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"The blockbuster action stealth game makes the translation (almost) perfectly!"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell has probably been hearlded as one of the most hyped games in recent memory. Could it be possible the the team who brought us the cool tactical series, Rainbox Six, create a game that could rival the biggest blockbusters of the genre, such as Metal Gear Solid? Yes, it has. Splinter Cell has almost made the translation perfectly to PS2. Just a few minor bugs scratch it a bit, but exclusive PS2 features make it worthwile. Read on.

-VISUALS:Strangely, LOTS of hype given to Splinter Cell on Xbox weren't for it's dynamite gameplay, but many thought of it as a graphical powerhouse. And it was. Awesome textures, smoth characters, beautiful environments and particles that absolutely max out the already powerful Xbox hardware. But when Splinter Cell was announced to make the jump to PS2 and GC, fanboys immediately criticized it as being ''underpowered'' and lacking the strength to produce its revolutionary effects. Well, they're wrong. Dead wrong. Here it is, the game criticized by fanboys as being ''too strong'', running in fine form on Sony's little box. Are the graphics as good as the Xbox and PC incarnations? No, nowhere close. Not by a longshot. But the effects displayed in Splinter Cell will drop the jaws of even most graphically-unimpressived PS2 gamers. The animation is flawless, the environments look amazing (although bland at some times), and dripping with personality and style. The lighting effects look amazing, too. You'll be impressed, and you'll love it. Overall, Splinter Cell's dynamite, crisp visuals do wonders on any console.

-SOUND: Splinter Cell perfectly recreates its incarnations sound and mimics it perfectly. Gunshots, screams, slow movement, and that tense, stealth-atmosphere themes. And with Dolby Surround Sound Support, Splinter Cell is a blessing for the ear.

-GAMEPLAY: Sure, graphics are cool, sounds sound great, but how does Splinter Cell fare in terms of gameplay? It fares amazingly.

Splinter Cell features suprisingly deep stealth gameplay, with a solid story to boot. As Sam Fisher, you must infiltrate enemy complexes while having extreme usage of stealth. But the biggest feature of Splinter Cell is its use of shadows. You must keep Sam condensed in order to avoid enemies. You must also never leave a dead or uncounscious enemy behind. You must drag their bodies to a good hiding spot. You must also gain information through computers, and interrogating guards. Overall, it's very fine, and completing a mission really breaths a sigh of relief onto you.

Ofcourse, the PS2 version contains new exclusive features. Some of these are minor and major, and some really hurt. First the bad stuff. Ubi Soft Shanghai really tampered with a lot of the existing levels designs, remove frustrating moments and making the game somewhat easier. But if you've never played the PC or Xbox versions, you'll never notice it. But major inclusions include a brand-new introduction and more cutscenes to round out the plot. The biggest additions are the inclusion of the binoculars and the Nuclear Plant stage, in which Sam gets a snazzy, PS2 exclusive snowsuit to round out this already dynamic package. Cool!

-CONTROLS: Out of all 4 version of Splinter Cell, the PS2 versions controls feel the best. Sam can pull of an incredibly array of moves.

-OVERALL: Splinter Cell is without a doubt worth every PS2 owners time. Do not skip this one, great treasures lie inside! -Jaxijin :)

(1 easy; 10 tough)
-Best Feature: New features
-Worst feature:Okay plot; unneccasary tweaking to pre-existing levels
-SOUND:9/10 -REPLAY:9/10
-The Verdict: BUY IT. Splinter Cell is a stealth gamers masterpiece. Any fan of Konami's famous Metal Gear series will love it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/03, Updated 04/10/03

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