Question from Darkdramon_CM

Can i get imperialdramon PM?

How to get Imperialdramon PM? and can i get the imperialdramon PM with using my weregarurumon X? and i must do the side quest on level (how much)?

Nb: Sorry for my bad english. ^^


rizegreymon33 answered:

Finish all sidequests (9 in total) to unlock the Wormhole dungeon sidequest, finish it and you will get I-Dramon PM.
Note: do this on Very Hard mode.
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Master_Terry answered:

Summoning of Gekomons and Legendary Colisseum aren't necessary for getting into wormhole or for anything else. Just the 7 other quests must be done.
Also not that you need to get a reward from all of these 7 quests. This can cause some trouble in item retrieve and trader hall.
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