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Bullet Box

Find one of these to receive some ammo for the SC20K or SC Pistol. Both guns can carry up to 60 bullets.

Camera Jammer

Aim it at a camera and fire to disable it. The camera will remain disabled as long as you keep holding R1. Keep in mind that the Camera Jammer runs on limited battery power, so after a few seconds of use, it will have to recharge.

Chemical Flare

Using these will emit a burst of light, which is useful for attracting and distracting guards.

Disposable Lock Pick

Using these on locked doors will instantly unlock them. Press R1 to use them.

Frag Grenade

Seconds after throwing one of these, it will explode, killing anything in its blast radius. Keep in mind that if you throw these at guards, not only will they run away from the grenade, but they will be instantly alerted to your presence.



Press R3 to use this mode. While using Binoculars, press up on the D-Pad to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Night Vision

Press left on the D-Pad to use this mode. While using Night Vision, you will be able to see in dark places, enabling you to see guards and other things in darkness.

Thermal Vision

Press right on the D-Pad to use this mode. While using Thermal Vision, you will be able to see anything that emits heat, namely guards. You unlock this mode in the CIA Headquarters.

Laser Mic

When using this, aim it at certain surfaces to listen in on conversations, normally to complete objectives.

Lock Pick

Use these to pick locks on doors.

How To Pick Locks

Rotate the Left Stick until you can see and hear a pin begin to move. When this happens, gently wiggle the Left Stick until the pin goes down. Repeat this process until all of the pins go down and the door unlocks.

Medical Kit

When you use one of these, you recover some HP.

Optic Cable

Use this to look under doors and see what is on the other side.

SC Pistol

The first gun you get. It's very basic, and it only fires lethal rounds, but it's silenced, and it provides some good backup for the other gun you get, the SC20K.


This is the other gun you get, and it's a very good one. While not silenced, it not only has a sniper scope (R3 Button), but it can also fire nonlethal rounds (L1 Button) in addition to its traditional lethal ammo. You acquire this gun in the CIA Headquarters.

Distraction Camera

You can use these to distract and knock out guards. Press Circle to whistle with one of these, and press Square when a guard comes near to release a cloud of gas that renders them unconscious.

Gas Grenade

You can use these to knock out multiple guards at the same time.

Ring Airfoil Round

If you hit a guard in the chest with one of these, he will be temporarily stunned. If you hit him in the head with one, he will be knocked out.

Sticky Camera

You can use these to get some scouting done on unexplored areas.

Sticky Shocker

Hitting a guard with one of these will instantly knock him out. Fire one of these into water to knock out all guards who are standing in it at the same time.

Wall Mine

Arm these on any wall to have them explode when you or a guard runs past them. To disable one of these, wait for the light on them to turn green, and then interact with them (X Button).

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