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How do I see the affection of my freinds?

could someone tell me how and if I can see the affection

AnimeCrazy15 provided additional details:

so how do I get Ryu Book V is there a certain lvl that you have to go to op through

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AngelouRozaki answered:

Ryu Book V will list all friends you got at the moment. Let's see you wanna see BlackRose. Get to her and on the bottom of the screen, you will see the affection level. Below is the max possible for each volume. It's best to max this ASAP when you are playing the volume to get the email chains the soonest possible. Some emails will come after a certain moment of the story.

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Theghostlives answered:

to get Ryu Book V, you need to use Data Drain 50 times.
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