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##### ##### #####  ##### #   # #####  #     ##### ####
#   # #   # #        #   #   # #      #     #   # #   #
##### ####  #        #   ##### ####   #     ##### #   #
#   # #  #  #        #   #   # #      #     #   # #   #
#   # #   # #####    #   #   # #####  ##### #   # ####

##### # # # # #     # ##### #   # #####     ##### #####
  #   # # # # #     # #     #   #   #       #   # #
  #   # # # # #     # # ### #####   #       #   # ###
  #   # # # # #     # #   # #   #   #       #   # #
  #    # #  # ##### # ##### #   #   #       ##### #

##### #   # #####     ##### ##### # ##### # ##### #####
  #   #   # #         #     #   # # #   # #   #   #
  #   ##### ###       ##### ####  # ####  #   #   #####
  #   #   # #             # #     # #  #  #   #       #
  #   #   # #####     ##### #     # #   # #   #   #####

                     GAME SCRIPT
             By: Shotgunnova (P. Summers)

Authorization Notice:

Text herein may not be reproduced, edited, hosted, or profited
from without express written permission from the author. Failure
to comply with this notice is a violation of copyright laws.

Also, plagiarizers are cretins. :D

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Version History

6-11-05 - Chapter One (Kharg) documented.
6-12-05 - Chapter One (Darc) documented.
6-18-05 - Chapter Two (Kharg) documented.
7-14-05 - Chapter Two (Darc) documented. (Don't call me lazy...)
7-17-05 - Chapter Three (Kharg) documented.
7-18-05 - Chapter Three (Darc) documented.
7-19-05 - Chapter Four (Kharg) documented.
7-19-05 - Chapter Four (Darc) documented.
7-20-05 - Chapter Five (Kharg) documented.
7-24-05 - Chapter Six (Kharg) documented.
7-25-05 - Chapter Six (Kharg/Darc) documented.
7-25-05 - Closing and Thanks added.

1-12-06 - Updated guide to get rid of all the
          nasty spaces that augmented the file's
          size, and corrected grammatical errors
          as I went along.


Notes about the Script

-Repetitive text-box dialogue is merged into one speech prompt.

-Cutscene dialogue has also been merged into one speech prompt.

-Cutscene dialogue has no label to say who is speaking, so Iíve

 added in that part (i.e. Kharg, Nafia, etc.)

-Names are not referred to by their real names unless someone
 refers to them in-game as their real names. In simpler terms,
 Kharg, for instance, isnít ďKhargĒ until someone has called
 him that in dialogue.

-Targets or locations that are highlighted in dialogue are
 bracketed in the script.

-Most silences (...) that are overly long are usually a result
 of two text boxes formed together. Just look at that as a
 exceptionally long pause.

-Some clarification prompts have been added to show what would
 be obvious visually (i.e. ďto PauletteĒ, ďtaken abackĒ). They
 usually follow movements the characters do, like contorting

 their face to show sadness, happiness, etc.

-In order to progress the storyline, events that have options
 are taken in a positive direction. For instance, in order to
 open up the Yewbell Castle Gate, you need to talk to a little
 kid outside of the bar. In this guide, that non-mandatory
 event is crafted into the storyline so that the guide is more

-Spelling and punctuation errors have been changed into what they
 were originally intended to be. Considering there arenít many
 errors except for pluralization (Great Spirit Stone) and maybe
 a grammatical misstep (dispair), the script itself isnít very
 different; at least, not in the sense that the meaning would be
 changed, anyway.

Table of Contents

Search for the bracketed letters to immediately go to that chapter.
Example: [KC1]

1) Kharg, Chapter 1: The First Battle [KC1]
2) Darc, Chapter 1: Awakening [DC1]
3) Kharg, Chapter 2: Setting Out [KC2]
4) Darc, Chapter 2: Ambition [DC2]
5) Kharg, Chapter 3: Conflict [KC3]
6) Darc, Chapter 3: Love and Hate [DC3]
7) Kharg, Chapter 4: Rage [KC4]
8) Darc, Chapter 4: Reunion [DC4]
9) Kharg, Chapter 5: Truth [KC5]
10) Darc, Chapter 5: Evolution [DC5]
11) Kharg, Chapter 6: Rivalry [KC6]
12) Kharg & Darc, Chapter 6: The Final Battle [KD6]
13) Additional Information / Closing
14) Contributorsí Credit [CC1]
15) Thanks

##Kharg, Chapter 1: The First Battle [KC1]##


The ďNEW GAMEĒ option opens a cutscene to where a beautiful girl playing
a lyre. Tiny animals gather around her as she plays the melodious tones.
She sits on a fountain and is absorbed in her music...until she hears a
sound in the distance behind her. She leaps up and turns around, sending
the birds flying off.

An airship convoy is steadily approaching in the distance--four smaller
airships on either side of the fifth, a flying warship.

Girl:  Let the spirits guide me...

The girl takes off running but stops. Sheís left her lyre sitting on the
fountain, so she runs back to get it. The cutscene ends with her running
off into the distance.


A cutscene of a town is now shown, complete with wandering citizens and a
few windmills. The town looks like the typical backwoods town, but this
looks a bit modernized. Even so, itís still fairly small. Only one road
passes through the town, curving around a few establishments, then up and
around them. It stops at a gate, and that is where we find a sparring
about to ensue.


Young Man: Alright. Ready?

Young Man: Letís go, Lloyd.

Young Woman: Kharg, you can do it.

Lloyd: Alright, letís begin!

[The two men clash their swords around, before deadlocking them.]

Lloyd: Youíre showing a lot of improvement.

Kharg: Hey, hang on! Weíre not finished yet.

[The two step back to regain their poise, before jumping back into battle
once again. Kharg knocks Lloydís sword out of his hand and into the air.]

Kharg: Howís that?

Lloyd: Nnf, well done.

[The cutscene ends with the sword falling blade-down into the dirt.]

Paulette: That was fantastic, Kharg! Really great!

Lloyd: Eh? What kind of person is so happy to see their father lose?
       (He turns to Kharg.) But you certainly took me by surprise!
       Youíve improved so much and almost without me noticing.

Kharg: Ha ha! You donít think that youíre just getting slower? You should
       be retiring as Commander of the Defense Corps soon, shouldnít you?

Lloyd: As soon as youíre ready to protect this country, Iíll be glad to
       hand it over. Thatís why Iíve been teaching you to handle a sword
       all these years.

Paulette: Ha, ha. (She picks up Lloydís sword.) Thatís what you tell him
          but you started practicing even harder when you knew you would be
          challenging Kharg. As if you were trying to make sure you wouldnít

Lloyd: Paulette! You must address him as ĎLord Khargí! It doesnít matter
       that youíve been friends since you were both young. Iím always
       telling you not to be too familiar!

Kharg: Donít worry about it. The monarchy was abolished ages ago, and
       Pauletteís a year older than me, anyway.

Lloyd: It doesnít matter whether the monarchy exists or not. Our
       responsibility to protect the royal family of Nidellia doesnít

[Lloyd breaks the conversation and walks behind Kharg, stopping to talk to

Lloyd: I hope youíve been practicing like Iíve been telling you.

Paulette: Father, of course Iíve been practicing!

Lloyd: Youíre not as skilled as Lord Kharg, even though it is your duty to
       protect him. That wonít do!

Paulette: OK, OK.

[No sooner has Paulette returned her fatherís sword back to him than a
stocky, middle-aged man in cargo pants and a t-shirt comes up the road.
He wears leather boots and gloves, suggesting that he works in some kind
of hands-on job. His hair is combed back and he has a semi-thin mustache.
He looks eager to talk to Lloyd.]

Banjo: Commander, could I have a minute? Somethingís been troubling me...

Lloyd: Hmm? Whatís up, Banjo?

[Lloyd walks away from Paulette and Kharg, leaving the two to talk to

Paulette: I wonder whatís happened?

Kharg: Letís go and find out.

[Kharg and Paulette go and talk to Banjo; Lloyd is listening intently.]

Banjo: Ah, Lord Kharg. I was just telling Commander Lloyd... A short
       while ago I saw a suspicious old man on Scrappe Plateau.

Kharg: Suspicious?

Banjo: Yes. He wasnít from this country. He was muttering to himself and
       seemed to be wandering around looking for something. He was pretty
       creepy, so I didnít speak to him, but itís been worrying me.

Lloyd: I canít imagine thereís anything around there he could be looking

Kharg: Iíll go and take a look. One old manís not something to get the
       whole Defense Corps out for.

Lloyd: Hmm...Very well. Weíll check it out. Thank you. Itís not much, but
       maybe this money will help you prepare, Kharg.

[Kharg acquires 200 G from Lloyd.]

Lloyd: Paulette, you go, too. But, donít get it Lord Khargís way.

Paulette: OK.

Banjo: Right, Iíll be getting back, then.

[Banjo walks away.]

Paulette: OK. Iíll come along with you, then, Lord Kharg.

Kharg: Hey, donít call me that. I feel so awkward when youíre that

Paulette: Hey!

Kharg: Ha ha ha.

Paulette: But...I really donít mind, you know. Iíll call you ďLord
          KhargĒ if you like.

Kharg: You know you donít need to. Just because Iím the son of the
       old royal family...The people of Yewbell all treat me with
       great care and respect. Itís not that I donít appreciate it,
       but Iíd like at least you to treat me normally.

Paulette: Hmm...Ok then, Kharg.

Kharg: Right, letís get going.

Paulette: Wait a minute. Shouldnít we let Lady Nafia know where weíre
          going? Otherwise, she wonít know where we are if something
          happens. Sheís at home, isnít she?

Kharg: I think so. But...I donít think itís necessary to tell my mother

[Kharg and Paulette go to Khargís house to see Lady Nafia. A quick scan
of the household shows that sheís not home.]

Kharg: Huh? Motherís not here...?

ď.....I.....the wind.....Ē

Kharg: ...Did you just hear someone talking?

Paulette: Yes...But, I couldnít make out what it was saying. Maybe, it was
          Lady Nafia?

Kharg: Oh, well...Maybe Motherís in her room. Come on.

Paulette: Iíll wait here. Thereís no way I can go inside Lady Nafiaís

Kharg: Very well.

[Kharg goes into his motherís bedroom. He looks around and sees that sheís
not there.]

Kharg: No. Not here, either...

[A sparkling object on Lady Nafiaís bookcase catches Khargís eye.]

Kharg: Huh...? Whatís that shining...?

[Kharg goes over to inspect the object. It shines a pale blue-green light
onto his face. It resonates as he looks at it.]

Kharg: Whatís this...? A stone...? Huh...?!

[Suddenly, Kharg looks around, sensing something in the room with him.
Out of a shining sphere of light, A floating blue creature appears. It is
almost a miniature humanoid, but it has a tail and carries a pointy staff
of some sort. Itís pear-shaped and has long beard, which makes it look

Spirit: .....I am......the Spirit.....of the Wind.....

Kharg: S-spirit...?!

Spirit: ......For aeons......countless aeons.....A new.....Age of union.....

        ......Listen my voice......

[The Spirit disappears as the last words are spoken.]

Kharg: What was that...?

Kharg: A ďSpirit,Ē huh...? Yes...They were in the stories Mother used to tell


The flashback cutscene has a young Kharg sitting on his bed, while Lady
Nafia is reading from a storybook. Kharg listens absorbedly as his mother

Lady Nafia: (reading) Long, long ago, people live in peace with the Spirits.
            But a Divine Ruler with an evil power appeared, and he used the 
            power of science to try to rule the world. However, many brave 
            people stood up to the ruler. Borrowing the power of the Spirits, 
            they defeated the evil ruler and they sealed his body inside an 

[Nafia stops reading for a moment.]

Lady Nafia: Do you know what an ark is? Itís like a box that holds
            mysterious power.

Young Kharg: the bad guys always lose, right?

Lady Nafia: Well, the Divine Ruler came back to life thousands of years
            later to take his revenge for being imprisoned for so long.

Young Kharg: Really...? So then what happened?

Lady Nafia: (reading) Coming back to life and escaping from the ark, the
Divine Ruler had taken a strange form, one never before seen on this world.
And then he tried to destroy the world. However, there appeared a Great
Hero and Holy Mother who carried on the will of all those brave souls of the
past. It was a long and fierce battle, but in the end they defeated the Divine
Ruler and sealed him in an ark once more. However, as a result of all this, the
world was badly scarred, and the Spirits disappeared form the world. But
something else appeared, beings called ďDeimosĒ. Humans and Deimos loathed each
other and this led to fierce confrontation. In time, the world was divided in
two, with humans living in one half, and Deimos in the other. And
eventually it became strictly forbidden for humans and Deimos to associate
with each other.

[The flashback ends.]

Kharg: Funny how I remembered all that. But, I wonder...was that really a
       Spirit just now? Why would it suddenly appear to me...?

[Kharg runs back to Paulette, who is still waiting at front door.]

Paulette: Did you find Lady Nafia...?

Kharg: No. She must have gone out. Sometimes she goes off on her own

Paulette: So, that voice just now was just your imagination.

Kharg: No. That was...That was a Spirit.

Paulette: What?

Kharg: The Spirit of the Wind...

Paulette: A Spirit! Like the ones in folktales and legends?

Kharg: Yeah...

Paulette: Are you all right, Kharg? You sure you didnít see it in a
          dream? There havenít been any Spirits around for years and

Kharg: Yeah...

Paulette: And, in any case, they only used to show themselves to chosen

Kharg: Really...? I guess it must have just been an illusion. But...

Paulette: Come on, then. If Lady Nafia isnít around, then we should hurry
          to [Scrappe Plateau].

Kharg: ...Yes. Letís go.

[The two exit Yewbell and head to the nearby Scrappe Plateau. It looks like
an abandoned outpost, with rusted-over garages and metal beams sticking out
and over mesh gates and overhead scaffolding. An old man is being harassed
by animals that resemble kangaroo rats when the screen becomes fixed. The
old man wears an odd turtleneck-type shawl and he carries a walking stick.
His mustache and hair are very grayed, and he wears goggles with opaque
orange lenses on his eyes. He carries himself well and has a good posture.]

Caped Old Man: G-get away from me!

[One of the animals jumps forward and kicks him in the back.]

Caped Old Man: That hurts...! Get off! Where did you all spring from?

[One of the other animals encircling the old man kicks him in the back.]

Caped Old Man: Uh! Unh...! Someone help me! Damn it! Unreasonable little

[Another monster kicks the old man. Paulette and Kharg appear and see the
old man being attacked.]

Paulette: Kharg! What should we do?! There are so many of those Suskle

[Khargís left hand touches a mark on his right shoulder.]

Kharg: We canít stand by and let him be killed. Weíve got to help him!

[The two run towards the monsters, weapons drawn.]

Kharg: Weíll take care of this! Go and hide somewhere safe!

Caped Old Man: I donít know who you are, but thank you!

[A battle takes place, and soon Kharg and Paulette have slain all of
the Suskle Squirrels.]



Kharg: You can get a little bit more distance with your weapon than I

       can, Paulette. You should be able to fight from a good position!

Paulette: Yes. Iíll be sure to keep my weaponís range in mind. [You

          can check your range by pressing and holding the R1 button].


Kharg: My power just reache its max! My energy is at its peak! These
       monsters donít stand a chance now!

Paulette: All right! When thereís an aura around you, like there is now
          target an enemy in my attack range. That way, we can make a
          joint attack!

Kharg: All right. Weíll work together to defeat the enemy!


Paulette: Look, the enemy dropped something! Maybe itís something we can

Kharg: Yeah. Letís pick it up now, while we still can. [Use the ĎPick Upí
       command to pick it up.]


[After the battle, the Caped Old Man approaches.]

Caped Old Man: You can really fight. Thank you.

Kharg: I am Kharg of Yewbell. What are you doing in these ruins?

Caped Old Man: These arenít just ruins. Theyíre the remains of an
               ancient civilization. Iím just exploring in case thereís
               anything of value here.

Kharg: Exploring...? What exactly is it that you do?

Caped Old Man? (shocked) What? Donít you know who I am? I guess not.
               Youíll be amazed.

[The old man walks sideways to the two and stares away from them.]

Caped Old Man: Iím the one who travels the far reaches of the world...
               in search of treasures left by those of ages past. The
               one and only...

[He suddenly faces the two.]

Caped Old Man: Zev!

Kharg: Never heard of you.

Zev: ............Well, I guess around here itís possible you havenít.

[He approaches Kharg.]

Zev: By the way...Whatís that mark on your arm?

Kharg: What, this? Donít worry, I didnít get that in the fight just now.
       Iíve had it since I was born.

Zev: Since you were born...?

Kharg: Itís a strange shape, isnít it. But itís just a birthmark.

Zev: ......

Paulette: Iíve noticed you always touch it when youíre under pressure
          or worried. You were touching it when you were fighting those
          Suskle Squirrels.

Kharg: (to Paulette) I feel like Iím under the microscope!

Kharg: So then, Zev. What are you going to do now?

Zev: Well, Iíll probably explore around here a bit more.

Kharg: Really...? I donít think thereís anything to find.

Zev: Iím sure thereís something in this country thatíll be worth my time.

Kharg: All right. Weíll head back now. Take care.

Zev: Thank you.

[He walks away.]

Kharg: (to Paulette) Right, letís get back and report to [Lloyd].

Paulette: Yes.

[The two arrive back in Yewbell and ask Duncan where Lloyd is. He tells
them that Lloyd was called to Lady Nafiaís house. When the two arrive,
Lady Nafia and Lloyd are talking quietly in the kitchen.]

Nafia: People donít live there anymore, just monsters. Itís a dangerous
       place. I hope everythingís all right.

Lloyd: Yes...There have been reports from the last mining expedition of
       [Deimos]-like creatures there.

Nafia: (taken aback) D-deimos...?!

Lloyd: Yes. So, Iíve sent some people to investigate.

Nafia: I see...

[Meanwhile, back in the doorway...]

Kharg: (to himself) Deimos? What are you two talking about?

[Kharg goes to Nafia and Lloyd.]

Nafia: Come in, Kharg.

Lloyd: Ah, Kharg. How was it on Scrappe Plateau?

Kharg: There was a pretty strange old man there, but he said he was an
       explorer. He didnít seem too suspicious. I donít think thereís
       anything to worry about.

Lloyd: I see...Thank you.

Kharg: But never mind that. What were you two just talking about?
       Something about Deimos?

Lloyd: Yes...The workers who mine [Spirit Stones] at Plumb Canyon arenít
       back yet. We were expecting them back some time ago now. And,
       there are reports that Deimos have been spotted in the area. Iím
       worried something may have happened to them.

Kharg: The Deimos are just creatures that talk and use tools. Theyíre
       nothing more than overgrown monsters. Iím sure theyíre no match
       for humans!

Lloyd: Hope youíre right. But, now that Ragnoth is split east and west,
       between humans and Deimos, thereís hardly any contact between the
       two. We donít know what the Deimos are like now.

Lloyd: Lady Nafia, I will go and assess the situation myself.

Nafia: Thank you.

[Lloyd exits.]

Kharg: Mother, I beat Lloyd in a duel for the first time. And, I managed
       to defeat a whole group of Suskle Squirrels at Scrappe Plateau.
       Iím good enough now. If the occasion should ever arise, Iíll join
       the Defense Corps and defend this country. Whether itís monsters or
       Deimos, I wonít stand for anyone disturbing the peace in this land.

Nafia: (downcast) Yes.........

Kharg: Whatís wrong? Youíre acting a little strange.

Nafia: Oh, itís nothing. I just donít feel very well.

Kharg: You have to take care of yourself. Itís dangerous wandering off
       outside of Yewbell.

Nafia: Donít worry, Iíll be all right.

Kharg: Alright. Well, Iím off to ask [Banjo] at the [refinery] how many
       Spirit Stones we have left. With the Plumb Canyon miners being
       late, Iím worried we wonít have enough energy.

[Kharg goes to the refinery at the other end of town, entering the
refinery with Paulette.]

Banjo: Ah, Lord Kharg! And Paulette, too! What are you two doing in this
       dirty old place?

Kharg: I heard that the mine workers arenít back yet. So, I was wondering

       if weíve got enough Spirit Stones to last us?

Banjo: No need to worry. Since we found the deposits in Plumb Canyon...
       weíve built up a good reserve of stones. Thereís plenty of stock

Kharg: Really? Thatís great.

Banjo: But...there is a lingering worry I have.

Kharg: What is it?

Banjo: Well, the Spirit Stonesíve been a great new resource of energy,
       ever since our other natural resources were exhausted. Itís good
       that weíve found the deposits in Plumb Canyon. But, itís not an
       infinite resource. One day itíll run out. And when it does, we
       donít have any other energy source to fall back on. What will
       become of the country when that happens?

Paulette: Youíre quite right...And just when everything was starting
          to get better...

Banjo: I donít want to go back to the days when we were such a poor

Kharg: Come on, you two! Stop being so negative. Right now, we just have
       to make sure we use the Spirit Stones we have wisely.

Banjo: ...Youíre right. The most important thing now is to develop
       the country. Weíll probably find another deposit of Spirit Stones
       in the meantime.

Kharg: Exactly. At the moment, everythingís looking all right. Come on,
       then, Paulette. Letís go.

[The two go outside, but at the top of the stairs that lead into the town
square, they see something odd.]

Kharg: Huh...?!

[Lloyd comes into town, helping a wounded man hobble into town. The
injured man is under Lloydís right arm and is nearly bent over.]

Lloyd: Someone give me a hand!

[At the square...]

Paulette: Itís Father! With Morth!

Kharg: Looks like heís injured! Come on!

[The two run to the town entrance.]

Kharg: Lloyd!

Lloyd: I found him injured over in the forest. It seems like the Deimos
       have attacked the miners in Plumb Canyon, as we feared.

Morth: Iím sorry...Lord Kharg...Iím Defense Corps, and...

Kharg: Donít worry. First weíve got to get you treated. Letís get you to
       my house.

Lloyd: Paulette, summon the rest of the Defense Corps! They might still
       be fighting back at the mine!

Paulette: OK!

[Morth is taken to Khargís house, and the scene cuts to later on in the
day. Kharg is sitting in a wooden chair by himself.]

Kharg: Whatís taking so long...? Itís not fair, shutting me out of

[The door closes, and Kharg sees Paulette in the doorway.]

Paulette: Howís Morth doing?

Kharg: Motherís treating him now in her room.

Paulette: I see...

[Paulette walks to the kitchen and stands there.]

Paulette: I hope itís not serious?

Kharg: No, Morth is no weakling. But...Iím surprised the Deimos are
       strong enough to take down one of the Defense Corps...

Paulette: Yeah...Itís worrisome not knowing what theyíre like.

[Lloyd emerges from Nafiaís bedroom with Nafia herself following behind
him. Kharg gets up to meet them.]

Kharg: Mother, howís Morth...?

Nafia: No need to worry, itís not life-threatening. Heís resting now.

Paulette: Thank goodness...

Lloyd: Paulette, did you summon the Defense Corps?

Paulette: Yes, theyíre all waiting in the square. Ready for your...For
          the Commanderís orders.

Lloyd: Right.

Kharg: (scowling) Letís show them...Letís show those Deimos how strong
       we humans are...!

Nafia: (sidelong glance to Lloyd) Lloyd...What we were just talking about...

Lloyd: I understand, Lady Nafia.

[Lloyd turns to his daughter.]

Lloyd: Paulette, letís go!

Kharg: Mother, Iím going, too. Iíll show those Deimos!

[Kharg starts to walk towards the door.]

Nafia: Kharg, you must stay here.

Kharg: What?!

Nafia: You canít go to Plumb Canyon.

Kharg: Why not?! Weíve got to get back Plumb Canyon and the Spirit Stones.
       Banjo said so. If we donít have them, thereís no other source of

Nafia: You should leave that to Lloyd and the Defense Corps. The way
       youíre feeling now, youíd just be fighting on feelings of anger
       and hatred. (motherly) Listen to me. Hatred just breeds more
       hatred, and the result is misery. It can only lead to a world
       without hope. A world shrouded in darkness.

Kharg: (scowling) So, even though the people of the city are being
       attacked by the Deimos right now...Youíre saying I should just
       stay here and do nothing? Didnít you teach me that as a member
       of the Nidellia family I must be brave...and always remember my
       responsibility to the people?! Iím sorry mother, but I am going.

[Kharg leaves his saddened mother and goes outside. As he reaches the
square, he sees the eight-member Defense Corps waiting for Lloydís
word to leave.]

Lloyd: Weíre going to help the miners at Plumb Canyon whoíve been attacked
       by the Deimos! Remember youíre training, and do your best! Letís

Kharg: Lloyd!

[Kharg runs to the end of the Corps and everyone turns to look at him,
including the bystanders. The troops step aside to let Kharg talk to

Kharg: What sort of Deimos is it weíre dealing with? Weíve got to think
       about how best to fight them.

Lloyd: Lord Kharg, you must stay here in Yewbell.

Kharg: But...?

Lloyd: We are more than strong enough to help the miners. Itís not
       necessary to have you there, too.

Kharg: What do you mean? I should fight, too!

Lloyd: (fatherly) I want you to protect the city. With the Defense
       Corps out on duty, the guard will be weakened. We need you here.

Kharg: (scowling) Itís Mother, isnít it?! She told you not to let me
       come along!

Lloyd: Lord Kharg! One day you will have to carry the burden of
       responsibility for this country. You will be a leader. You must
       not take risks.

Kharg: Thatís a joke! What sort of leader doesnít help protect their

Lloyd: Thereís no time for this. Please just accept it.
       (to the Corps) Right, letís move out!

[Lloyd leaves Kharg to tend to his own troubles as the troops pass by
him. Paulette is the last to leave. As she passes by Kharg, he speaks.]

Kharg: Paulette...

Paulette: (sad) ......Iím sorry, Kharg. Iíve got to go!

[Paulette leaves Yewbell.]

Kharg: ...... (suddenly mad) Think you can just leave me here like
       that...?! Iím going to [Plumb Canyon], too!

[Kharg runs back to his house to speak with Morth, who is staring out
of a window when Kharg arrives.]

Kharg: Morth, shouldnít you be asleep?

Morth: I only left them in the canyon so I could come back alone to get
       help. I canít sleep. I keep thinking I did the wrong thing.
       Commander Lloyd...has he already left?

Kharg: Yes...And left me here.

Morth: Right...Of course...

Kharg: Of course? Why? Do you know why?

Morth: Er...Er, no, not really...

Kharg: What?! Even youíre keeping things from me?

Morth: Iím not...! I didnít mean that...Just something about how Lady
       Nafia seemed...

Kharg: How she seemed? Please, you wonít get into trouble. Tell me.

Morth: OK... Well... While I was being treated earlier... Commander
       Lloyd asked me to describe the Deimos that attacked me. When I
       did, Lady Nafiaís face suddenly changed color. And she asked that
       you not join in the battle this time.

Kharg: Why not...?

Morth: I donít know. But when Commander Lloyd said that, from the
       description, they sounded like [Drakyr]...She looked like she
       was trembling.

Kharg: Drakyr...

Morth: Er... Lord Kharg...

Kharg: Yes?

Morth: Please donít tell Lady Nafia I told you.

Kharg: Of course I wonít, Morth. Thank you.

Morth: Donít mention it.

[With this new information, Kharg leaves his house, determined to go
to Plumb Canyon. However, as soon as heís outside, he hears a strange
voice coming from behind the gate.]

???: up this gate.

Kharg: Hmm...?

[Kharg walks towards the gate, and from an birdís-eye view, we see that
Zev is on the other side.]

???: Hey! Is anyone there? Answer me!

Kharg: That voice...Sounds like that explorer guy, Zev?!

Zev: Oh! Somebody knows who I am! I donít know who you are, but please
     open up!

Kharg: Zev, itís me, Kharg!

Zev: Oh, you! You helped me out on Scrappe Plateau! Open up the gate so I
     can thank you again!

Kharg: Iíll open the gate, but what are you doing in there?

Zev: Well, Iím not in here for the fun of it! I thought Iíd come to
     Yewbell to relax a bit after my travels...But thereís a blockade,
     and I couldnít get in! So, I thought Iíd try to get in through the
     Castle Ruins, and look how far that got me!

Kharg: Ah, of course...! Thatís the way! If I can get into the Castle
       Ruins, I can pass through Chaos Forest and get to Plumb Canyon...!

Zev: Hey, what are you talking about?! Iím dying of starvation here!
     Open up!

Kharg: OK, but...I would open it up right now, but itís locked.

Zev: How about you go and get the [Gate Key] and open it, then!

Kharg: OK, OK. Iíll go and look for it...Youíre a bit pushy for a
       person whoís asking a favor!

[Outside of the bar, a kid is standing in the shadows. Kharg talks
to him.]

Young Gang Leader: Hi, Lord Kharg! Can you ask Duncan if we can play
                   in the Castle Ruins?

[Kharg asks why.]

Young Gang Leader: Lately, someoneís been stealing food from the town.
                   People think the robber is a wild monkey monster from
                   Chaos Forest. There are even some people who say
                   theyíve seen the wild monkey running away with the
                   food. They say he has a really scary green face! So,
                   to keep the monsters away, Duncan has locked the
                   castle gate. But that was where we used to play all
                   the time! I just know Duncan will listen to you! So,
                   will you please ask him for us?

[Kharg promises that he will.]

Young Gang Leader: I knew it! Youíre the best, Lord Kharg!

[Inside, Duncan sits in the far right corner at a desk. This section
is the Defense Corps office, and it has posters and books that add to
an already informative feel.]

Duncan: Do you have any questions for me?

[Kharg asks about opening up the castle ruins.]

Duncan: So, the children go to you too, eh? Well... Beyond the Castle
        Ruins, they say thereís a wild monkey monster. Weíve been
        getting reports that this monsterís coming into town and stealing
        food. It apparently has a green face, and is quite wily. So, in
        the interest of safety, Iíd prefer that no one go in or out of
        the Castle Ruins.

Kharg: Then Iíll get rid of that wild monkey monster. Can you lend me the
       [Gate Key]?

Duncan: Er... Lord Kharg... Itís just that... If anything were to happen
        to you, Iíd be in...

Kharg: Duncan... Lloyd said that in the absence of the Defense Corps, I
       should protect the city. Itís my duty to get rid of that wild
       monkey monster.

Duncan: Well...

Kharg: ...Oh, well, Iíll have to tell you. I thought I should keep it a
       secret, but...I beat Lloyd in a duel. So, do you really think that
       Iím in any danger from that wild monkey monster?

Duncan: Well... I guess not, but...

Kharg: Exactly. So come on, give me the [Gate Key]. Iíll go and get rid
       of that monster, too.

Duncan: Too?

Kharg: Er... No... I just mean... Iíll get rid of that monster.

Duncan: ...OK. You win, then. Iíll let you have the [Gate Key].

Kharg: Thanks, Duncan!

Duncan: But! Just donít do anything stupid!

Kharg: Of course not!

[Kharg acquires the Gate Key from Duncan and takes it back to the Castle
gate. The doors swing open and Zev walks into town.]

Zev: Phew! In at last!

Kharg: Zev, thank you.

Zev: Sorry? I should be thanking you, shouldnít I?

Kharg: You helped me out. Iím in a hurry so Iíve got to get going, but
       you just relax here. There are pubs around.

Zev: Really! Ho ho! That sounds good. Well, if you need me, then,
     Kharg, thatís where Iíll be! Iíll be here for awhile!

[Zev walks further into town, leaving Kharg at the gates.]

Kharg: Now I can go to [Plumb Canyon]!

[He takes a look back to his house.]

Kharg: Mother...Iím going. I canít just stay here and leave it all to
       the Defense Corps.

[Kharg enters the Castle Ruins and enters Chaos Forest through the right
exit. Soon, he is lost.]

Kharg: Damn! Looks like Iím lost...

[He thinks he sees something in the treetops and draws his sword quickly.]

Kharg: Whoís there?! I can see you hiding! Come out!

[Somewhere up in the treetops, an arrow is shot and it sticks in the dirt
right beside Kharg.]

Kharg: ...!!

???: This is not a place for humans. If you value your life, youíd better
     leave now.

Kharg: A Deimos...?

[Kharg sheathes his sword and, with accurate precision, launches the arrow
back up into the treetops. Immediately, a green-faced creature falls out.]

???: Uwaa! Ow ow ow! Damn it! Bad! Ahem! Ahhem! You little punk! I guess
     you wanna die young, huh?

Kharg: That green face...! Itís a mask...?

[The Ďmonkey monsterí starts walking closer.]

Kharg: I see...So, thatís the true face of a wild monkey monster.

Masked Boy: (angry) A wild monkey monster?! I am the King of Chaos
            Forest! If you insult me, you canít be excused with a
            mere apology, underling!

[Kharg walks closer.]

Kharg: Youíre the one who comes around stealing food from Yewbell, arenít

Masked Boy: Uh-oh...!

Kharg: (quietly frustrated)  Unbelievable...People were convinced it was
       a monster.

Masked Boy: Hey... Donít make fun of me.

[The boy walks off to the side, arms folded.]

Masked Boy: Underling! Before I skewer you, tell me your name.

Kharg: Iím Kharg of Yewbell.

Masked Boy: Kharg...? Oh, Iíve heard about you. Youíre the former prince.

Kharg: Well, Iím in a hurry to get to Plumb Canyon. If you want to fight,
       then letís get on with it. Otherwise, Iíll be on my way.

Masked Boy: Hey, wait, Kharg. You may not pass me without leaving an
            offering. I especially like bananas and apples...

[Suddenly, out of the forest comes a white-haired monster and a bunch of
Suskle Squirrels. They all stand and look at the two humans.]

Masked Boy: Uh-oh! Here they are...!

[The masked boy hides behind Kharg.]

Masked Boy: W-whatíre we gonna do...?!

Kharg: You live here, and youíre scared of monster?

Masked Boy: Iím not scared of monsters, but those wild Slothians are

[A wild Slothian is shown swing a hammer windmill-style and getting
angry to pump itself up.]

Masked Boy: Theyíre really, really strong. They always take the stuff
            Iíve worked so hard to steal.

Kharg: Come on, then...Letís fight them together.

Masked Boy: (taken aback) Huh...? You...and me...?!

Kharg: Yes. If we work together, we can beat them.

Masked Boy: (contemplative) Together... (with mind made up) Really?
            Come on, then! (bolstering self at enemies) Weíll show
            you! Payback for taking my grub!

Kharg: Whatís your name?

Masked Boy: (removing mask) Iím Maru, King of Chaos Forest!

Kharg: Come on then, Maru. Letís get them!



Kharg: How about it, Maru? You have any special skills?

Maru: Well, of course I do! Whaddiya think? Címon! Letís show Ďem what we
      can do!

Kharg: All right, but donít get carried away and rely too heavily on your
       skills. Youíll use up all the Spirit Stones in no time that way.


[Kharg draws his sword and runs into battle with Maru. It doesnít take
long for the Suskle Squirrels and the Slothian to die. Afterwards, Maru
is ecstatic.]

Maru: Yes! Finally beat those wild Slothians!

Kharg: Maru...Why donít you live in a town?

Maru: Hmph! I canít be bothered. Town people are annoying. Theyíre so
      bossy about things. ďDonít wark barefootĒ or, ďIf you want
      something, you have to pay for it.Ē Iím a prince, you know,
      actually. Theyíre all so rude.

Kharg: A prince?

Maru: Yeah, thatís right. Come and have a look at this.

[Kharg looks at the crown hanging around Maruís neck. It appears to be
made of gold, and has purple and green jewels inset in it.]

Maru: This crown is absolute proof. You see! Bet youíre surprised!

Kharg: (quietly frustrated) Where did you take that from?

Maru: (stamping around) I didnít take it! Itís a valuable treasure,
      passed down through the generations in the country where I was

Kharg: And the mask and those shoes?

Maru: (quietly) These......well, I did take them, but...

Kharg: Ha ha ha.

Maru: Donít laugh! I really am a prince!

Kharg: Of what country?

Maru: Well...A lotís happened, and I canít really remember...I donít
      know why, but I was taken away from my country by one of my
      relatives. He was always saying to me, ďYouíre a prince, you
      know.Ē He died ages ago, though.

Kharg: I see...

Maru: But one day Iíll find the country where I was born. Itís my dream
      to become the king there. Still, until then, Iím the King of Chaos

Kharg: OK, then, Maru. All right, Iíll overlook the fract that youíve

       been stealing from Yewbell this time...But donít do it again!

Maru: Ha ha...Thank you!

Kharg: Right, Maru, Iím in a hurry.

[Kharg starts to walk away.]

Maru: W-wait a minute...! You said you were going to Plumb Canyon.
      What for?

Kharg: Our Spirit Stone miners are under attack by Deimos. Iím going to

Maru: Right, then. Iíll go, too! Kharg, you can become one of my
      followers. Then Iíll come and fight with you.

Kharg: Itís not a game.

[Kharg starts walking away once again.]

Maru: Look, if you become a follower of mine, Iíll show you the way to
      Plumb Canyon.

Kharg: Youíd have to fight Deimos. I canít take you along with me,
       knowing the dangers.

[Kharg starts walking away once again.]

Maru: Hey, let me go with you!! Both my parents died when I was young.
      Iím quite used to being alone. No problem at all. But, when we
      teamed up and fought together just now, it felt great. I felt
      what it was like to have a companion. You donít have to become
      my follower, just let me go along with you. Please...!

Kharg: ............Weíre not going up against puny monsters this time.

Maru: Great! Fighting Deimos? Itíll help me get stronger!

[Maru runs to Kharg.]

Maru: Plumb Canyon is that way. Letís get going, Kharg.

Kharg: OK!

Maru: Oh, yes! Weíre friends now but Iím still your superior, right?

[After fighting through The Edge of the Sea of Trees, the two arrive
at Plumb Canyon. The player can see two Defense Corps members sprawled
out on the ground in front of the wooden arch.]

Maru: Here we are! [Plumb Canyon]. (sees the bodies) Oh, no, Kharg!
      I think weíre too late!

Kharg: Damn it...!

[The two rush over to the bodies.]

Kharg: Good, heís still breathing...!

[Maru looks over the railing.]

Maru: Kharg! Look over there! That girlís in trouble!

Kharg: What?!

[Kharg runs to the railing, too, and sees two dragon-like monsters
and a flying creature cornering Paulette. The flying monsterís
label is ĎDrakyrí.]

Drakyr: Wa ha ha! Kill them! Kill every human, Ďtil there isnít a
        single one left!

Paulette: Come down here and fight! Youíre a coward, using monsters
          to fight us!

Drakyr: Wa ha ha! We Deimos donít care about being cowardly! The
        monsters will easily finish you human vermin off on their
        own! Those that they donít manage, weíll have fun with

[Up at the railing...]

Kharg: Pauletteís in danger...!

Maru: Kharg, over there, too!

[At the opposite end of the battlefield, Lloyd and two of the surviving
Defense Corps members are trapped across a bridge at a dead end. Two of
the Drakyr are standing on the other side. One stands with its scimitar
drawn, while the other stands tauntingly. The latter also speaks first.]

Drakyr: Hey, you! Humans! Thought you could escape? This is a dead end
        for you!

[Back at the railing...]

Kharg: Weíve been cut off! Damn...! Maru, sure youíre with me?

Maru: Oh yeah! Leave it to me!

Kharg: (shouting) Paulette, Iím coming!

Paulette: (sees him) Kharg?!



Kharg: (to Paulette) Are you all right?! Can you still fight...?

Paulette: Yes, Iím fine! But the Deimos use powerful magic!

Kharg: All right. Weíd better be careful not to get hit with a
       concentrated attack!


Maru: Whew...I got hit with a pretty good one...But Iím OK...
      Little think like that wouldnít do a prince in, you know...

Kharg: Donít just try to tough it out. Use items or skills to heal
       yourself before itís too late and you canít fight anymore!

Maru: Hmph! I knew that...!


[The battle with the Drakyr and the dragon-like creatures (Wyverns)
ensues. Lloyd and the two Defense Corps members do not participate,
but it doesnít matter. The Deimos are easily defeated by the three
humans. After the battle, all three are standing around the platform
where they fought. Maru is off from the other two, looking at the
old machinery.]

Paulette: Thanks, Kharg! You saved me!

Kharg: Youíre not hurt?

Paulette: No, but how did you get here...?

Kharg: Itís a long story...

[Lloyd, along with the two Corps members, walks up to Paulette and
Kharg, taking them by surprise.]

Lloyd: This wonít do, Lord Kharg!

[Kharg turns around.]

Lloyd: You were told not to come here.

Paulette: But, if Kharg...I mean Lord Kharg, hadnít come, weíd all have

Lloyd: You be quiet. (to Kharg) Even if we were to lose our lives, itís
       our duty to protect you. But if you put yourself in danger, how
       are we to fulfill that duty?

Kharg: I donít want everyone to protect me! What was the point in
       teaching me to use a sword?!

Lloyd: So that you may protect yourself.

Kharg: (upset) Thatís not why I learned! I learned so that I would be
       able to protect others.

Lloyd: ......Thatís enough...Iím going back to scouting the area. Some
       footprints that look like Deimos have been found in the
       [Garagne Hills]. (to Corps member) You get the wounded back to

Defense Corps Member: Sir.

Lloyd: Lord Kharg, try to stay out of danger.

Kharg: ...OK.

Lloyd: Paulette, youíre with me.

Paulette: Yes, all right.

[Lloyd, Paulette, and the Corps member leave the way Kharg and Maru
originally came in. Maru, his curiosity for the machinery depleted,
walks back over.]

Maru: Who was that scary guy?

Kharg: Er...Heís my...Heís like my father...

Maru: Like your father...? You donít have a real father, either, then?

Kharg: No, I donít...

Maru: Just like me.

Kharg: I guess so.

Maru: (mischievously) Heh heh heh...

Kharg: Ha ha ha...

[After a little laugh session, Kharg walks around and talks to the
Defense Corps members who still remain. He returns to Maru shortly.]

Maru: Going back yet?

Kharg: Yes.

Maru: In that case, I have a favor to ask.

Kharg: What is it?

Maru: Er...I was wondering if...I could come to Yewbell...

Kharg: Of course you can.

Maru: Really?!

Kharg: After all, weíre friends, arenít we?

Maru: Absolutely! Friends!

Kharg: Right, then!

Maru: So that means...

Kharg: What?

Maru: Friends...give each other food, right?

Kharg: (quietly frustrated) ............

Maru: I havenít been able to get into Yewbell recently. Iím starving.

Kharg: Ha ha ha! Youíre a character, Maru! OK, then. When we get back to
       Yewbell, Iíll ask Mother to make you something.

Maru: Woo hoo! Great! Letís go!

[At the railing where they saw the Drakyr battle first take place, three
Corps members are talking amongst themselves. When Kharg and Maru walk
by, one hails them.]

Defense Corps Member: Commander Lloyd may have said those things, but...
                      he looked pretty happy when you turned up.

Kharg: Lloyd? Looked happy?

Defense Corps Member: Yes. We were trying our best to get in there and
                      back you up...but you looked like you were so
                      strong, weíd just be getting in the way.

Kharg: Really...?

Defense Corps Members: Lord Kharg, we can manage here on our own now.
                       Thereís no serious injuries, so weíll take it
                       back to Yewbell. You must be tired. Please, go

                       on ahead.

Kharg: OK, then...Iíll get going. You people take care.

[The two leave Plumb Canyon, on their way back to Yewbell. Instead of
trekking through the forest, they take the normal way through Garagne

Maru: The Deimos are really different from monsters, huh? They can
      speak and use weapons. Theyíre a pretty tough enemy!

Kharg: Yes. Theyíre cunning and cruel. Donít let your guard down with
       them, Maru.

Maru: I wonít be beaten by them!

[Suddenly, two Deimos approach them. They are mother and child, and are
of wolf-like build. The child collapses into the grass and the mother,
after stumbling a few steps farther, collapses as well.]

Kharg: D-deimos?!

Maru: ...Huh? Theyíre dead...

[A little ways away, Paulette and Lloyd are about to square off against
a large Deimos male. He carries a rounded hand axe and by the way he is
hunched over, he appears to have been wounded. Both Paulette and Lloyd
seem to be in the same condition.]

Unknown Deimos: Youíll humans...! That was my wife and child!

Lloyd: You Deimos...You cannot be allowed...any closer to Yewbell than

Paulette: Yes! Leave or be destroyed!

[Kharg and Maru come running up.]

Kharg: Lloyd! Paulette! Are you both all right?!

Paulette: Kharg...!

[Kharg draws his sword.]

Kharg: (to Deimos) Now youíll have to fight me!

Unknown Deimos: Grrr!! You humans...You will pay for this...You will

[The Deimos retreats into the foliage.]

Kharg: (to Paulette) Not more Deimos! I thought it was only the

Maru: They look pretty brutal.

Paulette: Say, I was wondering before. Who is that weird kid with you?

Maru: W-weird kid...?! Donít be rude! Iím a prince!

Kharg: Sorry, I forgot to introduce you. This is Maru. We met in Chaos

Maru: Hmph. I wonít be letting you become of of my followers.

Kharg: What was that Deimos? It looked pretty strong...

Paulette: I didnít fight it. Father and I split up to follow the
          footprints...and he came across it first. I hurried to help

Kharg: I see. (to Lloyd) So how did it compare in strength to a Drakyr,

Lloyd: ............

[The cutscene begins with Lloyd slumping to his knees, then falling over

Kharg: (taken aback) Lloyd...?

Paulette: Father...?! No...No...!

[Paulette kneels beside her father.]

Paulette: Father!! Father!! Father, please! Ahh!!! Nooo!!!

[The cutscene shows the party back at Yewbell, with Defense Corps members
and civilians standing around the square. Nafia is present as well.]

Paulette: Queen Nafia, Iíll never forgive them. I will never forgive
          the Deimos...!

Nafia: Paulette...Iím sorry...Iím so sorry I couldnít help.

Kharg: (reflecting) Lloyd...

[The cutscene continues with a young Kharg play-fighting with Lloyd.]

Young Kharg: Letís go! Iím the legendary hero and I will vanquish the
             dark minion!

Lloyd: Ok, so Iím the dark minion now?

Young Kharg: (attacking) Hi-yahh!

[With a single swing of his black sword, Lloyd disarms Kharg, sending him
to the ground as he runs.]

Lloyd: Ha ha ha. Master Kharg! Youíll never be a hero looking like that.

[The cutscene goes back to present time.]

Kharg: The Deimos...! Damn them!! Thereíll be no more victims! I will
       protect our country from now on!


##Darc, Chapter One: Awakening##

[The chapter being with two people--a human woman and a muscular Drakyr
running through the forest. Both are holding a child in their arms and
both have a gemstone shining in a necklace. In her haste, the woman

Young Woman: Uhh...!

Drakyr: Come on...!

Young Woman: Alright...!

[As soon as she is back on her feet, another Drakyr attacks the spot where
she was previously. Gnarling, it quickly takes flight after the two. The
woman and the fleeing Drakyr come to a cliff overlooking a ravine, and they

Drakyr: Nafia, Iíll lure them away. I want you to take the children and go
        another way.

Young Nafia: No, I donít want to leave your side.

Drakyr: You must live. Itís up to you to give hope to these children.

Young Nafia: Windalf...!

Enemy Drakyr: For traitors there is only death!

[One of the enemy Drakyr powers up a spell and shoots a green beam of
light at Windalf. He turns around to run and catches in the back.
As he does, the ground on the cliffside loosens. Nafia and the child
she is cradling in her arms falls into the dark ravine.]

Young Nafia: Aaaiiieee!

Windalf: Nafiaaaaaa!

[The enemy Drakyr surround Windalf as he kneels on the ground. Fast
forward to years later, now. A young son helps his aging father walk
through a barren, desert-like land. The son helps him in much the same
way as Lloyd did for Morth, although he is considerably smaller in side
and stature. He looks half-human and half-Drakyr, complete with a human
face, an clawed arm, Drakyr wings, small horns on his head, and a human

Dying Windalf: Darc...I canít...go any farther

Young Darc: Father, what are you talking about?

Dying Windalf: Leave me....

Young Darc: Iíll take you somewhere safe...Youíll get better...

[At the forested ruins of a church sanctuary...]

Young Darc: Father, you should be able to rest up here.

Dying Windalf: Darc....Take this...

Young Darc: What is it?

Dying Windalf: The Spirits....May they guide you. And take you...down the path,
               you are meant to go.

Young Darc: Father...? Father....? Father!!!

[The cutscene continues at a dark and gloomy place. The air is filled with
sparks of lightning, and the view slowly drops to a house fixed onto a rock.
The area around the house doesnít appear too inviting, and yelling can be
heard. Itís obvious that the person yelling is being whipped by someone else.]

Manís Voice: Aaaagh!!

Malicious Voice: Donít toy with me! You little snot!

Manís Voice: Arrgh...

Malicious Voice: Donít look at me like that! You worm! You little bastard!

Manís Voice: Owwwww!!

Malicious Voice: You canít stand up to me! Haw haw haw!

[The man crying out is being continuously whipped, although it is not shown
on-screen. The cutscene ends as it delves into the lower depths of the
house. From out of somewhere, words appear on the screen:

Save...the Deimos...Ē

Finally, we get to see who is being whipped. Itís none other than a grown-up
Darc. He is laying on his stomach in what appears to be a dungeon. Chains
hang from the ceiling and walls, and the interior appears to be made up of
tree wood. Finally getting up to his knees, Darc shows some life.]

Darc: ...Damn...!

[A fat woman appears on screen, though she is only seen from the feet to her
arm. She carries a wand and is addressed, in her label, as Geedo.]
Geedo: Just how long were you planning to sleep?!

[Cut to her face. Itís a cross between a frog and a fish, with ugly ears
poking out of her face and a bottom jaw like a humans. She wears a golden
broach and she has cold, wicked eyes. From the view given, sheís looking
down at Darc.]

Geedo: I have an errand for you to run. Get to [Orcoth] and buy me some
       [Phoenix Blood]! Now listen carefully...If you spend the money on
       junk or lose it somewhere along the way...

[She slaps the wand into the palm of her left hand.]

Geedo: I think you get my drift! Donít you?

[Darc, still on his hands and knees, nods.]

Geedo: Then get out of here! Stop slouching around!

[Geedo gives Darc 100 G and leaves.]

Darc: Aw...

[Darc exits the house. He walks through Sabnak Forest and finally
reaches Orcoth. No sooner has he reached the town square, than a
cutscene begins to play. A reddish-pink female Deimos starts to talk
and the cutscene ends after she does.]

Deimos: Hey! Whatís that?! Here comes a strange one? This should be
        fun, eh?

[She approaches Darc and, by her label, she is now known as an ďOrcon

Orcon Girl: Are you that hag Geedoís slave? What did you come here for?

Darc: Why should I tell you?

Orcon Girl: Tut tut! Donít you recognize the great Delma, the fearful
            ďRed DevilĒ of the Orcon tribe? Anyway, this is no place
            for someone like you! Go on home, now.

[She starts to walk away, but looks sidelong at him once more.]

Delma: Why, you brazen little punk! You with your wings and all.

[She runs away.]

Darc: Whatís up with her?

[Rather than hurry back to Geedoís House, Darc walks to the arena to
see whatís going on. As he enters, he sees a old Orcon with extremely
long horns talking to a bigger, fatter Orcon in a throne. The old man
is given the name ďGormaĒ.]

Gorma: Iím tell you, youíre going about this all wrong! There may be
       a tradition of eating them to increase oneís strength...But, we
       have no idea to what extent thatís true! Besides, if one were
       to raise them properly...we would be able to cross the sea and
       fly to other continents! We Orcon have always longed for the
       sky--and now it could be ours!

[Gorma turns angry, stamping his skull staff on the floor.]]

Gorma: But you...Youíre not thinking of anything but how to make
       yourself stronger! I canít imagine leaving the future of the
       Orcon race in the hands of someone like that...

[The fat Orcon speaks, and is given the title ďDensimoĒ.]

Densimo: Oh, shut up! You just wonít quit, will you? I donít care if you
         are the oldest one here. I donít need any sissified geezer
         bossing me around!

[He rises, and points a finger at Gorma.]

Densimo: Listen, I wonít stand for any more of your stupid chatter, old
         man! How about if I smash in those ridiculous long horns of

Gorma: (taken aback) I-I beg your pardon!

[Densimo jumps down onto the arena floor, and picks Gorma up by the neck
with one hand.]

Densimo: Donít challenge me! Itís been ages since you were our leader!

Gorma: H-hey! Th-thatís enough, Densimo!

[Densimo throws him to the ground.]

Densimo: Tell me, Gorma! Whoís the strongest Orcon now, eh? Me, thatís
         who! Densimo! And whoís in charge of Orcoth, huh? That would! And who can give orders to the might Densimo? NO
         ONE!! I do as I please! My life is my own! I wonít be pushed
         around by anyone! Iíll rip apart anyone who gets in my way!!

[Darc goes back to the peddlerís stand, finding the peddler back this
time. He approaches. The seller is labeled as ďQuorupĒ.]

Quorup: Welcome. What would you like? What the...? Arenít you the
        slave who works that old bag, Geedo? I have nothing to sell a
        Deimos wannabe! Or, should I sell you some human equipment? If
        you are a Deimos, you look awfully weak. Heh heh heh...

Darc: Like I would need that! Iím a Deimos! I have enough money, so
      hand over some Phoenix Blood!

Quorup: Oh, so Geedoís thirsty for Phoenix Blood again, eh? If she
        keeps drinking that stuff, sheíll find her way to an early grave
        all right. It hypes you up in the short term, but if you make a
        habit of it, it ends up having the opposite effect. But that
        crone doesnít look like sheíd die even if you killed her.

[Darc buys the Phoenix Blood.]

Quorup: Thatís the last of my [Phoenix Blood]. Careful that it doesnít
        get stolen on your way back. Heh heh heh.

[Darc heads for the town exit but has his way blocked by two Orcon, one
blue and thin, the other red and fat. The thin one speaks first.]

Zoram: Hey, Zugalo, look at that. Some human-y thing has found its way
       into our territory!

Zugalo: Th-thatís Geedoís slave. H-his name is Darc, I think.

Zoram: Hey there! You think itís alright? That a Deimos wannabe like you
       can just toddle around Orcoth at will?

Darc: Iím a Deimos! Now get out of my way.

Zoram: Did you hear that, Zugalo? He thinks heís a Deimos!

Zugalo: Th-thatís what he said, all right. A-and then he told us to get
        out of his way!

Zoram: Ha ha ha! Pretty funny, donít you think? This human, this wannabe
       Deimos is ordering around the real thing!

Zugalo: H-hilarious! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Zoram: Heh heh...Weíll get out of your way, all right. As long as you
       give us what you bought from that Quorup.

Darc: (mad) What?!

Zoram: Not too bright, are you, kid? What, are you looking for a fight?
       If you say youíre a Deimos, how about some proof?

Zugalo: L-letís have a little talk!

[Zugalo walks back into Orcoth.]

Zoram: Come on! Letís do it!

[Zoram walks Darc back into Orcoth and, more specifically, the arena.

Zugalo is already here and Densimo is sleeping in his chair. The two
guards on either side of him see the fight about to start.]

Densimoís Underling A: Hey, check it out. Zoram and Zugalo are really
                       going to town!

Densimoís Underling B: Idiot! Youíre gonna wake up Densimo! Be quiet!

Densimoís Underling A: Donít worry about it! Once Densimoís asleep,
                       heís pretty hard to wake up. Now címon, weíve
                       gotta see this!

[On the arena floor...]

Zugalo: A-are you ready, you Deimos wannabe?

Zoram: (from behind Darc) Well, if you give us what we want, we wonít
       kill you, you know. Just hand it over!

[The battle starts. Although Darc is outnumbered, he harnesses his hard-
hitting claw swipes and wind magic, easily routing Zugalo and Zoram.
As the battle ends, theyíre laying on the floor in pain.]

Darc: So, now that Iíve won, you have nothing to say?

[Delma walks in.]

Delma: Hey, not bad! I see you in a whole new light now. Say...Would
       you wanna join up with my brother, maybe? Thatís him, sleeping
       over there. My brother, Densimo.

Darc: You two are brother and sister?

Delma: Heís gathering up some strong allies to chase the humans out.

Darc: Sorry, but Iím not interested.

Delma: (mad) Why not? Donít you hate humans? Theyíre stealing our Spirit
       Stones right from under our noses!

Darc: Spirit Stones?

Delma: Thatís right! Spirit Stones are life itself for us Deimos. Without
       them, we canít even use magic properly. Basically, if we donít
       have Spirit Stones, we canít go on living! We wonít stand for
       humans just waltzing away with such a precious source of magic
       power! Donít you agree? Together we can drive out the humans
       before they steal any more of Ďem!

Darc: Sorry...I have to get this Phoenix Blood back to Geedo.

Delma: (mad) Bah! Here I thought you were ready and raring to go! My
       mistake! I guess youíre just a Deimos wannabe after all. So long!

[Delma runs out.]

Darc: (to self) No...Iím not. Iím not a wannabe. Iím a real Deimos...

[Darc returns to Geedoís House shortly afterwards.]

Geedo: Where have you been? Taking a leisurely stroll somewhere? Iíve
       been waiting forever for you to get back here! Youíve bought the
       Phoenix Blood, right?

Darc: Yes. But the Quorup said you shouldnít drink too much of it. He
      said it would lead you to an early grave...

Geedo: Whatís that? An early grave, eh?

Darc: Maybe you shouldnít go overboard, thatís all.

Geedo: ......You just mind your own business! You donít have to say
       everything that pops into your tiny head!

Darc: ......

Geedo: But, well...Maybe I should stop drinking it. After all, think of
       how the world would mourn the passing of such peerless beauty...!

[Geedo puts the Phoenix Blood in a chest.]

Geedo: There we go.

[She walks back to Darc.]

Geedo: Say, have you heard about [Firbles]?

Darc: Yes.

Geedo: Then Iíll sum it up. Firbles...Firbles are incredibly rare
       monsters. Rare because those damn Orcon are just crazy about
       them. And do you know what that means?

Darc: No...

Geedo: No?! Those stinking Orcon will shell out any amount of money
       for a Firble! No matter what the cost. Heh heh heh!

Darc: What do the Orcon do with Firbles?

Geedo: How should I know? Ask Ďem yourself! You should worry more about
       catching those [Firbles] before they do! Got it?

Darc: Got it.

Geedo: Then stop slouching around and get out there!

[Darc leaves and goes to Orcoth to see Gorma about the Firbles. He was
the one advocating their safety, so itís an obvious choice. As Darc
enters, Gorma is ranting off in the corner of his house--a subway car.]

Gorma: The mistake of a lifetime...! I should never have given up my
       post to that savage brute...Why wonít he see the possibilities
       [Firbles] have to offer?

[Darc approaches.]

Gorma: Hmm? Arenít you...Yes. Geedoís servant, uh...

Darc: Darc.

Gorma: Yes, that was it. So, Darc, what can I do for you?

[Darc asks about Firbles.]

Gorma: You know about Firbles? Youíre smarter than you look! No offense.
       Firbles seem to be a stage in the life cycle of Pyrons, also
       known as the ďHeroes of the Skies.Ē

Darc: Pyrons?

Gorma: What, you donít know what Pyrons are? Pyrons are monsters with
       fire inside them. They can fly across oceans, over mountains...
       ...and complete a thousand-mile journey in a single night. All
       according to some research Iíve been doing. Firbles can be found
       here on Aldrow, and look like [white lizards]. There seems to be
       a way to raise Firbles into their adult form, Pyrons.

Darc: Firbles into Pyrons...

Gorma: Then again, you have wings, so itís probably no big deal to you.
       But we Orcon donít have wings...We really want Firbles so we can
       fly! Well, all except for that Densimo, who eats the damn things.

Darc: What happens when you eat a Firble?

Gorma: According to one theory, they can give you tremendous strength...
       I donít know how much thatís true. Itís got to be far better to
       raise them into Pyrons instead.

Darc: You said there were Firbles on Aldrow, but where?

Gorma: I donít know the details, but Firbles need plenty of water and
       water plants to survive. Apparently the ocean is too salty and
       thus unsuitable for a Firble habitat. Thatís about all I know.

Darc: Got it. A place with water, eh? Thanks, Gorma.

Gorma: All I can do is share my knowledge with you. And thatís easy

[With the knowledge of Firble habitats in mind, Darc goes to Haystir
Marsh. Itís in an swampish area to the south of Geedoís House.]

Darc: Haystir Marsh...(looking around) Plenty of water, plenty of water
      plants. If what Gorma said is true, there ought to be Firbles

[Out from behind a rock, a white lizard romps past, disappearing into another
part of the marsh.]

Darc: Huh?! Something white...Could it be...?

[Darc hides behind a rock and observes the lizard. It runs off into the marsh
when it sees him watching.]

Darc: Like a white lizard...Thatís a Firble!

[After some trial and error, Darc sneaks up onto a Firble as it drinks in a
water pit.]

Darc: Iím glad I caught you, but if I take you to Geedo...I know sheís gonna
      sell you to the Orcon...and Densimoíll eat you.............

[Darc looks back to the entrance and sees Zoram and Zugalo approaching, with
Delma following close behind.]

Delma: Here? Really?

Zoram: Maybe, yeah. Thatís what Gorma said, anyway...Make no mistake. Theyíre
       living in Haystir Marsh!

[Darc and the Firble are hidden by the ruins of a pickup, and arenít spotted
by the three Orcon.]

Darc: Orcon?! Oh, yeah...! They must be looking for Firbles. (to Firble) You
      hide here. Iíll do something to throw them off the scent.

[Darc walks to the three Orcon.]

Delma: Hey, if it isnít Darc! What the hell are you doing here?

Darc: ...Nothing. Just taking a walk.

Delma: A walk? came all the way here just for a casual stroll?

Zoram: Yo, Zugalo. Donít you think thatís kind of odd?

Zugalo: Definitely. Somethingís fishy with this guy.

Delma: Well, whatever. We donít need to know what youíre doing here. But,
       say, Darc? You havenít seen any weird monsters around here, have

[Darc walks past Delma.]

Darc: Weird monsters? Hmm...Sure, a few of Ďem.

Zoram: R-really?!

Zugalo: Wh-what did they look like?!

Darc: There are three of Ďem right in front of me as I speak.

Zoram: ...What?! Are you talking about us?

Zugalo: You got guts, Iíll say that, punk. Youíre asking for it. L-letís
        get him, Delma!

Delma: (to Darc) Hah...Well said! Youíre courageous to speak like that
       when youíre outnumbered.

Darc: Because I donít like being treated like some kind of freak!

Delma: ...... (to Zugalo and Zoram) ...Címon!

Zoram: What?! You mean weíre just gonna walk away?

Delma: Shut up! IF you two wanna make something of it, be my guest!

Zoram: But...If we donít find any Firbles, Densimoíll...

Delma: I could care less about Firbles! Densimoís just being selfish!

[Delma leaves.]

Zoram: Wait! Wait for us, Delma!

[Zoram and Zugalo leave, too.]

Darc: Phew...! Looks like I got rid of them. But...Itís not safe to
      leave the Firble here like this....What should I do?

[Darc brings the Firle to the church ruins, putting it in a circle of
rocks that once was the nest of a different monster.]

Darc: You should be safe here, little Firble. This is where my father
      died. I guess you could call it my secret place. What am I
      doing...? You could never understand what Iím talking about.

[The screen shows Delma standing silently just a few feet away.]

Delma: Youíre definitely a weird one.

Darc: (turning around) Delma! How--

Delma: (walking closer) I thought you might be here.

Darc: (mad) Did you follow me?

Delma: Thatís...a Firble, isnít it. What are you doing hiding monsters?

Darc: Gorma said we could raise it into a monster that could fly. And I
      didnít want Densimo to eat the poor thing, anyway.

Delma: If my brother heard that, heíd have your head for sure. (walks
       closer) You really are strange, arenít you? You donít seem like
       a Deimos.

Darc: Youíre wrong! Iím--

Delma: Look, Deimos donít rescue monsters. In Orcoth, Densimoís got
       everyone running around like crazy...trying to find his precious

Darc: Are you...looking for them, too?

Delma: I told you, didnít I? I donít care about Firbles. Zoram and
       Zugalo insisted I come with them, so I did. Thatís all. I was
       just killing time.

Darc: Then go away. And donít tell anyone about this.

Delma: Excuse me?! You donítí get to tell me what to do!

Darc: ...Are you gonna tell anyone?

Delma: Weíll see! It all depends on you.

Darc: You just try telling someone! If you do...

Delma: Yeah? If I do, then what?

Darc: Then Iíll rip your heart out!

Delma: Ha! So all of a sudden youíre trying to act like a true Deimos?
       You couldnít kill me, could you? Iíd like to see you try! Ha ha

Darc: What did you say?!

[Delma runs away, up to a platform at the rightmost area of the church.
It overlooks the sea.]

Darc: Wait!

[Darc follows her.]

Darc: Promise you wonít tell anyone! Not about the Firble and not about
      this place, either!

Delma: You want it to be a secret that badly? Then Iíll keep quiet.

Darc: (taken aback) ...Really?

Delma: You know...Iíve always thought Iíd like to fly...If...if you
       could make that dream come true...Then Iíd keep your Firble a

Darc: So thatís it, huh?

Delma: Well?

Darc: Sure...

[Darc takes Delma in his arms, and the cutscene begins. Darc flies
all around the place.]

Delma: Wohee! This is great! So you really can fly!

Darc: Well, yeah! Here we go! Hold on tight!

Delma: Whoa! Donít speed up like that! Waa! Are you crazy?

Darc: Ha ha ha! Donít fall!

[They fly around a bit longer.]

Darc: Well, had enough?

Delma: Itís so amazing! Itís awesome! Thanks, Darc!

Darc: Sure...

[As they go back to land, a Drakyr hovers in the sky, watching.]

Drakyr: Is that? Darc...Iíve finally found you.

[The cutscene ends.]

Delma: That was great! Totally amazing!

Darc: Sure.

[The Drakyr who was watching them lands on the ground in front of them.]

Drakyr: So there you are. The son of that traitorous Windalf!

Darc: What?!

Delma: Since when have there been Drakyr on Aldrow? Your territory is in
       Ragnoth, isnít it?

Drakyr: Listen to me, She-Orc! If you value your life, youíll shut up!

Delma: What?!

Drakyr: The search for you has been long and difficult, Darc.

Darc: What do the Drakyr want with me? Because of the wounds he suffered
      at your father died!

Drakyr: It was only fitting. He betrayed the Drakyr, fell in love with a
        despicable human, and broke Deimos law. Furthermore, he even
        managed to steal our greatest treasure, the [Wind Stone]! After
        Windalf died, we Drakyr searched every place we thought he could
        have hidden the Wind Stone...Alas, we never found it. Now thereís
        nowhere left to look...except to his son, that is! Just hand over
        the Wind Stone and no one gets hurt...Well?

Darc: As if I would listen to one of the tribe who killed my father!

Drakyr: That means...Iíll take it by force. From your dead body, if

[Darc gets in a battle stance. Delma does the same.]

Delma: Iím with you, Darc! Iíd be a disgrace to the Orcon race if I let
       this Drakyr outsider escape!



Delma: If youíre a kinda Deimos, too, then you should be able to use
       magic, right? If we get in trouble, go ahead and use it, OK?

Darc: Yeah, I will.

Delma: I just wanna make sure, but you do have some Spirit Stones,
       right? Thatís where the magic comes from. No stones, no magic!

Darc: As if didnít know that!


Delma: If youíre getting weak, youíve gotta recover! Try an Item or some

Darc: Iíll be OK.


[Even though they are outnumbered four-to-two in battle, Delma and Darc
manage to run off all the Drakyr. It was a hard-fought battle, but they
emerge victorious.]

Delma: And donít ever come back!

Darc: Delma, you risked your own life to save me. Thanks.

Delma: idiot! What are you talking about? I...I just...I just
       couldnít stand that stupid Drakyr. So I fought him. Thatís all.

[She walks so her back is to Darc.]

Delma: I-itís not like I was...helping your or anything.

[She faces him.]

Delma: But whatís all this about the Wind Stone? Are you actually
       carrying the Drakyrís greatest treasure around with you as we

Darc: Well...I donít know if itís the Wind Stone or not...but I do have
      a memento from my father. I didnít want Geedo to take it, so I hid
      it in his grave--

[Suddenly, Darc grasps the collar at his neck. Itís choking him.]

Darc: Urk!...Mmf! Canít...breathe...!

Delma: Whoa, Darc! What is it? Are you all right?

[The collar stops choking him.]

Darc: I...Iím fine. She does it...all the time.

Delma: That Geedo, eh?

Darc: It was...a warning.

Delma: A warning?

Darc: Yeah. Geedo uses witchcraft to tighten this collar. She forced me
      to wear it when she took me in as a child. I kept trying to remove
      it, but as long as Geedoís spell is still going strong, I donít
      think I ever can...This last squeeze was probably telling me to
      come back home. She sent me out here to catch Firbles.

Delma: Then you were gonna give that Firble to Geedo...

Darc: I would never do such a thing! Not to Geedo, not to Densimo. I
      wouldnít give it to anyone!

Delma: But...if you donít...

Darc: ...Iím gonna be punished. I know that.

Delma: Then look at it as an opportunity. Get rid of Geedo! Then you
       wonít have to be her slave anymore.

Darc: I...I canít do it. Geedoís too cautious. Iíd never been able to
      trick her. Besides...

Delma: What? Geez!

Darc: I was lying half-dead in the streets of Orcoth when Geedo found
      me...and raised me. She whipped me, chained me with this collar,
      and worked me Ďtil I thought Iíd die...But still...She raised me.

Delma: Oh, come on! Are you nuts? Is that why you canít kill her? Even
       though she put you through all that? I just canít believe you! No
       way could you be a Deimos! I would have cut up that old bag a
       long time ago.

[Delma starts walking out of the Church Ruins.]

Delma: You really are strange. Weirdo!

[She runs out.]

Darc: Strange, eh?...I guess so.

[When Darc gets back to Geedoís House, he finds her pacing around

Geedo: Youíre late! Idiot! I see youíve gotten cheeky enough to think
       you can make me wait all day, eh? I mean, how late can you get?!

[She walks over to Darc.]

Geedo: Whatís...this...?Where are the Firbles? You did catch some
       Firbles didnít you?

[Darc hangs his head.]

Geedo: You must be kidding! No way are you moronic enough to come back
       empty-handed. Well?! Where are they? Tell me!!

Darc: There werenít any Firbles...

Geedo: WHAT?? I didnít hear you! Say that again!

Darc: I said...There werenít any Firbles...

Geedo: Save the jokes for later! You worthless piece of Deimos wannabe
       scum!! I bet you didnít even search properly! You just went off
       and had a grand old time, didnít you? Good-for-nothing! Trash!
       Imbecile! Blockhead! Moron! You still donít understand what
       happens...when you make me angry?! Well, I guess Iíll have to
       teach you and teach you well. Itís time you learn once and for
       all what happens when you donít do as youíre told! Oh, yes, Iíll
       etch that lesson into the very marrow of your bones!

[In the dungeon, Darc receives his punishment. Like usual, the torture
isnít seen by the player.]

Darc: Gyaaaaaaah!!

Darc: Waaaaaaahh!!

Geedo: You waste of skin! Just one or two Firbles! Why couldnít you
       have caught at least that many? I didnít raise you to play
       around all day, or to go on leisurely strolls! Got it? How
       about if you try coming in handy once in a while, eh?

Darc: Aaaaaaagh!!

Geedo: Felt that one, eh? Down to your bones? This is what happens
       when you disobey me!

[When Darc finally comes around, heís lying face-down on the floor.]

Darc: Father!

Windalf: Darc, listen well!

          A crisis is drawing near...
           The destruction of all Deimos...
            If things go on like this...
             The Deimos will be destroyed...

              All Deimos...
               all will feel pain...suffering...
                and will breathe their last...

                  The child of a Deimos and a human...
                   You can surely
                    escape the fate of the Deimos...

                     The power to change
                      their destiny of destruction...
                       ...lies within you!
                        Darc, save the Deimos from ruin!
                         You can do it...

[Darc doesnít know whether that was a dream or a hallucination.]

Darc: Father! A...dream...

[He stands.]

Darc: Save the Deimos, eh? Heh heh...Ha ha ha...Ha ha ha ha ha!!
      Doesnít it make you laugh? Damn it! I can do it, he says? What
      can I do? Me? Ha! Iím Geedoís slave! Even when I was fighting
      that Drakyr, I donít know what would have happened If Delma hadnít
      been there...And I can save the Deimos? Ridiculous... I...I canít
      do a thing.

[After walking into the living room...]

Darc: Huh! Geedoís not here. Thatís strange...She hardly ever goes out.
      Says itís just too much trouble. I know! Iíll go see how the
      Firbleís doing. Iím a little worried that Delma might have said
      something to Densimo.

[Darc walks outside and is met by Delma on the stairs.]

Delma: Geez, she really did a number on you.

Darc: Itís nothing new. What do you want?

Delma: (shyly) Nothing in particular! I thought you mightíve been killed
       by the Drakyr. I just came to see your ugly mug!

Darc: Yeah...? Sorry to worry you.

Delma: Look, I wasnít worried! Where are you going?

Darc: Do I have to tell you?

Delma: O-of course not! But...itís not safe to wander around too much.
       Those damn Drakyr...You never know. They might still be after your
       [Wind Stone], right?

Darc: Iím worried that you might have told Densimo about the Firble.

Delma: (taken aback) What?!

[Darc starts walking out.]

Delma: Wait! Where are you going?

Darc: Mind your own business.

Delma: I didnít tell my brother, all right? I made a promise, didnít I?

Darc: A promise...Itís not often a Deimos keeps her promises.

Delma: Oh, shut up! I just felt like it! I donít know where youíre going,
       but Iím coming with you. Donít get the wrong idea! I just wanna
       kill some Drakyr! They have to be punished for invading our
       territory! And...and if Iím with you...They might show

Darc: Whatever.

[Darc and Delma go to the Church Ruins.]

Delma: Youíve come here for the Firble again, havenít you? You sure are
       crazy about those things.

Darc: Itís not that...


I am...of the wind...
     ...A new...era...

Darc: What was that?

Delma: I heard some kind of strange voice!

Darc: It couldnít be...the stone...

[The two walk to a rockpile at the back of the church.]

Delma: Hey, Darc? Whatís with that pile of rocks there?

Darc: This...this is my fatherís grave.

Delma: This?

Darc: My father died here.

Delma: You definitely donít act much like a Deimos, do you?

Darc: You never quit! Iím telling you, Iím--

Delma: Look, Deimos donít build tombs, thatís all. Thereís no denying itís
       sad when your friends and family die. But the only ones who build
       tombs and sob their regrets over them are humans.

Darc: My father was killed! By Drakyr! Thatís why...

Delma: If you have time to build a tomb, you have time for revenge! A fang
       for a fang! Itís just common sense.

Darc: ......

Delma: Ah, what the heck. Itís no skin off my back if a Deimos wants to
       build a tomb... (changing the subject) Iím gonna go check on the

Darc: (to self) Revenge, huh...?

[Darc stares at his fatherís tomb.]

Darc: But never mind that...What was that voice?

[Darc walks over to the Firbleís nest.]

Delma: Look, Darc!

Darc: Eggs?

Delma: Firble eggs! Man do they look tasty.

Darc: (taken aback) !...WHAT?

Delma: Please! I was only kidding. Now, what is this? Such an odd
       feeling...I feel like my face is gonna split wide open. Itís
       like something that had been strung taut has just come loose...

[Delma is surprised at herself.]

Delma: I...Iím not myself! Or something. This feelingís a first for me.

Darc: That would be...happiness.

Delma: Hap-pi-ness? What the hell is that?

Delma: Itís damn weird!

Darc: I think all Deimos should be feeling that way. I wanna build them
      a peaceful world, free of war and strife. I want to save the

Delma: Hmmmmmmm. You really are strange, you know. Iíve never heard
       anyone say anything like that before. But...who knows? You just
       might be able to do it.

[Something catches Delmaís eye at the entrance.]

Delma: Eh?

Darc: What is it?

Delma: Shh! Someoneís coming!

[Darc and Delma crouch down behind an old stone wall. Four soldiers enter
the church ruins. Two are dressed alike, while the other two seem to be
of a higher rank. One carries knuckle weapons made of sharpened metal
dowels, while the other carries a short sword. As they stop, the first one
is labeled as ďLudhiĒ.]

Ludhi: Oho! There was a church here, no two ways about it! I bet we find
       some real treasure here!

[Ludhi turns to the man holding the short sword.]

Ludhi: Hey, Rapier! Youíre one lucky recruit. Stuff like this doesnít
       happen every day, you know.

Rapier: Ludhi...Where are you going? The regiment isnít over here.

Ludhi: Ah, itís fine.This is near a place they used to call Prodias. Do
       you know it? Eastern Aldia, before the disaster! We should be able
       to dig up all sorts of great relics! Man, this kind of thing
       really makes me love my job.

Rapier: Wait a minute, Ludhi! Weíre supposed to be patrolling for Deimos.
        If we donít report immediately to Zedora Abyss and join up with
        the regiment there...

Ludhi: Listen, Rapier...Stop being such a wet blanket. We mercenaries are
       always first in line when it comes to the most dangerous work.
       Donít you think we deserve some hazard pay?

Rapier: What are you saying?! Looting...? Thatís absurd!

Ludhi: Oh, for pityís sake! This is Deimos territory. Legally, it doesnít
       belong to anyone. Therefore, itís not looting. Besides...the
       Deimos destroyed your homeland, didnít they? With a little money,
       you could quit your job, become a Cathenian citizen, and live the
       high life!

Rapier: Cut it out! I joined the service to fight Deimos, not to get rich!
        Forget it! Iím going back.

Ludhi: Heh heh...poor naive Rapier. Donít come around later looking for
       your cut.

Rapier: I never said I wanted any cut!

[Rapier walks out of the Church Ruins.]

Ludhi: (to other soldier) Hey, you there! Split up and look for any items.
       Weíll divvy up any treasures you find.

[Back by the Firbleís nest...]

Delma: Those jerks! Rotten, stinking humans who think only about
       themselves! Letís get Ďem! If we leave Ďem alone, the Firbles and
       your dadís grave will be totally wrecked!

Darc: Youíre right...

[As Ludhi and the two soldiers are about to walk up the steps into the
area where the Firble and the tomb are, Delma and Darc appear, stopping
at the top.]

Darc: Thatís enough.

Delma: This is Deimos land, you know! Do you have any idea what happens
       to humans who barge onto our turf? Or maybe we should show you!

Ludhi: Damn...! Deimos.

[Rapier comes running back into the Church Ruins and joins up with his

Rapier: Ludhi! You all right?

Ludhi: Rapier...youíve come back? Youíd be better of if you just kept

Rapier: Donít be stupid. I would never desert my comrades!

Ludhi: Iím sorry, Rapier...

Delma: Oh, quit your bellyaching.

[Everyone turns back to the Deimos.]

Delma: Three or four or more...itís all the same to me. Iíll take you
       down regardless!

Darc: Humans...prepare yourselves!

[The humans fight valiantly but are overcome by the Deimosí fighting
spirit and insurmountable magic. Soon, both Ludhi and Rapier have been
killed, and the two Shotgun Hunters have followed suit.]

Darc: So this...this is a human...Thinking only of forcing his way onto
      Deimos land and stealing from its people. This blood flows in my
      mother, too...

[Delma runs up to Darc, holding the weapon Ludhi had used.]

Delma: Hey, Darc! What the hell is this?

Darc: That? Thatís the weapon the human was using!

Delma: Itís got a sharper edge to it than a Deimosí natural weapons...
       Here, you take this one!

[Delma beckons to the chest armor and sword Rapier left behind.]

Delma: Human weapons suit your hands much better. Good idea, donít you

Darc: I caní fight without using one of these...Is that what youíre

Delma: No, thatís not it. Iím just saying itíd be better to use weapons
       if they make you stronger.

Darc: Iím a Deimos! As if I would ever use human weapons! I wonít!

Delma: Look, you donít have to sulk about it. I wonít use any human
       weapons either. But listen, what are you gonna do? The Drakyr
       are still after you...And the humans have already infiltrated
       our territory. You canít beat them if you donít get stronger!

Darc: I know that. But...I just donít wanna use human weapons. Thatís

Delma: Damn it! You are such a hassle! If youíre gonna be that way,
       fine. Then thereís only one thing to do. Youíve got to get more
       allies. If you wanna stand up to the Drakyr, itís really your
       only option.

Darc: More allies, you say...But who? You donít mean...Zoram and

Delma: Oh, you canít count on them for anything! Iím talking about my

Darc: Densimo?! Why would he join forces with me? Never mind that Iím
      hiding Firbles from him...

Delma: Donít worry about it! Leave it all to me!

[When Darc and Delma enter Orcoth again, they head straight for the
arena. However, Zugalo and Zoram are blocking the entrance.]

Darc: Youíre in my way. I have to speak with Densimo. Move.

Zugalo: H-hey! Donít just bandy his name about like that!

Zoram: Watch your mouth, you stinking wannabe! What could someone
       like you have to say to Densimo?

Delma: Iíve got to talk to him!

Zugalo: D-Delma!

Zoram: Oh, well, sure, no problem! Why didnít you say so?

Delma: My brotherís inside, right?

Zoram: Yes, yes, of course he is!

[Darc and Delma enter the arena and speak with Densimo, whoís still
sitting in his throne, watching a fight in the meantime.]

Delma: Hey, bro...

Densimo: Oh, Delma. Those two told me about you. Seems youíve been
         hanging around with this Deimos winnable lately.

Delma: Darcís no wannabe! Heís one strong guy. You just tell me
       whatís wrogn with joining up with strong comrades!

Densimo: Gah ha ha ha! A Deimos wannabe, strong? Donít make me

Delma: Whoever I choose to hang out with has nothing to do with you!

Densimo: Hmph! So what did you want?

Delma: We were attacked by a Drakyr. Theyíre after Darc.

Densimo: And?

Delma: And we want you to fight the Drakyr with us!

Densimo: Donít be ridiculous! Why should I have to help out this
         wannabe? Hell, heís probably some sort of Drakyr himself!
         Let the two of Ďem sort it out for themselves.

Delma: Címon, donít be that way. Iím begging Do it
       for your cut liíl sister...?

Densimo: Shut up! Iím too busy right no, what with the humans
         sneaking into our territory. I donít have time to get myself
         tangled up in Drakyr quarrels!

Delma: Oh, so thatís how itís gonna be! Well, fine! You stubborn dolt!
       (to Darc, whispering) He says heís busy, but you know what? Heís
       really just afraid of Drakyr.

Densimo: Delma! What did you just say?!

Delma: Not me! I didnít say a thing!

[Delma starts to walk away.]

Densimo: You liar! What were you whispering about just now?

Delma: I told him, thatís all! I told Darc! You act all important and
       puffed-up, but youíre really afraid, arenít you? Of Drakyr!

Densimo: You must be joking! Those flying numbskulls? Theyíre nothing to

Delma: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Actions speak louder than words!

Densimo: Hey! What are you saying? Come on, out with it!

[Densimo rises.]

Densimo: Or do you want me to beat it out of you?!

Delma: See? This is why the Drakyr are always making fun of you.

Densimo: M-making fun of me?! What are they saying?

Delma: The Drakyr that attacked us were all like...ĒYou! Move! Orcon
       wimps! Youíre nothing but a bunch of cowards!!Ē Thatís what
       they said.

Densimo: O-Orcon...wimps?! Did they really say that?

Delma: You bet! Then they said, ďOrcon! Ha! More like Porkon! You fat,
       stupid pigs!Ē

Densimo: P-p-p-pigs?! Grrrrrrrr...!!

Delma: Oh, yeah! Speaking of animals, they also said, ďThat Densimoís a

Densimo: That does it!! Iíll never forgive those Drakyr! Iím gonna kill
         Ďem! Iím gonna smash Ďem to bits!! Always flapping those wings
         around! Bah! Iím gonna split their skulls open! Iím gonna tie
         their bones into knots! Iím gonna make them beg to be put out
         of their misery!

Delma: Of course, youíd have to! Thatís my big brother for you!

Densimo: Well, in a perfect world, maybe...But I donít have time for
         that now! Iíve got to get rid of the human intruders before I
         start going after any Drakyr.

Delma: Well...If we help you out with the humans, will you join us?

Densimo: You? Help me? Chase out the humans?

Delma: You got it! In fact, we trounced a couple of Ďem on our way here.

Densimo: Well, Iíll be damned...The two of you alone took on humans and
         won? My own henchmen canít even handle Ďem. Hmmmmmm...(to Darc)
         All right! You help us slaughter the humans at [Zedora Abyss].
         Then weíll take on the Drakyr. Howís that sound? You donít have
         a problem with that, do you?

Darc: N-no, not at all...thank you.

Densimo: Great! Then weíll join forces. Itís a deal.

Delma: See, Darc? It all went according to plan!

Darc: Y-yeah...I guess so. But with you two, I could barely get a word
      in edgewise...

Densimo: Hmmm? What are you talking about?

Delma: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Címon, letís get going! Weíve got to
       get to [Zedora Abyss], right?

[South of Haystir Marsh lies Zedora Abyss. The three Deimos, determined to
run the humans out of Aldrow, head straight for there. They approach the
area, but Darc holds them all back, pulling them into a rocky alcove.]

Densimo: Whatíre you stopping for?

Darc: Shh! Be quiet! Look at that.

[In the middle of the ground, across the way, soldiers are pacing back
and forth. Others are working at things in the cliffs and out at sea,
on the rocks that stick above.]

Cathenian Soldier: All clear!

[The soldier marches off, meeting another soldier patrolling in the same

Cathenian Soldier: All clear!

[Back at the alcove...]

Densimo: What are those humans doing? They look so foolish pacing back
         and forth like that.

Delma: W-wait a minute! Look over there!

[Over by the cliffs...]

Cathenian Soldier: Almost time for a rest. Up the hill!

[The Deimos see what the workers are doing finally.]

Darc: Are they taking Spirit Stones...?

Delma: Argh! They make me so mad! How can they just walk off with the
       source of all our precious magic powers?

Densimo: Címon. Letís get in there and mess Ďem up!

Darc: Wait. Theyíve assigned each other roles, and theyíre working
      systematically. Weíve got to come up with a strategy, too.

Densimo: I donít do strategies! And I wonít copy the behavior of the
         idiotic humans!

[Densimo marches off towards the humans.]

Delma: We canít let them get away with this!

[Delma runs after Densimo.]

Darc: Damn!



Densimo: Humans are easy prey!

Darc: The fightís not over! Donít let your guard down!


[With Densimoís power added to their own, the Deimos easily stomp the
Cathenian soldiers and the Spear Hunters. Afterwards, the three stand
at the battlefield.]

Densimo: Wa ha ha ha! That was a cinch!

Delma: We did it, Darc!

Densimo: Yo, Darc. Youíre pretty strong, ainítcha? How about this? You
         could be my aide. If you and I combine our strengths, we could
         expand Orcon territory even further. And weíd crush those who
         oppose us! How Ďbout we split the land evenly?

Delma: Itís no use, Densimo. Darcís working towards a bigger goal!

Densimo: A bigger goal, eh? As if there were something more worthwhile
         than expanding our territory! You stay out of this! (to Darc)

         Címon, whaddaya think? Itís not a bad deal for you, after all.

Darc: ......

Densimo: Thatís fine. Take all the time you need. Wait Ďtil after weíve
         taken care of the Drakyr before you give me your answer. Now
         letís get back to [Orcoth]!

[Delma and Densimo start to leave, but Darc lingers behind.]

Darc: The humans...joined forces before coming here. They know that you
      can grow ever stronger if you just cooperate. The more humans they

      can gather together, the more powerful theyíll be. And when that

      happens, the Deimos may just lose to them. Was this what Father
      meant when he talked about the [Crisis]?

[Delma runs back.]

Delma: Hey, Darc! What are you up to over there? Címon, Densimoís getting
       antsy. Letís return to [Orcoth]!

[Darc follows her back to the entrance, where Densimo was indeed getting

Densimo: Grrr! Donít make me wait!

[The party is just getting back to Orcoth when Delma stops.]

Delma: So weíve gotten rid of the humans. Now what?

Densimo: Well, hmm...youíre right. We canít exactly kill the Drakyr that
         are after Darc if they never show up!

Delma: So youíd rather go looking for them?

Densimo: Are you crazy? How are we supposed to get to Ragnoth, huh? Maybe
         Darc could make it, but we canít fly, can we?

Delma: I guess not...

Densimo: Thereís no need to make our way right smack into the middle of
         the enemy camp.

Delma: Then what should we do?

Densimo: Hmm...Well, Iím not hungry yet...And Iím not sleepy yet...Iíve
         got it! Letís look for Firbles!

[Darc and Delma shake their heads in unison.]

Delma: What for?

Densimo: What do you mean, what for? Eating Firbles gives you strength,
         doesnít it?

Delma: Thatís just an old wivesí tale! Isnít it, Darc?

Darc:  Y-yeah, it sure is.

Densimo: Really? I thought it was a good idea.

Darc: Actually, somethingís been bothering me.

Densimo: What? Tell us.

Darc: I havenít seen Geedo since morning. She hasnít squeezed my collar
      or anything...

Delma: Oh, come on! Are you actually worried more about Geedo than about
       your own life?

Darc: Well, not worried, exactly...

Delma: How long were you planning to stay her slave, anyway?

Densimo: Whatís this? Are you still being used by that old witch? I canít
         have a slave as my chief aide! That just wonít do! Iím gonna
         have a word with that Geedo!

Darc: You...with Geedo?

Delma: Oh, thatís great! After talking with Densimo, Iím sure sheíll let
       you go free! Whaddya think, Darc? Letís do it!

Darc: ...Yeah, all right. Thanks.

Densimo: Letís go find that wrinkled bat, [Geedo]!

[The party sees Zugalo and decides to ask him about Geedoís whereabouts.]

Zugalo: I canít believe what I just saw! This winged
        [horce-faced Deimos] came flying from the [Varam Barrens] in the
        south! Z-Zoram says it was probably just a Drakyr, but...Donít
        you believe me?

[They all agree ďyes.Ē]

Zugalo: Oh th-thank you, wannab--ooops! D-Darc! Darc, I mean!

[The party heads to the Varam Barrens, forgetting about Geedo for the
moment. However, when they get there...]

Darc: Thatís--

[Geedo is hanging from a tree, a rope locked around her hands.]

Densimo: What...? Thatís Geedo, isnít it? Doesnít she do that for fun
         or something?

Delma: You idiot! How could she?

Darc: But why?

[The party runs up to Geedo.]

Darc: Geedo! Are you all right? Who could have done this?

[Flying in from the sky, a Drakyr lands on top of the tree. Another one
floats in the sky a ways behind Geedo.]

Darc: No! Itís a trap!

[The floating Drakyr is the first to speak to Darc.]

Drakyr: Darc...give me the Wind Stone! Give it to me or this hag is

Geedo: me...!

Drakyr: Come on! The Wind!

Darc: ......

Geedo: Darc, please...I donít want to die...

Drakyr: So she raised you up, eh? I say you owe her your life. Are you
        saying you donít care what happens to her?

Darc: Owe Geedo my life? Thatís ridiculous! She worked me to the bone!
      If you wanna kill her, go ahead and do it! Itíll be a load off
      my back.

Geedo: Hey...! What are you saying?! Shut up and listen, you miserable
       worm! Arenít you forgetting something? You would never have
       grown up big and strong if I hadnít fed you, after all! So tell
       me! Would you rather Iíd left you to die on the road in Orcoth?

Darc: (to self, friends) She used me. Nothing more.

Drakyr: Damn! So much for our hostage.(to Drakyr on the tree) I guess we
        move to Plan B. Call the monsters!

Drakyr: Youíll be going up against these guys!

[Four Wyverns appear, arcing around the partyís behind. The floating
Drakyr flies up towards the other Drakyr. He speaks.]

Drakyr: Weíll just sit back and watch, then, shall we?



Delma: We can finish these measly monsters off easy! Letís not waste any
       time on them!

Darc: Right. The real enemy is the Drakyr!


[The party fights the Wyverns, winning after a short while. A cutscene
begins as soon as the focus shifts back to the Drakyr and the Orcon.]

Densimo: Piece of cake! Donít underestimate us Orcons!

Delma: Thatís my big brother.

Darc: Hey...whereíd they go?

[A Drakyr comes and knocks Darc in the back.]

Darc: Whoa!

Delma: Darc!!

Densimo: Why, you...!

[The other Drakyr fires wind magic at Densimo.]

Drakyr: Haaa!

Densimo: Whoof!

Delma: Densimo!! youíve done it!

Drakyr: Ah-ah-ah...donít move!

[A Drakyr stands over Darcís body.]

Drakyr: Now hand over the Wind stone! Hand it over or weíll tear off
        these wings of yours!

Darc: Now way Iíll give it to you bastards!

Delma: Darc!

Drakyr: A Drakyr who canít a Drakyr who can die!

[The Drakyr rips off Darkís left wing.]

Drakyr: Give us the Wind Stone or Iíll tear off the other one!

Darc: I wonít....ever...

Drakyr: You little bastard!

[He rips the last wing off.]

Darc: Urgaaaaaaaaah!

Delma: Damn it! Thatís enough! If you keep that up youíll kill him!

Drakyr: If he wonít have over the Wind Stone, heís might as well be.

Delma: Stop! The Wind Stone is under his fatherís tomb.

Drakyr: Under his tomb? Darcís father...Windalf? Where is it?

Darc: Stop...Delma...Donít tell them

Delma: Iím sorry, Darc. I canít see you like this.

Darc: No, Delma! Theyíll kill us anyway!

Drakyr: Thatís enough out of you!

[He hits Darc and he falls unconscious.]

Darc: Guurgh!

Drakyr: Are you telling the truth, She-Orc?

Delma: Iím not lying. Look for apile of stones hidden among church

Drakyr: Mwa hah hah hah...finally the Wind Stone! It will be ours once

Delma: Now you know! So get lost!

Drakyr: Donít worry, Iíll be on my way after Iíve dealt with...

[The other Drakyr hits Delma with wind energy.]

Delma: Aaaargh!

Drakyr: ...dealt with a certain troublemaker that is.


[Darc goes unconscious. In the real world...]

Geedo: Hee hee hee hee hee! What did you think? It worked just like I said
       it would.

Drakyr: You were useless as a hostage, though.

Geedo: Thatís not true! It would never have gone so well if Darcnít hadnít
       taken the bait--me! Now, you promised...Whereís my money?

Drakyr: After we get the Wind Stone.

Densimo: just wait! Iíll attack when you least expect it and
         make my escape!

Drakyr: Oh, youíre still alive? Persistent creature, arenít you? Sorry, but
        I donít have time to concern myself with you.

Densimo: C-come back here! Damn it!! Yo, grandma!

Geedo: Eeek! Y-youíve got it all wrong! This has nothing to do with me!

Densimo: Whereíd he go?

Geedo: I-Iíll show you...Just...calm down!

[Darc finally comes around awhile later.]

Darc: Ooooh...Wh-where...Where am I...?

[He sees Delma lying there, not moving.]

Darc: Delma...Thatís right! That Drakyr attacked me...

[Darc stands up and looks at the vacant tree.]

Darc: Geedo...Did she trick me? What would be the point of turning me
      over to the Drakyr? Why go that far...? Oh, no! I canít just
      stand here! Iíve got to protect the Wind Stone...!

[Darc runs to the Church Ruins. This time, heís without Delma. He runs
up to the sanctuary and finds Geedo and the two Drakyr searching in
his fatherís tomb.]

Geedo: You still havenít found it? Just give me my money already!

Drakyr (standing): What a noisy old crone you are. Be quiet!

Drakyr (searching): Ah, here it is! This is the treasure of the Drakyr
       race! The Wind Stone!

Drakyr (standing): Good. Now our business here is done. We must tell

Geedo: Just a moment! First the money!

[Darc runs up to the three.]

Darc: Geedo! What are you doing?!

Geedo: Oh, well, if it isnít Darc! So youíre still alive, eh? Pretty
       hard to kill, ainítcha?

Darc: Donít play with me!

Geedo: OK, you got me! I sold you! I sure did! Just as you suspected!
       And so what if I did? Iíd take money over a no-good, useless
       snot-nosed brat like you any day!

Darc: (taken aback) What?!

Geedo: And Iím not the only one. No one is stupid enough to join forces
       with a nitwit like you!

[From over by the Firble nest, Densimo walks to where Geedo is.]

Darc: Densimo! What are you doing?

Densimo: Whatís it to you? We made a deal.

Darc: A deal?! What kind of a deal?

Geedo: You sure are dense. The Drakyr want the Wind Stone. I want money.
       Densimo wants Firbles. Thereís not a single reason we should
       fight. If we cut you out of the picture, everyone gets along just

Densimo: Well, an occasional tussle canít be avoided. Looks like the
         Drakyr donít plan on battling the Orcon if they have the Wind

         Stone. And Iíve found a Firble, so I have nothing to complain
         about! Gah ha ha ha!

Darc: Densimo...what...What did you the Firble?

[Densimo walks up to Darc.]

Densimo: Man, it was tasty...I can just feel the strength welling up
         within me! Ha ha ha ha! Hic...burp!

[Densimo belches and spits out the flower-like object that was on top
of the Firbleís head.]

Densimo: Ptooie!

Darc: You...ATE the Firble?! You horrible traitor! How could you
      betray a friend?!

Densimo: Whaaaaat? Friend? You say youíre my friend?!

[Densimo picks Darc up by the neck.]

Densimo: Gah! Time to wake up! Deimos donít have friends! Deimos donít
         have relationships like that! What we have is power! Power and
         nothing else! Only the strong survive, and to those victors go
         the spoils!

Drakyr (standing) : Heh heh heh. Magic, too, is controlled by the

Geedo: And itís a bonus if you know who to stab in the back...and when.
       Hee hee hee hee!

Densimo: Get it, Darc? Thatís a Deimos! We donít care if a wannabe like
         you lives or dies!

Darc: Stop it!

[Densimo throws him over the staircase and down to the ground. He lands
by the equipment Rapier left behind at the previous battle.]

Densimo: You fool! You think youíre a match for our strength?

Darc: Ack...These...These are Deimos?! The ones Father told me to
      protect with his last breath?! Are these...Are these the Deimos
      Iím supposed to save?! If so...Then curse them! If Deimos only
      believe in power, Iíll become the strongest there is...and change
      them through force, since thatís all they understand.

[Darc picks up Rapierís sword and breastplate. Densimo goes down the top
of the stairs to attack Darc, but after a short scuffle, the powerful
leader of the Orcon slumps over, dead. Geedo heads down the stairs, wand
in hand, but Darc, too, attacks her. Within a few blows, Geedo has been
killed. The two Drakyr soon fall to Darcís newly-found blade.]



Densimo: So the Deimos wannabe thinks he can beat the great Densimo, eh?!

Darc: You...! You killed the Firble...! Damn you!

Densimo: Wa ha ha ha! Now itís me! Iím the strongest!

Darc: You...Youíre not getting away with this!

(Darcís tension gauge rises to the top after this.)


Geedo: So you think you can escape from my [Cursed Collar]? Eh? You
       pathetic Deimos wannabe!

Darc: Iíll kill you and then escape from this stupid collar!

Geedo: Try it if you think you can! Youíll be strangled before you even
       get close!

Darc: Argh! This pain...Iíll wipe it out with my rage!


[After the battle, Darc is standing over the dead bodies.]

Darc: All because of this stone...

[In a manner similar to Khargís sighting, the Wind Spirit appears.]

Spirit: ...Chosen One...You must awaken...Searching out
        the dark abyss...The time of destruction...approaches once
        more...Find the one who the endless night of
        despair...We have returned...Chosen One...Call forth...your
        own power...and save...the world...from ruin...

[The Spirit fades.]

Darc: Heh heh heh ha ha ha ha! Itís mine...The power of the spirits is
      mine! Heeeeaaah!! Thatís it! Power! Thatís all there is! I have to
      use all my power to save the Deimos from destruction!

Voice: Darc!

[Delma comes running up the stairs.]

Delma: Good...youíre all right. Darc? What is it?

[Sheís frightened by his new attitude.]

Delma: Are...are you really darc? You look like...someone else.

[Darc says nothing. Delma then notices her brother.]

Delma: Densimo! The Drakyr...did they do this...?

Darc: No...I did.

Delma: Wh-what are you talking about?! No way! You wouldnít do something
       like this...would you?

Darc: The one who killed Densimo...was me.

Delma: How could you!

Darc: So what if I did? So what? What does that mean?

Delma: (taken aback) What..?!

Darc: Iíll gather power! Power to save the Deimos! Iíll bring them all
      under my control. Theyíll obey me and fight the humans! That power
      will be mine! And death to all who oppose me! Orcons! Drakyr!
      Humans! Drakyr! I will become king of the Deimos!

[Delma takes a step back as Darc yells out his conviction towards the


##Kharg, Chapter Two: Setting Out##

[The chapter starts off with a view of the Yewbell road, with two little
kids running up it. The boy runs ahead of the girl, causing her to get

Girl: Hey, wait uuuupp!

Boy: Hurry up, would you! Weíre gonna miss Lord Khargís inauguration

[The boy walks off towards the Castle Ruins.]

Girl: I know, I know. But donít just leave me behind, OK?!

[She catches up to the boy, and they both go to the Castle Ruins. It
appears that everyone in Yewbell has gathered at the foot of the
castle. Defense Corps soldiers, citizens, children, and even that
crazy explorer Zev. Paulette and Maru stand at the front, talking to
one another. The two kids meet up with a boy that was already there.]

Boy: Come on, youíre late! Thanks a lot! I was hoping to get a good
     view from the front, too.

Boy: Sorry, man. There was nothing I could do. She just had to get all
     dressed up Ďcause weíre gonna see Lord Kharg!

Zev: Hey, you kids there, keep it down. Itís about to start.

[The kids quiet down and turn their view up to the top of the castle
stairs. Nafia, Duncan, and Kharg stand up there, with two Corps
soldiers on either side of them.]

Duncan: Ahem! Everyone, could we please have some silence?

[Everyone quiets down.]

Duncan: Ummm, we have gathered everyone here today in order to celebrate
        the formal introduction of a new Commander, to take over for
        Commander Lloyd who died in the line of duty fighting for the
        freedom of us all. So, without further ado, let me introduce to
        you the man who will stand up to guard our safety and our
        independence...the new leader of the Defense Corps! Yes, I am
        sure you all know who I am talking about. Just days ago, he gave
        quite a performance in Plumb Canyon, driving back the Deimos
        forces and winning a victory for the humans. Nidelliaís pride
        and joy...the noble Lord Kharg!

Kharg: Thank you.

Duncan: At first, his dear mother, Lady Nafia, hesitated, thinking that
        Lord Kharg was too young to take on this great responsibility.
        However, our council has come to the conclusion that for our next
        Commander, no one matches Lord Kharg in ability or popularity.
        And furthermore, Lord Kharg himself has said that he would be
        honored to stand up and defend this great country. Therefore, I
        would like to have Lady Nafia step forward and make this
        inauguration official.

[Duncan steps back and Nafia and Kharg step forward. Kharg kneels.]

Nafia: You have grown up, protect by the love of everyone here. And now
       your time has come for you to give something back. Kharg Meleol
       Nidellia, I now pronounce you Commander of the Defense Corps.
       Make us all proud.

Kharg: I will try my best. Thank you.

[Nafia steps back and Kharg steps forward to address the audience.]

Kharg: We all take pride in our peaceful land of Nidellia. It is a
       wonderful country and I am proud to call it home. We have
       discovered Spirit Stones, and we are gradually enriching our
       everyday lives. However, at the same time, this kind of
       new-found wealth also invites greedy, foul evil-doers bent on
       stealing what rightfully belongs to others, just as we have
       seen with the Drakyr all too recently. But even so, it is
       impossible to go back in time and change things. If we want
       this country to grow and expand, in order to keep the peace, we
       have no choice but to defend ourselves from those who try to
       bring us down. Iím sure that if Commander Lloyd were still with
       us...he would say the same thing. I may be young, and I may not
       have a lot of experience. But I know that no one loves this
       country more than I do. I know I have some pretty big shoes to
       fill, but I promise to do everything in my power to make sure
       none of you have to live in fear!

[Everyone applauds and goes back to town. Duncan and Nafia are still
talking on the steps.]

Duncan: Please, Lady Nafia, Lord Kharg, if youíll excuse me.

Nafia: Thank you for everything today, Duncan.

[Duncan leaves.]

Nafia: Kharg, thereís something I want to give you. Could you stop by
       the house now?

[Nafia leaves also.]

Kharg: You want to give me something...? What in the world could it be?
       Is there anything at home I havenít seen already? Oh, well. I
       wonít find out just standing around here.

[Kharg walks down the steps to where Maru and Paulette are waiting.]

Maru: Thatís so cool. I wish I could be a commander, too.

Kharg: What are you talking about? Youíre a ďprince,Ē arenít you? What
       do you want to be a commander for?

Maru: Yeah, I guess...Thatís all right> Iíll just keep on being a prince.

Paulette: Kharg, Iím behind you all the way. This shoulder armor belonged
          to my father. Iíll see that I do him proud.

Kharg: And I am counting on both of you two.

Paulette: Hey, why donít we get right down to business and make a sweep of
          the area around Yewbell?

Kharg: Actually, uh...My motherís waiting for me at home.

Paulette: Oh, OK...Then Iíll just do a lap around town, make sure
          everythingís all right.

Kharg: Sounds great. Go right ahead.

Paulette: (to Maru) Come on, youíre coming with me.

Maru: Hey, Iím a prince. I told you, quit ordering me around! Donít think
      youíre special just Ďcause youíre wearing special red shoulder
      pads! Iíll go where I like! See ya!

[Maru runs off.]

Paulette: What am I ever going to do with that kid...?

[She runs off, too. Kharg goes back to his house, finding his mother in
her bedroom. She stares out the window as he arrives.]

Kharg: Mother, I need to do a quick patrol of the area. Iím worried there
       may still be Drakyr in the area.

Nafia: Kharg...Deimos arenít the only threat you need to worry about.

Kharg: I know that. Itís just that, we donítí really know much about the
       Drakyr. So I think we should be extra careful with them out there.

Nafia: In any case...I just donít want you to go out there looking for a
       fight, or fighting with feelings of hatred in your heart.

Kharg: You told me once, Mother. You said that Iím testing my own
       strength right now...And that got me thinking. I donít need to
       fight to prove my own strength. My mission in life is to help and
       protect the weak who only wish to live in peace.

Nafia: Youíre absolutely right...Promise me youíll never forget that.

Kharg: Oh, that reminds me. What was it that you wanted to give me?

Nafia: Oh, thatís right.

[Nafia walks over to Kharg, holding the shining stone that once adorned
her shelf. She offers it to Kharg.]

Kharg: Oh...that stone...!

Nafia: Itís called the [Wind Stone]. Iíve been keeping it safe all these
       years. Itís like a good-luck charm to me. Here, I want you to have

[Kharg takes it, looking at it in his outstretched hand.]

Kharg: The Wind Stone...It...kind of looks like it was broken in half...

Nafia: Yes, it is. I split that stone with your father.

Kharg: My father...?!

Nafia: It has protect me, kept me safe. But I want you to keep it now, as
       you work to keep this country safe from harm. Take it, and let it
       protect you.

[Kharg tucks the stone away.]

Kharg: This is the first time. The first time youíve been the one to
       bring up Father...What was he like? You two met on a trip, didnít
       you? You said he died from an illness. Is the other half of the
       stone with him?

Nafia: The stone has his love inside it, so I know it will keep you safe.

Kharg: You didnít answer my questions.

Nafia: May the Wind Stoneís protection be bestowed up on you...

[Nafia walks out of the room.]

Kharg: Wait, Mother...

[She doesnít answer back.]

Kharg: The Wind Stone, huh?

[Out of nowhere, the Wind Spirit appears again.]

Kharg: What, again?

Wind Spirit: ...O Chosen One...awaken, now...The darkness...seeks
             power...Once again the world...faces...annihilation...
             ...We have find the one to shine light...
             ...into the unending darkness...O Chosen One...awaken...
             your power...Save...the world from...destruction...

[The spirit vanishes.]

Kharg: What does that mean...? ďO Chosen One, the world faces
       annihiliation...Ē? What? Me, save the world? Thatís ridiculous...
       Just how in the world am I supposed to go about doing that...?

[Kharg walks back into town and sees Maru standing outside the bar.]

Maru: We got another job, Kharg. Duncanís waiting inside for you.

[Kharg walks into the Defense Corps office. Duncan is sitting down at
his desk as usual. A woman stands next to the desk.]

Duncan: Oh, Iíve been waiting for you, Lord Kharg.

Kharg: Whatís up?

Duncan: This person ran in here. Says she was just robbed.

Kharg: Robbed?! (to woman) Why donít you tell me what happened.

Young Woman: OK. Well, I just got engaged a few days ago. My fiancť gave
             me a beautiful engagement ring, but this band of thieves
             stole it from me.

Kharg: Where? Where did you run into this band of thieves?

Young Woman: It of here...

Kharg: South? Was it by any chance down by Garagne Hills?

Young Woman: Uh, no. It was...up north...

Kharg: North? You mean by [Scrappe Plateau]?

Young Woman: Y-yes...I was around there, Iím sure...

Kharg: What kind of thieves were they?

Young Woman: I, um...I donít really remember much, it was so scary...
             (sobs) Please, Lord Kharg, I beg you! I donít know how I
             could ever face my fiancť again without that ring! Please,
             you have to get that ring back somehow! (sobs)

Kharg: Iíll see what I can do.

Young Woman: Thank you so much! I donít know how to repay you!

Duncan: Lord Kharg, when you have safely retrieved the ring, just bring
        it back here. I will see to it that she gets it.

Kharg: All right, I will.

[Kharg heads towards Yewbellís town entrance, but Maru stops him.]

Maru: Hold up, Kharg. You sure you wanna leave Paulette behind? Sheíll
      make a huge fuss afterwards, no doubt about it.

[Paulette comes running up.]

Paulette: Who makes huge fusses, huh, Maru?

Maru: Uh-oh, caught me!

Paulette: Kharg, Banjo over at the refinery needs our help.

Kharg: Banjo does?

Paulette: Yeah, he said he wants us to stop by if we have some time.

Kharg: OK. Sounds good.

Paulette: Great, letís get going.

[Together, the three head to Scrappe Plateau. Before the three arrive,
a thief and his three henchman are inspecting an old junked machine.]

Thief Henchman: Boss, you think we could make some money off the parts
                in there?

Ringleader: What are we supposed to do with junk like that, you big
            imbecile? Just shut yer mouth and keep a lookout for the
            next sucker to come along!

Thief Henchman: But, wouldnít it be quicker to attack Yewbell than
                just waitiní around here for people to walk by?

Ringleader: Trust me, I know what Iím doing. You canít rush these

Thief Henchman: What do you mean?

Ringleader: I hear some new guy whoís pretty good with a sword is
            taking over as the Commander of the Defense Corps here,

Thief Henchman: Thatís bad news for us, huh?

Ringleader: Thatís why we canít just rush into Yewbell like idiots.
            We need to scope things out from here a bit. And even if
            he does show up here, escapiní will be a piece of cake.

[Kharg walks up, with Paulette and Maru close behind. The latter two
have their weapons drawn.]

Kharg: So youíre the thieves out here causing trouble on Scrappe

Ringleader: And who the hell are you?

Kharg: Iím Kharg, Commander of the Nidellia Defense Corps!

Ringleader: Y-youíre him...?! Wa ha ha ha! Some snot-nosed punk is the
            commander? Donít make me laugh!

Kharg: Are you the ones that stole the ring from that woman?

Ringleader: A ring? I dunno, maybe we did. Weíre in the line of work of
            stealing things from people, ya know.

Kharg: Just hand over everything you stole and get out of the country.
       Or else...

Ringleader: Ooh, you got us shakiní in our boots, kid! What kind of
            idiot would give back stuff they stole fair and square? If
            you want it back, youíre gonna hafta take it from us!

[Kharg draws his sword.]

Kharg: You just donít get it, do you? I guess Iíll just have to teach you
       a lesson.




Kharg: That barrel could be dangerous. We should be careful with our
       attacks. It could explode.

Maru: I know! Why donít I fire at it from a distance?


[The bandits get trounced. Afterwards, they hand over a bracelet.]

Kharg: How long are you going to mess around? Just give back the
       ring you stole!

Ringleader: How many times do I hafta tell you? We never stole no ring!
            All we ever stole was that stinkiní [Stone-carved Bracelet]
            I already gave you. You gotta believe me...!

Maru: Kharg, I think heís serious.

Paulette: Right. He definitely doesnít appear to be lying.

Kharg: Thatís strange...

Ringleader: Umm, I guess that means weíll be on our way...

Kharg: I better not catch you robbing people again!

Ringleader: Right you are. We promise to reform ourselves and live
            good, honest lives from now on. Weíre very sorry for all
            the trouble we caused.

[The bandit and his followers walk off towards the other end of
Scrappe Plateau.]

Maru: (to Kharg) So what are you gonna do now? If they didnít steal
      ring, then who in the world did?

Paulette: Why donít we talk to the woman again and see if we can find
          anything else out? We should confirm exactly where, when,
          and by whom it was stolen.

Kharg: Youíre right. She didnít seem at all sure of herself, either.
       Letís head back to the inn.

[The three head back to the Defense Corps office.]

Duncan: Oh, Lord Kharg, Iím terribly sorry! Iím afraid I sent you on
        a wild goose chase...

Kharg: What...?

Duncan: The whole story about the ring, it was all a sham. She just
        confessed that she accidentally dropped the ring in the river.
        Thatís how she lost the ring.

Kharg: So thatís what happened.

Young Woman: (sobs) Iím sorry, Iím so sorry! I was just scared that if
             I told my fiancť I lost his ring, he would call the whole
             thing off. So I thought that maybe if I said it was
             stolen by some robbers, he might not be mad at me...(sobs)

Kharg: So then whose bracelet did I just bring back...?

[A man walks into the office.]

Young Man: Please, donít blame Faora! This is all my fault!

Faora: Mutch?!

Mutch: Faora, Iím so sorry. Iím afraid I lied to you. The ring I gave
       you...The truth is, it was just a cheap imitation!

Faora: What did you just say?!

Mutch: O-of course I didnítí want to propose to you like that, with
       some fake ring. But I didnít have anything else to give you.
       I just thought it would be better than nothing at all, you know?
       I knew youíd just turn me down if I didnít have anything to
       prove my love for you with...(sigh) I really feel like the
       stupidest man on the planet right now!

Faora: Mutch...You didnít have to worry about anything like that. Iím
       the one at fault here. Even if it was an imitation, I shouldíve
       taken better care of a gift from you.

Mutch: The truth is, I already had a present for you. I donít have money
       to buy you anything, but I thought that if I made you something
       and put all my love into it, that would be enough. I found a
       pretty stone up north on Scrappe Plateau, and I carved it into a
       bracelet for you. was stolen by a band of thieves before
       I could give it to you.

Faora: Really...?

Kharg: (to self) The bracelet was stolen by a group of thieves? Could it

Mutch: Iím so sorry. Itís all my fault for not being honest with you.
       I shouldíve told you the truth from the start.

Faora: Itís OK, Mutch. I love you!

Mutch: Faora...Me, too.

[Kharg takes out the bracelet.]

Kharg: Umm, Iím sorry to interrupt you two, but is this by any chance
       the bracelet you were talking about?

Mutch: Oh, my!! Yes, this is it! You got it back for me! Thank you,
       Lord Kharg! Aah, now I can finally propose to you properly! Let
       me ask you again. Faora, will you marry me?

Faora: Of course I will, Mutch. I love you so much. Weíll be so happy

Kharg: ...Here we go again.

Mutch: Lord Kharg, I am forever indebted to you. Thank you so much for
       everything. Now then, if youíll excuse us. Come on, letís go,

[The two leave the bar.]

Kharg: Is it me, or was it more tiring giving the bracelet back than
       getting it in the first place?

Duncan: Good job, Kharg.

[Kharg wastes no time in going to the refinery to see Banjo.]

Banjo: Oh, Lord Kharg. Thereís, uh, something Iíve been a bit worried

Kharg: Whatís up?

Banjo: Butch went to investigate some things in [Plumb Canyon], and he
       hasnít come back yet.

Kharg: Investigate...? Investigate what?

Banjo: The fact of the matter is, it seems those Dancing Shells
       monsters have been gathering in Plumb Canyon a lot lately.
       No matter how many times we chase them away, they just come back
       again. Itís hard to get any work done. And thatís what I sent
       him to investigate. But heís been gone a little too long...

Kharg: Hmm, I see why youíre worried. The Dancing Shells are one thing,
       but weíve also had some trouble with Drakyr out there, too.

Banjo: Do you think you could go check on things for me?

Kharg: Sure thing.

Banjo: Thatís great! Itís such a relief knowing that youíre going to
       check, Lord Kharg! Thank you. I hope to hear back from you soon.

[Kharg and company go to Plumb Canyon to check out whatís the Dancing
Shells have been up to. They find Butch standing at the platform that
overlooks the work area.]

Butch: Lord Kharg! You really came for me!

Kharg: Yes. Anyway, Iím just glad youíre safe. So whatís been going on
       around here?

Butch: As you can see, this place is packed with Dancing Shells. There
       must be a reason theyíre here, and I need to figure out what it
       is. But itís too dangerous for the likes of me. What in the world
       is going on there, I wonder.

[They stare at the Dancing Shells for awhile.]

Kharg: All right. Hereís the plan. Weíll clear the Dancing Shells out of
       the way. In the meantime, you just find someplace safe and stay

Butch: All right, can do!



Maru: Theyíre poisonous. Weíll be in big trouble if weíre not careful!

Paulette: If youíre poisoned, your energy will keep going down until you

          get the poison out of your system.

Maru: Itíll probably clear up if you just leave it, but itís quicker to
      use an [Antitoxic Nut] or [Antidote Treatment]!


[The team clears the Dancing Shells out, and Butch joins them down at
the battle site. He walks over to one of the machinery.]

Butch: OK...Now I get it...

[He walks over to the crew.]

Butch: Iíve figured out what the problem is, Lord Kharg. All of the
       machines here are really, really old, right? Take a look over
       there. Do you see the oil leaking out?

Kharg: Oil?

Butch: Yeah, itís a liquid fuel that the ancient civilizations used to
       use. It seems that thereís something in the oil thatís been
       attracting the Dancing Shells here.

Kharg: So that was it, huh?

Butch: If we tighten the handle over there, the oil should stop
       leaking. And then the Dancing Shells should stop coming around

Kharg: All right, weíll take over from here. Butch, why donít you
       hurry back and report to Banjo?

Butch: OK, will do. Thank you for all your help.

[Butch walks off.]

Maru: Whoíd have guessed that theyíd be attracted to the oil.

Paulette: This oil must have been here for at least a couple hundred
          years. Who knows, maybe itís like a rich, well-aged wine
          to the Dancing Shells.

Kharg: At any rate, we canít let any more monsters gather here. Now
       then, letís get this over with.

[Kharg goes over to the machine and tightens the wheel.

Kharg: Good, looks like the oilís stopped leaking. Things should be OK

[Kharg goes back to Yewbell again; this time, visiting the upstairs
of the inn. A strange man there paces back and forth.]

Strange Man: Ah! Youíre the new leader of the Defense Corps here, right?
             Iím not from around here, but, actually, Iíve got a favor
             Iíd like to ask. Will you hear me out.

Kharg: Yes.

Strange Man: When I was little, I came here to stay with some relatives.
             I was a city kid, and I was bowled over with the scenery
             here. I spent all day every day exploring the place. And
             one day, I came across something strange. I should probably
             shown it to an adult and found out exactly what it was. But
             at that time, I wanted to keep it to myself, so I hid it
             somewhere. At last I remembered where itís hidden, but when
             I went to get it, what do you know! There are a bunch of
             monsters around there now! So now I donít know what to do.
             Thatís why I need the help of a confident commander like
             you. I wonder if youíd mind going to the hiding place for

[Kharg accepts.]

Strange Man: Oh, thatís great! OK, letís get started right away! Iíll
             tell you the hiding place. I put the strange thing I found
             that day in an [Old Pot], and hid it under a rock at [The
             Edge of a Sea of Trees]. The only thing is...I donít
             remember which rock. It just didnít occur to me to leave a
             marker to remind me. But itís hidden underneath a rock.
             Thatís for sure. Please, I do hope you can find it for me!

[Kharg goes to The Edge of a Sea of Trees and finds the pot under a
rock. However, heís ambushed by Suskle Squirrels and a few Cuskles.
The group quickly dispatches with all of them and heads back to the

Strange Man: Oh! You found it for me! There should be a strange
             dictionary inside that [Old Pot]!

Kharg: A strange dictionary?

Strange Man: Here, Iíll show you. Hmm...Ah! Yes, this is it! Thereís
             no mistake! This is the [Spirit Dictionary Volume 1]
             that I hid! So my memory served me correctly! Ah, excuse
             me. I got a bit over-excited. Right, letís start from
             the beginning. Iím Span, a scholar from a town called
             Peisus far to the east. The other day, I suddenly
             remembered this Spirit Dictionary I found as a child, so
             I came here looking for it. Back then, I didnít really
             have a clue what it was, but this dictionary contains a
             huge volume of information about the junior Spirits. I
             know! why donít I read some of it to you?

Kharg: A dictionary of junior Spirits...?

Span: Long ago, there were many different types of Spirits. Which one
      shall I read to you about?

[Kharg picks the Time Spirit.]

Spirit Dictionary Volume 1: The Time Spirit...A spirit that controls
                            time and enjoys a bit of mischief. Can
                            make passage of time speed up or slow down.
                            If time flies when youíre having fun, itís
                            probably this Spiritís doing.

[Span continues to read about the Dream Spirit.]

Spirit Dictionary Volume 1: The Dream Spirit...A spirit that can enter
                            oneís dreams at will. Likes to enter the
                            dreams of those in distress and know their
                            true feelings. Said to ride on a cloud-like
                            vapor, which, if inhaled, causes strange

[He continues on to the Prayer Spirit.]

Spirit Dictionary Volume 1: The Prayer Spirit...Also known as the
                            Spirit of the Heart, as it connects peopleís
                            hearts together. Prayers heard by this
                            Spirit will be sure to find their intended
                            destinations, wherever they may be.

[Span continues with the Slumber Spirit.]

Spirit Dictionary Volume 1: The Slumber Spirit...Spirit that bestows
                            slumber and rest. Its great power enables
                            it to see into the future and predict that
                            which will occur. However, this is rare,
                            as the Spirit itself is often found in

[Kharg stops him before he reads any more.]

Span: In that case, Iíll get this dictionary back to Peisus and start
      studying it right away. If youíre ever passing through, do come
      and see me. Youíve been so helpful, Iíd be honored to welcome

Kharg: OK. If Iím ever passing through.

Span: Oh, yes! Apart from this one, there should be another four
      volumes to the Spirit Dictionary. If you happen to find them,
      maybe you could hand them over to me?

Kharg: Sure, if I find them.

Span: That would be marvelous! Well, Iíd like to get back quick and
      start reading, so if youíll excuse me.

Kharg: Hey! What about this pot?

Span: Iíd like you to have it, Kharg. By way of thanks.

[Span leaves.]

Kharg: What would I want with this old pot?! Huh? Thereís something
       else inside...[Inside the pot was a [Stone Holder].] Maybe I
       could use this. Iíll hang onto it.

[Back downstairs, Zev can be found again at the bar. Kharg goes over
to talk with him.]

Zev: Oh, hey, Kharg. Iíve been waiting for you, ya know!

Kharg: Is anything wrong?

Zev: Itís a big mess. I just saw a big airship crash!

Kharg: Crash?! Where?

Zev: I think it went down somewhere near [Dragon Bone Valley].

Kharg: Dragon Bone Valley? Where was the airship from?

Zev: Hmm, Iím not sure about that. But I know this place doesnít have any
     airships left, so it must be from some other country. That much is
     certain. And I think it was flying this way from the east, too.

Kharg: (to party) People may be hurt there. We better go see if anyone
       needs help.

Paulette: Wait. That airship violated our airspace, right? Thereís a
          possibility that they were on their way to invade us.

Maru: Now that you mention it, I heard that Dilzblah or whatever country
      has been startiní wars all over the world, trying to get their
      hands on more Spirit Stones.

Paulette: Yes, maybe we should check it out first.

Kharg: I donít care what country itís from. If there are people hurt out
       there, we canít just let them die. Our first priority is to rescue
       them. Then we can find out what theyíre doing here.

Paulette: Yes, youíre right. It may just have been an accident.

Maru: But [Dragon Bone Valley]ís like totally in Deimos territory, isnít
      it? Isnít this kind of dangerous.

Kharg: Thatís exactly why we must hurry. (to Zev) Weíre going to check it
       out. Just let everyone in town know whatís going on for me, will

Zev: Sure thing.

Kharg: (to party) All right, letís head out!

[Dragon Bone Valley is far to the north of Yewbell, past the Isulo
Forest and the Punoir Ravine. It lies at the foot of the mountains,

and thatís where Kharg is found soon after leaving Yewbell.]

Kharg: Weíre here. This is the place.

Maru: Aargh, man itís cold!

Paulette: I imagine it would be, dressed like that.

Maru: Hey, does it smell like somethingís burning to you?

Paulette: Over there!

Kharg: Huh...? It looks like someoneís hurt! Letís go!

[They all run over to a womanís body lying on the snow-covered ground.]

Kharg: Wake up! Are you OK?

Woman: (mumbling to self) Nnn...Nnn...I wonít give it to anyone...Hurry...
       Letís get out of here...

Kharg: Great, youíre still alive...!

Girl from another land: ...Nnnhh...

[She gets up.]

Maru: Sheís come to...!

Kharg: All right, you two, go see if there are any other survivors.

Maru: You bet!

[Maru goes off, but Paulette lingers behind, staring at Kharg and the
mysterious girl.]

Kharg: Whatís wrong, Paulette?

Paulette: Oh, itís nothing...

[She goes off to look for survivors.]

Kharg: Hey! Hey! Can you hear me? Wake up!

Girl from another land: Where am I...?

Kharg: The outskirts of Nidellia, on the continent of Ragnoth.

Girl from another land: Ragnoth...? So Iím still...Who are you...?

Kharg: Iím Kharg. I live in the town of Yewbell.

Girl from another land: Kharg...Thanks for helping gme.

Kharg: Are you hurt?

Girl from another land: No. I just inhaled some smoke, thatís all. My
                        name is Lilia.

Kharg: Youíre going to be all right, Lilia. Donít worry about a thing.

[Maru runs out of the airship.]

Maru: I didnít see anyone inside the airship.

[Paulette runs out from behind the airship.]

Paulette: There are signs that it sustained enemy fire from the outside.
          And Iím not sure what country itís from, either...Where did
          you come from?

[Everyone stares at Lilia.]

Lilia: From a country to the east. I came here on that airship,
       [Big Owl].

Paulette: You came here all by yourself?

Lilia: Yes. I was heading for the [World Alliance] in the Republic of
       Cathena. But the Dilzweld Army was chasing me, and...

Kharg: Did you say Dilzweld?!

Lilia: Yes. I was hit by fire form their flying battleship. And that
       knocked out my auto-pilot mechanism...

Kharg: But why would the Dilzweld Army be after one single girl?

Paulette: What were you heading to the World Alliance for?

Lilia: I...

Paulette: Why were they after you?

Lilia: ......

Paulette: Please. If weíre dealing with Dilzweld here, then we need to
          know whatís going on, or that puts us in danger as well.

Kharg: Thatís OK. We can talk later. For now we just need to get her out
       of here. Who knows when weíll have Deimos breathing down our

Paulette: Youíre right. Iím sorry.

[While they talk, a bunch of Drakyr drop in out of the sky. Maru sees Ďem

Maru: Uhhh-oooh. Looks like you spoke too soon, man.

Paulette: Deimos!

Drakyr: You annoying human scum, who do you think you are, trespassing on
        our territory? Destroying our land like this, your punishment
        shall not be light.

Paulette: Punishment? Hmph, you Deimos are talking to us about punishment?
          Bring it on! Iíll fight you!

Kharg: Paulette, stay calm! We donít want to fight anyone if we donít have
       to. Letís just keep Lilia safe and get out of Dragon Bone Valley as
       fast as we can!



Kharg: Right now, helping Lilia is our top priority. We have to secure
       Liliaís safe passage and protect her from the Deimos!

Paulette: OK, then, Kharg. We have to make sure Lilia doesnít get too
          weak. And we have to be ready to cure her when she needs it.


[The three fight the Drakyr. Lilia is in the midst of the fighting but she
comes out unscathed. They all end up back at the world map.]

Kharg: Looks like we made it out alive. We better hurry back to Yewbell.

[The party travels until they get to Isulo Forest.]

Kharg: All right, we made it to Isulo Forest. Weíre finally out of Drakyr

Maru: Ha ha! Whoís laughing now?! I knew they wouldnít chase us this far,
      the cowards.

Kharg: (to Lilia) Itís just a bit further to Ywebell.

Lilia: Thatís OK. I donít mind walking.

Paulette: Hold up.

[They all stop talking, and start listening for something.]

Paulette: Whatís that sound...?

Kharg: Huh...?

[From the south, a large shadow of an airship darkens the forest. It

travels right over the party, heading north.]

Lilia: Thatís the Dilzweld Army!

Kharg: What the...?! Are these the ones that were after you?

Lilia: Yes.

Kharg: Theyíre still chasing Lilia! Everyone, we have to hurry and get
       through the forest!

[Everyone runs across the bridge, except Kharg, who stands thinking to

Kharg: Damn that Dilzweld...! What in the world could they be up to...?

[As Kharg gets across the bridge, everyone is standing together, waiting
for him.]

Kharg: Whatís wrong?

Paulette: S-someoneís coming!

[Out of the forest, a large muscular-but-overweight man appears.]

Man: The forest is crying...Injure the forest, you deal with me.

Kharg: Is he the enemy?!

Maru: Man, is that a scary mug or what?

[At the other end of the bridge...]

Dilzweld Officer: Donít kill her! Aim for the legs.

[The officer shoots and hits Lilia in her leg. Everyone becomes aware of
the Dilzweld Armyís presence.]

Dilzweld Officer: Good, that should take care of Lilia. She wonít be
                  taking another step!

Maru: What do we do? Weíre surrounded.

Mysterious Large Man: What a cowardly act. I donít like that.

[The large man starts walking towards Khargís party. Across the bridge...]

Dilzweld Officer: (into a transmitter) Theyíre in Isulo Forest! Lieutenant
                  Colonel, what are your orders? Over.

Wireless Radio: ...zuzzuz...zuzz...

Dilzweld Officer: Damn it, this radioís a worthless piece of junk! Capture
                  Lilia! Anyone stands in your way, you know what to do.

[The officers start running across the bridge.]

Kharg: Huh...?!

Mysterious Large Man: Need a hand?

Kharg: What...?!

Mysterious Large Man: With this bridge here, theyíre just going to keep
                      coming. You take care of the soldiers. Iíll get
                      the bridge.

Kharg: A-all right. Lilia, you get back where itís safe.

Lilia: Yes, sir!



Ganz: Thereís no time. Leave the small fry! We should all go and deal
      with the bridge together!

Kharg: All right, then! Everyone forget about the enemy for a minute!

       Weíve got to cut the bridge down first!


[The three go to the bridge to meet the officers. With the help of the
mysterious man, the three succeed in destroying the bridge and all of
the Dilzweld soldiers. Afterwards, all of the party gathers around Lilia
to see if sheís all right.]

Kharg: Lilia, you all right?

Lilia: Iím fine. It just grazed me. Oww...!

[The Mysterious Large Man starts walking off.]

Kharg: Wait a minute. Thanks. You really saved our necks.

Mysterious Large Man: I didnít do it to help you. I just didnít want
                      anyone spoiling my forest. If your business is
                      done, I want you out, too.

Kharg: We have an injured person here. We need to get her fixed up as
       soon as possible. Can you help us?

Mysterious Large Man: ............

Lilia: Iíll be just fine, thank you. I should be able to walk.

[The Mysterious Large Man walks back over and inspects Liliaís wound.]

Mysterious Large Man: ......I have a small shack nearby. Donít have much
                      for medical supplies, but Iíll do what I can.

Kharg: Thank you! Iím from Yewbell. Nameís Kharg. And you?

Mysterious Large Man: ...Ganz.

[Ganz walks back to the shack, taking Lilia along with him. He gets her
patched up. Paulette stands inside, while Maru walks outside.]

Ganz: Wait there, and donít touch anything. This shouldnít take long.

Kharg: Around your neck there, those are dog tags, right? So youíve been
       in the military before, have you?

Ganz: ......

Kharg: I bet you were one hell of a soldier. I can tell by the way you
       carry yourself. Do you think youíd be interested in joining our
       Defense Corps, Ganz? We havenít had much time on the battlefield
       ourselves. We could really use someone with a lot of experience
       like yourself. Come on, what do you say?

Ganz: No, thanks.

Maru: But why not?!

Ganz: Yes, itís true that I was once in the military, but I was never a
      regular soldier. I was a mercenary. Iíve never sworn allegiance to
      any army or any state. Away from the battlefield, Iím free to do
      as I wish. Nobody gives me a hard time, telling me what to do or
      where to go.

Kharg: Then what were you on the battlefield for?

Ganz: To live.

Kharg: In order to fought? What do you mean?

Ganz: You really want to hear my boring old story?

Kharg: Yes, I do.

Ganz: So youíre a curious one! I was a war orphan. Living in a land where
      wars constantly raged on, the only way to live to see the next day
      was to be strong, and to fight. And then, when I got to the point
      where I felt I was unbeatable, I realized that fighting was the
      only thing I could do. I started taking jobs fighting, to go on
      living. For enough money, Iíd fight just about anyone.

Kharg: So, it was about the money?

Ganz: Yeah, until three years ago, that is. I was working this war on the
      continent of Adenade. I got hurt real bad. That was the first time I
      ever felt like death was near to me. But it didnít really matter to
      me. It would have just meant the end to a miserable life. And when I
      was about to let go...this rookie soldier in my squad saved me. Said
      he joined up Ďcause he wanted to protect his country. He told me
      something out there. He said, ďEven you, out here fighting alongside
      us, deserve to be protected.Ē

Kharg: ......

Ganz: After that I quit being a mercenary. I needed to find something I
      wanted to protect...And finally, I ended up in this here forest.
      Sure, there are monsters here, but itís a quiet and peaceful place.
      ...All done. Youíre good to go now.

Lilia: Thank you very much.

Kharg: Ganz...Isnít Nidellia something you want to protect?

Ganz: Iím not from around here. And I have no relation to anyone that
      lives here anyway.

Paulette: This forest is part of Nidellia!

Ganz: I will protect this forest.

Paulette: So you only care that your precious forest is OK?! I canít
          believe how selfish you are! Acting like nothing in the world
          matters except the space around you!

Kharg: Paulette, thatís enough. At least Ganz lives here without
       bothering anyone else, and he doesnít plan on bothering anyone in
       the future. Thatís the way he chooses to live.

Paulette: I know, but...

Kharg: I know itís a shame, but we have to let it go. But, you know,
       Ganz...Yes, weíll protect you, too. Weíll fight to protect whatís

Ganz: ............

Kharg: I guess we better be leaving. Thanks for all your help. Lilia, you
       can walk, right?

Lilia: Yes.

Kharg: Good. Letís go.

[The party gets to Scrappe Plateau, but Lilia stops them.]

Kharg: What is it, Lilia? Why are you stopping...?

Lilia: I donít think I can go with you, Mr. Kharg, sir. I truly appreciate
       it, but I just canít. If you hide me in your town, the Dilzweld
       Army will just...

Kharg: This isnít just your problem anymore. The Dilzweld Army has already
       invaded this countryís territory. So you donít have to worry about
       whatís going to happen to us all. Do you understand what Iím saying?

Lilia: ......

Kharg: Oh, and just call me Kharg. You donít have to call me ďmisterĒ or
       ďsirĒ or anything. OK?

Lilia: OK. Thanks, Kharg.

Kharg: Anyway, letís keep going. Weíre almost to Yewbell.

Maru: (sigh) Iím so disappointed in you, man. If Ganz had joined up with
      us, weíd be unstoppable, a real force to be reckoned with. What a

Paulette: You just donít get it, do you? A person like that just plain
          hates people. He would never be of any help anyway.

Lilia: I donít think thatís necessarily true, though.

Paulette: Huh?

Kharg: What do you mean?

Lilia: If he really hated people, with the way I was hurt and all, he
       could have just decided to leave me behind to die. But he
       didnít. He was tender and kind, attentive to my wounds, helping
       me as much as he could.

Paulette: ......

Lilia: I think his heart is just closed because he has seen so many
       people die, and itís too much to handle. Maybe all heís looking
       for is just a way to connect with people.

Maru: Maybe youíre right. I like being alone. Things are easier that
      way. Even though inside, I know itís not enough for me, and that
      I just want someone to be with. But when I think about what would
      happen if I were to end up all alone again, I just think that
      maybe I shouldnít have gotten close to anyone in the first place,
      so I wouldnít have to get hurt again.

Kharg: Maru...

[Suddenly, from out of the sky, Dilzweld soldiers on hovering vehicles
drop in.]

Maru: Theyíre back! What could they want Lilia so bad for?

[A soldier approaches.]

Dilzweld Officer: We need that girl. Just hand her over, nice and quiet.

Kharg: You are currently invading an independent nation! Do you even
       realize this?!

Dilzweld Officer: Hmph. Who cares? If you donít want to get hurt, just
                  leave the girl and get the hell out of here.

Lilia: ......Kharg, I...

Kharg: Never! I wonít hand Lilia over to you, you scum!

Dilzweld Officer: You impudent little brat. No matter. Get Ďem , men!
                  Dispatch everyone but the girl! We need her alive!

[Like a repeat of the Isulo Forest battle, the strength of the three
Yewbell residents overpowers the force of Dilzweld. Afterwards, the
party talks about the incident.]

Maru: Thaaaatís weird. No matter how many they send in, theyíre all
      the same.

Kharg: Yeah, this is strange. Those soldiers were just like the ones
       in Isulo Forest. Whatís the point? They canít do anything

Maru: Theyíre nothing! Hardly worth the effort. Those Dilzweld creeps
      are nothing but talk.

Paulette: ...!

[A whole bunch of Dilzweld soldiers start surrounding Scrappe Plateau.
Some run on the rusted beams, on the blocked off platform, and even
around the party at the lower level.]

Kharg: Damn it, that whole thing was just a trap...!

Female Commander: Yes, Iíve found Lilia. Iím about to secure the area.
                  (to Kharg) Looking to play war, are we? Arenít you
                  satisfied yet? Just leave the girl there and run on
                  home to your mommies already.

Kharg: I am Kharg, Commander of the Nidellia Defense Corps. So youíre in
       charge, huh? So why donít you start by giving me your name and
       the reason youíre invading my country? Thatís normal procedure,
       is it not?

Female Commander: Hee hee, thatís pretty tough talk for someone from
                  such a puny little country. I like that. Fine. I am
                  Lieutenant Colonel Tatjana of the Dilzweld Army
                  Special Forces Division. Weíre not interested in
                  useless fighting, either. Weíll withdraw as soon as
                  we get what we want. So just hand the girl over, will

Kharg: Why? Why do you need Lilia so bad that you resort to invading
       other countries?

Tatjana: Thatís right, you havenít heard, have you? Sheís smart, your
         precious Lilia there. Thereís no need to go blabbing and
         bring other countries into this whole mess, is there, Lilia?
         Commander, I advise you not to ask too many questions. Itís
         for your own good.

Kharg: What did you say?!

Tatjana: Wake up and smell the coffee. We are not trying to negotiate
         with you. We are ordering you.

Kharg: I donít care how small Nidellia is. We are part of the World
       Alliance. Any further hostile action on your party will
       constitute a hostile action against all Alliance countries!

Tatjana: Ah ha ha! You really are clueless, kid, arenít you? Weíve
         been hostile against everyone for a long time now. Your
         World Alliane is just a herd of sheep without a shepherd.
         Itís like a big spineless jellyfish. They donít frighten
         us one bit.

Kharg: Youíre the ones that are clueless. This is no time for humans
       to be fighting against humans. While weíre wasting our time,
       the Deimos are steadily spreading into human territory!

Tatjana: Thatís why all countries should follow Dilzweldís rule!
         Then we could fight the Deimos, together.

Kharg: Nonsense! Thatíll never happen!

Tatjana: Lilia, are you sure about this? If you resist, weíll have to
         dispose of these fools here, and begin a full-scale invasion
         of Nidelila. So, Lilia, what do you say?

Kharg: Lilia, donít worry. We can handle these guys, piece of cake!

Maru: Thatís right! Whoíd follow that stupid Dilzweld anyway! Iím a
      prince, you know!

Lilia: Wait! ...I surrender.

Kharg: Lilia!

Lilia: (to Tatjana) However, you have to promise you will not harm
       Kharg and his friends.

Kharg: No, you donít have to go along with what they say! Donít do it!

Tatjana: All right, I promise. Once we have you in our possession, we
         have no need for the likes of them anyway.

Lilia: (to Kharg) Thank you for everything. Donít worry about me. Iíll
       be just fine.

[Tatjana and Lilia start walking off.]

Kharg: No, Lilia!

Tatjana (to her transmitter) We have secured Lilia. Affirmative.
        Huh...? ...But...Roger. Affirmative. I have orders from
        His Highness, Emperor Darkham. I am to execute all who
        assisted in Liliaís escape.

Lilia: No! Thatís not what you promised! Please, I beg you! Iíll
       give you what you want!

Tatjana: Of course you will. Iíll be taking it as soon as the execution
         is over. (to soldiers) Ready!

Paulette: Kharg!

Kharg: No...! You bastards...!!

Maru: What do we do, Kharg?!

Kharg: (glowing with blue light) Muuuaaahhh...!

Paulette: Kharg...?

Tatjana: Fire!!

Kharg: Whoooaaah!!

[Kharg unleashes a huge tornado which sucks up all the Dilzweld soldiers
that were above and behind him. Lilia and Tatjana stand staring at Kharg
as he kneels on the ground, drained of energy.]

Tatjana: Wh-what the hell was that?!

Lilia: Kharg!

[She runs to him.]

Tatjana: Damn...!

[Tatjana escapes.]

Maru: Th-that was amazing, Kharg!

Kharg: Huh...?

Maru: Howíd you do that, man?!

Kharg: Uh, um...I donít...

Paulette: Hey, I wonder if that was Spirit Magic just now!

Maru: Whatís that?

Paulette: According to legend, there were a small number of people who
          were able to borrow the power of the Spirits to wield powerful
          magic. You know the ancient legend of the Hero and the Mother?
          They were able to use magic, too. Havenít you ever heard it?

Maru: No, I havenít!

Paulette: But when the Spirits disappeared from the earth, so did the
          people who could use magic. Thatís why now the only ones with
          magic, or magical powers, are monsters and Deimos. But Kharg,

Maru: Whoah, Kharg, you can use magic!! Man, thatís so coooool! Totally

Kharg: Spirit Magic, huh? But how is that possible? Iím...

Maru: You know, Kharg, maybe youíre like the reincarnation of that
      legendary Hero guy or something!

Kharg: (Hey! That Spiritís voice...It said...ďAwaken, O Chosen One.Ē
       Could this be what it meant...?)

Maru: Thatís so awesome, man. A Hero is like way cooler than a prince!

Paulette: Iím so happy for you, Kharg! I knew you were special all

Maru: You did?

Paulette: Of course! Thatís why the Spirit appeared to you, right?

Kharg: Hmm...Iím still having a hard time believing it, but I guess I
       do have this new-found power. Iíll be sure to make good use of
       it from now on. All right, Lilia, letís get out of here! Weíre
       real close to Yewbell!

[Together, they all go back to Yewbell.]

Kharg: We made it. This is Yewbell.

Lilia: Yewbell...It looks like a quiet and peaceful town.

Kharg: Thatís about all this town has to offer, I guess. We have some
       nice windmills in town, and over here is...

Paulette: Kharg! This is no time to be giving her the grand tour, is
          it?! Shouldnít we be reporting to Lady Nafia right about now?!

[Paulette runs off.]

Kharg: ...What, are you upset or something?

[Kharg goes to report to Lady Nafia, finding Paulette already at his

Nafia: Paulette told me some of the story, but Iíd like to hear the rest
       from you.

[Kharg explains what has happened to them, from Dragon Bone Valley to the
present time.]

Nafia: I see. So thatís what the Dilzweld Empire has been up to...Iíd
       heard of its despotic ways, but I didnít realize it had gone to
       that extreme.

Kharg: And it looks like theyíre not afraid of the World Alliance at

Lilia: Iím so sorry! Iíve caused you all so much trouble by showing up

Nafia: Now that we know what kind of stance Dilzweld is taking against
       the World Alliance, Iím sure this wouldíve happened to Nidellia
       eventually, anyway. Thereís nothing for you to feel bad about, my

Kharg: Thatís right, Lilia. We didnít have any clear information on the
       Dilzweld Army before, but at least now we know what weíre dealing
       with. Weíre grateful, actually.

Nafia: Besides, you havenít even healed properly yet. You need to rest.
       Youíre welcome to stay here as long as you like. Rest up and get
       better, Lilia.

Lilia: Lady Nafia, youíre very kind. Thank you so much.

Nafia: If you donít mind, Iíd like to hear more of your story. How did
       you get into this terrible situation?

Lilia: ......

Nafia: Thatís all right, my dear. I shouldnít have asked...

Lilia: No, itís all right. I want to talk about it...The Dilzweld Army
       is trying to get its hands on a certain object I have.

Kharg: A certain object? Come to think of it, Tatjana did mention
       something like that, didnít she?

Lilia: Darkham Ekid na Bard, the emperor of Dilzweld, is trying to bring
       every country in the world under his control. And heís gathering
       up the things he needs to do it...

Kharg: Every country under his control? Hmph. Wants to rule the world,
       does he? He sure piced his time, with the Deimos being such a
       threat again now! How on earth does he think heíll manage that
       with the energy shortage we have? He wonít be able to rely on
       technological weapons to make people surrender.

Lilia: I donít know exactly how he plans to go about it...But I do know
       thatís what he has in mind. Dilzweld is on the move!

Kharg: And so are you saying he could carry out his plans if he had
       this ďcertain objectĒ of yours?

Lilia: No, I donít think it has that much power in itself. But Darkham
       needs it for his overall plan. I have to get to the World
       Alliance in Cathena and tell them all about this! They just
       might be able to stop him.

Maru: So what is this ďcertain objectĒ youíve got, Lilia?

Lilia: ...I...I canít tell you any more. Iím afraid...Iím afraid some
       terrible disaster would befall this country if any of you knew!

Kharg: ......

Nafia: Never mind, dear. And I take back what I said before. I think
       you should leave this country as quickly as you can.

Kharg: Mother! Thatís terrible! Are you sending her off alone, with
       all sheís up against? We canít let Dilzweld get a hold of her!

Nafia: Donít be silly, Kharg! I meant for all of you to go with her,
       of course.

Kharg: Huh?

Nafia: I want you to escort Lilia and see that she gets to the World
       Alliance in Cathena safely. (to Paulette, Maru) And Iíd like
       the two of you to go along.

Maru: Wow! Really? Thatíd be really fun!

Lilia: No, please! Wait a minute...! I canít let you do that just for
       my sake! With Kharg and the others gone, this country would be
       in grave danger...

Nafia: It wouldnít only be for your sake. If keeping you safe would
       put a stop to the Dilzweld Empireís plans, it would ultimately
       benefit this country, and the peace of the entire world, as well.

Kharg: Thatís right. Besides, Yewbell has the Defense Corps. If anything
       happens, they can take care of it.

Maru: Yeah, but isnít Cathena somewhere across the sea? How are we gonna
      get there?

Kharg: Yes, thatís a good question...

Nafia: In any case, maybe we should all get some rest for now. Itís
       getting late. Weíll take care of the details tomorrow. So much
       has happened, and Iím sure youíre all tired.

Kharg: Yes, I guess youíre right. Letís talk more tomorrow.

[That night...]

Nafia: Kharg! Wake up!

Kharg: ...Nnn...Huh...?

Nafia: Liliaís disappeared. I canít find her!

Kharg: What?!

Nafia: Hurry up and get dressed.

Kharg: I hope she didnít leave Yewbell all by herself.

Nafia: I donít think so. She didnít leave a note. She doesnít seem like
       the type that would leave without saying anything.

Kharg: No, I donít think so, either.

Nafia: So she must be here in Yewbell somewhere. Iím worried about her
       wandering around alone at night, though. Itís too dangerous out
       there right now.

Kharg: All right. Donít worry. Iíll find her.

Nafia: Thank you, dear.

[Nafia leaves Khargís room.]

Kharg: (yawn) Iím so sleepy!

[Seeing all the doors in town locked, and Lilia not in the inn, Kharg
goes to the Church Ruins. He hears an odd sound playing.

Kharg: Huh?

[Lilia is playing her harp on the steps of the ruins, but stops soon
after with a sad look on her face. Kharg goes up to her.]

Kharg: That was beautiful. What were you playing? Iíve never seen an
       instrument like that before.

Lilia: Itís called an ď[ortena].Ē And Iím not surprised youíve never
       seen one. They only come from the village I was born in. Now,
       it helps me to remember my mother...

Kharg: Oh, I see...

Lilia: My father gave it to my mother as a wedding gift.

Kharg: Whereís your father now?

Lilia: I donít know...

Kharg: Oh...

Lilia: Say, did you come out looking for me? Iím sorry. I meant to
       come right back...

Kharg: Thatís all right. My mother was just a little worried about
       you, thatís all.

[Kharg goes and sits by Lilia.]

Kharg: Are you cold?

Lilia: No, Iím fine. Your mother...Lady Nafia...Sheís a great woman,
       you know.

Kharg: Huh? Ha ha ha! You think so? Sheís just my mother to me.

Lilia: I mean...It takes a special kind of person to take in a guest
       thatís being chased by Dilzweld! I know that took a lot of
       courage. And even though I hadnít even told her the whole story,
       she asked you and your friends to escort me to Cathena! I want
       to apologize...

Kharg: Huh?

Lilia: I shouldíve told you and Lady Nafia everything. I shouldíve
       explained what it is Iím hiding from Dilzweld. Have you ever
       heard of the [Great Spirit Stones]?

Kharg: No.

Lilia: The Great Spirit Stones are much more powerful than regular
       Spirit Stones. And their power lasts forever--itís never depleted.
       Just one of these Great Spirit Stones is powerful enough to supply
       an entire country with energy! Theyíre treasures any country would
       want, not just Dilzweld. Nations that were once friendly have
       fought bitterly over these stones. Yes, the Great Spirit Stones
       throw even peaceful countries into confusion! To tell the truth,
       I...have one of those Great Spirit Stones.

Kharg: You do?

[Lilia holds out a rock in her hand. Itís not sparkling.]

Lilia: This is it. Itís called the [Light Stone].

Kharg: The Light Stone, huh...? Well, what do you know...Actually, I have
       a stone like that, too. My mother gave it to me. ďFor protection,Ē
       she said. Itís broken in half, though. Itís the Wind Stone.

Lilia: Oh, my!

[Both of the stones start to shine in the outstretched hands.]

Kharg: Hey! Itís happening again!

[Another spirit appears this time.]

Spirit: ...I am...the Light Spirit...When all five Great Spirit Stones are
        gathered together...Earth, Wind, Fire, Wind and
        infinite power will be born...You must protect me...from the evil

[The spirit dissipates.]

Kharg: Itís gone...

[Both put their stones away.]

Lilia: You know, I heard a Spiritís voice like that before.

Kharg: You, too?! So did I!

Lilia: I wonder why this happens to us?

Kharg: Maru thinks it might be reincarnation...Like maybe weíre the
       ancient Hero or the Holy Mother, reborn or something...

Lilia: I canít believe that! You might have special powers, Kharg,
       but I certainly donít.

Kharg: Well, anyway, I wonder what these [five Great Spirit Stones] are
       all about? There must be three more, besides the ones we have.
       The [Earth Stone], the [Water Stone], and the [Fire Stone]. And
       the Spirit said when all five are brought together, an ďinfinite
       powerĒ will be born...That must be it! I bet the reason Darkham
       is after your Light Stone is so that he can get this ďinfinite
       powerĒ! I wish I knew more about what this ďinfinite powerĒ

Lilia: I donít know anything about it, either. But Iíve heard Darkham
       already has the Earth Stone.

Kharg: Heís got the Earth Stone?! So thatís how the Dilzweld Army got
       so powerful! Lilia, donít you worry. Iím going to protect you.
       I wonít let Darkham have his way. Iíll get you to Cathena

Lilia: Kharg...Thank you...

[Down by the pillar, Paulette hides, listening to the conversation.]

Kharg: Well, weíd better get back. My mother must be worried.

Lilia: Yes, weíd better.

[Paulette walks away, unseen. Kharg and Lilia head back to Nafia.]

Kharg: Weíre back.

Nafia: Oh, Iím so glad! Lilia, are you all right?

Lilia: Iím sorry, Lady Nafia! I didnít mean to make you worry.

Nafia: Thatís all right, dear. I tend to get overanxious sometimes...
       It must be the mother in me, I guess.

Kharg: Listen to this, Mother! I just found out Darkham is after the
       Light Stone Lilia has!

Nafia: What? Lilia, you have the Light Stone?

Lilia: Iím sorry. I should have told you...

Nafia: No, thatís all right. I understand. You couldnít risk it. The
       Great Spirit Stones have been known to inspire evil and greed
       in the hearts of many...

Lilia: Yes...

Kharg: If Darkham is after the Great Spirit Stones...that means heíll
       come after my Wind Stone someday, too. Mother, you said that
       you and Father split the Wind Stone between you. But how did you
       get a hold of it in the first place?

Nafia: I...donít know much about the Wind Stone. All I know is that it
       was passed down through the generations in your fatherís country.

Kharg: And what country was that?

Nafia: It was...a land far, far away...

Kharg: But what was the name of it?

Nafia: I...donít know what to tell you...

Kharg: Not again! Whenever it comes to my father, you never want to tell
       me a thing. Are you hiding something from me?

Nafia: I...just canít remember, thatís all. Come on, now. Itís getting
       late. No more talk. Weíll continue this some other time. Now
       letís get some rest.

[Nafia retreats to her bedroom, and the morning comes fast. Kharg gets
up and meets his friends at the front door.]

Paulette: Good morning, Kharg.

Maru: Took you long enough! Weíve been ready for hours!

Paulette: Say, Kharg...Iíve been doing some thinking about how we could
          get to Cathena. And then I got an idea. How about if we
          repair the airship Lilia came here in? It looked like it
          could still fly if we fixed it.

Kharg: Thatís a good idea. And it just might be the only way. All right,

       Letís see if we can get it fixed!

[The party goes to the bar to see if Zev knows anything about how to
fix the airship.]

Zev: Huh? Oh, itís you, Kharg. You want a drink?

Kharg: Iím not old enough to drink yet.

Maru: Gee, Zev. You drink even in the morning?

Kharg: Never mind that, Maru. Zev, Iíve got a question Iíd like to ask

Zev: I think Iíd rather have a drink with you. What díyou say?

Paulette: No, thank you.

Zev: Ouch. That was cold. So. What díyou wanna ask me about?

[Kharg asks about how to repair the airship.]

Zev: Well, well...So you wanna fix that airship that crashed, do you?
     Hmm. I took a look at it already, actually. Aside from the
     [Control Parts] for the auto-pilot mechanism, it doesnít look all
     that bad. All you need to do is get some new [Control Parts], and
     I bet it could be fixed.

[Kharg asks about the Control Parts.]

Zev: Yeah, the main parts of the airshipís auto-pilot mechanism.
     Without Ďem, you canít control the shipís takeoff or landing.
     Come to think of it, I saw an old, rotting airship at [Scrappe
     Plateau]. Itís a piece of junk. Nobody could ever fix that thing
     up. But with any luck, it just might have some [Control Parts] you
     can use.

[The party goes to Scrappe Plateau to check out the lead. They find a
hangar where the airship rots, but a battery seems to be needed. In turn,
they head to Plumb Canyon to look at the ancient machinery. Kharg finds
a battery in the machine that leaked oil, taking it back to the Plateau.
The Control Parts that the Big Owl needs are raised up when the battery
is placed, and Kharg takes them.]

Kharg: Now we can fix the airship!

Paulette: Do you want to go straight to Dragon Bone Valley?

Kharg: No, letís check on how Liliaís doing first. Maybe sheís feeling
       better and can walk now. If Lilia is well enough to get around,
       weíre off to Cathena!

Maru: All right!

[The crew goes back to Khargís house, finding Lilia engaged in a
conversation with Nafia. They arenít immediately noticed.]

Nafia: Is this really true, Lilia?

Lilia: Yes, it looks like Kharg really has learned to use Spirit Magic.
       When those Dilzweld troops showed up at Scrappe Plateau, he
       summoned a great wind and blew them all away.

Nafia: Kharg...used magic?

Lilia: Whatís wrong?

Nafia: ............

[Kharg walks up.]

Kharg: I know what youíre think, Mother. Magic should be used for
       helping the weak. Not for showing off oneís power.

Nafia: Kharg, do you feel any pain at all? Are you all right?

Kharg: Yes, Iím fine. Why?

Nafia: Never mind, then.

Kharg: More importantly, are you sure youíre all right, Lilia?

Lilia: Iím fine. All the time weíre here, the Dilzweld Army is off
       collecting the Great Spirit Stones. I canít rest knowing that.

Kharg: Youíre a tough one, Lilia. I think weíve found a way to get to
       Cathena. It seems we might be able to get Big Owl to fly.

Lilia: Thatís great!

Kharg: If youíre up to it, then I think we should get going to
       [Dragon Bone Valley].

Lilia: Iím up to it! Letís go! Lady Nafia, youíve been so kind. Thank
       you so much.

Nafia: ............

Lilia: ...?

Kharg: Right, then, Mother. Weíll be off! Come on, Lilia. Letís go!

[The crew starts off for Dragon Bone Valley, but once they reach Isulo
Forest, they see the bridge repaired again.]

Kharg: Huh? The bridge is fixed...Do you think Ganz fixed it?

[The party continues on towards their destination until they reach it.]

Maru: Brrrr. It sure is cold here. Hey, Kharg. Itís great we got the
      [Control Parts] and all, but whoís gonna put them in?

Kharg: Well, Iím no expert, but Iím going to try and do it myself. We
       donít have any other choice.

Maru: This place is Deimos territory. If we donít hurry up, the Drakyr
      might show up again. Huh? Somebodyís here...

Paulette: Oh, itís Ganz! I wonder what heís doing?

Kharg: Letís find out.

[The party approaches Ganz.]

Kharg: Hi, Ganz. What are you doing here?

Ganz: I heard you wanted to fix the auto-pilot mechanism. Did you find
      the [Control Parts] you need?

Kharg: Yes, finally. But why do you ask...?

Ganz: Back when I was a mercenary, I did a lot of airship maintenance.

Kharg: Then you mean you could fix this one for us?!

Ganz: Give me the [Control Parts]. Itís too difficult for an amateur.

Kharg: Gee, Ganz...! Does this mean youíre going to join our party?

Ganz: Donít jump to any conclusions. I came to make a deal with you.

Kharg: A deal? What kind of deal?

Ganz: I just found out that a fellow soldier who once saved my life
      is on Aldrow right now. I want to go see him. Youíre going to
      Cathena, right?

Kharg: Thatís right.

Ganz: So hereís the deal. Iíll get this airship flying for you. And
      then you take me with you. How does that sound?

Kharg: It sounds fine. Weíd rather have you in our party, but even
       just fixing the airship for us will really help. Itís a deal!

Ganz: Itís a deal, then. Iíll stay with you until you get to Cathena.

Maru: Great! A new member! Donít worry. Prince Maru here will whip
      you into shape!

Ganz: Run along, little boy. Youíre bothering me.

Maru: Yikes!

Ganz: Hmph!

Maru: Hmph. What a jerk. Just for that, Iím not gonna make him my
      retainer! So there!

Paulette: Too bad, huh, Maru? And here you were all set to play prince
          with him, too! Hee hee hee!

Kharg: Ha ha ha ha!

Maru: Donít laugh, you guys!

Lilia: ......

Kharg: Whatís the matter, Lilia?

Lilia: Huh? Oh, itís nothing...

[Everyone files aboard so Ganz can fix the ship. Kharg talks to Ganz.]

Ganz: (fixing) You get everything done you need to before we leave?

Kharg: Yes, weíre ready.

Ganz: Itíll be just a little while longer. Itís a bit more complicated
      than I expected. But donít worry. This thing will be flying in no

Lilia: Say, Kharg...Isnít that Lady Nafia coming this way?

Kharg: What?! Hey, youíre right. Itís my mother.

Lilia: I bet she came to see you off.

Kharg: Iíll go see what she wants. Do you want to come?

Lilia: ............No, thatís OK. I bet she wants to say goodbye to you

Kharg: All right.

[Kharg goes outside to see his mother.]

Nafia: Kharg!

Kharg: Mother! How come you came all the way out here? This place is
       dangerous, you know.

Nafia: Donít worry. I took a path even the Drakyr donít know about.

Kharg: Then how do you know about it?

Nafia: Oh, Iíve been familiar with this area ever since I was young...
       But never mind that. So youíre off, are you?

Kharg: Yeah...You didnít have to come all this way to see me off, Mother.

Nafia: Son, I want you to be extremely careful.

Kharg: Donít worry. Iíve got good friends with me. I just hope the Deimos
       are quiet while weíre away.

Nafia: Iíve told you this before, Kharg. I donít want you thinking you
       have to fight them just because theyíre Deimos.

Kharg: I know, I know. If I fight, it has to be to protect somebody or to
       rescue somebody. Right? Anyway, after we get Lilia there safely,
       weíll come right back.

Nafia: Kharg...

Kharg: Yes, Mother...?

Nafia: No matter what happens, I want you to remember that your father,
       Windalf, and I love you very much. Weíre proud of you. Take good
       care of yourself, and this earth, too. May the Wind Stone guide

Kharg: Ha ha ha! You make it sound like weíll never see each other
       again! Weíll put a stop to Darkhamís little plot. Youíll see! Get
       ready to give us a big welcome party when we get back to Yewbell!
       Well, Iím off!

[Kharg goes back into the Big Owl.]

Nafia: Kharg...Be safe, my son...!

[Back inside...]

Ganz: Good timing. I just finished the repairs. Just enter your
      destination in the control panel here, and youíre all set to take

Kharg: All right! That sounds easy enough!

[Kharg inputs the destination for Aldrow. The Big Owl takes off, leaving
thee figure of Nadia to look on from the ground.]

Kharg: Lilia...thereís one thing Iíve been wondering about...How did you
       come to get the Light Stone, anyway?

Lilia: Yes...It probably would be a good idea for you to know...In the
       little village where I was born, the Light Stone has been passed
       down secretly for generations. My village never thought of the
       Light Stone as any mere energy source. We always thought of it as
       holy, something that brought good fortune. We all worshipped it.
       But twelve years ago, Darkham somehow heard about the Light Stone.
       All of a sudden he brought his troops down on our little village.
       We didnít even have any real weapons! We were occupied before we
       knew it. The villagers entrusted the Light Stone to my parents,
       and we somehow managed to escape. But nearly every other villager
       was killed, and the village was burned to the ground in a single

Kharg: Thatís terrible!

Lilia: We ran from place to place, trying to keep away from Darkham. We
       finally made it to a place where the Dilzweld Army couldnít find
       us. But in spite of that, one day my father handed the Light
       Stone to my mother and disappeared.

Kharg: But why?

Lilia: I donít know. And my mother was sick then, too, after living the
       life of a fugitive for so long...After that, we had to struggle
       to stay alive, but at least we had a period of peace. But my
       motherís health kept getting worse and worse, until one day,
       three years ago, she finally died. Thatís when the Light Stone
       was passed down to me.

Kharg: I see...Yewbellís always been such a peaceful place...I canít
       even begin to imagine all the terrible things you went through...

Lilia: I just want to be left alone in peace, but I seem to cause
       disruption wherever I go. Now Iíve gone and dragged Ganz into
       this, too. Itís as if Iím carrying some terrible seed of trouble
       around with me...

Kharg: But itís not your fault, Lilia. Youíve been protecting the Light
       Stone all this time. Itís thanks to you that the world hasnít
       come under Dilzweld control! Donít doubt yourself now.

Lilia: Thank you, Kharg.

[Over at the control panel...]

Maru: Better watch out, Paulette! Looks like youíve got yourself a
      rival! Hee hee hee!

Paulette: ...Iím going to give you such a smack...!

[As the Big Owl flies, another ship comes up from the clouds behind it,
firing a machine gun placement on the outside. The friendly airship
slowly sinks beneath the clouds, eventually crash landing somewhere.]

Kharg: What? What was that?

[Black out. Soon, everyone is standing over an unconscious Kharg as he
lays on the floor of the Big Owl.]

Paulette: Kharg, are you all right?!

Kharg: ...Unnnghhh...

[Kharg stands up.]

Kharg: Is everbody...OK...?

Paulette: At least it looks like we managed to make an emergency landing.

Kharg: But what...?

Paulette: When we came to, Lilia was gone.

Kharg: What?!

Ganz: She left a note. It says, ďI donít want to put any of you any
      further in danger. Iíll be all right on my own...Ē

Kharg: Oh, no! Thereís no telling what kind of place weíve landed in!
       Weíve got to go after her right away!

[Everyone runs out of the Big Owl, which appears to have crashed into a
large forest of some sort.]

Maru: Wow! This continent is a whole lot different than Ragnoth!

Paulette: Itís kind of...creepy...

Kharg: Liliaís not here. Letís go find her.

Ganz: Huh?

Maru: Somethingís coming!

[Four lizard-men hop up from a pathway.]

Ganz: Theyíre Orcon.

Kharg: Orcon?

Ganz: If there are Orcon here, it means we mustíve landed on Aldrow
      after all.

Orcon: Look what we have here! Humans in Asheeda Forest! I thought
       something smelled rotten.

Kharg: We donít want any trouble with you. Weíre just looking for our

Orcon: Looking for a friend?! Geh heh heh heh! Well, you donít have to
       worry about that! Weíll kill your friend for you, too. Right
       after we take care of you.

Kharg: Looks like they arenít about to let us pass in peace.



Paulette: Tell me more about the Orcon, Ganz! Any special traits?
          Iíll take them out, just like I did with the Drakyr!

Ganz: Donít get too worked up, Paulette! I donít know much about
      them, either. Weíll have to figure out the best way to
      defeat them while weíre fighting!


[The humans lay waste of the Orcon in a quick manner.]

Maru: Darn it all! We didnít come here to fight!

Paulette: Deimos are the same where you go. Theyíre nothing but savage

Kharg: Anyway, letís find Lilia. I hope she doesnít run into any of
       these guys herself...

[The party goes in search of Lilia. After a few battles, they encounter
the enemy.]

Kharg: What?!Itís the Dilzweld!

Dilzweld Soldier: Target located. Asheeda Forest!

Kharg: Canít these guys ever leave us alone?!

Dilzweld Soldier: Hand Lilia over.

Kharg: What...? That must mean they havenít found her yet, either!
       (to Dilzweld) Weíd never hand her over to you! And you arenít
       getting the Light Stone, either.

Dilzweld Soldier: Prepare to die, then!

[The party defeats the soldiers with ease.]

Kharg: Looks like the Dilzweld Army hasnít found Lilia yet, either.
       Letís hope we get to her before anyone else does.

Maru: Gosh, sheís all alone in a strange land, with Deimos and Dilzweld
      after her! Iím really worried about her...

Paulette: Sheíll be all right, Maru. Sheís got luck on her side. Right,

Kharg: Yeah...Letís go.

[Theyíve barely continued on when another band of Dilzweld attacks. They
make quick work of them.]

Kharg: How is everybody holding up?

Paulette: Weíll be all right.

Ganz: Fighting in a strange country takes a lot out of you.

Maru: Liliaaa! Where are youuuu?!

[Tatjana appears.]

Tatjana: Just as I suspected! You and Lilia have gotten separated,
         havenít you?

Kharg: Tatjana...!

Maru: Oops!

[The soldiers accompanying Tatjana appear up the tree branches.]

Tatjana: If Lilia isnít with you, I donít want to waste my time on you.
         But I donít want you getting in my way, either, so...Iíll have
         my soldiers take care of you here.

Kharg: Damn!

???: Fighting the Dilzweld? Count me in! Enter Samson the double-
     barreled gun slinging leader of the Moon Stone Gang of Thieves!
     You better run, before you fall for me. You okay? Ready for a
     hole in your gut?

Tatjana: Samson...? So youíre the leader of those sneaky thieves that
         are always stealing our supplies! Those are kind of bright
         clothes for a thief, arenít they? You look more like a circus

Samson: Take a closer look at yourself, sister. You have a lot to work
        with, but you should dress it up a little more, you know? How

        about a little makeup? Some jewelry? Or, donít tell me...youíve
        given up on being a woman?

Tatjana: (furious) Thatís enough!! Iíll get rid of you right along with
         the rest of this bunch!

Samson: Hmm, are you sure about that?

[A bunch of Samsonís soldiers are overlooking the entire thing. The
Dilzweld soldiers see them, as does Tatjana.]

Tatjana: Grrr...!

Samson: You were saying?

Tatjana: These fools are not the target. This is a waste of time.

[Tatjana and the soldiers run away.]

Maru: Whew! That was close!

[Samson and two of his soldiers approach.]

Kharg: Thank you. You really saved us! Iím Kharg, from Nidellia.

Samson: Donít thank me. I just hate Dilzweld, thatís all.

Maru: Hey, are you guys really thieves?

Paulette: Maru! Mind your manners!

Samson: Ha ha ha ha! I only steal from the Dilzweld Army.

Kharg: Isnít that kind of dangerous?

Samson: The first rule of being a thief is to steal from someone
        whoís got plenty, right? By the way, the commander mentioned
        something about you guys not being the target. What did she
        mean by that?

Kharg: Theyíre trying to find a certain girl. We were traveling together
       but we got separated when we got here.

Samson: I saw an airship come down on the other side of the forest. Was
        that yours?

Kharg: Yeah, that was ours.

Maru: Actually, itís Liliaís airship.

Samson: Lilia...? Is that the girl you got separated from?

Kharg: Thatís right.

Samson: Why donít you guys come back to my lair for a while? You never
        know when an Orcon is going to show up out here.

Kharg: But weíve got to find Lilia...!

Samson: You canít just wander around aimlessly. Youíll never find her
        that way. Tell you what. Iíll have my men look for her. This
        is Boomer, and this is Buster. guys look pretty
        done in.

Kharg: ......All right. I guess weíll take you up on your invitation.

[Back at the World Map, the crew heads to Wilbur Shore. They board
Samsonís boat, the Fiona, and find him in the lower quarters.]

Samson: Oh! Youíre here. Iím having my men check right now to see if
        we can get any intelligence on Lilia. They should be reporting
        back to me any minute.

Kharg: That would be a big help, thanks. This sure is quite a ship.

Samson: Heh heh. You like it? If you saw everything this ship could do,
        then youíd really be impressed. So...How come the Dilzweld Army
        is looking for Lilia?

Kharg: Huh? Well...

Samson: If they want to get a hold of her that bad, she must really have
        something valuable, huh?

Kharg: I really donít know...We just came along to make sure she got
       here safely.

Samson: Donít play dumb with me! Itís the Light Stone, isnít it? Thatís
        what theyíre after!

Kharg: How did you know about that?!

Samson: Heh heh. Iíve been gathering info on Dilzweld for a long time

Kharg: Then maybe you could help us. We want to get Lilia safely to the
       World Alliance.

Samson: The World Alliance, huh?

Kharg: Thatís right. We canít let Dilzweld get its hands on her!

Samson: I think Iíll pass.

Kharg: But why?!

Samson: Iíd do anything to get in Dilzweldís way, and with pleasure! But
        Iíve got my own methods...Besides, a gang of thieves isnít at
        the top of the World Alliance popularity list.

[Boomer and Buster enter the cabin.]

Boomer: Captain! A word?

Samson: Did you find out something?

[Samson walks over to Boomer and they talk in whispers.]

Samson: Hmm...Really...? I see... (to Kharg) We got some intelligence on

Kharg: What is it?!

Samson: Looks like she managed to get through Asheeda Forest. Somebody
        saw her going into the Republic of Cathena.

Kharg: Sheís in Cathena already?

Samson: But donít relax yet. The Dilzweld Army was close on her trail.

Kharg: Uh-oh...Weíve got to hurry and catch up with her! Thank you for
       all your help! Weíll be on our way now!

Samson: Take care of yourselves.

[Kharg and company head to the Republic of Cathena, on the southern
shore of Aldrow. They quickly head to the World Alliance building.]

Cathenian Soldier: Hold it right there. Youíre not from the Republic of
                    Cathena. The World Alliance is in session now in the
                    assembly hall. No one gets in that doesnít belong.

Kharg: Weíre looking for a girl named Lilia. She should be here at the
       World Alliance.

Cathenian Soldier: Lilia...? Yes, I heard something about her. Sheís
                   supposed to testify today.

Kharg: My name is Kharg. My friends and I came with Lilia from Nidellia.
       But we got separated in Asheeda Forest. Now weíre trying to find
       her. We got word that she came here to Cathena on her own.

Cathenian Soldier: Is that so? Well if you came here with a witness, I
                   guess we canít just send you away, can we? I guess
                   itíll be all right. Iíll give you special permission
                   to enter.

Ganz: Kharg, Iím going to back to Asheeda Forest.

Kharg: Huh? How come?

Ganz: We agreed that this would be where I left you. But now Iím worried
      about Big Owl. With Orcon all over that forest, itís just too
      dangerous to leave it there any longer. We worked so hard getting
      it able to fly, itíd be a terrible waste if they destroyed it. Iíll
      try to move it closer to Cathena and get it fixed up and ready for

Kharg: Gee, thatíd be great, Ganz! Thanks a lot!

[Ganz leaves.]

Cathenian Soldier: All right. You can go ahead in.

[Kharg enters the main hall where the session is taking place.]

Epistian Delegate: The Dilzweld Empire is a demonic country with only one
                   thing in mind--to slaughter everyone else! And when
                   youíre righting demons, you have to be prepared to
                   rush in and fight to the death! I say we dispatch the
                   entire Alliance Army to Epistia immediately!

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: Are you talking about all-out war?

Milmarnan Delegate: If we resort to such a rash plan, thereíll be nothing
                    left to Epistia! And weíll end up with a mountain of
                    innocent victims...The first order of business is to
                    find out what Dilzweldís true intentions are.

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: I see. Thatís a good point.

Palkian Delegate: I should think even Dilzweld would want to avoid a
                  long war, what with the energy crisis and all. The
                  best plan is to come up with mutual concessions,
                  something that would keep Emperor Darkham from losing
                  face. We should give him every incentive possible to
                  stop his warring ways.

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: That may very well be a good idea.

Episitian Delegate: We canít cut deals with demons! Itís an all-out war,
                    and nothing else!

Lamda Temple Delegate: We havenít even proved that the Dilzweld Empire
                       is a demonic country. Nor do we have any grounds
                       to claim that it would be open to mutual
                       concessions. We must first examine the foundation
                       of these opinions. The Lamda warrior monks will
                       not move unless we have proof of their validity.

[Kharg and crew start walking in.]

Cathenian Delgate and Chairman: Hmm...Yes, indeed. I see your point.
                                Well, well. Letís see...Delegate of
                                Milmarnia. The other day, you said a
                                witness was coming here, someone that
                                was going to testify to some secret
                                information concerning Dilzweld. Isnít
                                that so?

Milmarnan Delegate: Yes, thatís right. However, I havenít received
                    word of her arrival yet. Her name is Lilia, a
                    17-year-old girl...

Kharg: (to his party) Lilia isnít here?!

[The three walk into the session.]

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: Wh-what?! Who are you? Only the
                                 countriesí ambassadors are allowed
                                 in during deliberations!

Kharg: My name is Kharg. My friends and I came with Lilia from
       Nidellia. But we got separated in Asheeda Forest. We followed
       her trail here.

Milmarnan Delegate: Iím afraid she hasnít shown up in Cathena yet.
                    What made you think she was already here?

Maru: Samson told us somebody saw her coming into Cathena!

Palkian Delegate: Samson? Are you talking about that Moon Stone Gang

Milmarnan Delegate: No one has reported Liliaís arrival to me.

Paulette: Kharg, Iím afraid...

Kharg: ...Samson tricked us...Darn! I was a fool to believe a thief!

Milmarnan Delegate: Did you learn anything about Dilzweld from Lilia?
                    If you know anything at all, please share it with

Palkian Delegate: Wait just a minute. These people showed up here
                  unexpectedly. How can we be sure we can trust them?
                  Can we really take measures against Dilzweld based
                  on the testimony of these people? After all, they
                  admit to having connections with the underground
                  world of thieves...

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: In that case, we should hold a
                                 discussion about whether these people
                                 can be trusted. Now, then. We open
                                 the floor to discuission about whether
                                 we should hear their testimony. They
                                 will be permitted to testify if we all
                                 agree that they should do so.
                                 Following that, we will hold a
                                 discussion on whether or not their
                                 testimony should be believed...

Kharg: (to party) Oh, brother! Weíll never get anywhere this way. Iím
       going out to look for Lilia!

[Kharg runs out.]

Maru: Hey, Kharg, wait!

[Maru and Paulette chase after him.]


##Darc, Chapter 2: Ambition [DC2]##

[The Orcon Arena is lively again with Densimo out of the picture. Hordes
of the townís citizens rally outside of the gates to watch two fighters
beat on each other.]

Orcon Crowd: Get Ďem! Címon! Now!! Knock Ďem dead! His horns! Break his
             horns! Smash his head in!

[One of the fighters kicks the other in the head, and he falls to the
ground, dazed.]

Orcon: I...Iím done for!

Orcon Crowd: Oooh!!

[Both Zoram and Darc stand on the watcherís platform, but this time Darc
is the one sitting in the leaderís seat.]

Zoram: Ha ha! What do you think, Darc? Did any of their fighting styles
       catch your eye?

Darc: Itís just more of the same. If thatís all we have to choose from,
      weíd be better off with monsters. Is there no Deimos left on this
      continent whoís stronger than I am?

Zoram: Oh, you and your jokes! Youíve killed Densimo and have become
       leader of the Orcon tribe. Youíre in charge of all Orcoth! All
       Deimos for miles will bow to your every whim?

Darc: There are plenty of Deimos who would flatter the strong, thatís
      for sure. Faced with an even stronger enemy, theyíd turn traitor in
      a heartbeat. Isnít that right, Zoram?

Zoram: N-not at all! Never, I say! I would remain faithful to you until
       death! Why, to betray you would be...

Darc: All right, thatís enough. Itís only natural. Itís...the Deimos way.
      Believe me, I understand. Only too well...And thatís exactly why
      I need Deimos who are strong-willed enough to defy me.

Zoram: But what Deimos would be foolish enough to go up against you now?
       Wait...Heh heh...maybe the one weíve got cooped up in the

Darc: That one, eh?

Zoram: Heh heh heh...

[Zugalo runs into the arena.]

Zugalo: Darc! Itís terrible! [Delma] went beserk in the [dungeon] and
        became completely uncontrollable!

Darc: Iíll be right there.

[Zugalo leaves.]

Darc: Zoram, continue with the sparring. Single out a strong Deimos for
      me! I have no need for weaklings in my command. In fact, banish
      them from Orcoth!

Zoram: Your wish is my command...

[Darc goes into the dungeon and hears Delma yelling at Zugalo.]

Delma: Donít mess with me, damn it! Let me out! Whereís Darc? Bring me

[Darc goes down the stairs.]

Delma: Darc! Get me outta here! Címon, let me out, you cretin!

Darc: You donít have to shout, you know. Delma...Still wonít change
      your mind, eh? If youíll only serve me, Iíll let you out of there
      in the blink of an eye. I need power to unify the Deimos. Lend me
      your power, Delma!

Delma: No sirree! Absolutely not! Who would ever wanna work for you?!
       Youíve actually hired Densimoís underlings as your own...And this
       doesnít strike you as wrong?! You killed Densimo and stole his

Darc: How many times do I have to say it? Densimo double-crossed me. He
      backstabbed us and joined sides with the Drakyr. And my Firble...
      Densimo killed it.

Delma: You expect me to believe all that? How can I believe a single
       thing you say? Youíre my brotherís rival! Iíll rip you to shreds!
       Do you have any idea how I feel, trapped in a place like this? If
       youíre gonna kill me, now would be the time! Come on! Get it over
       with! Kill me like you killed Densimo.

Zugalo: D-Darc... Wh-wh-what should we do?

Darc: Let her be. Sheíll see the light soon enough.

Zugalo: Y-yes, sir.

Darc: Make sure she doesnít go anywhere!

Zugalo: Y-yes, sir!

[Darc starts to walk away.]

Delma: Darc... You...youíve changed. You arenít the Darc I knew. Why
       would I ever serve you?

Darc: ......

[Darc walks back up the stairs into Orcoth. At the city entrance, he
finds an Orcon whoís found an egg at the Church Ruins. Darc quickly
goes to investigate. When he gets there, he immediately goes to the
Firble nest.]

Darc: Whatís this...?! Itís alive! One of them survived! Thank

      goodness. A Firble...still alive. But some animal or monster is
      bound to eat it if I leave it here. Maybe Iíll have someone guard

[Darc has an Orcon stand guard over it.]

Darc: Got it? Donít take your eyes off that egg.

Orcon: Understood, sir!

Darc: No matter what, you hear?

Orcon: Understood, sir!

Darc: And donít tell anyone about this egg, either!

Orcon: What kind of egg is it?

Darc: I could tell you, but then I couldnít guarantee your life.

Orcon: Then I donít want to know, sir!

Darc: Good!

[He starts to walk away.]

Darc: If you eat it, Iíll kill you!

Orcon: Y-yes, sir. I-I understand, Darc, sir.

[As soon as Darc arrives back at Orcoth, Zoram comes out of the Arena to
talk with him.]

Zoram: Darc, something awful has happened!

Darc: And whatís that?

Zoram: An incredibly strong Deimos just suddenly showed up...

Darc: A strong Deimos, eh? Tell me more.

Zoram: Heís a huge [Lupine] thatís come over from Ragnoth. Apparently, he
       was hunting humans in Asheeda Forest...Heís unbelievably powerful.

       Why, he managed to pulverize all the rowdy Deimos in the arena!

Darc: Isnít that interesting! I must meet him right away. Donít let him
      leave the [arena]!

Zoram: Understood!

[Zoram goes back in.]

Darc: If he turns out to be usable, weíll be one step closer to unifying
      the Deimos. And one step realizing my fatherís dream.

[Darc comes in and sees all the rowdy Orcon lying unconscious on the arena
floor. The lupine warrior is standing, yelling at them.]

???: Youíre all puny weaklings! So this is the Orcon...I want to fight a
     real opponent! Hoowwwl!

Darc: Are you the rogue Lupine thatís been hunting humans?

Lupine: So the great leader shows himself. Oho! I see the rumors were
        quite right. The Orcon are being ruled by an unsightly human,
        after all. That explains the smell, too. The nauseating stench of
        a human.

Darc: Is that all you can do, just sniff around?

Lupine: What?!

Darc: If youíre a dog, then act like one. Wag your tail for your human

Lupine: Arrogant human! Iíll show you how I wag my tail!

Darc: Slow down, Iím no human.

Lupine: You canít mean youíre a Deimos! Just look at you!

Darc: Iím neither Deimos or human. Iím Darc! The ruler who will surpass
      Deimos and bring them together as one...He who will become the
      Deimos King. Youíre strong, Lupine warrior. Come work for me!

Lupine: Why, you...Do you have any idea who youíre talking to?

Darc: Whatís so hard to understand, dog-breath? Iím telling you to come
      serve me.

Lupine: You must be joking! I refuse! A Lupine is the wind that blows
        across the field! A Lupine is the blizzard racing over a
        snowbank! A Lupine is the shadow wandering through the
        wilderness! A Lupine doesnít bow down to weaklings! Thereís not
        a Lupine alive who would stoop to serving a Deimos wannabe! Only
        the strongest can become the [alpha] and lead the pack!

Darc: Then Iíll follow the laws of the Deimos and use force until you
      obey me! Empty words are best left to humans. Deimos speak with

Lupine: Fine.

Darc: Proud Lupine warrior, let me hear your name before I defeat you.

Lupine: Volk! In the Lupine language, it means ďAvenger of Kin.Ē A name
        that seeks out born enemies. my name. I am Volk! Come
        on, then, wannabe!



Volk: Are you ready? Lupine power, Lupine magic...Youíll get your fill!

Darc: Ha! Suits me! Donít disappoint me!

Volk: You wonít be that cocky for long!

Darc: Come on, then! See if you can shut me up!


[Darc and Volk have a heated battle, but Volk eventually loses.]

Volk: I...I lost?! But...a Lupine...And to a Deimos wannabe...To lose...
      to a human...Why?!

Darc: Anger makes your attacks monotonous. Such arrogance will only bring
      you victory over weaker opponents. Why do you hate humans so much?
      What did they ever do to you?

Volk: They took away everything that was precious to me. My wife Yrena... son Nazaal...all of my Lupine pack. And pride as a
      Deimos. I lost...everything. See this? They gave me this scar here.
      Humans...those damn humans! I must win back my wounded pride. I
      must restore my lost honor. I must rid myself of my disgrace! I
      made a solemn oath. On my name, on my guiding star, I swore Iíd wipe
      out the human race! I canít forgive what theyíve done. I hoped,
      prayed, begged...For all humans to atone for their sins in blood, to
      make up for their murders with their lives! While out hunting
      humans, I found myself here.

Darc: You canít wipe out the whole race just by killing any humans you run
      into, you know.

Volk: If I can have a companion or two, so much the better. This is my

Darc: Youíll die, and for what?

Volk: I donít care if I do! It doesnít matter what becomes of me as long
      as Iíve managed to kill at least one more human.

Darc: You self-satisfied fool.

Volk: What?!

Darc: So youíll die, and what about the humans? Can you bring back your
      dead family?

Volk: You...!

Darc: Humans wonít change, not even after youíve gone. Deimos canít
      rescue anything. Youíre the same as all other Deimos, arenít you?
      Just another Deimos who canít combine his power with that of
      others, fated to be destroyed by the humans.

Volk: Then what should I do?

Darc: Lend me your power, Volk! To unify the Deimos and wipe out the
      humans... I need your strength!

Volk: Why not? You won our battle, after all. A Lupine obeys the alpha
      who leads its pack. I swear this oath unto our divine protector,
      the moon. Though the world may fall into ruin, and my body decay

      and crumble into dust...My master, my king! Sublime and ultimate
      alpha! Darc, the Deimos King! I shall obey you. I am the fangs

      that shred your enemies, the claws that protect you from their

Darc: Letís go, Volk! We must bind together the Deimos and crush the
      humans! This is the road we are destined to follow!

[Darc and Volk head out towards the dungeon, but Zugalo stops them at
the entrance.]

Zugalo: Ah, i-itís, itís Darc! D-Delma is asking for you.

Darc: Delma?

Zugalo: W-well, that is, sh-sheís acting a little s-strange. Please see
        her as soon as you can.

Volk: Darc, arenít you the ruler of the Orcon tribe? Who is this Delma
      that she would dare summon you?

Darc: Someone Iíd like to join us.

Volk: Oho, I see. Is she stronger than you?

Darc: No...

Volk: A weakling and a fool, then, to turn against the strong.

Darc: You have a point there.

[The two go into the dungeon to see Delma.]

Darc: Delma...

Volk: So this is Delma?

Darc: Iíd like to speak with her alone. Wait outside.

Volk: All right.

[Volk goes outside.]

Darc: Delma...

Delma: Iíve been thinking. A lot...Ever since. They were broken. Back
       when I was a kid.

Darc: Broken? What was broken? What are you talking about?

Delma: My horns...Densimo broke them. Because he was in a bad mood, he
       said. Doesnít it just make you wanna laugh? From way back,
       Densimo always lost his temper if things didnít go his way. And
       I...I constantly lived in fear of that temper of his.

Darc: Delma...Forget about the past. Iím going to change the Deimos
      race. Letís make a world with no strife, a world of peaceful
      Deimos. We can save them all.

Delma: Darc...

[Darc unlocks the cell gate and lets Delma out.]

Delma: I was wrong, Darc. Iím with you from now on.

[Volk walks back in.]

Volk: I guess youíve had your talk, eh?

Delma: Who the hell are you?

Darc: This is Volk, the Lupine. Heís sworn his allegiance to me.

Delma: there are others, besides me. Others you can trust, that

Volk: So now what do we do? Do we sneak into human territory and

Darc: Not yet. We need even stronger Deimos to go up against the humans!

Delma: So you wanna look for more allies?

Darc: Thatís right. But there arenít any strong Deimos on Aldrow any more.
      I think weíre going to have to travel to another continent.

Delma: We need a way to get off Aldrow.

[At the entrance to Orcoth, an Orcon stops Darc.]

Orcon: Darc? You know what? I just saw a [strange light].

Darc: A strange light?

Orcon: Yeah, this strange light was trailing smoke as it landed in
       [Asheeda Forest].

Volk: Humans! It was a human thing, all right. A human vehicle that brings
      certain disaster! A ship that carries death as it flies across the
      sky, ready to destroy all Deimos!

Darc: What?!

Delma: I bet theyíre looking for Spirit Stones again. What are we waiting
       for? Letís head to [Asheeda Forest] and get those humans outta

[The three head eastward, over the Befron Mountain Pass and the Mulmoth
Meadows. When they get to the forest, they see humans.]

Delma: Look, Darc. Humans!

[The humans are actually Dilzweld soldiers walking on the branches a
little ways away.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Damn it! Where are they?

Dilzweld Soldier: Theyíre definitely in this forest! Weíve got to find

[The three Deimos arenít spotted yet.]

Volk: Grrr...those blasted humans! The nerve of them being on Deimos

Darc: Wait, Volk! They seem to be searching for something. I wanna know
      what theyíre trying to do.

Volk: I donít care what theyíre doing. Death to all humans!

[A soldier one of the branches spots the three.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Oh, no! Deimos! There are Deimos here!

Darc: Weíve been spotted! I guess we have no choice...

[The Dilzweld soldiers are killed within a few minutes.]

Darc: What in the world can the humans be looking for?

Delma: Spirit Stones, of course! What else?

Darc: Somehow, I donít think thatís it.

Volk: It doesnít matter. This is Deimos territory. They canít just do
      whatever they please!

Delma: There must be other humans, too! Letís get Ďem all!

Darc: Yes, I suppose so. We out to leave no stone unturned.

Delma: Darc...are you nervous about something?

Darc: Me...nervous? Where did that come from?

Delma: I noticed it before, too. The habit you have of touching your
       birthmark. Your fingers go right to it whenever things get a
       little hairy.

Darc: And why should I be nervous? Iím just excited about kicking around
      my first humans in a while.

Volk: Ha ha, thatís our Darc. I knew we could count on you. Youíre an
      alpha through and through.

Darc: Weíve got no time for talk! We have humans to find!

[The Deimos advance into the treetops and come across soldiers searching
a big ship. Theyíre all standing around the entrance.]

Darc: There...Humans!

Dilzweld Soldier: Thereís nothing here! The ship is totally empty.

Dilzweld Officer: Hmm...I see. I thought we might leave [Lilia] in the
                  ship as a decoy for Kharg...sort of a diversionary
                  tactic...But it looks like thereís no Lilia here.

Darc: Lilia...?

Dilzweld Officer: Eh? Deimos?! Get back into formation! Attack!

[Again, the soldiers are thoroughly defeated.]

Darc: The humans are looking for something called [Lilia].

Delma: Who cares about this ďLiliaĒ! Who do they think they are, bringing
       this big olí thing onto our turf?

Volk: Stop! Donít touch it! Touch the work of human hands and disaster is
      sure to befall you.

Delma: What ARE you talking about? Iím using a human weapon, arenít I? A
       And so is Darc. So sop whining about stupid stuff like that!

Volk: What?! Y-youíre using human weapons, Darc?

Darc: If it makes me powerful, why should I care about foolsh Deimos
      pride? Now, about this Lilia. The humans are searching for this
      thing so frantically...What can it be? It might give us an
      advantage in our fight against the humans. Weíve got to get to
      this Lilia before they do! Got it?

[The Deimos continue on again, and encounter Tatjana and her crew who
are looking through the treetops.]

Dilzweld Officer: Well?

Dilzweld Soldier: No luck, Iím afraid.

Tatjana: Why are you having such problems finding one measly girl?
         Lilia must still be hiding around here somewhere. Find her on
         the double!

[Another soldier walks towards the group.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Report from the field! Kharg and his crew are headed
                  for the thievesí hideout!

Tatjana: Ah, well done. That takes care of our interruptions! Now letís
         find that Lilia!

Darc: Liliaís...a girl? A human girl? Why are they looking for something
      like that?

[The soldier who just appeared spots the Deimos.]

Dilzweld Soldier: D-Deimos! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

Tatjana: Damn! Another roadblock to overcome. Put the search for Lilia
         on hold for now and flush out these Deimos!

[Darc runs down the tree root towards the enemy.]

Darc: You really think you can? You must be joking!



Tatjana: How dare you go against humans? Youíre a mere Deimos! Iíll
         show you the power of science.

Darc: Without your machines, youíre nothing. If you donít wanna die,
      youíd better answer me this. Who is Lilia? Why are you after her?

Tatjana: You think Iíll just tell you anything?! If you really want to
         know about Lilia, youíll have to catch me and force it out of

Darc: If thatís the way you want it! Donít underestimate the power of
      the Deimos!


[Afterwards, with the Dilzweld escort guards dead, Tatjana stands before
the party, bent over from her wounds.]

Tatjana: Argh... You wretched Deimos! Enjoy it while you can. Weíll
         eliminate you all soon enough.

Volk: I donít think so. This is where youíll breathe your last breath!

Tatjana: And why is that?

Delma: Are you nuts? What did you expect? Do you actually think you can

[Tatjana raises her gun and, using some kind of skill, turns invisible.]

Darc: Wh...what the...?

Delma: She...she disappeared!

Volk: Thatís one clever human, damn her. Her body may be gone, but she
      canít get rid of her stink!

[Volk runs off after Tatjana.]

Darc: Wait, Volk! Donít chase her too far!

Delma: Hey, Darc? Can the humans make weapons that disappear, too?

Darc: I donít know. But if theyíre still invisible when they attack,
      Orcoth will be done for. Weíve got to get the Deimos united, and
      fast...With things as they are, the Deimos really are going to be
      wiped out by humans.

[The two look over and see a human girl running down the tree branches.
She quickly goes out of sight.]

Delma: Darc! Somethingís there!

Darc: An ambush? Follow it, Delma!

[The two run off after the girl. The scene changes to a pond, where the
two Deimos finally end up.]

Darc: Whereíd it go?

Delma: That might have been [Lilia] just now! Letís split up and look for

[Darc runs to a different side of the pond and a short cutscene begins.
Lilia is hiding behind a tree.]

Lilia: May he not find me...May he not notice me. Oh! Spirits protect me!

Darc: What...A girl....a human girl....

Lilia: Ahh!...a Deimos...

Darc: Could you be...

Lilia: St-stay away...!

[From behind Darc, Delma attacks and stabs Darc with her sharpened claws.]

Darc: Argh!

Lilia: Oh...!

Delma: Iíve been waiting for this! Waiting for my have my
       revenge. How Iíve waited!


Delma: Densimo was a coward...a jerk...and totally hateful. But, even so,
       he was my brother...and very special to me!

Darc: Urk...!

[Darc collapses.]

Delma: I told you, didnít I? I said Iíd rip you to shreds. That I would
       never forget!

[Delma runs out of the pond area. A blackout scene implies that Darc
had his wounds cared for by Lilia. Darc is slumped over a rock a ways

Lilia: What should I do? I canít leave him like this...He should be fine
       now that Iíve tended to his injuries. But, what now...?

Darc: Oooh! Owwww...Where....?

Lilia: Thank goodness! I see youíve awoken.

Darc: wounds...?

Lilia: Yes, I did.

Darc: Why?

Lilia: Why, you ask? Because you were hurt.

Darc: I canít believe it. Why did you really help me? Iím a Deimos, you

Lilia: What does being a human or Deimos matter if youíre hurt?

Darc: donít hate Deimos? Youíre not afraid of me?

Lilia: Of course I am...terrified. But...I canít overlook someone whoís
       suffering. Itís only human.

Darc: Ridiculous! Youíre the only human like that. Say, human! Whatís
      your name?

Lilia: When you want to know someoneís name, you should give yours first.

Darc: Thatís the human way, isnít it?

Lilia: Yes, thatís right.

Darc: Fine. My name is Darc. And you?

Lilia: Iím Lilia.

Darc: Lilia...Lilia, huh? Has kind of a weird ring to it. (thinking)
      ...!! Youíre Lilia?! Hey, Lilia! Tell me something. Why are
      those humans looking for you?

Lilia: see...

[Suddenly, the Light Spirit appears to both of them.]

Light Spirit: ...I am the Light Spirit...In this world are...five Great
              Spirit Stones...Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Light...
              ...These stones are the will of the Spirits...and sources
              of tremendous might...When all stone are brought together...
     infinite power will be born...Guard me from the
              sinister darkness...

[The spirit fades away.]

Darc: Whatís going on here?! Why the Light Spirit...?! Why not the Wind

Lilia: know about the Spirits?

Darc: Theyíve shown up once before. That is, the Wind Spirit has.

Lilia: The Wind Spirit? donít...You donít have the Wind Stone
       with you, do you?

Darc: What if I did? Do you have a problem with that?

Lilia: N-no...not really...

Darc: ...It doesnít matter. This settles it.

Lilia: Huh?

Darc: I didnít understand what the Spirit was saying the last time it
      appeared...But, hearing that voice just now has brought everything
      into focus!

Lilia: Brought what, exactly, into focus?

Darc: The Spiritsí [infinite power] comes anyone who gathers all the
      worldís [Great Spirit Stones]! Thatís why the Drakyr have been
      after my Wind Stone...and why the humans were looking for you. They
      wanted your [Light Stone]!

Lilia: Wh-what makes you think I have anything like that?

Darc: Aha! I bet Iím right! When I got the Wind Stone, I heard the Wind
      Spiritís voice. And now, another Spirit has appeared! The Light
      Spirit! Why would the Light Spirit show up when I doní t have the
      Light Stone? Because youíre the one with the Light Stone, thatís
      why. Am I right?

Lilia: This happened before. The Light Spirit appeared when I was with a
       certain someone. Just like...just like now. Could you possibly

Darc: Enough talk! Get out of here. Leave the Light Stone behind. Itís
      the least I can do for someone who cared for my injuries. If you
      give me the Light Stone, Iíll let you live.

Lilia: No! I wonít give up the Light Stone.

Darc: Would you prefer I simply take it from you?...Maybe even after I
      kill you?

Lilia: I canít give it up, even if you do kill me. The Light Stone...My
       mother entrusted it to me on her deathbed.

Darc: Her deathbed...?! Just like me...But you couldnít be...Fine. I
      wonít take it from you.

Lilia: Really?

Darc: Come with me instead! I have questions about the Great Spirit
      Stones, and it looks like you just might give me the answers.
      Youíll come in handy as I collect all five stones!

Lilia: But...

Darc: Or, if you prefer, I could always kill you and take your Light

Lilia: ......One more person with a Spirit Stone...Could the Spirits
       be guiding us? All right. Iíll come with you. However...that
       doesnít mean Iíll obey you.

Darc: Weíll see!

[Darc runs back to Asheeda Forest with Lilia, and Volk finds them.]

Volk: Here you are, Darc. Iíve been looking for you.

Darc: Volk!

Volk: Whatís that? A human girl?! What the hell are you doing? Why
      havenít you killed her?

Darc: Wait!

Volk: Donít try to stop me! If you wonít kill her, I will!

Darc: I thought I told you to back off!

Volk: You mean, youíre going to let a human live?

Darc: Lilia could prove very valuable to us.

Volk: Valuable, eh?

Darc: I have an idea. Shut up and do as I say!

Volk: ......

Darc: What is it, Volk? Do you disapprove? You can kill Lilia whenever
      you like. Or, are you, perhaps, afraid of her?

Volk: Afraid! Donít be stupid! Who could be afraid of a human?

Darc: Then leave her alone.

Volk: All right. I wash my hands of her. Sheís your problem now.
      However...(to Lilia) if you ever get in my way...Iíll kill you!
      Do I make myself clear?

[Lilia nods.]

Volk: By the way, what happened to Delma? Werenít you together?

Darc: Delma...Delma attacked me and ran.

Volk: What? Delma double-crossed you?

Darc: She said it was revenge. Revenge for killing her brother.

Volk: Hmm. So, thatís how it is, eh? What do you think, Darc? Shall I
      handle the traitor? Iíd gladly hunt her down if you order me to.

Darc: That wonít be necessary. Iíll take care of her myself. I know
      where sheís gone. Letís get to [Orcoth]!

[Together, the remaining party members and Lilia make their way back
to Orcoth.]

Volk: Has Delma really come back here, Darc? Are you sure she hasnít run
      off somewhere?

Darc: I know what sheís thinking, all right. I can practically feel it.
      Look at that.

[In the town square below, Delma is talking to a crowd of Orcon.]

Delma: Iím telling you, I killed Darc! Whatís so hard to understand about
       that? From now on, Iím the Orcon leader!

Zoram: Darcís been defeated? By you?

Zugalo: Really? Are you sure there hasnít been some kind of mistake?

Gorma: I just donít think Darc could be done in that easily.

Zoram: Címon, Delma, itís not nice to lie!

[At the town entrance...]

Volk: That lying, traitorous, no-good fiend! Sheíll regret what sheís

Darc: Wait, Volk. Leave her to me. And donít take your eyes off Lilia!

[Darc walks down the stairs towards Delma.]

Delma: (to crowd) Lying? Iím not lying! How many times do I have to
       say it? I was in Asheeda Forest...I crept up behind Darc...and
       I got him square in the back! If you still think Iím not telling
       the truth, go to the forest and see for yourself! His bodyís still

[Darc presents himself. The crowd sees him first.]

Zoram: Ah...!

Gorma: Whoa!

Delma: Ha ha ha ha ha! Finally you realize the extent of my magnificence!

Zugalo: D-Darc...

Gorma: Itís Darc...

Delma: Eh? What are you talking about?! Didnít I just tell you how I
       killed Darc and left his body in the forest?

Zoram: Welcome home, Darc.

Delma: H-hey, you guys...Wh-who are you talking to? I-is this some kind
       of joke? I-I mean...I...Darc...

Darc: Delma! What exactly did you do to me, again?

Delma: Eek! D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DARC?! No way! canít be! Why...why are
       you still alive...? I killed you...I know I did...With my own two
       hands...I killed you! H-how...

Darc: Come here for a minute, Delma!

[Darc walks into the arena and Delma follows.]

Delma: Wh-why did you keep so quiet back there? Were you planning to... k-kill me?

Darc: Delma. You really want me dead that badly?

Delma: Oooh...

Darc: Well?

Delma: killed my brother...You murdered...Densimo...Thatís why
       I did what I did...

Darc: Then get it right next time.

Delma: What...?!

Darc: If you wanna hate me, hate me. If you wanna betray me, betray me. I
      need power to unify the Deimos. I need strong Deimos to help me. I
      need you.

Delma: But why? Why wonít you kill me? You make...absolutely no sense...
       Youíre...Youíre nuts! Youíve lost your mind! And now what...what
       should I...What should I do now?

Darc: Well, letís see. If you wanna kill me, you probably should stay
      pretty close to me, eh? And when you see your chance, I suggest you
      take it! If I really could be killed by the likes of you, Iíd never
      be able to unify the Deimos anyway. And saving them? An impossible
      dream. For Deimos...power is everything.

Delma: I understand...I will kill you, one day. Just as you wish...Iíll
       kill you, all right...

[Delma runs out. When Darc leaves, he finds Lilia and Volk in the center
square, crowded by the Orcon.]

Zoram: Whoa! You really think itís right for a human like you to just
       saunter around Orcoth like that?

Zugalo: Sh-shall we smack her around a little before t-tossing her out?

Lilia: But...but I...

Zoram: Címon! Letís have a chat, shall we?

[Darc runs up.]

Darc: What are you doing?

Zugalo: D-Darc...!

Zoram: What are we doing? Weíre just about to take care of this human
       thatís found her way into our territory!

Darc: Mind your own business! I brought Lilia here.

Zoram: What?! You...brought

Darc: Listen carefully. Until I say otherwise...harming Lilia in any way,
      shape, or form is strictly forbidden! Violators will be punished.
      Got it? Tell all the Deimos in Orcoth.

Zugalo: B-but...letting a human girl run free in Orcoth...

Darc: Didnít you hear what I just said?

Zoram: Y-yes, sir! Of course, sir.

Darc: Now, I have something to ask this girl. Put her in the [dungeon]!

Zoram: Yes, sir! Címon, move!

[Lilia is taken to the dungeon by Zoram and Zugalo.]

Darc: (to Volk) I thought I told you to keep an eye on Lilia!

Volk: I did. I was watching her very carefully.

Darc: Are you trying to back-talk me?!

Volk: Have you taken care of the traitor?

Darc: Yes, thatís all finished.

Volk: Paying for your sins with your life, eh? Ah, a foolish girl named

[Delma appears.]

Volk: D-Delma!

Delma: So who could this ďfoolish girlĒ be, hmmmm?

Volk: Why did you let her live? Did you--did you forgive her? But she
      betrayed you!

Darc: I need strong Deimos on my side. Thatís all there is to it.

Volk: You expose your throat to much. And such a throat may be torn out!

[Now that Gormaís back home, the crew heads on over to his subway car.]

Gorma: So youíve forgiven Delma. I expected nothing less from you. That
       big heart of yours is sure to save Orcoth. Thatís as it may be,
       but...Iím almost ashamed to say this. Iíve never been able to give
       up my dream of flying. If you should find a Firble, you ought to
       be able to raise it into a Pyron. I waslooking in Haystir Marsh for
       Firbles earlier, but I didnít find any. And just when weíve finally
       hit on a good method of raising Firbles into Pyrons, too...

Darc: Tell me about raising Pyrons.

Gorma: Actually, a traveling Quorup taught me that in order to bring
       Firbles up to be need three kinds of feed. The first is
       [Rebound Fruit]. The second, [Phoenix Blood]...And finally, a [Fire
       Fragment]. Feed the Firble these three things and itíll transform
       into a Pyron.

[Darc asks about Rebound Fruit.]

Gorma: The [Rebound Fruit] is said to release from the worldís bonds
       whoever eats it, allowing them to float in midair. Itís the
       [Crimson Rhoke]ís favorite fruit. You might be able to get a
       Rebound Fruit if you defeat a Crimson Rhoke. Sometimes you can see
       Crimson Rhokes in [Tindalos Woods]...

[Darc asks about Phoenix Blood.]

Gorma: You could buy [Phoenix Blood] in Orcoth until quite recently, but...
       ...lately it seems to be out of stock. Phoenixes are on the verge
       of extinction, and itís hard to come by.

[Darc asks about the Fire Fragment.]

Gorma: Now, a [Fire Fragment]...You should be able to make one if you have
       a Spirit Stone. Once you find a Firble, Iíll process a Spirit Stone
       into a Fire Fragment for you.

[Before setting off, Darc decides to see Lilia. Volk and Delma decide that
they wonít be joining him.]

Volk: If youíre going to see that human, Iíll just wait here.

Delma: And so will I!

Darc: As you wish.

[Below, Zugalo and Zoram meet Darc.]

Zoram: Iíve locked up the human as you commanded, Darc.

Darc: Good. You are dismissed!

Zoram: Yes, sir.

[The two leave, leaving Darc alone with Lilia.]

Lilia: What happened to that Orcon girl? You didnít...kill her, did you?

Darc: Donít worry. I didnít kill her.

Lilia: Thank goodness. I knew you were different from other Deimos. You
       have a kind heart. No wonder you heard the Spirit.

Darc: Hmph. What a simple, human way of thinking. Hate to disappoint you,
      but thatís not why I let her live! I need strong Deimos to serve
      me. In order to destroy you humans, you see. Thatís why sheís still

Lilia: ......

Darc: But never mind that. Iíd like to talk with you.

Lilia: About what?

Darc: Donít play dumb! Tell me everything you know about the Great
      Spirit Stones.

Lilia: I donít know the details. My mother gave mine to me right before
       she died...She...she was...gone before I could ask about it.

Darc: Uncanny...Everything is so similar.

Lilia: Similar to what?

Darc: My father gave me the Wind Stone on his deathbed, too...And I
      didnít get a chance to ask what it was for, either.

Lilia: Say, Darc...Did your mother happen to be human, by any chance?

Darc: Not you, too! Are you going to start taunting me for being a
      Deimos wannabe, too?

Lilia: Calm down and just listen. I met someone named Kharg on Ragnoth.
       He had a Wind Stone, too, just the same as yours.

Darc: What?!

Lilia: Is your Wind Stone broken in two? Khargís was. You might even be

Darc: Shut up! Stop! Donít you dare continue! I didnít keep you alive
      to hear such ridiculous nonsense! I only want to know where the
      other three Spirit Stones are.

Lilia: I donít know. And even if I knew, I wouldnít be able to tell you.
       Youíre planning on using the Spiritsí power to fulfill your own

Darc: And? Whatís wrong with that? If you donít want to tell me where,
      the stones are, thatís fine with me. Iíll just leave you in here
      for as long as it takes.

Lilia: You wouldnít...! Thereís someplace I really need to go.

Darc: That does seem to be a problem. Just tell me where they are.

Lilia: ......All right. The Dilzweld Army has the [Earth Stone].

Darc: Dilz...weld? Army? What the hell is that?

Lilia: Thatís who was looking for me. Theyíre after my [Light Stone].

Darc: What about the other two stones?

Lilia: I only know about the Earth Stone. Iím sorry.

Darc: Really?

Lilia: Yes.

Darc: Well, all right. One thing is for certain. If the humans want
      the power of the Great Spirit Stones, too...weíll have to work
      faster and get them before they do.

Lilia: Donít be a fool! You heard what the Spirit said! The time of
       destruction is drawing near. The Dilzweld Army is gathering the
       Spirit Stones...with an eye on world domination. So please, let
       me out of here. I want to tell the World Alliance about
       Dilzweldís plans.

Darc: Then letís do this together! Iíll gather the stones and defeat
      Dilzweld myself.

Lilia: All the worldís people have to come together now and put an end
       to Dilzweldís evil ambitions.

Darc: All the worldís [human people], eh? I see now, all too clearly.
      So there arenít any Deimos worth saving in this world of yours.

Lilia: I-I didnít...Thatís not what I meant.

Darc: Oh, I get it, all right. You humans think of nothing but
      yourselves. You have no reason to even consider what might happen
      to the Deimos.

Lilia: ......

Darc: Defending the world, the Deimos world is my responsibility! We
      need no help from weakling humans. You stay in there for now.
      Iím sure Iíll find some use for you in my struggle against

Lilia: But...

[Darc returns to his comrades.]

Volk: You meet with that filthy human quite a lot.

Darc: Sheís already proven herself useful. Thanks to her, I now know
      what the humans are after.

Volk: And whatís that?

Darc: The humans are gathering all the Great Spirit Stones to obtain
      the Spiritsí infinite power!

Delma: Great Spirit Stones? You mean, like your Wind Stone?

Darc: Thatís right. There are five Great Spirit Stones in this world.
      I have two of them.

Delma: What? Really?

Darc: Lilia had the Light Stone. And then my Wind Stone, of course.

Delma: Then there are only three left? This is going to be a cinch!

Volk: Are we going to get them all?

Darc: Yes. We need the infinite power of the Great Spirit Stones if
      weíre to wipe out the humans.

Volk: Aha...I see.

Delma: Well, isnít this fun! Címon, letís go get Ďem!

Darc: Not so fast. We need some information first.

Volk: Weíve got to figure out a way to get off of Aldrow, too.

Darc: Letís go!

[Darc goes after the easiest of the ingredients: the Phoenix Blood. He
returns to Geedoís house after remembering that she locked hers away in
a sealed chest. Darc opens it and gets the Phoenix Blood.]

Darc: Huh? Thereís still something in here. Whatís this? Looks like
      writing of some sort.

[Darc sees that it is an Ancient Tablet, and reads it.]

Ancient Tablet 1: Over The Oceans From Long, Long Ago
                  Comes A Voice In The Wind From An Ancient Soul

Darc: ďVoice in the windĒ? ďAncient soulĒ? What does that mean?

[Suddenly, a voice comes out of nowhere.]

???: Are you the one...Are you the one that has the [Ancient Tablet]?

Darc: What?! Show yourself!

[A grim reaper-style ghost manifests itself, floating in the air above
Darc. His ribcage is visible through the tattered clothing.]

Darc: Who are you?!

Kirjath: My name is Kirjath...Kirjath the Fallen. Having angered the
         gods, they cursed my body with immortality. Though I age and
         wither, though my bones grow frail and shatter, I cannot die.
         I am but a wandering shade in search of salvation. And who
         are you, with the Ancient Tablet?

Darc: Iím Darc, he who will become Deimos King!

Kirjath: Aha. Darc, the Deimos King. Hearken to my words. The tablet...
         I want that Ancient Tablet you hold. I beg you, give it to me.

Darc: Hmph. I donít care, really, either way. But why do you want it?
      Tell me. What do you need it for? Is there some sort of secret
      power hidden in this tablet?

Kirjath: No, there is no power in the Ancient Tablet, Iím afraid. Only
         salvation...words of salvation...Engraved upon its face are the
         words of the first to encounter the Spirits. It is said these
         words bring comfort, healing, and salvation to those who suffer.

Darc: The first to encounter the Spirits? Words of salvation? Is that so?
      Thereís nothing on here but this random nonsense.

Kirjath: The words will make sense as they go on. This is but a fragment.

Darc: This isnít the whole thing?

Kirjath: Long, long ago, that tablet was sealed within a holy ark. But
         then it was broken, and its pieces were scattered throughout the
         world. If all are gathered once more...even I, having tasted the
         godsí wrath, could be saved.

Darc: So youíre saying the words on this tablet can rescue somehow? I
      donít believe that.

Kirjath: Please...Deimos King. Seek out the tablets that remain. Such a
         task is far beyond my abilities. I am but a ghost of my worldly
         self. I beg me.

Darc: Why should I do that for you? I have my own business to take care
      of. Iím on a mission to save the Deimos!

Kirjath: Please...Darc. King of all Deimos...Do not forsake me. For I
         have waited many  millennia...My cursed body unwilling, unable
         to die...I have merely waited. Waited for one who could hear
         the voices of the Spirits. For one to seek out the tablets. For
         one to save em from my misery. O Darc, Deimos King. Hear my
         humble plea. Seek out the Ancient Tablets. Gather them from
         where they lay scattered throughout the world. Cursed by the
         gods, I have no one to turn to but you. Save me. This alone I

Darc: Damn. I guess I have no choice. I donít need this tablet, anyway.
      If I find any others, Iíll bring them all to you.

Kirjath: I thank you, truly. I will come before you once more. Until

[Kirjath fades away. Darc leaves and goes to the Tindalos Woods, where
the Rebound Fruit can be found. Darc gets into battle with a Crimson

Rhoke and, sure enough, he finds a Rebound Fruit afterwards. With all
the talk about the Firble, Darc goes to check up on it. When he gets
to the Church Ruins...]

Delma: Whatís that sound...? A Firble? But why?

Darc: Actually, I never told you this, but there was a single Firble egg

Delma: R-really?! Why did you keep that from me?

Darc: Because I didnít wanna be betrayed again.

Delma: Darc...

Darc: Come on!

[Everyone goes to nest.]

Darc: Finally we meet, little Firble.

Delma: I never thought weíd see another one. What are you going to do,
       Darc? Raise it into a Pryron?

Volk: But itís just been born. Are you sure itís OK?

Darc: Good question. We should probably ask Gorma.

[Back at Gormaís subway car...]

Gorma: Oh, if it isnít Darc. And donít you look happy! Something
       wonderful must have happened.

Darc: I found a Firble!

Gorma: What?! Really? You really found a Firble?

[Darc tells the story to Gorma.]

Gorma: I see...One of the eggs Densimo left behind had miraculously

Darc: Iím glad we found a Firble, but...can we raise it into a Pyron
      even when itís still a newborn like this?

Gorma: Hmm. It shouldnít be any problem.

Delma: Hey, Gorma! Why are you so sure of yourself?

Gorma: Well, you see...itís just my intuition!

Delma: Intuition! You senile old toad! What the hell are you thinking?
       Donít make up answers just so you have something to say!

Gorma: Well, what did you expect? No oneís ever raised a Firble into
       a Pyron.

Delma: Darc! This old guyís no good. Letís ask somebody else.

Gorma: So does that mean youíre not going to raise into a Pyron, then?

Delma: Urk! Well, ah...

Gorma: Can you hold off on rearing your Firble into a Pyron until itís
       old enough? It takes patience, you know. We donít know how
       much time the whole Firble-Pyron process requires.

Delma: But if we mess up, and it dies...

Darc: Delma...Gormaís right.

Delma: Darc...

Darc: We donít have time to sit around waiting for the Firble to
      mature. Weíve got to get those Great Spirit Stones before the humans
      do, or the Deimos will be history. And that means weíve got to get
      started on our journey sooner, too.

Gorma: Good thinking, Darc.

Delma: Thatís all well and good! But what if we mess up and the Firble
       dies?  Itís not...Itís not just another tool for you to use!

Darc: A tool...It may be just that. We need plenty of preparation to
      save the Deimos.

Delma: ......

Gorma: I know I canít do much, but Iíll help you however I can. Now,
       a [Fire Fragment]...You should be able to make one if you have a
       Spirit stone. Itíll take a little time, but I can create a Fire
       Fragment for you. Iíll let you know when itís done. Be careful on
       your travels.

Darc: Now to turn that Firble into a Pyron!

[While wasting time for the Fire Fragment to be ready, Darc goes and
sees Lilia again. This time, he finds Zugalo already talking to her.]

Zugalo: S-song? M-music? What are you talking about?

Lilia: They bring us great happiness.

Zugalo: Happiness? Does that taste good? Is it filling?

Lilia: No, no, no. Happiness heals your soul and comforts you.

Zugalo: Huh? I have no idea what youíre talking about! Thatís the kind
        of good things there are in the human world?

Lilia: Yes.

Darc: What the hell are you doing?

Zugalo: D-Darc! I, um, that is...I was just...

Darc: I donít remember telling you to talk with the human! Now get out
      of here!

[Zugalo skidaddles.]

Lilia: We were just talking...

Darc: Humans and Deimos shouldnít be chatting like that!

Lilia: It has nothing to do with race! As long as you understand how
       each other feels...

Darc: We donít need to understand each other. Weíre enemies!

Lilia: ......

[Darc rejoins his comrades and, with the Fire Fragment not done yet,
heads for the Church Ruins to check up on their Firble. When he gets
there, he feeds the Rebound Fruit and the Phoenix Blood to the tiny
creature. Nothing happens. The crew goes back to see Gorma, but he
isnít in his car or in the arena. They finally check the dungeon. Inside,
they find Lilia singing to a large group of Orcon.]

Lilia: Over the Oceans from Long, Long Ago Comes A Voice In The Wind
       From An Ancient soul. Storm clouds Break Away Reveling A Shining
       Sun Pouring Out The Light That Will Guide Me. How Could You See
       And Not Believe? There Must Be A Soul. I Donít Know When Iíll Leave
       This Life So If Iím Going To Be I Might As Well Be Flying High.
       Maybe Soon Will Come A Day, All Things Will Fall Into Place,
       Holding And Trusting Miracles Teaches Us to Believe.

Darc: Stop!!

Lilia: (startled) Unh!

[Darc comes down the stairs as the cutscene ends.]

Darc: Doesnít this look fun! Well?

Zoram: Well, ah...that is...we...uh...Itís just that itís an awfully
       nice song, and we donít hear them very often, so...we couldnít
       help it...

Gorma: Thatís right! Sheís playing such a strange instrument, and itís
       such a good song...She just sparked our interest, thatís all.

Darc: Shut up!

Zugalo: D-Darc...did you not like the music?

Darc: ......Thatís enough! Get out of here!

[Everyone starts to leave.]

Darc: Wait, Gorma! Havenít you made that [Fire Fragment] yet?

Gorma: Y-yes, of course I have. Iíve left it at the Quorupís market.

Darc: Is that so?

Gorma: I-I guess Iíll be going now.

[Gorma leaves.]

Lilia: The Deimos here canít even enjoy songs, can they?

Darc: Are you trying to be sarcastic?

Lilia: I donít know what kind of difficult past you may have had. But
       anger and hatred only increase sadness and suffering. They only
       force sorrow and pain onto others...

Darc: Be quiet! Shut your mouth!

Lilia: You of all people should understand! You can hear the voices of
       the Spirits.

Darc: Shut up, I said!

Lilia: ......

[Darc goes back up the stairs to his comrades.]

Volk: Darc. That human girl is...dangerous. Sheís breaking down Deimos
      defenses. Theyíll lose their battle instincts.

Darc: Thatís an exaggeration.

Delma: Iím with Volk on this one. Her songs. Her kindness. Her face.
       Nope, I donít like her one bit.

Volk: Humans must either be punished or banished.

Delma: Hear, hear!

Darc: When did you two start ordering me around?

Delma: We didnít mean to--

Darc: Then shut up and do as I say!

Delma: Fine.

[At the Quoropís vending stand...]

Quorup: Ah, Darc.

Darc: Do you have Gormaís [Fire Fragment]?

Quorup: I sure do. Thatíll be 500 G.

Darc: What?! You mean I have to pay for it?

Quorup: Well, he said he needed money for the materials, and it all
        came to 500 G.

Darc: Damn that Gorma! How dare he toy with me!

Quorup: Itíll cost you some money. Do you still want it?

Darc: Ah, fine.

[Darc purchases the Fire Fragment.]

Quorup: Now, how about some shopping while youíre here?

Darc: Forget it.

[Darc takes his new buy and goes to the Church Ruins, where he feeds

it to the Firble. The Firble falls over and doesnít move.]

Delma: Wh-whoa! The Firble just sort of flopped over!

Darc: ......

Volk: If we give it the three Pyron foods, itíll grow into a Pyron...
      Thatís what Gorma said, anyway.

Delma: I think...itís sleeping...

Volk: Has Gorma given it enough?

Delma: The stuff Gorma makes has never been what I call decent. Boiled
       herbs, crushed eggshells...He made me drink it whenever I got
       sick, but it never worked at all!

Darc: That rotten Gorma! Makimg me fork over so much money! Iím going
      back to Orcoth. Iíll string that Gorma up by his eyebrows!

[As the crew walks back into Orcoth, they stop for a moment.]

Delma: Thatís strange. Isnít it a little too quiet?

Darc: It is...It doesnít feel right.

[Darc looks down at the ground and sees something.]

Darc: Eh...? Whatís this? No doubt about it...Itís Liliaís...

Volk: I smell blood...Watch out! Somethingís happened!

[Darc picks up Liliaís ortena.]

Darc: What the hell happened to her...?

Volk: Darc! Are you listening to me?

Darc: Yeah, I heard you.

Delma: L-look!

[Everyone looks over the balcony and sees many slain Orcon.]

Darc: Wh-what...? Whatís all this?! Why is everyone dead? What the hell
      happened while I was gone?!

Volk: Letís check it out, Darc. This is one serious turn of events.

[Darc goes down into the dungeon where he finds a wounded Zugalo
crouching beside the gates that formerly held Lilia.]

Zugalo: D...Darc...The h-humans...took L-Lilia...I...I tried...W-we h-hard...B-but we...we couldnít keep...L-Lilia m-me...

Darc: No need to speak now! We have to focus on your injuries...

Zugalo: I...Iím so happy...S-such kind words...f-for the first time...

Darc: Are you all right, Zugalo?!

Zugalo: I...Iím...a...a goner...

[Zugalo cluches his stomach and falls over, flat on his stomach.]

Darc: Zugalo! Donít die! I order you! Donít die, Zugalo!

Zugalo: ......

Darc: Zugalo...

[Darc leaves Zugaloís corpse and heads to the arena, finding the
remaining Orcon talking amongst themselves.]

Orcon A: Darc!

Darc: Tell me, Gorma! What happened to Orcoth?

Gorma: The humans came for Lilia.

Darc: For Lilia...?

Gorma: Thatís right...And, they were terribly efficient. They killed a
       number of Orcon in a matter of moments...and after they found
       Lilia in the dungeon, they stole her away.

Darc: Damn! The Dilzweld Army...

Delma: Those wretched humans! Iíll never forgive them!

Volk: Darc, we must seek revenge! They need to be punished!

Darc: Where did the humans go?

Gorma: Well, everyone says they came from the [Varam Barrens].

Darc: The [Varam Barrens], eh? Come on, letís follow the Dilzweld Army!

Volk: Say goodbye, humans!

Delma: Weíll tear them to shreds!

Darc: Oh, and Gorma? Iíll talk to you later. Itís about the Firble.

Gorma: Oho, have you raised it into a Pyron?

Darc: What did you have us do!? It looks dead now!

Gorma: I wonder why? You gave it all three foods, right?

Darc: The humans are our first priority now. Weíll deal with the Firble
      when I return. Understand?

Gorma: Y-yes, I understand. All right, everyone! Darcís back, so thereís
       nothing to be afraid of. We canít go on hiding in a place like

[Darc and his companions head to the Varam Barrens. When they arrive,
they see a large warship parked nearby. Soldiers, guarding boxes and
hover machines, are patrolling the area.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Good work!

Dilzweld Officer: What a pain that was! She actually bit my hand.

Dilzweld Soldier: Thatís awful. Did you manage to load her onto the
                  Megist with no problems?

Dilzweld Officer: We had to drug her, but yes. Now sheís in a cell
                  on board, sleeping like a baby.

[The officer yells to a couple of men around a strange egg-shaped

Dilzweld Officer: Is the Argewalt installed properly?

[The two soldiers salute.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Yes, just now.

Dilzweld Officer: Then letís withdraw.

[The soldier the officer was previously talking with sparks up
a little conversation.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Why set up the Argewalt in a nowhere place like

Dilzweld Officer: Itís those stupid Deimos. Theyíll be creeping
                  out here to deal out some revenge, make no mistake
                  about that. Iíd just gotten word from Lt. Co. Tatjana
                  that she wanted some Argewalt data to use in our
                  battles against the Deimos. So Iím putting one here.

Dilzweld Soldier: Aha.

[Darc, Delma, and Volk arrive to the scene.]

Delma: There they are! Humans!

Volk: Get ready! You wonít be going home alive!

Dilzweld Officer: (to group of soldiers) See? Just like I told you.

Darc: Whereís Lilia?

Dilzweld Officer: You think Iíll tell you, you miserable Deimos? I donít
                  have time to waste on such foolish creatures!

Delma: Who said you could leave?

Dilzweld Soldier: Relax. Iíve got a little something for you. Just try
                  to enjoy yourselves.

[The soldiers leave. Darc and his crew try to chase them but the
Argewalt splits open, revealing a strange creature floating in some
kind of a solution. Itís withered and ugly.]

Darc: What...whatís that?!



Delma: Isnít that a Deimos in that machine?

Darc: What?! ...... I never heard of a Deimos siding with the humans!

      Letís get it!


Volk: That thing just keeps spewing out monsters. Thisíll never end!

Darc: Forget them! Letís destroy the source!


[The Argewalt engages in battle. Throughout the battle, it spews
tiny pods that burst open to create new monsters for the three to
fight. Eventually, Darc makes the machine malfunction and explode.
As they finish the battle, they watch the Megist take off and leave.]
Delma: ...They got away.

Volk: Humans always resort to such makeshift measures.

Darc: Lilia...What is this...this feeling? A sort of pressure deep
      within my chest...making it hard to breathe...What am I feeling?

[The creature inside the Argewalt walks out of the rubble, shaking
a tiny flower staff.]

????: Will I wither away in this body...Will I dry up like a fallen
     flower...The life of a flower is short...Even the most lovely
     fade in despair.

Darc: Whatís that?

Delma: Are you still alive?

????: I am the Pianta sage, Camellia. Are you the ones that helped me?
      I thank you.

Delma: Eh? Helped you?

Volk: Donít think weíll make an exception for you just because youíre
      a Deimos. You serve humans!

Camellia: Me, serve humans? What a rude thing to say! I was captured
          by the Dilzweld Army. They used me to their benefit.

Darc: Used by the Dilzweld Army, you say? How so?

Camellia: You see...Please forgive me. I donít want to remember such
          a repulsive experience.

Delma: If you wonít tell us, how can we believe you?

Camellia: Shut up, girlie! Iím talking with this fellow here. Nasty
          Orcon devil girls should learn when to keep their mouths
          shut! Mind your own business!

Delma: Wait just a minute! You ugly, shriveled-up old prune!

Darc: Calm down!

Delma: But, Darc! Sheís way too suspicious!

Darc: Weíre just going to hear her story. If we donít learn more about
      humans, weíll have a disadvantage in the battles to come.

Camellia: Just what I expected from you! Darc, was it? Do you intend
          to go up against the humans?

Darc: Thatís right. Humans are getting in the way of peace among the

Camellia: Thatís the spirit! Good for you! I like the way you think.
          Now listen to my story a while as I explain how things came
          to be. We Pianta lived quietly in the woods...One day the
          Dilzweld Army suddenly appeared...We were taken against our
          will and made their captives.

FLASHBACK: Dilzweld Laboratory

Dilzweld Officer: The sooner they talk, the sooner this would stop.

Dilzweld Soldier: Look at this one! Its face is all scrunched up! Hee
                  hee hee!

Tatjana: Well? Have they said anything about the [Miracle Stone]?

Dilzweld Officer: No, not yet...Theyíre pretty stubborn.

Tatjana: This oneís the Pianta sage. She ought to know. Resume the

Dilzweld Officer: B-but...if we irradiate them with any more of the
                  Earth Stoneís energy...I canít guarantee these Deimos
                  will survive.

Tatjana: I donít care! Do it! If they tell you anything, all we have
         to do is load the data into the Argewalt and use it against
         the Deimos...

Dilzweld Officer: Understood. (to another worker) Prepare to charge!

Tatjana: These beings, these Deimos...When and where were they born?
         Were they put here for a reason? How are they connected to the
         Spirit Stones? Heh heh heh...Thereís so much I want to know.

END FLASHBACK: Dilzweld Laboratory

Darc: What is this [Miracle Stone] the humans are looking for?

Camellia: Well, see...The Miracle Stone is a magical item that appears
          in Pianta legend. They say it emits a miraculous power that
          grants a Deimos strength and cleverness.

Darc: An item that can provide strength and cleverness...

Delma: Why would the humans want a thing like that? It doesnít make
       any sense.

Volk: If the Dilzweld Army is looking for it...

Darc: It could be one of the Great Spirit Stones. Hey, Camellia.
      Whereís that Miracle Stone now?

Camellia: In the middle of the continent of [Adenade] [The Throne
          Room] within the [Coleopt Shrine].

Darc: Then letís go there.

Camellia: Wait, Darc. Would you be able to take me along?

Darc: Eh?

Camellia: Iíd like to help you.

Delma: Absolutely not! We have no use for a weak Deimos like you!

Volk: Your battle skills are wholly unreliable. To be perfectly blunt,
      youíd just be holding us back.

Camellia: Ho ho ho...The Coleopt Shrine is an ancient labyrinth.
          Without my know-how, you canít possibly find your way to the
          Throne Room. And thatís all right with you?

Volk: Huh?!

Delma: Oh, whatever! You donít have to act so high and mighty. We can
       handle it all by ourselves!

Darc: Wait, Delma. (to Camellia) ...All right. Weíll use your

Delma: What-what-WHAT?! Are you kidding me? This isnít funny! I donít
       want to go anywhere with that old thing!

Camellia: Ho ho ho...Count on Darc to really understand the reasoning
          behind matters like this. I guess thatís what separates him
          from demon girls and pups like you.

Delma: You detestable hag! Say one more word and Iíll tear you limb
       from limb!

Volk: You disgust me.

Camellia: Ho ho ho...What should I care what you think of me? I have no
          need to bow my head to the likes of Deimos like you. Youíre
          below me, after all.

Delma: Listen to you! Youíre practically all head as it is!

Darc: Camelliaís coming with us, and thatís that! No complains, you
      hear me?

Delma: Rats! I guess I have no choice.

Volk: It canít be helped.

Camellia: Darc...Iíll never forget this.

[The four Deimos head back to Orcoth, where Darc still has to have a
talk with Gorma about the Firbleís metamorphosis. They find him in
his subway car.]

Gorma: Ah, Darc. Itís good to see youíre safe. Whatís become of the
       humans at the Varam Barrens?

Darc: We almost had them, but they escaped.

Gorma: I see...Hadnít you said you wanted to talk to me about the

Darc: Yes, I do! We gave it three kinds of food just like you told us
      to, but nothing happened! You tricked us!

Gorma: W-wait a moment! Are you sure the Firble didnít change at all?
       For example, does it sleep and sleep and not wake up?

Darc: How do you know about that?!

Gorma: Aha...I completely forgot to tell you this, but...itís said that
       during their evolution into Pyrons, Firbles fall into a deep

Darc: What?! So that means our Firble...

Gorma: ...will become a Pyron soon.

Darc: I get it...How could you forget to tell us such a crucial piece
      of information?

Gorma: I didnít mean any harm. Lately Iíve become terribly forgetful...
       Please forgive me.

Darc: Well, all right. Once we have our Pyron, we can head for Adenade!
      Thanks for everything, Gorma.

Gorma: Not at all. Itís an honor to have been of service. But one
       day...Iíd really like to ride that Pyron across the skies...

Darc; After we wipe out the humans, youíll be the first to ride it!

Gorma: Ha ha! Wonderful!

[The four head to the Church Ruins to see if the Pyron has emerged
yet. When they get there, the Deimos guard yells to them.]

Orcon: Oh, no, Darc! Itís terrible! Th-the Firble...!

Darc; Whatís happened to it?

Orcon: I-it suddenly went up in flames and turned into this huge

Darc: I see! So the day has finally come!

Orcon: I-I didnít do anything! Please believe me, Darc!

Darc: I know. Itís not your fault. You did a good job guarding it all
      this time. You can go back to Orcoth now.

Orcon: What? Really?

Darc: Orcoth is in trouble. Go back and see if you can help.

Orcon: Y-yes, sir.

[The Orcon guard leaves.]

Darc: Finally...We have our Pyron...

[Darc goes to check the nest, but the Firble isnít there any longer.]

Darc: Whereís the Firble...I mean, Pyron?

[Running to the seaside ledge, Darc sees the ďmonsterĒ that the guard
had spoken of. Itís huge and flaming. It also has many arms on its

Darc: So youíre a Pyron, huh?

Camellia: Whatís this? I canít believe Iím seeing the legendary Pyron
          in a place like this.

Volk: You know about Pyrons?

Camelia: Of course I do. Donít you know who I am? Iím Camellia, the
         Pianta sage.

Volk: For such a tiny Firble to grow into something like this...
      Gorma was completely right.

Darc: It sure looks that way.

Delma: But how are we supposed to ride it? Itís so damn big...Even if
       we could all get on, weíd fall off!

Camellia: No need to worry. Pyrons can change their size at will. It
          looks like it trusts you. Try talking to it, Darc. It
          should take you where you want to go right then and there.

Darc: Here goes nothing. Pyron...Take us to Adenade.

[The Pyron looks like it has a seizure, and spirals upwards into the

Delma: Wh-whoa! Whatís going on?! The Pyron took off by itself!

Camellia: Donít worry! Itís probably just flying up into the air to
          get bigger. Itíll be back.

[Right then, the Pyron flies back down beside the ledge, at least
thirty times bigger than it once was. Its hands reach over the ledge,

now big enough to accommodate all of the four Deimos.]

Darc: Letís get on.

[The Pyron soars through the air, delivering them at Adenade within
a few moments. It lands near a marshland.]

Delma: Flying is the absolute best! Didnít you love it?

Volk: Love it?! I should never have ridden on such a fearsome thing.
      Oooh...Iím still queasy.

Darc: By the way, Camellia...Why did the Pyron land here instead of
      going to the shrine? Do you have any idea?

Camellia: Ho ho ho...thatís an easy one. They say Pyrons die if theyíre
          far away from waterlands like these. Their diet relies heavily
          on water plants, you see. Rather strange monsters, donít you

Darc: Waterlands, eh? Just like back when they were Firbles.

Camellia: Darc, weíve got to head to the Coleopt Shrine quickly, or the
          humans will get there before us.

Darc: Youíre right. we canít waste time here. Letís go!

[The crew heads to the Coleopt Shrine, passing through the Ngai Plains
and the Tsatuga Plateau. When they get to the shrine, they see that the
people who inhabit there are all insect-like.]

Darc: Is this the entrance to the shrine?

Camellia: Brace yourself, Darc. The Coleopt who guard the shrine are
          warriors who are completely unafraid of death.

Delma: Hmph! Where can all those big strong soldiers be, then, hmm?
       They look like theyíd be pretty laid back to me. I would trust
       this one about as far as I can throw her, Darc. Sheís never been
       in battle. Sheís just being overly jumpy.

Camellia: Ho ho ho...Is the Orcon girl calling me a liar?

Delma: Then where are all those strong Deimos youíre warning us about?
       If theyíre here, bring Ďem out! Come out, come out, wherever you
       are! I wanna see your lovely, scary faces!

Volk: Hey, Delma...

Delma: Oh, what now? Just shut up!

Volk: You should talk! Youíre getting awfully hard to work with.

Darc: Letís just go on.

[The four Deimos walk past the surrounding homes and approach the
entrance to the shrine. Soldiers stand in front of the entrance.]

Coleopt: We are the Coleopt Army. We protect the Shrine...

Darc: We came here for the [Miracle Stone]. Donít get in our way!

Coleopt: Those who pass beyond this point shall be deemed intruders.
         Leave immediately.

Volk: What can we do? Should we retreat?

Darc: Weíre going in! You think Iíd retreat?!

Volk: Right. No point if we donít go in. If we donít get that stone,
      the humans will.

Darc: Exactly.

Coleopt: Death to all intruders!




Camellia: If you get his by a [Coleopt Liquid Sphere], your skill
          levels will decrease.

Darc: What?!

Camellia: The effects of a [Coleopt Liquid Sphere] can only be
          neutralized with [Coleopt Froth]. Even [Elixir] and
          [Refresh] cannot return you to normal.

Darc: Why didnít you tell me that before?!

Camellia: I meant to, but that Orcon girl got in the way. I couldnít.


[Darc and company face off against the six Coleopt soldiers. The
enemy throws gelatinous substances that lower statistics to an
abnormal level, but the team gets by with the Coleopt Froth that
cures the effects. Soon, all the bug soldiers are dead and the
entrance is clear.]

Camellia: I think youíve got to reconsider, Darc.

Darc: Reconsider what?

Camellia: If you act so rudely, all youíll do is make the Coleopt
          angry. I-I mean, I wouldnít want them to think that I
          was part of some kind of vulgar, rude group...! Iím
          sure you understand...

Delma: Sheesh! Get over yourself, old woman! Iím sure they already
       think youíre just as vulgar and rude as the rest of us.

Darc: Weíre going in!

[The crew walks inside the shrine, but stops when a rumbling noise
shakes the walkway.]

Darc: Whatís that sound?

[Part of the walkway breaks and a huge horned tentacle emerges,
making a slurping-suctioning sound.]

Darc: Eh? Is that a monster?

Mysterious Tentacle: You intruders, defiling the shrine...Begone!

Darc: can talk?

[The ground shakes once more.]

Camellia: What, again? Are there more troops?

[The tentacle pulls back inside the hole it made, disappearing.]

Darc: What the hell was that? It left.

Delma: Guess it was afraid of us, huh?

Darc: I donít think so...

Volk: Wait! I...I hear something! Itís a human! A human voice!

Darc: What?!

Volk: I hear human voices coming from below!

Delma: I donít think so! This is the only entrance, isnít it?
       Then how could they have gotten in?

Darc: Weíll soon find out. Come on, letís hurry!

[The Deimos advance into the next room. It turns out Volkís hearing
is dead-on; a group of Dilzweld have emerged from a tunnel, breaking
through part of the wall in the process.]

Dilzweld Officer: The Miracle Stone is within. Hurry!

Darc: (to self) Humans...sneaking in like that!

Dilzweld Soldier: A Deimos! There are Deimos here!

Darc: Move, you blasted humans! The Miracle Stone is mine!

[After the Dilzweld are defeated...]

Dilzweld Officer: Is this what itís come to...? For the great Dilzweld
                  Army to be defeated by so few Deimos? Come on! Weíve
                  got to get to the Miracle Stone before they do!

[The remaining soldiers move into the next room.]

Delma: Humans are such pushovers!

Volk: Somethingís a little off! I donít see their alpha anywhere.

Camellia: Maybe...Oh, no! Those soldiers were just trying to distract us!
          The commanderís gone inside!

Darc: They think that they can beat us? Letís go!

[In the next room, the Dilzweld run to a treasure chest sitting on a

Dilzweld Officer: Thatís it! The Miracle Stone must be in there. Advance!

Dilzweld Soldier: Yes, sir!

Darc: What are you doing? Hurry! The humans are going to get to the
      Miracle stone before we do!

Camellia: Ooooh...ow ow ow...!

Darc: What is it, Camellia? What can you be doing at such a critical

Camellia: I-itís just ulcers...

Darc: What a useless old woman. Rest here!

[Everyone but Camellia runs to where the Dilzweld are.]

Darc: Wait! Iím not giving the Miracle Stone to any humans!

Dilzweld Officer: Shut up, Deimos! Weíll be happy to fight you, donít
                  you worry. After we get the Miracle Stone, that is.

Volk: Either way...this is where you die.

[The Dilzweld Soldier walks up to the front of the treasure chest,
passing over the red tiles in front of it. Suddenly, the red tiles
light up.]

Dilzweld Officer: Eh? Whatís this?

[The room starts to rumble.]

Darc: Whatís that sound? What happened?

[The walkway system that the Deimos took to get to the chestís platform
all sink and rise, changing the exit and entrance paths.]

Delma: AH! The bridge...itís sinking!

Camelia: Ho ho ho...The Miracle Stone isnít in there. This isnít the
         Throne Room. Itís the Sealed Chamber. The Coleopt Shrine has
         been a labyrinth from time immemorial. Without my know-how,
         youíll never get to the Throne Room! Therein lies the
         stronges, most evil monster ever made, created by the Divine
         Ruler who betrayed the gods...The ancient monster [Bebedora].
         No one can oppose Bebedora. The Miracle Stone is all but mine
         now! Ho ho ho ho ho!

[Camellia runs off...]

Darc: Damn you, Camellia!

[The treasure chest opens, and a strange little girl pops out.]

Bebedora: Uwaaaa! Uwaaaa! Itís time to get up, already?

Delma: What the hell? Thatís the strongest, most evil monster? What a

Volk: I guess even Camellia canít be right all the time.

Bebedora: Iím Bebedora. Who are you?

Dilzweld Officer: Now look, I donít care if you are just a little girl!
                  Weíll do anything to get the Miracle Stone. Get rid
                  of anything in our way!

Bebedora: Are you enemies? I have to destroy enemies...Hee hee hee.

[The officer starts to move around strangely.]

Dilzweld Officer: Urk..! Wh-whatís going on? I...I canít...control...
                  my body!

Bebedora: Youíre a puppet. You are my servant.

Dilzweld Soldier: Are you all right, sir?

[Bededora moves around a bit.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Ack! Wh-what now? ...My body is...moving on its own...

[The officer and the soldier turn to Darcís party, weapons drawn.]

Darc: Theyíre acting really strange. Be careful!

[The two soldiers quickly fall in battle.]

Bebedora: My puppets...They broke. People break easily. My next puppets
          will be sturdier.

[The two skeleton statues on either side of the chest come to life and
attack the Deimos. Theyíre defeated after a little while.]

Bebedora: My puppet...It broke again.

Delma: Sheís all thatís left.

Volk: Iíll get her.

Darc: Wait! Donít get too close.

Volk: What is there to be afraid of? She orders, thatís
      all. She canít be that strong.

Darc: Mess this up and sheíll be controlling us, too. Just like those

Volk: Hmm...

Darc: Let me talk to her. (he steps forward) Bebedora, you said?
      Weíre not the humans who disturbed your rest. Weíre Deimos,
      just like you.

Bebedora: Just like me...? Deimos? Whatís a Deimos? Iím Bebedora. A
          monster made by the Divine Ruler. Youíre not enemies?

Darc: We just came here for the Miracle Stone. We have no intention
      of fighting you. Please let us leave.

Bebedora: ......Your the color of the clear blue sky. No lies
          there. (motioning to block on the wall) Push that if you want
          to leave.

Darc: That, eh? I understand. Thank you.

Bebedora: ......A mysterious soul. Flickering colors, swirling shades.
          Lots of lights. Youíre different from monsters. Different
          from humans, too. Monsters donít speak. Humans do. But
          youíre not human. Are you really a Deimos? Are all Deimos
          like you?

Darc: What do you mean? Iím Darc. He who will be king of the Deimos.
      Whether Iím Deimos or a doesnít matter at all!

Bebedora: Hee hee hee...But you donít think that.

Delma: Darc! Letís get out of here. She gives me the creeps.

Bebedora: Are you Deimos? The fire of battle burns within your souls.
          Scarlet flames, pale tongues of fire. Vivid yet simple
          colors. Not like Darc. Only Darc is different. Why?
          Strange. Not a Deimos. Not a Human. Who are you? What are
          you? ...I donít know.

Darc: ......

Volk: Donít worry about it, Darc. Just push that thing over there and
      get us out of here!

Darc: All right.

[Darc pushes it.]

Delma: Whoa!

[Darc turns around and sees Bebedora standing between Volk and Delma.]

Delma: Darc! Bebedora--

Bebedora: Iíve decided. Iím coming with you. I want to see more of your

Darc: What? My soul?

Bebedora: The great power within commands me. I am to be your puppet.

Darc: So youíll follow me?

Delma: We ought to leave this oddball behind. We have no idea whatís
       going through her...mind.

Volk: But sheíll be better in battle than Camellia. We could really
      use her puppet master skills. Well, Darc?

Darc: The way she can control people...definitely useful. All right.
      Bebedora, you may come with us if you wish. Now you serve me!

Bebedora: I am Bebedora. Your puppet. I control and am controlled.
          You are Darc. My master. You control and are controlled.

Delma: Man! Another weirdo in the group!

Volk: I wouldnít talk.

Delma: What did you just say? Care to say it a little louder?

Volk: Heh heh heh...Didnít you wanna kill Darc? I donít understand

Delma: Oh, shut up...Who understands anyone, anyway? Iím not like
       Bebedora. I have an actual goal...

Darc: What are you mumbling about? Come on!

Delma: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

[The party advances into the next room. There, Camellia is being
cornered by four tentacles coming out of the floor, each trying
to swat her. All around the room are eggs.]

Camellia: Yikes! No! Stop, please! Oh, forgive me!

Selkis: Foolish Deimos! The crime of ignoring my warnings and
        intruding into my lair is a great one! Donít think youíll ever
        escape with your life!

[Darc and company run in.]

Darc: What is this place?

Delma: Itís full of eggs!

Selkis: Unbelievable...Another witless Deimos, seeking evolution.

Volk: She seems to be the alpha.

Delma: You mean sheís the boss?! So thatís what the talking thing
       back there was!

Camellia: Ah, Darc! Youíve come just in time...I was just about to
          become dinner! Sheís got the Miracle Stone, you see.
          Everybody, band together and defeat her!

Volk: You traitor...! How dare you!

Delma: Youíd be better off gobbled up!

Darc: Wait! Somethingís wrong!

[Four of the eggs behind Selkis hatch to reveal full-grown Coleopt

Darc: No! This is where she lays her eggs!

Delma: Youíre kidding! Then these eggs...are all enemies?

Selkis: Heh heh heh...Too late to notice that now! My children...My
        servants, my Coleopt...Defeat the intruders!



Darc: There are so many of them! Bebedora! Can you use your [Puppet
      Master skills] on them?

Bebedora: This I spin, the thread of darkness. Puppets begin, the
          thread of darkness. Left takes one, right takes one. Work
          them both, see them run.

Darc: You can control two at once? Is that what you mean?

Bebedora: But not big puppets. The strings would break.


Camellia: That tentacle is an ďOvipositorĒ! Thatís where Selkis lays
          her eggs from. So you should deal with the tentacle first.

Darc: I know that! Attack the tentacle!

[The four ovipositors are destroyed by group attacks, and the eggs
are eventually destroyed on the path to Selkis herself. Together, the
Deimos overcome Selkisí eggs and ice attacks to win the battle.]

Camellia: We have nothing to be afraid of if we just work together.

Delma: What do you mean, work together?! Donít think weíve actually
       forgiven you yet!

Volk: Traitors must be punished!

Camellia: N-no, wait! I scouted out this room expressly for Darc!

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. Pointless floundering. Itís great. Leaden lies.
          Tan-colored temporary desperation. And finally? Black, black
          despair. Everything...returns to darkness.

Camellia: This has nothing to do with you! You keep out of this! Who
          are you, anyway?

Bebedora: I am Bebedora. Darcís servant.

Camellia: What? Arenít you the strongest, most evil monster?!

Delma: Thatís right. And unlike you, she really is fighting on our side.

Volk: Are you ready, Camellia?

Camellia: Eeeeeeek!

[Camellia flees to the leader, standing on the steps of where Selkis
used to be, holding a glowing blue stone.]

Camellia: Darc!! Forgive me, I beg you!

Darc: I knew it...make no a Great Spirit Stone!

Camellia: Uh, Darc?

Delma: Darc, what are you doing? Arenít you going to take care of this
       old bag?

Darc: Mmm...

[The Water Spirit appears.]

Water Spirit: ...Listen to the voice of the Spirits...O Chosen One...
              ...I am the Water Spirit...You must not fight...Nothing
              comes of fighting...Hatred doesnít solve a thing...You
              must not fill the world...with negative intentions...Save
              the world...from the intruding darkness...

[The spirit fades away.]

Darc: ......

Volk: Was that...a Spirit?


Camellia: You donít know about Spirits? Not even about the five Great
          Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Light? All living
          beings are blessed by the fruits of the Spirits! You donít
          know about the Spirits whose great power protects and
          defends this world? It was the Spirits who put their power
          into the Spirit Stones before they vanished from this world!
          We can use magic because of the Spirits! And you donít know
          anything about them?!

Delma: I-I knew that much! I mean, who doesnít? Iíve just never seen
       one before, so I wanted to make sure!

Bebedora: Spirits...Are enemies?

Darc: Heh...Nothing comes of fighting, eh? Hatred doesnít solve a
      thing, eh? Sounds like something Lilia would say. I donít plan
      on falling for that Spirit nonsense! Relax and youíre betrayed:
      let your guard down and youíre stabbed in the back...Thatís what
      being a Deimos is all about. I donít need anything but power!
      Iíll save the Deimos, and Iíll use strife and hatred to do it!
      All I power!


##Kharg, Chapter 3: Conflict [KC3]##

[Kharg, Maru, and Paulette are shown in the chapterís opening, running
through Cathena. They turn and go into the World Alliance Building.]

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: And next on the agenda...The issue on
                                 whether we should rethink the contri-
                                 -bution of each country towards the
                                 total food costs of contestants.

[Kharg, Maru, and Paulette walk in.]

Milmarnan Delegate: How did it go? Did you find Lilia...?

Kharg: We looked all over Asheeda Forest, but there was no sign of her.

Milmarnan Delegate: I see...

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: Right, itís Kharg from Nidellia, isnít
                                 it? We have been discussing whether or
                                 not we can accept your opinion in
                                 place of Liliaís...And we have con-
                                 -cluded that we will grant
                                 permission...As long as you bring a
                                 personal letter from the Nidellian
                                 delegate, Nafia.

Kharg: Youíve concluded?! It shouldnít have even been up for

Paulette: Youíre telling us to go back to Nidellia just to get a letter?

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: The Allianceís decision is final.

Milmarnan Delegate: May I be excused, Mr. Chairman? I will leave my vote
                    on this matter in your hands.

Cathenian Delegate and Chairman: So, letís return to the matter of the
                                 contribution of each country to food

Milmarnan Delegate: Kharg, do you have a moment?

Paulette: What could this be about?

Kharg: Who knows...? Better go and find out.

[In the room adjacent to the Alliance session, Kharg goes to see what
the delegate wanted to speak about him with.]

Milmarnan Delegate: I am Savina, the delegate for the country of

Maru: Milmarna...

Kharg: Iíve heard of it...Itís a country with a long history.

Savina: Yes, there was a time when our territory was lost and our people
        were displaced...But thanks to our great Empress and Progenitor
        we were able to rebuild our country.

Maru: Whatís a ďprogenitorĒ?

Paulette: Itís someone who brings life back to a once-fallen nation.

Maru: Oh...Youíre really smart, Paulette!

Savina: But I fear that our countryís fate is once again under threat...
        The Dilzweld Army has invaded Epistia, and it looks as if they
        are preparing for all-out war with the World Alliance. Iím
        worried what their next move will be. I canít help feeling that
        Emperor Darkham is planning something really terrible.

Kharg: Milmarna isnít the only country under threat. Darkham is trying
       to take over the world.

Savina: Unbelievable...How does he expect to do that in this day and

Kharg: Thatís what Lilia was trying to tell you all. Let me tell you
       about it...

[Kharg explains in a nice fade-out/fade-in scene.]

Savina: If you collect the five Great Spirit Stones, you can gain
        unlimited power...

Kharg: So thatís why Darkham is trying to get the Great Spirit Stones.
       In fact, heís had his eye on Liliaís Light Stone for many years

Savina: Is that so?

Kharg: Maybe thatís the reason why the Dilzweld Army invaded Epistia.
       Perhaps there are Great Spirit Stones there? I find it hard to
       believe that heís just doing it to expand his territory.

Savina: But Iíve never heard anything to suggest that thereís a Great
        Spirit Stone in Epistia. Itís a volcanic land and...Oh...!

Kharg: What?

Savina: Itís said that thereís a so-called ďFlame EggĒ hidden in the
        volcanoes of Epistia...

Kharg: Flame Egg?

Savina: Yes, thereís an old legend...Itís said that the Flame Egg
        made a piece of land that had sunk under the ocean rise again.
        Thatís why Epistia is now joined to the mainland, even though
        it used to be an island.

Kharg: Thatís it! The Flame Egg must be the [Fire Stone]! There canít
       be anything else with such power. The Dilzweld Army must have
       invaded Epistia to get a hold of it!

Savina: The Fire Stone, in Epistia...

Maru: Where is this ďApistearĒ place, anyway?

Savina: Itís a place on the other side of the ocean, to the west of
        Aldrow. Itís on the east side of [Halshinne].

Paulette: How far in have the Dilzweld troops gotten?

Savina: I hear that key installations in the capital of Sulfas and
        all over the country have fallen under the control of the
        Dilzweld Army. Itís only the Deimos territory theyíre not

Kharg: That sounds bad.

[A soldier walks in.]

Cathenian Soldier: Savina! Thereís a report just in from the Varam
                   Barrens! Apparently, the Dilzweld Armyís flying
                   battleship has just taken to the sky!

Savina: The flying battleship?! Thatís the Dilzweld Armyís [flying
        fortress, the Megist]. I didnít even know they had their
        headquarters stationed here on Aldrow! Do you know any more?

Cathenian Soldier: Not really...It just says that they took a girl of
                   about 16 or 17 with them. And that she was dressed
                   in blue.

[Everyone is taken aback by the news.]

Maru: Kharg! That must be Lilia!

Kharg: Damn it! They got to her first! (to soldier) Where was the
       Megist heading for?

Cathenian Soldier: I donít have that information. All I know is that
                   it went to the west.

Kharg: To the west...Iíll be theyíre heading for Epistia.

Paulette: Yeah. First the Light Stone and now the Fire Stone...

Kharg: Savina, we must go to Epistia, too. Darkham already has the
       Earth Stone. And itís likely that he now has Liliaís Light Stone
       as well. So if he managed to get a hold of the Fire Stone, too,
       he would have three of the five Great Spirit Stones. Letís get
       back to the Big Owl. We have to rescue Lilia and beat Darkham
       to the Fire Stone!

Paulette: Yeah, itís a lucky thing that Ganz fixed things up for us.

Kharg: That makes me feel even more strongly that we need him with us.

[Kharg tries to exit the building, but a Cathenian Soldier calls out to
him to stop.]

Cathenian Soldier: Please wait a minute. The Alliance is holding an
                   emergency session to discuss what to do about
                   Dilzweld. And they ask that you attend, Kharg.

Maru: What?! Earlier, they said we had to bring them a letter.

[Savina walks up.]

Savina: Donít worry, Kharg. You go ahead and leave the rest to me.

Kharg: But, Savina...

Savina: The members of the Alliance have never experienced war
        firsthand. They donít know how to react in a crisis. Youíd
        be wasting your time if you stayed here. Iíd rather that you
        tried to put a stop to Darkham and his evil plans. It makes
        me feel terrible to have to ask you to do it, though.

Kharg: Itís OK. I would have done it anyway.

Savina: Thank you. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention...When you
        get to Epistia, seek out a veteran called [Spencer].

Kharg: Spencer?

Savina: Yes. He used to hold the rank of ďGeneralĒ in Epistia. He
        was retired, but when the Dilzweld Army invaded, he came back
        into the service. Now heís organizing the Resistance.

Kharg: Where in Epistia?

Savina: Probably in the capital, Sulfas. He might be hard to find,
        though. The Resistance has to operate underground. But he
        knows Epistia like the back of his hand, and youíll need
        someone with a good grasp on the war situation.

Kharg: OK.

[Outside, the crew meets Ganz, whoís staring into the water near the

Ganz: Youíre back at last!

Kharg: Ganz, howís the Big Owl?

Ganz: Donít worry. Itís raring to go.

Kharg: Great! Thanks. We have to go to Epistia now. And I was
       wondering if...maybe you would come with...

Ganz: Wait! Save it for later.

Kharg: Why? Whatís up?

Ganz: I might be getting some info on that friend Iíve been looking
      for. Thereís a guy who was in the same unit. Apparently, heís
      at the [arena].

Kharg: In that case, Iíll go there, too. And when weíre done there,
       Iíll tell you what I was going to say.

Ganz: Letís go.

[Kharg and Ganz go to the arena, and talk to the first guy they see.]

Mercenary: Huh? What do you want?

Ganz: Iím looking for a soldier I know. Heís called Rapier. Are you
      the guys that were in his unit?

Mercenary A: Rapier? He died awhile back.

Ganz: [in awe] What?!

Mercenary B: Yeah, he was killed by some Deimos near Orcoth.

Ganz: By the Deimos?! What in the blaze was he doing in Orcoth?

Mercenary B: He was a mercenary like us. We go where weíre ordered.

Ganz: A mercenary? I thought he was a Rishalt soldier?

Mercenary B: You donít know? All the countries in Adenade have been
             overthrown by Deimos.
Ganz: ......

Mercenary A: He was different from us. He didnít care about the money.

Mercenary B: Yeah. Heíd come out with idealistic stuff about how there
             are other things that need protecting, not just your own

Ganz: ............Tell me which of the Deimos killed him...

Mercenary A: It was the Orcon. Itís their territory around there.

Ganz: The Orcon...They wonít get away with this!

[Ganz turns to leave.]

Paulette: Youíre going to get revenge?

Ganz: ......

Paulette: I know how you feel. Bu if you go off alone now to Orcoth,
          youíll just get killed. What would be the point? It might be
          what you feel you should do now, but is it really a good idea?
          I think the time will come when weíll have to fight, but itís
          not right now.

Ganz: ............Kharg...Do you have it in you to destroy all Deimos?

Kharg: If theyíre trying to destroy humans, then yes. We must defend
       ourselves from the Deimos.

Ganz: ...I guess thatís how Rapier felt, too. Even though it wasnít
      directly his responsibility, he was trying to protect the human
      world. And all the time, I was just...Kharg, Iíve decided to go
      with you. Just like Paulette said, Iíll wait for the right time
      to fight.

Kharg: Ganz...!

Ganz: Weíre heading for [Epistia], right? Are we ready to go?

Kharg: Weíre ready.

Ganz: Right, then. Letís get going. Big Owl is at the coast, to the
      east of Cathena. It should be easy enough to find once you get
      out of town.

Kharg: OK. Next stop, [Sulfas], capital of Epistia! Letís go!

[The Big Owl lands on the Epistia continent and, after passing through
the Torey Hills, everyone happens upon the Kassim Highway. Unfortunately,
itís crawling with Dilzweld soldiers.]

Kharg: This is bad! Itís a Dilzweld Army checkpoint!

Maru: Should we bust through?

Paulette: If we cause trouble here, weíll have problems when we get to

Maru: Well, whadda we do, then? They might know about us already.

Kharg: Hmm...

Ganz: What about just answering their questions? Of course, weíll have to
      think carefully about how we answer. But I carried out checks like
      these back when I was a mercenary, and itís hard to doubt people if
      theyíre upfront.

Kharg: Youíre right...Anyway, we have to go this way to get to Sulfas, so
       letís give it a try.

[The crew passes through the highway until they get to the checkpoint
guard at the end.]

Checkpoint Guard: Your destination?

Kharg: Sulfas.

Checkpoint Guard: Epistia is under occupation by the Dilzweld Army. You
                  cannot proceed any further without our permission. If
                  you wish to proceed, you must answer our questions.
                  Where have you come from?

Kharg: Ragnoth.

Checkpoint Guard: Ragnoth...Youíve come quite a long way then. I donít
                  even know the names of any countries there. Next,
                  who are you?

Kharg: Of course, weíre mercenaries.

Checkpoint Guard: Mercenaries? Yeah, you look like them. Iíll be youíre
                  planning to use the Dilzweld Armyís advances for your
                  own gains. Youíre not worth worrying about. Right,
                  next question. I want to make sure youíre the kind of
                  people whoíll cooperate with the Dilzweld Empire. If
                  you are, then youíll know the name of the people on
                  the armyís blacklist. Give me a name!

Kharg: Ex-General Spencer of Epistia.

Checkpoint Guard: Spencer? Thatís right. He formed the Resistance, and
                  heís still opposing our army. We havenít found him
                  yet, but when we do, heíll be executed. Thatís the end
                  of the questions.  You donít seem to have anything to
                  hide. OK. Permission to proceed.

[Everyone starts to walk through the checkpoint.]

Checkpoint Guard: Hold it! Thereís one last important thing I forgot to
                  check. Itís quite simple. To show your respect, I must
                  ask you to utter the full name of His Majesty, the
                  Emperor of Dilzweld.

Kharg: Darkham Ekid na Bard.

Checkpoint Guard: Thatís right. Please proceed.

[Everyone passes through.]

Maru: Phew, that was close! Great job, Kharg!

Kharg: Theyíre acting like they own the place already. Just look at them.
       We canít let them get away with this. Letís go.

[Everyone continues to Sulfas. As they arrive, a unit of soldiers stand
in formation, ready to be deployed elsewhere.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Right, everyoneís assembled. Letís march to Kassim
                  Highway to relieve the guards! Keep in formation!

[Kharg and company move aside to let them pass.]

Ganz: Doesnít look like we can get away with much here.

Kharg: Then letís hunt down ex-General [Spencer] right away.

Paulette: But I doubt many people would know the whereabouts of the
          Resistance leader.

Ganz: Even if there was someone that knew, I doubt theyíd tell us just
      like that.

Kharg: Well, letís just try to get as much information as we can.

[Kharg enters the first shop he sees, finding a soldier confronting a

Equipment Shop Leonora: Iíve already explained, but you just donít seem
                        to understand. How could we possibly have
                        anything to spare? All our supplies go straight
                        to you.

Dilzweld Soldier: Donít lie! Weíve heard rumors that your husband
                  Jaqual is selling goods to the Resistance on the
                  black market! Just tell me where he is! Then we can
                  interrogate him!

Equipment Shop Leonora: What can I say? I have no idea where he is.

Dilzweld Soldier: In that case, weíll wait!

Equipment Shop Leonora: But I donít know when heíll be coming back...

Dilzweld Soldier: No matter!

[Kharg leaves and goes to the pub.]

Pub Owner: Welcome. But by the look of you, youíre underage. Iím very
           sorry, but I canít serve alcohol to a minor.

Kharg: Thatís OK, Iím not here for a drink. Iím looking for a guy
       named Spencer.

Pub Owner: Spencer? Well, Iíve never heard of that name. What does he
           look like?

Kharg: Youíve never heard of him? But I thought he used to be a
       General in this country?!

Pub Owner: ......Oh, yes! Now that you mention it, there was a guy of
           that name around some time ago.

Kharg: Iíve heard heís running the Resistance now.

Pub Owner: The Resistance?! Shh, please! Lower your voice! Donít say
           that kind of thing in here! You might not think there are
           many troops around to hear you, but it only takes one, and
           the consequences would be unthinkable!

Kharg: Then maybe you could just tell me who might know something about

Pub Owner: As I said, I havenít heard that name for a long time. Iím
           sorry, but I donít think I can help you. Now maybe you
           should leave.

[Kharg goes back to the shop he was just at.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Hmm...Heís late! Heís taking too long! Hey, woman!
                  Where the hell is your husband, Jaqual?!

Equipment Shop Leonora: Like I keep telling you, I have no idea where
                        he is. Like you say, heís probably involved
                        somewhere in the black market sales to the

Dilzweld Soldier: What?! So you admit it then!

Equipment Shop Leonora: No, thatís not what I was saying. I mean heís
                        probably trying to catch the culprits.

Dilzweld Soldier: Donít take me for a fool! Fine, if thatís the way
                  you want it! Hereís an idea! Iím taking you with
                  me back to the base!

Equipment Shop Leonora: No! Please...!

Dilzweld Soldier: When we interrogate you back at the base, youíll
                  give up your beloved Jaqual soon enough! Ha ha ha!

Equipment Shop Leonora: Never!

Dilzweld Soldier: Right! Youíre coming with me!

Kharg: Wait!

Dilzweld Soldier: Huh? What do you want?

Kharg: I think I saw the guy youíre after back on Kassim Highway.

Dilzweld Soldier: What?! On Kassim Highway?

Kharg: Yes. He was up to something with a bunch of suspicious-looking
       characters. Come to think of it, it was probably some kind of
       black market.

Dilzweld Soldier: Just as I thought! Right! Iíll call for backup, and
                  arrest him straight away!

[The soldier leaves.]

Equipment Shop Leonora: Er, erm...The man you were talking about on
                        Kassim Highway...

Kharg: Donít worry. That was me!

Equipment Shop Leonora: What?

Kharg: The suspicious-looking bunch are my friends! Ha ha ha! Thatíll
       have the army off on a wild-goose chase! Itíll be great!

Equipment Shop Leonora: You really think so? Thank you so much for
                        helping me. But why lie like that? If you
                        were found out, youíd be in a lot of trouble.

Kharg: Iím not going to let the Dilzweld Army walk all over me!

       I came to this land with the purpose of foiling their plans.
       So now Iím looking for ex-General Spencer, whoís running the

Equipment Shop Leonora: Spencer? I see...All right, then. I think I
                        can trust you, so Iím going to tell you
                        about my husband. Itís just as that soldier
                        said. My husband Jaqual is supplying the
                        Resistance. Heís the only one that knows
                        where they are hiding. So, if you ask him
                        where the Resistance is, Iím sure youíll
                        find Spencer.

Kharg: Great! So tell me where [Jaqual] is, then!

Equipment Shop Leonora: He should be somewhere in town, trading in
                        secret. But I donít think heíd admit his
                        identity, and Iím not so sure he wouldnít
                        answer to his own name if he doesnít know

Kharg: So how can I get him to talk to me?

Equipment Shop Leonora: Thereís a password. He deals with people
                        who say the password first.

Kharg: Please tell me what it is!

Equipment Shop Leonora: OK. ďThe Dolban delight is dealing.Ē Thatís
                        the password. You only need to say it to him
                        once, and heíll talk to you straight away
                        from then on.

Kharg: Got it! Thanks!

[Kharg looks around town again and finds a man standing in a corner,
out of sight from the patrolling guards. He approaches.]

Town Man: What do you want?

Kharg: Are you Jaqual?

Town Man: Huh? Whoís that? I donít know anyone with a weird name like

Kharg: So Iíve got the wrong man? I heard that ďthe Dolban delight is
       dealing,Ē by the way.

Town Man: Ah! If youíre saying that, it seems like you somehow got
          Leonora to trust you. OK, then. I am Jaqual. What is it you

Kharg: Tell me about the Resistance.

Jaqual: The Resistance...? Those guys come and go in the secret casino.

Kharg: Secret casino?

Jaqual: Thereís a casino under the pub. Or rather, there was. Now itís
        being used by the Resistance as a hideout. Iíve heard that
        thereís a secret passage underground from inside the pub.

[Kharg goes back to the pub to look around.]

Pub Owner: You donít give up, do you? Iíve told you I donít know about
           this Spencer guy.

Kharg: Donít play innocent. Jaqual from the equipment shop told me
       all about it. He told me that the Resistance uses the old secret
       casino under your pub as a hideout.

Pub Owner: Um...

Kharg: So how do you get into it then, this casino?

Pub Owner: Ha ha ha! The secret casino...If you really want to go, then
           listen carefully...The back and the front together always
           come to the same number...Thatís it.

Kharg: What do you mean?

[Looking at a piece of paper on the wall, a man motions his eyes to the
two talking, inconspicuously.]

Young Man: ............

[He then leaves.]

Kharg: Just tell it to me straight. We donít have much time.

Pub Owner: Youíll have to be a bit sharper to be a good gambler. All
           you need to know is this. [Together, the back and the
           front come to the same number.]

Kharg: Together, the back and the front come to the same number...

Pub Owner: Thatís it! Thatís all I can tell you. The rest youíll have
           to work out for yourself.

[Kharg goes over to the paper on the wall and reads the seventh rule.
As he does so, he sees something sticking out near the ďThe Seven
RulesĒ sign. He pushes it in and a staircase is revealed.]

Pub Owner: Ha ha ha! Thatís right! Once you realize itís about dice,
           it all makes sense. Together, the back and the front always
           make seven. OK, then, get downstairs, now. If the Dilzweld
           lot finds you here, youíll be in trouble. And thatís the
           last Iíll say on the matter.

[Kharg goes down the stairs and is met by a man armed with a rifle.]

Resistance Member: Who are you?!

Kharg: Iím not with the Dilzweld. The owner upstairs told me about
       this place. Iím looking for ex-General Spencer.

???: Itís not ďex-General.Ē (the man walks up) Iím still a General,
     but with the Resistance now.

Kharg: Savina of Milmarna told me about you.

Spencer: Ah, it was Savina...I see.

Kharg: Iím Kharg from Nidellia. Iím trying to stop Darkhamís evil

[Off in the corner, surrounded by armed guards, someone calls out to

Male Voice: Kharg...? Is it really Kharg?!

[The player sees that itís actually Zev, handcuffed and sitting on a

Kharg: Zev...! What are you doing in a place like this?

Zev: Thank goodness youíre here! Tell those guys who I am, would you?
     The idiots think that Iím a Dilzweld spy or something.

Kharg: Why in the world would you think that?

Resistance Member: The old guy came down from Mt. Quina. That volcano
                   is occupied by Dilzweld troops now. If he doesnít
                   have anything to do with them, then what was he
                   doing there?

Spencer: There are some people around who look normal enough...but they
         try to sell our information to the army.

Kharg: I know he looks a bit shady, but heís a self-proclaimed great
       explorer who goes by the name of Zev. He helped me out a bit in
       the past. Why donít you hear him out?

Spencer: Hmm...Well, you are friends with Savina, so I suppose I can
         trust you. All right, then, Iíll allow it.

[Kharg walks back to Zev.]

Kharg: What were you doing on Mt. Quina?

Zev: Iím an explorer, arenít I? I go looking for treasure. Itís what I
     do. But the Dilzweld Army is building a stronghold halfway up the
     volcano. I was hurrying back down when these guys...

Kharg: A stronghold? In the mountains...? What for?

Spencer: That, we donít know. Why would they try to build a stronghold
         on Mt. Quina when they already control the capital?

Kharg: Zev, what treasure were you looking for?

Zev: In these parts, they call it the Flame Egg.

Kharg: The Flame Eggís at Mt. Quina?!

Zev: Oh! Youíve heard of it, too! I came across it in a book I was
     reading. There was an account of how ancient people used to worship
     inside Mt. Quina. No one knows what the Flame Egg is, or where
     inside the volcano it lies. Thatís for the explorer to find out.

Kharg: Thatís it! Theyíre building the mountain stronghold as an outpost
       to help them get the Flame Egg!

Spencer: Hold on. Why would Dilzweld be after something from a fairy

Kharg: Flame Eggís just another name for the Fire Stone. Thatís what
       Darkham wants...

[Kharg explains his story to Spencer in a quick fade-in/fade-out scene.]

Spencer: ...I understand. Threís no news about the girl with the Light
         Stone. But also no news that Dilzweld has gotten hold of the
         Fire Stone. So we can only hope...

Kharg: Right, so we have to find the Fire Stone before they do. General,
       how do we get inside Mt. Quina?

Spencer: The only way in from the Epistia side is through a cave
         inside the stronghold.

Kharg: So the only thing to do is to storm the stronghold. Right, letís

Spencer: You fool! You canít just charge straight in there! The
         capitalís under their control. How do you expect to be able to
         take the stronghold?

Kharg: ......

Spencer: The first thing we must do is liberate Sulfas from the
         Dilzweld Army. If we donít, theyíll send reinforcements from
         here when we attack the stronghold. Weíll be surrounded on all
         sides and thatíll be it.

Kharg: In that case, what should we do to take Sulfas back?

Spencer: We have to eliminate the troops that are occupying the Main
         Plant. That amounts to getting back the whole city. But...if
         weíre not careful, theyíll send more troops from other
         garrisons. If that happens, the battle will just get bigger.
         Even if we were to win, there would probably be a lot of
         damage to the city. This city developed through re-using
         machinery from the old world. If we destroy it, thereís no way
         it can be replaced.

Kharg: ...So that means we have to hit the garrisons first. Then, once
       weíve made sure there will be no reinforcements, weíll take the
       Main Plant.

Spencer: I agree. If we take out the garrisons, weíll be cutting off
         their supply routes, too.

Kharg: Where are the garrisons?

Spencer: At the [Viorav Mine], where theyíre exploiting Spirit Stones,
         and at the [Parenz Ruins], where they get parts for weapons.

Kharg: The [Viorav Mine] and the [Parenz Ruins]...? Right! Letís take
       out the troops in those two places first!

[The adults walk back to Maru, whoís talking to Zev.]

Kharg: Maru, letís go!

Maru: OK!

[At this point it doesnít matter which garrison Kharg takes out, but
the first step lies at the Kassim Highway. Troops are already organized

Dilzweld Officer: Report just in! The rebels that have been hindering
                  our war effort in Aldrow have slipped into Epistia.
                  We have orders to seek them out and dispose of them!

Dilzweld Soldier: Commander! What do they look like?

Dilzweld Officer: The one who seems to be their leader is wearing blue
                  clothes and has his hair tied at the back. He looks
                  a bit gaudy.

Kharg: (overhearing) Gaudy...?! Thatís not very nice.

Dilzweld Soldier: (noticing Kharg) C-commander...Could it be him?

Dilzweld Officer: My goodness! No question! Itís him. Donít let him
                  go! Get him!

[After a bit of fighting, the entire Dilzweld regiment is wiped out.

The Kassim Highway is now clear of the armyís troops.]

Kharg: The next time those guys find us, they wonít mess around with
       questions. Theyíll just attack.

Paulette: So if we see Dilzweld troops, weíll just have to storm our
          way through, right?

Kharg: Be prepared, everyone!

Maru: I know youíll take care of us!

Ganz: I was hoping not to have to use too much force, but now it
      canít be helped.

Kharg: Come on, then. Letís go!

[Since itís nearby, the party goes to the Parenz Ruins and immediately
engages in battle with Dilzweld troops. Navigating through the piles of
junk, the opposing troops soon lay dead at the hands of Kharg and

Paulette: Looks like thatís the entire Dilzweld Army.

Ganz: Yeah, looks like it.

Maru: Come on! Letís get Ďem!

Kharg: OK, now weíve stopped the Dilzweld Army getting parts for their
       weapons. And they canít send any reinforcements from here,
       either. Next itís the [Viorav Mine].

[So, everyone goes to the Viorav Mine and are flung into battle again.
This time, instead of junk piles, the party is met with mechanized
monsters. Despite the new creatures, theyíre easily disposed of.]

Kharg: Everyone OK?

Paulette: Yeah, no problem.

Ganz: Donít worry about me.

Maru: A-OK!

Kharg: Right, now weíve taken out both of the Dilzweld Armyís garrisons.
       Letís get back to Sulfas and take back the [Main Plant].

[So, with both garrisons gone, the crew enters to the Main Plant.]

Dilzweld Officer: Communication with the Viorav Mine and the Parenz
                  Ruins has been cut off. Itís possible theyíve come
                  under attack by the Resistance. Stay prepared!

[The Nidellians enter the plant.]

Dilzweld Officer: Who are you? Entry to the Main Plant is forbidden.
                  If you donít want to get in serious trouble, then
                  get out of here!

Kharg: Ha! Youíre the only one whoís going to get out of here! And
       not just this plant, but the entire country!

Dilzweld Officer: What! You...W-Wait a...It was you...You cut off
                  the communications with the garrisons?

Kharg: No reinforcements will be coming now. Weíre taking the
       Main Plant back.

Dilzweld Officer: Theyíre rebels! Prepare to fight! Take them out,
                  dead or alive!

[As per usual, the Dilzweld soldiersí numbers canít outmatch the
crewís skills. The enemyís last stand in Sulfas it a poor one, and
they donít make it out alive.]

Kharg: We did it! We got the Main Plant back! Now Sulfas can be free

Paulette: Which means itís time to attack [The Mountain Stronghold]
          at last.

Kharg: Yeah. Letís go back to the hideout for a while. We should
       probably talk over our tactics with General Spencer.

[Everyone goes back to the pub and heads down the staircase.]

Resistance Member: Tsk, the foreigners seem in high spirits. Bit
                   full of themselves, arenít they?

Resistance Member (2): Yeah, actiní like they donít need our help at
                       all. Who do they think they are?

Spencer: You fools! It doesnít matter here that theyíre foreigners.
         The important thing is that we get back the freedom that the
         Dilzweld Army took from us! Youíll be working on collecting
         information from now on. Fighting isnít the only part of

[Kharg walks in.]

Spencer: Kharg, you did a great job. Winning back the Main Plant was
         a tremendous victory. Now we can completely cut off the supply
         route to the mountain stronghold. Weíre a force to be reckoned
         with now!

Kharg: Finally itís time to attack [The Mountain Stronghold].

Spencer: Hmm. But itís supposed to be impenetrable, so this wonít be
         easy. They even have three giant cannons. If we just go in all
         guns blazing, we wonít get anywhere. First we need to plan our
         attack carefully and then...

Resistance Member (3): Hold on a minute. You should leave it to us from
                       now on.

Spencer: What?!

Resistance Member (2): Iím sure we couldíve freed this city by
                       ourselves. But then you outsiders came along and
                       took over.

Maru: Thatís just sour grapes!

Resistance Member (2): What did you say?!

Spencer: Unbelievable! Youíre still thinking in terms of us and them!

Resistance Member (2): We want to attack the mountain stronghold by
                       ourselves. Weíre a lot better than you when it
                       comes to guerilla warfare!

Kharg: Itís not a question of whoíll make the attack! Our aim here is
       to eliminate the Dilzweld Army. Donít you think we should

Resistance Member (3): Shut up! We wonít stand for you foreigners
                       going round like you own the place anymore!
                       Just leave us to it! (to RM2) Come on, letís

[The three resistance members leave.]

Spencer: Wait! How will you fight them? If you just go in without
         thinking it through, youíll be committing suicide! The fools!

Maru: I hope they donít come looking for us when it goes all wrong.

Kharg: General...We canít just let them go like this.

Spencer: ...Sorry, but can you go and fetch them back?

Kharg: OK.

Maru: Ah, Kharg! Youíre a dreamer!

Paulette: Thatís not always a bad thing. Letís get going.

[Everyone leaves Sulfas, passes through the Routh Woods, and arrives
at the Mountain Stronghold. When Kharg arrives, he finds a bunch of
Dilzweld bodies lying around. The Resistance members put up quite a
fight but became scattered when one of the three cannons blasted their
sandbag shield.]

Kharg: Theyíve got some real firepower...

Ganz: Iíll be their giant cannons are made out of extra strong steel.
      None of our weapons are a match for that.

Maru: Are they really that strong?!

Paulette: What should we do, Kharg? If we donít go now, the Resistance
          will be completely wiped out...!

Kharg: ...Right. Letís concentrate on getting the wounded out first!

       Once weíve saved them, weíll get out of here!

Paulette: Got it!



Ganz: We have to be careful when advancing, or weíll get hit by the
      giant cannons. Moving in a group is too dangerous. They could
      take us all out with just one shot!

Kharg: Letís all spread out! Weíll dodge their attacks!


Kharg: Ganz! Isnít there any way to destroy those giant cannons?

Ganz: Impossible! I doubt our weapons here could even do any damage
      to them.

Kharg: So we canít capture the stronghold as we are now, huh? OK.
       Letís postpone our attack. Saving the Resistance members is
       our priority now!

When the Resistance members are rescued, they each say, ďThank you.
Iím indebted.Ē Just another little aspect of this battle. Who knows,
maybe this would be good trivia?


[After all the members are saved...]

Kharg: Letís get back to the [hideout]. If we donít think of a way to
       get past the giant cannons, weíll never take the stronghold.

[Back at the Sulfas hideout...]

Spencer: Nice job. Weíve gathered all the wounded.

Kharg: OK, thatís good.

Spencer: But...Looks like the giant cannons are tough as we feared.

Kharg: Yeah...And there are sheer cliffs around the stronghold. The
       only way to attack it is from the front.

Spencer: Hmm...Even in a well-matched battle, an army attacking from
         below is at a huge disadvantage. What can we do...?

Maru: Well, if attacking from below isnít enough, why donít we
      attack from above, too?

Spencer: From above?

Maru: Yeah. Weíll attack them from an airship.

Spencer: I wish we could...But all the ships we had in our country were
         destroyed when the Dilzweld Army invaded.

Maru: Why donít we use ours, then?!

Paulette: We canít do that...Big Owlís just not equipped to attack.
          Thereís no point in just flying over the stronghold.

Maru: Oh...Rats!

Ganz: Arenít there any parts in Sulfas that we could use to equip Big
      Owl for an attack?

Spencer: Hmm...Iím afraid thereís nothing capable of inflicting damage
         on the cannons of the stronghold.

Ganz: I see...

Spencer: Ah, wait! Iím sure that in the Main Plant thereís a [beam
         cannon], one of the Dilzweld Armyís latest inventions.

Kharg: A beam cannon?

Spencer: Yes. It seems that they were trying to make the defenses of
         the stronghold even stronger. If you could equip your airship
         with that...

Kharg: ...Seems worth a try.

Spencer: But Iíll have to get you to bring your airship to the Main

Kharg: No problem. Ganz, could you take care of it?

Ganz: Sure.

[Ganz leaves.]

Spencer: You go ahead and make your way over to the Main Plant. Iíll
         go on ahead and brief the mechanics.

[Spencer leaves.]

Maru: Cool! A beam cannon for Big Owl! Thatíll be the best!

Paulette: We still donít know if we can attach it to Big Owl, you

Maru: Yeah, but...I can get a bit excited, canít I?!

Paulette: But you might be disappointed if you get carried away and
          it doesnít work out.

Maru: Iíll worry about that if it happens!

Kharg: Ha ha ha! Typial Maru! Right. Letís get going to the [Main

[Over at the Main Plant, Kharg and company rejoin with Spencer, now
accompanied by two mechanics. A giant beam cannon lies in back of a
flatbed truck.]

Spencer: Ah, youíre here. Take a look at this. This is the beam
         cannon that the Dilzweld Army left behind.

Kharg: So this is it, huh?

Plant Manager: It pains me to say it, but they did a good job.

Mechanic: Iíll be they regret leaving it behind when they ran off.

Spencer: These are the best two mechanics in Epistia. Iíve asked
         them to do the work on Big Owl.

Kharg: Thank you.

Plant Manager: Iíll explain more later, but by combining beam
               lenses, you can alter the power in any way you want.

Mechanic: We werenít really interested in developing weapons. So it
          seems weíre behind Dilzweld in that respect.

[The metal walkway shakes.]

Kharg: Oh...that must be Ganz.

[The roof to the factory slides back and Big Owl descends into the
factory work bay.]

Plant Manager: Letís take a look.

[The two mechanics leave to look and Ganz comes up.]

Kharg: Thanks, Ganz. Whatís it like outside the city?

Ganz: Looks like the Dilzweld troops have pulled out of everywhere but
      the stronghold. But I think Mt. Quinaís eruptions are getting
      more and more frequent.

Kharg: The volcanoís becoming more active? Thereís no time to lose.
       (calling to mechanic on top of Big Owl) How does it look? Can
       you attach the beam cannon?

Plant Manager: Yeah, no problem. We should be able to manage something.

Spencer: Hmm, now things are looking up. Listen up! Weíll attack the
         stronghold simultaneously from above and below. While weíre
         fighting on the ground, weíll operate Big Owl by remote and
         use the beam cannon to destroy the giant cannons. Once weíve
         destroyed the giant cannons, we donít have anything to worry
         about. Weíll scatter the enemy and take the stronghold by
         storm. Then weíll get the Fire Stone before they do!

Maru: Thatís the spirit!

Kharg: How will we manage the remote control?

Mechanic: Youíll need a [Tele-Op].

Kharg: A Tele-Op...?

Mechanic: Itís a device which enables you to control things remotely.
          But we donít have all the necessary parts for it.

Kharg: What do we need?

Mechanic: We need three things. An [Antenna], a [Magnetron] and an
          [Integrated Circuit]. Youíll need to go and get them from
          the Parenz Ruins. That, and enough energy for the beam to
          fire. Weíll need 200 [Spirit Stones].

Paulette: We can get Spirit Stones at the [Viorav Mine], right?

Spencer: Mmm. Right. Weíll get on with attaching the beam cannon to
         Big Owl, then. In the meantime, you get a hold of those
         three items and some Spirit Stones.

Kharg: Got it. Right, letís go!

[The party hits up the Parenz Ruins. In a broken microwave, they
find a Magnetron; in an old computer, an Integrated Circuit; on an old
radio, an Antenna.]

Kharg: Now we can control Big Owl by remote!

[The party turns to leave but are stopped by three ninja. The red one
speaks to the party.]

Ninja: Oy, kid! What dyía think youíre doing? What is it youíre
       collecting, eh? You realize this is the ninjasí Shinobi Gang
       territory, right?

Kharg: As a matter of fact, no.

Ninja: Then let me explain. If you donít want to get hurt, youíll just
       quietly put down what youíve been collecting and get outta here.
       And leave all your money here, too. If you know whatís good for
       you, youíll do it fast. Thereís no one around here that weíre
       afraid of. Even the army lost their nerve and...

Kharg: I donít have time for this. Quit the talking and fight, if
       youíve got the guts!

Ninja: Wh-what did you say...?! ...This is unheard of! I wonít easy on
       you! Youíll regret this!

[The foolish ninja are easily defeated.]

Ninja: Argh! Letís get outta here!

[The three ninja disappear.]

Kharg: That took up a lot of time. Weíd better hurry.

[Driven by haste, everyone sets out for the Viorav Mine. Inside, they
take the elevator to the bottom. Theyíre approached by Stun Smogs
before they can do any stone-collecting (of course).]

Kharg: Unbelievable! Now we have monsters to deal with, too!

[The party goes crazy on the monsters, killing them in the process.
Afterwards, the party stands around.]

Paulette: Anywhere in the world that there are Spirit Stones, youíll
          find monsters living there, too.

Kharg: Seems that way...

Paulette: Monsters and Deimos...Theyíre just like ants around candy.

Maru: But...humans want Spirit Stones, too. So arenít we just the

Paulette: O-of course not! Humans are...

Maru: Whatís the difference, then?

Ganz: We havenít got time for pointless bickering.

Kharg: Youíre right. We have to collect at least 200 Spirit Stones
       for the beam cannon.

Paulette: But how will we actually do that? Surely you canít extract
          Spirit Stones without the right tools?

Kharg: Hmm...OK, letís look for something we can use.

Maru: OK.

[Kharg finds a detonator and pushes it, exploding part of the cavern
roof. Spirit Stones trickle down.]

Kharg: So many Spirit Stones...

[Later on...]

Paulette: Thanks to that device, we managed to get a hold of 242 Spirit

Kharg: Great! That should be more than enough fuel for the beam cannon.
       Letís go!

[Back at the Sulfas Main Plant...]

Spencer: Hey, Kharg. Weíve just finished attaching the beam cannon to
         Big Owl. How did it go for you?

Kharg: We managed to get a hold of the three items for the Tele-Op and
       some Spirit Stones.

Spencer: Excellent!

Plant Manager: Right, then. Letís get on with it and make this Tele-Op!
               (to mechanic) Extract some energy from the Spirit Stones
               and charge up the beam cannon!

Mechanic: All right.

[A little while later...]

Mechanic: Fully charged! The beam cannonís energy is at maximum.

Kharg: How long will that make it last?

Mechanic: The beam cannon is really powerful, so it uses up lots of
          energy. Even if you start with max energy, youíll probably
          only be able to get off three shots.

Kharg: Only three shots...

Plant Manager: The Tele-Opís ready, too. Now you can control Big Owl
               by remote.

Spencer: At last we can put our plans into action and take out [The
         Mountain Stronghold]!

Kharg: You got that right!

Spencer: First of all, letís get Big Owl in the air on standby. You
         set off by land towards the stronghold. Once the ground battle
         is underway, weíll send in Big Owl to take out the giant
         cannons. Iíll leave the timing of the shots from the beam
         cannon to you, Kharg.

Kharg: OK.

Spencer: OK. Once we get inside, their defenses will be weakened. If we
         can do that, the stronghold will be ours!

Maru: Come on! Letís do it!

Ganz: But...The Dilzweld Army might have entered the volcano already.

Kharg: Thatís right. Once we get inside the stronghold, we should go
       after them right away. And then at last itíll be time to battle
       it out over the Fire Stone...!

[The Big Owl takes off through the sliding roof.]

Kharg: Right, weíll get going, too.

Spencer: OK. Good luck!

[The next destination is the Mountain Fortress. Kharg and company are
flung into battle the second they get there.]


AFTER KHARGíS FIRST TURN (even if you used the Tele-Op already):

Ganz: Big Owlís already in the air on standby. All we need to do now
      is control the timing of the attack.

Kharg: Leave the Tele-Op to me! [(You can select ďAirship AttackĒ
       from the Special menu.)]

Ganz: We canít replenish the beam cannonís energy during battle. If
      you let off unnecessary shots, youíll run out of energy.

Khar: Got it! Iíll aim for just the giant cannons, then!



Kharg: Right. Letís get inside!

[Everyone piles inside.]

Kharg: Hey!

[A bunch of Dilzweld soldiers encircle the team.]

Kharg: Damn! Surrounded!

Dilzweld Officer: This is where your luck runs out! You wonít get
                  any further than this!

Kharg: Thatís what you think! Youíll never stop us!

[The Dilzweld troops put up a bad fight and die. Like usual.
Afterwards, Kharg interrogates a wounded Dilzweld soldier.]

Kharg: Come on, out with it! Tell us where the Fire Stone is!

Dilzweld Officer: Er...All I that itís somewhere in the

Kharg: Thatís it? So you havenít managed to get a hold of it, yet,

Dilzweld Officer: ...Not yet. There are more Deimos in the volcano...
                  A Lakelta den. The likes of you...will never get
                  past that...

Kharg: How did you get into the volcano?

Dilzweld Officer: Thereís an elevator inside that goes down into the
                  volcano...If you want to be killed by the Deimos,
                  be my guest...

Kharg: ......

Paulette: Thatís why no oneís managed to get a hold of the Fire Stone
          yet. Because of the Deimos.

Kharg: Guess so.

[Zev appears.]

Zev: Hey, Kharg! Still here...?

Kharg: Zev!...What are you doing in a place like this?

Zev: I know where the Fire Stone is!

Kharg: Really?!

Zev: Yeah. Iíve been through all the legends about the stone, and I
     finally found a lead. Itís near the crater. Apparently, thereís
     a shrine around there built by people in ancient times.

Kharg: The [Fire Stone Shrine]...?

Zev: According to legend, this mountain used to be just an ordinary
     coal mine. But itís said that as soon as the Fire Stone was
     enshrined, the volcano came to life.

Kharg: You came all this way just to tell us that...?

Zev: Of course not! The volcano looks like itís going to erupt before
     long. So I came to tell you to get a move on.

Kharg: Erupt...?

Zev: Iíve seen volcanoes all over the world. I can tell when theyíre
     going to erupt. The smoke, the heat, the clouds, the smell on
     the wind...Thereís no mistake.

[The ground shakes just then!]

Zev: See...Thereís a definite sign.

Kharg: This is bad...Weíve got to hurry...Thanks, Zev.

Zev: Ah, no need to thank me. But...if you manage to get the Fire
     Stone, let me take a look at it.

Kharg: No problem.

Zev: And if you find any unusual treasure, maybe you could share it
     with me.

Kharg: OK.

Zev: And also...any items you can get off the Deimos...

Maru: You donít want much, do you!

Zev: OK, OK! Well, take care.

Kharg: Right, weíd better hurry!

[Kharg goes down the elevator and a cutscene begins elsewhere. Darkham
and Lilia stand on the bridge of the Megist.]

Darkhkam: Three let, eh? Heh, heh, heh. The five Great Spirit Stones
          will be mine. This is where playtime ends. No one can stop
          my ambitions!

Dilzweld Officer: I have a report! The Mountain Stronghold has fallen
                  into the hands of the Resistance!

Darkham: What about the giant cannons?

Dilzweld Officer: It seems they were destroyed by the enemyís airship.

Darkham: Werenít all airships in Epistia destroyed?

Dilzweld Officer: According to the report, the airship resembles the
                  one used when Lilia escaped.

[Lilia smiles at the news.]

Darkham: Hmm...So, those rats who helped you escape are back.

Lilia: ......

Darkham: Hmm...No matter. After all, Epistia is no more than a pawn
         in a much larger game. What happens to the mountain
         stronghold is of no consequence. Digging another route into
         the volcano is what really matters. Because, at last, I
         have some information on the whereabouts of the Fire Stone.
         Get to work!

Dilzweld Officer: Sir!

Darkham: Get in touch with Tatjana. I must tell her about the Fire
         Stone Shrine. And...that those rats from Nidellia are inside
         the volcano! Ha ha ha!

[The focus goes back to Khargís party as they come down the elevator.]

Maru: Wow, itís hot! This place is terrible!

Kharg: Maru, be careful. If any lava falls on us, we wonít stand a

Maru: Uh, OK. But I canít believe this place used to be a coal mine!
      The power of that Fire Stone sure is amazing.

Kharg: Zev was right. Itís probably going to erupt before long...

Maru: And it smells absolutely terrible...! I canít believe the Deimos
      can stand to live here.

[The ground rumbles.]

Maru: Aaghh! Another earthquake!

Kharg: Weíve got no time to lose. We have to get to the crater and find
       the shrine!

[Everyone continues on until they find another elevator. When the exit
at the top, theyíre attacked by a group of Lakelta. After the Deimos
are defeated, Kharg enters a few more elevators, resulting in another
attack by the Lakelta. Kharg continues on and the scene shifts to a
familiar lady and her Dilzweld guard.]

Tatjana: the shrine?

Dilzweld Officer: Sir, look! Thereís a light coming from on top of that

Tatjana: Aha...!! Thatís it...Thereís the [Fire Stone]! Well done,
         everyone! Weíre the first ones here! Quick! Letís get the Fire
         Stone and take it to Lord Darkham. He will be pleased!

Dilzweld Officer: Right! Letís get to it!

[The soldiers run ahead but stop when the ground quakes.]

Dilzweld Officer: Another earthquake...?

Tatjana: Shh! I think I heard something!

[Three huge Lakelta warriors, twice as tall as the humans, drop from
the ceiling. Theyíre armed with weapons.]

Tatjana: Damn! Lakelta?!

Oldest Lakelta brother Fulkrum: Heh heh heh! At last, some humans
                                have come!

Middle brother Tsee: Hee hee hee! Fabulous! We could make a killing
                     here! Huh...? Oh, look at that. The white one.
                     That must be the female, right?

Little brother Tsaw: L-look, female, me...first time, human!

Middle brother Tsee: Calm down. What are you babbling about?

Oldest brother Fulkrum: Heís saying itís the first time heís ever
                        seen a human female. Now, letís have some

Middle brother Tsee: Yeah! First letís take care of the males, and
                     then we can deal with the female...Hee hee hee!

Little brother Tsaw: Way, in the way, other males...kill all, first!

[Kharg and company burst in, moving aside to let the retreating army
soldiers run past.]

Dilzweld Soldier (fleeing): S-somebody help me!

Kharg: What was that...?!

[Kharg sees Tatjana surrounded by the Lakelta brothers.]

Oldest brother Fulkrum: So, human female...Come over here. Hee hee hee!

Tatjana: Damn...!

Middle brother Tsee: Donít worry! We wonít kill you just yet!

Little brother Tsaw: Y-yeah! Play, slowly, lots!

[Kharg and company look on from the entrance.]

Kharg: Tatjana...!

Maru: The Deimos have got her! Ha ha! Serves her right!

Paulette: Kharg, the Fire Stoneís up above!

Ganz: This is our chance. We can get past them while theyíve got
      Tatjana and then weíll get to the Fire Stone first.

Kharg: ............We have to help her...Weíve got to help Tatjana

Maru: You must be crazy! Sheís one of the Dilzweld Army! Theyíve
      tried to kill us plenty of times along the way!

Ganz: Even if we help her, sheíll only turn against us again in the

Kharg: ...Even so, we canít just stand by and let her be killed. You
       both must know that. The biggest threat to us in the future is
       the Deimos, whoíll just attack a human for the sake of attacking.
       We canít just stand by and let a human be killed by them, even
       if she is a Dilzweld.

Maru: But...

Kharg: If you donít like it, stay here. Iíll go on my own.

Maru: I didnít say that...! Oh, all right, then. OK.

[Everyone runs to Tatjanaís aid.]

Kharg: Tatjana! A truce! We need to fight the Deimos together!

Tatjana: Kharg...?! Why...?

Oldest brother Fulkrum: Heh heh heh, another human! So weak, and yet
                        so gallant! Weíll tear you all to pieces!



Paulette: They each have a different weapon! We have to be really
          careful! We donít know how theyíll attack.

Maru: Wow! Theyíre huge! And they look really strong!

Paulette: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!


Tatjana: Kharg! Why help me? What are you after?

Kharg: These guys are dangerous! We donít have time to talk now!
       Concentrate on the fight!

Tatjana: Hmph! What nerve! Thereís no way Iím taking orders from you!


[The battle rages on. Fulkrum attacks with his oversized gourd (!),
but doesnít land many hits. Likewise, Tsawís huge bow doesnít help
save his life. Tseeís mace doesnít shield many blows, and he finally
goes down, too.]

Tatjana: Why did you help me...?

Kharg: I didnít want you to be killed by the Deimos.

Tatjana: ............

Kharg: If you feel any gratitude, maybe you could just pull out of
       this war and go home.

[Tatjana points her gun right at Khargís face.]

Kharg: ............What are you doing?

Tatjana: Ah ha ha ha! Kharg...what a man! Iíll kill anyone who
         hinders Lord Darkham...!

Kharg: Youíd really...shoot me?

Tatjana: Ha ha! First Iíll take the Fire Stone.

[Tatjana runs to the shrine.]

Maru: Told you, Kharg! You canít trust people like that!

Kharg: But she didnít shoot me. She may be Dilzweld, but sheís human,

Paulette: We donít have time for that kind of talk! Quick! After her!

[Everyone tails Tatjana. When they arrive, sheís standing over the
shrine, looking at what appears to be an electrical barrier over the

Tatjana: damn! What now...!

Kharg: The Fire Stone wonít accept you. Thatís why. Darkham must not
       get any more of the Great Spirit Stones. Do you really believe
       what heís trying to do is right?

Tatjana: ...The likes of you will never understand his greatness. In a
         world where the humans and the Deimos are pitted against each
         other, heís trying to create a new order.

Kharg: You call it order to invade other countries and rule by fear?!
       Darkhamís just making the world into even more of a mess!

Tatjana: This is a revolution! You canít expect change to come easily.

[Suddenly, Kharg clutches his chest.]

Kharg: Argh...!

Tatjana: Wh-what in the world...?!

[She sees that heís got a blue light coming off of him.]

Tatjana: Y-you...What...what are you?!

???: ...The one who hears the wind...
     ......With the power to control......

[Kharg walks up and takes the Fire Stone from under the barrier. The
Fire Spirit then appears.]

Fire Spirit: ...Long ago Spirits all around...
             ...Living alongside humans...
             ......Imprisoned by......
             ......Greed and hatred......
             ......A world without hope......
             ......Swallowed up in darkness......
             ......Love and harmony......
             ......That is the final wish......

[The spirit dissipates.]

Kharg: Love and harmony...?

Tatjana: Wh-what was that...?

Kharg: It means the Spirit Stones donít want humans to fight against
       each other.

[From behind the party, a man walks up, accompanied by two weird-
looking guards.]

Male Voice: If you donít want to fight, you should follow me.

Tatjana: Lord Darkham...!!

Kharg: What...!

Kharg: Youíre the Dilzweld Emperor...!

Darkham: Donít move. Not unless you want your friend to be dropped
         into the lava.

[Everyone looks over to see Lilia struggling with a guard.]

Lilia: Let me go!

Kharg: Lilia!

Lilia: Kharg!!

Darkham: The volcano will erupt soon. We donít have time for idle
         chatter. If you value Liliaís life, youíll hand over the Fire
         Stone. If you donít, sheíll plunge to her death in the lava
         before your very eyes.

Kharg: You...!

Lilia: Donít listen to him, Kharg! Heís the last person you should give
       the stone to!

Dilzweld Officer: Shut up!

Kharg: Lilia...

Maru: Wait! Weíve got Tatjana, you know! If you donít want her to be
      killed, youíd better free Lilia!

Darkham: Huh! Thatís the best you can do? Tatjana would gladly give her
         life for my cause.

Tatjana: Iím ready...!

Maru: Damn...!

Paulette: Kharg...

Kharg: ...............Very well. Iíll hand over the Fire Stone. But
       there are conditions! You must go back to the exit. And only
       one soldier can make the swap, without weapons.

Darkham: Hmph! Fine!

[Darkham and his guards retreat. The soldier who was guarding Lilia gets
up from the bridge, where he was obviously up to no good. Kharg walks to
the bridge where Lilia is waiting on the other side.]

Kharg: Now, let Lilia go!

Lilia: Kharg! Donít give up the Fire Stone!

Dilzweld Officer: I told you to shut up!

Darkham: First give me the Fire Stone! Throw it to me from there. Iíll
         free Lilia once Iím sure itís the real thing.

Kharg: No, free Lilia first!

Darkham: Sheís of no use to me anymore. Sheíll go free as soon as I
         have the Fire Stone.

Kharg: Damn...

[Kharg tosses the Fire Stone down to Darkham.]

Darkham: This is it. No question.

Kharg: Now itís your turn! Let Lilia go!

[Kharg walks back to the bridge.]

Darkham: Ha ha ha...

[He motions to the soldier behind him who detonates a blast charge on
the underside of the bridge (thatís what the soldier was kneeling for).
Kharg flies back and the screen goes black.]

Maru: ...Is he OK? Heís not dead, is he?

Paulette: Of course not!

Ganz: Come on, Kharg!

[Everyone is looking down at Kharg.]

Maru: He moved!

Ganz: Itíd take more than that to finish off Kharg.

Paulette: Thank goodness! Heís coming around!

Kharg: Urgh...!

[Kharg gets upright.]

Kharg: Urgh...Lilia...?

Paulette: Darkham too her with him...

Kharg: So she wasnít hurt?

Paulette: What...? No, she wasnít hurt...

Kharg: Thatís good...

Maru: Whatís good about this?! Look around!

[The scene pans out to show the team stranded on the platforms that
connect to the Fire Shrine.]

Maru: The bridge...itís been destroyed. The volcanoís about to erupt,
      and thereís no way out!

Kharg: We canít give up. Letís split up and search for a way out!

[Kharg walks over to Tatjana.]

Kharg: Tatjana...Youíre still here...?

Tatjana: ............

Ganz: Darkham left her behind. Suppose we should feel sorry for her.
      Darkham as just using her to get a hold of the Fire Stone.

Tatjana: Shut up! You know nothing!

Ganz: Hmph! Donít kid yourself! Open your eyes!

Kharg: Tatjana....

Tatjana: Shut up! Donít talk to me! I...I...

Kharg: ......

[Kharg walks back to the platform that used to connect to the
bridge, to see what Ganz is doing.]

Ganz: Kharg...Do you hear that?

[The ground spasms violently.]

Kharg: All I can hear is the ground rumbling...

Ganz: Hmm, mustíve imagined it...No, there it is again...! It sounds
      like an engine...

Kharg: An engine...? But...!?

[Cutaway to the Fiona (Samsonís ship)!]

Samson: Ha ha! Samsonís here to save the day! Did we get here in time?!

Boomer: There it is! The volcano! It still hasnít erupted!

Samson: OK, weíll hover over the top of the crater! Lower the rope

Buster: Sorry, Boss, but this is insane! The volcano could erupt at
        any minute!

Samson: Donít be such a coward! Show some guts!

[A (long!) rope ladder drops down into the crater of Mt. Quina, with

an excited Samson hanging off of it.]

Samson: Come on up! Weíre going to escape!

Kharg: Samson?!

Maru: Wow! This ship can fly!

Paulette: How...?!

Samson: (beckoning) Hurry! Itís going to erupt!

Kharg: You all go ahead. Iíll go back for Tatjana!

[Kharg goes back to the Dilzweld operative.]

Kharg: Tatjana, hurry!

Tatjana: ...Donít worry about me. Just go...

Kharg: Whatís the point of you dying here like this? Donít throw your
       life away.

Tatjana: Lord Darkham said to me...ďYouíre of no use to me now. When
         you no longer need a throw it away...There are
         plenty more...Ē I was no more than a tool to him...It looks
         like I never had any kind of life to begin with...

Kharg: Then why donít you m ake a life for yourself starting now? You
       mustnít give up on everything!

Tatjana: ............

Kharg: Come on, letís go! As long as youíre alive, thereís a future
       for you!

Tatjana: Kharg...OK. Iíll go with you...!

[Kharg and Tatjana get on the ladder. Cutaway, again, to the Megist.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Reporting! Kharg and his friends succeeded in
                  escaping from the volcano!

[Lilia smiles at the news.]

Darkham: Heh heh heh. The rats! How persistant they are. But thatís
         all they can do, just run around in circles. After all, a rat
         is no match for a tiger.

Lilia: Youíve already taken the Light Stone from me. So why donít you
       just let me go? Why are you keeping me here...?

Darkham: Youíre useful to me in ways that even you yourself donít
         realize. Maybe one day youíll understand.

Lilia: ......

Darkham: Take her away.

Dilzweld Soldier: Yes, sir! (to Lilia) Get moving!

[A guard escorts her off. The screen turns to a different view and a
figure (who the player canít see besides an arm and cane) stops to talk
with Darkham.]

Darkham: Oh, itís you. No one is supposed to use that elevator but me...
         Well, never mind. So, why are you here?

Mysterious Man: I hear you got the Fire stone. Well done. But...I heard
                that the Deimos got to the Water Stone first...?

Darkham: Hmph, never mind. Iím already dealing with it. Iíve sent in a
         famous hybrid weapon. Iím sure the Water Stone will soon be
         mine, too.

Mysterious Man: The hybrid weapon? Right...But arenít you also having
                problems acquiring the Wind Stone?

Darkham: All the hybrid weapon needs to do is help me acquire the Water
         Stone. For the other one...I have plans.

Mysterious Man: Oh! That must mean the test was successful?!

Darkham: Heh heh heh. All thatís left now is to get the materials. And
         your information is accurate, I trust?

Mysterious Man: Of course. Iíve been investigating things very
                carefully. If we use the materials from Dragon Bone
                Valley, Iím sure it will be successful.

Darkham: Good. (to crew) Our next destination is Nidellia! To Ragnoth
         we fly!


##Darc, Chapter 3: Love and Hate [DC3] ##

[As the chapter starts, everyone is just arriving in Rueloon.]

Camellia: Please, Darc! I know it wasnít much, but I did help you defeat
          Selkis. So I was thinking...isnít it about time you forgave

Delma: Oh, shut up and go away! You think Darcíll forgive a rotten
       traitor like you?

Volk: Hey, Darc? Delma seems to think you shouldnít forgive people who
      betray you.

Delma: Wh-what?! B-but in my case, I, uh...Darc said it was all right!
       So there! (to Camellia) You can stop acting all high and mighty
       any time now, hear?

Camellia: Iíd rather be high and mighty than nasty like you!

[Unbeknownst to the party, a Drakyr has just landed on one of the nearby
pillars, and is actively watching them.]

Drakyr: Heh heh heh...There you are, Darc! And it looks like you got
        your hands on the [Water Stone] somehow. Darc...enjoy your
        freedom. You wonít have it for long. Things will start getting
        interesting soon enough. Heh heh heh...

[Below, Delma and Camellia are still fighting.]

Delma: Who are you calling ďnastyĒ? You walnut-faced crone!

Darc: Huh?!

[Darc looks up at the pillar, but the Drakyr is gone.]

Volk: What is it, Darc?

Darc: I just sensed deep bloodlust. Maybe I was just imagining

Volk: Youíre tired, thatís all. So much has happened. Maybe we should
      rest a while.

Camellia: Thatís right! Iím absolutely exhausted. Let me rest, please.

Delma: No one asked you! If you wanna take a break, do it!

Camellia: Ho ho ho...I certainly didnít ask you, either. I was talking
          to Darc. Being presumptuous doesnít suit you, dearie.

Delma: What?! Care to say that again?

Camellia: Oooh, Iím so afraid! You see why itís so hard to handle such
          a bothersome demon-girl?

Delma: That does it! Youíre dead!

Bebedora: Deep red anger. A violet superiority complex. Except for
          Darc, Deimos are so...simple.

Volk: Everyoneís tired. How about we stay here until we decide on our
      next course of action? Thereís an arena here in Rueloon, too. It
      might not be a bad idea to conserve our strength as we relax
      and rejuvenate.

Darc: Good advice, Volk. Iím with you. Everyone, youíre free to do as
      you please.

[Everyone scatters around the town while Darc goes to the inn to rest.
Cut to later that night: Camellia comes out of her ďroomĒ and walks out
onto the lobby.]

Camellia: Urrrrgh...I canít sleep! Canít sleep...canít sleep! Is that
          rude Orcon girl destined to disturb even my soundest slumber?!
          Iíve never heard such vulgar snoring in my life. She sounds
          like a dragon with a head cold! But Bebedoraís sleeping like
          the dead--or the broken, anyway.

[She sniffs around.]

Camellia: Huh?

[Volk walks out of his ďroomĒ.]

Camellia: What, you canít sleep, either?

Volk: No...I canít shake this feeling. Something...bad is in the air.

Camellia: Aha, a premonition?

Volk: Itís nothing. Iím tired, thatís all. Maybe if I have a drink...

[Volk walks upstairs to the bar.]

Camellia: So that means...Darcís alone?

[She eyes Volk as he disappears and then turns to Darcís ďroomĒ.]

Camellia: Darc...? Asleep already?

[She walks into his room and the screen fades out. Upstairs, Volk
talks with a drunken Canidae (bipedal wolf-like creature).]

Canidae: And you say your family was destroyed by humans?

Volk: ...Thatís right.

Canidae: Unbelievable! I really feel for you. To be killed by those
         lesser beings...

Volk: Iíll hold that grudge forever!

Canidae: Youíve had it rough, all right. Drink up.

[Below, Darc emerges from his ďroomĒ, furious.]

Darc: ...All right, who did it?! Whoís been messing with me, and where
      is he?

[Everyone who wasnít sleeping wakes up and emerges. Volk runs down the
stairs to see whatís wrong.]

Delma: Why all the shouting, Darc?

Bebedora: Darcís soul...deep red anger.

Volk: Whatís going on?

Darc: Someone stole the Water Stone while I was sleeping!

[Everyone is taken aback.]

Delma: What?! Who?

Darc: Whereís Camellia?

Delma: Sheís not in her room!

Volk: She said she couldnít sleep. Last I saw her, she was wandering

Bebedora: Camelliaís soul...a trace still remains. It leads outside...

Delma: Damn that hag! I knew this would happen! Letís look for her!

[Everyone but Darc runs outside.]

Darc: That blasted Camellia! Once wasnít enough for you, eh? You had
      to betray me twice! Inexcusable!

[Darc searches the arena grounds first. A shot of Camellia standing
at the giant fire torch at the back comes into view.]

Camellia: Petal lip, stamen...Stem sheath, bulb...Petal lip, stamen...
          Stem sheath, bulb...O Great Spirit, hear my plea. The Pianta
          Sage, Camellia Rofeana Semalba, beseeches thee. O Water
          Stone, O Water Spirit! Heal my body, made dry and withered
          by the power of the Earth Spirit...Petal lip, stamen...
          Stem sheath, bulb...

[The Water Stone floats in front of her.]

Camellia: It worked! Ho ho ho...! Now back to my young, beautiful

[A bunch of Drakyr land on the pillars on the arena outskirts, and a
large horse-faced Deimos, who obviously leads them, lands as well.]

Mysterious Deimos: Heh heh heh...

[Camellia turns around, not seeing anyone.]

Camellia: Eh? Whatís that...?

[Darc enters the arena.]

Darc: Just you wait, Camellia...Youíll wish youíd never been born!

Camellia: Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!

Darc: Camellia! And...Drakyr?!

Mysterious Deimos: Heh heh. Good work, you old Pianta hag! Now that
                   youíve brought me the Water Stone, you saved me
                   the trouble of having to fight for it!

Camellia: Th-thatís mine! What do the Drakyr need the Water Stone for,
          anyway? Give it back!

Drakyr: Shut your mouth!

Camelia: Eek!

Darc: Camellia! What happened?

Camellia: Oh, Darc...! Help me, oh, help me! Theyíve done...terrible

Drakyr: Itís Darc! The son of the traitor, Windalf...The one who stole
        the Wind Stone, the precious heirloom of the Drakyr!

Mysterious Deimos: So...thatís the man you fools failed to get the Wind
                   Stone from, eh?

Drakyr: Forgive us, lord.

Mysterious Deimos: Enough. The past is past. Heh heh. Both the Water
                   Stone and the Wind Stone have practically fallen into
                   my hands...Fate, it seems, is on my hand.

Delma: (arriving) Darc! Here you are. Whatís going on? Why are those
       Drakyr here? What happened to the Water Stone?

Camellia: They...took my Water Stone...

Delma: What-what-WHAT? Now itís YOUR Water Stone?!

Camellia: You donít have to get so angry. It was just an itsy-bitsy slip
          of the tongue. No use fussing over something like that!

Delma: Guess my true feelings just sort of spilled out. You sticky-
       fingered old coot!

[The mysterious deimos approaches Darcís fully-assembled party.]

Droguza: If it isnít Darc! I must thank you for delivering the Water
         Stone so promptly. I expect youíll be as accommodating with
         your Wind Stone as well, yes?

Darc: Knock off the sarcasm! The Wind Stone is mine. I wonít give it up
      that easily, especially not to the likes of you! And, of course...
      Iíll be taking the Water Stone back, too.

Droguza: It seems you have some idea how valuable the Great Spirit
         Stones are.

Darc: Yes, and I also know that Iím gonna be the one who gets to use
      their [infinite power].

Droguza: Heh heh heh. Infinite power...So you know the secret of the
         Great Spirit Stones, I see. The very key to Deimos evolution!
         When all five are gathered together, an awesome infinite power
         is born. But what will the radiance of that power bring us
         Deimos? Do you have any idea?

Darc: What do you mean?

Droguza: Heh heh heh. You have no clue. Good. You donít need to know.
         After all, the future Deimos King...the leader of all Deimos...
         ...will be none other than I, Droguza!

Darc: Not if I can help it!



Delma: Hey, you old crone! You owe us! Donít you forget it!

Camellia: Ha ha ha! Youíre a foolish little girl, arenít you? Weíre in
          the middle of a fight. Donít you think you should
          concentrate on the enemy instead of arguing with allies?

Delma: I said it because I donít think youíre an ally, traitor!


Droguza: So the Deimos wannabe wants to be the Deimos King now? Do you
         really think youíre up to something like that?

Darc: To a Deimos, strength is everything. Iíll be stronger than anyone!
      And when I am, Iíll bring all the Deimos together, unite them. I
      wonít let anyone stand in my way!

Droguza: Heh heh heh. So thatís why youíre after the Great Spirit
         Stones, huh? Well, youíre out of luck! The infinite power of
         the Spirits will be mine!

Darc: Never!


[The party fights through the four Drakyr guards to Droguza. Even
with magical and physical powers such as he has, heís no match for Darc
and his crew. Heís battered and bruised in a short while, defeated by
a ďwannabeĒ.]

Droguza: I never imagined it possible...

Darc: Youíre the only one left. Now hand over the Water Stone. Or

Droguza: Or else what? Heh heh heh...poor Darc. What an insipid fool
         you are. You should have learned that cornered prey is the
         most dangerous.

Darc: What?

Droguza: Give them a chance...and theyíll strike!

[Droguza makes a magical ball of light that blinds everyone. He

takes flight into the air, hovering above the party.]

Darc: Droguza, wait!

Droguza: Darc! I wonít soon forget that name. But donít be overproud!
         You have the strength of your companions alone to thank for
         todayís victory. Without them, you would be but a
         frightened little new before me.

[Droguza flies away.]

Droguza: Consider this advice from a kindred spirit...Trust no one!
         Doubt your friends! And never take your hand from your
         weapon! The onl think to believe in is your own power! Ha
         ha ha ha ha...

Darc: What manner of Deimos was that?

Volk: I wandered all through this world...but Iíve never seen a
      Deimos like him.

Camellia: Neither have I. Maybe heís from some far-off land? Even
          still...If things really will happen as he says they will...
          ...the Drakyr are in for real trouble!

Delma: No one asked you!

Bebedora: Cold, steel-blue ambition. A carefully divided soul. Too
          well prepared and unnatural. ...How dull.

Darc: Are you talking about Droguza? What do you mean?

Bebedora: I donít know. I donít know, so I know. I am a mirror. A
          mirror that reflects the soul. I reflect everything, for I
          am transparent. I am a container. A container full of
          emotion. I am full of everything, for I am empty.

Darc: ......

Delma: Donít worry about her. She never makes any sense, anyway.
       Whatís more important is what do we do next! The Water Stone
       we worked so hard for has been stolen from us...We canít
       just let that happen!

Camellia: We must go after him and get that Water Stone back!

Delma: You keep your mouth shut!

Camellia: (to Darc) I-itís not my fault! H-help me...!

Delma: Of course itís your fault! Itís all your fault! How could it
       not be?!

Darc: Wait, Delma. Her knowledge might still be worth something.

Delma: Ha! How can any nonsense from this old beg help us at all?

Darc: Thatís for me to decide.

Delma: I guess you donít mind being betrayed over and over again!
       We ought to put her out of her misery!

Camellia: Eeeeeek! Darc, please! Help me!

Darc: I...I donít wanna kill traitors anymore. Densimo was the
      first and last for me. Weíre done for tonight, anyway. Weíll
      leave tomorrow morning. Youíre free until then.

Delma: Bah... (to Camellia) I havenít forgiven you yet!

Camellia: Hmph...I never asked you to forgive me in the first place!

[Everyone scatters again and Darc goes back to the inn. The next
morning, everyone stands outside of Darcís room, talking. The leader

himself isnít present.]

Delma: Whatís Darc gonna do, now that the Water Stoneís been stolen?

Volk: Thatís a good question. He was up late last night thinking
      about it...

[Darc walks out of his room/hole in the wall.]

Darc: Hey, Camellia! Iíve got something to ask you.

Camellia: Wh-whatís that?

Darc: What happens when all five Great Spirit Stones are gathered
      together? You receive their infinite power, right?

Camellia: Well, ah...You see...Ho ho ho...

Darc: If you wonít give me a straight answer, Iíll toss you to

Camellia: You wouldnít...! Of course Iíll answer. According to Pianta
          legend...we evolved from monsters into Deimos by the power
          of the Miracle Stones. Then the five stones were scattered
          throughout the world, and anyone who used their combined
          might...would receive infinite power and become the
          [Ultimate Deimos].

Darc: The [Ultimate Deimos]?

Camellia: Thatís right...The most powerful being in existance. Bestowed
          with supreme strength befitting the Deimos race. This power
          has no equal among the Deimos of today. Rather, itís closer
          to what was revered among the legendary Deimos of old...Itís
          said one would receive power like that of the ancient mages.

Delma: Ancient mages? Legendary Deimos of old? Huh?

Bebedora: Long, long ago...pilgrims from another world arrived on this
          one. Hoping to find paradise here, they created an artificial
          land underground. Black beyond black. Darkness beyond
          darkness. Those...were the Deimos of old.

Camellia: Bodies fine-tuned for battle. Magic power beyond measure.
          Evolution into an Ultimate Deimos with powers aking to those
          most legendary of Deimos. The path to becoming the Ultimate
          Deimos will open to whoever uses the infinite power of the
          Great Spirit Stones. Most likely Droguza is gathering the
          stones with that in mind...

Darc: I see...So you can become the Ultimate Deimos as long as you
      have this infinite power...Thatís it! Iím gonna become the
      Ultimate Deimos! Droguza canít save the suffering Deimos! Only
      I can!

Delma: But even so...How can we capture Droguza? We donít even know
       where he is.

Darc: Weíll go to the Drakyr homeland, [Ragnoth].

Delma: What? Ragnoth?!

Volk: Ragnoth...hmm.

Darc: What is it?

Volk: Nothing...Iíll never forget Ragnoth, thatís all...

Bebedora: Black, black, jet-black sadness. Indigo distress. Scarlet
          hatred. Red, red...a red-hot soul, burning itself out.

Volk: Shut up! Stop looking into my soul! You know nothing about me!
      Do it again and Iíll kill you!

Bebedora: Hee hee hee...

Volk: That creepy little freak!

Darc: Come on, letís head for [Ragnoth].

[The Deimos party goes to Ragnoth and enters Drakyrnia.]

Darc: This is the Drakyr homeland? Strange...itís much too quiet...
      No one seems bothered in the slightest that Iíve arrived.

Volk: Thatís not like them. Usually the Drakyr are much more

Darc: So what does this mean?

Volk: Iím not sure. I donít sense any hostility here. But watch
      yourself. It might be at trap to trick us into complacency.

Darc: We can fight our way out of a trap. Iíd almost prefer that to
      this...unnatural quiet. Letís talk to someone.

[Darc looks around the city and walks past an aged Drakyr. As he
moves away, the Drakyr calls out to him.]

Old Drakyr: Wait! That birthmark on your arm! That face...thereís
            no mistaking it! Could you possibly be of Windalfís

Darc: Windalf...?! You know my father?

Old Drakyr: Father?! Then you must be...Windalfís son?!

Darc: I am! Iím Darc!

Old Drakyr: Oho! I never thought the day would come...Darc...
            My name is Sagan. I used to serve Windalf many years

Darc: So you say...But the Drakyr are after my Wind Stone and have
      stolen the Water Stone from me as well.

Sagan: Huh? I donít understand my lordís meaning.

Darc: Oh, drop the act! Tell me! Whereís the Water Stone? Whereís

Sagan: I really donít know. Please meet with our elder. Iím sure
       [Williwo] will be able to tell you all you want to know.

Darc: Fine. And whereís he?

Sagan: The elderís room is up the staircase, the highest room in
       the building.

Darc: Just so you know...donít bother setting any traps. I came
      here to destroy you Drakyr. I wonít be letting my guard

Sagan: Oh, but we would never...! In any case, please speak with
       the elder.

[Darc goes up the stairs to see Williwo.]

Williwo: Who are you? What do you want?

Darc: Are you the elder, Williwo? Tell me where Droguza and the
      Water Stone are.

Williwo: What a rude fellow you are.

[Sagan enters.]

Sagan: Williwo? This is Darc.

Williwo: Darc, you say?

Sagan: Yes, Darc. Windalfís son.

Williwo: Windalf...Heís...Heís dead.

Darc: Thatís right. You banished him. He wandered the land, until father died of the wounds heíd received at your
      hands. You murdered my father!

Williwo: Murdered? Murder wouldnít be good enough for the likes of
         him. So he died on the road, eh? A fitting end.

Darc: What?!

Williwo: His crimes were great. He neglected his duties as the
         Drakyr leader...He broke Deimos law by consorting with a
         human...And if that werenít enough, he stole our treasured
         Wind Stone. The entire Drakyr tribe nearly fell into ruin
         because of him. Thatís why we banished him. And what does the
         son of that traitor want with us now?

Darc: Want with you? Have you gone soft in the head, old man?! Let me
      tell you something. Now listen closely! You Drakyr tried to kill
      me and take back the Wind Stone. Droguzaís gone off somewhere
      after stealing the Water Stone I rightfully won. And now you
      feign ignorance while keeping Droguza and the Water Stone hidden.
      For these crimes...murder wouldnít be good enough for the likes of
      you. Donít you think so, elder?

Sagan: Please, Darc, stop.

Williwo: The Wind Stone used to belong to the Drakyr. Windalf stole
         it... And isnít he your father? They say thieves are impudent,
         and hereís your proof! You are a traitorís son, thatís clear.
         And born of a human, no less.

Darc: So you hired assassins to kill me. Is that it?

Williwo: What a simpleton...If we Drakyr had that you really
         think Drakyrnia would be in such a sorry state? Ever since we
         lost the Wind Stone, the former glory and traditions of the
         dragons have been dying...Our power is wasting away. Lost to
         the humans in Plumb Canyon...Even our holy Dragon Bone Valley
         has been damaged by humans...

Darc: I donít need to hear your sob story. I have only two demands...
      Give back the Water Stone immediately! And bring me Droguza!

Williwo: Droguza, eh? Aha, now I see. Droguza, that mysterious Deimos
         from Halshinne way...And the fools lured away by him. Thatís
         who youíre talking about. Theyíre not dragonfolk of the
         Drakyr race. Theyíre merely lowly beasts who have tossed
         aside their dragon pride to live their lives as mere agents
         of other Deimos.

Darc: So are you saying they have no connection with you at all? Then
      tell me where Droguza and his underlings are!

Williwo: ......That...I cannot tell you. Though they may now stoop to
         serving Droguza, they were once Drakyr, as I am. Son of the
         traitorous Windalf...itís much better to be a fallen Drakyr
         than a stinking Deimos wannabe! Drakyr youth arenít
         protecting the holy Dragon Bone Valley. Theyíve come to
         follow Deimos like Droguza. And whose fault is that?
         Windalfís! Your fatherís!

Darc: ......

Williwo: However...if you were to pass the [Dragon Ordeal], itíd be
         a different story.

Darc: The Dragon Ordeal? Whatís that?

Williwo: A test for aspiring Drakyr leaders. Complete is successfully,
         and the crimes of your father would be pardoned...and you,
         his son, would be ushered in as the new leader of the Drakyr
         tribe. Droguza and his henchman would become enemies of the
         state...and I would tell you where they were. What do you
         think? Will you try your hand at the Dragon Ordeal?

Darc: Iíll do it.

Williwo: Then fetch the [Dragon Master Crown] which lies in the
         [Dragon Bone Valley] to the northwest of here. But know that
         this is the Dragon Ordeal. It has no meaning unless a Drakyr
         carries it out alone, with no help from other Deimos. You
         must enter the cave using your own power alone. Is that

Darc: Got it.

Williwo: Then go.

Darc: As soon as I bring that crown back here, I expect you to tell
      me where Droguza is hiding.

Williwo: I will...if you can get the crown, that is. Dragon Bone
         Valley is under human occupation. You must first liberate
         Dragon Bone Valley if you have any hopes of entering the

[Everyone heads to the valley where the Dilzweld soldiers have taken
over (surprise!) and camped out. It really does look like theyíre
defiling the place.]

Darc: That cavern in there must be the [Dragon Bone Valley Cave]...

Delma: Are you gonna force your way in?

Darc: Yeah, as soon as we get the humans out of the way! Theyíll
      have to pay for stepping foot on Deimos land! Letís go!

[The Deimos ambush the Dilzweld soldiers and take them out with

Darc: The Dilzweld Army again...What can they be doing here?

Delma: Well, letís see! Theyíre humans, arenít they? Wouldnít
       they be filching Spirit Stones?

Volk: You always jump to that conclusion. There arenít many Spirit
      Stones gathered here. If thatís all theyíre after...theyíd
      be better off in Plumb Canyon.

Delma: Why are they here, then? Why didnít they go to Plumb Canyon
       in the first place?

Volk: As if I know what humans are thinking!

Delma: Why are you so upset?

Bebedora: There are...feelings...left behind here. Human emotions
          drifting about.

Darc: Can you tell, Bebedora?

Bebedora: I see...a green wind. A green wind, like Darcís. But itís
          a sham. Itís a created color. A false color, a false wind...
          False green.

Darc: Like me? A sham? Whatís she talking about, anyway?

Delma: Why would you think I understand her any better than you?

Bebedora: Hee hee hee...Everyone is black...turning into despair.
          Everything...everything returns to darkness.

Delma: ...Damn it! What nonsense! Sheís not helping anybody!

Darc: I thought I understood her for a minute there...

Volk: Human cunning and Bebedoraís words--two things no amount of
      thinking will ever make clear. Letís find that [Dragon Master
      Crown] and get after Droguza.

Darc: ...Yeah.

[They all walk to the nearby cavern.]

Darc: The [Dragon Bone Valley Cave], eh...? Iím on my own from here
      on out.

Delma: Oh, just forget about your promise to that old Drakyr. Itís
       got to be dangerous to go alone.

Darc: No, this test is also my own personal revenge. I canít become
      what he said I was. And this will show the Drakyr how powerful
      I am, too!

Volk: Itís all right, Delma. Darcís not the kind of guy whoíd get
      himself killed doing something like this.

Delma: I know! ...I know that.

[Darc enters the cave, passes by two huge dragon statues and goes up
the stairs to a pedestal. The Dragon Master Crown is lying there, and
he picks it up.]

Darc: ............Ridiculous! Thatís all? What kind of ordeal was that?
      I mean, nothing happened!

[Darc turns to leave but the dragon fossil on the back of the wallís
eyes light up.]

Dragon Soul: The Dragon Master proof of a Drakyr leader.
             Do you have that right?

Darc: Who are you?!

[The two dragon statues--one gold and one silver--come to life and
leap out at Darc.]

Dragon Soul: Are you truly descended from the dragons? Who are your
             ancestors? What is your fatherís name? Your motherís

Darc: Iím Windalfís son...Darc. My mother...I donít have a mother!

Dragon Soul: On your indeed the crest of Will. It is a
             sign inscribed upon Willís children...dragons reborn
             as Deimos. It is proof of Willís blood. Windigoís son,
             Willard. Willardís son, Williwo. And you are of Williwoís
             son, Windalf.

Darc: W-Williwo? The Drakyr elder?

Dragon Soul: The former leader, Williwo, is Windalfís father. That is,
             your grandfather. The one who exiled Windalf for choosing
             to be with a human.

Darc: What...?!

Dragon Soul: Windalf...ah, yes. So youíre the son of Windalf, who
             loved a human. That is why I sense a human soul within

Darc: But...

Dragon Soul: Fine, then. If you are truly a descendant of the dragons,
             show me your power!

[Darc battles the two dragons and finds that he has the power to
defeat them.]

Darc: I guess it was more of an ordeal than I thought, after all...

Dragon Soul: I have acknowledged your power. As promised, I now
             recognize you as a descendant of the dragons and the new
             leader of the Drakyr.

Darc: Forget it! I never wanted to be the Drakyr leader in the first
      place. Iím Darc! He who will rule over all Deimos. I have no
      time to waste on the ways of the Drakyr!

[The dragon fossilís eyes change from calm green to bright red.]

Dragon Soul: Darc, wait. You have a fair amount of dragon within you.
             Your Wind Stone has been broken in two. Just as you
             yourself are...incomplete...

Darc: The Wind Stone is...incomplete? I only have half of it?

Dragon Soul: The windís protection and its destiny, too, are split
             into two. Into dragon...and man...Into Deimos...and
             human. Though the wind be divided, still it remains.
             And should two winds meet, though they collide...though
             they struggle...Finally...they form a single vortex.
             That is the windís destiny, itís fate. I shall settle
             once more into my eternal slumber. Farewell...son of
             Windalf. ...until the day you return to me.

[The lit-up eyes fade out.]

Darc: The windís destiny? Are you telling me to find the other Wind

[Darc goes to rejoin his friends.]

Darc: Thanks for waiting. Weíre going back to Drakyrnia!

Delma: What? Going back...? You got the Dragon Master Crown?

Darc: I got it. Everythingís fine.

Delma: I knew you could do it, Darc!

Volk: See? Just like I told you...No need to worry so much.

Delma: Oh, shut your snout! I wasnít worried in the slightest! Now
       Williwo will tell us where Droguzaís hiding out!

Darc: Yes, Williwo...

Delma: What is it, Darc?

Darc: Heís my...ah, never mind. Letís get back to [Drakyrnia].

[The party goes back to Drakyrnia. En route to Williwoís chambers,
Darc stops.]

Darc: ............

Volk: What is it?

Darc: Iím gonna see Williwo alone.

Camellia: Hmm? Why so serious all of a sudden? What has gotten into
          you, Darc?

Bebedora: Darcís soul...Amber sorrow, red-brown bewilderment.

Darc: This is my own affair. It has nothing to do with you. Iím going

Delma: Hey, donít be so cold! Weíre going with you. Weíre your
       friends, arenít we?

Darc: Friends...? Listen to me carefully! I brought you along because
      I need you to help me unify the Deimos, thatís all. So this is
      non of your business. Wait here!

Delma: ......

Darc: Do as you please until I get back!

[Everyone splits up and Darc goes to see his grandfather. Inside,
Sagan is pacing around anxiously.]

Sagan: Hmmm...Heís taking a long time...Hmmmmm...Heís taking an
       awfully long time! Williwo...Do you think Darc is all right?

Williwo: I thought I told you not to talk about him.

Sagan: But...

Wiliwo: I wouldnít expect a Deimos wannabe like him to complete the
        Dragon Ordeal--Hack, ack, cough!

Sagan: Williwo! Are you all right?

Williwo: Donít worry about it...I have fits like that all the time.

[Darc enters.]

Sagan: Oh, Darc!

Williwo: Cough, cough...Have you brought the Dragon Master Crown?

[Darc presents it.]

Williwo: ...Thatís the crown, all right.

Darc: Now itís time for you to keep your promise. Why donít you
      tell me where Droguza is?

Williwo: All right...He ought to be around [Thunor Point]. The Dilzweld
         humans have a base camp there. Disgusting though it is,
         Droguza and his underlings are in cahoots with the humans, you

Darc: So...Droguza is working with the Dilzweld Army? He really is a
      dirty Deimos.

Williwo: Cough, cough...

Darc: ...Are you sick?

Williwo: I...I donít have much longer. Just like Drakyrnia.

Darc: ............Williwo...I have something to ask you.

Williwo: Whatís that?

Darc: Whatís the crest of Will?

Williwo: Huh?! You know...about that? Proof of the blood...that ties...
         you and me...I see. The birthmark on your arm. Thatís the
         crest of Will. Windalf had it, too. And on my do I.
         The crest of a holy seal in the shape of a
         birthmark that can be found throughout generations of the Will
         line. From father to son...itís a family birthmark thatís sure
         to be found somewhere on the body. the crest of Will.

Darc: Who is Droguza?

Williwo: We donít know who he really is. Heís shrouded in mystery. He
         showed up in Drakyrnia some years ago. He got the Drakyr all
         stirred up over getting their Wind Stone back...He took strong
         young Drakyr with him when he left. Drakyrnia, having lost the
         Wind Stone and the village youth...has become as you see it
         today. There is no future for Drakyrnia, Iím afraid.

Darc: About Windalfís past...

Williwo: ...Win...dalf...He was a young leader who had the respect and
         trust of every Drakyr alive. But...he changed when he met a
         human woman, [Nafia]. He broke Deimos law and had you. I
         banished him from the tribe...It had to be done. Such a crime
         couldnít be overlooked, after all. At that point, he stole
         our Wind Stone, the treasure of the Drakyr tribe. I had to
         send someone after him...I simply had no choice. Can you
         understand how I felt? This was my son! Oh, what hope I had
         for him! My son, who surrendered the throne of Drakyr
         leadership! He turned his back on everything.

Darc: Nafia?

Williwo: She was a human girl who lived on this continent. Nafia wanted

         the Wind Stone and seduced Windalf...She was the one who
         approached him! She started it! This is a fact! But when the
         pursuers I sent after my son cornered that human girl...She...
         ...she fell off a cliff, along with her [baby]...and died.

Darc: Baby?

Williwo: The human woman had given birth to twins. Darc and [Kharg]...
         You are one brother of a set of twins. But...heís...theyíre
         all dead now. Nafia, your brother Kharg, Windalf...Everybodyís
         gone. The only one you. Darc...Iím proud of you. For
         Windalfís son to have grown up so strong and healthy and to
         have returned to Drakyrnia...Now I have no regrets.

[Darc leaves and goes out to the staircase.]

Darc: So I...I had a brother...A twin...If he were alive...he would have
      gone through the same trials, thought the same thoughts, felt the
      same pain as I have...But...heís...dead...So, in the end, Iím
      still just the same lone Deimos winnable after all?! ...Wait! Itís
      coming back to me...Didnít Lilia say something about having met a
      human named Kharg? And his motherís name was Nafia...Is that just
      a coincidence? Or is it...Sheesh! What am I thinking! How could I
      be reeled in by a story like that? That was just something...
      ...something silly Lilia made up! Of course...thatís all it is.

[Darc goes back to his friends whoíve all convened at one spot.]

Darc: Hello again.

Delma: Well? Did you find out about Droguza?

Darc: Heís at the Dilzweld base at [Thunor Point], it seems.

Volk: Why?! Why would Droguza be at a Dilzweld base?

Darc: Williwo says heís working with the humans.

Volk: I donít like the sound of that...

Delma: Droguza, human--theyíre all the same to me! Letís smash Ďem all
       and get that Water Stone!

Camellia: Somehow that Orcon girlís enthusiasm seems to be catching.

Volk: By the way...are you done with your own matter of revenge?

Darc: Oh, that...Yes, more or less.

Volk: ...Darc? You may not like to hear this, but...I feel the same as
      Delma. I consider myself to have you same goals, to be your ally.
      And maybe even your friend...

Darc: (to self) Hmph. Allies. Friends, no less. That damn Volk. Heís
      sounding more like a human every day.

[On the way to Thunor Point, the party runs into a snag at the Vayu Dam
Ruins. Itís being patrolled by both Dilzweld guards and Drakyr sentries,
and they all are mingling with each other.]

Camellia: Wh-what is all this? Deimos and humans...Theyíre working
          together to form a blockade.

Volk: Those arenít Deimos! Those are despicable, low-down beasts!

Darc: Itís just as Williwo said. What the hell are they doing?

Delma: What now?

Darc: Weíll crush those humans and any Deimos low enough to work
      with them!



Delma: Why, damn it?! Fighting with the humans is the worst thing a
       Deimos can do!

Camellia: I donít believe anyone would side with the humans of their
          own accord. There must be a reason, donít you think?

Delma: There isnít any reason that could be good enough! Iíll beat

       them all to a pulp!


[Afterwards, Darc confronts an enemy Drakyr who was allied with the
Dilzweld. Everyone else looks on.]

Darc: Why would you ally with humans? Are you Deimos or are you dirt?!

Drakyr: Shut up! Son of a traitor!

Darc: No, joining up with humans makes you a traitor! Donít you have
      any pride as a a Drakyr?!

Drakyr: Itís because we have pride...that we followed Droguza...To
        bring prosperity the Drakyr...ulp...

[The Drakyr dies.]

Darc: Damn you, Droguza...what do you have up your sleeve?

[More Dilzweld troops arrive from the other end of the area at just
that moment.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Keep the enemy Deimos away from the [flagship

Delma: Hey, not bad, not bad! With this many humans around...Iím
       just itching to fight!

The Dilzweld attack; the Dilzweld lose. Simple, really.]

Darc: Come on! Droguza is up ahead!

[At Thunor Point, the place is filled to the brim with Dilzweld
machines and guards. Droguza walks around like heís part of the

Droguza: What is this? No guards in the Megist whatsoever? And
         hardly any outside, either? The Emperor is on board!

Dilzweld Soldier A: Yes, well...The search party in Dragon Bone
                    Valley got wiped out by someone...and our
                    main troops have been dispatched throughout
                    the area as guards.

Droguza: Call them back immediately! The troops at the Vayu Dam
         Ruins are reporting that Darcís team has invaded!

Dilzweld Soldier B: Theyíre here! The Deimos!

[Darcís team make their entrance.]

Droguza: Damn! Too late.

Darc: Droguza! Weíve finally caught up with you!

Droguza: Well, I salute you for making it this far...but this is the
         end of the line!

Darc: You took the words right out of my mouth!

Droguza: Just so you know...Iím not who I was before. Iím now in
         the possession of...a new power!



Darc: Droguzaís bragging about some new power he got. Weíd better
      be careful around him.

Volk: Heís bluffing! What could he have managed to do in such a short

Darc: But still...

Volk: Letís get him to show us this new, amazing power of his!


Droguza: I never thought the bunch of you would get past the guards
         at Vayu Dam! Still, I guess if you managed to do away with
         them, those Drakyr and the humans were pretty useless anyway.

Darc: You used them, and now you put them down! Donít you feel
      anything for the Drakyr that died because they believed in

Droguza: Heh heh! I just showed them a dream, a sweet dream. Isnít
         that what youíre doing? Youíre using those Deimos, too.

Darc: What?!

Droguza: Youíre just like me! So I understand exactly what youíre
         thinking. You donít trust anybody. The only think you
         believe in is your own strength! Thatís why youíre after the
         infinite power!

Darc: Youíre wrong! I...Iím going to save the Deimos!


[After much effort, Droguza, the soldiers, and the mechanized guards
all are defeated or dead.]

Droguza: Ack...

Darc: Guess that ďnew powerĒ of yours wasnít much after all.

Droguza: Argh...Not yet...Iím not dead yet...

Darc: Cut the dramatics! You have a lot of explaining to do. Why did
      you stir up the Drakyr?!

Droguza: What a pointless question...The Drakyr were merely pawns in
         my search for the Great Spirit Stones. After they lost the
         Wind Stone, they lost all reason to go on living...and I
         gave them a reason, thatís all. Gather all the stones and we
         could make the Drakyr thrive once more...Actually, you should
         be thanking me.

Darc: Then whatís in it for you? Gathering all the stones and
      transforming into the Ultimate Deimos?

Droguza: Heh heh heh...So you know the secret of the Great Spirit
         Stones, I see...

Darc: If you wanna be the Ultimate Deimos, why would you ever even
      consider teaming up with humans?!

Droguza: ............

Darc: Fine, then. Donít tell me! This is where you die, anyway!

Droguza: So you donít care about the Water Stone? Donít you want it

Darc: I only have to kill you first!

Droguza: Hee hee hee. I have some bad news. The Water Stone...isnít

Darc: What?!

Droguza: Itís safe with my master. With Emperor Darkham of

Darc: You fool! Not only have you joined forces with humans, but now

      youíre taking orders from them?

Droguza: Say what you like...but Iíve chosen the right path toward
         my goal...

Darc: Why, you...!

[More Dilzweld reinforcements arrive at the entrance to Thunor Point.]

Dilzweld Soldier: The Deimos! Get them!

Darc: What? Reinforcements?

[Droguza silently takes off while their backs are turned.]

Darc: He got away?!

Dilzweld Soldier: Donít let them into the Megist! Protect the Emperor
                  at all costs!

Darc: Those damn humans just keep on coming!

Volk: Wait, Darc! Nowís your chance, when our enemies are few.

Delma: Leave the humans to us. Weíll split up and distract them.
       Thatís when you grab the Water Stone from Darkham!

Darc: But...

Delma: Darc, hurry!

Darc: All right. Youíd better all stay alive, got it?

Camellia: Just leave it to us.

Darc: Weíll rendezvous back in Drakyrnia.

[Darc runs onto the Megist, leaving the rest of his party to
fight the Dilzweld reinforcements.]

Delma: Now scatter, everybody!

[Everyone splits up and the screen fades to black. On board the Megist
Lilia looks out the window. Darkham stands in her doorway.]

Darkham: I hear you havenít eaten your dinner.

Lilia: ......

Darkham: Youíve got to take care of yourself, you know. Youíre my
         most precious ace in the hole, after all. Iíve got good news
         for you. I have the Water Stone. The Fire Stone, the Water
         Stone...and your Light Stone. Then thereís my Earth Stone. All
         thatís the Wind Stone. And with that Wind Stone...
         itís really only a matter of time. When I have all the stones
         together, itíll be your turn to shine.

Lilia: Thatís not going to happen.

Darkham: This is what you finally say after all that silence? Here we
         go again...Fine. Iíll make sure you gladly agree to
         cooperate with me. Iíve got just the thing. Something
         unquestionably effective. Bring her in!

[Lady Nafia comes in escorted by two guards.]

Lilia: But...Why?!

Darkham: Heh heh heh...I told you, didnít I? Sheíll do wonders for
         making you cooperate. It seems you know each other.

[Cut to Darc. He runs on board the Megist and, once inside, stops
when he hears something.]

Darc: Hmm...?!

[Two guards stand at the end of the corridor.]

Dilzweld Soldier A: Everything all right?

Dilzweld Soldier B: Yeah...It looks like sheís completely given
                    up...and given in. They sure are beautiful, arenít

Dilzweld Soldier A: I donít think either one of them is right for you,

Dilzweld Soldier B: Thatís not what I mean! Lilia has this mysterious
                    aura thatís somehow comforting. And Nafiaís
                    gorgeous in her own way, too!

Dilzweld Soldier A: Well, whatever...Theyíll be killed when this is
                    all over, anyway.

Dilzweld Soldier B: What a waste!

[The two walk to a locked door.]

Dilzweld Soldier A: Hey, did you enter the password?

Dilzweld Soldier B: Oops...forgot!

[The soldier punches in the keypad combination and the door opens.]

Dilzweld Soldier A: Sheesh! If you werenít so fixated on the ladies...

Dilzweld Soldier B: Yeah, yeah. Sorry!

[The two guards enter the locked door, which turns out to be an
elevator, and leave. Darc peeks out from his hiding place.]

Darc: Lilia...? Could Lilia be in there? And they said...ďNafia,Ē
      too... Donít tell me... Could it be the one Williwo was
      talking about? Could it really mother? No, that canít
      be right.

[Darc goes up to the door where Lilia and Nafia are supposedly
being kept. He tries to open it but itís locked.]

Darc: What the hell am I thinking? Why should I be concerned
      about humans at a time like this...? Huh? A vent...
      ............Lilia...I do owe her one. What to do...?

[Cut to inside the room. The vent near the ceiling pops open and
out crawls Darc. Looks like he made a good decision after all. Nafia
and Lilia stand below.]

Darc: Lilia...

Lilia: (to Nafia) Everything and everyone...ruined...All because of

Nafia: mustnít be so hard on yourself. I know Iím
       actually pretty relieved. Now that I know youíre all right.

Lilia: If only I hadnít stopped in Yewbell that day...

Nafia: The people of Yewbell were so happy while you were there with
       them. They said your smiling face lifted their spirits. Now,
       is that the kind of person who could ruin everything?

Lilia: Lady Nafia...

Darc: (to self) That Nafia? mother...?

[Darc jumps down and the two women turn around.]

Lilia: Darc! How did you get here?

Darc: I wanted to return something of yours.

[Darc hands over her ortena.]

Lilia: ortena! Thank you, Darc. You mean you came all the
       way here...for this?

Darc: Give me a break! I came to get the Water Stone back from the
      humans. This...was secondary.

[Darc looks at Nafia.]

Darc: ............

Nafia: You...Could you really be...Darc?

Darc: (to Lilia) Well, thereís your ortena, then. Keep an eye on it

      next time! Iím not gonna keep bringing it back, you know!
      Understand? If something is truly important to
      never let it go, not on your life! Ever!

[Darc glares at Nafia.]

Darc: ............ (to Lilia) Got it?

[Darc turns to leave.]

Nafia: Darc...Youíre Darc, arenít you! Youíre...youíre alive...
       After all this time...

Lilia: Lady Nafia...?

Nafia: Darc...

Darc: Stay away from me!

Nafia: Darc...? Why? Iím your mother...

Darc: I donít have a mother! All I have is a miserable, stinking
      human woman who tricked my father! My father died because of

Nafia: Oh, Darc...No...No, Darc, thatís not true! Darc, please.
       Listen to me. You misunderstand. Windalf and I loved each
       other deeply...

Darc: Shut up! I donít wanna here your stupid story!

Lilia: Darc...

[Outside the room, an alarm goes off.]

Darc: Whatís that sound?

Lilia: Oh, no! Now they know youíve sneaked in here.

Darc: Damn! Let's run for it, Lilia!

[Lilia looks to Nafia.]

Darc: ...No way! Iím bringing you and you alone. This woman is no
      concern of mine!

Lilia: Then...I canít run, either. I could never leave Lady Nafia

Nafia: Lilia, donít worry about me.

Darc: Yeah, Lilia! Come on!

Lilia: No...I canít. I donít want to go anywhere with someone who
       could just abandon his own mother!

Darc: ...Damn it! Stubborn as ever... Fine. You come, too. Weíre
      getting out of here!

Nafia: Darc, I--

Darc: Not now! Letís go!

[The three run towards the entrance to the Megist, ready to make
their escape. Unfortunately, two Dilzweld soldiers come out of
the upstairs door, wondering whatís happening.]

Dilzweld Soldier A: Whatís this alarm for?

Dilzweld Soldier B: Samsonís gang has breached Vayu Dam!

Dilzweld Soldier A: What, them again? Theyíre always getting in

                    our way!

Dilzweld Soldier B: Make it snappy! Everyoneís gone to serve as
                    reinforcements! Letís go!

Dilzweld Soldier A: Eh?

[Lilia, Nafia, and Darc run into the hallway, unaware that the
two soldiers are in there as well. The exit is blocked.]

Dilzweld Soldier B: D-Deimos...!! How did they get here?!

Darc: Damn, they caught us! You two hide there, and stay hidden!
      I can handle these guys on my own!

[Darc fights, and since heís vastly superior in every way to the
two underlings, he wins.]

Darc: Now come on, quickly!

[One of the soldiers who was just defeated attempts to shoot
Darc in the back. Lady Nafia sees this about to take place and
moves in front of the line of fire, taking the bullet for her son.
The Dilzweld soldier tries to shoot Nafia again, but falls back,

Lilia: Lady Nafia!

Nafia: I...itís all worry about...

Darc: Are you hit?

Nafia: Iím so glad...youíre safe...

Darc: Did you...did you take that bullet for me?!

Nafia: ...Thank goodness. Youíre all right.

Darc: Why? Why would you do that?

Lilia: We have to help her, and fast!

Nafia: I...Iím fine...Letís...get back to Yewbell...

Lilia: Youíll never reach Yewbell with an injury like that.

Nafia: Really, Iím fine. Donít worry about it. Now letís get our
       of here.

Darc: ...All right.

[At the world map...]

Lilia: Letís hurry back to Yewbell! If we head south of here,
       weíre sure to reach it eventually!

Darc: All right.

[The three head to Yewbell. Nafia and Lilia enter through the
townís main gate.]

Gatekeeper: Lady N-Nafia! And Lilia, too!

Lilia: Lady Nafia! Weíve reached Yewbell. Hang in there!

Nafia: I...I see...Iím...Iím fine...

Gatekeeper: Lady Nafia! What happened?

[Darc enters through the town gate.]

Gatekeeper: Ack! Itís...a Deimos!

Nafia: Not to worry...itís all right...Heí son...

Gatekeeper: Wh-whatís that you say? Th-this Deimos-y guy is...
            your son?

Nafia: Ah...!

Lilia: Lady Nafia!

Nafia: Iím all right...Letís get home...

[Darc takes his mother home.]

Darc: Humans are too frail... to do such things!

Nafia: ...Darc... I'm so happy... I finally got... to see you again.

Lilia: Don't speak, Nafia! Your wound will... reopen.

Nafia: It's fine... really... Th-thank you... Lillia... Take care of Darc...
       and Kharg now... Kharg knows nothing...about this...

Lilia: Yes... I will.

Nafia: Darc...I've caused you...nothing but...hardship.

Darc: [turns to Nafia] You want to know about hardship? Look at this body of
      mine! [walks over to Nafia] Neither Deimos nor human. Are you still glad
      you met me? ...that you gave birth to this?

Nafia: No matter...what you look're very...precious...

Darc: Lies! You're a liar! You tricked my father! He died, because of you! And
      thanks to you, I ...I...I've lost...I've lost everything! Thanks to you
      I can't anything but my own power!

Nafia: Oh... Urh, urh... you...More than...anyone else...

Darc: Don't...lie to me... Love...what love...?! Are you even capable...of

Nafia: Oooh...

Darc: Are you even listening?

Nafia: Darc... Go to...the Cave of Truth... There, listen to the voice of the
       Spirits... You will surely...find your answer... It was a very special
       place...Windalf and I often visited...the Cave of Truth...

Darc: Stop it! [kneels in front of Nafia] I still have many things... I want
      to say! Thanks to you. I live a miserable existence. ...caught between
      Deimos and human. Every single your fault...all of it...

Nafia:  ...I'm sorry, Darc. I... Darc... [falls over]

Darc: Ah! Aaaah!

Lilia: Ah!

Darc: Don't die! Do you hear me? Who told you you could die?! I detest you...
      More than anyone...I despise you... So...don't die... I...I'll kill
      you... own...two hands... So don't go and die've
      been properly killed! NO DYING, YOU HEAR ME?!

Lilia: Darc...

Darc: Do you still...mean to...make me suffer? [puts his hands over Nafia's]
      Do you leave me...all alone...again? Answer me! Say something!
      Say something...say anything... Mother... Mother... Mother! Wake up...
      please wake up! MOTHER! Mother... DAMN IT!!!!!

[Fade out/in. Darc and Lilia are at Nafia's grave in the Castle Ruins]

Lilia: Darc...remember...what Nafia said.

Darc: ...What was that?

Lilia: Let's go to the Cave of Truth. To find our answers.

Darc: I can't stray from the path laid out for me. I'm collecting the 5 Great
      Spirit Stones. To become the ultimate Deimos.

Lilia: Are you still going on about that?

Darc: I will save the Deimos... That's what I must do.

Lilia: But remember what Nafia said. If we go to the Cave of Truth...maybe
       you'll find another path to follow. I think...I think the spirits are
       guiding us. I can feel them calling out to us. So let's go! the
       Cave of Truth!

Darc: ...the Cave of Truth. Could my destiny...could the answers I seek...could
      they really be there?


##Kharg, Chapter 4: Rage [KC4]##

[The chapter opens with everyone at the Sulfas pub, including Samson
and his flock.]

Spencer: Epistia is saved and itís all because of you. I must thank
         you again for doing such a great job!

Kharg: Not such a great job...The Fire Stone was taken from us, and
       we didnít even manage to rescue Lilia. Thereís not a lot to
       feel good about. But, General...I just wanted to check with
       you again...I can do whatever I like with Tatjana, right?

Spencer: To us, sheís the most heinous of all villains. Iíd like to
         sentence her to death here and now. But, how could I
         refuse a man who has done so much for us? You can do what
         you want with her. Sheís being kept downstairs. You go and
         tell her your plan.

[Kharg goes into the secret casino to talk with Tatjana, but finds

her being heckled by the Resistance members.]

Resistance Member: So, you come waltzing back into Sulfas, eh? We
                   havenít forgotten what you and the Dilzweld Army
                   did to this country.

Resistance Member (2): If only youíd been sentenced to death, weíd
                       tear you to pieces right now.

Resistance Member: Did you beg Kharg not to kill you? Or did you
                   turn on the charm?

Tatjana: ......

Resistance Member (2): Youíre a General or something, arenít you?
                       Arenít you ashamed to be here now that your
                       armyís gone?

Tatjana: Itís easy to come out with all this brave talk now that
         the fightís over. We all know weak dogs bark the loudest.

Resistance Member (2): (pointing rifle at Tatjana) What the...!
                       Iíll kill you!

Resistance Member: Weíll pretend she tried to escape and do away
                   with her now!

[Kharg approaches the three.]

Resistance Member: Ah! Kharg!

Resistance Member (2): Th-thank you for your help!

Kharg: You two can both leave now.

Resistance Member: Huh...?

Kharg: Iíll watch her from now.

Resistance Member: But, er...

Kharg: Go and drink with everyone else upstairs. Theyíre still
       celebrating the liberation of Epistia.

Resistance Member: OK... Right, then. Weíll be off. (to other
                   guard) You!

[The two go upstairs.]

Kharg: Thereís obviously a lot of bad feeling toward you. Thatís
       all because of what the Dilzweld Army did.

Tatjana: I know there are many people in this country who would
         like to see me killed. Iíve heard them shouting for a
         public execution.

Kharg: I wonít allow anything like that to happen. You wonít have
       to shoulder the burden of everything the Dilzweld Army did.
       But...I think Iíd better have you imprisoned in Cathena.

Tatjana: Kharg...Why did you help me back at the volcano? Iíd
         lost everything. Iíd given up hope of living.

Kharg: You donít need a reason to help someone who is throwing
       their life away.

Tatjana: ............

Kharg: I just didnít want to let you die when I could prevent it,
       thatís all.

Tatjana: ...Youíre too soft.

Kharg: Maybe so. Iíve been told the same thing by my comrades
       before. But is it better to be like Darkham, and think
       nothing of sacrificing your own kind? If a man like him
       succeeds in his plan, do you really think the world will
       be a good place?

Tatjana: ............

Kharg: Then weíd be no different from the Deimos, would we? The
       last thing I want is to become like them...!

Tatjana: ............

[The General comes downstairs.]

Spencer: Kharg, looks like Samsonís about to leave.

Kharg: OK...Iíd better go and see him off. I owe him my life,
       after all.

Spencer: The old jokerís still in the pub. Iíll take over here.

Kharg: Thanks.

Spencer: (to Tatjana) You better be grateful to Kharg. Youíre
         only still alive because he wouldnít allow you to be
         put to death. I remember all the good lives that were
         sacrificed, and just sending you to prison doesnít cut
         it for me. I think you deserve the death penalty. But
         I wonít go against the wishes of the man who liberated
         Epistia. I hope youíre haunted in prison by what youíve

Tatjana: ......

Spencer: I just had to get that out. OK, go and see Samson off,

[Kharg goes upstairs, finding Samson talking to Paulette.]

Samson: You came, Kharg! The wine here is really good! If there
        were some beautiful women here, too, it would be like
        heaven! Ha ha ha!

Paulette: Well! Iím terribly sorry that Iím not beautiful enough!

Samson: No, I didnít mean you. I mean, obviously...

Kharg: Ha ha ha. Paulette, donít pick on someone you owe your life.
       Did you drink too much?

Paulette: I only wish! Nobody takes any notice of me...Lilia this
          and Tatjana that...

Kharg: (to Samson) Youíre leaving now?

Samson: Yeah! I already drank more than I should!

Kharg: Oh, yeah?

Samson: But my mean, [Boomer] and [Buster], have gone off
        somewhere. I was just about to go and call them back.

Kharg: OK, Iíll go and get them for you. You wait for us here.

Samson: Oh, thanks. Sorry about this. Theyíre wearing blue
        bandannas so you wonít miss them.

[Kharg goes out into the city and finds Buster talking to a
woman in a corner.]

Buster: Hey? What do you want? Iím busy now. Talk to me later.

Kharg: Samsonís asking for you. Heís ready to leave now.

Buster: Oh...damn! Just as I was getting somewhere! (to woman)
        Looks like Iíve got to go. Sorry. I am just a humble
        bird in migration. Coming and going time and time
        again. Donít be sad, my dear! I will imagine your
        smiling face as I go to sleep tonight. If I return
        to this town, you and I...

Kharg: I donít think you should keep your captain waiting too

Buster: Yeah...OK! I know, I know! Time to go! Heís a slave
        driver, that guy! One day, Iíll quit! Thatíll show
        him! Damn him!

[Buster runs back to the bar.]

Young Woman: Oh, thank you. He was so pushy! I donít like
             that kind of silly, gushy talk! I prefer a man to
             be more straightforward.

Kharg: ...Iíll remember that.

[The other lost shipmate, Boomer, is found in the Main Plant,
talking to another engineer.]

Boomer: Oh, itís you, Kharg. Iím busy right now. Canít it wait?

Kharg: Samsonís asking for you. Heís ready to leave now.

Boomer: Oh...damn! Just as I was getting somewhere. (to engineer)
        Come on, wonít you reconsider? Itís just not a fair
        exchange. Ten crystal ores for one pitch propeller?
        Theyíre worth...

Veteran Mechanic: What things are worth has changed since the
                  Dilzweld Army destroyed stuff.

Boomer: Well, even so. Your pitch propellers are supposed to be
        really well-made. What do you say? A special deal just
        between you and me?

Veteran Mechanic: Weíve never met before. If you donít like it, then
                  leave it.

Boomer: If thatís the way you want it. Iíd hoped, what with us both
        being engineers, we might help each other out more...

Kharg: I donít think you should keep your captain waiting too long.

Boomer: ...Damn it! OK! Thatís it, then, for now. Maybe next time.

[Boomer runs back to the bar.]

Veteran Mechanic: Ha ha ha! I donít know! If he wants to beat down
                  the price, heíll have to be a bit more persistent!

Kharg: He likes to try his luck!

[Kharg goes back to the pub.]

Samson: Hey, Kharg! Thanks a lot.

Kharg: So, you can get going at last.

Samson: Well, the Dilzweld Army was our supplier. We canít do any
        trade now theyíve gove. Thought weíd give the Megist a
        surprise attack! Thatíll give Ďem a scare!

Kharg: ...Thereís just one thing Iíd like to ask you.

Samson: What?

Kharg: Why did you lie to us back at Wilbur Shore? You told us Lilia
       was in Cathena.

Samson: Oh, that...Does it really matter? Whatís done is done, eh?

Kharg: Are you after the Light Stone, as well?

Samson: Thereís money to be made from something that everyone wants.
        As a thief, it would make for quite a catch!

Kharg: ......

Samson: Make no mistake. But Iím not that interested in the Light

Kharg: So why did you lie, then?

Samson: I didnít know you very well then. I thought I should wait
        a while and make sure I could trust you.

Kharg: So does that mean you trust me now?

Samson: I guess.

Kharg: In that case, why donít we fight together? We both want to

       defeat the Dilzweld, donít we?

Samson: Sorry, but Iíve got other stuff to do. Besides, if you pair
        up with a thief, youíll lose all the respect people have for
        you now. You lot make a good team on your own. You can take
        on Dilzweld no problem.

Maru: Yeah! Thatís the spirit, Samson!

Paulette: Hey! Donít get carried away!

Samson: So, thatís the situation...

Kharg: ...Yeah, OK. I understand.

Samson: Still...if you carry on with what youíre doing, weíre sure to
        meet up again somewhere down the line.

Kharg: I hope so.

Samson: OK, Iím really off now! So long!

[Samson, Buster, and Boomer all leave.]

Kharg: Now, then...Shall we get going, too?

Maru: Get going? Where to?

Paulette: Silly boy. We may have lost the Fire Stone and Lilia, but
          that doesnít change our mission to stop Darkham. Weíre
          going after him.

Maru: I know that! Donít call me silly!

Ganz: Heh heh heh...

Maru: You shouldnít laugh at a prince! You havenít even been part of
      the gang for as long as we have!

Kharg: Ha ha ha. Donít get into such a temper, Maru! Itís not very
       princely! Come on, then. Letís go!

[As everyone is about to exit town...]

Spencer: Come on, this way!

[Spencer, two guards, and Tatjana follow after them.]

Kharg: General...

Spencer: Kharg, Iím going to take Tatjana to Cathena as a prisoner
         of war. Iíll make sure she gets into prison. Just leave it
         to me.

Kharg: Tatjana...

Tatjana: ......

Spencer: Letís go, then!

[Tatjana doesnít budge.]

Spencer: What are you doing? Get moving!

Tatjana: ............

Spencer: Canít you walk?!

Tatjana: Kharg, let me go with you!

Kharg: What...?

Tatjana: Up to now, Iíve just been living my life the way Darkham
         told me to. But from now on, I want to find out whatís
         really right on my own!

Spencer: What rubbish are you talking now?!

Tatjana: I know it probably doesnít matter to you. But, I donít
         want to give up on everything and be one of lifeís losers! Iím
         begging you. Please give me another chance!

Kharg: Tatjana...

Spencer: How can you expect anyone to trust a person that betrays so

Tatjana: I know an awful lot about Dilzweld. I could be a great asset
         to you!

Spencer: Sheís just bluffing because she doesnít want to go to prison!

Tatjana: Trust me, Kharg...

Kharg: ............

Maru: No way...Donít let her fool you, Kharg! Sheíll just betray you
      again! You really shouldnít trust people like this.

Spencer: Heís right. Tatjanaís not even worth listening to! Being
         soft on people doesnít make you a good person!

Kharg: ............Tatjana, letís fight together.

Tatjana: Kharg...!

Spencer: This is madness! I wonít allow it!

Maru: Argh! Not again...!

Paulette: Typical! Hee hee hee...

Ganz: Thatís Kharg for you! Itís just the way he is.

Kharg: I believe what she says about wanting to change the way she
       lives. And altogether I agree that she should make up for what
       sheís done. I donít think that just going to prison is the
       right way. Iím sure sheíd be of a lot of use to us. And...
       if I am betrayed again, then I guess Iím no judge of character.

Spencer: What a softie! I canít stand it!

[Spencer walks away.]

Tatjana: Kharg...Thank you.

Kharg: Itís OK...Iím sure that having you on our side will make this
       fight even more intense than ever.

Tatjana: ...The kindness youíve shown may be strong enough to change
         the world. Just like it changed my heart...

Paulette: Ahem! So sorry to interrupt! But what about Darkham?!

Kharg: Why are you so angry...?

Paulette: Who said Iím angry?!

Kharg: ............ (to Tatjana) Tatjana...Please tell us if you know
       anything about where Darkham is headed.

Tatjana: I wasnít in a position to know everything about Darkhamís

Kharg: I see.

Tatjana: But that doesnít mean I canít find out where heís heading.

Kharg: Really...?! How?

Tatjana: We must go to the [mountain stronghold]. There was a
         [wireless radio] there. If we can find it, maybe we can
         intercept Darkhamís orders.

Kharg: All right. In that case, letís get going!

[Everyone enters the stronghold. Tatjana goes to a machine thatís
been left in operating condition.]

Tatjana: Leave it to me. I know how it works.

[She fiddles with it and a small lift elevator comes up.]

Kharg: Itís already helping us out to have you with us!

Tatjana: No need to thank me yet. Iíll be of a lot more use than
         this. Come on, letís hurry.

[At the bottom of the elevator, Tatjana goes over to a small
radio on a cart.]

Kharg: So this is the [wireless radio]?

Tatjana: Good. Itís still here.

Kharg: Does it still work?

Tatjana: Iíll try it.

[She fiddles with the radio and a broadcast comes on.]

****************************************************************** the command of the materials...krrr...Five Great Spirit


Tatjana: I guess thatís about all we can catch for now.

Kharg: Does that mean...Darkham is in Ragnoth?!

Tatjana: It sounds like it.

Kharg: What could he be doing there?

Paulette: I heard them say ďman-madeĒ and ďmaterials obtained...Ē
          What could it mean?

Tatjana: Maybe heís there for materials to artificially manufacture
         a Great Spirit Stone.

Kharg: Manufacture?!

Tatjana: Yes. Emperor Darkham had a research team devoted to it.

Kharg: Is it really possible?

Tatjana: Trial after trial was unsuccessful, and the army said it
         was a waste of money, but...

Kharg: Thereís a possibility it might succeed?

Tatjana: Yes. The biggest problem was getting a hold of necessary
         materials. Ordinary Spirit Stones were of no use. But if
         theyíve found what they need...

Kharg: Tell me, Tatjana. Why is Darkham going to such lengths to
       collect all the Great Spirit Stones?

Tatjana: The [Ultimate Weapon]. Thatís what he wants.

Kharg: The Ultimate Weapon? Whatís that?

Tatjana: It was built in ancient times, and they say it has the power
         to reduce the whole world to ashes.

Kharg: The whole world...?!

Tatjana: Yes...But I wasnít told exactly what kind of weapon it was
         or where it was kept. All I knew was that we were under
         orders to collect each of the Great Spirit Stones...

Kharg: I see...Itís like the Spirit told me. If all five Great Spirit
       Stones are brought together, an ďinfinite powerĒ will be born.
       The ďinfinite powerĒ must be the same thing as the Ultimate
       Weapon. If that were to fall into Darkhamís hands, the world
       would be at his mercy.

Ganz: Thereís something else thatís worrying me. Why did Darkham
      take Lilia with him? He must already have the Light Stone. So
      he shouldnít have any use for her now...

Tatjana: ...I donít know why. But, he was insistent that she be kept
         alive. So I donít think we have to worry about her being

Kharg: ......

Maru: Come on, Kharg! Letís just get back to Ragnoth! If we donít
      hurry, itíll be too late!

Kharg: Youíre right. We canít delay. Letís go!

[The crew goes outside is about to leave when Zev approaches at full

Zev: K-kharg...!

Kharg: Zev...?

Zev: Here you are! Iíve been looking for you...!

Kharg: Whatís up? Why are you in such a hurry? We havenít seen you
       since we met you inside the stronghold.

Zev: Itís t-terrible! Yewbell has been taken over by Deimos!

Kharg: What?!

Maru: Yewbell?!

Zev: Apparently, itís really bad!

Kharg: How could they do this? What about the Defense Corps?

Paulette: Wh-what happened to everyone? Is Lady Nafia safe?

Zev: I donít know any more! Itís not like I was there, you know!

Paulette: Oh, Kharg!

Kharg: Weíve got to hurry! Weíre going back to [Yewbell]...!

[They fly to Yewbell and find it in ruins. Windmills knocked over,
the front gate smashed...]

Kharg: Wh-what the...?!

Paulette: This is awful...

Maru: It canít be true...The windmills...theyíve all been destroyed...!

Paulette: Can this...really be...Yewbell...?

Kharg: What happened here...?!

Paulette: Iím going to go and have a look!

Maru: Me, too!

[The two run off.]

Kharg: Why...?!

[Kharg sees Banjo and walks over to him.]

Kharg: Hey, Banjo! What in blazes happened here?!

Banjo: Urh...! H-help!

[Banjo runs away.]

Kharg: Banjo...?! What is it...?!

[Kharg runs to his house. As he approaches, two women come
out of it.]

Yong Woman: I-itís Kharg!

Middle-Aged Woman: Eek!

Kharg: Hey, wait! Whatís going on?

[Inside his house...]

Paulette: Kharg! Itís Lady Nafia...Sheís...

Kharg: My mother...? What happened to her?

Paulette: Th-the Deimos...............

Kharg: What?! Just tell me straight, Paulette!

Paulette: ...Well, the Deimos invaded without warning. I was told
          they took Lady Nafia hostage, and kept her locked up here.
          Then the Dilzweld Army came after the Deimos and attacked
          the town. In the battle, Lady Nafia was...The Deimos...
          killed her...

Kharg: ...!!

Paulette: Oh, itís so awful!

Kharg: B-but...

[Nafiaís son goes into her room.]

Kharg: Mother! Mother!! It canít be true...

Paulette: Lady Nafiaís grave...They said itís in the Castle Ruins...

Kharg: Grave...?

Paulette: I canít believe it, either. To think that Lady Nafia is no
          longer with us...!

Kharg: ...Which Deimos was it? The one who killed my mother?

Paulette: They say it was a Drakyr by the name of Darc...

Kharg: Darc...

Paulette: ...Is there anything I can do? Iíd do anything for you,

Kharg: Thatís OK. Iím just going to go to the [Castle Ruins]...

[Kharg goes and inspects her grave.]

Headstone: Nafia Yuriel Nidellia
           May she rest in peace.

Kharg: This motherís...grave...? Mother...Why...? That time
       we said goodbye in Dragon Bone really was the last

Paulette: Whatís this?! Such a shabby-looking grave for a queen...

Kharg: ...I donít understand. When I left Dragon Bone Valley, I told
       her that the next time I returned to Yewbell, I would return in
       triumph. And this...this is triumph? Was I wrong, do you think?

Paulette: ......

Kharg: Maybe I should have been here all the time, protecting Yewbell
       from the Deimos? Maybe I didnít understand what was really
       important? Do you think so, Paulette...?

Paulette: Kharg, you werenít wrong. Lady Nafia believed in you more
          than anyone...In everything that youíve done up to now.
          Striving to bring peace to the whole world, not just your
          own country...

Kharg: ......If it wasnít for that damn Deimos Darc, none of this
       would have happened!

Paulette: I heard something strange, too.

Kharg: What?

Paulette: I donít know what theyíre talking about, but people are
          saying...that Darc is Lady Nafiaís child.

Kharg: What?! Thatís ridiculous!

Paulette: Yes, but...apparently, Lady Nafia said so herself...

Kharg: Thatís impossible! Itís nothing more than a lie!

Paulette: O-of course! I know that. The people of this city have
          lost their heads. Iím sorry I repeated such a ridiculous

Kharg: ...No. Iím sorry for shouting. And where did this Darc
       disappear to?

Paulette: I know this sounds strange, but apparently, he went to the
          [Cave of Truth]...and he took Lilia with him!

Kharg: Lilia?! What does Lilia have to do with all of this?!

Paulette: I know. What was she doing here when we thought Darkham was
          holding her...?

Kharg: What is going on...?

Tatjana: Wait a minute...Do you think Darc kidnapped Lilia and came
         to Yewbell? Maybe thatís why the Dilzweld Army was after the

Kharg: That could be it...! Darc murdered my mother, and the Dilzweld
       Army destroyed the city under the pretext of capturing him...!

Tatjana: Yes.

Kharg: And then that monster Darc made his escape to the Cave of Truth
       with Lilia! Damn it!! Darc, the Drakyr...I wonít forget! Iíll
       never forgive him!

[Maru runs to the others.]

Maru: Kharg! Somethingís up! The people in this city are acting

Kharg: What do you mean, ďstrangeĒ?

Maru: Theyíre all upset, and theyíre looking for you.

Kharg: What could be wrong? Just a while back, some people ran away
       when they saw me. Iím going to find out whatís going on.

[Kharg runs back towards town, but a large gathering of people block
the way out of the Castle Ruins. They look very upset and angry.]
Duncan: There he is! Thereís Kharg!

Kharg: Whatís everyone...? Whatís going on?

Butch: Youíve got some nerve, coming back here!

Banjo: Letís get him!

Kharg: What in the worldís going on? Calm down a minute! What
       happened? Tell me everything.

Duncan: Nafia was in with the Deimos! Thatís the worst thing a human
        can do!

Kharg: Donít be a fool! Thatís impossible! What are you saying?!

Butch: Donít pretend you donít know! That Darc was Nafiaís son!

Morth: Yeah! Nafia said so herself!

Kharg: There must be some mistake! That canít be true!

Banjo: Itís too hideous. It makes my skin crawl!

Morth: Youíre her son, too! Youíre a Deimos just like Darc!

Kharg: No!

Paulette: Kharg and Lady Nafia have nothing to do with the Deimos!

Duncan: You and your mother tricked us all! Itís all because of you
        that Yewbell has been destroyed!

Kid Gang Leader: Just get out of here!

[The kid throws a rock at Kharg.]

Kharg: Argh...!

Paulette: Stop it! What do you think youíre doing?!

Maru: Stop! Khargís one of us!

Kid Gang Leader: That thing is one of us?! Show your true colors,

Kharg: I-Iím...a demon?! Me...?!


Kharg: Grr...grrahhh!! Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaggh! Waaaaaaaahh!

[Drakyr wings come out of Khargís back.]

Crowd: H-heís got wings! Argh! Heís a Deimos! Letís get out of here!

Kharg: I canít...My power...It wasnít the power of the Spirits? It was
       because I have Deimos blood running in my veins? Paul...

Paulette: Donít come near me!

Kharg: Huh? Iím...Iím...! Ahhhhhhh!!

[Kharg runs out of the Castle Ruins, leaving behind his friends. He
runs to Scrappe Plateau to the highest part of the metal platforms. He
rips off his Drakyr wings in a fit of rage.]

Kharg: Grr...grraahh! Arrgghh!! Huh, huh, huh...Mother...My father
       Windalf was a Deimos? Why...? Why?! It canít be...Am I always to
       be a Deimos now. With horns and scales all over my body. Never...
       I will not become a Deimos. I am human! Yes...Iíll wipe out the
       Deimos and make a safe world for humans to live in . Just you
       watch...I wonít top until Iíve destroyed them all! Darc. .. Youíll
       be the first! Iíll never accept that we share the same blood.
       Wherever your run Iíll find you and take your life Iím ready for
       you, Darc!


##Darc, Chapter Four: Reunion##

[Drakyrnia. Darcís party stands around waiting for him to return. They
arenít aware that heís halfway across Ragnoth.]

Delma: That Darc! Where the hell did he disappear to?

Camellia: Maybe...he got snatched up by the Dilzweld?

Delma: No way! Darcíd never get himself caught by any humans!

Volk: Yeah, but donít forget that humans hip we saw fly off while we
      were fighting...

Camellia: Those nasty humans might be doing experiments on him right
          now, just like they did to me.

Delma: Would you just shut up?

Camellia: Then why doesnít he come back?

Delma: How the hell should I know?

Camellia: Maybe heís tired of your mouth, Delma, dear, and thatís why
          he doesnít come back. Ho ho ho!

Delma: What?! Just try saying that again, you old biddy!

Bebedora: Ah, the color of Delmaís anger. A light, blossom pink. Her
          feelings shift from pale rose to a bright, golden yellow...
          Yes, she misses him. Anxiety...Sheís worried about Darc.

Delma: Worried? Me? You donít know what youíre talking about! Hmph!
       Why would I be worried about Darc?

Volk: Delma, youíre not much of a liar.

Camellia: This girl isnít hard to read. We can tell what sheís
          thinking in that rough little head of hers...

Delma: Would you all shut up about me already! Weíve gotta figure
       out how weíre gonna find Darc!

Camellia: But you know...weíve gone just about everywhere we could
          think of already. Yeah, but...

Volk: Wait a minute! Havenít you noticed how Darcís been tormented
      by something ever since we came to Ragnoth? Maybe wherever he
      went off to has something to do with that.

Delma: Darcís been tormented...? Yeah, well, come to think of it,
       he did want to go see Williwo by himself that time...

Camellia: In that case, maybe we should go see this Williwo and see
          what we can find out.

Delma: Miles ahead of you, old hag. Yup. Itís time to go see

[Everyone piles into Williwoís room.]

Delma: Hey, you! Williwo! What the hell did you say to Darc that
       made him take off like that?

Williwo: Wh-who are you?! What business do you have here?

Volk: While we were fighting the humans, Darc disappeared.

Williwo: What?! Darc is missing?

Volk: Donít worry. Darc would never let himself get done in by
      any mere humans, you can count on that. But ever since Darc
      came here, somethingís been bothering him.

Williwo: And you came to ask if I knew what it was, right?

Volk: Thatís right. Figured you might know something about it.

Williwo: First, let me ask you something. Sagan told me youíre from
         the Orcon, Lupine, and Pianta tribes. Not a one of you
         from the same tribe! And so Darc certainly isnít your tribe
         leader. Why, then, do you bother with him? What is Darc to
         you, exactly? And why do you follow him?

Volk: Because heís out friend (NOTE: This is just an option, so I
                                     made Volk say it.)

Williwo: Friend? You talk like humans! I suppose Darcís father,
         Windalf, would have understood how you feel, tell
         you the truth, I donít understand that way of thinking at
         all. But maybe friends are what Darc needs right now. True
         friends might be just the thing that boy needs...He, who is
         destined for solitude...Now, before I tell you what troubles
         Darc...I have to tell you more about Darcís mother and father.

[The screen goes black and Williwo explains it all to Darcís party.]

Delma: ......

Williwo: Whatís the matter? At a loss for words? Well, I donít suppose
         I can blame you...Darc is not a Deimos. And yet heís not a
         human, either. He had a twin brother once, but now that twin
         is dead. No matter where he goes in this world, heíll never
         find another like him. No one can feel the pain he feels. No
         one can understand his worries. Heís all alone in the world.
         That is what is tormenting him.

Delma: Gee...Darc...

Williwo: When you do find Darc, I have something I want you to give
         him. Itís the [Dragonia Ring] his father used to wear.

[Williwo gives Delma the ring and the party walks outside.]

Delma: (exasperated sigh) I canít believe this!

Volk: Darc never told us any of this.

Delma: Well, I knew his father was dead, but I never heard anything
       about his mother or twin brother, or about them being dead.

Camellia: So Darc had a twin! A brother in the same situation he was in.
          If only he had lived...I bet Darcís burden wouldíve been
          easier to bear. Poor Darc!

Bebedora: No.

Camellia: What? What do you mean ďNo,Ē Bebedora?

Bebedora: Darcís thoughts...They still remain in this place. Darc
          doesnít believe heís all alone in the world. Heís thinking
          of his brother. He believes heís still alive. And heís
          thinking he wants to find him.

Delma: No way! Are you trying to tell us Darc went looking for his

Volk: It could be true...

Camellia: Well, if it is, where in the world should we start looking
          for him?

Volk: Hey, didnít Williwo say something about Darcís mother...? He
      said she was from a human town called Yewbell. Thatís right here
      on Ragnoth.

Delma: [Yewbell], huh? Guess we have no other choice...Letís go!

[Everyone heads towards Yewbell, stopping in Chaos Forest.]

Delma: [Yewbell]ís on the other side of this forest?

Volk: Thatís right. Weíre entering the human territories now. Are you
      all ready? Letís go, then!

Delma: Letís go? Are you crazy? What do you plan to do, march right in?

Volk: I thought we were gonna raid the town and make them tell us where
      Darc is. You got a better plan?

Delma: Youíre the last person that should go, Volk.

Volk: Me? Why shouldnít I go?

Delma: If you went, you wouldnít let up until you slaughtered every
       last human. And we canít afford that kind of attention until
       after weíve found Darc!

Volk: What do you wanna do, then?

Camellia: I know! We should send just one person, a spy.

Volk: Sounds good! Let me do it.

Delma: (sigh) Look! Not you, Volk!

Volk: Grrr! Why not?!

Bebedora: Iíll go.

Delma: Huh? You?

Bebedora: Iíll find out where Darc went.

Delma: You? You really think you can handle that?

Camellia: Bebedora! Thatís a wonderful idea, child! If Bebedora goes,
          those nasty humans wouldnít even know she wasnít one of them!
          Sheíd be perfect for finding out what happened to Darc!

Delma: Gee, I dunno...What do you think?

Volk: Donít ask me. I have no idea how humans think. And I donít wanna
      know, either!

Delma: You canít fool me, Camellia! You just donít wanna go yourself!
       How do we know youíre not just making stuff to get out of going?

Camellia: What? Would I do that? Just look at her. Sheís the only one
          of us that looks like a human. Tell me Iím wrong. Right,
          Bebedora? Be a good girl and convince this Orcon woman for me!

Bebedora: Iím a puppet. A marionette on strings. I take the shape of a
          human. I imitate what humans do. I am human-like. Thatís what
          I am. And thatís why Iíll go. Iíll go find out about Darc.
          Darc is my master.

Camellia: See? What do you think of that? She says so herself! And if
          things get rough for her, she can always use her Puppet Master
          skills to escape. Yes, better leave this one to Bebedora.
          Thatís the best plan, I tell you!

Delma: What do you say, Volk?

Volk: If Bebedora tries and fails, then we all go. Itís as simple as

Delma: All right, that settles it, then! You go, Bebedora! Weíll wait
       for you here in Chaos Forest. Just find out everything you can
       about where Darc went and report back to us. Go that?

Bebedora: Iíll find Darc. I wonít fail.

[Bebedora goes into Yewbell via the Castle Ruins. After exploring a
bit, she enters Khargís house. Paulette is there.]

Paulette: Kharg! Youíre back! I...Oh!

Bebedora: Whoís Kharg? Iím Bebedora.

Paulette: Kharg is the one who lives here.

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. Ah, sweet, rose-colored thoughts. Attraction,
          the pale, rosy color of dawn. Secret, vague, tender
          emotions, a dark red. You have feelings for Kharg.

Paulette: Huh? I...What are you talking about? So...Do you have an
          errand here or something? Are you from this part of town?
          Whereís your mother? Isnít anybody watching you?

Bebedora: Iím looking for my friend.

Paulette: Your...friend?

Bebedora: The azure blue of sadness. The deep crimson of pain. The
          dark gray of repentance. Is that regret? You regret something.
          Youíre sorry you hurt someone.

Paulette: What...? Just what are you talking about, little girl?

Bebedora: Little girl? Whoís that? Iím Bebedora. Your feelings...I
          understand them. I can see them, you know. Youíve been
          betrayed. Bluish purple. And I see...the dusky scarlet of

Paulette: Stop it!

Bebedora: ......Hee hee hee.

Paulette: I...Iím sorry. I didnít mean to yell at you. Say, you want
          me to help you find your friend?

Bebedora: No. Iíll find my friend myself. You have to find your own

Paulette: My...own friend?

Bebedora: Thatís right. Thatís what your heart wants.

Paulette: How do you know all these things? Are you just making lucky
          guesses? What a strange child!

Bebedora: Strange child? Whoís that? Iím Bebedora.

Paulette: Bebedora...What an unusual name. My nameís Paulette. Thank
          you, Bebedora.

Bebedora: Thank you...?

Paulette: Yes. Iím grateful to you. Talking with you...I donít know...I
          feel better, somehow. So, I thank you. Iíll go out and see if
          your family is out there waiting for you. Wait right here.

[Paulette leaves.]

Bebedora: Gratitude...Kindness...What is this Iím feeling? This light
          makes me feel anxious. It lights the darkness in my heart.
          This place is filled with light...No, no, no! I donít want to
          be here. Iíve got to get out of here. Iíve got to look for
          Darc. (gasp) I found them! Some of Darcís feelings...I found
          a few of them still lingering here. Darc was here once.
          Where did Darc go? I must find him...

[Bebedora goes to the bar, finding Paulette and the proprietress
talking amongst themselves.]

Paulette: Oh! That little girl from before!

Bebedora: Little girl from before? Whoís that? Iím Bebedora.

Paulette: Yes, youíre right. Sorry, Bebedora. Look, Iíve got something
          Iíve got to take care of right away. Iíll help you find your
          family later, OK? I promise!

[Paulette leaves.]

Proprietress: Wait! Paulette!

[Bebedora goes back to the Church Ruins and finds Maru stooping over
Lady Nafiaís grave. Heís wearing his wild monkey mask.]

Bebedora: That face...Are you a Deimos?

Deimos Stranger: Who are you?

Bebedora: Iím Bebedora.

Deimos Stranger: My nameís Maru.

Bebedora: Youíre not a Deimos, are you?

Maru: Iím the King of Chaos Forest! Iím no Deimos!

Bebedora: Are you human?

Maru: Well, yeah! Of course.

Bebedora: Youíre human, but youíre interesting. Your heart is...more
          complex than a Deimos heart.

Maru: Is that supposed to be a compliment or something?

Bebedora: What are you doing here?

Maru: Me? Iím...Well, somebodyís gotta grieve for Lady Nafia, donít
      they? If nobody grieved for her...well, Iíd feel just awful,
      thatís all!

Bebedora: Nafia? Grieve? What are those things?

Maru: Nafia is Khargís mother.

Bebedora: Oh, Kharg. Iíve heard of him. The one Paulette is waiting

Maru: And heís my friend, too. Heís my very first friend...ever!

Bebedora: Friend?

Maru: Heh heh heh...Yeah, position is a little above his,
      actually. Me being a king and all...But Kharg...Well, he...
      turned out to be a Deimos. My very first friend ever...turned
      out to be a Deimos. I...I still canít believe it. He grew wings!
      They looked just like Drakyr wings...

Bebedora: Drakyr? Thatís what Darc is!

Maru: How come you know about that Deimos Darc guy?!

Bebedora: I know everything.

Maru: Yeah, I guess you would know about him. Everybody knows about him
      by now...Thatís all they ever talk about all over town. Paulette
      told me about him. She said the Deimos that killed Lady Nafia was
      a guy named Darc, and that he snatched up Lilia and carried her
      off to the [Cave of Truth].

Bebedora: Darc went to the [Cave of Truth]?

Maru: Yup. Now if I only knew where that Cave of Truth was! Iíd go there
      and take care of that olí Darc. You know...for Kharg.

Bebedora: Iím going there. Iím going to the Cave of Truth.

Maru: Huh?

Bebedora: Thatís what Iíve been looking for.

Maru: Hmm. I donít know about you...Youíre a little strange, arenít you?

Bebedora: Iím strange? Iím Bebedora. I was created to destroy the world.

Maru: Destroy...the world?! What are you talking about? Are you trying
      to make me laugh now or something, Ďcause I was crying before?

Bebedora: No, thatís not what Iím doing. Iím always serious. You just
          arenít taking me seriously. I can see your color of doubt.

Maru: Ha ha ha! So youíre serious, huh? I really donít know about you!
      Youíre more than a little strange, arenít you? But whether
      youíre serious or not, you shouldnít talk about destroying the
      world, you know.

Bebedora: I shouldnít? Why not?

Maru: Why not? Because if you destroyed the world, everbodyíd be sad,
      thatís why not!

Bebedora: Everybody? Who?

Maru: Everybody in the whole world, thatís who.

Bebedora: What about you, Maru? Would you be sad?

Maru: Whaddiya think? Yeah, Iíd be sad, too.

Bebedora: ...I see. ...... I feel like...I could be sad, too.

Maru: See? So stop talking about dumb stuff like trying to destroy the
      world, OK?

[Ganz and Tatjana run into the Church Ruins.]

Ganz: Paulette! Where are you?

Tatjana: Are you here? Paulette!

Maru: Huh? That sounds like Ganz! Sounds like theyíre looking for
      Paulette. (to Bebedora) Theyíre my friends, too. Hey, Iíll
      introduce you. Follow me!

[The two go to Ganz and Tatjana.]

Ganz: Have you seen Paulette?

Maru: Nope, she hasnít been here. Hey, I wanna introduce you. This

Ganz: This isnít good! If Paulette isnít here...

Tatjana: ...then that means she went after them.

Maru: Hey! Listen up, guys! Iím trying to introduce you to someone

Ganz: Pauletteís gone off to Chaos Forest to take care of some Deimos
      that showed up there!

Maru: What? Youíre kidding!

Ganz: She heard a rumor that one of them was the one who killed her

Maru: Well, whatís the matter with you? What didnít you stop her?

Ganz: I didnít know anything about it until it was too late!

Tatjana: This is no time to be arguing. Weíve got to do something.

Maru: Youíre right. Paulette could be in trouble. Weíve got to go
      rescue her!

Ganz: Is this girl an acquaintance of yours?

Maru: Yeah. Her nameís Bebedora. Youíd best not come with us,
      Bebedora. Itís too dangerous.

Bebedora: ......

Maru: OK, everybody, letís go!

[Maru and Ganz run off, but Tatjana lingers a moment.]

Tatjana: Bebedora, huh...? Iíve heard that name somewhere before...

Ganz: Tatjana, what are you doing? Letís go!

Tatjana: Yes, yes, all right!

[The three run into Chaos Forest.]

Bebedora: I can see the screaming of their  hearts. Human hearts
          are so...small and weak. They long desperately for Kharg.
          Hee hee hee. Without Kharg, they canít do anything. Itís the
          same with us. The Deimos canít do anything without Darc,
          either. Too bad. I wanted to stay here and play a while
          longer. But it looks like [Chaos Forest] is going to be

[At Chaos Forest...]

Volk: Damn it! Sheís taking too long!

Delma: What could that girl be doing all this time?

Camellia: Maybe she got caught by the humans?

Delma: Oh, man! Listen to you, now! Youíre the one that said Bebedora
       would be just fine!

Camellia: What I said was just a simple suggestion. If memory serves,
          werenít you the one that made the final decision?

Delma: What?! Why, you...!

Camellia: Aaaghhh! H-humans!

Volk: Huh?

[A bunch of shady-looking people run through the forest entrance.]

Mercenary: Killing this lot will bring in quite a reward! Prepare to
           die, Deimos!

Delma: Youíre just in time. I was getting bored standing around doing
       nothing. Ready to shake things up?

Volk: Yeah, I guess itíll help pass the time.



Camellia: I canít believe we have to fight all by ourselves, cut off and
          alone out here in the human territory! If only Darc were with
          us now...

Delma: Aww, quit your whining, hag! Weíll do just fine without that olí

Camellia: Are you sure? You sound like youíre trying awfully hard to
          keep up a brave front, Orcon girl...

Delma: Will you shut up already? Letís get down to business. Weíll have
       this cleaned up in no time!


[The hired hands canít put a dent in the Deimosí stride, and they die
in Chaos Forest. Afterwards...]

Delma: Whatís the matter, Volk? Tired already?

Volk: Nah. Itís jut that being in Ragnoth again makes some of my old
      wounds ache...

Delma: But, hey...Humans sure donít put up much of a fight, do they?

Camellia: Donít underestimate the humans, Delma! Their weapons are
          nothing to sneer at.

[Paulette runs into the forest.]

Delma: Oh, boy! Here comes another one!

Paulette: Iíve finally found you at last! And now I will avenge my
          fatherís death!

Volk: Wait a minute! Iíve heard that voice before! How could I
      forget? Youíre the daughter of that human!

Paulette: Prepare to die, Deimos!

Volk: Youíre the one thatís gonna die! I havenít forgotten the bitter
      loss of my wife and child...And now youíre gonna pay...just like
      I made your father pay!

[Tatjana, Maru, and Ganz run to the aid of Paulette.]

Ganz: Looks like weíre just in time.

Maru: Paulette, whatís the big idea, trying to take on the Deimos all by

Ganz: Whatís this?! (he looks at Delma) An Orcon!

Camellia: You!!

Tatjana: Oh, youíre that Deimos I experimented on! I had no idea you
         were still alive. You were such a nice little lab rat.

Camellia: The gall of this human...!

Volk: Kill the humans...ever last one of them! All right, who wants to
      be the first to die?

[Bebedora in between the Deimos and humans.]

Maru: Bebedora! You shouldnít have come! I told you it was too

Bebedora: Hee hee hee.

Delma: Where the hell have you been, Bebedora?!

[Bebedora walks the Deimos side.]

Maru: Wh-what? Whatís going on? Bebedora is a ...Deimos...?

Bebedora: Iím not a Deimos. Iím a monster.

Tatjana: Now I remember! Thatís Bebedora, the Puppet Master! Also known
         as the ďPuppeteer.Ē Sheís a Doll Master monster that was
         trapped in a seal a long time ago. She can control you like a
         puppet on a string with her magic! We should withdraw for now.

Ganz: Death to all Orcon!

Paulette: Come on, Deimos! Fight, if you dare!

Tatjana: Oh, no! Theyíve lost all sense of reason...Iíve got to do

[Tatjana throws a grenade that blinds everyone.]

Volk: Aaarghhh! That light!!

Delma: What the hell...?!

Camellia: My eyes! My eyes!!

Ganz: Damn it! Where is that Deimos?

Paulette: Whoís doing this?!

Tatjana: Everybody, just cool your heads! What good will we be to
         Kharg if we end up dying here? This is the time to retreat,
         I tell you!

Paulette: ......

Ganz: ......

[The humans retreat, leaving the Deimos to wait until the smoke and
brightness go away.]

Volk: Grrrahhh! Iím still half blind! Damn those cowards!

Camellia: Thatís the way with humans. They use magic called ďscience.Ē
          Itís very frightening!

Delma: Aww, youíre always shaking in your old biddy boots about one
       thing or another! Humans are weak creatures. They canít do a
       thing unless they band together in groups.

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Who are you to talk? I donít recall seeing you
          chasing after them, either...

Delma: Youíre really asking for it, arenít you, old woman?

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Never mind that now. Bebedora, dear...did you find
          out anything useful about Darc?

Bebedora: Darc went to the [Cave of Truth].

Delma: The Cave of Truth?  Where the hell is that?

Bebedora: I donít know. Maru didnít know, either.

Delma: Then what good is that gonna do us, huh?!

Camellia: Ho ho ho! So the little Orcon girl doesnít know the Cave of
          Truth? I know exactly where it is...Itís a cave on [Cragh
          Island], the land beyond! According to one of our old Pianta
          legends, the Cave of Truth is on Cragh, a cursed island
          otherwise known as the land of the dead.

Volk: Lupine lore tells of it, too. ďThere is a monster graveyard, far
      away in the southern sea. Itís name is Cragh. It is the island
      of hell. Suffering worse than death...awaits any Deimos who
      dares step foot there.Ē

Delma: If itís as terrible as all that, why in the world would Darc go

Bebedora: I donít know. Thatís what Maru told me. He said Darc killed
          Nafia, carried Lilia off, and went to the Cave of Truth.

Delma: Lilia?! What does Darc wanna have that little witch with him

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. The dusky scarlet of jealousy. An even deeper
          color than Pauletteís. Yes, Deimos feelings are much more

Delma: What?! What the hell are you blathering on about at a time
       like this, little girl?

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Poor Delma...Not enough confidence in your own
          looks, is it...?

Delma: Shut up! Just shut up, all of you! Weíre going to [Cragh
       Island]. And weíre gonna bring Darc back! Have you all got



Thankfully, another short chapter! I always find the Deimosí speech a
lot more interesting to type than Khargís. ďLetís go!Ē is too common a
phrase to them. =p

##Kharg, Chapter Five: Truth [KC5]##

[The chapter opens with the Fiona. Buster, Boomer, Samson, and Kharg
are all flying in the air. Kharg looks pensively out a window.]

Kharg: ...Deimos...Human...

Buster: We gonna carry on, Captain? Weíre getting pretty low on Spirit

Samson: Weíll manage. Itís OK. Stay on course.

Buster: Understood.

Kharg: ...Mother...

[Samson looks at Kharg, still staring out the window.]

Samson: ...... Hey, youíre quiet, arenít you? And yet you seemed all
        fired up when you came on board and asked me to take you to
        the Cave of Truth.

Kharg: ...You really helped me out, telling me that itís on [Cragh

Samson: I told you Iím not sure if thatís right or not. Even Cragh
        Island itself is just the subject of travelersí tales. I
        donít now if it really exists or not.

Kharg: ...I have to go to avenge my motherís death. I must find it.

Samson: ...I heard some rumors about your mother a long time ago.

Kharg: What...?

Samson: About Nafia, the heroic woman of Nidellia. They say she was
        incredibly brave. In her younger days, she would wield a sword
        and fight off invaders.

Kharg: I donít know much about what my mother did back then. On one
       hand, she went on about how I should be brave in all I do...But
       on the other hand, she was just a normal mother, always worrying
       about me.

Samson: Iím sure youíve lived up to her expectations. Youíre doing
        everything she wouldíve wanted.

Kharg: I thought I understood my mother. it seems I didnít
       really know her at all.

Samson: What makes you think that?

Kharg: My mother...She had a secret she couldnít tell anyone. She tried
       to hide it from everyone, but I knew she was suffering...

Samson: ......

Kharg: I didnít tell you before because I was afraid that you wouldnít
       help me find Cragh Island...

Samson: What is it?

Kharg: Thereís...Deimos blood in my veins.

Samson: What?!

Kharg: Yes...My father was a Deimos.

Samson: Youíre joking...

Kharg: Itís true. When I returned to Yewbell, wings grew from my back.
       You canít get much more convincing proof than that! Heh heh...

Samson: The child of a human and a Deimos...

Kharg: But that doesnít mean...Of course there was no love between them.
       Because of that Deimos, my mother was burdened with a child she
       did not want...!

Samson: ......

Kharg: Or...Maybe she wasnít really my mother. Maybe she just took in
       a lost Deimos child and brought it up as her own...

Samson: ...So this is whatís been on your mind?

Kharg: ......

Samson: Whicever the answer, it must be pretty tough on you.

Kharg: Will you still help me look for Cragh Island...? Iíve been
       chased out of my country, and my friends donít want to have
       anything to do with me anymore. I donít have anywhere else
       to go...

Samson: I have a question. Whatís going to happen to your ambition
        to stop Darkhamís plans?

Kharg: That hasnít changed. First Iíll kill Darc, and Iíll save
       Lilia...And then Iíll deal with Darkham. Iíll defeat Dilzweld,
       and then Iíll destroy the Deimos...! That way, people will have
       to accept me as human!

Samson: ...... (to Boomer) Hey, donít they say that there are odd-
        looking rocks on Cragh Island? Keep your eye out for them, eh!

Boomer: Yes, Captain!

Kharg: So...itís OK, then...?

Samson: It doesnít matter to me whether youíre a human or a Deimos.
        As long as youíre out to defeat Dilzweld, Iím with you.

Kharg: Thank you, Samson...

Boomer: Captain! Island up ahead!

Samson: Really? And the rocks?

Boomer: ...There they are! White rocks everywhere!

Samson: So weíve found Cragh Island! All hands prepare for splashdown!

[The Fiona lands on the island.]

Kharg: Thanks, Samson. Iíll be getting off now.

Samson: Iíve decided Iím going with you.

Kharg: What? Why?

Samson: Cragh Island is uncharted territory. We donít know what kind of
        savage monsters or Deimos may be living here. Going it alone
        would be dangerous. I thought you might need my help.

Kharg: Iím grateful...but I still wonder why...

Samson: Iíve come this far. I have to stay with you now until you find
        Lilia. Youíre the one that brought me this far, mind you! Ha
        ha ha!

Kharg: ...Surely the leader of a gang of thieves canít be that soft-
       hearted? What are you after?

Samson: ......Heh heh heh! Well, yes, there is something in it for me,
        actually. Itís an unexplored island, which means nobodyís
        located the place yet. In other words, itís a fair bet thereís
        treasure here!

Kharg: Oh! So youíre after treasure?

Samson: Well, we only steal from the Dilzweld Army, so we have to go
        treasure hunting sometimes, too.

Kharg: ......

Samson: Shouldnít we get going? There could be Deimos here.

Kharg: Yes. Letís go.

[Samson and Kharg leave the Fiona and continue on until they see a

Samson: Anyway, the sea here is very calm...

Kharg: Yes. Even though itís an unexplored island, it doesnít feel
       strange at all. Huh?

[Kharg sees two weird creatures.]

Kharg: Thereís something over there!

Samson: Oh...! Slothians?

Kharg: I wonder what theyíre up to? Letís go and take a look.

[Samson and Kharg walk up to the Slothians.]

Slothian A: ...Thatís enough carving...

Slothian B: ...Then...Iím stopping, too...

Slothian A: ...Only just started, but...

Slothian B: ...but...had enough...

Slothian A: ...Tired...

Slothian B: ...Did a lot today...

[The two quit working as the humans approach.]

Samson: They havenít noticed us at all.

Kharg: The fact that theyíre talking means they canít be monsters.
       Theyíre Deimos.

Samson: The Slothians...? But they look just like monsters.

Slothian A: ...Huh...? ...Someoneís there...

Slothian B: ...What...? ...Who is it...?

Slothian A: ...Who two...?

Kharg: Theyíre Deimos and yet they donít try to fight us humans...

Samson: Hmph! Theyíre a waste of time! No point fighting these two.

Kharg: We didnít come here to fight. We came here to find Darc and
       Lilia. Maybe they know something about them.

Samson: In that case, Iím outta here! Talking to this pair makes me feel
        like Iíve gone crazy!

[Kharg and Samson head to the west coast of the island, finding the
Slothian village. There they find humans and Slothians living together,
without fighting.]

Kharg: Humans and Deimos...Living together...?!

Samson: Unbelievable...I could understand them living next to each
        other...But for humans and Deimos to actually be living in the
        same area...!

Kharg: I canít believe such a place exists...

Samson: Do you think Darc came here with Lilia? I imagined a secret
        Drakyr village. Thatís where I thought heíd be keeping Lilia.
        But...this doesnít look like the kind of place youíd hold
        someone hostage.

Kharg: Anyway, Iím more interested in the [Cave of Truth] that Darc
       and Lilia were headed for. Letís try to find out more.

[Nearby, a Slothian and a human are engaged in conversation. Kharg

Island Man: ...That fish I caught didnít look too good, but it sure
            tasted great.

Slothian: ...Ah...Nice...Your story...makes me hungry...

Kharg: How can he be talking with a Deimos like that...?

Slothian: ...Ah...havenít seen you here before...Whatís up...?

Kharg: Why are you living with humans? Youíre a Deimos, arenít you?

Slothian: ...Never thought about it...

Kharg: And you? Why are you living with Deimos?

Island Man: What do you mean, why...? Because we both live on this
            island, thatís why.

Kharg: No, I mean, donít you fight each other?

Island Man: Why would we fight?

Kharg: Because Deimos attack humans.

Island Man: The Slothians donít do anything like that.

Kharg: ......Even though humans use Spirit Stones?

Island Man: Whatís a Spirit Stone?

Kharg: What?! You donít have Spirit Stones here? Then how do you
       power your machines?

Island Man: There are no machines here. We do everything by hand on
            this island.

Kharg: ......So you donít need Spirit Stones, you mean?

Slothian: ...Stuff you say...complicated...

[Kharg goes to the dock and talks to another Slothian.]

Slothian: ...Ah...another stranger...

Kharg: Another? So that means thereíve been other humans here not from
       this island?! What did they look like?!

Slothian: ...A blue...

Kharg: Lilia! Was she with a Deimos man?

Slothian: ...Like a a human...but...the two of them...
          ...looked just like...

Kharg: Just like what?

Slothian: ...The New...Hero and...Holy Mother...

Kharg: The New Hero and the Holy Mother? Iíve never heard of them...
       Forget it. Did the people Iím looking for head off to the
       Cave of Truth?

Slothian: ...Hmm, all I know is that they went towards the Slothian
          eldersí place...

Kharg: The Slothian eldersí place?

Slothian: ...[Elder Hill]...the hill where the elders...always take
          their naps...

Kharg: OK, [Elder Hill], right?

[At Elder Hill, Kharg finds a bunch of sleeping Slothians, all dressed

alike. He looks around until he finds a Slothian whoís awake.]

Elder Slothian: ...Aaaah...Whoís that...waking me up?

[Kharg asks about the New Hero and Holy Mother.]

Elder Slothian: ...Before I tell you about the New Hero and the
                Holy Mother...I must tell you about the legend of the
                first Hero and the Holy Mother from long ago...

Kharg: What legend...?

Elder Slothian: ...Long, long ago, there was a time when it seems this
                world would end...But legend has it that there were two,
                Arc and Kukuru...who sacrificed their lives to save the

Kharg: Arc and Kukuru...?

Elder Slothian: ...And itís said that Arc and Kukuru came to this
                island...Then many years later...another two came to
                this island, wanting to save the world from ruin...So we
                called them the New Hero and the Holy Mother...I think
                they said their real names were Nafia and Windalf...

Kharg: Wh-what...?!! My mother and Windalf came here?! What? Why would

Elder Slothian: ...Iím sure at that time...Zzzzz...

Kharg: Hey! Donít sleep! Wake up!

Elder Slothian: ...Zzzzz...Mnh...rrhh...

Kharg: Damn! Then Iíll ask someone else!

[Kharg wakes up another elder.]

Elder Slothian: ...Rrnh...mnh...Oohhh...sleepy...

[Kharg asks about Nafia and Windalf.]

Elder Slothian: ...I remember Nafia and Windalf...They drifted ashore
                on this island a long time ago...Theyíd both run away,
                and they were in quite a state...

Kharg: They ran away? From what?

Elder Slothian: ...How should we know that...? ...Something about it
                being forbidden...For a human and a Deimos to live
                together...They said they couldnít go anywhere without
                fear of being killed...

Kharg: Hold on! Youíre saying they were like a real couple?

Elder Slothian: ...Yes, of course...

Kharg: No way! Thatís impossible! Windalf brought my mother here
       against her wishes!

Elder Slothian: ...Hmm...not sure about that...

Kharg: So why did they come here? Why this island?

Elder Slothian: ...Well, they were...Zzzzz...

Kharg: Not again! Hey, wake up!

Elder Slothian: ...Zzzzz...

Kharg: I give up!

[Kharg wakes up yet another elder.]

Elder Slothian: ...Aaaaaah...Good sleep...

[Kharg inquires about Nafia and Windalf again.]

Elder Slothian: ...Nafia and Windalf...came to this island...were
                surprised...and left...

Kharg: That doesnít tell me anything!

Elder Slothian: ...Well, the two of them...were surprised when they
                saw humans and Slothians living together...They swore
                they must make a world where humans and Deimos could
                live in peace...and they left the island hand in hand...

Kharg: Itís a lie...! My mother was tricked by Windalf and forced...

Elder Slothian: ...Wrong...The New Hero and the Holy Mother were deeply
                in love...Enough to make others jealous...

Kharg: ...............I had no idea. No idea any of this happened to my

Elder Slothian: ...And we were surprised that the two who just came look
                so much like Nafia and Windalf...

Kharg: Of course, Lilia and Darc...! Did they go to the Cave of Truth?
       Tell me where it is!

Elder Slothian: ...The Cave of Truth...

Kharg: Please donít go to sleep.

Elder Slothian: ...Zzzzz...

Kharg: I said donít sleep...!

[Kharg desperately finds another Slothian to awaken.]

Elder Slothian: ...Nnh...rghh...So sleepy...

[Kharg asks about the Cave of Truth.]

Elder Slothian: ...The Cave of Truth...? ...Thatís where the pair that
                look like the New Hero and the Holy Mother went...

Kharg: Just tell me where it is!

Elder Slothian: ...North side of the island, then...through the
                forest...of the hidden ship...North again, then...there
                you can hear...the Spiritsí voices, then...

Kharg: The voices of the Spirits...?

Elder Slothian: ...Long ago, Windalf and Nafia went there, too...When
                they came out, they said they now understood the secrets
                of the world...

Kharg: The secrets of the world, huh?

Elder Slothian: ...You going there, too...?

Kharg: Yes. Itís something I must do.

Elder Slothian: ...OK if I go back to sleep, then...?

Kharg: OK, finally! Time to go to the [Cave of Truth]! You just wait,

[Samson and Kharg go through The Forest of the Hidden Ship, ending up
at the Cave of Truth.]

Kharg: This is the [Cave of Truth]!

[Both of them see Lilia and Darc surrounded by a bunch of monsters.]

Kharg: Lilia...!


Darc: Monsters...!

Lilia: Darc, what should we do...!

Darc: Stay close to me! Iíll take care of Ďem in a flash!


Kharg: So thatís Darc, huh?!

Samson: Liliaís in danger! Letís go!

[Kharg hesitates.]

Samson: Whatís wrong?!

Kharg: It would mean...Iíd be helping Darc...

Samson: Donít be a fool! Nowís not the time! I thought you wanted to
        help Lilia!

[Samson runs ahead.]

Kharg: Yes, Lilia...Heís right! Iíve got to help Lilia...!

[Kharg runs after Samson and they enter battle with the monsters. Darc
does the same.]



Samson: You know, donít you? You realize who you should be cooperating
        with now in this fight...?

Kharg: Yes, damn it! I know! Curse that Darc!

Samson: Look, just donít think about anything else right now.
        Concentrate on getting rid of the enemy!


[After the battle, Samson advances toward Liliaís hiding spot.]

Samson: Itís over now. Youíre not hurt?

Lilia: Iím OK...Who are you?

Samson: Iím just a thief. Not worth of introduction. Sometimes I
        go along with Kharg to try to find treasure.

[Kharg approaches Darc.]

Kharg: You must be Darc.

Darc: And youíre Kharg?

Kharg: Are you prepared...?!

Darc: What?! Prepared for what?

Kharg: Prepare to go to hell!

[Kharg draws his sword.]

Lilia: Kharg, stop it!

Darc: Hah! You havenít seen your brother for 17 years, and all of
      a sudden you want to kill me?! I heard about you...Growing
      up among the humans, all pampered and taken care of. And
      that even though youíre half human and half Deimos like me...
      You look just like a human...So you could live without being
      looked down on or laughed at by everyone! And now that pampered
      little poodle whose never known a single hardship says heís going
      to kill me? Donít make me laugh! Come on, then, if youíve got a
      death wish! Youíll be the one going to hell!

[Darc draws his blade.]

Kharg: Weíll see!

Lilia: Stop it! Youíre brothers! Why do you have to fight like humans

       and Deimos?!

Darc: I am a Deimos! Iíll kill any human that tries to kill my kind!

Kharg: And Iím human! I will fight to protect my kind from the Deimos!

Darc: Fate can be a funny thing...

Kharg: All right. Letís settle this, here and now. Thereís no point
       talking. You will die for the crime of killing my mother!

Lilia: Kharg, calm down! Youíre wrong.

Kharg: Iím wrong?

Lilia: Of course Darc didnít kill Lady Nafia.

Kharg: Wh-what...?

[Lilia explains what happened to Kharg.]

Kharg: But...My mother...was attacked for trying to help him...?!

Lilia: Kharg, listen. We came to Cragh Island because it was what
       Lady Nafia wanted.

Kharg: My

Lilia: She said to listen to the voice of the Spirits in the Cave of
       Truth. That weíd be sure to find the answer...

Kharg: The answer...

Lilia: Darc...Lady Nafia risked her life for you and you still havenít
       done what she asked.

Darc: ............

Kharg: ...I havenít forgiven you. But I want to know what my mother
       was thinking.

Darc: I donít need your forgiveness! All I want is to find an answer
      to all this for myself.

Lilia: So...are you two OK now?

Kharg: Yes. I guess so.

Darc: I suppose! Till we find some answers.

Lilia: Thank you.

Samson: Looks like weíre done talking. Shall we go and find the answers
        youíre after?

Lilia: Um...Havenít we met somewhere before?

Samson: Donít think so.

Lilia: Is that so...

[Together, the four enter the next room. They go to a shining rock on
the wall with a crescent-shaped emblem above it.]

Spiritís Voice: Are you...the ones seeking truth...?

Kharg: Yes.

Spiritís Voice: The truth can only be told to the Chosen Ones...You
                must be tested to see if the truth has chosen you...

[A battle is initiated and the men quickly fight their way out of it.
Afterwards, the rock slides up and three glowing orbs float out into
the open.]

Spiritís Voice: You Chosen Ones, turn your ears to the Light of Truth.

Light of Truth: Long ago in ancient times, a civilization far more
                advanced than that of today flourished. But then a
                black-hearted soul, the [Divine Ruler], tried to make
                the whole world his own, even the heavens. The actions
                of the Divine Ruler angered the gods. And the world was
                on the brink of ruin. The Divine Ruler fused with the
                Power of Darkness, and became the [Lord of the Black
                Abyss]. But the great heroes, blessed with the power of
                the Spirits, sealed him away in the [ark], and the world
                was saved. After a long time had passed, the Lord of the
                Black Abyss tried once more. But new heroes took him on
                and drove him back, sealing him in the ark again. And
                the defeated Lord slept once more.

Kharg: Iíve heard a story like this before...Mother used to tell it to
       me when I was a child...

[The party continues on into the next room, finding a similarly-shaped

Spiritís Voice: Are you...the ones seeking truth...?

Kharg: Yes.

Spiritís Voice: The truth can only be told to the Chosen Ones...You
                must be tested to see if the truth has chosen you...

[The men battle once more, defeating the Spiritsí servants. Again, the
rock slides up and four more orbs float out.]

Spiritís Voice: You Chosen Ones, turn your ears to the Sparkle of

Sparkle of Truth: In ancient times, there existed a [Divine Ruler] who
                  controlled the world, and even challenged the gods.
                  He created a Living Weapon in the form of monsters.
                  The monsters were not born into this world naturally.
                  They were artificially developed, solely for the
                  purpose of fighting...When the Spirits disappeared,
                  a change occurred in the monsters. Until then, the
                  world had been controlled by humans...And the monsters
                  were nothing more than creatures forced to live
                  outside their society. But then among the monsters,
                  there developed a more intelligent creature with
                  stronger magical powers...Earth, water, fire, wind and
                  light. These are the Great Spirit Stones, containing
                  the highest powers of the Spirits. Some monsters used
                  this power and evolved into Deimos. Little by little,
                  the Deimos started to take over the land that the
                  humans ruled. Now their influence has spread to be as
                  great as the humans. The monsters were created for the
                  purpose of fighting. So the Deimos that evolved from
                  them have a basic instinct that makes them fight. And
                  by fighting they decide who is strong and who is weak.
                  The strong rule over the weak. The fact that this law
                  of the jungle became the basis of Deimos society is a
                  natural consequence of their origins...

[The party heads to the rock in the next room.]

Spiritís Voice: Are you...the ones seeking truth...?

Kharg: Yes.

Spiritís Voice: The truth can only be told to the Chosen Ones...You must
                be tested to see if the truth has chosen you...

[The three beat up the servants with a little difficulty. Like the other
rocks before it, this one too opens up, letting out four orbs.]

Spiritís Voice: You Chosen Ones, turn your hears to the Brilliance of

Brilliance of Truth: In ancient times of old, the world belonged to no
                     one. People respected and sometimes even feared
                     nature. And they lived alongside the Spirits that
                     existed all around...The weak humans were under
                     the divine protection of the Spirits. And they
                     lived their lives in gratitude. After a while,
                     the humans became dissatisfied, and began to seek
                     prosperity. They developed a civilization of their
                     own, without the help of the Spirits...The
                     development of their new civilization brought
                     destruction to nature. And the world became
                     polluted. As a result, the bonds between Spirits
                     and humans were broken. An eternity passed, and
                     the Spirits disappeared from the world, leaving
                     their powers in the stones...The humans sought
                     more prosperity and development. And soon they had
                     used up nearly all of the worldís resources. Their
                     civilization was destroyed and the world fell to
                     ruin. But then they discovered there was energy in
                     the Spirit Stones. Since then, people have been
                     using Spirit Stones for fuel...

Kharg: They have no choice. They had to, in order to survive...

[The party ends back up in the room where they first fought the band of
monsters. Part of the wall lights up with the symbols that were above
each of the rocks that held the orbs.]

Spiritís Voice: It seems that somehow the Truth has chosen you. You are
                permitted to know the truth.

[The ďwallĒ slides up and reveals a passageway.]

Spiritís Voice: Please enter!

[Darc starts walking away.]

Lilia: Darc?! Where are you going?

Darc: I understand everything now. Humans are awful creatures! They
      have no right to even exist!

Kharg: What! You...

Darc: You still donít get it? Humans just destroy the environment and
      use up every possible natural resource in the name of prosperity.
      You humans canít even realize thereís more to Spirit Stones than

Kharg: Whatís bad about hoping for prosperity?! Is it wrong to want to
       develop the society which our ancestors risked their lives to
       create? Is it a crime to try to preserve your own world? If the
       only way to survive is to use Spirit Stones, then thatís all we
       can do. Isnít that right?! Isnít that what it means to live?!

Lilia: I guess so...But itís still a fact that humans arenít the only
       creatures living in the world...

Samson: We humans just never seem to satisfy our own desires...

Kharg: The Deimos are just as bad!

Darc: The Deimos donít hurt the world as the humans do! To the Deimos,
      Spirit Stones are the root of their evolution, the source of
      magical power! Itís a different way of thinking than the humans!

Lilia: Well perhaps...To the Spirit Stones, maybe it doesnít matter
       whether humans or Deimos use them...

Darc: What do you mean?

Lilia: They give power, in some form or another, to living beings...
       Isnít that what the Spirit Stones do...?

Kharg: What about monsters? They just want to fight, whether it be
       against humans or Deimos. There are lots of monsters who damage
       the world. And if the monsters had never existed, the Deimos
       would never have come into being...!

Darc: Itís all from seeds you humans have sown! They made the monsters,
      and once they got out of their control, they just excluded them.
      The monsters and Deimos are nothing but victims of the selfish

      human race!

Kharg: That doesnít mean I should stand by and watch them be destroyed
       before my very eyes!

Lilia: Stop it! Do you two still want to fight? We still havenít been
       told the most important thing. Iím sure weíll soon find the
       answer to all this.

Darc: I donít need any more answers! Iíve heard enough. All thatís left
      is to wipe out the humans right now!

[Darc starts walking out of the cave.]

Kharg: Thereís no doubt in my mind. The world must be rid of the
       monsters and the Deimos!

[Kharg starts walking out of the cave, too.]

Lilia: Wait, you two! You really donít want to know? The reason why Lady
       Nafia and Windalf decided the world should be a place where
       humans and Deimos donít fight...! Well I want to know! I feel the
       same way as your parents!

[Lilia runs into the newly-opened passageway.]

Kharg: ............

Darc: ............

Samson: Come on, you stubborn fools! Letís go listen to this so-called

Darc: Hmm, I donít know if itís a Spirit or what, but itís go some
      nerve pretending to know the truth.

[Inside the room, there are numerous fountains with multi-colored water
pools all around.]

Lilia: Ah, you came...!

Kharg: Where is it? Thereís nothing here.

Darc: I thought we were going to understand the ultimate truth?

Lilia: Wait. Canít you hear something?

[From out of the biggest pool, a creature that looks like a baby
appears, carrying a rattle-type wand.]

???: So you have come, you Chosen Ones. I am the Spirit of Hope...
     The last remaining Spirit alive in the world.

Kharg: Remaining?

Spirit of Hope: Cragh Island has seen little change since ancient times.
                Neither the original Slothians, nor the humans that
                later came, inflicted any damage on the island. So this
                is the only place in the world where nature has not been
                destroyed by wars and modernization. The bonds between
                the humans and the Spirits still exist here. So unlike
                other Spirits, I did not have to leave. And more than
                anything, it is those that do not abandon their hopes
                that are keeping me alive.

Darc: I donít care who you are! Just tell us what you told my father and
      ...Nafia! You told them something here!

Spirit of Hope: The two of them came to this island with hope for the
                future of humans and Deimos. A hope that they would
                learn to respect each other and live in harmony.

Darc: Come on...Why would they want that?

Spirit of Hope: Because they themselves had got past the barrier between
                humans and Deimos. They loved each other deeply.

Darc: ......

Kharg: ......

Spirit of Hope: And because already on Cragh Island, they saw the
                reality of the two species living together. You all saw
                it, too.

Lilia: Yes. It was wonderful.

Spirit of Hope: Windalf and Nafiaís hope became more than that. It
                became a will for change. Because they heard here, as
                you have heard, about the [Lord of the Black Abyss].

Kharg: What do you mean?

Spirit of Hope: The Lord of the Black Abyss was sealed away in the
                [ark] many moons ago, but he is not dead. He is biding
                his time, a time that could be called an eternity,
                waiting for his chance to re-emerge. He is just waiting
                for the world to be filled up with [negative emotions].

Kharg: Negative emotions...?

Spirit of Hope: The power to destroy everything which the Lord held long
                ago...A power which comes from the negative emotions of
                hatred, animosity, greed and envy. The stronger the
                negative emotions become, the easier it becomes for the
                Lord of the Black Abyss to resurface. And what kind of
                emotions exist in the world now, between the humans and
                the Deimos? What do they think of each other?

Kharg: ......

Darc: ......

Lilia: Thatís why Lady Nafia and Windalf had the desire to make a world
       where humans and Deimos didnít fight. Because they knew they
       mustnít allow the Lord of the Black Abyss to resurface.

Spirit of Hope: Indeed. But...Things have become much worse since then.
                I can feel the Lord of the Black Abyss stirring.
                Already, the doorway to the worldís ruin is opening.
                You cannot hate each other...You cannot fill the world
                with negative emotions...The fate of the world is in
                your hands...

[The Spirit sinks back down into the pool, disappearing.]

Kharg: The worldís...ruin? I thought that was just the talk of fairy

Darc: ...And this...Lord of the Black Abyss...He has the power to
      destroy the world? Thatís ridiculous...!

Lilia: Wait a minute! Weíve heard a lot of things all at once. All
       pretty surprising things...Donít you need some time to think
       them over?

Kharg: ...Youíre right.

Lilia: Letís go back to the village for the time being.

Darc: ...OK with me.

[The party arrives back at the village.]

Darc: Let me be alone for a while. I canít handle being around you
      humans all the time!

Kharg: ...Has he really had such a hard life?

Lilia: Heís always been looked down upon for being a Deimos wannabe,
       and itís often put his life in danger.

Kharg: A Deimos wannabe...The child of a Deimos and a human...? I guess
       that makes me a human wannabe...

Lilia: Kharg...

Kharg: If Iíd stayed in Yewbell, my life probably would have been in
       danger, too. When I wewnt back there, I suddenly grew wings. That
       showed everyone there is Deimos blood in me. I had to escape
       because people went crazy wanting to kill me.

Lilia: Thatís terrible...

Kharg: Darc has had that since he was a child, and yet he still wants to
       save the Deimos? Why would he do that for the Deimos who would
       take his life?

Lilia: What would you do Kharg...? Do you have the people of Yewbell?

Kharg: ...They tried to kill me...But no...I canít live my life hating
       humans. If Darc wants to help the Deimos, then I must protect
       the humans from them.

Samson: Ha ha ha. If you ask me, you two brothers are peas in a pod.

Kharg: What?

Samson: Helping the Deimos, or protecting the humans...Both you brothers
        have taken a dangerous road in life. You both want to do
        something about this troubled world. Youíre just going about it
        in different ways.

Kharg: ......

Samson: Right, then. Iím gonna take a break, too. If thereís some good
        drink and pretty women, thatíll be fine for me...Or maybe thatís
        too much to ask for on this island.

[Samson walks off.]

Lilia: Whatís his story? He calls himself a thief.

Kharg: Yes...From the Dilzweld Armyís point of view, heís a thief to be
       reckoned with. For some reason, theyíre the only ones he steals
       from. But to me heís more like a hero. Heís helped me out so
       many times. Itís weird, but whenever Iím in trouble, he always
       seems to show up at the right moment.

Lilia: Really...?

Kharg: Why do you ask?

Lilia: Oh, no reason. You probably need some time alone to think, too.
       About whatís gone, and what is to come...

Kharg: Yes...

[Cut to some hours later, during the nighttime. Kharg lies on his back
on a hut floor.]

Kharg: ...A world where humans and Deimos donít fight...? This is no
       good...! Iíve got to stop thinking about it or Iíll never get
       to sleep...

[Kharg gets up and walks to Samson, whoís standing on the dock. He
stops approaching after a few seconds, though.]

Kharg: Huh?

[Lilia is playing her ortena at the end of the dock, and Samson is
watching her play, not saying a word. He closes his eyes as he
listens and Lilia sings. After sheís done, Samson claps.]

Lilia: Samson...

Samson: A splendid performance! Itís very hard to get such a good
        sound from an Ortena.

Lilia: You know about...the Ortena?

Samson: Hmm...? Er, hmm...Well itís a famous instrument...

Lilia: I donít think so...

Samson: ...... (he approaches her) It really did sound beautiful. Very
        relaxing to the ears.

Lilia: Itís not because Iím any good. Itís just a good Ortena.

Samson: Not at all. Youíre...

Lilia: It was a treasured possession of my late mother.

Samson: ......

Lilia: My mother taught me the Ortena, and she taught me that song.

Samson: ...Really. Play it again for me. Sing louder this time.

Lilia: ...Iím tired. Iím going to rest now.

[She walks past Samson and stops at Kharg.]

Lilia: kharg...I didnít see you...

Kharg: Sorry...

Lilia: G-good night...

Kharg: Samson...Is something going on between you and Lilia...?

[Kharg goes to the end of the dock.]

Samson: Oh, I thought youíd gone to sleep already.

Kharg: Samson...Whatís going on between you and Lilia?

Samson: Why ask that all of a sudden? Donít worry. Even I wouldnít
        go for a girl that young.

Kharg: Iím serious. Whatís going on?

Samson: Nothingís going on.

Kharg: Up to now, Iíve always though it was a coincidence when you
       came along and helped me. But really youíve just been there
       because youíre looking for Lilia, right? In Asheeda Forest,
       and at Mt. Quina...You were there to help Lilia, werenít you?

Samson: ......

Kharg: And you didnít come with me to this island to look for treasure,
       did you? You came because you knew Lilia would be here.

Samson: ......

Kharg: Lilia told me all about it. About how Darkham burned down the
       village she grew up in, and killed all the villagers. She
       managed to escape with her parents, but then her father

       disappeared...Her father...Itís you, isnít it, Samson?

Samson: ...Donít tell her. We were entrusted with the Light Stone, and
        the people of our village died shielding us as we escaped...We
        fled for ages, and when at last we found a place we thought was
        safe, I left my wife with Lilia there. I couldnít let Darkham
        get away with it, and I swore vengeance on him. I armed myself,
        and got a band of people together who hated Dilzweld like me.
        Since then, weíve been going around the world causing trouble
        for them.

Kharg: Thatís why you only steal from Dilzweld, and no one else...

Samson: Yeah, only...I couldnít get anywhere near Darkham for more than
        10 years...And it was only just before you all crossed into
        Aldrow...that I heard that the Dilzweld Army had found Lilia and
        kidnapped her.

Kharg: Thatís why you started going around trying to save her.

Samson: Yeah...

Kharg: ...Why donít you tell Lilia that youíre her father?

Samson: I gave her up to get revenge. I canít call myself her father

Kharg: ...Well anyway, you should tell her. A parent should give a child
       a chance to say what he wants to while theyíre still alive!

Samson: ......Is there something you wanted to say to your mother?

Kharg: ...The truth...I want to ask her why she hid the truth from me...

Samson: That...It was probably for your own benefit...

Kharg: For my benefit? How?

Samson: Iíve come to understand something. If a parent holds a secret to
        protect their child, they can hold it forever. And one day...
        They believe the time will come when their actions will be

Kharg: I canít accept that...

Samson: I wonder how he feels about it...

Kharg: Who...?

Samson: Well thereís someone else whoís probably feeling the same way as

[Kharg goes up to Elder Hill and finds Darc standing around. A cutscene
starts up.]

Darc: What?

Kharg: A world where humans and Deimos live I peace...You think thatís

Darc: Sure. If every human in the world were like the humans here on
      Cragh Island, that is.

Kharg: Really? I was thinking that all the Deimos in the world should be
       more like the Slothians here.

Darc: Humans should submit to the Deimos!

Kharg: No, the Deimos should bow down to the humans.

Darc: So this is to be our fate...

Kharg: Thereís no way out of this!

[Darc and Kharg do some fancy swordplay before locking swords.]

Darc: You listen here, Kharg. Deimos live for war! Itís all we know! If
      the Deimos were to submit, it would be just like dying for us.

Kharg: And humans canít just throw everything away, just like that. You
       think weíre just going to let you destroy human civilization?!

Darc: You civilization only serves to weaken our race!

[Lilia runs up the hill.]

Lilia: Wait, what are you two doing?!

Darc: Weakling human!

Kharg: Deimos bastard!

Lilia: Please! Donít fight like this!!

[Darc and Kharg quit fighting when Lilia pleads to them. The cutscene
ends with that.]

Lilia: Why canít you understand Lady Nafia and Windalfís wish...? They
       swore they had to make a world wehre humans and Deimos didnít
       fight...! Kharg...You heard what the Spirit of Hope said.

Kharg: Tht way of life would be too dangerous for us humans.

Lilia: I canít believe you...! Darc...You feel the same way?

Darc: It would be best for all Deimos if I just killed him here and

Lilia: You, too...?! For goodness sake, stop fighting! Youíre brothers!
       You two are the last hope. Not just for Lady Nafia and Windalf,
       but for all the Spirits who disappeared.

Darc: Shut up! I canít listen to all your preaching!

[Samson runs up the hill.]

Samson: Here you all are!

Kharg: Samson...

Samson: Bad news! The Dilzweld Army has shown up!

Kharg: What?! Where?!

Samson: Their airship just landed on the eastern shore.

Darc: What are the Dilzweld doing here?

Samson: I guess theyíre after...Lilia.

Kharg: Damn...!

Darc: Damn...!

Lilia: M-me...?

Darc: Why, when they already have the Light Stone?

Samson: I donít know why, but Darkham is determined to capture Lilia.

Lilia: What does he want with me...? Do you know?

Samson: Well...

Kharg: I...I told her. Weíve got to hide Lilia somewhere safe.

Lilia: ......

Samson: Guess I owe you.

Kharg: Had to pay you back somehow.

Samson: Right, the only place they can come ashore is at the [beach].
        Weíve got to stop them from getting to the village! Letís cut
        them off at the [beach]!

Kharg: OK!

Samson: Darc, where do you stand?

Darc: You humans are my enemy. But...Iíve got scores to settle with the
      Dilzweld, too. Weíll leave our dispute until later.

Kharg: Fine by me. Letís go!

[Kharg, Darc, and Samson go to The Beach, ready to head off the invading
Dilzweld forces. The Dilzweld arrive at the same time Khargís party

Dilzweld Officer: There they are! Contact headquarters!

Dilzweld Soldier (to radio) Sir! Kharg and the others are here! This is
                 Cragh Isand as we suspected! Send in reinforcements

Dilzweld Officer: So, all the armyís enemies are gathered together. A
                  strange combination...a human, a Deimos, and a thief.

Kharg: What are you doing here?

Dilzweld Officer: Weíve come to take Lilia back.

Kharg: Just as we thought.

Samson: Go home. Youíre not even Liliaís type!

Kharg: You think weíre going to just hand her over? Be serious!

Dilzweld Officer: Then weíll have to take her by force. Emperor
                  Darkhamís command is final.

Samson: You think you can just walk all over us.

Darc: Hey, quit the talking. Let the fight decide!

Dilzweld Officer: (to soldiers) Come on, then. But play for time!

Kharg: Donít wait for reinforcements! Letís settle this now, if you



Samson: Címon! Letís take care of these guys in a hurry! Before they
        send reinforcements or something...

Kharg: The outcomeís always the same, no matter how many times this
       damned Dilzweld Army sends people after us! Let them send
       reinforcements. Weíll take care of them just like weíve taken
       care of all the others!

Samson: ...Gee, whatís gotten into you all of a sudden? Ha ha ha.
        Feeling a little competitive with Darc, are you?


[The crew defeats the Dilzweld easily. When the battle is finished, the
Dilzweld troops lay battered and bruised on the ground, unconscious.]

Darc: They were nothing to worry about. Let them try again!

Kharg: Itís strange. I wonder why the reinforcements havenít come yet.

Samson: Oh no...!

[A little boy comes running to the beach.]

???: Somebody! Help! Help...!

Kharg: Whatís happened?!

Boy: Loads of people wearing green came. They had a pipe that blows
     fire. Everyoneís...!

Kharg: What...?!

Samson: Damn it! This lot was just a diversion!

Darc: Liliaís in danger...!

Kharg: Quick!

[The party runs back to the Slothian Village, finding the Slothians
all dead on the ground.]

Kharg: What the...!

Samson: Weíre too late...

Kharg: The Slothians donít retaliate no matter what happens to them!
       They abandoned fighting years ago. But still the Dilzweld are
       killing them! The only place in the world which didnít know
       war...Damn that Dilzweld lot to hell...!! Come on! Weíve got to
       check if Lilia is safe!

[Everyone heads up Elder Hill. The Slothian elders are all lying dead
on the ground, too, but this time their killers are standing around.]

Dilzweld Officer: Thatís cleared them all up! Letís pull out!

Kharg: Not so fast!! Whatís going on? Whereís Lilia?!

Dilzweld Officer: Youíre too late. Liliaís long gone. Try and catch her
                  if itíll make you feel better! Ha ha ha!

Kharg: You...!!

Darc: Why...why did you kill the Slothians? There was no need to kill

Dilzweld Officer: Hmm, they were just pointless beings who didnít get
                  anything. Their life had no value! Whatís the problem?
                  An island like this thatís not really part of the
                  world is going to go to ruin before long anyway. We
                  just sped it up a bit, thatís all.

Darc: You wonít get away with it! This is the one place where you humans
      canít just come and do as you please! This was a miracle place,
      where humans and Deimos lived together...You think you can come
      along and stamp it out?! Itís your lives that have no value!

Dilzweld Officer: What are you talking about you Deimos wannabe? Thereís
                  a reward for this lot! If you kill them, Emperor
                  Darkham will reward you handsomely! Get them!



Kharg: Damn the Dilzweld! Look what theyíre doing to this peaceful

Samson: Just remember one thing. The Dilzweld Army will stop at
        absolutely nothing to get what they want! Thatís the way Darkham
        works, you know!

Kharg: Curse this wretched Dilzweld Army!


[The fact that the Slothians were killed is just more fuel for the fire
as far as Darc and Kharg are concerned. With a renewed hate for the
soldiers, they stab and hack like madmen. They overcome the Dilzweld
forces, who lie dead on the hill as well.]

Darc: This is what humans do...

Kharg: ............

Darc: Sure we Deimos fight against people who oppose us. And if we
      lose...we die. But thatís the way it works. The loser always comes
      off worst. But...We donít go around killing those who are weaker
      than us when they donít even put up a fight! You could just make
      them submit. Rule over them! What have humans learned from their
      developing civilization? You humans think the Deimos are savage,
      but youíre just plain cruel!

Kharg: ...Humans arenít all like the Dilzweld Army. Most of us just want
       to live quietly in peace.

Darc: That all changes in an instant if you need to fulfill your own

Kharg: No, thatís not true!

Darc: This just proves it! Even if there were more Deimos like the
      Slothians who didnít ever fight, theyíd just be wiped out by the
      humans! Listen up...! Iím going to get a hold of all the five
      Great Spirit Stones. Iíll gain infinite power...And Iíll remove
      every last trace of humans from this planet!

[Darc leaves the hill.]

Samson: Itís not surprising heís full of hatred for humans after all

Kharg: ...Letís bury the Slothian elders. We canít leave them like this.

Samson: Yes.

[Kharg and Samson build a huge funeral pyre on the hill for the elders.
Later on, as the fire burns, Kharg goes down to the beach near the dock,
finding Samson looking out into the water.]

Samson: Ah, Kharg.

Kharg: You disappeared so I came looking for you.

Samson: Sorry. I couldnít stand to watch. Has the funeral finished?

Kharg: Yeah.

Samson: OK.

[A little while later, the two are in the middle of a conversation.]

Samson: ...I canít believe it! Just when Iíd caught up with Lilia
        again, now this!

Kharg: Do you know Samson? Why is Darkham so set on getting Lilia?

Samson: ...Iíve been wondering that for ages. And I may have come
        up with an explanation.

Kharg: What?

Samson: Liliaís birth was very difficult. And when Fiona...

Kharg: Sorry? Fiona?

Samson: My wife...Well, er, Liliaís mother. When Fiona gave birth to
        Lilia, she said she saw a light. And she heard a voice. It said
        that she would give birth to a reincarnation of [A Friend of the

Kharg: A Friend of the Spirits...?

Samson: Yes. Only, at that time, I just laughed it off as a
        hallucination Fiona had seen during the difficult birth. Maybe
        Fiona thought so to, because we talked about it no more than
        that. And there was no sign of anything unusual about Lilia.

Kharg: But if it hadnít been a hallucination...What is a person who is a
       Friend of the Spirits?

Samson: I donít know. But maybe Darkham knows...? Maybe thatís why he
        wants to have Lilia...

Kharg: That could be it! Itís probably got something to do with the five
       Great Spirit Stones. Darkham is after the five Great Spirit
       Stones so that he can get Ultimate Power, or rather the Ultimate
       Weapon. But maybe the stones arenít enough. I bet he needs Lilia,

Samson: Maybe thatís it...But...How could Darkham have found out about

Kharg: Letís ask him. Iím going after Darkham!

Samson: How will you do that on your own?

Kharg: ......Would you mind taking me back to Nidellia? Iím going to ask
       my friends for help.

Samson: But I thought they chased you out for having Deimos blood...

Kharg: If Iím going to succeed in stopping Darkham, Iíll need help. They
       might refuse me, but Iíve got to ask at least.

Samson: OK. The boys should be back with the Spirit Stones for the ship
        by now. Letís go.

[Samson and Kharg start walking out of the village and the screen fades
to black.]


##Darc, Chapter 5: Evolution [DC5]##

[Darc is standing near the forest. In the background, you can hear the
waves rolling against the beach.]

Darc: Humans and Deimos could never get along. Curse this human blood
      in my veins! Damn it! Iím a Deimos! Forget Kharg, forget Lilia.
      If we Deimos donít destroy the humans, we have no future! I donít
      care if we are twins, brothers that share the same blood...I
      donít even care about Lilia... Lilia... ............ Hmph.
      Stupid, useless thoughts...What am I hesitating now for? Uniting
      the Deimos is my destiny. I will use the [infinite power] of the
      Spirit Stones and become the Ultimate Deimos! And I will destroy
      the humans. Itís...the only way. Isnít that right, Father?

[Darc looks to the sky and sees a fiery red object streak across the

Darc: Hey! Was that...the Pyron?!

[It must have been, because all of Darcís party arrives on the beach,
going to meet with him.]

Delma: Darc!

Darc: Hey, you guys! How did you find me?

Delma: What the hell were you thinking? You took off without a word! I
       was...worried about you.

Camellia: We all were, Darc. Do you have any idea how much time we spent
          looking for you?

Volk: You abandoned your pack. I canít abide by that, Darc.

Bebedora: Youíre my master, Darc. I have to be with you.

Darc: Iím sorry, guys...There was just something I had to check on this

Delma: Something you had to check? Well...?

Darc: ............Yeah, I did. Iím a Deimos! With tough horns...And
      strong fangs...And sharp claws...And dragon scales...A Deimos!
      Thatís what I am! And Iím gonna save the Deimos race! Save the
      Deimos, and destroy the humans.

Delma: But thatís what youíve been saying! Nothing new there...

Darc: Thatís right. I havenít changed my mind about anything. I donít
      have any doubts!

Camellia: Thatís all well and good, but what happened to the Water
          Stone? On our way here, we saw that human flying ship...

Darc: The Dilzweld Army got it. Now theyíve got four Great Spirit
      Stones. All of them except for the Wind Stone!

Camellia: What?!

Delma: Whatíre we gonna do?

Darc: Thereís only one thing to do. Weíve got to go after Dilzweld and
      get the stones back!

Delma: Yeah! Thatís what I wanted to hear!

Camellia: But wonít that be next to impossible?

Volk: According to the Drakyr, the airspace over Dilzweld is heavily
      protected. We wonít be able to ride in on the Pyron. The only
      way we can get there is over land.

Darc: What would be the best point of entry?

Camellia: Ho ho ho! I think I can help you with that! Thereís a place
          called the [Kanara Desert] on the southern end of [Halshinne].
          If we cross that, weíll be in the [Dilzweld Empire].

Darc: Thatís it, then!

Camellia: The only problem is, no one ever makes it across the [Kanara
          Desert]. They call it the [Desert of Death]...

Darc: But itís the only way! Weíve got to cross it. Weíre off, then!
      To the [Kanara Desert], on the [continent of Halshinne]...

[The newly-reformed party rides the Pyron to Halshinne, entering the
nearest town of Barbadoth. Itís a town with a motley crew of Deimos,
all of whom walk the desert sands. Inside, a Canidae tells Darc that
he should seek out a mummy with a spirit of the Niente tribe, since
he would know how to stop the sandstorm that rages in the Kanara
Desert. Outside, Darc finds a mummy.]

Mummy: Unhhh...I had a good sleep...Who are you?

[Darc explains his plight.]

Mummy: What? You want to cross the Desert and destroy the Dilzweld?!

Darc: Thatís right. Iím not gonna let those damn humans get away with
      anything more!

Mummy: Iíve been waiting...waiting for this moment! Iíve been waiting
       for a Deimos like you who could avenge the Niente!

[Darc asks about the Niente tribe.]

Mummy: Iím from the Niente Tribe. We used to control the entire
       Kanara Desert! But we were killed of by the
       Dilzweld...My spirit found a home in a corpse in the ruins,
       and now I exist as a mummy. Please! Avenge the Niente for us!

[Darc inquires about crossing the desert.]

Mummy: I...uh...Itís no use! I canít remember. Ask the leader of the
       Niente Tribe. He would know. The great [Fuhstart] knows all.
       [Fuhstart] should be resting in that building in the back.

[Darc goes inside to find Fuhstart, and he comes upon a mummy.]

Mummy: Oh...the pain! It huuurts...!

Darc: Are you Fuhstart?

Fuhstart: Yes...I am...Fuhstart...Leader of the Niente Tribe...
          Fuhstart, Ruler of the Desert!

Darc: If youíre the leader of the Niente Tribe, then you must know a way
      across the Kanara Desert.

Fuhstart: Unhhh...Why do you want to cross the Kanara Desert...?

Darc: To destroy the Dilzweld!

Fuhstart: Unhhh...Dilzweld? Really...?

Darc: Iíve fought Dilzweld all over the world. On Aldrow, on Ragnoth,
      Cragh Island...Theyíll never escape me! And Iíll keep fighting
      until either Dilzweld is destroyed...or Iím dead!

Fuhstart: Unhhh...Iíve been waiting for you, all these years! Destroyed
          by the Dilzweld, I lost my physical body...And yet I remained
          in this land. I must have revenge! Iíve been waiting an
          eternity for someone like you come...Please, go ahead. Ask me
          anything you want to know!

Darc: How can we cross the desert?

Fuhstart: The sandstorm that blows across the Kanara Desert is known as
          the ďSaryu Sorrow.Ē When we Niente destroyed the Saruy Tribe,
          their sadness turned into a sandstorm. It rages across the
          desert, making passage impossible. If you want to soothe
          their sorrow, you must use the [Flutes of the Saryu Tribe].

Darc: The Flutes of the Saryu Tribe?

Fuhstart: The names of the flutes are Nahm and Latta, the Twin Flutes.
          Theyíre named after a legendary Saryu leader and his brother.
          When these flutes are played, the Saryu forget their sorrow
          and become calm. Play the [Flutes of the Saryu Tribe] and the
          sandstorm will subside.

Darc: Where are these flutes?

Fuhstart: The Flutes were taken back from the Niente by the departed
          spirits of the Saryu Tribe. These spirits now make their
          homes in mummified corpses. The mummies hide away in the
          [Pyramid Ruins]. They still bear a deep hatred for us
          Deimos... The Flutes of the Saryu Tribe should be somewhere
          there in the [Pyramid Ruins]...

[Darc and company head to the Pyramid Ruins.]

Darc: The Pyramid Ruins...The [Flutes of the Saryu Tribe] are in there
      somewhere, huh...?

[After fiddling around with some switches, the doorway to a tomb opens
up. Darc goes in and approaches some curious-looking fluts on a
pedestal towards the back of the room.]

???: Who is it that dares distrub my holy tomb? The [Flutes of the
     Saryu Tribe] are my treasure. They soothe the sorrow of the
     desert. I will give them up to no one. If you leave now, your life
     will be spared...

Darc: They soothe the ďsorrow of the desertĒ? Could that mean the Kanara

[Darc takes the flutes regardless of the warnings. By doing so, he opens
the tombs of numerous mummies. Of course, they come out and attack him.]



Camellia: Take heed! Theyíll use the fearesome [Mummyís Curse], I tell

Darc: Mummyís Curse? Whatís that?

Camellia: If you are cursed, youíll lose power for a while in battle.
          Thatíll make it much harder to win.

Darc: Then weíll knock Ďem down before they get the chance to use their
      curse! Got that? Letís go all out right from the start!


[The party rushes forward to kill the mummies, protecting the flutes in
the meantime. By evading the Mummyís Curse skill, the party makes it
out in a short while.]

Darc: Whew! That took a bit of work!

[Darc sets out for the Kanara Desert entrance. Like they were told, a
sandstorm is raging across the dunes, reducing vision to a near

Bebedora: There are many emotions swirling around this place. Rage,
          sadness, pain...Betrayal and revenge...Centuries of agony
          and hatred.

Darc: If we play these Flutes of the Saryu Tribe, it should stop the

Delma: Do you really believe Fuhstartís story?

Darc: Couldnít hurt to check it out.

[Darc plays the flutes and the winds desist, showing the path clearly.]

Bebedora: They are floating up. All these emotions...Rising up to the
          heavens and disappearing.

Delma: It really stopped!

Volk: Now we can head into the desert.

Delma: All we have to do is cross it, and there the Dilzweld territory
       will be.

Darc: Letís go.

[After jumping into a few sinkholes, the party finds the desertís exit.
They head to the nearest thing they see, Maluise Tower. It rises out
of the desert like a landmark, and by the trucks and oil barrels around,
itís obvious that the Dilzweld have been here.]

Darc: This tower! Thereís something very strange about it!

Delma: Whatís up with this tower? Itís ridiculously huge. Think the
       Dilzweld built it?

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Silly Orcon girl! Canít you feel the ancient magic
          rising up from it? And itís not the power of the Spirits! No,
          itís some other mysterious power, being emitted from the tower

Delma: I knew that!! I could feel it, too, you know!

Bebedora: Itís some ancient magic, revived through science. Itís the
          kind of power that can break through seals...

Delma: Hey! Everybody shut up a minute! I hear something!

Darc: What is it?

Delma: Something flapping in the air! It sounds like...wings! Itís
       getting closer! It could be a Deimos, or it could be a monster...
       All I know is itís coming this way!

Darc: Come on! Letís hide and spy on it.

[Everyone goes to hide and Droguza lands at the tower. He walks around
to the back.]

Darc: Itís Droguza! Whatís he doing here?

Delma: Nowís our chance! Droguzaís all alone. Letís get him!

Volk: Looks like he went around behind the tower. What do you wanna
      do, Darc?

Darc: Letís follow him!

[Darc and company head around back. In a crater, a shining ball of
gray mist shines, electricity zapping around its perimeter. Droguza
walks up to the gate that leads to it, stopping at the Dilzweld
soldiers. Theyíre dressed differently than the ones that the Deimos
faced before; theyíre camouflaged and armed more heavily.]

Dilzweld Soldier: The barrier is very powerful! We canít get any

Droguza: Nothing we can do?

Dilzweld Soldier: Well, it seems to have let up somewhat, but we
                  canít get through it. Itís some kind of magic

Droguza: Magic barrier, huh...? But as soon as the [Artificial
         Wind Stone] is complete, we can use the power of the five
         Great Spirit Stones to break through that barrier. Has Lord
         Darkham said anything about progress?

Dilzweld Soldier: He said itíd be ready soon.

Droguza: Ho ho. It wonít be long now! At last! My dream will finally be

Dilzweld Soldier: Huh?

Droguza: No, never mind. Iím just talking to myself.

[Darc arrives.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Droguza, sir! Deimos! Weíre being invaded by Deimos!

Darc: Donít make me laugh! Being invaded by Deimos? Droguzaís standing
      right next to you! Isnít he a Deimos, too? On second thought,
      though, maybe he isnít a Deimos, after all...You! Droguza! Donít
      you have any pride? Look at you, cooperating with humans! You
      have no right to even call yourself a Deimos!

Droguza: Hmph. Youíre in no position to talk. Youíre nothing but a
         Deimos wannabe! Anyway, Iím glad youíre here. I still have a
         score to settle with you. Come and fight me now! Iíll gnaw
         on your bones before the dayís end!

Darc: No matter how many times we fight, Droguza, the outcomeís
      always gonna be the same.

Droguza: This time will be different. I have evolved.



Darc: By the way heís talking, sounds like heís gotten even stronger!
      Stay alert!

Volk: But I donít get it...Does it have something to do with the Great
      Spirit Stones?

Darc: Letís get him! Then weíll find out!


Droguza: Try your hand now! See my fully-evolved strength for yourself!

Darc: Son of a...

Droguza: Heh heh heh! Youíre not a Deimos, and youíre not a human. You
         can pretend all you like, but youíll never be a Deimos! Youíre
         not cold and calculating enough. You canít use your underlings,
         like chess pieces, and you donít make use of the humans,
         either. I use the Deimos, and I use the humans as I please.
         Thatís what really sets us apart!

Darc: You think you use humans? How can you say that when you follow
      Darkhamís orders?

Droguza: Heh heh heh! I have my reasons for that. I get what I want, and
         I donít care how I do it!

Darc: I wonít be beaten! For the sake of the Deimos, I will not lose!


[Even though Droguza ďevolvedĒ, he still tastes defeat once again.]

Droguza: Huh? What happened? The power of the Spirit Stone should have
         evolved me...! What will you do? You play to kill me, donít
         you? Well, go ahead and be done with it!

Darc: You really have gotten stronger, Droguza. If it werenít for my
      friends, I would be the one groveling in the dust. But how? How
      did you get so much stronger so fast?

Droguza: Ha! As if you didnít know! Isnít it what youíve been
         searching for all this time?

Darc: You mean...? You used the Spirit Stone to evolve?

Droguza: Ha, thatís right. But it seems the evolution wonít be quite
         complete until we get all five stones. And so now you
         understand! Now you know why I cooperate with humans. Itís just
         a way of gaining the ultimate power myself! Thatís all that
         matters. I donít care how I do it. No matter what I have to do,
         I will become the Ultimate Deimos!

Darc: But why?! Why would you go that far? Why do you need that kind of

Droguza: Darc, you of all people should understand. To a Deimos, power
         is everything! And I need power to revive my tribe that was
         wiped out. I have to be stronger than any Deimos, stronger than
         any human. I need ultimate power! With the infinite power of
         the five Great Spirit Stones, I will become the Ultimate Deimos
         and revive the Niente Tribe! That is my mission. I am the last
         surviving member of the Niente Tribe!

Darc: Droguza...

Delma: Darc, what the hell are you doing? Droguzaís getting away!

Darc: Weíre the same...

Delma: What are you mumbling about?!

[Droguza flies off.]

Delma: Now look what you did! He escaped!

Volk: I canít believe you let Droguza escape, Darc. Whatís gotten
      into you?

Darc: Weíre the same... Heís looking for ultimate power to save the

      Deimos, just like me...Droguza and I are just the same! So why do
      we have to fight each other? Why do we have to kill each other?
      We both want the same thing...

Delma: Thatís where youíre wrong, Darc! Youíre trying to save the whole
       Deimos race. Droguza is only thinking of himself.

Camellia: Delmaís right.

Delma: What Droguzaís doing...well, thatís just what Deimos do!

Volk: Thatís right, Darc. Deimos donít cooperate, they donít help each
      other. All they do is fight and try to dominate each other.

Darc: But canít we change that?

Volk: I donít know. But I do know that you changed us. Weíve been
      different since the day we met you.

Delma: Why are we going on and on about it! Letís get to work!
       Remember...? The Dilzweld...?

Darc: Yeah, youíre right. Youíre all right. Weíll finish them off this
      time! Come on. Weíre heading for the Dilzweld base.

[The crew goes to the Dilzweld base which is, apparently, the Megist.
As everyone heads there, the player is treated to a cutscene inside of
the flying fortress.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Weíve just gotten a report. Our guards at the
                  Restricted Dimension have all been wiped out by the
                  hostile Deimos!

Dilzweld Officer: Wasnít that where Droguza was headed?!

Dilzweld Soldier: According to his report, Droguza has fallen with the
                  others at the hands of these hostiles.

Dilzweld Officer: Damn! Useless Deimos! Thatís why I was against this
                  whole thing from the beginning!

[Droguza walks in.]

Dilzweld Officer: Darkham must have something wrong with his head if
                  he thought putting Deimos into our army was going

Dilzweld Soldier (2): Commander! Behind you...

Droguza: Whereís Lord Darkham?

Dilzweld Officer: Sir! Heís in the Lab Tower, starting the
                  crystallization process for the Artificial Wind Stone.

Droguza: I see. Darc and the other hostile Deimos should be arriving
         any minute. Raise security to Level 4. The intruders must not
         be allowed to board the Megist!

Dilzweld Officer: Yes, sir!

[Droguza walks to the Lab Towerís elevator.]

Dilzweld Officer: Bah! Damn Deimos doesnít know his place...! Giving
                  orders like he thinks he has rank!

[Outside, Darcís party is just arriving.]

Dilzweld Officer: There they are! The Deimos!

Dilzweld Soldier: Alert the ship! The hostile Deimos are invading!

Dilzweld Officer: They must not board the Megist! Donít let the hostiles

Darc: Fine. I welcome a little challenge.

[The party makes quick work of the Dilzweld.]

Darc: Darkham must be in here. This might be rough going...

Delma: Yeah, donít worry about us.

Volk: Iím looking forward to another battle with humans! Iím ready.

Bebedora: Iím Darcís puppet. Wherever he goes, I will go.

Camellia: Ho ho ho. A gentle maiden like me would much rather avoid
          violent confrontations...But when I see this ship, and
          remember what was done to me...! Iím ready to seek out my

Darc: Come on. Weíre getting on this thing.

[Darc walks into the airship and ďseesĒ Nafia protecting him from the
Dilzweldís bullet again.]

Darc: This is the place...Mother...

Delma: Whatís the matter, Darc? Something here?

Darc: Huh? Oh, itís nothing. Letís go!

[Darc continues on until he runs smack dab into a Dilzweld blockade,
already waiting for him and his friends.]

Dilzweld Soldier: The Deimos! Theyíre here!

Dilzweld Officer: Alert the control tower! The Deimos have invaded
                  the Megist! Shut down the direct elevator to the
                  Lab Tower!

[The Lab Elevatorís green light turns to red, meaning that it doesnít
work at the moment.]

Dilzweld Officer: Damn impudent Deimos! Youíre not getting any further!

Darc: Hah! Just try to stop us!

[The Deimos repeat the battle that happened outside the Megist, winning
with ease.]

Darc: The Lab Tower...So thatís where Darkham is, huh?

[Darc and company continue on into the next room, which is the shipís
bridge. Darc walks up, unnoticed by the troops.]

Dilzweld Officer: Where are those reinforcements?! The Deimos could
                  break their way in her at any second!

Darc: Too late. Weíre already here.

Dilzweld Officer: Grrr! Impudence! Wipe them out! Donít leave a single
                  Deimos standing!

[The Deimos slaughter the Dilzweld forces once again. Afterwards, Darc
finds a control panel that turns power on to the Lab Tower. He switches
it on and heads back into previous room. From out of the Lab Tower
elevator, two weird-looking creatures stalk towards Darc.]

Darc: What the hell are these things? Are they Deimos...?!

???: Intruders detected! Eliminate them!

[The two creatures stalk closer.]

Darc: Damn! Weíre both Deimos, but they take us for enemies!

[More Dilzweld and robots join the two altered Deimos.]

Dilzweld Soldier: There they are! Donít let them get to the Lab Tower!

Darc: Geez, thereís no end to these rotten humans!

[Darcís party kills all of the humans and altered Deimos.]

Darc: I didnít know there were any other Deimos that were cooperating
      with the humans...besides Droguza and those rogue Drakyr.

Volk: Iíve never seen any Deimos that look like that.

Delma: Who cares what they look like? Any Deimos that join forces with
       humans are our enemy!

Camellia: ...Theyíre just like me...I bet those Deimos are just the
          same as me...

Delma: What the hell are you talking about now? How do you figure
       theyíre anything like you?

 Have you taken a look in the mirror
       lately, hag?

Camellia: Say whatever you like, Delma. Iím in no mood to argue with
          you now.

Delma: Hey, whatís the matter with you? Youíre taking all the fun out
       of it.

Camellia: Come, Darc. Weíd better hurry on.

Darc: Yeah, youíre right.

[All head to the elevator and arrive up at the Lab Tower. Darc walks
to the center of the room, looking around at all the test tubes and
ďaquariumsĒ full of Deimos bodies.]

Darc: Whatís all this stuff?

Camellia: Theyíre holding tanks for Deimos test subjects. The humans
          capture Deimos and hold them here until theyíre ready to do
          experiments on them. Humans perform experiments on living
          Deimos. Theyíre trying to uncover the secrets of their power.
          Thatís how I got the way I am! The humans experimented on me.

Darc: Damn those humans! They take Deimos lives and play with them like
      toys! Come on, Camellia! Letís teach those humans a lesson!

[Darc runs into the left-hand room and finds a big lever. He pushes it
down and in the main hall, the lights go on and a pathway to a locked
door opens up. As he turns to leave, heís engaged by more altered
Deimos test subjects.]

*  ???!                      *
*  Eliminate the intruders!  *

[Darc messes the enemy up and proceeds into the newly-opened area.
Inside, a Dilzweld officer stands over a mechanized pit where two
Deimos--A Canidae and Orcon--are standing, helpless to get out.]

Deimos A: No! Please let me go!!

Deimos B: Let me out of here!!

Dilzweld Soldier: Quiet down, you two! Weíre just going to make you
                  a little stronger, thatís all. You should be

[The officer walks over to a lever.]

Deimos A: Grateful?! Grrr!!

Deimos B: Let me out! Let me out of here!!

[The lever is pushed and the two Deimos are flooded with blue light
and electricity, a forcefield forming over the top of the pit all the
while. Just then, Darcís team runs in.]

Camellia: Aaaghhh! Darc! This is it! This is the place Tatjana tortured

Dilzweld Soldier: Huh? Who are you?! I didnít ask for any more Deimos
                  test subjects!

Darc: Test subjects! Is that all Deimos are to you?!

Dilzweld Soldier: You! The intruders! Youíre just in time! You can help
                  us test out our new Altered Deimos!

[The forcefield and light subside.]

Dilzweld Soldier: Eliminate the intruders!

[An Altered Deimos arrives from the elevator lift inside the pit.]

Altered Deimos: Eliminate the intruders...

Darc: Hey, wait a minute! Youíre Deimos, just like we are! Donít listen
      to these humans!

Delma: Darc, save your breath. They arenít going to listen.

Volk: Guess we gotta fight them.

Darc: Damn! Why should we have to fight our own kind?!



Camellia: It was...right this room...! That...T-Tatjana...did
          such terrible things to me! She changed me into this wretched
          form you see now...

Volk: You wanna die?! The enemyís right on top of us! We donít have time
      to listen to your sob stories!

Camellia: B-but...I...I feel weak at the knees! I canít fight!

Volk: If you canít fight, then die! I have no use for you! Get out of my

Camellia: Do you have no sympathy in you at all?

Volk: Donít be soft! If youíre a Deimos, fight and take your revenge!


Delma: Donít forget what we just saw! Else weíll be in trouble.

Darc: I know! Itís just...even though theyíve been altered and are being
      manipulated by humans...when all is said and done, theyíre Deimos
      just like us!

Delma: Darc, I like it you can see it that way...But once a Deimos is in
       that machine, you gotta think of it as already dead! Theyíre not
       Deimos anymore!

Darc: Those damn humans! And they call this ďcivilizationĒ?!


Bebedora: You are troubled. Looking at this machine, youíre thinking
          youíd like to try something! But...youíre afraid of dying.

Camellia: Wh-what are you talking about all of a sudden? Stop spying
          on my heart, you little wretch!

Bebedora: Hee hee hee! But death will set you free. Your troubles
          will disappear.

Camellia: Sh-shut up! Stupid puppet! How can you understand my
          worries and my pain?!

Bebedora: That, I donít know. must rid yourself of your


[Regretfully, the team kicks the crap out of Altered Deimos and
the Dilzweld guard. Afterwards...]

Camellia: Look at this, Darc! This is it! The very machine they used to
          reduce me to what you see today! It was right here...where
          those humans...where that Dilzweld Tatjana...tortured me! She
          was trying to find out how monsters evolved from Deimos...She
          extracted the Spirit power of the Earth Stone with this
          machine...and then performed experiments by irradiating
          Deimos...Thatís what she did to me!

Darc: So this is the machine they hurt you with, huh?

Camellia: Yes! It was this very machine! Tatjana broke the laws of
          nature! She used Spirit power to change me into my present
          form. Old...Brittle...Withered...! But if I use the machine
          once more...! Maybe itíll turn me young again, the way I was
          before...! There could still be some Spirit Energy left!
          Please, Darc! Youíve got to irradiate me with it!

Volk: Are you sure getting into some human machine is safe? You might
      wind up dead!

Camellia: But Iíd rather die trying than spend the rest of my days like

Delma: Hmph! That sure is funny, Ďcause Iíve heard you begging for your
       life at least a couple of times...

Camellia: Thereís no time to argue, Delma. Darc, please! Iím begging

Darc: Oh, all right! Weíll do it.

Camellia: Thank you! Oh, thank you, Darc!

[Camellia gets on the center elevator/platform and Darc stands at the
controls to the machine.]

Camellia: Now then, please start the irradiation machine. Itís there
          in the back...

[Darc goes to the back and flips the lever. Camellia goes down on the
elevator and the blue forcefield goes over the pit. When it stops, the
platform rises and a beautiful flower-person steps off.]

Camellia: Ho, ho, ho! Never seen a beauty like this before, eh? I am
          Camellia. Radiant, for a flower of 200, eh? Am I not a
          wondrous bloom?

Darc: Is that really Camellia...?

Volk: Sheís............beautiful!

Delma: Youíve got to be kidding me! Come on! Thatís cheating! It
       doesnít even look like the same woman!

Camellia: Donít be ridiculous! This is my original graceful and elegant
          form. Havenít I been telling you all along? But maybe youíve
          forgotten...Memory slipping, Delma, dear?

Delma: Grrr!!

Camellia: Darc, thank you for rescuing me from that horrible form I was
          so ashamed of. Iím very grateful. Iím in your debt forever.
          I, Camellia Rofeana Semalba, hereby vow to do everything in
          my power to help you from now on, Darc.

Darc: Thanks.

Camellia: Someday, Iíll get my revenge on that Tatjana, the human that
          made me suffer! But in the meantime, letís find Droguza and
          Darkham as soon as possible.

Darc: Um, yeah...right.

Volk: Yes! Camelliaís absolutely right!

Delma: Who do you think you are, Camellia, giving orders like that?!
       (to Darc, Volk) And you guys! What the hell is the matter with
       you, drooling all over yourselves over some old hag?

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Jealous, Delma, dear? Well, I canít blame you...
          Beauty like mine is rare. Go ahead and be jealous if you

Delma: Grrr!! Thatís it!! Iíve had all I can take out of you, hag!!
       (to Darc) Hey! Are you gonna stand slobbering all over this
       old hag forever? Letís get going!

Darc: Yeah, youíre right...OK, letís go!

[Before leaving, Darc takes the card key on the soldierís table.
At the last door, Darc swipes the card key to gain entrance. The door
unlocks and the party enters.]

Droguza: Please, Lord Darkham! Evolve my strength with the power of the
         Spirit Stone! The Deimos are closing in, and theyíre intent on
         killing you!

Darkham: You fool! You let them defeat you again, didnít you!

Droguza: ............Darc and his band of followers were stronger than
         I expected...

Darkham: I donít want any more of your excuses! Your usefulness to me
         is at its end.

Droguza: Please! Just once more! I just need a little bit more strength.
         If I could evolve just one more time, I know I could defeat

Darkham: Hmph. I suppose it couldnít hurt...If you really want to
         evolve so badly, I suppose Iíll let you.

[Darkham motions for his guards to go to the control panels.]

Darkham: And the [Artificial Wind Stone] has just been completed. Itís
         the perfect opportunity to test the infinite power of the five
         Great Spirit Stones! Very well, Droguza. Get up on the

Droguza: Yes, sir! Thank you!

[Droguza gets up on a platform and kneels.]

Droguza (to self) Ho ho. At last the time has come! When I receive the
        energy of the five stones, I will be transformed into the
        Ultimate Deimos! Just wait, Darc! The next time we meet, youíll
        be the one groveling in the dust! And as for you, Darkham! Itíll
        be your time to die! Heh heh heh...

Darkham: (to self) Heh heh heh. Foolish Deimos. (to guard) Letís do

[The guard starts operating the control panel, and a chamber rises up
around Droguza. Darcís party enters at this time.]

Darc: Darkham!!

Darkham: So youíre Darc, are you? The one they call the ďDeimos
         wannabe...Ē Youíre just in time. Iíll soon have the perfect
         opponent for you.

Darc: What?!

Darkham: Heh heh heh...The Altered Deimos you see there has requested
         the ultimate evolution. And to celebrate my acquisition of

         all five Great Spirit Stones, Iíve decided to grant his wish!

Darc: Droguza, an Altered Deimos?! What are you talking about? Droguza
      is a proud Deimos warrior, the last remaining survivor of the
      Niente Tribe!

Darkham: Wa ha ha! You believed that rubbish? All of Droguzaís memories,
         his very pride in the Niente Tribe...I gave him all of that! I
         thought he would be more useful to me if he had his own goals
         and dreams of his own, you see. He could infiltrate the Deimos
         world, find out where the Great Spirit Stones were, and seize
         them for me! The Altered Deimos I created before him were
         little more than puppets, without thoughts or feelings of their
         own. But Droguza is different. Heís the crowning achievement of
         Dilzweld science!

Darc: I...I donít believe you...

[Darc stares sadly at Droguzaís chamber, still flashing with strobe-like
bursts of light.]

Darkham: Mwa ha ha! How delightful! I see even the Deimos themselves
         never suspected! Now I know the surpreme bliss of what itís
         like to be the Creator! The power and joy that only He can

[The door Darcís party entered through shuts and locks.]

Darkham: Worthless Deimos! Now you can kindly proceed to tear each other
         for me!

[Darkham and his two guards walk away from their balcony and leave.]

Darc: Droguza...

Delma: I donít believe this!

Volk: Damn all humans! They wonít get away with this!

Bebedora: So Droguza is a puppet, too. Humans control his strings...

Camellia: Weíve got to stop this! Droguza will evolve into the
          Ultimate Deimos soon! And then weíll never be able to defeat
          him. Hurry! Weíve got to destroy the machines!

Darc: Droguza...forgive me! And I swear to carry out your mission for



Camellia: I think the power of the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Light
          Spirits is probably contained in each power. Youíll have to
          destroy all of them to stop Droguza from evolving.

Delma: Take all of them down, huh? All right! Leave it to me!

Camellia: I donít know what will happen once you destroy them all, so
          be very careful!

Delma: Ha! Weíll only know whatíll happen if I take them out! If I
       donít do it, weíll never know, will we?


Delma: Thereís only one left! Letís take it out!

Darc: Sorry, Droguza...Youíre just one of Darkhamís pawns! I canít
      let you become the Ultimate Deimos!

Delma: All right! Letís do it!


[Darcís party destroys the towers that are feeding the power of the
Spirit Stones to Droguza. In doing so, the chamber that housed
Droguza malfunctions and bursts open. Droguzaís mutated body now
has grown to gigantic proportions and he takes up nearly all of the
back of the battlefield. Darc and company are immediately engaged
in battle again.]



Volk: That thing...Thatís what a fully-evolved Deimos looks like?
      That freakís supposed to be the Ultimate Deimos?!

Darc: Hmm...Maybe he didnít evolve all the way, because we broke
      the equipment first!


Droguza: I was gonna be...the strongest...Revive...the Niente...

Darc: Youíre still conscious, Droguza?!

Droguza: Waaagh...the pain...! Darc...where are you? ...Destroy...
         Deimos...Orders...Lord Darkhamís...orders...

Darc: Droguza...Iíll stop your pain...


[As the battle ends, Droguza is on his deathbed.]

Droguza: Looks like...I was still no match...for you, Darc...

Darc: Droguza!

Droguza: I failed...I never revive the Niente Tribe...or to
         unite the Deimos...!

Delma: What the hell are you talking about? You arenít even a member
       of the Niente Tribe! Werenít...

[Darc motions for her to stop talking.]

Darc: Droguza...Iíll see your mission out for you! Iíll destroy
      these wretched humans and build a new world, a world that the
      Deimos control!

Droguza: Yes...If anyone can do can, Darc...Unlike me...
         youíve been fighting for the good of the whole Deimos race...
         Itís no wonder...I wasnít able to defeat you...

Darc: Droguza...

Droguza: Darc...Go to...Maluise Tower...!

[The roomís locked doors open.]

Droguza: Darkham is...trying to break the seal...on an ancient weapon of
         terrible power...and control the world...! Kill Darkham! And
         with that weapon...destroy all humans! Please! Iím begging

Darc: I will. I promise you that.

Droguza: last thing...

Darc: What is it?

Droguza: I am...a brave Niente warrior...Iím not some...Altered
         Deimos...created at the hands of a human...Am I, Darc?

Darc: Droguza...! How did you know...?

Droguza: Right...Darc...? Iím a Deimos...arenít I, Darc...?

Darc: Thatís right, you are! Of course you are! Youíre a true Deimos.
      A true Deimos through and through! Youíre Droguza, the Ultimate
      Deimos, brave warrior of the Niente Tribe...


[Droguza collapses, dead.]

Volk: Did Droguza know? That he was a human creation?

Darc: Even if he did know...No, I think it was exactly because he
      did know he wasnít a pure Deimos...that he wanted to believe it
      all the more. He wanted to believe he was a true Deimos.

Delma: Gee, Darc...

Darc: No more! We wonít let these vile humans cause Deimos any more pain
      or suffering! I will defeat the humans! Iíll destroy them all! You
      wait and see, Droguza. Iíll seek out every last human on the face
      of our world...and fling them into the depths of hell!

[Darc yells with for Droguza who was akin to him in more ways than his
own party would know.]


##Kharg, Chapter 6: Rivalry [KC6]##

[The chapter opens with Kharg and Samson re-entering Yewbell.]

Samson: All right, weíre here.

Kharg: Yeah, well...

Samson: Whatís wrong? Arenít you going?

Kharg: ......

Samson: You scared?

Kharg: It just all came back to me...All their faces when those wings
       popped out of my back...Itís like they were all thinking, ďyou
       betrayed us...Ē

Samson: Youíre the one that wanted to come back here in the first place.
        You need everyoneís help to put a stop to Darkhamís plans, donít
        you? I thought you were going to ask for their help, even if
        they rejected you.

Kharg: ...Yeah, I know. Itís just that...

Samson: You gotta believe in yourself more, Kharg. Itís not like you
        were forcing them to come along with you. Youíre not like Darc.
        Itís your bravery and compassion that drew them to you. But if
        you yourself are worried over something like this, that just

        means that even you yourself donít believe in the relationships
        youíve build with them, man.

Kharg: Thatís not it at all...!

Samson: Then all you have to do is believe in them. Believe that theyíre
        the type of friends that would understand, that all you have to
        do is talk it over with them.

Kharg: ...Yeah, I guess youíre right. What am I so afraid of...! Those
       are the best friends Iíve ever had in my life. I know theyíd back
       me up if it was to protect the future of the human race...!

Samson: Heh heh. Thatís the spirit.

Kharg: You know what, Samson...Are you sure you donít feel like coming
       with me after all?

Samson: I told you, my only goal is to get revenge on Darkham. Itís
        just a personal grudge; itís got nothing to do with world peace.
        My motives are too tainted for me to go along with you and your
        cause any further.

Kharg: But, we both want to rescue Lilia from Darkhamís clutches, donít

Samson: If worse comes to worst, by killing Darkham, the world will come
        to an end and Lilia will end up dying. But even then...Iíd still
        bring Darkham down.

Kharg: Samson...

Samson: So, if I went with you, Iíd just screw up the whole dynamic of
        your team, you know? So Iíll just travel my own path, alone. And
        you protect the world like you know how to do.

Kharg: ...OK. Well, thanks for everything youíve done for me.

Samson: Farewell.

[Samson leaves Yewbell.]

Kharg: All right, now itís time to find everyone.

[Kharg runs to the Castle Ruins, where Maru spots him.]

Maru: Kharg...! You really came back for us!

Kharg: Yeah.

Maru: Thatís wonderful...! Kharg, Iím really sorry about what happened.
      The whole thing just took me by surprise, you know, and I didnít
      know what to do...

Kharg: Itís OK. None of that matters anymore.

Maru: But youíre you, no matter what, right? So, promise youíll take me
      with you, all right...?

Kharg: Arenít you supposed to be a prince? Donít sound so desperate, it
       doesnít suit you. I came to ask you, Maru. Will you fight
       alongside me?

Maru: Yahoo! The famous tag team is back in action! Better watch out,
      Ďcause this is one dangerous prince, and heís coming your way!

Kharg: Iím counting on you.

Maru: I wonít let you down! But, Iím not the only one, you know.
      Everyone in this country is behind you, Kharg. Thanks to
      Paulette...She convinced everyone.

Kharg: Paulette did what...?!

Maru: She went around and talk to everyone here, one by one. She
      begged everyone to think about how much you and Nafia done
      for this country. People ignored her, got angry, threw rocks
      at her, and did all kinds of stuff to her; but she was strong. She
      never gave up. Then, the people here finally calmed down, and
      remembered how important you and Nafia have been to this place.

Kharg: Go figure...Paulette really went to all that trouble...

Maru: Remember, she rejected you that day? But, ever since youíve been
      gone, Paulette has been torn up inside about what she did. Sheís
      really sorry. She said that changing the minds of the people here
      was the least she could do to make up for it.

Kharg: Do you know where she is right now?

Maru: Paulette is paying her respects at Nafiaís grave. Sheís been
      spending all her time there lately. What are you waiting for? Go
      see her!

Kharg: OK, thanks.

[Kharg goes to Nafiaís grave, seeing that thereís a suitable headstone
for his mother. Itís decorated with flowers to boot.]

Kharg: Paulette!

Paulette: ...!!

Kharg: Iím back. It feels like so long since...


Kharg: Thatís OK. You donít have to say anything. I heard you talked
       to everyone in town on my behalf...That means more to me than
       I can say...Iím so thankful to have you as a friend.

[Paulette goes and hugs Kharg.]

Paulette: Kharg!! Iím so sorry, Kharg! I rejected you, when you
          needed a friend the most...! You needed me by your side
          more than ever and I just turned my back on you.

Kharg: Thatís OK. I donít think I would have reacted any differently.

Paulette: No, I should have protected you, no matter how much everyone
          else was persecuting you. I should have stood up as your
          shield, right then and there! But I just...I just canít
          forgive myself for hurting you like that, Kharg...It was
          inexecusable. I had no idea what I would do if you hadnít
          come back here again...

Kharg: Donít worry about it. You donít have to be so hard on yourself,
       Paulette. See? I came back and Iím fine.

Paulette: I guess...

Kharg: Iím sorry I had you worried. You know, I realized that I canít
       get by without your help after all.

Paulette: Kharg...! I promise, Iíll never turn my back on you again!
          No matter what happens, Iíll be right by your side until the
          very end...!

Kharg: Thatís good to hear.

Maru: Wait a sec, Kharg, this is kinda scary. Itís almost like youíve
      been possessed by Paulette or something.

Paulette: Maru! Why, you little...! What do you think I am, a witch or

Maru: Hee hee hee. Thereís the Paulette we know and love. Yippee!
      Everythingís just like it was before!

Paulette: By the way, Kharg...did you find anything about Lilia?

Kharg: Yeah, I saw her in a place called Cragh Island.

Paulette: Cragh Island?

Kharg: Yeah...Darc was there, too. I can tell you more later, but
       the Dilzweld Army ended up capturing Lilia again.

Paulette: Oh, no...

Kharg: Wait, where are Ganz and Tatjana?

Paulette: When they heard there were still some Dilzweld soldiers left
          behind, they left for [Thunor Point]. They said they might be
          able to get some information out of them.

Kharg: OK...Why donít we head there, too.

[The party heads to Thunor Point. When they arrive, they see Ganz and
Tatjana standing over a bunch of Dilzweld soldiers, all whoíve got a
fairly good beating.]

Kharg: Tatjana! Ganz!

Tatjana: Kharg! Youíre back!

Ganz: So, decided to join us, eh. Heh heh. I knew you wouldnít be away
      for long.

Kharg: Well, the worryís over. Iím fine now. But, Iíd really like for
       you two to stay and lend a hand.

Tatjana: Come on. What do you think we came for? Even while you were
         gone, weíve been working hard looking into things. Weíve got
         things under control.

Kharg: I do, donít you...Sorry. And, these guys here...
       you didnít...

Ganz: Donít worry, theyíre just taking a little rest. They had quite
      the workout, if you know what I mean.

Tatjana: These two stayed behind after the Dilzweld mining team left.
         I think they were trying to scrounge up a few Spirit Stones
         to sell for a night on the town.

Kharg: So, did you get anything out of them?

Tatjana: We made Ďem tell us where Darkhamís heading to next.

Kharg: What?! So, whereís he going?!

Tatjana: The Dilzweld Empire.

Kharg: The Dilzweld Empire...Back to his own country, huh...?

Tatjana: Exactly. He must have gotten everything heís after, Iím

Kharg: Then I guess he must be using the Spirit Stones he found on
       this contintent to make an Artificial Wind Stone, after

Tatjana: Well, when I examined the small number of Spirit Stones
         I was able to find here here in Dragon Bone Valley, I found
         that their composition was very close to that of the Wind

Kharg: I see...Darkham has probably already finished making his
       Artificial Wind Stone, then, huh.

Maru: Aww, man! That means heís already got all five Great Spirit Stones
      in his grubby little hands! This ainít good, Kharg...!

Kharg: Everyone...Looks like itís time to strike to the heart of the
       Dilzweld Empire itself. We have to find a way to stop Darkham
       before he has a chance to use his Ultimate Weapon...!

Ganz: Things are only going to get tougher from here on out.

Paulette: Count me in! Iím sticking to Khargís side till the bitter end!

Maru: Yippee! Now that thatís settled, we just gotta swoop down into the
      Dilzweld Empire, and wham!

Kharg: All right, itís time to bring out Big Owl!

[At the Big Owl...]

Kharg: OK, weíre off to the Dilzweld Empire!

Tatjana: Hold on a second...I donít think it would such a great idea
         to head straight in there aboard Big Owl.

Kharg: Whyís that?

Tatjana: The Dilzweld Army has anti-aircraft artillery set up all along
         the borders. They call the border the ďCurtain of Death,Ē and
         it keeps all of the neighboring countries in fear. Nothing
         could make it past the border. And I think theyíre in the
         process of building an even more powerful giant turret to the

Kharg: A giant turret?

Tatjana: Yes, and I think I remember them calling it [Maluise Tower]. I
         heard theyíre setting it up as an anti-aircraft missile
         installation. So, weíd be digging our own graves if we tried to
         fly our way in through the Curtain of Death.

Kharg: I guess youíre right...Iím glad I asked. So, now the question is,
       how do we sneak our way into the Dilzweld Empire?

Tatjana: Exactly...I think the easiest thing would be to take Big Owl
         to Lusah Forest in eastern [Halshinne]. From there, we should
         be able to break through the Dilzweld Armyís line of defense
         by taking a land route and trekking over [Mt. Lamda]. Thereís
         just one thing. That route is crawling with ferocious monsters.
         Thatís why hardly anyone uses it to travel. Which means the
         Dilzweld defenses should be pretty weak there as well.

Kharg: All right, itís settled. Itís going to be a little dangerous,
       but that should be no problem for us. Letís head for east

[Once on Halshinne, Khargís team goes to the nearby Lamda Temple, to
take a quick route to the Mt. Lamda trail. As the party arrives at the

Kharg: What is this place...?

Tatjana: Itís [Lamda Temple]...Itís supposedly been here for three
         thousand years.

Kharg: Three thousand years...? What kind of place is this, I wonder...

Tatjana: I heard people go through intensive study to build themselves
         up both physically and mentally here, strictly following the
         teachings of Lamda. Those who make it through the rigorous
         training are able to manipulate the power of the earth and the
         air in the form of ďQi.Ē

Kharg: Thatís...pretty impressive...

Tatjana: And, in order to get to Mt. Lamda, you have to make it through
         this temple. However, they only let people through Mt. Lamda
         whom they deem worthy. If you try to bust through here without
         permission, a swarm of warrior monks come chasing after you.
         They stop at nothing to bring you back here. Anyway, we canít
         let that stop us now.

Kharg: Hey, I donít feel like fighting against these monks. I want to
       avoid fighting other humans if at all possible. So, letís get
       permission from the temple, fair and square, and head for Mt.

[Kharg walks to the door.]

Kharg: Open the gates! Iím Kharg of Nidellia! I wish to speak! Open up!

[The doors swing open, showing many monks training in a large, open
space. Two monks face Khargís party.]

Tatjana: ...Pretty smooth...

Kharg: All right, letís go.

[Kharg quickly finds the person in charge, a Lamda priest who is
overseeing the training session.]

Lamda Priest: Do you wish to train here?

Kharg: No.

Lamda Priest: Fine. Then what is the reason for your visit to Lamda
              Temple, may I ask?

Kharg: We want to get over Mt. Lamda.

Lamda Priest: You say you want to get over the mountain...?!

Kharg: Yes.

Lamda Priest: Kharg, is it...? Mt. Lamda may at first appear to be a
              dense, unearthly place, teeming with monster. However,
              to us at the temple, it has been a holy land since before
              time. Only those who truly understand the teachings of
              Lamda are granted access to the mountain paths.

Kharg: Please, itís absolutely crucial that we get over that

Lamda Priest: Well, then, you may complete the training here. For our
              doors are open to all the world. It may be a long and
              arduous road to complete the training, but until youíve
              fully understood the teachings, you will not be allowed
              through the mountain pass.

Kharg: I appreacite that you have your own local rules, but we donít
       have time for that right now. Iím sorry if I sound a little
       pushy here, but weíre trying to save the world from a mad
       dictator, and Mt. Lamda is our only way in!

Lamda Priest: ...Should you proceed without proper permission, you
              shall have to answer to our highly trained warrior

Kharg: We donít want to fight over this...But, we will if we have to.

Lamda Priest: ............So, you want to climb the mountain without the
              proper training, do you...All right, if you insist, I
              shall let you pass.

Kharg: Are you serious?!

Lamda Priest: However, there is one condition.

Kharg: A condition? What is it?

Lamda Priest: Through your own power, you must come to grasp the true
              meaning of the teachings of Lamda. How you accomplish this
              is up to you, but I shall only allow you to once you truly

Kharg: ...No problem. We will figure it out, I swear to you...!

[The party walks back to the entrance.]

Kharg: So, the teachings of Lamda, huh...?

Tatjana: ďI swear to you!Ē Laying it on a little thick, no? Really, do
         you have any idea where to start?

Kharg: Of course not. Iíve never been here before, you know. But, we
       have to do something. ...That priest, he kept saying ďLamda
       Temple has its doors open to the world,Ē right?

Tatjana: Yeah, he sure did. So?

Kharg: So, there must be some place that has information on Lamda
       Temple, right?

Tatjana: ...Youíre right. If we head to the [Great Library] at [Peisus],
         we may be able to find something out. Most of the buildings in
         Peisus have long since crumbled and decayed away, but the Great
         Library has been saved by the loving care of volunteers.
         Theyíve been repairing and remodeling the library through the
         years to preserve it.

Kharg: The [Great Library]...I guess itís worth a try. Letís check it

[The party heads south to Peisus.]

Librarian: May I help you?

Kharg: Yes, we need to find out more about the teachings of Lamda. Do
       you have anything here like that?

Librarian: Hmm, the teachings of Lamda, huh...Letís see...Now which
           one was it...? ...... Yes, here...we have something here.
           Itís an ancient Lamda Temple sutra.

Kharg: You have an ancient sutra...?! Where is it?!

Librarian: ...I am terribly sorry, but I am not at liberty to tell you

Kharg: But why?

Librarian: The truth is...Our head librarian, Mormatt, is a bit
           eccentric. His belief is that ďYou can only find true
           happiness from a book by working hard and discovering it
           through your own efforts.Ē And accordingly, the motto of our
           library is, ďIf you want a book, you find it yourself.Ē
           However, after you have found what you are looking for,
           you are free to take it with you. So good luck. I hope you
           find what you are looking for.

Kharg: We have no choice. Letís go find that book.

[The party walks into the libraryís biggest part.]

Kharg: So, this is where they keep all the books...All right, the
       ancient Lamda Temple sutra should be here somewhere. Letís
       split up and look.

Maru: Kharg! Heh heh heh...Ummm, is it OK if I wait here?

Kharg: Youíre not going to help?

Maru: Ever since I can remember, my head just starts to hurt whenever I
      look at big books, you know.

Paulette: Maru, books arenít for ďlooking,Ē theyíre meant for ďreading.Ē

Maru: I-Iím a prince, you know. I donít have time to read! I just have
      my servants read everything for me! So to me, books are just
      covers to ďlookĒ at from the outside!

Paulette: My, a little high and might, arenít we...

Kharg: Itís fine. OK, Maru, you just wait here for us. Once we find it,
       weíll let you know.

Maru: OK.

[Kharg looks around and reads a scroll at the back of the room. It
speaks of dragons. Kharg goes back to the front room, removes the
gemstone eyes from the two dragons on the wall, and fits them into
the dragonsí eyes in the back near the bookshelf. The bookshelf slides
apart, revealing a back room. Kharg goes back and looks on the center

Inscription: ďLamda Sutra -- The Road to EnlightenmentĒ
             ďWritings of the thousand-year-old teachings of Lamda.
             They are said to have been recorded by Grand Bishop Eaghar
             Lamdakia. However, because they were writtein in Sumlian,
             a language long since dead, deciphering them is

Kharg: Here it is...!

[Kharg takes the Lamda Sutra]

Kharg: Wait...This is written in ancient [Sumlian]...If we canít
       read it, it doesnít matter anyway...

[Kharg walks back into the main room.]

Tatjana: I donít see it over here. Did you find anything in your
         section, Kharg?

Kharg: Yeah, I got the sutra.

Paulette: Great...! Now we can find everything we need to know about the
          teachings of Lamda.

Kharg: Umm...Actually I have no idea what it says. Itís written in
       Sumlian, and that language died out a long time ago.

Paulette: Hmm...So, what do we do now?

Kharg: What else can we do? We have to find someone who can read
       Sumlian, and fast.

Tatjana: Good luck...We canít ask the Lamda monks, and we have no idea
         where else to look...

Paulette: Maybe thereís someone here at the library who can read it!

Tatjana: I wouldnít be on it...This place is for keeping old relics
         safe. I doubt they have research in mind here...

Kharg: At any rate, all we can do is see if we can find something out
       about Sumlian writing. Thereís no point in turning back now!

[Kharg runs back to where Maruís waiting.]

Kharg: Wait a second. Maruís not here...Whereíd he run off to?

[Kharg enters the entrance hall and finds Maru talking with an old
man, holding a big book.]

Kharg: There you are, Maru.

Maru: Oh hey, Kharg. Lend me a hand, will you? This old man keeps
      trying to grab my crown. Says he wants to examine it.

Kharg: The crown? Why...

Head Librarian Mormatt: This here crown just may have quite a history
                        behind it. Itís worth at least looking into.

Kharg: What? But, I thought you found that thing somewhere, didnít you?

Maru: No, I didnít find this thing somewhere! I told you! Itís been
      handed down in my family through generation after generation!

Head Librarian Mormatt: Now, whatever the case may be...I do suggest you
                        at least go and have it examined at the Milmarna
                        Appraisal Office.

Kharg: The [Milmarna Appraisal Office]?

Head Librarian Mormatt: Yes, Milmarna is famous for its palace, where
                        you can have your fortune told. And they also
                        have places that can examine ancient treasures
                        and texts for you.

Kharg: Ancient texts?! So do you think there might be someone there
       who can read Sumlian?

Head Librarian Mormatt: Sumlian, huh...? Sounds a bit tough, but you
                        just may find someone there who can read it,
                        I reckon.

Kharg: [Milmarna], huh...

Head Librarian Mormatt: Very well, then. If you ever need to get rid
                        of that crown, you be sure to let me know. Iíd
                        be happy to take it off your hands for you.

[Mormatt walks away.]

Maru: Why would I ever want to get rid of this?! Leave me alone, you
      pesky old geezer...! Oh yeah, Kharg. Did you find that Lamda

Kharg: Sure did. But none of us can read it.

Maru: Hmm...thatís not good.

Kharg: Well, I think weíll be able to figure it out somehow. Thanks
       to you, Maru, now we have a lead to go on.

Maru: Huh...? But I havenít done anything at all.

Kharg: Ha ha ha. Youíve been a big enough help. All right, letís
       move out.

[South, in Milmarna, the party arrives to see a town full of houses
built on docks. It looks fairly primitive but not in a shabby way.]

Kharg: So this is [Milmarna], huh...

Paulette: Wow...Itís a town, floating on the ocean...

Maru: ...Milmarna...This view...this smell...It couldnít be...

Kharg: Maru, is something the matter?

Maru: Is it all right if I take a little walk?

Paulette: Boy, you lightened up all of a sudden. Just off to look for
          something to eat again, are you?

Maru: Iím really sorry...

[Maru walks off.]

Paulette: Huh...? Does Maru seem to be acting a little strange to you?

Kharg: I wonder if somethingís wrong...Anyway, letís just let him go. We
       have to hurry and find a place that can help us read the sutra.

[Inside the palace, they find the appraisal office.]

Appraiser: So, what can I do for you today?

Kharg: I have a Lamda sutra written in Sumlian. I heard that you may be
       able to decipher it.

Appraiser: Written in, Sumlian, eh...?

Kharg: Yes. We just need to know what the teachings written in the sutra

Appraiser: Of course, we do appraise old treasures and relics here.
           However, we are forbidden from deciphering Sumlian writing.

Kharg: What?!

Appraiser: It is forbidden because Sumlian is like a secret, only passed
           on to Milmarnan royalty.

Kharg: Please, you gotta help us out somehow. The fate of the world is
       at stake here...!

Appraiser: So this is serious, huh...Well, if you can get permission
           from Madam [Rosanna], I may be able to do something for

Kharg: Rosanna?

Appraiser: She is near the fortune-teller, Foh, dressed in blue

[Rather than wait in the long line of people to see Foh, the party ties
to get past a woman whoís guarding a much easier path to the girls.]

Royal Servant Woman: Only members of the royal family are allowed beyond
                     this point.

Kharg: We just need to talk to Rosanna.

Royal Servant Woman: Madam Rosanna is currently visiting Miss Foh to
                     watch her fortune-telling. Please come again
                     another day.

Paulette: But this is really important. Please, let her know we need to
          see her. I beg you!

[Maru walks up behind Paulette and Kharg.]

Royal Servant Woman: Iím sorry, there is nothing I can do. Only royalty
                     are allowed--

Maru: So we just have to be royalty?

Kharg: Maru...! When did you get here?

Maru: I am the Prince of Milmarna!

Royal Servant Woman: Give me a break. How could you be the prince?

Maru: What nerve. Here, take a look at my crown.

Royal Servant Woman: Th-this is...?! There is no doubt about it. This
                     belongs to the Milmarnan royal family...A-all
                     right, then. You may pass through here. But you
                     must go alone. I myself do not possess the
                     authority to decide whether or not you are truly
                     the prince. So, if you would be so kind, please
                     speak to Madam Rosanna directly.

Maru: Iíll go do a little negotiating. Wait out front for me.

Paulette: I wouldíve never guessed his little ďprinceĒ bluff would work.

Kharg: But, it looks like that crown is the real thing, at least...

Paulette: I thought it was a piece of junk. I wonder where he picked
          that thing up.

Kharg: Who cares. Letís just head out to the front.

[Kharg and Paulette go to the long line of people and walk to the
front, watching Rosanna talk to Maru.]

Rosanna: Yo-you really are...Youíre Prince Yumalnoh, arenít you!

Maru: I told you, didnít I? This crown is all the proof you need.

Rosanna: Oh, Iím so happy you are still alive and well...!

Fortune-teller Foh: Is something the matter, Mother?

Rosanna: It is just as you foresaw in the crystal ball. Prince

         Yumalnoh has finally returned to us...!

Fortune-teller Foh: Is it reall you, Yumalnoh?! My cousin?

Maru: What do you mean, ďcousinĒ? Who in the world are you?

Fortune-teller Foh: Did you...forget about me?

[The protective barrier that was in front of Foh lifts and she
walks out.]

Fortune-teller Foh: Welcome home, my prince. Itís me, your cousin Foh.

Maru: ...Foh...

Foh: (to line of people) Iím sorry to disappoint everyone out there
     waiting, but I really want some time to talk to my prince. (to
     Maru) The truth is, I have something I need to talk to you about.
     Iím sure you have lots of things you want to tell me, too, my
     prince. Will you come with me to my room?

Maru: Huh? Thatís fine, I guess...But can my friends come, too? We
      need to ask you a favor.

Foh: Of course, the friends of my prince are always welcome.

Maru: You guys can come on in now. Itís this way.

Kharg: Uh...OK, will do.

[Kharg goes back around, past the woman who blocked him before, and
up to where Maru is.]

Maru: This is Kharg and my other friends. We came because we need
      help reading this Lamda sutra.

Kharg: Itís written in Sumlian, and of course, none of us can read it.

Rosanna: All right. I shall go tell them I permit them to deciper it for

[Rosanna walks away.]

Foh: OK, letís go, my prince.

[Foh walks away.]

Kharg: H-hey, whatís all this about? Come on...Youíre not really a
       prince, are you, Maru?

Maru: Of course I am. I told you over and over, didnít I? Iíll be right
      back. Iím just going to go to Fohís room. She says she needs to
      talk to me about something. Why donít you head over to the
      appraiser and take care of the sutra while Iím talking to Foh.

[Maru walks off, too.]

Kharg: Hey, Maru...!

Paulette: Maruís a...prince...Impossible...

Kharg: I know...

[Over at the appraiser...]

Rosanna: I have granted permission for the reading of your Sumlian text.
         This appraiser shall deciper the text for you.

Kharg: Thanks a lot.

[Rosanna walks off.]

Kharg: Letís get started, shall we?

Paulette: Sure. But...Iím still a little worried about Maru...

Appraiser: Letís begin. Why donít we start by having you show me this
           Lamda sutra of yours.

[Kharg presents it.]

Appraiser: It will take some time to decipher this fully. Please come
           back again later.

[Kharg goes into Fohís room. Rosanna and Foh are present.]

Maru: Whatís with you two? Youíre being so quiet. I thought you needed
      to talk to me about something, didnít you?

Foh: ......

[Kharg and company walk in.]

Maru: Oh, hey, Kharg. You get the sutra read already?

Kharg: Actually, theyíre taking a look at it right now. What about
       you...If youíre in the middle of something here, we can wait

Rosanna: Not at all. Please, do stay. What weíre about to tell Prince
         Yumalnoh may involve you as well.

Kharg: Uh, OK...

Foh: My prince...First Iíd like to apologize. Iím sorry. Please forgive
     us for what weíve done.

Maru: Huh?

Rosanna: Wait. Foh didnít have anything to do with it, of course. If I
         had only been able to stop my husband that day...

Foh: I plan to hand everything over to you, Prince. I know it can never
     make up for what happened, but still...

Maru: H-hold on a second. I have no idea what this is all about.

Rosanna: Umm...Dear Prince, have you not come here to get back at

Maru: Get back at you? For what? Heh heh heh...To be honest, I donít
      really remember much from my childhood. I didnít even remember
      that I was born in Milmarna until just now. Like Kharg said, we
      only came here to have that text translated for us.

Rosanna: Oh, I see...

Foh: All right...Please allow me to ask you again, my prince.

Maru: Huh...?

Foh: Take my place, and be the next ruler of Milmarna...!

Maru: Whaaat?!

Foh: You were supposed to take the throne anyway, you know?

Maru: Y-you want be...king...?!

Foh: Yes. My prince, I know you have the power to foresee the future
     inside you.

Maru: I donít know what to say. Itís just all so sudden...

Foh: I know if anyone can make this country a better place to live, itís
     you. And Iíll be here to help you. So please, donít leave us again!

Maru: Foh...W-wait just a second, here. Can I uh, have a little time to
      think about this? I want to be alone for a while. Itís all
      starting to come back to me now...

[Maru walks out of Fohís room.]

Paulette: I wonder what Maruís going to do...

Kharg: Itís always been his dream to be the king of his homeland. I
       doubt we could make him change his mind if he decides to stay

[Kharg and Paulette go back to the appraiser.]

Appraiser: Thank you for waiting so patiently. I have finished
           deciphering your text.

Kharg: So what does it say?

Appraiser: It was very simple, very straightforward. In short, it says
           something like, ďClear away all distraction and keep your
           mind open at all times.Ē

Kharg: Keep your mind free from distracting thoughts...So thatís it,

[After looking for Maru to tell him the news, heís eventually found
sitting on a barrel near one of the other fortune-tellerís tents.]

Maru: Did you finish getting the sutra deciphered?

Kharg: Itís done.

Maru: Great. Weíd better hurry back to Lamda Temple now.

Kharg: We...? Are you sure you donít need to stay here?

Maru: Thatís OK. Itíd be a hassle if Foh and them found out, so I think
      Iíll just leave without saying anything.

Kharg: But, I thought it was your dream to be the king of your homeland,

Maru: Right now, bringing down Darkham is much more important than my
      dream anyway.

Kharg: Well, youíre right about that. But...But, I really want to help
       you make your dream come true. You do want to be the king of
       Milmarna, donít you?

Maru: ............ Heh heh heh. Nah, thatís OK, thatís OK. Iíll let
      you in on a little secret. Iím not really a prince.

Kharg: Are you kidding me?

Maru: Nope. Iíve never even been to Milmarna before.

Paulette: Hold on a second. Then where did you get that crown?

Maru: I got it, a long time ago. The real Prince Yumalnoh gave it to

Paulette: He gave it to you?

Maru: Yeah. He was traveling somewhere, and we met and became friends.
      Thatís when he gave it to me.

Kharg: Then, what about your ability to foresee the future...

Maru: Like I could ever do that! You know that, donít you Kharg?

[Foh and Rosanna walk up behind Kharg and Paulette.]

Foh: Is that true, what you just said...?!

Maru: Ah...! Heh heh heh...Sorry about that. When we were together,
      Yumalnoh told me lots of things. And after a while, I just
      started to feel like I was him, you know, the prince...

Foh: I canít believe...Thatís awful...!

[Foh runs out of the palace.]

Maru: ............

Rosanna: Umm...So, where is the real Prince Yumalnoh?

Maru: Hmm...Honestly, I have no idea. We were only together for a short
      time. After that he just left again. Donít know where he went.

Rosanna: Is that so...

Maru: Sorry, you know, for getting your hopes up and everything.

Paulette: Why, you little brat. I canít believe you...Why did you have
          to lie like that?

Maru: Come on. I said Iím sorry, didnít I?

Kharg: Maru...So I guess, we can leave Milmarna now, huh.

Maru: Yeah...

[Maru looks in one of the fortune-tellerís crystal balls as he starts
to walk away.]

Maru: Hey...Wait a sec.

Kharg: What is it?

Maru: ............Uh-oh...Is it all right if I talk to Foh, one last
      time? I donít think I should leave without saying something.

Kharg: All right...Weíll be here waiting.

[The party walks outside and goes to one of the docks. There, Foh
stands in front of a boat, ready to get on.]

Foh: Just leave me alone...!

Maru: Hey, where are you going?!

Foh: I want to be alone. Itís dangerous outside the town, so the
     only place I can go is the ocean.

Maru: Wait up. Thereís a ton of people waiting for you to tell them
      their future, right? What are they supposed to do if you leave?

Foh: I donít feel like telling anyoneís fortune right now, and itís all
     your fault...!

Maru: Hey, your nerves are pretty weak for a queen. You canít rule the
      country like that, you know.

Foh: Who are you to talk to me like that?!

Kharg: Maru, thatís not what you really came to say to her, is it?

Maru: No, but itís better this way. This timid little queen needs to
      hear the truth.

Foh: ...OK. Iíll go back. But only if you leave this place, as fast as
     you can!

Maru: Fine with me. Weíve taken care of everything we need to here. Iíll
      be out of sight before you know it.

[As Foh starts walking away, the boat she was about to get into drifts
out a ways and sinks like it was made out of granite.]

Kharg: The boat...!

[A man comes walking up.]

Man: Ohh! I knew that thing was going to sink...!

Kharg: What are you talking about?

Man: That boat, itís getting real worn out. I was thinking of scrapping
     it pretty soon here, you know. I sure wish she hadnít gone and done

[The man walks away.]

Foh: ............

Kharg: Maru...You were looking at the crystal ball back there, werenít
       you? You werenít able to tell this boat was going to sink,
       were you?

Foh: The crystal ball...? So that means...I knew it...!!

Maru: Come on. We have to hurry back to Lamda Temple. See you later,
      Foh! You stay strong, OK?

Foh: Yumalnoh! My prince...! Thank you! Take care!

Maru: Here we go!

[Back at Lamda Temple, the party revisits the priest who sent them
on the quest to learn the teachings of Lamda.]

Lamda Priest: Well, if it isnít Master Kharg. Have you discovered
              the secrets of the teachings of Lamda yet?

Kharg: Yes, we have.

Lamda Priest: Well, well...So, enlighten me. What is it that you
              learned exactly?

Kharg: Clear your mind from distraction.

Lamda Priest: Hmph, you are certainly correct.

Kharg: Does that mean we can pass through Mt. Lamda?

Lamda Priest: Ho ho ho! Surely you jest. I could never give you such

Kharg: ...What are you talking about?

Lamda Priest: Just now, you have merely spoken the teachings with your
              tongue. That does not mean that you have completely
              understood them. For the teachings of Lamda mean nothing
              as mere knowledge. You can only truly understand them
              with experience, with your entire being. So, what say
              you there?

Kharg: ............

Lamda Priest: All right, would you like to test yourselves to see if
              you really understand the teachings of Lamda?

Kharg: A test...?

Lamda Priest: I shall have you face the monks over there. And if you
              can keep your minds clear, no matter what befalls you,
              and best their skills in battle, I shall recognize that
              you have truly understood the teachings of Lamda. And, I
              shall allow you to pass to Mt. Lamda.

Kharg: Are you serious...?!

Lamda Priest: However, if your minds show even the slightest disturbance
              and you let yourselves get emotional, I shall view that as
              a lack of true understanding of the teachings. Of course,
              should you lose, you shall not be granted access to the
              mountain, either.

Kharg: ...Got it. Sounds good to me.

Lamda Priest: Now then, if you are ready, let us begin.

Kharg: Weíre ready to go.

Lamda Prist: Very well...Shall we begin?

[Five monks now stand in front of Khargís party, also five in number.]

Maru: A-are you sure about this, Kharg? It looks like itís going to
      get pretty hairy...

Kharg: Weíve faced countless impossible battles, and made it through
       them all. All we have to do this time is just keep our cool.

Maru: You mean, keep our minds clear from distractions? Iím not sure
      I get it.

Paulette: Thatís definitely...not something that youíre used to, is
          it, Maru.

Ganz: When I fight, I just think of my opponents as wooden figures.
      That way, I never have to worry about feeling anything for them.

Lamda Priest: Ho ho ho! Easier said than done, indeed. How does this
              sound? I shall only require one of you to pass the test.

Kharg: All right, letís do this!

[Khargís party steps forward.]

Lamda Priest: Both sides, ready! All right...Begin!!

[Khargís team whips the monks in battle.]

Lamda Priest: You have put up quite the fight.

Kharg: So do we get permission to go to Mt. Lamda yet?

Lamda Priest: No, for the match in not over. Do not get ahead of

[The two cauldrons on either side of the steps starts spewing mist out
of their tops.]

Kharg: Huh...? Whatís with this smoke? Is that incense...? Is this
       another one of your tests? This isnít even a smoke screen. You
       think this will shake upup?

Lamda Priest: Ho ho ho! Youíre thinking about it too much. Now, then...
              Your next challenge is waiting.

Kharg: Huh...?!

[The party turns around and see Darc and his band of Deimos standing
amidst the smoke. A single monk stands at the end since Bebedora is
not seen.]

Kharg: Darc...!! What hole did you crawl out of?!

Darc: Ha ha ha...

Volk: You ready to take me on?!

Delma: Here! Bring it on!

Camellia: I shall show you how inexperienced you really are!

Paulette: This time for sure...! I will avenge my fatherís death!!

Tatjana: Look what the cat dragged in! You should never have left the
         lab, you walking freak show!

Ganz: You damned Orcon...! Youíre going to pay for what you did to my

Maru: H-hey, wait a sec! What happened to you guys?!

[The mist disappears.]

Lamda Priest: Everyone, hold it right there! You four, your minds are
              clouded! Therefore, you fail!

Kharg: What the--?!

Lamda Priest: Take a closer look at each of your opponents!

[Darc, Volk, Camellia, and Delma disappear, and are replace by Lamda

Kharg: Wh-what in the world...?

Paulette: Whatís going on here?

Lamda Priest: That incense has the effect of exposed intense emotions
              from inside peopleís minds, especially feelings of hatred.
              What you witnessed before you was the embodiment of your
              own hatred. However, had you been in a clear-minded state,
              the incense would have had no effect on you, and you would
              have merely seen the monks before you now. Accordingly, it
              is obvious that the four of you who saw the object of your
              hatred have no understood the teachings of Lamda. You

Kharg: ......

Maru: Everybody...

Lamda Priest: Maru, is it? Your heart shows no signs of impurity. Your
              state of mind is exactly what the teachings of Lamda

Maru: Wh-who, me...?

Lamda Priest: Now, I shall not go back on my word. You are all alone
              now, and should you not prove victorious over the
              remaining monks here, none of you shall be allowed access
              to Mt. Lamda. Do you still wish to continue?

Maru: ...Of course! I know I can win this! Even if Iím fighting all by
      myself, I know Iím not alone anymore. Iíll have everyone inside my
      heart out there, fighting alongside me! Isnít that right,

Kharg: Exactly, Maru! Weíre counting on you!

Paulette: Be strong, Maru. Weíre all rooting for you!

Tatjana: Donít forget to use your head, too.

Ganz: If you win, Iíd be happy to serve under you.

Lamda Priest: Very well, then...Let the challenge continue!!

[Maru fights five monks alone and wins.]

Kharg: You sure did it, Maru!

Paulette: Great job.

Ganz: Thatís my big prince.

Maru: Heh heh...

Lamda Priest: Hmph, you have skillfully passed the tests I have laid
              before you. As I have promised, I shall grant you
              permission to go to Mt. Lamda.

Kharg: Thank you so much! All right, weíre finally on our way into
       Dilzweld territory!

Lamda Priest: Halt. My reasoning for testing you like this...was not
              simply because regard Mt. Lamda as a holy and sacred

Kharg: So, why else did you do it...?

Lamda Priest: For some time now, Mt. Lamda has been subjected to
              pollution by monsters. They are emitting a gas into the
              air that causes hallucinations.

Kharg: Hallucinations?

Lamda Priest: Mm-hmm. And those deceived by the hallucinations lose
              their way and never make it off the mountain again. When
              this happens, they become easy prey for the monsters. This
              is why we humble monks used the special incense to cloud
              your minds to test you. We knew that, had you not mastered
              the teachings of Lamda, you would surely fall victim to
              hallucinations. And finally, without the strength to best
              our finest monks here, you surely would prove no match for
              the monsters of this mountain.

Kharg: All right, I get it...

Lamda Priest: Therefore, young Maru, once you reach Mt. Lamda, you must
              be the shining light that leads your friends through the

Maru: Itís up to me to...

Lamda Priest: See the truth with the eyes of your unclouded mind. Only
              then shall you find the way.

Maru: Yahoo! I wonít let you down, sir!

Kharg: All right! Letís hit the road!

[The party continues into Mt. Lamda. After several ambushes by monsters,
they encounter a dense fog on the pass.]

Kharg: Look at that. Itís just as the priest said. Thereís gas
       everywhere...So, weíre going to see hallucinations if we go any
       further, huh...Maru, weíre counting on you to take the lead. If
       we start to get lost, youíd better help us out.

Maru: Uh...OK, I got it. I just have to look with the eyes of my
      unclouded mind...

[The party enters the fog and, oddly, they arrive in Yewbell.]

Kharg: This place...This looks like Yewbell...?!

Paulette: But why...?

Maru: ............

Kharg: Is this another hallucination...?

[In the town square of ďYewbellĒ, a bunch of zombies appear.]

Kharg: Damn, weíve got company...! Thereís no way around them, so I
       guess weíd better go through them. Letís get Ďem!



Tatjana: Is this really a hallucination?

Maru: I know about this. Iím telling you, this isnít Yewbell. Thereís
      no doubt about it. Weíre on Mt. Lamda. But the monsters are real


[The humans do away with the zombies.]

Kharg: Maru, which way do we go? Everything weíre seeing is a

Maru: Umm...See with my mindís eye...I got it...Itís no use trying the
      way out you guys see in your hallucination. The ring of light...
      Thatís it, we have to head for the ring of light. Thatís our only
      way out of here...!

Kharg: Roger that. Weíre heading for the ring of light. Everyone ready?

[Continuing on through the rings of light, the party eventually ends up
at a fake Scrappe Plateau where theyíre ambushed again. They continue
on and end up in the outside world, hallucination-free and alright.]

Kharg: ...Wow, Iíve never seen this mountain pass before.

Maru: Kharg! You can really tell this is a mountain pass?! Yippee! We
      made it out! See, thereís no more gas, either. We finally made it
      over Mt. Lamda!

Kharg: This is great...! Tatjana, how far is it to Dilzweld from here?

Tatjana: Thereís an anti-aircraft artillery installation up ahead. Once
         we get past that, itís not far.

Kharg: Anti-aircraft artillery, huh...

Tatjana: Donít worry. AAA are strong against attacks from the air, but
         they are sitting ducks when it comes to ground warfare.

Kharg: Good to hear. Letís move out, everyone!

[Everyone continues to the anti-aircraft installation at the Western
Fortress. When they arrive, they see it in ramshackle condition, clearly
having lost a battle at some point.]

Tatjana: What in the world happened here...?

Kharg: Look, itís Samsonís airship!

[The Fiona is grounded...permanently. It appears that Samson pushed his
luck too far in flying over Dilzweld airspace.]

Tatjana: Itís been shot down...!

Kharg: We have to find Samson!

[They find Boomer and Buster around the crashsite.]

Boomer: ...Uh-ugh...

Kharg: Boomer, what happened?!

Boomer: Hmm...?! I-if it isnít Kharg...!

Kharg: What in the world happened here?!

Boomer: We were following Darkham and we tried to enter Dilzweld, but
        then, this thing here...

Kharg: You didnít know about the anti-aircraft artillery fire?

Boomer: Of course we knew. But if we took the time to find another way
        in, we would have lost track of Darkham. We gotta stop that
        Darkham as fast as we can. Otherwise itís all over. Thatís
        why...we decided to bulldoze our way in.

Kharg: So thatís what happened to you guys...

Boomer: Then, the captain ordered all of his men to abandon ship before
        we got to the Curtain of Death. But Buster and me refused to
        jump...We had decided to stay by the captainís side, no matter

Kharg: So, what happened to Samson?

Boomer: He went off to chase Darkham. He tried to hide it from us, but
        he was hurt worse than us even...Samsonís looking for a big
        showdown with Darkham. But Darkhamís got those nasty Royal
        Guards with him. Heíll never make it on his own. Listen, Kharg,
        you gotta help the captain out...! We wish we could lend a hand,
        but in this condition weíd just end up getting in the way. Uh-

Kharg: Boomer...I donít want anything to happen to Samson, either. Weíll
       hunt that Darkham down like the dog he is. (to party) Weíre about
       to march right into the hornetís nest, guys--the [Dilzweld

Paulette: But, wonít they have really strict security set up?

Kharg: Most likely...we need to figure out a way to distract the guards
       and find out where Darkham is...

Tatjana: Thereís no need to go sneaking around.

Kharg: Huh? What are you talking about?

Tatjana: Donít worry. Just leave it to me. Weíre just going to march
         right in.

Kharg: Wh-whatever you say.

[No one stops Ďtil theyíre at the gates to Dilzweld. The city is foul,
polluted with oil and smoke. The scenery is drab and boring, too.]

Dilzweld Soldier: L-lieutenant Colonel Tatjana...?! Youíre alive!

Tatjana: Yeah, last time I checked!

Dilzweld Soldier: I-Iím sorry...! Itís just that, Emperor Darkham had
                  announced that you had met a glorious death in battle,
                  helping obtain the Fire Stone at the volcano in

Tatjana: A glorious death in battle...? Hmm...I was quite close to
         dying, but I managed to escape at the last second.

Dilzweld Soldier: Is that so...Well, it is good to see you alive, maíam.
                  And who do you have with you...?

Tatjana: Just some mercenaries I hired. I have them with me as back-up.

Dilzweld Soldier: All right, then...Anyway, Lieutenant Colonel, if you
                  do not mind, I will go notify HQ of your return.

Paulette: Hey, do you think thatís such a good idea, letting him notify
          HQ like that?

Tatjana: Donít worry. I doubt the Dilzweld Army knows Iíve switched
         sides on them.

Paulette: ...Youíre probably right.

Ganz: Well, if it does happen to reach Darkhamís ears, it might arouse
      a little suspicion. But intelligence from out here on the
      fringes doesnít get to the top levels that easily. Itís a huge
      organization, after all.

Tatjana: Youíre exactly right. But you know...It is a little hard lying
         to people who used to work under me...

Kharg: Tatjana...I know how you feel, but now is not--

Tatjana: I know. Letís try to find out whatever we can about Darkham.

[After looking around a little, the party encounters a few Dilzweld
soldiers blocking a roadway.]

Dilzweld Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Tatjana, I heard what happened. It
                  is good to see you alive and well, maíam...

Tatjana: Thanks.

Dilzweld Officer: By any chance, are you planning on returning to the
                  Battleship Megist?

Tatjana: Huh, Iím not sure...Is there going to be a problem?

Dilzweld Officer: Maíam, well...After returning, the Megist was
                  attacked by a group of Deimos. It is still under
                  attack now.

Tatjana: A group of Deimos?

Dilzweld Officer: Yes, maíam. The group appears to be made up of a
                  Drakyr and other species of Deimos as well.

Kharg: (to self) Itís Darcís gang...

Tatjana: And is Lord Darkham there, too?

Dilzweld Officer: Rest assured. Emperor Darkham has evacuated the area
                  with his captive, Lilia, in tow.

Tatjana: Evacuated the area...? So where is he now?

Dilzweld Officer: He is currently en route to [Maluise Tower].

Tatjana: Maluise Tower...? But why would he be heading there...?

Dilzweld Officer: That I do not know. We have only been ordered to block
                  off all the roads so that group of Deimos cannot enter
                  the town...

Tatjana: Hmm...All right, Iíll head straight for [Maluise Tower] as well
         as ask for his orders there.

[The party heads for Maluise Tower. Meanwhile, Samson has already
arrived there, and he has propped himself up against a box to keep his
wound from hurting too much.]

Samson: Uuh-ugh...guhuh...!

Kharg: Samson?! A-are you all right?!

Samson: ...Kh-kharg, is that...Uh-ugh...

Kharg: What the hell happened to you?!

Samson: I had planned on taking on Darkham...even if it meant...
        sacrificing Lilia...Heh heh heh. But things donít always go like
        you plan Ďem, huh...Guhuh...!

FLASHBACK (A while before Kharg arrived)

[Darkham, Lilia, and the two Royal Guards stand in front of Maluise

Darkham: Welcome to my masterpiece, [Maluise Tower]. What do you think?
         It is quite the exquisite piece of workmanship, is it not?

Lilia: Why have you brought me here? Just what do you think youíre going
       to get me to do here?!

Darkham: Heh heh. Youíll just have to wait until we get to the top to
         find that out.

[Samson appears, pointing the barrels of his guns towards Darkham.]

Samson: This dictator here, is attempting to resurrect the Ultimate
        Weapon. And heís going to use the five Great Spirit Stones, and

Lilia: Samson?!

Darkham: Well, well, what do we have here...You miscreant...So I guess
         youíre not just some petty bandit, are you. Thereís nothing
         here that would entice a thief. Which means, you are either
         after my life, or just feel you have to rescue this
         little damsel in distress. You scoundrel, you couldnít

Samson: Iíve heard enough from you! Prepare yourself, Darkham!

Darkham: Ha ha ha. Donít tell me youíre actually going to fire that
         thing. From that range, you may accidentally hit Lilia as well,
         you know.

Samson: ...It doesnít matter. Lilia just might be better off that way,

Darkham: What did you just say...?

Samson: I know there will be more creeps like you, trying to take
        advantage of Liliaís powers, for years to come. Which is why,
        right here and now...!

Darkham: Stop! What does a petty crook like you know about anything?! I
         shall not allow you to interfere with my noble scheme!

Lilia: Donít worry about me. Just shoot, Samson...I mean, ďFatherĒ!

Samson: Lilia...! How did you know...?

Lilia: I would rather die than be used for the Ultimate Weapon and this
       evil scheme!

Darkham: Quiet, girl!

Samson: Forgive me, Fiona...! Lilia, please forgive me!!

[A gunshot rings out and Samson falls to the ground.]

Lilia: Wh-why?!

[A hidden guard and a soldier, who had both just arrived, had taken
the moment to shoot Samson.]

Royal Guard: Forgive our late arrival. I am glad you are safe, your

Darkham: Mmm, good work. That was a close call...

Lilia: Oh, Father...! But, but why...?!

Darkham: (to Samson) You could have had me, had you not hesitated...
         Samson...Wait. If heís Liliaís father, that would make his
         name Wyse, would it not? How ironic. A man, who threw away
         love, losing his life over love...How pathetic.

Lilia: Father...Iím so sorry...If I had known it would turn out like
       this...I never got a sing to you...

[Two Royal Guards stare at Lilia.]

Lilia: ............

[Together, they all walk into Maluise Tower.]


Samson: ...Darkham...took Lilia...theyíre headed for...the top of the
        tower...Hurry. Thereís no time...Please, you must save Lilia...

Kharg: Hang in there, Samson. Weíll get you patched up right away!

Samson: ...Lilia...I can hear and your mother...singing
        together...itís so beautiful.....................

[Samson slips down against the box, dead.]

Kharg: N-no, you canít...Samson...You canít just die...! Darkham, you
       bastard...!! I swear, I will never let you get away with this!!

[Kharg and his party leave Samsonís body and enter Maluise Tower, too.
After defeating three Dilzweld parties waiting for intruders, Kharg and
his team head round the bend to the top of the tower. Meanwhile, at the
top, Darkham has Lilia lying on her back on a platform. All five of the
Great Spirit Stones are plugged into a pedestal. The tower rumbles a

Darkham: Heh heh. It is just as he said. Lilia is ďA Friend of the
         Spirits,Ē no doubt about it. Using Lilia as the stimulus, the
         five Great Spirit Stones shall react in unison at full
         magnitude. Moments from now...The Restricted Dimension that has
         been stretched out over the giant cavity for thousands of
         years, shall be broken at long last...O noble [Flying Castle]!
         The end of your eternal slumber is nigh. Your time has come!
         Awaken, NOW!

[In the pit behind where Darc once fought Droguza, the clouded craterís
mist disappears, revealing a giant, black object stuck in the ground.]

Darkham: Oh my, here it comes...!

[The runes on the objectís surface glow orange-red and make the black
object take off. But, the object stops moving as the Artificial Wind
Stone shatters.]

Darkham: What?! It stopped moving...! Damn! So the fake stone isnít
         enough, after all...!

[The man who talked to Darkham on the bridge of the Megist appears, but
his face isnít shown to the player.]

Mysterious Man: No need to worry.

Darkham: So there you are. What do you mean exactly, no need to worry?
         My Flying Castle isnít moving! I thought this thing was
         supposed to soar through the heavens!

Mysterious Man: This is nothing to get all worked up about. You do not
                necessarily need it to fly. What is important is that it
                has broken the Restricted Dimension. That is all that
                matters. Rest assured. Its immense power is already in
                your grasp! If it would put your mind at ease, why not
                test it out?

Darkham: Ha ha ha...Right you are. Now, then, let us have a taste of
         what this Flying Castle is capable of.

[Darkham walks to the pedestal with the Stones in it.]

Darkham: The Deimos of the Halshinne continent have already been
         scattered to the wind like dead leaves in the fall. So, then,
         the perfect target to test the capabilities of my newfound
         power would have to be...those feeble-minded fools who know
         nothing but the self-preservation of their own little utopian
         society in a bubble. I have been waiting for this day. Now I
         shall make my move, and they shall know my true power. Thy
         holy thunder has been locked up for too long. Now it is time
         to unleash it! Judgement day has come, and you shall face
         death, useless cretins!

[Darkham motions to the pedestal and the Flying Castle rises. From its
top, a huge pillar of light shoots into the sky. When it lands, it falls
on the Republic of Cathena, decimating it instantly. Kharg is on the
steps to the top as the beam goes off.]

Kharg: Wh, What was that light just now...?!

[The human party runs to the top of the tower.]

Kharg: Darkham!

Darkham: Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Hmm...And it looks
         like youíve picked up my old garbage on the way in. My, my,

Tatjana: Lord Darkham...I take that back. Youíre no ďlordĒ! Weíre
         going to put an end to your crazy antics, you fiend!

Darkham: Well, well. If it isnít another blubbering fool standing up in
         the name of justice...

Kharg: You scoundrel! What did you just do?! What was that light?!

Darkham: Wa ha ha ha! It seems you have arrived just moments too late!
         Cathena has been wiped out without a trace.

Kharg: Cathenaís been wiped out...?!

Darkham: This is the power of the Ultimate Weapon, my Flying Castle!
         Witness the power of the science of the ancients!

Maru: But...What about about all those people...?

Paulette: What have you done...?!

Darkham: Wa ha ha ha! Now it is time for me to make my plans a reality.

Kharg: You are not going to get away with this! This is where we put an
       end to you, and your evil aspirations!

Darkham: Simple-minded fools...! I shall bring new order to a chaos-
         -ridden world. And this is merely the best method in which to
         do so!

Kharg: And wiping out Cathena is part of your perfect plan?! Enough
       with the games! All youíre trying to do is rule the world any
       way you can!

Darkham: So, what would you have me do with the power of the five Great
         Spirit Stones?

Kharg: You should use the stones to find a way to bring happiness to all
       of humankind. Who are you to use them to threaten the world into

Darkham: Bring happiness to humankind, you say...Ha ha ha. The Deimos
         would love to get their hands on this power as well. What would
         you do then?

Kharg: Just what are you getting at...?

Darkham: You and I are actually a lot alike. One day you will probably
         be in the same situation I am right now.

Kharg: Iíll never sink as low as you!

Darkham: This conversation is over, now! I dare you to try and stop me.
         Or, you could save yourselves the trouble and give up now.

Kharg: You ready, everyone?

[At long last, the party battles Emperor Darkham. One by one, the guards
are killed and finally, Kharg deals the battle-winning blow against the
Dilzweld ruler.]



Tatjana: Be careful of the Royal Guard!

Kharg: What in the world are they?

Tatjana: Theyíre always at Darkhamís side. Nobody knows what they really
         are. They might not even be human...


Ganz: Tatjana, will you really be able to fight Darkham?

Tatjana: ......Iíll be able to. Iím the only one that can stop him.
         Itís time for me to pay him back! I will take him down!


Kharg: We wonít be defeated, Darkham! Your time has come!

Darkham: Wa ha ha! Still under the same delusions! The fact that you
         keep saying the same thing only goes to show how much youíre

Kharg: What?! Why, you...!

Darkham: Unless...Surely you havenít been thinking of me as a mere
         power-weilding politician?! Listen up, you worthless rats.
         All power is within me! See for yourselves how strong I am!


[A cutscene immediately begins after the battle.]

Kharg: This is where I put an end to your ambitions. I wonít let some
       monstrous dictator conqueror our world!

Darkham: Itís not my ambition to take over the world. I just want
         annihilate the Deimos.

Kharg: What did you say?

Darkham: I resurrected the Flying Fortress for that exact purpose. To
         wipe the Deimos off the face of the world forever in fell

Kharg: Destroy the Deimos? But why?

Darkham: When Dilzweld was still but a small country, I was a good fief
         lord, Loved and respect by the people I ruled over. But one
         day, an army of Deimos invaded our land. I flew to Cathena
         right away to request reinforcements. However... those
         incompetent officials delayed the decision so that their
         council could discuss it. I was kept there during their long
         talks, unable to return. You know where their decision was,
         after all that? That we should settle peacefully!
         Guess what was waiting for me when I finally got home? News
         that the Deimos had taken all of children hostages to force us
         to surrender! And then they killed our king! And those bastards
         killed all the hostages, all of those innocent children!
         Learning the Deimos way of fighting, killing the weak in any
         way possible, I was driven into a deep despair.
         After that, as the new king, I soon left the World Alliance and
         changed the country to an autocracy, so I could finally purge
         the Deimos from the face of this earth. Do you really want them
         wreaking havoc anywhere? Iím sure you, too, have a reason to
         hate the Deimos. If we do not destroy them, more countries are
         sure to meet the same fate, as old Dilzweld did. But Kharg, my
         plan has failed. Iím going to put an end to it myself.

Kharg: What are you going to do?

Darkham: I have already let too much innocent blood be spilled. I want to
         set everything right. must do my place...
         Destroy The Deimos...

[Darkham dies, falling off the top of the tower in the process.

Kharg: Darkham!


##Kharg and Darc, Chapter 6: The Final Battle [KD6]##

NOTE: This is the final section, but itís split into two parts: Khargís
      Story and Darcís Story. If you need to jump to a section, just
      look up the obvious words (END KHARGíS/DARCíS STORY). :)

[The humans stand at the top of the tower, finding it hard to believe
that Darkham was after a Deimos genocide, not world domination.]

Tatjana: I had no idea Lord Darkham had gone through all that...

Paulette: Darkham was just...another victim of the Deimos...

Ganz: Those Deimos bastards...!

Tatjana: Itís just like Lord Darkham said! As long as the Deimos are
         around, humans will have to live in fear of the Deimos!

[Darcís party arrives at the top of the tower.]

Darc: Is that you, Kharg...!

Kharg: Darc...!

Darc: Lilia! (to Kharg) Whereís Darkham?

Kharg: Heís dead. And he left it up to me to wipe out the Deimos.

Darc: ...I knew it. Youíre no different than that Darkham. Thatís fine,
      though...The thing that came out of the giant crater is an ancient
      weapon capable of mass destruction. Weíll just be taking it off
      your hands for you...So we can wipe out every single human off
      the face of the planet with it!

Kharg: The Deimos will never have control of the Flying Castle...!
       Because weíre going to use it to annihilate all you Deimos!

Paulette: Weíre not going to lose this time. Youíre going to pay for
          what happened to my father...!

Ganz: Orcon scum...Iíve been waiting for this day for a long time.
      Youíre going to pay for my comradeís death!

Delma: Fine, then. Why donít we just give you a one-way ticket to go
       visit your comrade! In hell!

Volk: Iíll never see my wife or kids ever again, thanks to your
      precious father. Itís time to settle the score, once and for all.

Camellia: Tatjana, I hope you are ready to pay me back for all the pain
          and suffering youíve inflicted upon me.

Tatjana: Looks like youíre back to your old, disgusting self. The
         experiments are over and you are no longer needed. Iím sending
         you out with the trash, old hag!

Bebedora: The sadness, fading into deep blue. The bewilderment,
          flickering in an intense purple. Maru...Your heart is in much
          pain. I can feel it.

Kharg: So, it all comes down to this battle. Humans and Deimos. There
       can only be one winner.

Darc: The fate of the loser is extinction from the face of the planet.
      Itís time to settle our fates, once and for all.

Kharg: And the winner takes all five Great Spirit Stonse.

Darc: Yeah. But I will win, and the stones will be mine.


AFTER KHARGíS FIRST TURN (if you picked the humans):

Kharg: OK, this is it! Weíll defeat them, and put an end to the
       conflict between humans and Deimos. The fate of the humans
       will be decided by this fight!

Paulette: Letís do it! But Iíll never forgive the Deimos! Iíll get
          revenge for my father! over me!

AFTER PAULETTEíS FIRST TURN (if you picked the humans):

Paulette: Get with it, Maru! If you donít stay focused, youíll be
          killed! Donít let Bebedora distract you!

Maru: Yeah, I know...But...

Paulette: Remember! Sheís a Deimos, our enemy! Youíll put all of
          us in danger if youíre not careful!

Maru: Darn it all! You want me to fight, I guess I gotta fight!

AFTER VOLKíS FIRST TURN (if you picked the Deimos):

Volk: At last the time has come...for me to take my revenge! Weíll
      destroy them, and then wipe out the humans!

Camellia: Ho ho ho! So we feel the same! Today, right here and now,
          humans and their science...will meet their end!

AFTER DARCíS FIRST TURN (if you picked the Deimos):

Darc: This fightíll decide it all! Iíll take down Kharg and his
      friends, and then Iíll destroy all humans! Follow me!

Bebedora: Rage...a dark flame. A black darkness...Darc, youíve
          abandoned your human heart, havenít you.


Depending on which team you picked, youíll get different speeches.


Kharg: We won...We defeated the Deimos!

Tatjana: The world is saved! The humans win! Wait and see, Lord
         Darkham...We will destroy the Deimos.

Ganz: Rapier! I will avenge your death! Soon...

Paulette: Father...Your pain...All of your regret and suffering...You
          can be at peace now, at last!

Maru: ............

Darc: Damn you, you humans!

Kharg: Now we have all five Great Spirit Stones!

[Kharg starts to walk to the altar with the Stones in it. Unfortunately,
he starts floating in midair.]

Kharg: Aaaghhh!

Paulette: Huh?! Whatís going on?

[The rest of the humans start floating, too.]

Maru: Aaaghhh! Whatís happening?!

[The Deimos start floating, too.]


Darc: We won...We defeated the humans!

Delma: Hah! I knew the Deimos were gonna win out in the end!

Volk: The time for my revenge has come! Time to avenge the death of my
      wife and child, to get revenge for all the pain and suffering of
      the entire Deimos race...and time to take back Deimos pride! I
      will have my revenge! The time has come to destroy all humankind!

Camellia: Ho ho ho! We donít want to destroy them too easily or too
          soon! We must make their end slow and painful...We have to
          have time to enjoy it! And I especially want Tatjana to pay
          for what sheís done!

Bebedora: ............

Kharg: I canít believe it...We lost...!

Darc: And now we have all five of the Great Spirit Stones...

[Darc walks towards the altar with the stones. Unfortunately, he starts
floating in midair.]

Darc: Gaaahhh!

Delma: Huh?! Something funny is going on!

[The rest of the Deimos start floating, too.]

Bebedora: Hee hee hee! Weíre all just puppets...

[The humans start floating too.]

At this point, it doesnít matter what path you chose because the
following occurs regardless.

[From behind where Lilia is at, Zev steps forth into broad daylight.]

Zev: I have acquired all five Great Spirit Stones, and my power has
     returned to me. Listen to me, foolish humans! Watcch me, wretched
     Deimos! I am...

[He takes of his goggles, revealing two gaping holes where his eyes
should be.]

Zev: ...The Divine Ruler!

Darc: The Divine Ruler?!

Kharg: But youíre Zev! What are you talking about?

Divine Ruler: Zev? That was merely a temporary name. Just as this body
              is merely temporary. I am the king of kings! I am he who
              once ruled the entire world, and created the very monsters
              themselves! I am he who obtained the power of the darkness
              and tried to reign supreme as the [Lord of the Black
              Abyss]! I was the first human to defy the gods! The king
              of darkness, I am the Divine Ruler! I spent thousands of
              years sealed away! It was a very long time...A very long
              time indeed...But thanks to you humans, the Spirits
              disappeared from this world 500 years ago. Yes. The time
              has finally come! The opportunity I had been waiting for
              all those years! It was the era of the Twilight of the
              Spirits! The power of the Spirits that had always filled
              the world waned rapidly, and I was able to achieve a
              temporary resurrection. I slipped out through a tiny
              crack in the seal and took over this explorerís body!
              Unfortunately, the enormous power of darkness I had once
              held had disappeared with the departure of the Spirits.
              But again, thanks to you, I was able to break through
              the barrier that sealed off the Flying Castle. The only
              thing left to do now is to use the power of the five
              Great Spirit Stones to achieve my complete resurrection as
              the Lord of the Black Abyss!

Kharg: Donít tell me...youíre going to break the seal on the [ark]?!

Divine Ruler: Mwa ha ha! Thatís exactly right! The Flying Castle--the
              thing you think of as a weapon--is the very resting place
              of the ark! That is where I will be fully resurrected!

Kharg: We wonít let you do it!

Divine Ruler: Ha ha ha! You wonít let me? Fools, all of you! Fools to
              the end! Donít you realize by now the integral role youíve
              played in all of this? You gave me this opportunity to be
              resurrected. Youíve all be very helpful little pawns,

Kharg: What?! What are you talking about?!

Divine Ruler: Then let me ask you this. Whoís the one that told you an
              airship had crashed in Dragon Bone Valley? Who gave you
              information about Mt. Quina? In Epistia, wasnít it I that
              told you the crisis Yewbell was facing? It was all part of
              my scheme to have you, Kharg, fight with Darkham and
              compete against Darc!

Kharg: What?!

Divine Ruler: And you! Foolish Darc. Having Darkham create and
              manipulate Droguza turned out to be well worth it...

Darc: Youíre the one that made Darkham do that?!

Divine Ruler: With humans and Deimos bitterly fighting each other over
              the five Great Spirit Stones, I knew one of you would
              gather them all together for me in the end. I didnít care
              who was the one to do it--whether it was you, Kharg, or
              Darkham...And I knew that the struggle between Deimos and
              humans would further spread feelings of hatred, would
              increase negative feelings to their peak. It all turned
              out just exactly as I planned!

Darc: You mean youíve been behind all of this from the beginning?!

Divine Ruler: Ah, you finally understand. But itís too late now...The
              world is already filled with negative feelings, with
              negative emotions! I will soon be fully resurrected as
              the Lord of the Black Abyss! And when I am...the world
              will come to an end!

[The Divine ruler waves his hand. Lilia and the Great Spirit Stones
all hover in midair.]

Divine Ruler: Youíve all fulfilled the roles I set out for you nicely.
              Youíll have plenty of time to regret your foolishness
              while youíre waiting for the world to end!

[The Divine Ruler disappears, taking the stones and Lilia with him.]

Once again, the dialogue changes depending on whoíve you chosen to side
with. If you chose the human party, youíll read the following:

Kharg: Zev was using me! The Divine Ruler was manipulating me!

Paulette: You werenít the only one. He used me, too. Zev was using
          everyone--all humans, every last Deimos.

Tatjana: The Divine Ruler managed to draw the whole world into a vortex
         of hatred, just as he planned. Lord Darkham was sucked in, too.

Ganz: What can we do? There must be something...

Tatjana: Destroy the Deimos, and cut off the root of all hatred...!

Maru: What good would that do us now? That would just make more hatred!
      Weíve got to stop all this fighting!

Volk: Shut up, you little brat! Go ahead and kill us! Just do it and
      get it over with! We donít need your pity!

Paulette: ............

Kharg: Letís go to the Flying Castle! If the Lord of the Black Abyss
       is resurrected, itís the end of the whole world. Weíre going to
       get Lilia and the five Great Spirit Stones back!

Ganz: Yes. Khargís right. Weíve got to do it. Weíve got to try, for the
      sake of the world! Looks like you were lucky this time, Deimos.

Delma: Grrr! Go to hell!

Camellia: Curse you! Now this humiliation on top of everything else!

Kharg: ............

Darc: Grrr!

Bebedora: ............

Maru: Bebedora...Goodbye...

Kharg: All right, weíre going. To the [Flying Castle]!

If you chose to align yourself with the band of Deimos, youíll read the

Darc: So this damn Divine Ruler had it all planned out. We were part of
      his little scheme before we were ever even born! He created us

Volk: What do you mean, Darc?

Darc: The Divine Ruler created the monsters--our ancestors.

Delma: What?! He created monsters? Youíre kidding, right, Darc?

Darc: I found out on Cragh Island. He--this Divine Ruler guy--created
      us to use as weapons. Thatís why Deimos and monsters have such
      a strong battle instinct. Thatís why we always fight. The Divine
      Ruler made us that way.

Camellia: I canít believe it...Weíre simple creations, then, just like

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. Youíre all just like me. The Divine Ruler is
          every monsterís true father.

Volk: What the hell are we saying? That we were all just created on
      some whim? That this Divine Ruler was the one that put battle
      instinct in our hearts? That he manipulated us into hating humans?
      Are we Deimos nothing more than pawns of the Divine Rulerís

Darc: Weíre going to the Flying Castle. If the Divine Ruler wants to
      resurrect the Lord of the Black Abyss...weíre just gonna have to
      stop him. Heís the one that made us strong! And weíre gonna make
      him regret the day he ever created us.

Volk: What do you wanna do with these humans? You wanna finish Ďem off?

Delma: Letís do it! Weíve gotta teach them what happens when they cross

Darc: No. Letís not. They were just manipulated by the Divine Ruler,
      just like we were. Weíve made it clear which one of us is
      stronger. Deimos donít kill the weak for no reason. Unlike the
      ďcivilizedĒ humans...

Kharg: Grrr!

Darc: ............Letís leave it at this.

Volk: They do look...kind of pathetic...

Delma: Yeah, I guess we did make it pretty clear whoís stronger...

Ganz: You arenít going to...kill us...?

Tatjana: I canít believe it! Deimos, taking pity on humans...?!

Darc: Weíre off to the [Flying Castle]! Letís put a stop to this Divine
      Rulerís little plot.

Whichever party you choose to go with will have different speech when
they approach the Restricted Dimension/Ultimate Weapon crater. If you
pick the Deimos team, youíll get the following:

Darc: So this is the [Flying Castle].

Volk: It looks evil...just like everything else humans put their hand

Darc: Are you all with me, guys?

Volk: Darc, King of the Deimos! I would lay down my very life for you.

Camellia: After what you did for me, I would follow you into the depths
          of hell.

Bebedora: Some great power within me commands me. It tells me to follow
          you, Darc. It tells me to follow you, no matter where you may

Delma: Wait a minute, Darc.

Darc: What is it, Delma?

Delma: So weíre gonna go kill the Divine Ruler for the good of the
       Deimos, right?

Darc: Yeah, of course.

Delma: So once the Divine Ruler is dead, you wonít mind if we kill
       Lilia, right?

Darc: What?! No way!

Delma: And why the hell not?

Darc: Because.........

Delma: See?! You say itís all for the good of the Deimos, but I know how
       you feel about Lilia!

Darc: If you donít wanna take orders from me, fine. Iím still going,
      even if I have to go by myself.

Delma: Look at you, putting on a big show! You like Lilia, and everybody
       knows it!

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. The scarlet of jealousy. It turns to the true red
          of anger, and then to the crimson of hatred. The deep, blood
          color of loathing. Black, black, the color of darkness...
          negative emotions.

Delma: Youíd better shut up or youíve had it, little girl!!

Bebedora: Hee hee. I am Darcís puppet. I merely follow him.

Volk: Darc is our alpha leader. And when the pack leader gives a
      command, thatís final. Iím with Darc.

Camellia: So am I.

Delma: Well, yeah...I am, too, of course...Itís just...I just wanted to
       know the truth, thatís all.

Darc: Gee, Delma...Iím...

Delma: Oh, shut up! I donít wanna hear any more about your precious
       Lilia! Letís just move on!

Darc: Yeah...weíd better.

[Darcís party goes inside the Flying Castle. Meanwhile, Khargís party
stands atop Maluise Tower, still tasting defeat.]

Kharg: I swore I would protect her...but I never managed to protect
       her at all...

Paulette: Are you worried about Lilia?

Kharg: Huh...? Oh, yeah. The Divine Ruler taking Lilia off with him
       like that...I wonder if that means he needs her to resurrect
       the Lord of the Black Abyss, too?

Paulette: I donít know for sure...but, yes, he probably does need
          Liliaís power.

Kharg: Is everybody well enough to go?

Ganz: Yeah, weíll be fine.

Tatjana: Those Deimos are stronger than I thought--that Darc and the

Paulette: I canít believe they didnít finish us off!

Ganz: I canít believe Deimos let humans go!

Tatjana: I bet itís some kind of trick.

Maru: Just because theyíre Deimos, that doesnít mean they want to kill
      all the time, you know.

Tatjana: Donít you believe it! Thatís all theyíre good for. Theyíre
         nothing but killing machines!

Maru: Then why didnít they kill us this time?

Tatjana: I donít know...

Kharg: Come on. Letís go to the Flying Castle.

Tatjana: Donít tell me weíre going to rescue the Deimos?

Kharg: Tatjana, weíre not fighting because of some grudge we have
       against the Deimos, you know. Weíre trying to save the world.
       Weíre fighting to protect our world! And Iíd do anything to
       protect it. Wouldnít you? Even if it means fighting alongside the

Maru: Thatís right! The real enemy is the Divine Ruler!

Paulette: Iím with you, Kharg. You know Iíd do anything to protect this
          world. And I know my father wouldíve wanted me to help you, no
          matter what.

Ganz: Of course we should protect this world. Thatís plenty enough
      reason to fight.

Tatjana: But Kharg! Are you serious...? Fight alongside Deimos? Isnít
         that a little too trusting of you?

Kharg: ......

Tatjana: But I guess...itís that trust--that kindness of yours--that
         we really need right now if weíre going to change the world...

Kharg: Come on, letís go. Weíre off to the [Flying Castle]. Weíre
       going to get Lilia and the Great Spirit Stones back!

[Kharg and his band goes into the Flying Fortress, too.]

Darc: What a creepy building.

Camellia: Itís shrouded in an ominous feeling...

[Khargís team arrives right behind the Deimos.]

Darc: What are you doing here?! Damn ugly, annoying humans...!

Kharg: Weíre here to fight the Divine Ruler, too! I think we should join
       forces. The Divine Ruler is enemy to us both.

Darc: Donít be stupid! Remember what we learned on Cragh Island? Deimos
      and humans canít get along. They could never live together in
      peace. Or are you saying you wanna give up civilization? Are you
      humans willing to follow the Deimos law of ďsurvival of the

Kharg: No, thatís not what Iím saying. But I still think...thereís got
       to be some way for us to get along peacefully.

Darc: If there was a way, donít you think we wouldíve found it a long
      time ago?

Kharg: If there isnít a way, then weíll just have to make one. We
       can do it...together!

Darc: ............Thatís just a bunch of empty talk. There isnít any

Kharg: Empty talk? But you know as well as I do that a world without
       ideals or hope is little more than hell!

Darc: See? More empty talk!

[The ground starts shaking.]

Kharg: Wh-whatís going on?

[The castle starts lifting off into the sky.]

Darc: Is earthquake?

Kharg: No, not an earthquake! Weíre...lifting off!

Tatjana: The Flying Castle is taking off?!

Bebedora: The Flying Castle is a castle that flies. Itís a vessel of
          ambitions. A mirror into greed. Itís the same as me. The
          Ultimate Weapon...for destroying the world.

Ganz: The Flying Castle still works? But what supplies its power?

Camellia: Itís the five Great Spirit Stones! He must have brought the
          Flying Castle back to life with their power!

If you picked the human team, youíll encounter the following:

Kharg: So this is the [Flying Castle], huh? Itís huge.

Paulette: Looks like this is it, Kharg.

Kharg: Is everybody with me?

Paulette: Iím ready to follow you anywhere, Kharg. You know that. I
          think everybody feels the same...

Maru: Well, Iím ready! Of course!

Ganz: You can bet Iím with you. Iíve finally found something I care
      enough about to want to protect...this world!

Tatjana: You saved my life, Kharg. Iím with you till the end.

Kharg: All right, then, letís go! The Divine Rulerís little ambition
       is over!

[Khargís team enters the Flying Castle. Meanwhile, back at the top of
Maluise Tower, Darc stares at where Lilia lay.]

Darc: Thatís how goodbyes have always gone between us...Just when I
      think I have you, you always get stolen away.

Delma: You really that taken up with a human woman?

Darc: No! Thatís not what I was talking about! I was just saying how
      weird it was, how the Divine Ruler took Lilia away!

Delma: Now that you mention it, youíre right. Thereís something up
       with that. Maybe he needs her to resurrect that ďBlack Abyssmal
       LordĒ or whatever he called it...

Darc: Are you all right to move now?

Volk: Yeah, Iíll be all right.

Camellia: Humans certainly arenít to be taken lightly...especially that
          ďKhargĒ fellow...

Volk: But I wonder what happened? Why in the world didnít they kill us?

Camellia: I have no idea. I thought all humans hated Deimos!

Darc: Humans can never finish off an enemy thatís wounded on the
      ground. Thatís the way they are.

Volk: I get it...Just like you, Darc.

Darc: What?

Volk: Itís just like the time you and I fought...

Delma: Oh, yeah. Just like the time with me, too. You didnít kill me
       when you have the chance, even though I was threatening to kill

Camellia: It was the same with me. Darc spared my life many times.

Darc: Well, thatís because...I need you. I needed your strength, to help
      unite the Deimos.

Volk: So does that mean...those humans need our strength, too?

Darc: Humans? Need Deimos? You think so?

Delma: No way! I canít believe that.

Camellia: I donít believe it, either!

Darc: Come on. Weíre going to the Flying Castle.

Volk: To rescue the humans?

Darc: No! This has nothing to do with the humans. Itís the Divine Ruler
      I want to take care of! Just think about it! He made monsters to
      use as weapons. Monsters are our ancestors! And then he
      manipulated the Deimos and the humans into hating each other. All
      because of some stupid scheme of his! If the Divine Ruler wants to
      resurrect the Lord of the Black Abyss...weíre just gonna have to
      stop him. Heís the one that made us strong! And weíre gonna make
      him regret the day he ever created us. Thatís it. Thatís my only
      reason. It has nothing to do with the humans. Now letís head to
      the [Flying Castle]!

[Darcís team enters the Flying Castle. Cut to Khargís team whoís entered

Kharg: Itís amazing to think humans from such a long time ago build a
       thing like this...

Paulette: Itís kind of...spooky...It looks like it could just suck
          everything up...

[The Deimos run up to the humans.]

Kharg: Darc! What are you doing here? I guess youíre all here to fight
       the Divine Ruler, too.

Darc: So what if we are?! Stay out of our way, humans!

Kharg: I think we should join forces. The Divine Ruler is enemy to us

Darc: Donít be stupid! Remember what we learned on Cragh Island? Deimos
      and humans canít get along. They could never live together in
      peace. Or are you saying you wanna give up civilization? Are you
      humans willing to follow the Deimos law of ďsurvival of the

Kharg: No, thatís not what Iím saying. But I still think...thereís got
       to be some way for us to get along peacefully.

Darc: If there was a way, donít you think we wouldíve found it a long
      time ago?

Kharg: If there isnít a way, then weíll just have to make one. We can
       do it...together!

Darc: ............Thatís just a bunch of empty talk. There isnít any

Kharg: Empty talk? But you know as well as I do that a world without
       ideals or hope is little more than hell!

Darc: See? More empty talk!

[The ground rumbles.]

Kharg: Wh-whatís going on?

[The Flying Castle lifts off.]

Darc: Is earthquake?

Kharg: No, not an earthquake! Weíre...lifting off!

Tatjana: The Flying Castle is taking off?!

Bebedora: The Flying Castle is a castle that flies. Itís a vessel of
          ambitions. A mirror into greed. Itís the same as me. The
          Ultimate Weapon...for destroying the world.

Ganz: The Flying Castle still works? But what supplies its power?

Camellia: Itís the five Great Spirit Stones! He must have brought the
          Flying Castle back to life with their power!

From this point on, the stories realign, and the script becomes one once
more. Hopefully that wasnít too confusing (and I know that one part was
repeated, but who cares?) for you. Anyway, this takes place regardless
of which party you took:

[Just then, the floor gives way and both the humans and the Deimos fall
into the darkness. Kharg, Paulette, and Ganz all stand up amongst some

Kharg: Is everybody all right?

Paulette: Iím fine.

Ganz: Iím OK, too.

Kharg: What about Maru and Tatjana? Where are they?

[Volk and Delma get out of the rubble, too.]

Volk: Not you! Thatís all we need now.

Delma: What do you wanna do, Volk? Itís three against two.

Volk: What do you think? Itís kill or be killed!

Kharg: When is this senseless fighting every going to end? How long are
       we going to let ourselves be manipulated by the Divine Rulerís
       stupid plot? The main thing right now is to defeat the Divine
       Ruler! You know Iím right!

Volk: ............You may be right...I donít know, and I donít care.
      Youíre not our alpha leader. And weíre not gonna take orders from

Delma: Thatís right! Just keep your mouths shut, humans! Thereís nothing
       to discuss!

Paulette: Kharg, just talking is never going to work with these Deimos.

Ganz: We might have to fight them...

Kharg: No! That would just be playing into the Divine Rulerís hands. We
       both have the same goal. We canít let him destroy the world!

Volk: I donít care if the world does get destroyed, so long as I can
      take you down with it. Humans are my enemy. And Iíll die fighting
      right now before I change my mind!

Kharg: But what a waste of your life that would be! Donít you see?

Volk: Damn you! Thatís just what Darc said...!

[A bunch of enemies appear all around the Deimos and humans.]

Volk: Damn it! No what?!

Kharg: Looks like our differences will have to wait. Weíve got a little
       something to take care of first.



Ganz: Get out of my way! Donít come near me! I might accidentally chop
      your head off with this axe!

Delma: Donít make me laugh! Neither you or your axe is sharp enough to
       get me!

Ganz: Want to give it a try?! Iíll get my revenge for Rapier here and

Delma: Fine by me! Letís do it, then, if you dare!

Kharg: Stop it, both of you! Just calm down!


Volk: Donít you get too close! Youíre still the enemy!

Paulette: As if Iíd want to! It makes my skin crawl being near Deimos
          like this.

Volk: In that case, why donít you get out of my sight?! Or do you want
      me to make you?!

Paulette: You should be the one to get out of my sight!

Kharg: Simmer down, both of you!


Paulette: Do you really think we can trust the Deimos...? They could
          attack us as soon as our backs are turned.

Kharg: You may be right. But we donít have any choice but to trust them.
       And right now, defeating the enemy is our priority.

Paulette: OK, Kharg.

[Together, the humans and the Deimos whoop up on the monsters.]

Delma: That takes care of that little interruption. Now, then. Where
       were we?

Volk: Delma...Come on...

Kharg: Enough! Weíve got to forget about our own petty grudges for a
       while! Weíve got more important things to do right now. If you
       really want to fight it out that can always wait
       until you join back up with Darc and the others, canít you? Or
       maybe you think Darc is dead...?

Volk: Of course we donít think that! Our alpha leader isnít dead.

Delma: You canít talk about Darc that way! Heís not like you frail
       humans, you know! That thing that just happened...that would
       never do Darc in!

Kharg: So why arenít you looking for him? I bet heís looking for the
       two of you. Thatís what Iíd be doing...

Volk: Looking for us?

Delma: Yeah...That sounds like something Darc would do...Damn it all!
       How come he knows Darc better than we do?!

Kharg: Never mind that. Letís get going. Iím worried about the others.

Delma: Listen to this guy! He thinks heís our tribe leader already!

Volk: I donít like it.

Delma: I donít like it, either. Not one bit!

Volk: But, you know...I have to admit heís right. We should look for

Delma: Grrr!! But the minute we find him, weíre gonna rip this bunch
       of humans to shreds!

Kharg: Do whatever you want.

[The party continues on. By flipping some switches, they form a walkway
over a deep pit.]

Kharg: Looks like weíre going to have to cross this bridge. OK, letís

Paulette: Wait a minute, Kharg. Do you really think itís safe? I mean,
          I donít see any supports underneath it...

Kharg: Hmm...

[Kharg goes over to the edge and kneels, looking under it.]

Kharg: I donít see anything, either.

[The Deimos are standing over to one side. Delma whispers.]

Delma: Volk, nowís our chance! Heís just begging for it! Come on!
      Iím gonna push him over!

Volk: What? Wait! Delma!

[Delma sneaks towards Kharg, but he moves out of the way as she tries
to push him over. She ends up hanging by one hand off the ledge.]

Delma: Aaaghhh! Grr! Damn it all!

Volk: Delma!! Hold on! Iím coming!

[Ganz walks over to the ledge.]

Volk: Why you...! What do you think youíre doing?

Ganz: Hurry up! Grab on!

Delma: Huh?

Ganz: Grab on! Youíre going to fall!

Delma: How come youíre...?

Kharg: What are you doing? Grab on!

Delma: Hmph!

[Delma climbs back up with Ganzí help.]

Delma: Why did you save me?

Ganz: ............Look, I donít like you, itís true. But when it comes
      to a comrade in battle...When Someone decides to stand shoulder to
      shoulder and fight with me...I canít just stand by and do nothing
      when that comrade is in trouble. Thatís all there is to it.

Delma: I donít know what the hell youíre talking about! (to Kharg) And
       whatís the matter with you, you idiot? Donít you get it?! I was
       gonna push you over!

Kharg: If you were really going to do it, you would have succeeded. You
       mustíve had some hesitation somewhere in your heart.

Delma: Hesitation...? ............

Volk: ............

Kharg: Besides, itís like I said before. Weíve got more important
       things to be doing right now. This is no time to be fighting
       among ourselves.

Paulette: I just canít believe these Deimos! We save one of them, and
          we donít get a word of thanks!

Volk: He was a fool to turn his back on us. Weíre Deimos. Weíre not
      like you humans. Youíd be stupid to ever trust us.

Kharg: All right. Iíll remember that.

[In the next room, the party is attacked by monsters. Again.]



Delma: Donít think that you helped me!

Ganz: I donít! I just did what anyone wouldíve done!

Delma: ......Stop butting in where youíre not wanted!

Ganz: All right, then. But itís not ďbutting inĒ to help a comrade. Itís
      what battle is all about!

Delma: Damn it! Stop trying to be smart!


Paulette: Do you really thinkw e can get along with the Deimos?

Ganz: I donít know. Thatís a tough one. But earlier, I helped that
      devil girl. And I wanted to help her. Thatís the truth.

Paulette: I see...


[After defeating the monsters, the party finds an elevator. At the top,
the party camps by a huge door.]

Volk: Darc isnít here.

Delma: Where the hell did he go?

Volk: I donít pick up Darcís scent here...Weíre going back! Something
      might be up.

Kharg: No. Letís wait here.

Delma: What?! Who do you think you are?!

Paulette: But, Kharg...what about Maru and Tatjana?

Kharg; Iím sure theyíre all right. Darcís with them, after all.


[The screen fades out and fades back in on Darcís party. Tatjana and
Camellia are talking amongst themselves, as are Bebedora and Maru. Darc
walks up to all of them.]

Darc: I donít see the others anywhere. We got cut off from them

Camellia: Ho ho ho! With the rest of them out of the way, nowís my
          chance. Tatjana! I believe we have something to settle between
          us. Itís just you and me now.

Tatjana: What? With the entire world in danger, all you can think about
         is yourself and your grudges?

Camellia: I donít care what happens to the world! I wonít rest until I
          have your life!

Tatjana: Do you really think youíre any match for my science?

Maru: Cut it out! Why are you two squabbling at a time like this?

Bebedora: Enemies are approaching.

Maru: What?!

Bebedora: A strong feeling of ill will. A savage purplish-black. That
          is the color of hearts filled with hatred.

Maru: Enemies? Where? I donít see...

[The enemies manifest themselves. Odd, Ďcause theyíre machines...]

Darc: I guess weíre gonna have to join forces. Címon. Letís take care
      of these things!



Camellia: Youíre not really thinking of fighting with those humans,
          are you?! Surely you must be planning to deceive them?

Darc: The Flying Castle monsters and humans...You donít think we can
      take them both on at once, do you?! Just stay focused on the


Tatjana: Not so close! Thereís no point in trying to kill me and then
         pretending you mistook me for the enemy! Iím no fool. I know
         what youíre up to!

Camellia: Ho ho ho! Youíre very quick to think of a dirty trick like
          that! Iím far too pure to even dream of such a terrible thing!

Tatjana: Liar! Iím only fighting with you Deimos to save my own skin. It
         doesnít mean Iíll let my guard down!

Camellia: Ho ho ho...What a coincidence. It seems we share the same
          sentiments. Weíll settle our differences once weíve finished
          the battle here. Donít you die before then!

Tatjana: Fine! Thatís what weíll do! As long as we both make it alive.


Tatjana: Youíre just making a fool out of yourself, befriending a
         Deimos. Watch out for her stabbing you in the back as soon as
         the fightís over!

Maru: Youíre wrong!

Tatjana: Well, that certainly touched a nerve, didnít it?! But you
         have to wake up to the facts! Sheís a monster! Deimos and
         monsters canít understand us humans.

Maru: Thatís not true!

Tatjana: Theyíre just using us to help them fight! And weíre just using
         them so we can go on living, too.


[The Deimos-human party kills all the intruding monsters.]

Maru: Come on. Quit that! The real enemy is the Divine Ruler, right?
      What good is it gonna do to fight each other now? Just a minute
      ago, we were all fighting side by side!

Darc: Hmph. You think fighting on the same side makes us friends?
      Only a human could come up with an idea like that! Iím telling
      you right now. To a Deimos, humans are the enemy. Thatís never
      gonna change.

Maru: Canít we just forget about being Deimos and humans for one second?
      That doesnít matter right now!

Darc: ............Deimos, human, it doesnít matter, huh? You sound just
      like a certain stupid woman I know...Weíre going on! Kharg and the
      others are heading for the Divine Ruler, too. Weíre both going to
      the same place, so donít worry. Come, if you want. I donít care.

Tatjana: Hmph! Not bad thinking...for a Deimos.

Darc: (to Camellia) And try to put away your petty squabbles aside for
      a while. You hear me?

Camellia: Of course, Darc.

Bebedora: Maru is coming with us? This could be...interesting.

Maru: Bebedora...

Tatjana: Hey, you wait one minute, Maru! Weíre not going off on some
         picnic together, you know!

Maru: I know that!!

Tatjana: Are you sure? Make no mistake. That girlís a Deimos. You let

         your guard down for an instant and you donít know what sheíll

Maru: OK, OK! Leave me alone!

Darc: What are you two doing? Címon, if youíre coming!

Tatjana: We may be going with you, but we wonít take orders!

[The teams join up. In the southern room, the party gets attacked.]



Bebedora: Would you still be sad if the world was destroyed?

Maru: Of course I would! Weíve got to save it! Save everybody!

Bebedora: Everybody? Who?

Maru: Ha ha ha. You asked me that before. Everybody means the people in
      Yewbell, the people in Milmarna...There are lots of different
      people in the world. And weíre gonna save them all. And...all the
      Deimos, too.

Bebedora: Yes...all of them will be destroyed. That is quite sad.

Maru: You donít have to be sad, Bebedora. Because weíre gonna save the


Bebedora: Thatís just the same as me. The shadow of despair.

Darc: Bebedora, whatís the matter?

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. The closing in. An overwhelming...
 rising again.

Darc: Do you mean the Lord of the Black Abyss?

Bebedora: We have to...move fast...

Darc: OK. Letís take out the enemy and get a move on!


[After checking out the western room, the party is ambushed in the
eastern room.]



Tatjana: Donít trust that monster.

Maru: When are you going to stop saying things like that?! Did you
      forget what Kharg said?

Tatjana: I didnít forget. But...Deimos just donít think like we do,
         Maru. They never will.

Maru: Thatís not true! Theyíre fighting with us now, arenít they?!

Tatjana: On the surface, it looks that way, yes. But you never know
         when theyíll betray us. So Iím telling you to be careful, OK?


Tatjana: Watch out for the PA200 machine-gun fire. It packs a punch!
         And be careful. The SA100ís self-destruct!

Darc: Hmph! You seem to know quite a lot about this stuff. Does Dilzweld
      technology have anything to do with this Flying Castle?

Tatjana: What are you trying to say? Science and technology are common
         to all of us. If you donít want to know about the enemy, then
         just donít listen. You can fight your own way!


Camellia: Humans arenít to be befriended, you know. They might try to
          use you for their experiments.

Bebedora: Maru wouldnít do anything like that.

Camellia: Ho ho ho! You donít know that! Humans can be very brutal if
          it suits them.

Bebedora: Hee hee hee. I can know these things. different.

Camellia: You might be a puppet, but you sound like a little girl in
          love. Theyíll use you for their own purposes, and then
          theyíll kill you.

Bebedora: I donít care. I will just return to the darkness. Thatís


[After flipping all the switches in the three rooms, the party gets
on the elevator. At the top, there are two more elevators.]

Bebedora: Oh!

Darc: What is it, Bebedora?

Bebedora: The darkness...aaaghhh! No! Stop it!

Maru: Whatís wrong, Bebedora?

Darc: Are you OK?

Bebedora: ............Iím fine...It was nothing.

[She runs onto the leftmost elevator.]

Bebedora: This way!

[At the top, Bebedora starts to run away.]

Darc: Bebedora! Get back here!

Bebedora: This way!

Darc: Hey! Bebedora! Bebedora! What is this place?

Bebedora: Itís a monster box. A room for disposing of intruders.

[Two huge dragons appear.]

Maru: Bebedora, look out! Monsters!

Bebedora: Hee hee...These are my servants. Theyíre a gift to me from
          the Divine Ruler.

Darc: To you? Bebedora...what are you talking about?

Bebedora: I am Bebedora. Iím a monster created by the Divine Ruler to
          destroy the world.

Darc: Bebedora! You arenít thinking of betraying us, are you?!

[Bebedora starts floating, darkness clinging to her.]

Bebedora: I am Bebedora. I manipulate. I am manipulated. Iíve been the
          Divine Rulerís pupped since the day I was born. I am Bebedora.
          I am the puppeteer of all monsters. The power within me--the
          Divine Ruler--gives me his orders. ďKill Darc,Ē he says! He
          tells me, ďKill them all!Ē

Maru: Donít do it, Bebedora! Donít listen to what the Divine Ruller
      tells you!

Bebedora: I am a puppet. He controls my strings. The power within me--
          the Divine Ruler--gives me his orders. He says, ďKill Maru!Ē

Maru: Bebedora...! No...

Bebedora: ďKill...Maru...!Ē That is...the command...of my master...!
          ...But...I donít want to...!

Maru: Youíve got to be strong! Donítí listen to that olí Divine Rulerís

Bebedora: I canít do it...I donít want to...I donít want to fight...
          Maru...Hee hee. Everything turns to black despair. All returns
          back to the darkness.

Darc: Keep your guard up! That thing isnít Bebedora anymore! Itís the
      Divine Rulerís puppet now.



Tatjana: Weíll all be killed like this! The only way is to kill
         Bebedora. Sheís the one controlling the Altima.

Darc: Typical human! Cold as ice! You couldnít care less about the life
      of a Deimos!

Tatjana: Do you really think I want this? To kill one of my allies?!

Darc: You think of a Deimos as an ally?

Tatjana: Well, youíre not my enemies. At least, not until weíve defeated
         the Divine Ruler, anyway.

Darc: ......


Maru: Do we really have to kill Bebedora? Isnít there any other way to
      end this?!

Darc: If only there was.

Maru: No way...I canít do it!

Darc: Then just stay here and cry! Iíll kill Bebedora! If sheís just
      living as a plaything for the Divine Ruler...itís better off to
      kill her and set her free. The thread of Bebedoraís fate will be
      severed by my hand!


[The party defeats the Altima dragons and the possessed Bebedora.
Afterwards, Maru kneels over Bebedoraís corpse.]

Maru: Bebedora! Bebedora...Donít die! Bebedora? Bebedora...! No...!

Darc: Hmm...Maru liked that girl that much...

Camellia: I...I canít believe it! I never heard of a human that cried
          for a Deimos...!

Tatjana: ............

Camellia: How do you feel, now that another Deimos is dead? I bet youíre

[Camellia walks away.]

Tatjana: Who...could be happy...about something like this...?

Camellia: Darc...What do we do now?

Darc: ......Do you even have to ask? Weíre gonna defeat the Divine
      Ruler, thatís what! Heís not getting away with this anymore!
      Playing with Deimos as if they were toys! Hey, you! Stop that
      crying! No time for that now.

Maru: I know...! I know that...Bebedora...Iím sorry...Donít worry...
      Iíll get revenge for you!

[Everyone walks away. Bebedora gets up.]

Bebedora: I am Bebedora.

Maru: Bebedora!

Bebedora: All of my strings are broken. I donít think Iím being
 anyone right now...

Maru: Bebedora! Youíre alive!

Darc: Hmph. We were all upset about you.

Camellia: She...she broke free! Broke away from the Divine Rulerís
          control, and now sheís acting under her own volition...!

Tatjana: Hee hee!

Camellia: Tatjana...could you be...? Are you really glad to see
          Bebedora alive...?

Bebedora: I know all of you. Are you my master?

Darc: You donít have a master. Weíre your friends. Always have been.

Bebedora: My...friends? If I donít have a master, who controls me?

Maru: Nobody controls you, Bebedora. You can be free now!

Bebedora: Free? If Iím free, can I be like you?

Maru: Of course you can!

Bebedora: Oh...I see...I want to be free, then. Iíll be free, and
          control my own heart. Pain...suffering...I want it...all of
          it! I want to experience every feeling there is. Thatís what I
          want. Thatís my true desire.

Darc: Well, címon. Weíve gotta get going. We donít have any more time to
      waste. Weíre off!

[The party goes back down the elevator, then up the other one.
Khargís party is waiting for them.]

Darc: ...Hey, guys.

Maru: There they are! Hey, Kharg!

Delma: Darc! Youíre alive!

Darc: Delma...Iím glad you guys are OK, too. You came wit Khargís group?

Delma: ......Well, we kinda had to. A lot of stuff happened...Itíd take
       too long to explain!

Kharg: Maru! Tatjana! Youíre all right!

Tatjana: Looks like you joined forces with the Deimos, too.

Maru: I thought you would. We have to fight together!

Paulette: But getting the Deimos to understand that is a whole different

Kharg: Weíll make them understand. We should never let feelings of hate
       guide us in battle. Thatís what my mother wanted me to

[Kharg goes over to Darcís party.]

Kharg: Darc, are you going to join forces with us?

Darc: ............We donít need the help of any humans?

Kharg: Come on, stop being so stubborn! The Divine Ruler is the enemy of
       humans and Deimos alike. Heís our true enemy. We have to fight
       together. Join your strength with ours!

Darc: ............I refuse!

Kharg: Why wonít you understand? Why wonít you even try? A part of you
       is human, just like me!

Darc: Human? Hmph! I got rid of that part a long time ago.............

Kharg: Darc...

Darc: Just think about it. Do you really think Deimos could ever live
      without fighting? Do you think humans could ever give up their
      civilization? Do you honestly think humans and Deimos could live
      together in peace? It just wonít work. Weíre destined to fight.
      Come on. You know Iím right.

Kharg: ............I always thought you and I...would come to
       understand each other someday...You know...Because weíre...

Darc: Kharg...

Kharg: All right. Fine. I guess I was only fooling myself. Weíre
       just too different. Everything about us...

Darc: ............

Kharg: Itís just that I couldnít...I mean, this Divine Ruler! He
       manipulates us. He steals away the five Great Spirit Stones. He
       captures Lilia. And heís about to destroy the entire world! I
       just couldnít...

Darc: ...Let him get away with it...Right? Heh heh.

Kharg: Wow, Darc, this is the first time...

Darc: ...The first time we ever agreed on anything, huh?

Kharg: Weíll defeat the Divine Ruler. And weíll do it for the Deimosí
       sakes, too, even though you want to kill us humans.

Darc: Always trying to make yourself out to be the good guy, huh? You
      really wanna pretend to be human that bad?

Kharg: But I am human!

Darc: If anybodyís gonna defeat you humans, itís gonna be the Deimos.
      Weíre not about to let the Divine Ruler have that pleasure.

Kharg: And look at you! Always trying to prove youíre such a big, bad
       tough guy. You really want to pretend to be a Deimos that bad?

Darc: But I am a Deimos! Heh heh.

Kharg: Ha ha ha!

Darc: ............

Kharg: Weíd better go. Lilia needs us.

Darc: Yeah, letís go. The Divine Ruler needs us, too. To kick his butt.

Kharg: Weíll be joining up with the Deimos from here on out! We both
       have one goal in mind!

Maru: Well, yeah! Wasnít that obvious?

Darc: You heard him. Weíre fighting with the humans. Our goal is to
      destroy the Divine Ruler! I donít care what we have to do to
      accomplish that!

Delma: Well, if we have to...And I guess we do owe the humans

[After working their way up through the floors, the party opens a giant
door, gleaming with dark energy. They enter. Already inside, events are

Divine Ruler: Wa ha ha ha! Now you are mine! My puppet...A loyal servant
              beneath me. All right, Lilia, now you chant. Chant the
              words to break the arkís seal!

[Liliaís eyes glow as red and lifeless as the Divine Rulerís]

Lilia: Yes,...Divine Ruler...

[She steps up to the ark.]

Lilia: Wills of the Hero and the Holy Mother, who have sealed this ark,
       I am a friend of the Spirits...Through the five Great Spirits and
       through my will, may the arkís seal be opened...and may the
       infinite power residing, within the ark be released. The time is
       now.  Yes! At last!

Divine Ruler: Yes! At last! Hear me, Spirit of the Dark! In accordance
              with the dark pace, grant me power!

[The ark gives the dark power to the Divine Ruler]

Divine RulerAh! It is mine again at last! Again, I have
       ultimate power!

Kharg: Stop right there, Divine Ruler!

Divine Ruler: You are too late, worms!

Darc: Divine Ruler, or whatever you call yourself, I hope you are ready
      to die!

Divine Ruler: Ha ha ha! You foolish lot Come to be swallowed up by my
              darkness have you?

Kharg: What?!

Divine Ruler: Hear this! I am no longer the Divine Ruler! I have joined
              with the Spirit of the Dark and risen again as the Lord of
              the Black Abyss! I have no use for any of you now. May you
              decay in the dark depths! Bear the power of
              the darkness!

[The Lord of the Black Abyss summons a giant forcefield of darkness and
imposes it on both Darc and Khargís party. They all black out. Darc is
the first one to awaken...but where itís in a different place than he
was just in. In fact, itís complete darkness except for a few lights
flying around and the flames each of his party members stands before.
In Volkís case, he stands before two.]

Darc: Unnh...Where am I...? What is this place...?

[Darc runs around and sees Bebedora. He runs to her and a mirror image
appears, looking at her.]

Bebedora (image): Who controls you?

Bebedora: Who...are you...?

Bebedora (image): Iím the divine Rulerís puppet? A broken doll, thatís
                  who I am. A marionette with broken strings, thatís
                  who you are. I am you. You are me. What do you think
                  youíre doing? Youíll never be free, you know.

Bebedora: Who...are you...?

[Darc sees Tatjana and goes to her. An image of Darkham appears.]

Darkham: Are you making my plan all come to nothing?

Tatjana: Lord Darkham?! Sir?

Darkham: Why do you not destroy the Deimos? Do you want to live in
         fear of them forever? Didnít I ask you to carry out my wishes
         for me? Use the Flying Castle! Wipe the Deimos out. You must
         get the humansí pride back for them!

Tatjana: Lord Darkham?! Sir?

[Darc sees Maru and runs to him. An image of Foh appears before him.]

Foh: Yumalnoh! Youíve got to hurry back!

Maru: Foh! What are you doing here...?

Foh: Milmarna is in terrible trouble. Youíve got to hurry back and be
     king! I canít handle it on my own...Please! Come take my place and
     save Milmarna!

Maru: Oh, no! Whatís happening to Milmarna while Iím away...?

[Darc sees Volk and runs to him. A voice speaks.]

????: Have you forgotten us?

[Darcís wife, Yrena, appears.]

Yrena: Volk, darling!

[Darcís son, Nazaal, appears.]

Nazaal: Dad!

Volk: Itís you! Both of you!

Yrena: Darling, why have you formed another pack? With other Deimos?
       And with humans, yet! Come with us, Volk. Come with us and lead
       the Lupine pack once again!

Nazaal: Come on, Dad! Weíre waiting for you!

Volk: Itís you! Both of you!

[Darc sees Ganz and runs to him. An image of Rapier appears.]

Rapier: Have you found something worth protecting?

Ganz: Rapier?!

Rapier: If you keep on with this battle, youíll only get yourself
        killed. Itís like you have to protect yourself, too,
        you know. And whatever happened to Isulo Forest? You finally
        found a quiet, peaceful place you could settle into. What about
        that, huh? Youíd better get back to Isulo Forest, Ganz.

Ganz: Isulo Forest...Yeah...What...? What am I doing here...?

[Darc sees Camellia and runs to her. An image of her old self appears.]

Camellia (Old): You! You returned to your younger self and left me
                behind! What do you think? Do you like what you see?

Camellia: No! Stop it! I donít want to see it anymore! Iíve had enough
          of that form!

Camellia (Old): Ho ho ho! Donít be ridiculous. Look at me! Look long
                and hard. Because someday youíll be like this again. As
                they say, ďFlowers should fall from the stem while
                theyíre still beautiful...Ē

Camellia: No! Stop it! Please! Iím begging you...!

[Darc sees Delma and runs to her. An image of Densimo appears.]

Densimo: And you call yourself my sister?!

Delma: Densimo!

Densimo: Kill him! Kill Darc!

Delma: Densimo...Iím sorry...I just donít have any strength...

[Darc sees Paulette and runs to her. An image of Lloyd appears.]

Lloyd: disobeyed my wishes!

Paulette: Father!

Lloyd: I told you over and over that you had to protect Master Kharg at
       any cost. Why, then, do you lead him into battle, into danger?

Paulette: But, Father! I...

[Darc sees Kharg and runs to him. A voice speaks.]

????: Kharg, you mustnít fight...

Kharg: Who is it?!

[An image of Nafia appears.]

Kharg: Mother?!

Nafia: Fighting wonít solve anything. Kharg, you are tired. Come to me,
       my son, and rest. Leave the battle to the others.

Kharg: Whatís...happening to me...? I sleepy...Oooh...

[Darc runs to a lone flame with no one standing beside it. An image of
Windalf appears before him.]

Windalf: Thatís enough, Darc...

Darc: Father!!

Windalf: I asked too much of you. No matter how hard you struggle,
         youíll never be a Deimos. And one who isnít a Deimos canít be
         expected to save the Deimos race...

Darc: Iím not a Deimos? What are you saying, Father...? Iím...not a
      Deimos...? But Iím trying...Iím trying to be a Deimos as hard as
      I can...! What else can I do...? Aaawrr...Iím so sleepy...I canít
      stay awake...

[The screen fades out and a voice speaks somewhere, hidden.]

????: Donít be fooled by any of them!

Darc: I just heard Lilia! Lilia? Is that you, Lilia?!

[Liliaís image appears behind him.]

Lilia: This is the Shadow World. Itís in the depths of the Black Abyss,
       controlled by the Spirit of the Dark. Donít believe any of the
       illusions the Lord of the Black Abyss has shown you! You must
       clear your hearts of darkness! Fight against the shadows in your
       own mind! Donít give in to the dark!

[Darc turns around to Windalf but Windalf is no longer there. In his
place, an ugly lizard-type of monster stands.]

Meshimgen: Curse your meddling, Lilia! We almost had them! We were
           about to drag them into the darkness!!

Darc: Everybody! Donít be fooled! This is just an illusion!

[The party is thrown into battle against the Meshimgen creatures. After
theyíre all defeated, they are no longer in the darkness. But
seems theyíre inside of something living. Everything moves like tissue.]

Kharg: We did it! We beat the phantoms of the Lord of the Black Abyss!

Darc: Grrr! He went deep in our hearts and played with what he found
      there like toys!

[The tissue-like location shakes and rumbles.]

Kharg: Hey! What was that?!

Darc: Did we defeat the Lord of the Black Abyss, too?!

Bebedora: No. The Lord of the Black Abyss is about to show his true

Darc: His true power?!

????: Heh heh heh. Very impessive, escaping from the dark by beating
      my illusions like that...

Kharg: Huh? Where are you?!

Darc: Hey!

????: But I will now stain your hearts in darkness!

[The party is overwhelmed by an unseen force. They fade into darkness
and reappear in a different area. A weird, many-headed monster stands
before them, complete with weird tentacles and sacs bulging and
deflating with whateverís inside of it. In a cage molded right into the
monster is Lilia.]

Kharg: Lilia!

Darc: Hang on! Weíll save you!

Lord of the Black Abyss: If you kill me, this young lady will die as

Darc: What?!

Kharg: No!

Lord of the Black Abyss: Wa ha ha! You have two choices. Either kill
                         me and become one with the darkness of despair,
                         or you must die yourselves. Ha ha ha! Squirm!
                         Writhe in the agony of your decision!

Darc: Damn! Is it another illusion?

Kharg: But what if heís telling the truth? What do we do?!

Lord of the Black Abyss: Too bad...

but Iím afraid you donít get any time
                         to think about it...Be killed by me...or let
                         your hearts be stained in darkness...Death or
                         darkness. Those are your choices. Now choose!

[The party is thrown into battle again by the Lord and more Meshimgens.
This time, the party vows to kill their foe.]



Kharg: Lilia!

Darc: Damn! What should we do?!

Kharg: There must be some way to help her!

Darc: We canít think about that now. Weíll get killed ourselves.

Kharg: So youíre saying we just let her die? Is that the Deimos way?!

Darc: Thatís not what I meant...But...Damn it!


Darc: Damn Black Abyss! Saying Lilia will die!

Kharg: But if itís true, what should we do?!

Darc: What, so we just do nothing like that damn thing says, and be
      killed, then?

Kharg: Iím not saying that! But there must be a way! At least until we
       know Liliaís safe...

Darc: We donít have enough time! If we get killed, then thereíll be
      nobody left to help Lilia!

Kharg: ...OK. We have no choice, then! We canít allow ourselves to be
       beaten! Even if our hearts do get stained in darkness.


[The party defeats the monster Lilia was in, as well as the Meshimgens.]

Creature: Heh heh heh...This is the end for you insolent fools. I have
          stained your hearts in darkness. You will never escape this
          place...for all of eternity.

Kharg: Im.impossible.! We canít be trapped here...!

Darc: What happened to Lilia? Did she really...die just now?

Paulette: No, not now...weíve come so far...

Delma: Damn it!

Volk: Are we going..die here?

Ganz: How sad...

Maru: Bebedora...

Bebedora: Maru...

Camellia: Iím not ready to wilt away...

Darc: Thereí to be some way out...

Kharg: Huh?!

Darc: What is...?!

Liliaís voice: It isnít over yet. As long as you donítí throw away hope.

[Lilia appears in a ball of light.]

Kharg: Lilia?!

Darc: Youíre alive?!

Lilia: Just before I was sucked into the Abyss, the wills of the Hero
       and Holy Mother rescue me. And then, they told me everything. To
       defeat the Lord of the Black Abyss you need the power of the ark.

Kharg: The power in the ark? The one from the ancient legend?

Lilia: Yes.

Kharg: But that powerís already gone, isnít it?

Lilia: The arkís power is still with us. It remains within our hearts.

Darc: What do you mean

Lilia: The power of the ark isnít the power from the Spirits. Itís a
       power that...cherishes all things. A power that protects all
       things. Our own potential that weíve managed to raise over time,
       through sadness and suffering...Pure thoughts...Hope for the
       future...All of that, collected together. That is...the true
       power of the ark. You must not give up hope. No matter how dark
       it seems, thereís always the light of hope. Now letís look into
       the future. All of us. We must all put our hearts together.

Kharg: What I hope for the future is...a peaceful earth!

Darc: I the future of the world!

Maru: Yeah, we gotta build a bright future together!

Bebedora: A future of freedom...thatís what I want.

Tatjana: Science will be the power that creates the future!

Camellia: I wonít be afraid of whatever the future holds.

Ganz: To protect our precious worlds.

Paulette: To overcome anything that comes in our way.

Volk: For all the species, all over the world.

Lilia: Great Hero, Holy Mother, please, lend us your power!

[The power of the Holy Mother and Hero make the parties reemerge back
to the room from which they were banished. Where the ark once was, the
Lord of the Black Abyss now sits, a huge, writhing, ugly eyeball.]

Lord of the Black Abyss: Nnrrr! Impudent little...! How dare you
                         escape my Shadow World?!

Kharg: Is that...the real form of the Lord of the Black Abyss?

Darc: Heís a pretty one...

Lord of the Black Abyss: Heh heh heh. You should have stayed in the
                         abyss where you belong!

Kharg: Lilia! Get back!

Darc: Weíre gonna to save this world!

Lord of the Black Abyss: You seem to be getting along well now. No
                         matter...Humans and Deimos are born to destroy
                         each other. You will fight again. Itís your
                         destiny.  If one of you were to slay the other
                         right, here wouldnít that bring eternal peace?
                         True friendship will never be possible between
                         humans and Deimos.

Kharg: Thatís not a price Iím willing to pay, not even for eternal

Darc: We donít need friendship. We just have to trust each other long
      enough to defeat you! Thatís because...

Darc and Kharg: ...weíre brothers!

Lord of the Black Abyss: Then you will all be destroyed...together!



Kharg: Look! As we destroy each wannabe miniature Black Abyss, the
       darkness shrouding the real thing gets lighter!

Darc: Everybody can see that! No need for you to be so full of yourself!

Kharg: I can feel the power of the Lord of the Black Abyss coming from
       that darkness. Maybe, if we could make that darkness all go away,
       his defenses might be cut right in half?!

Darc: Hmph! I was just thinking that myself!

Kharg: All right, then! Letís strike at the miniature ones first!


Maru: This is the last fight. Letís go for it!

Bebedora: I will fight. For myself...And...for all of us. Youíre my
          friend, Maru. I will follow you.

Maru: All right! Letís go!


Diekbeck: Bip.. bip bip... I awaken again. I am the strongest 
          Ultra-Mech. I am Diek, the leader of the Ultra Mech squad, 
          guards who protected the seven heroes.

Choko: Are you rememberting the past?

Diekbeck: Arc... Elk... My old enemy Grogalde. I cant forget things
          etched so deeply in my heart. So the balance of the world
          slips once again? I didn't expect to cross paths with the 
          Lord again...

Choko: Yes, I know. That's why I'm fighting too.

Diekbeck: Really. I was created to protect the seven heroes. Now the 
          time has come to use my power again. The power of the 
          strongest Ultra Mech!

Choko: Cool! Now we'll win for sure!

Diekbeck: beep beep... bip bip bip... Oh... no....! The tower of the 
          Gods... Tosh... one hit... Now... my... functiond... a 
          bit...damaged... bip bip beep...

Choko: Huh? You seem kinda strange Diek. Diek, Are you Ok?

Diekbeck: ???? Hmm? What happened? I'm fine. Really.


[The party fights the ďunbeatableĒ Lord and wins out after a grueling

Lord of the Dark Abyss: The power you wield has impressed me. However,
                        I will never be brought down by humans or
                        Deimos. The Lord of the Black Abyss is
                        invincible. And I think Iíll star off by
                        destroying your beloved world.

Darc: What did you say?!

Kharg: He sill has that much power left?

[Lilia walks up.]

Lilia: Lord of the Black Abyss...I will seal you away.

Lord of the Black Abyss: Ha ha ha! Now, now, Lilia. The ark has lost its
                         power and the Spirits are long gone form this
                         world. Just how do you plan on sealing me away?

Lilia: There is a way...! The method taken by the Hero, Arc,
       the one who was chosen by the spirits. I will give up my own life
       so that the ark has the power to seal away the Lord of the Black

Lord of the Black Abyss: Lilia what are you going to do?

Lilia: This is the power chosen by the one of the Spirits.

?????: Lilia, thatís enough.

[The Spirit of Hope appears--the same one on Cragh Island.]

Lilia: The Spirit..of Hope?!

Spirit of Hope: I am not the only one.

[The Spirits that everyone met on their travels start appearing around
the Lord of the Black Abyss, encircling him.]

Lord of the Black Abyss: Nnrrr! But how? Why are there spirits here?

Spirit of Hope: To wipe out the darkness.

Lord of the Black Abyss: Impossible! Destroy me?! As long as there is a
                         connection between humans spirits...I am

Spirit of Hope: That is why we made up our minds. We are going to leave
                this world. Just as the gods returned to the heavens
                long ago, so we, too, will depart for the Spirit world.
                Along with all of the powers of the Spirits...!

Lord of the Black Abyss: Wh-what?! No, you canít! If that power ceased
                         to exist, then I, too....

Spirit of Hope: Thatís right. You will never be resurrected...not for
                all eternity!

Lord of the Black Abyss: St-stop! Donít do this! Unnnghhhaaa!

[The Spirits seal the Lord away. A light brighter than human eyes can
stand appears and then fades. When the afterimages fade, the Lord is
gone. The spirits all start leaving as well, through a portal where the
Lord once sat.]

Spirits: To the edge of a distant the beyond of another the other side of the sea of stars....we will
         travel. everyone...! To all the living creatures
         of this beloved world.

Kharg: I canít believe it. Even the power of the Spirits are gone!

Darc: What are the Deimos supposed to do?!

Kharg: The Spirits...! Where did they go!?

[Cut to the beach on Cragh Island. Both the Deimos and the humans who
participated in the fight are present, each with their own group.]

Lilia: Itís over now. Itís all over...

Kharg: Yeah. The power of the Spirits is gone.  We humans will get by
       without it somehow. But, for the Deimos, the power of the Spirits
       is their life force. Whatís going to happen to them now? Did
       everything turn out for the best?

Lilia: When the Hero and Holy Mother saved me, this is what they told
       me. Humans and Deimos themselves possess power... Effort...
       Hope...Potential...With all that power...we donít need
       supernatural power at all...Look at Darcís face!

Kharg: Heh heh. Heís looking straight ahead into the future.

Maru: Arghhhh!

[Maru yells as he sees the Flying Fortress crackle and churn out in the
middle of the ocean water. It slowly sinks.]

Volk: No more Flying Fortress.

Tatjana: Even the fruit of ancient science meets its watery grave at

Delma: Itís...beautiful...

Camellia: Bit of a closet romantic, dear?

Delma: You got a problem with that?

Camellia: No. it suits you well.

Bebedora: This is the every of everything. And the beginning of

Volk: Darc, what you are thinking about?

Darc: Whatís gonna happen to the world. For us Deimos, you know, things
      are gonna be tough from here on out.

Volk: Thatís true...But you know, Iím not worried. As long as youíre
      there, Darc, to lead us!

Darc: Good, I plan on taking that responsibility.

[Fade out to Elder Hill. Darc and Kharg walk alone.]

Darc: This spirits are really gone, arenít they.

Kharg: I bet itís absolute mayhem everywhere now. All the energy and
       magic gone, never to be used again.

Darc: These will be tough times form here on out.

Kharg: We will pull on through, we have the future on our side.

Darc: So do the Deimos.

Kharg: Eventually the day will come...

Darc: Like we did before...

Kharg: Someday weíll have to fight again...

Darc: Someday?

[Darc draws his sword.]

Kharg: Darc! Donít tell me youíre thinking of...

Darc: Well, right now, thereís no one to stop us.

[Kharg draws his sword, too.]

Kharg: I bet you wish there was someone to stop us.

Darc: What?!

Kharg: I understand how you feel...After all...we are brothers. And we
       donít really have to fight right now. Maybe if, five, ten years
       down the road, if the time comes to fight we can just make up our
       minds then, right? After that much time to think weíll be able to
       look back on this and laugh.

[Lilia walks up the hill.]

Lilia: Youíre right. You know, maybe time will fix everything for us.
       And even if it doesnítí solve everything for us, thatís fine too.
       Maybe eternal peace isnít possible for us.

Darc: Damn! Go ahead and rebuild your broken human world.

Lilia: Your Deimos world, too. And wonít waste your time trying to kill
       each other.

Darc: Thatís my line!

[All three of them laugh. Off to the side, Volk and Paulette stand and
watch them. For once, the two arenít ready to kill each other over the
former grudges they once held.]

Paulette: Just like a couple of kids arguing.

Volk: Yeah...just like real brothers.

[Back at the other group. Kharg offers Darc a handshake. Darc offers
the hand thatís clearly Deimos-made, because itís full of scales and
has claws.]

Darc: Sorry, but the only hand I have left offer is that one. You still
      wanna shake hands with me?

[Darc and Kharg shake hands. Lilia narrates.]

Lilia: Even if this calm doesnít last long...even if itís not a sincere
       peace....whatever comes of will be much better than
       war. Donít you think?

[The screen fades out and draws back in to Lilia. Sheís sitting on the
same fountain she was when the game opened.]

Lilia: As one era ends, another begins. The era of the twilight of the
       Spirits. From now on we must learn to live on our own. Gods in
       the heavens, please bless this world.  Spirits leaving for a far
       off place...give this world your protection.

       Please look after us and our future...

[The credits roll and the game closes to one of Liliaís songs.]



##Additional Information & Closing [AIC]##

It was my honor to make document the gameís script since itís one of the
best I can remember in a long time. Every element of a diverse game is
right there the whole way through. Even though Khargís chapters lag a
little at times, nothing becomes sleep-inducing.

I did my best to write the script, but tricky cutscene and disappearing
dialogue can (and did) escape my typing fingers. Send in corrections if
you have Ďem, and you can get some contributor credit. Various dialogue
pieces are what Iíd like to have corrected, not just simple wording or
grammatical errors.

But, anyway, itís been fun, and Iíll probably be doing this again one
of these days. For this game? Maybe.


Hel Saga             -- Sent in in-battle dialogue between Choko and
                        Diekbeck that I had missed. Thanks much!

SkyDeity4            -- Transcribing the dialogue at the end of Chapter 3,
                        which I'd lost in a computer freeze-out. Thanks!


CJayC - for raising GameFAQs up to the best darn game-help site thereís
        ever been.

Griever - ĎCause he helped played through the cutscenes Iíd already
           seen so I could get to the dialogue I missed. I payed him a
           dollar, so he doesnít really belong up here...right? :P

Pavement - Itís the only music I listened to while making this script.
           Lo-fi rules my speakers.

Pearl Jam - So, I lied. I listened to Pearl Jam in an equal amount of
            time. Everyone go out and buy Yield and Vs.!

Copyright Shotgunnova, 1997-2009 (and counting)!
All rights reserved to Sony, Cattle Call, and whoever else.