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.HACK Series Keyword Effect List
Created: Friday, February 21, 2003, 12:00 AM PST
Last Updated: Monday, May 12, 2003, 2:42 PM PST
Author: Neo987 (
Version: 3.02 (See Revision History)

=====Introduction / Legal Stuff=====
Well, I finally decided to begin research on the "Crystal" system for this
game. Let me tell you, this is going to be hard. The only resource I have for
this is play, check, play again :P
     This work has and will take a lot of my time. You steal this and I remove
your liver with a cold, dull spoon! Just kidding. Seriously though, please
don'tsteal my work. I didn't put a lot of time and effort into this to see
someone else claim it. If you want to reproduce this in any way, fine, but you
need my express permission before you do so. If you find this feeble attempt
worthy of being published somewhere, I want royalties. You want it on your
webpage? Ask, and it shall be so, but I retain the right to have it removed at
any time.
	Current sites with hosting permission are:

=====Revision History=====
v1.0: This is just the beginning. So far I have word priorities, weather
effects, elements of prioritized keywords, and some field types. More to come
in next update.

v1.1: Completed prioritized field types.

v1.2: Added Area Level ranges for prioritized keywords.

V2.0: Reformatted the document to plain text. Added section for good keyword
combinations, the easter egg keywords from the //LIMINALITY DVD, and floating
giant keywords to keep track of it. Trying to find out if the structures gem
determines giant appearance.

v2.2: That's it, I give up on figuring out what determines the giant/castle.
I've come to the conclusion that the keyword combinations work on both servers,
and that they they are not deretmined by any of the priorities, since
non-prioritized words can add or remove the object in question. I will keep a
list of keywords with the appearences, send them in and I'll add them, but
until someone comes to my door and slaps me with the source code section that
determines the appearance, I'm through with that. Instead, I'll collect
keywords that have the floating objects and hope something eventually hits me.
I've also added dungeon texture/food to the field type list. By the next update
I'll have gone over weather again to confirm and will probably check Theta
server level ranges.

v2.4: It's been TOO long since I updated. Too many new games have been released
and my Dark Age of Camelot addiction has gotten the better of me (anyone
playing Midgard on the Gawaine server, send a Hi to Kamilie). I've gone over
some more Floating Object keywords, and made some minor changes to some spots
in the guide (it'll take a comparison of both versions to see them.) I might
hold off on further updates till May when Mutation is released, and append it's
information, as well as the Theta server. Otherwise, I'll start studying the
Theta server. As usual, any contributions are greatly appreciated. On a special
note to contributor Vanessa, I apologize for the delay and the confusion. My
bad :)

v3.0: Ok, I'm tired of this thing DE-formatting itself :P I'm changing the
table labling to save room and keep line spacing as it should be. The key has
been expanded to reflect this change. Over the next few updates I will
experiment with other table formats until I come up with the most compact yet
easily readable format that I can deal with. As far as the current version
goes, it should be easily viewable with all versions of notepad and all
browsers. I've bought my copy of MUTATION and will begin adding information
as I receive it. This guide is now a .hack project complation and will get it
posted under each game. Until I complete MUTATION, updates to this guide will
be sparse, random, and probably only from contributed keywords :P Afterwards,
I'll make a long-term attempt to fill it, as well as submit my completed save
like I did last time.
MESSAGE TO MY CONTRIBUTORS: If your e-mail address has changed, please e-mail
me. THIS MEANS YOU VANESSA! You're e-mail address failed when I tried to send
you a message.

v3.01: I'mm adding this as a message to my now steady stream of fans. I
understand I have not updated this guide in a long time. I have multiple
reasons for this, most of which are the unending chaos that I call life.
College, new relationship (which equals no free time) and my interest in 2nd
Edition AD&D to 3E conversions have taken their toll. Mind you I WILL update
this guide, especially when I get contributions from you, the readers. I also
want to thank everyone for their e-mails about how much they like the guide.
You don't know how happy it makes me to know what I've done has helped people.
One of my current side projects is a tip guide for the PS2 game Amplitude. Any
Amp fans that have anything they want to submit to the creation process,
please do so. Also, if there are any Dungeons & Dragons fans that want
something converted from a previous edition (one or more monsters, spells,
items, no full books please) tell me what it is and what book it's from and
I'll send you my work. Any donations for game resources (game books, game
disks, etc.) and even college supplies would be greatly appreciated (and will
put you in my credits on the guide you are supporting, and an acknowledgements
page soon to be on my crappy website) but are not at all required. Just e-mail
me for details if you feel so inclined. Everything I do for the gamer populace
will be free for some time, but any gratuities will help the process.
        Again, I want to thank everyone that has submitted info or even a
simple "thank you for making this guide". Continue flooding my box and you'll
keep me in the wonderful mood you've thrown me into.

v3.02: Side note: I've begun to expand my hosting base. See my Legal Info for
a list of sites with permission

Key: X=Primary Effect
     XA=Has priority over part C.
     XB=If X and XA are present, this takes third priority
     If two XA or XB are present, part B takes priority.

     1: Field Type
     2: Dungeon
     3: Weather
     4: Ground Level
     5: Structures
     6: Area Level
     7: Monsters
     8: Items
     9: Magic Portals

Part A Keyword Effects

                 1        2      3             4     5     6       7     8     9
Bursting                  X                          X     X/1                 
Hidden                    X                          X     X/1                 
Expansive                 X                          X     X/2                 
Boundless                 X                          X     X/2                 
Closed                    X                          X     X/3                 
Quiet                     X                          X     X/3                 
Plenteous                 X                          X     X/3                 
Collapsed                 X                          X     X/4                 
Cursed                    X                          X     X/4                 
Buried                    X                          X     X/4                 
Lonely                    X                          X     X/5                 
Great                     X                          X     X/5                 
Chosen                    X                          X     X/5                 
Discovered                XB     XA/Sunny      X                               
Indiscreet                XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                 
Putrid                    XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                   
Hideous                   XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                   
Soft                      XB     XA/Rain       X                                   
Beautiful                 XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                   
Raging                    XB     XA/Sunny      X                                   
Noisy                     XB     XA/Sunny      X                                   
Dog Dancing               XB     XA/Rain       X                                   
Rejecting                 XB     XA/Sunny      X                                   
Sleepy                    XB     XA/Sunny      X                                   
Sinking                   XB     XA/Dusk       X                                   
Greedy                    XB     XA/Night      X                                   
Voluptuous                XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                   
Detestable                XB     XA/Cloudy     X                                   
Chronicling               X                                                        
Part B Keyword Effects                                                       
                 1        2      3             4     5     6       7     8     9     Element
Passed Over               XA                                       X     X           None
Forbidden                 XA                                       X     X           None
Haunted                   XA                                       X     X           None
Corrupted                 XA                                       X     X           None
Oblivious                 XA                                       X     X           None
Eternal                   XA                                       X     X           None
Smiling                   XA                                       X     X           None
Momentary                 XA                                       X     X           None
Despaired                 XA                                       X     X           None
Pagan                     XA                                       X     X           None
Silent                    XA                                       X     X           None
Distant                   XA                                       X     X           None
Hopeless                  XA                                       X     X           None
Primitive        XA/2     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Gluttonous       XA/3     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Hot-Blooded      XA/4     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Destroyer's      XA/1     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Solitary         XA/3     XB                                                   X     WOOD
Someone's        XA/1     XB                                                   X     WATER
Her              XA/2     XB                                                   X     WATER
Law's            XA/1     XB                                                   X     EARTH
Talisman         XA/1     XB                                                   X     DARKNESS
Orange           XA/2     XB                                                   X     WOOD*
Organ Market     XA/1     XB                                                   X     WOOD**
Agonizing        XA/2     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Geothermal       XA/3     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Golden           XA/4     XB                                                   X     FIRE
Passionate       XA/1     XB                                                   X     FIRE
*: Thunder w/ Messenger                                                            
**: Darkness w/ March, Giant, Sunny Demon, Tri Pansy                               
Part C Keyword Effect                                                        
                 1        2      3             4     5     6       7     8     9     Element
Aqua Field       X/1      XA     X/Dusk                                              WOOD
Holy Ground      X/1      XA     X/Cloudy                                            WATER
Sea of Sand      X/1      XA     X/Sunny                                             FIRE
Fort Walls       X/1      XA     X/Cloudy                                            EARTH
Twin Hills       X/1      XA     X/Rain                                              THUNDER
White Devil      X/2      XA     X/Night                                             WATER
Hypha            X/2      XA     X/Dusk                                              WOOD
Spiral           X/2      XA     X/Rain                                              EARTH
Paradise         X/1      XA     X/Cloudy                                            DARKNESS
Fiery Sands      X/4      XA     X/Cloudy                                            FIRE
Great Seal       X/2      XA     X/Cloudy                                            FIRE
Fertile Land     X/1      XA     X/Rain                                              DARKNESS
Nothingness      X/2      XA     X/Cloudy                                            EARTH
Melody                    XB                                                         None
Remnant                   XB                                                         None
March                     XB                                                         None
Giant                     XB                                                         None
Touchstone                XB                                                         None
Sunny Demon               XB                                                         None
Messenger                 XB                                                         None
Scent                     XB                                                         None
New Truth                 XB                                                         None
Gate                      XB                                                         None
Pilgrimage                XB                                                         None
Scaffold                  XB                                                         None
Far Thunder               XB                                                         None
Tri Pansy                 XB                                                         None
Treasure Gem              XB                                                         None

=====Field Types=====
The following list the look and food of each area and dungeon type.

Wood 1:
Windmills, Mandragora.
Dungeon, Immature/Golden Egg

Wood 2:
Mushroom rocks, Mushroom.
Orange Textured Cave, Invisible/Golden Egg

Wood 3:
Segmented forest, Piney Apple.
Orange Textured Cave, Invisible/Golden Egg

Water 1:
Budda statues, Cordyceph.
Blue Gallery, Bear Cat/Golden Egg

Water 2:
Stonehenge w/ fish and ark, White Cherry.
Blue Gallery, Bear Cat/Golden Egg

Fire 1:
Desert with barnacles, Oh No Melon.
Red Living, Bloody/Golden Egg

Fire 2:
Magma, Grunt Mints.
Green Texture Cave, Invisible/Golden Egg

Fire 3:
Large Weapons, Twilight Onion.
Red Gallery, Bear Cat/Golden Egg

Fire 4:
Desert with ribs, Snaky Cactus.
Red Living, Bloody/Golden Egg

Earth 1:
Bodies in walls, Root Vegetable.
Orange Texture Dungeon, Immature/Golden Egg

Earth 2: Same as Earth 1

Darkness 1:
Cocoons, La Pumpkin.
Green Living, Bloody/Golden Egg

Thunder 1: Same as Wood 1.

Thunder 2: Same as Wood 2.

=====Area Level Difficulty=====
Difficulty 1: Levels 1-5.
Difficulty 2: Levels 6-9.
Difficulty 3: Levels 8-13.
Difficulty 4: Levels 13-16
Difficulty 5: Levels 16-19

=====Information Posted on "The Board"=====
These messages show up in the "Keyword Creation" topic as you progress through
the game. Might as well have them here for quick reference.

:RE: Don't quite understand
:Author Korm
:You really shouldn't worry about the area's
:parameters in the beginning.
:Beginners should only be concerned with the
:level of the area.
:This is the parameter that sets the
:difficulty of that level, and the higher it
:is, the more powerful the monsters are
:(and the better the items).
:If you combine words randomly, you might get
:a really strong enemy and die instantly.
:When you are low, you should use words
:with low difficulty.
:Here's a sample word for beginners:
:Part A: Bursting     Difficulty 1
:Use this and create a key word.

:Words for Beginners
:Author: JING
:These words are also for beginners:
:Part A: Hidden     Difficulty 1
:Part A: Expansive     Difficulty 2
:The highest level of difficulty for an area
:is Difficulty 5. Though even if you use the
:words with the same difficultym the type of
:enemies varies among the servers.
:Highest enemy in (Delta) server is Level 20.
:In (Theta) server, the highest is Level 30.

:Area Level Info
:Author: Korm
:Part A: Boundless     Difficulty 2
:This is also for beginners

:Good Info
:Author: 01
:There are some weird parameters known as
:Monster and Items.
:These parameters can change the
:appearance rate of monsters and items from
:the area level where it's been set.
:If you use these two well, it gets pretty easy
:to collect items.
:The items you can get in an area are directly
:related to the area level, but the enemies get
:stronger, and it gets pretty dangerous.
:If you choose a negative word for Monsters,
:the rate of appearances for items in the area
:will not change, but the difficulty of the
:monsters that appear will decrease.
:Also, if you choose a possitive items word, you
:can increase the rate of appearance for appearing
:items in that area.
:The words that I know are:
:        Word        Monsters
:Part B: Bounded     -10
:Part B: Evil Eyed    -8
(Author's note: Ok, as of now I have not begun this stage of word research,
but I can guess this is refering to when items come out of portals instead
of monsters.)
(Second note: From my random research, it seems my original note was only half
right. This seems to also affect how often a monster drops a chest, and maybe
how often that chest contains one of the items on that monster's list. More on
this as I continue my research.)

=====Special Keyword combinations=====
Easter Egg Keywords:
These Keywords can be found on the //LIMINALITY DVD with subtitles enabled.
Delta Voluptuous Her Remnant
Delta Hideous Organ Market Scaffold
Theta Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy

Zeit Statue Keywords:
The following Keywords can be used to get to the Zeit Statue fast.
Delta Chronicling Pagan Sunny Demon

Floating Castle/Giant Keywords:
Hideous Geothermal Sea of Sand
Bursting Geothermal Sea of Sand
Plenteous Geothermal Sea of Sand
Cursed Geothermal Sea of Sand
Bursting Geothermal Aqua Field
Closed Geothermal Aqua Field
Quiet Geothermal Aqua Field
Great Geothermal Aqua Field
Bursting Passed Over Holy Ground
Bursting Her Melody
Greedy Passionate Sunny Demon
Hidden Passed Over Holy Ground
Chronicling Passionate Spiral

CJayC, for creating, updating, and maintaining GameFAQs, Vanessa Wilson
<> for her help with Floating Object keywords, and
Charlie Webster <> for another Floating Object

                    Neo987(, 2003