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Where can I find Blaster Gun Gamma (Y)?

I'm trying to get all the Digivolutions. Right now, I'm on the Item Retrieve/Dungeon of Doom, and i need a Blaster Gun Gamma (Gamma is the one that looks like Y). I don't just happen to have one in my bank like i did for the thing i needed for the Hard mode Digivolution. I have every other kind of Blaster Gun. I can't find one in any mode or in the shop. Not even in my level 44 friend's shop If you can tell me the specific dungeon and mode where I can find it, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Oh, and if you could tell me how to get the item I need to give as a tribute for the card retrieve quest, I believe it is Defense Rom Delta, that would be helpful.

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To paladin_breaker: I will try that, and accept your answer if I find it there. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, I'm level 110 and on very hard mode, so no worries there :P. And my other highest level friend is around 45 I think, so that wouldn't work. Anyway, if it works, thanks in advance! I'll try it in about an hour.

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Hmm... nope. I had already spent a lot of time there, but after last night, either I have terrible luck, or they can't be found there. Or maybe I didn't search a spot thoroughly enough. If you still think they are there, could you be more specific?

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Ok, after a total of EASILY 5 hours, I found a Blaster Gun Gamma in Dread Bridge, which technically is in Venom Jungle. So I guess you were right. I would really be more specific next time... anyway If nobody tells me where i can get a Defense Rom Delta in a few days, I will pick your answer as the right one (doubt paladin_breaker will actually read this, but this is somewhat of a message directed at him, but for everyone, if you know what I'm saying).

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I think some enemies drop it in venom jungle hard mode. anyway, I'd just wait till roughly level 80 then go there in 2 player mode with player 1 being that level. The shop should sell it then.
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