Restart fight
- Demonstration mode (pick a move press "^" to view)
- Change your Stats (Stamina,????,return to default)
- Change COM Stats
- Go to Practice Mode
- Return to Start Menu

Game Options screen
Save // Load
Change Belt color and Sumo Data // Sound,Control,AI options
Player record


Left stick controls direction
Right stick controls balance
R3 activates basic attack (throws/reversals/slapping)
L1 Grab Belt from outside
L2 Grab Belt from inside
R1 Grab Belt from outside
R2 Grab Belt from inside

Control Arrows for sumo moves
Red Arrow - Full movement of stick
Blue Arrow - Half/Partial movement of stick
Yellow Arrow - ????
Green Arrow - Press R3


Leg move


White Kanji with Red background - Reversal
White Kanji on Black background - Continuous
Sweat in Blue background - Resist Attack
!! in Yellow background - Surprise
Tired face blowing smoke (Purple) - Stamina <30% remain
Boiling pot - Nothing happening
Green Arrows indicate
Double Circles - Success
Triangle - No Resistance
X - Attempt failed