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Mp tech list for all digimon?

can someone give a chart or link to a chart for mp techs for all digimon. If Terry answers this can you give the link to your chart i tried your zetaboards link in one of your signatures on a post and it didnt work. thank you

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Thank you terry can you give the correct zetaboards adress i would really apreciate this. and if you see this before you see my second board post one the "test purposes" topic i need help with a small switch and bridge problem ine the station x area. thank you

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Well thank you for the list anyway

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Master_Terry answered:

Uh, I don't wanna post that ***long list with numbers here, so I'll write one outta my head. Excuse me if some contain minor mistakes.

Agu: Fire, Cutter, Bomb - Heal Light - Power Up, Resist
Doru: Ice, Dark, Venom - Heal Light - Bind, Freeze
Vee: Bolt, Impact - Heal Light - Freeze, Resist, Bind
Guil: Fire, Dark, Bomb - Heal Light - Power Down, Power Up
Wargrey: Impact - Heal Aura, Cure Light - Sleep, Resist, Power Up
H-Kabu: Bolt, Venom - Heal Light, Cure Aura - Bind, Sleep
ClAnge: Ice, Bolt, Cutter - Heal Aura, Cure Aura, Raise
Were: Ice, Impact - Heal Light, Cure Light - Speed, Power Up
M-Garuru: Ice - Heal Light, Cure Light - Resist, Speed, Power Down
Beelze: Venom - Heal Light, Cure Light - Bind, Freeze, Power Down
Alpha: Dark, Cutter - Heal Light, Cure Light - Freeze, Speed
BkWar: Dark - Heal Light, Cure Light, Raise - Power Up, Speed
Susano: Fire, Impact - Heal Light, Cure Light - Resist, Speed
FM: Bolt, Cutter, Bomb - Heal Aura, Cure Light - Sleep
Gallant: Fire, Bomb - Heal Light, Cure Light - Freeze, Power Down
PM: Venom - Heal Aura, Cure Aura, Raise - Power Down, Sleep

I tried to list them in order, but not sure if I managed to, especially with the force techs.
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Master_Terry answered:

The Digimon Zetaboards don't exist anymore. I deleted them.
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