Question from ShadowAkuma

How do i equipt other weapons?

New to the game, dont know how to switch weapons from starter ones, any help is appreciated.


ViciadoJogos answered:

Get a weapon, have enought tech points and go to the digilab and change it
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RexatFCC answered:

First make sure you have enough tech to use it, then go to the digi- elf and have her change it. to get to her take the left exit to the cental area where you save/bank/data keeper/card collector is located. jump up on to the platform thats on the left side between the bank and data keeper digi-elves.
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EmperorSora answered:

Get that specific weapons tech points up.
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ntb4 answered:

Go to the digi lab central ar ea across from the bank and go to weapons when she asks you to change your equips. All you have to do is select equip weapon unit and choose the weapon you want, make sure you have enough tech points in that skill (look on the weapon description).
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sparo1 answered:

U must do teach to ur wepon meening that u have to kill monster with a specific wepon so may have a specific teach to change ur wepon so get ur wepon go to digi lap and change it its that easy
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cdbum answered:

You select the weapon you want to exchange with your current one and select it.
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