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Action + Stealth = SPLINTER CELLAndy Mayhem889/10
Great stealth actionbbears9/10
It's good, but not THAT good...Cybersk8er50007/10
So, which would you rather have.. a split jump or a card board box?DOA7/10
A terrible overrated game!FinalFantasyLover1/10
"Stay quiet: you don't want your life to end in the boy's room..."InvisibleSir10/10
The blockbuster action stealth game makes the translation (almost) perfectly!Jaxijin9/10
Duuude you don't need a Dell!! It's on PS2!!!JC DentonDX9/10
"HMMFF, and you thought that it couldn't be done."johnathanblade7/10
Giving Mr. Solid Snake a Run for his Money!kw13629/10
Splinter Cell is practically a work of art, but as with works of art, there are flaws......LiMpBiZkitFaN8/10
"Splintering" the Metal Gear FanbaseLiquidus Yugi10/10
One of the best stealth games ever made.MGSSolidSnake9/10
Well if Lara Croft were a man you'd have Sam Fisher.myfavoritegamesare8/10
Excellent, entertaining, stealthy game.NYMRULE9/10
One of the best titles on PS2OleSophus9/10
A Few Tweaks Away From PerfectPittsburghMike618/10
There is a new spy in town........Riku15909/10
Without a Doubt One Of The Greatest Stealth Games Off All Time!!!Rithramier9/10
A great transistion and a great exprience!rxw2k29/10
Tread lightly...SaintDarkSide10/10
Greatest PS2 game to dateScared899/10
You ARE the Splinter CellSwift110/10
Tom Clancy gives "Stealth" a whole new meaning on the PS2ThatGamerDudeAlex8/10
Spectacular! The top game in Stealth Gaming!The Jesster9/10
This game is really, really great!Troll Slayer10/10
A hit stealth titleupong29/10

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