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How do I get past (Dry Land)?

I'm stuck at the red gate, Leomon told me that you can dismantle it but i can't find out hot to dismantle it.How do i dismantle it and get past it?

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Burst_Stream answered:

you must activate a switch near the entrance to Grief Wasteland where the metal platforms are then head back to the beggining of Mummy Desert when you get to the road split in the beggining of the area head right and you should encounter a Black tower that generates some scorpion looking digimon head farther right and you should reach a metal platform with 2 guns guarding the area simply destroy the area head right and you should find the entrance to the storm train. In the storm train you must make the train turn in these directions:
Up, Up, Right, Up, Right, Left if you here some sort of alarm you went the right way you must hit a the pole that makes the alarm sound(there are more than one) but if you fail to hit one the train will stop and a big weight will fall on you then you'll have to restart. When you get past that you'll arrive in the Power Plant destroy all of the thingys making electricity then head to the portal. Get back to Mummy Desert to Grief Wasteland then Station X when you get past the gate the thing that binds and kills you should gone
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Gamer_X27 answered:

If you mean the gate that has electrichty that stops you then you find this trolly thing somewhere else in dryland and find the right way to the power station and destroy all the yellow plug things, hope that helps.
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digiomegamon answered:

You must go back to where you started after hitting a switch(not moving on yet)and turn right,you can skip the little mecha rogues and jump on to the platform and destroy the turrets,after that you can enter the storm train,once there you must destroy the bulbs,then teleport back.Go to the red gate again and this time it should not stop you.(To get past the storm train you can check one of the guides)
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