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Extras of
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         -##########@ ##########$ ########## #####%#####   
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  ###### -##### ##### ,##############   -,,-.########.     
  ###### -##### X####$###############        #########     
  ###### /##### X####################H  ###############    
  ###### -##### X#########.#################@##########    
  ###### -##### X################=########## #####:#####   
   ####  /##### X####=########### M########  ##### ######  
    --   .///// :///# .##### #//#   #####@   /////  ////H  
  -------------------Part 2//MUTATION--------------------

By: Josh Bossie [jboss@noahsmaze.com]
Version: 1.15 [06-26-03]
Created: 04-12-03

Table of Contents
1. Revisions
2. Contributions
3. F.A.Q.s

1. Optional characters
2. Book of 1000
3. Spring of Myst
4. The Grunty Farm
5. Goblins
6. Grunty Racing
7. .hack//SIGN Flashbacks
8. Aerial City
9. Bosses
10. .hack//LIMINALITY Vol. 2: In the Case of Yuki Aihara
11. Parody Mode (Japanese only)

-Legal stuff


1. Revisions

v1.15 06-26-03: I'm lazy... finally added contributions from the last month...
                Cool stuff though... ;)
v1.10 05-25-03: Alot more holes filled and errors corrected... Yup... :)
v1.05 05-19-03: Yup... A few little things. Completed Grunty Racing prizes...
v1.00 05-16-03: Oh yeah! Finished Ryu books! Snakey Grunty formula! Misc.
                other little things! Woooohooo!
v0.96 05-14-03: Small Ryu Book updates... I'm getting closer to v1.0!
v0.95 05-13-03: All kinds of updates and changes as well as a Magus strategy!
v0.94 05-12-03: Ahhh... finished updated FAQ with contributions... I'm tired!
v0.92 05-12-03: Contributions over the weekend have lead to a big update! 
                Still alot more to come!
v0.90 05-09-03: Ahhh... More... Optional characters and such
v0.85 05-08-03: Added info... larger update!
v0.85 05-08-03: Added info and updated various sections
v0.80 05-07-03: Added useful information actually about //MUTATION
v0.15 04-12-03: Updated minor things... added //INFECTION sidequests that can
                be completed in //MUTATION
v0.10 04-12-03: Created guide :p

2. Contributions

Any F.A.Q. and guide is useless without contributions. I really like it when
people actually spare time out of their lives and help me out with this guide.
So, If you would like to make a contribution to this guide, or a correction
because I screwed up along the way, e-mail me at jboss@noahsmaze.com and let
me know what you would like to help with.

Just remember- don't steal from other people and submit as your own. There's
nothing worse than getting flamed by someone saying that they came up with 
what was submitted to me by someone else.

3. F.A.Q.s

-What is .hack?

This is a tough question. I guess the best way to look at it is that .hack is
the story of the events surrounding an online game known as "The World". It is
comprised of the novel .hack//AI BUSTER, the anime series .hack//SIGN, the
.hack video game series (.hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//OUTBREAK,
and .hack//QUARANTINE), the included series of anime OVAs .hack//LIMINALITY,
and the manga/anime series .hack//DUSK (a.k.a. .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT
BRACELET). By experiencing these mediums of entertainment, you begin to
unravel the mysteries of The World!

-What is .hack//MUTATION?

.hack//MUTATION is the second in a series of four games that take place during
a period of time known as the awakening of Aura. Gameplay is maintained in 
both the online game known as The World and in "real life" via e-mail, news, 
and message boards. An overall unique experience!

-Why do I care about these extras?

.hack//MUTATION generally takes 20 hours to play through, which is somewhat
short for an RPG nowadays. These extras help expand your playing experience by
giving you more to work for and making it an overall more fun game!

-Why do you include things found in .hack//INFECTION?

Well, some people may not have found certain things while playing through
.hack//INFECTION, but they can find them in //MUTATION just as well as they
can in the first volume. Also, people who start a new game will be able to
complete all sidequests from the original with the exception of the Aerial
Fleet quest (which is the reason why it isn't included in this guide).

*Thanks to Rhyste for information on //INFECTION sidequests able to be
 completed in //MUTATION


1. Optional Characters

[Available in .hack//INFECTION]

At one point in the game, a topic will appear on the message board titled 
"Weapon Information" written by... Natsume! She will ask where to get Spiral's 
Edge, a rare twin blade. A player will respond by telling her to go to 
Delta: Raging Passionate Melody. So, do what a real 14 year old online gaming 
loser would do and go to that dungeon. Inside you'll find Natsume, seemingly 
unable to get the blades herself. So guess what? It's your turn! Fight your 
way down there and get the blades from the Gott Statue. You will automatically
return to the entrance where you will be given the choice to keep the blades 
or give them to Natsume... So be a gentleman and give them to her... She then 
offers you her "services" in a bizarre choice of words... but now she can 
join your party!

Eventually there will be a post under the "Weapon Information" topic written 
by Sanjuro, looking for a katana. A generous tells him where he can find one.
So go to Delta: Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder. You'll meet Sanjuro at the 
entrance. According to him itís "not in there". So, of course, you must go in 
the dungeon and find it. You'll be brought back to the entrance where you'll 
be given the choice to keep it or give it to him (seem familiar?). So give it 
to him and he'll be willing to join your party when necessary...

You'll see a bizarre post on the board about a Miss Gardenia Fan Club. Go to 
their meeting place, Theta: Soft Solitary TriPansy. When you enter the dungeon,
 you'll find the club members scared to go in. They ask you to take her a 
letter from them. So, do the righteous thing and track her down. Just follow 
her to the bottom and eventually she'll take the letter under the conditions 
that you call her Gardenia and not Miss Gardenia, and that you'll join HER 
party when needed... of course thatís backwards, but now you can use Gardenia!

[New to .hack//MUTATION]

-Nuke Usagimaru
A post on the board called "The Nuke Usagimaru Show" appears early in the
game. Go to the keyword that is provided, and go to the dungeon. When you 
enter, Nuke will be there attempting to entertain some players. When you end
up being the only player left, he will invite you to follow him to B3 of the
dungeon. When you arive at said place, you will be greeted once again by Nuke.
Nuke will try to entertain you while fighting a monster. Help him defeat the
monster to obtain this unique character's member address.

At about the same time Nuke Usagimaru's message appears on the board, so does
a message from the character Rachel. Rachel is holding a trading convention 
in a dungeon, hoping to satisfy people who have trouble trading. Venture to
the designated field and go to the dungeon. It seems that everyone that has
joined Rachel has an item to trade as well as an item that they want. This
would work out perfectly if one item was carried by someone. Since it isn't,
Rachel tasks you with going to the bottom of the dungeon to retrieve it. Once
that is finished, you will appear back on B1 with Rachel and the other 
players. Do the necessary trading to satisfy everyone, and Rachel will be
impressed enough with you to give you her member address.

On your way to the bottom of the dungeons that you find Nuke Usagimaru and
Rachel (and some others as well), you will run into Moonstone who immediately
teleports out after a quick "Hmmm...". Eventually, Moonstone will E-Mail
you requesting help in clearing a dungeon. When this occurs, you gain 
Moonstone's member address.

Marlo posts "Kite" (or whatever your main character's name is) on the board
and tells you to meet him in a dungeon by yourself. go there, and you will
have to follow him to the bottom of the dungeon, and when you see him at the
bottom, you must help him in a battle, then he will give you his member
address and leave.

01 posts in a thread called "epitaph of twilight" and talks about it,
and then when you sign back onto "The World" Blackrose tells you that she
e-mailed 01 and is waiting for a reply. soon you will get an e-mail from
01 supplying you with information sayin that he doesnt want to get in the way,
and to go directly to wiseman and ask about it. he tells you the keywords for
the place that wiseman is usually located. go there, and talk to wiseman at
the bottom level of the dungeon, when you talk to him, he will tell you that
to get information on the "epitaph of twilight" you will have to get him a
sword called: Spark Sword. he tells you the location of the sword, and you
must go there and get it on the bottom floor of the dungeon. the place with
the sword is of course protected. so you need to gate hack. once you get to
the bottom of the dungeon, you must fight a data bug (ohhhh funnn) its really
annoying to kill, cause it does lots of damage but you can do it, just smack
at it repeatedly, recommended that you have a wavemaster in the background
for healing. after killing the data bug you get the spark sword, and you have
to go back to the original place that you met wiseman. go there and kite and
wiseman will talk, wiseman will give you his member address, and he will also
give you the spark sword (wasnt that fun ^_^).

*Thanks to Kaneda15 for Wiseman and Marlo information
*Thanks to Neo987 for submitting Marlo info as well...
2. Book of 1000
Every ten times Kite uses his Data Drain ability, his bracelet gives him a 
volume of the Book of 1000, a Ryu Book. These unlock desktop wallpaper, 
background music, and movies that can be viewed after the gameís completion. 
Below is a list of what you must accomplish to unlock extras from each the 
eight books.

Ryu Book I
Keeps track of: 
-Number of areas visited
-Total gameplay time
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
10 areas visited
20 areas visited
30 areas visited
40 areas visited
50 areas visited
5:00:00 of gameplay
10:00:00 of gameplay
15:00:00 of gameplay
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
60 areas visited
70 areas visited
80 areas visited
90 areas visited
100 areas visited
20:00:00 of gameplay
25:00:00 of gameplay
30:00:00 of gameplay

Ryu Book II
Keeps track of:
-Number of portals open
-Number of all portals open in fields
-Number of all portals open in dungeons
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
50 portals open
100 portals open
150 portals open
200 portals open
300 portals open
400 portals open
5 all field portals open
10 all field portals open
10 all dungeon portals open
15 all dungeon portals open
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
450 portals open
500 portals open
550 portals open
600 portals open
700 portals open
800 portals open
15 all field portals open
20 all field portals open
25 all dungeon portals open
35 all dungeon portals open

Ryu Book III
Keeps track of:
-People met (names registered, tells you inventory and online status)
-Number of trades made
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
20 names registered
5 trades made
10 trades made
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
30 names registered
15 trades made
20 trades made
25 trades made
Ryu Book IV
Keeps track of:
-Monsters encountered (Exact stats, Data Drain info)
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
50 Monsters encountered
80 Monsters encountered
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
120 monsters encountered
160 monsters encountered

Ryu Book V
Keeps track of:
-Total worth of all gifts given in GP, as well as affection levels.
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
20,000 GP in gifts given
50,000 GP in gifts given
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
80,000 GP in gifts given
120,000 GP in gifts given

Ryu Book VI
Keeps track of:
-Number of treasure chests opened
-Number of boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
-Number of Gott Statue chests opened
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
50 treasure chests opened
150 treasure chests opened
300 treasure chests opened
50 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
100 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
200 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
5 Gott Statue chests opened
15 Gott Statue chests opened
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
400 treasure chests opened
500 treasure chests opened
600 treasure chests opened
700 treasure chests opened
300 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
400 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
500 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
600 boxes, crates, bones, jars, etc. destroyed
25 Gott Statue chests opened
35 Gott Statue chests opened

Ryu Book VII
Keeps track of:
-Number of visits to Monsieur at Spring of Myst
-Number of visits to Grandpa at Spring of Myst
-Number of symbols activated
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
5 symbols activated
10 symbols activated
20 symbols activated
30 symbols activated
5 visits to Monsieur
10 visits to Monsieur
5 visits to Grandpa
10 visits to Grandpa
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
15 visits to Monsieur
20 visits to Monsieur
25 visits to Monsieur
15 visits to Grandpa
20 visits to Grandpa
25 visits to Grandpa
40 symbols activated
50 symbols activated
60 symbols activated
70 symbols activated
Ryu Book VIII
Keeps track of:
-Grunty food collected
-Grunties raised
Unlocks extras when:
[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
50 Grunty foods are collected
All Grunty food varieties collected
[New to .hack//MUTATION] 
70 Grunty foods are collected
90 Grunty foods are collected
110 Grunty foods are collected
Also I would like to make clear that the things that are unlocked are done 
so sequentially, meaning that what you unlock is in an order, no matter what 
book gives you the item. Items are unlocked in the following order:

[Available in .hack//INFECTION]
BGM 01
Movie 01
Image 01
BGM 02
Movie 02
Image 02
BGM 03
Movie 03
Image 03
BGM 04
Movie 04
Image 04
BGM 05
Movie 05
Image 05
BGM 06
Movie 06
Image 06
BGM 07
Movie 07
Image 07
BGM 08
Movie 08
Image 08
BGM 09
Movie 09
Image 09
BGM 10
Movie 10
Image 10
BGM 11
Movie 11
Image 11
BGM 12
Movie 12
Image 12
Movie 13
Image 13
Movie 14
Movie 15
Movie 16
Movie 17
Movie 18
[New to .hack//MUTATION]
BGM 13
Movie 19
Image 14
BGM 14
Movie 20
Image 15
BGM 15
Movie 21
Image 16
BGM 16
Movie 22
Image 17
BGM 17
Movie 23
Image 18
BGM 18
Movie 24
Image 19
BGM 19
Movie 25
Image 20
BGM 20
Movie 26
Image 21
BGM 21
Movie 27
Image 22
BGM 22
Movie 28
Image 23
BGM 23
Movie 19
Image 24
BGM 24
Movie 30
Image 25
Movie 31
BGM 25
Movie 32
Movie 33
Movie 34
Movie 35
Movie 36
Movie 37
Movie 38
Movie 39
Movie 40
Movie 41

*Thanks to Neo987 for suggesting expanded data for Ryu Books.
*Thanks to JohnInSoCA for a few unlockables in Ryu Book VII!
*Thanks to Typhonic Dreamer for an unlockable in Ryu Book IV!
3. Spring of Myst

On many fields during the course of the game you will find a blue splotch on
the map where the Spring of Myst is located. When you approach the spring you
will be given the option to throw in a weapon or a piece of armor. When this
is done, the spirit that inhabits the spring will emerge and ask if you dropped
a Silver Axe or a Golden Axe. You could take his offer... however if you choose
neither, he will get confused and say "Maybe this is it..." He will now return 
your item with either an upgrade or downgrade, depending on your fieldís 
weather, time of day, and other factors... I'll examine this more later.

[Delta and Theta Servers]

On a level 24 or below field, you will be greeted by a blue spirit named 
Monsieur (Lv. 1 and 2). He is able to upgrade (or downgrade) lower level items.

On a level 25-30 field, you will encounter Grandpa (Lv. 1 and 2), a more 
powerful spirit who is able to alter higher level items than Monsieur is.

[Lambda Server]

On a level 31-41 field, you will be greeted by a blue spirit named 
Monsieur (Lv. 3 and 4). He is able to upgrade (or downgrade) items better than
Grampa (Lv. 1 and 2).

On a level 42(?)-50 field, you will encounter Grandpa (Lv. 3 and 4), a more 
powerful spirit who is able to alter higher level items than Monsieur is.

If you give either spirit an item that is too high of a level for them to 
change, they will tell you that they can't deal with an item this powerful 
and give it back to you along with a Golden Axe and a Silver Axe.

After whatever outcome occurs, the spirit will bid you farewell and fly away...

Weather effects on Spring of Myst [by Neo987]

Weather                      Weapon             Armor
-------                     --------           -------
Day                            +2                -1
Sunset                         +1                +1
Night                          +1                +1
Cloudy                         +2                -1
Rain/Snow/Thunder              -1                +2

*Thanks to Neo987 for the weather effects on the Spring!
*Thanks to Eric Woodley for Lambda Spring Spirits.
4. The Grunty (Puchiguso) Farm

Once you've made your way to the Theta server, you will be able to raise 
Grunties (Puchiguso in Japanese). Grunties can only be described as...well...

When you want to raise a Grunty, go to the bottom of the map in the Theta
server root town, and talk to the man at the Grunty Farm. He will describe
how to raise a Grunty, which is actually very simple. Use the various foods
that you've found on fields and in dungeons (the first time I heard that blood
curdling "BLOODY EGG!" comes to mind) to find the baby Grunty. Depending on 
what foods you feed it, the Grunty can have various forms when it grows up
(when its size reaches "30" on Theta or "40" on Lambda).

When you raise your first Grunty, he will give you an item called the "Grunty
Flute". The Grunty Flute allows you to summon your Grunty on a field and ride
it around, safe from combat. Uberfun!

All Servers (Except Delta)

Noble Grunty

"Oh! Thank you, mon ami!"

Eww! This thing is just creepy. I cried for about an hour after getting this
scary, French speaking... thing!

-Easy way to get it:

Feed the Baby Grunty 15 Golden Eggs (Theta) or 20 Golden Eggs (Lambda), mon ami!

Theta Server

Iron Grunty


Ahh! The Iron Grunty. This Grunty is awesome because he's decked out in armor
and talks all tough... 

-Easy way to get it:

Feed the Baby Grunty 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, and as many Golden Eggs
as you need to make it grow up, Clang!

Poison Grunty


Hmmm... This thing is... colorful... that's about it other than its tendancy
to say "Ribbit!"

-Easy way to get it:

Feed the Baby Grunty 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, 1 Immature Egg, and
as many Golden Eggs as you need to make it grow up, Ribbit!

Lambda Server

Bony Grunty


Disturbing but not in the same way as Noble Grunty... looks like its straight
from a "B" rated horror movie!

-Easy way to get it:

Feed the Baby Grunty 4 Cordyceps, 1 Mandragora, 2 Piney Apple, 1 Snaky Cactus,
and as many Golden Eggs needed... RATTLE!

Snakey Grunty


This thing is pretty easy to describe. A bizzare cross between a Grunty and a 
Snake... yup

-Easy Way to get it:

Feed the Baby Grunty 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, 12 Golden Eggs and 9 Oh 
No Melons. Hisss!


Feed the Baby Grunty 5 Grunt Mints, 5 La Pumpkins, 5 Mandragoras, 4 White 
Cherries, 2 Oh No Melons and 10 Golden Eggs. Hisss!

That's just a basic rundown. As you raise Grunties, they will appear in town
and you will be able to trade items with them.

If you have trouble getting golden eggs, go to any server's Collapsed Pagan 
Remains.  There's a golden egg in the first room of the dungeon there, so 
you can just go in, grab the egg, and run back out.  It ain't quick, but it 
gets the job done.

*Thanks to ArchRival for the easy formulas for raising Theta Grunties!
*Thanks to Fearless Jake for the new Boney Grunty formula!
*Thanks to Joey K. for pointing out my mistake about the Grunty Flute.
*Thanks to Adam Vetten for pointing out an error in the Grunty Formulas.
*Thanks to James R. Dunson for pointing out Lambda grunty sizes!
*Thanks to Olivia Luna for the first Snakey Grunty Formula!
*Thanks to MR.Conqueror for second Snakey Grunty Formula and Golden Egg hint!
*Thanks to Shifter34 for pointing out that Theta isn't always the answer! :)

5. Goblins 

[//INFECTION Sidequest]
NAME- Stehoney
LOCATION- Delta: Detestable Golden Sunny Demon
HP- 190
SP- 55

Early in the game, a message titled "Let's Play Tag" appears on the message
board. It's a challenge from a disruptive, dispicable, and soon to be 
disemboweled goblin named Stehoney. He wants you (by yourself) to go to 
Delta: Detestable Golden Sunny Demon. When you get there, you will meet with 
him and he'll try to run away from you. Of course you should chase him down 
and kill him. He runs in a circle so you could just cut him off, or if you 
have too much trouble, just use a speed charm. You shouldn't have any trouble 
with this.

NAME- Johue
LOCTAION- Delta: Detestable Golden Messenger
HP- 330
SP- 105

A short time later, a reply to the first message appears on the board. So, go
to Delta: Detestable Golden Messenger and fight it out with Johue. Just follow
the first strategy until this pest falls...

NAME- Zyan
LOCATION- Delta: Detestable Golden Scent
HP- 470
SP- 155

After that, a goblin named Zyan challenges you. Just follow the old drill and
go to Delta: Detestable Golden Scent and fight it out with him! Yes, use the
same strategy as before.

NAME- Albert 
LOCATION- Delta: Detestable Golden New Truth
HP- 750
SP- 255

Yup, another goblin! By now you know the drill. Just go to 
Delta: Detestable Golden New truth, use a speed charm, and womp Albert.

NAME- Martina
LOCATION- Delta: Detestable Golden Gate
HP- 890
SP- 305
Skills- Rig Saem, Dek Do

This is where it gets interesting... Martina posts on the message board, after
you complete the game, frightened because you've taken down the other goblins.
However, she still wants you to go fight her, so go to 
Delta: Detestable Golden Gate, but not before restocking on mage's souls.
When you arrive, you'll be greeted by the scared gob. She will then use a 
regeneration spell and take off. Use a speed charm and ready your skills. Just
deliver an onslaught of skills, and don't give her time to heal. It may take
awhile, but you can defeat her! I have faith in you!

-Another Strategy [by Adam Vetten]
If you dont cast a speed charm and just run after her, she wont cast the regen
spell. Just try to intercept her and try to have Bom-Ba-Ye's on you because
with those you have Staccato (or however it is spelled) which costs 15 and
hits around 20-30 times so you can keep on hitting her so you can just use
that skill whenever you get the chance. Just have some mage's souls on you
to get your sp back when you need it.

-Another Strategy [by Michael Bennet]
I know an easy way to defeat Martina.
First you need the following.
1.  A Twin Blade with staccato
2.  5 Mage Souls
3.  2-3 Speed Charms
When you enter the field immediately use a speed charm.  Then RUN AWAY from
Martina.  This is because when the Battle Mode goes off, Martina STOPS.  The
hard part is right when Battle Mode goes off, you have to run back to Martina
and attack her.  Use staccato (might need accuracy up) to attack to kill her
when she even has the healing going.  Just repeat this pattern.

After defeating all goblins, you can equip all the goblin gear you have 
recieved and you will gain the skill "Summon Goblin" that does around
1500-2000 damage.

[//MUTATION Sidequest]
NAME- Stehoney R
LOCATION- Lambda: Detestable Vengeful Sunny Demon
HP- 750
SP- 255

Early in the second installment of our series, another message appears. This
time the gobs "R" (bad pun) ready to bust you up!

NAME- Johue R
LOCTAION- Lambda: Detestable Vengeful Messenger
HP- 890
SP- 305

NAME- Zyan R
LOCATION- Lambda: Detestable Vengeful Scent
HP- 1030
SP- 355

NAME- Albert R
LOCATION- Lambda: Detestable Vengeful New Truth
HP- 1170
SP- 405

NAME- Martina R
LOCATION- Lambda: Detestable Vengeful Gate
HP- 1310
SP- 455

-Strategy (By TJ Condon)
Bane on her to remove her Magic Tolerance and then repeatedly use a 
Tornado-type spell until she falls. That should be common knowlege since you
always want to remove Tolerances with Beast's Bane or Knight's Bane to make 
battles easier, but apparently alot of people don't play the game with 
tactics ]};o)> ]

-Strategy (By Eric Woodley)
Another good way to beat Martina R is to put her to sleep, then attack her. 
You will get in about one series of hits if you use a weapon skill or put her
to sleep, use a beasts bane, then use Merrows on her, it will kill her in two

*Thanks to Neo987 for Gob stats... twice!
*Thanks to TJ Condon for Albert R stats... even though I had recieved them
 just before... ;)
*Thanks to Typhonic Dreamer for Martina R and Albert R(again)'s stats
*Thanks to all noted authors for strategies! :)
6. Grunty Racing

New to //MUTATION is a special event in all towns called "Flag Racing", but
for our purposes, let's call it "Grunty Racing". I have not had much time to
play with it, so I'll fill this space with more detailed info later...

Prizes (Theta)
If you don't rank: Fortune wire
Close to ranking: Speed Charm
3rd Rank: Divine Cross
2nd Rank: Silver Grunty
1st Rank: Golden Grunty and Image 51

Prizes (Lambda)
Close to Ranking: Fairy Orb
3rd Rank: Emperor's Soul
2nd Rank: Silver Grunty
1st Rank: Golden Grunty and Image 52

Also note that anytime that you beat you record after getting first place, you
will recieve another Golden Grunty, but after recieving 3 Golden Grunties,
Silver Grunties, or Divine Crosses, you begin to get different treasures 
instead (like Silver Scarabs and Yellow Candies).

*Thanks to ja$on for Theta prize info
*Thanks to James R. Dunson some Lambda prize info
*Thanks to Demonman_420 for remaining prize info ;)
*Thanks to Lunesar and Ryu Hoshi for info on limited prizes!

7. .hack//SIGN Flashbacks

During the course of the game, you will have the chance to experience several
flashbacks that portray scenes from the anime series .hack//SIGN.

Flashback 1 - The Guardian

Simply visit Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground and walk inside the 
cathedral to witness a scene from Episode 4 of .hack//SIGN. After the 
flashback, you recieve the items "M:Wavemaster" and "Golden Grunty" (The later
being an item that Tsukasa and company recieve at one point in the series
after completing an event).

Flashback 2 - "Member Address, Please?"

After completing Lambda: Nameless Seeker's Prairie, once again visit Delta:
Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. Here you will get to see a scene from Episode 2
of .hack//SIGN, where Sora "requests" BT's member address. After the scene you
will recieve "M:Twin Blade" and a "Silver Grunty".

Flashback 3 - "Maybe He, Too, Is a Victim..."

After you recieve the keyword to Lambda: Dying Madness Haunted Land, head on
over to everyone's favorite hangout Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. You
get to see a scene where Subaru and Ginkan(Silver Knight) talk to Tsukasa's 
comrads about what to do with the rogue Wavemaster. After this, the player 
recieves "M:Heavy Axeman" and a "Golden Grunty".

Flashback 4 - Crim vs. Sora
After visiting Lambda: Scattering Fossil's Milestone, return to 
Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. Here you get to watch the battle between
Crim and Sora. Afterwards, you will claim "M:Long Arm" and a "Silver Grunty".

*Thanks to Kaneda15 for Flashback 3 and 4 items.
*Thanks to Neo987 for Flashback 3 and 4 descriptions.

8. Aerial City

After completing the game, you will get an e-mail from Bandai containing a
keyword that will take you to a city in the sky. So, disregard your fear of
heights and head to Theta: Bitter Fantasy Mirror World. Here, you will appear
in the sky on a winding walkway. Eventually you will come across a dungeon.
Though this area is tough, you should be able to get through it at level 48 or
above. At the bottom, you will find an exit. In the distance you will see a
portal. Approach it and a Boss battle will commence.

-Angolomore (Strategy from Robert Mack)

The characters I recommend having (though it may vary)  Kite, Blackrose and 
Mistrial.  Heres the important thing make sure Mistrial has the imp earring 
because Angolmore has an attack that would kill your characters by slicing 
them nonstop.

Ok at the start of the battle make sure Blackrose starts attacking him first 
that way you can have Kite attack him from behind.  (This way Kite won't get 
that much damaged and Blackrose could be revived by Mistrial but make sure 
to keep an eye on Mistrial's sp and give her a mage soul so it can go up).  
Ok once the protect break goes off Data Drain him immediately to get another 
of Kite's rare weapon  Crimson Raid (Level 24 rare.  Skills are Blazing 
Wheel, Twin Dragons, and Ap VAkz.  Also has Life Drain)  and then once you 
defeat him Kite will say something and you'll get Lucky Shoes.

*Thanks to Robert Mack for the Boss strategy!
9. Bosses

-Innis (Strategy from Kaneda15)

Here is an easy way to kill innis. In your party have Kite, Blackrose, and
Gardenia. Have Blackrose and Gardenia attack using skills, and then when
Innis teleports near you, start to smack it with Staccatto, or another dancing
type attack. Once you are unable to attack it, run off so that Blackrose and
Gardenia can chase it, and attack it, heal them when necessary. Sooner or 
later, Innis will protect break and you can data drain him, and just use the
same tactic for this next guy, and he will be gone in no time. Good luck!

-Cubia (Strategy by Kaneda15)

Well when the boss fight starts, there is the big Cubia dude that you saw at
the end of .hack//INFECTION floating down. A little piece of Cubia floats out
onto the fighting area. It's Cubia's core. What happens is, this core has a
sheild around it in the beginning. The shield is only against physical attacks
though as i have found out. First things first, as the little peices of Cubia
come out of the core, search for the Repth one. Kill off the repth one so that
the core cannot heal itself. Leave all the rest of them to Blackrose. Have 
Mistral healing both Kite and Blackrose (considering that you used these three
characters ^_^) then what you will want Kite to do, is use the scrolls in 
which the attack does a tornado type attack. Where it will attack multiple 
enemies, and it will also do a lot of damage. Keep using scrolls on the core
until it flies back into Cubia. Cubia will unleash one of his pretty big
attacks, and then the core will come back out onto the field. The difference 
now, is that the core has a shield against magic. So what you will want to do
here, is attack the core with either Staccatto or Thunder Dance or one of 
those other attacks of Kites that will hit multiple enemies while still 
inflicting a fair amount of damage, once the core sets out its little 
tendrilly thingies (its been a while since i fought them, so i dont remember
their names ^_^), make sure to ASAP take out the Repth guy. 
If you do not do that, the the Repth thing will keep healing the core until 
all your work was for nothing. Once you take out the Repth thing, start 
attacking the core, using the same strategy, just attacking it with Staccatto
or thunder dance or something of the sort, until the core flies back into 
Cubia. Cubia will do another attack to everyone, and then the core will come
back out with its' physical shield back on. Again, take out the Repth dude, 
and start attacking the core with magical attacks. Keep doing this until Cubia
dies. Each time the core flies into Cubia, when he comes back out, if he used
to have his physical shield, then he will have his magic shield, or visa 
versa. Well congrats, you have killed Cubia ^_^!

-Another strategy (By Veros)
I used Kite, BlackRose, and 
Mistral, but who you bring does not matter much as long as you have another 
melee type and a Wavemaster.  When the Cubia core starts throwing out its 
helpers, have your Wavemaster constantly cast a tornado-type spell of at 
least level 2 on Cubia(I don't think higher than 2 is available).  Tornados 
centered on Cubia will hit all of its helpers, and a Wavemaster will take 
them down fast this way.  When the core is immune to Magic, have Kite and 
your other melee use their most powerful physical skills against it, 
preferably using a Dance type move for Kite (Dances are much quicker than 
Staccatto, allowing you to command your other person to begin a new move 
much more quickly.  I prefer having my people set to use no skills and 
commanding them to use each ability so I can be sure they are attacking what 
they should be.)  Have your Wavemaster casting a level 2 tornado as long as 
there are helpers out, even if the core is immune to Magic at the time; the 
helpers are never immune.  When the core is immune to physical, either use a 
Bane to remove the Tolerance, or have Kite and the other melee casting their 
best Magic spells while your Wavemaster uses the level 2 tornado.  Your 
Wavemaster should have Ola Repth at this point, so use it whenever you need 
to heal, or use Healing Potions (which are instant and allow your Wavemaster 
to continue casting tornados).

-Magus (Strategy by Typhonic Dreamer)

Have BlackRose or another fighter character target Magus while you have your 
Wavemaster sit back and heal. Magus will drop leaves which will explode in a 
certain amount of time, so kill them as they fall and once they're all gone 
use a Dance-type Skill on Magus. After you Data Drain it, it moves alot faster
and uses a Wood Raise spell that can be devestating. So make sure you always
have the Wavemaster healing and just smack away at Magus until it dies.

*Thanks to Kaneda15 for boss info
*Thanks to all other submiters for there above noted strategies!
10. .hack//LIMINALITY Vol. 2: In the Case of Yuki Aihara

Ah, yes! Another entry into the series of .hack//LIMINALITY. Though I find
this to be slightly less great than Vol. 1, it's still a nice piece of anime.

But we're not here to review DVDs, lets get into the Extras!

There are some really nice bonus featurettes on the DVD, but, of course, we
want some area keywords! So far this is the only one anyone has contributed. 
This appears when a barrage of webpages fills the screen.

Capricious Unending Corridor

-Lambda: Capricious Unending Corridor [Lv. 38: Water]
Here contributors have found the great rare item... Chinese Food... as well as
the rare twin blade "Gemini Soul"... But why Chinese Food?

A player in town named Annri will take the Chinese Food in exchange for her
rare spear "Super Wufei".

[Gemeni Soul - Twin Blades - L16 RARE]

-20 to Physical and Magical attack
+30 to Physical and Magical accuracy
Also gives you Saber Dance and Ap Do

[Super Wufei - Spear - L23 RARE]

Attack: +32	M.Attack: +2
Defense: 0	M.Defense: 0
Acc.: +22	M.Acc.: +2
Evade: 0	M.Evade:0

Elemental Parameters:
Water: -20
Fire: +20

Skills: Vak Repulse, Vak Wipe
Effects: Skill Drain, Life Drain

Also, the Ice Bar from .hack//INFECTION's DVD Keywords 
Delta: Hideous Organ Market Scaffold is now desired by Panta. Track him down
to trade your Ice Bar for his Lv. 38 Rare Key Axe!

*Thanks to TJ Condon for Super Wufei info and stats!
*Thanks to Neo987 for a more vague description of "Super Wufei" before that ;)
*Thanks also to MisyKatina for also noting "Chinese Food"'s use!
*Thanks to Hal Wierzbicki for Keyword and Lambda dungeon info!
*Thanks to Drew C. for submitting the keyword as well... ;)
*Thanks to James R. Dunson for more info on the keyword, "Gemini Soul" and the
 Ice Bar
*Thanks to Kyle Parish for Gemini Soul stats!
*Thanks to Wegs for Gemeni Soul level :)

11. Parody mode (Japanese only)

In the Japanese version of .hack//MUTATION, upon completion of the game, 
you are able to play through in "Parody Mode" in which the text and voices 
are changed, making a very comical experience. We in America were shorted 
this because we were given the Japanese voiceover track in addition to our 
English audio track, causing there to be no more room for parody mode :( 

I'll update this when I get more info...

*Thanks to Rhyste for informing me of Parody Mode's presence in //MUTATION!

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