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Game: Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2
Info: http://www.hotline-web.com/
Design: Banpresto
System: Japanese PS2
Released: October 31st 2002
The story of UFE2
Gameplay Modes
Character list
Version history

Aeons ago, the Ultramen of that time fought a battle against the strongest
monsters ever, which they eventually won. The monsters couldn't be
destroyed so they had to be frozen. The Ultramen went on a search for a
planet where they could bury the monsters, knowing that this star-sytem was
safe from dangers and deserted. However, the dead planet that they found
evolved through the ages and eventually, life began to flourish...it was now
named Earth.
Due to man's ignorance and pollution of his planet, the monsters gradually
awoke from their slumber on a planet unguarded by any Ultraman which led in
turn that even more monsters came to Earth. The Ultramen of this era,
knowing what had happened must now correct the mistakes their ancestors had
They must save the Earth and stop the monster invasion...
BATTLE MODE: fight through 8 arcade battles.
ULTRA MODE: this is a story mode with 3 different stories:
-Gomora's Rampage: Ultraman must protect a crashed plane, exhaust Gomora,
Protect Osaka Castle against his attacks and eventually defeat this
-King Joe's Plan: Ultraseven must stop King Joe from destroying the United
Nations Headquarters, hold off the monster long enough so the ministers can
get to safety, save a harbor and manage to destroy King Joe.
-Invasion: All Ultrabrothers must stop Zetton's Invasion. Zetton has
enlisted all the other monsters who must destroy certain landmarks like the
Tokyo Tower, a gas plant and keep the Ultrabrothers occupied. Zetton wants
to destroy the Science Complex before they develop a weapon that can stop
him and the monster invasion. Can the Ultrabrothers defeat Zetton or...?
REPLAY MODE: watch and save your last fought Battle/VS fights!
Optiion 1- Watch
Optiion 2- Cancel?
Option 3- Save (with O, X to cancel)
Option 4- Delete (with O, X to cancel)
You can change the Cameraview with triangle(Moving),square/X/O/L1 (Stage
View),L2 (from below),R2 (normal view)

Unlock Zetton: complete Ultramode 3 "Invasion"
Unlock Zoffy: lose with all the Ultrabrothers against Zetton in Ultramode 3
After losing with the final Ultraman, Zoffy appears.

Guard: hold back when under attack
Square: knock attack
X: Hold (combine with square/f+square/b+square/X/f+X/O)
f+X: long distance Hold
f,f+X: Elbow-Tackle Grip
Throw Down: f,f,F+X (running throw)
Running Knockdown: f,f,F+square (running attack)
Hold Escape: X/f+square/f+X (frame advantage after HE: free hit)
b+X: reverse any attack and move to the opponent's back
Guard-Reversal: during the first frames of block animation, press square
O: Beat Up attack
L1+R1: Power Up Special (the bottom bar with different colors)
Dash: f,f
Run: f,f,F (hold)
b,b,b: backflipping salto (not all characters)
Crouching: DF/DB hold
Defensive Roll: DF,DF/DB,DB
Jump: UB/U/UF hold
Sidestep: u/d tap
Grounded Recovery: X/square
Fura Fura Gauge(red bar): filled by landing square attacks, when it's full
knockdown the opponent with O/Hold;O (they can't block ANY attack, BUT they
can reverse them).
Hold L1+R1 to charge the Special, release L1+R1 when it has crossed the
line (charge time dependent on characters).
KO: when the health bar is emptied, hit them with O. However, you have to
defeat the opponent with a Special! This is the only way to win, even
though their health bar is empty, they can still move and attack.
Support Attack: in the health bar are blue blocks and when the meter
reaches those, planes, UFO's or apparitions etc appear to help out. They do
little damage.
BT attacks: same as normal, no need to turn around.
Structure Throws: if the opponent is standing near a building (or you are),
a throw (also beat-up attacks) can be attempted to hurl them through the
Hits do more damage on a counter and you get frame advantage for your next

When the timer has reached 30 seconds, the Color Timer of an Ultraman will
begi to emit a distress signal and he will begin to grow weaker.
Try to hit the opponent through a structure, they are momentarily stunned
and the move is a bit more damaging. Nice for a saved Replay!
A jump attack usually defeats a mid attack (uf+S vs Ace Killer Torpedo)
Against crouching opponents use mid attacks like f+square.
SSSS can be delayed to confuse reversal-happy opponents (mix with throw).
After a knockdown try a surprise Throwdown (fff+X).
Counter a Throwdown with a low attack (DB+square) or a well timed mid.
If the Fura Fura bar is reasonably filled and you want to knockdown the
opponent, use Hold;O. The Special bar will already be activated during the
throw allowing for a faster charge..
The X throws are mostly the ones that fill the Fura Fura gauge up in the
shortest amount of time, but training mode can exaggerate the FF amount!
It's also possible while the opponent is stunned by a FF knockown to use
Hold;O. It takes some more health off and you get to charge anyway.
After a perfect sidestep, press b,b,b for a free hit opening.
The attack-reversal (b+X) can reverse anything, even jump kicks!
Recover after being reversed with d+S (interrupt) or ub+S.
Stop a Hold with a low attack>mid attack>f,f,F+X.
Beat Up Attacks can crush Guard Reversals.
The run attack(f,f,F+S) is one of the strongest normal attacks.
Anti-Air attacks are mostly uf+S or df+S moves, with timing you can hit
them out of the air and through a structure.
b,b..fff+S can trick agressive opponents.
If there's not enough time for a Special after O, use another O, throw-
linker or your strongest attack.
Different VS portraits when the samen character is chosen.
Default hi-score displays names of modern Ultramen like Ultima, Gaia, Dyna,
Tiga, Cosmos, Ace.
Quick Credits: hold S/T.
You can't destroy structures on your own.

Revolves mostly around series, canned combo's, Hold Combo's and usage of
the FF gauge.
Canned Combo's are attacks like SSSS and Hold Combo's are a maximum of 4
throw-linkers with possibly the chance to use a Special at the end.
There's also a chance for a combo/opening after a Reversal attack(b+X) or
when a Hold has been escaped(X/f+S/b+S...perform the same throw command).
Standard Combo is mostly SSX, this is a method used by Giant Gram players
(AM2 arcade wrestling game on Dreamcast).
In closing, UFE2 focuses on throws, reversals, Specials and tactical
attacks while UFE1 featured more canned combo's and standard fighting fare.

CHARACTER LIST (16, from left to right):
Zoffy,Ultraman,Ultraseven,Zetton,Tyrant,Ultraman Ace,Ultraman
Taro,Bemustar,Seijin Baltan,Ultraman Leo,Ultraman Jack,Gomora,King
Joe,Dada,Seijin Magma,Ace Killer.

One of the oldest and strongest Ultramen in the universe, who has destroyed
many monsters with the lethal M87 Ray.
He'll help any Ultraman when it's absolutely necessary. Once he even played
poker with other Ultramen when Taro was getting beat up by a monster, just
so he would learn the arrogant Taro a lesson. A leader of the Ultramen, he
has fought many battles for which he has received medals (the circles on
his suit).Zoffy resembles Ultraman, but is stronger and faster.
Battle Mode Boss: Zetton
b+S: Hook
b+S,SSSS: Hook Combination*
SSSS: Striking series
DB+S: Shinkicker
D+S: Low Precision
DF+S: Takedown*
F+S: Chest Kick*
uf+S: Diagonal Knee
UB/U/UF+S: Heavy Drop (early)/Axe Kick (late)
O: Spinaroony
DBx2+S/DFx2+S: Rolling Leader (counter/evade)
f,f,F+S: Dropkick
f,f,F+X: Beating
X:X (Judoworp)***(structure throw)
X:SSSS (Choppy)
X: O (The Big Spin) (structure throw)
X:f+X (Lift Up Toss & Diss) (structure throw)
X:f+SSSS (Knee Combo)*
X:b+S (Deep Hit)
Special: M87 Ray (+70% damage)****
Guard Reversal: Sky Hook
X:b+S:f,f,F+X: DB+S
X:f+S,f+S,f+S,X; O:Special

This is the first Ultraman who arrived on Earth to stop a monster. An
accident happened when Hayate, a pilot of a small plane got badly injured
in the process. Ultraman saved his life by bonding with Hayate and Ultraman
could protect the Earth in his real form for 3 minutes (Color Timer),
because he can't survive much longer in Earth's polluted atmosphere.
Hayate can summon Ultraman with his Beta Capsule...Ultraman is good at keep
away games and charging specials. He doesn't differ much with Zoffy, except
for some unique moves.
Battle Mode Boss:Gomora
b+S (swipe)
b+S,SSS (cutter)*
DB+S (shinkick)
D+S (low chop)
DF+S (shintrip)*
f+S (chinkick)*
uf+S (striking knee)**
UB/U/UF+S (early:axehandle/late:dive kick)
f,f,F+S (jumping dropkick)
O (straight knuckle)
X:X (judoworp)***(structure throw)
X:SSSS (strikes)
X: O (giant swing) (structure throw)
X:f+X (lift toss/diss) (structure throw)
X:f+S (knee'ing)*
X:b+S (gutpunch)
f,f,F+X (quadruple face strikes)
Special1: Ultra Slash (yatsuzaki kohrin)
Special2: Specium Ray (100% charged)***
Guard Reversal: Arc Swing
b+S,f+S,d+S,X,f+S,S,f+S,f+S,O, Special ***

An explorer that mapped all the planets in the universe and learned about
many ancient civilizations. He's also a member of the Ultra Garrison, a
special unit that locates monsters and eliminates them. U7 is also known
through his battles with this unit as the Red Violent Warrior.
Because there haven been many monster sightings on Earth after the first
Ultraman had left, he has begun living under the human guise as Dan
U7 is the only UM that can transform himself into a human...he has lost his
powers at the end of his series. U7 fights more like a kickboxer in
comparison to the original UM who used karate and judo styles.
A good allrounder with strong moves, great dizzies and more offensive-
oriented than Ultraman.
Battle Mode Boss:King Joe
b+S (karate chop)
b+S,SSS,SS (midsection)**
DB+SS (knuckle-fadekick)
D+S (kneebreaker)
DF+S (upper)*
f+S (air roundhouse)*
uf+S (high kick)
UB/U/UF+S (early:heel arc**/late:needle kick)
f,f,F+S (eye slugger stab)***
O (flatout needlekick)
X:X (Ultra will power)****(ff) (structure throw)
X:SSS (punching bag)**(ff)
X: O (lift and spinning toss) (structure throw:with your back towards)
X:f+X (running bulldog) (structure throw)
X:f+S (knee'ing)
X:b+S (double crumble)
f,f,F+X (punching volley)
Special1: Emerium Ray-Type A
Special2: Eye Slugger Throw
Special3: Wide Shot ***
Guard Reversal: elbow dive*
X:SSX: O (ff full,guardless),Special 3 (80%)
DF+S:X:X: O (ff full,guardless),Special

This monster has lived on Earth as a professor for 40 years, planning and
preparing an invasion. When Ultraman first appeared he studied him and
found his strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge Zetton became imune
for Ultraman's attacks. He defeated Ultraman, who then injured and dying
was rescued by Zoffy to recover in their Dimension of Light. With this the
original UM series had ended and U7 took over as the new protector of
Zetton is the final boss and strongest character in the game with his
strength and knockdowns, but he's very slow. The CPU Zetton is ruthless and
is constantly looking for an opening. He resembles a black beetle with
yellow spots and talks with a heavy voice. His teleport dashes can be
deceptive (b,b,b).
Battle Mode Boss:Zoffy
b+S (horns)*
SSS(brutal knockdown)**
DB+S (pusher)
D+S (low blow)***
DF+S (teleport knifehand)*
f+S (teleport kick)*
uf+S (double wave)
UB/U/UF+S (early:elbow drop***/late:anti-ultrakick)
f,f,F+S (slide down)
O (crash)**
X:X (chokeslam) (structure throw:close range)
X:SSS (bonebreaker)
X: O (bodymangle) (structure throw: diagonal left)
X:f+X (neckcracker) (ff)**(structure throw:close)
X:f+S (slasher) (ff,max. 2)**
X:b+S (pinpoint)****
f,f,F+X (dominator)
Special1: Ultraman Killer (just barely charged)***
Guard Reversal: Deflect palm*
uf+S,SSS (stun)
X,SS,F+X (50%)

This is a monster built from the remains of defeated monsters. With this
mix he has different attacks, limbs and traits. One of his remains came
from the first Bemustar who was destroyed. Slow moving, but able to strike
from a great distance. His throws excel for FuraFura combo's which is made
easy by his throw range.
A special that stuns and big damage makes this one of the top tiers!
His support attack disorients opponents with a ghostly image, it's unknown
if this affects the ff gauge.
Battle Mode Boss:Ultraman Taro
b+S (kd kick)
DB+S (bring it down)
D+S (low swing)
DF+S (rhino horn)***
f+S (whiplash)****
uf+S (upper mace)
UB/U/UF+S (early:exe axe***/late:exe axe)
f,f,F+S (low killer)
O (vicious mace)
X:X (jump rope) (ff)****(O)
X:SSSS (axe2max)**
X: O (sentence) (structure throw:close)
X:f+X (2nd jumprope) (ff)****(O)
X:f+S (ribbing it) (ff)****(O)
X:b+S (axedrop)
f,f,F+X (flattener)*** (-recovery)
Special1: Freezer ****
Special2: Firestorm
Special3: 360 Destroyer (structure throw)****
Guard Reversal: Charge
db+S,X,SSO,Special3 (80%)

This UM came to Earth to stop an invasion by the Yapool, an alien race.
Like other Ultra's he has to bond with a human to survive in Earth's
atmosphere, and in this case it were a man and a woman; Seji Hokuto en Yuko
These two also represent the meaning of North and South. They transform
into Ultraman Ace by using two rings and in their normal lives are members
of TAC (Terrible Monster Attacking Crew).
He has a unique Power up, great throws and many specials. A good mix of
offense and defense.
Battle Mode Boss:Ace Killer
L1+R1 (Flash Hand) (extra damage)****
b+S (jumping splitter)
SS,delay,SSS(Ace Delay)***
DB+S (qiuck hit)
D+S (low slidekick)*
DF+S (sweeper)**
f+S (deep kick)**
uf+S (dash elbow)**
UB/U/UF+S (early:beat drop/late: salto kick)
f,f,F+S (flying slicer)***
O (concentrated force)
X:X (head woogie) **(structure throw)
X:SSSS (backhands)***
X: O (juggling act) (structure throw:with your back towards)
X:f+X (tripping toss) (structure throw)
X:f+S (headbash)
X:b+S (kick in the back)**
f,f,F+X (power beating)
Special1: Vertical Guillotine
Special2: Metallium Ray**
Special3: Energy Lightball
Special4: Space Q***
Guard Reversal: throatknife
X,S,f+S,X,O,Special4 (some damage and Fura Fura required)

When the young boxer Kotaro Higashi died saving people during a monster
attack he was chosen to return as Ultraman Taro because of his heroic act
and pure heart. He's very competitive and wants to prove that he's worthy
of being Ultraman Taro. He has the image of a spoiled Ultraman because he
always gets what he wants in terms of weapons and advice.
Ultraman Taro is an agressive boxer with a lot of reach and great combo's,
an excellent character.
Battle Mode Boss:Tyrant
b+S (heavy smash)**
SSSSS(5 hit rush)***
DB+S (leg spike)*
D+S (sweep)
DF+S (grounded roundhouse)***
f+S (turn hook)***
uf+S (spinning roundhouse)*
UB/U/UF+S (early:illusion kick1/late:illusion kick2)*
f,f,F+S (body torpedo)**
O (body tag)
X:X (judo hiptrow)
X:SSSS (hammertime)****
X: O (easy carry) (structure throw:your back towards)
X:f+X (swallow kick)** (structure throw)
X:f+S (body workout)*** (ff)
X:b+S (knee finisher)
f,f,F+X (true boxer)
Special1: Storium Ray
Special2: Ultra Dynamite****
Guard Reversal: Donkey Kick
uf+S x3
X,S,f+S,O,Special1 (90%)

A bird-like monster that absorbs any energy source it finds and is
constantly searching for more. A weak monster which was destroyed by UM
Taro, he has returned through cloning and has become stronger.
He has a short range and is subsequently weak in attacks and combo's, but
has some deceptive low moves. His charged special is the fastest in the
game but it deals low damage.
Pick him if you want a challenge, as he's mainly used by expert players.
Battle Mode Boss:Ultraman Jack
b+S (spike swipe)***
DB+S (spike upper)*
D+SS (low spiker)
DF+SS (horn and rotorblade)***
f+S (double smash)***
uf+S (floating kd kick)*
UB/U/UF+S (early: spikedown/late: splashdown)
f,f,F+S (beak surprise)*
O (Birdie)
X:X (Cold Wind) (structure throw)
X:SSS (12 Beaks O' Madness)*
X: O (Sky High Piledriver)**(structure throw)
X:f+X (absorb+digest)** (structure throw)
X:f+S (flying facekick) (max 2)
X:b+S (face cut)
f,f,F+X (bodysplash+driller)
Special1: Horn Laser**
Guard Reversal: Beak Sting
d+SS,X,f+S,S,X,O,Special (50%)

He's a member of a lobster-like alien race known as "Space-Ninja's".
They came to Earth because their home planet was destroyed by a nuclear
They are microscopic in size, but when they came here one of them decided
to grow in size and make Earth their new home.
One of the known weaknesses is their allergy for "specium", the element
which UM uses for his Specium Beam and is found on Mars.
Special techniques like illusions and hypnosis are used when he attacks a
city and wants to control it's population. He's famous of his taunting
laugh and is Ultraman's nemesis.
After the orginal Baltan many more have come to Earth and have clashed with
Ultraman on numerous occasions.
He's an average character, who doesn't excel at anything and concentrates
on poking an taunting his opponent. Advanced players only.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraman
b+S (snare hammer)
SSS(knockdown snares)*
DB+S (crab sweep)*
D+S (poke) (anti-throw)
DF+SSS (trailseeker)***
f+S (bodypoker)*
uf+S (high scissors)
UB/U/UF+S (early: stiff legs/late: clawtrap)
f,f,F+S (low hunter)*
O (Ocean Kick)
X:X (Ninja Teleport)
X:SSS (Bashdown)
X: O (Dance Party)**
X:f+X (backflip)**(structure throw)
X:f+S (aerial facekicks)
X:b+S (hard lob)
f,f,F+X (bodystomp)
Special1: Fire Cannon
Special2: Twin Baltan Cannonade***
Guard Reversal: Crab Sting
This alien wasn't a real Ultraman but later he became one. He's a very
agressive UM with some tracking abilities (SSSS) and multi-hit
moves...possibly the best. His brother, Ultraman Astra assists in his final
Battle Mode Boss: Zetton
b+S (knee)
b+SSSS(knee combo)
SSSS (Tracking Combination)
DB+S (lifting head)
D+S (low punch) (anti-throw)
DF+S (elbow)***
f+S (roundhouse)*
uf+S (aerial roundhouse)
UB/U/UF+S (early: heel snap/late: drill torpedo)
f,f,F+S (scissor takedown)*
O (Deep hitter)
X:X (Judo throw, structure and ff)
X:SSSS (Turning elbows)
X: O (4 hit Volley)**
X:f+X (multi-kicks)**(structure throw)
X:f+SSSS (neck chops)
X:b+S (back kick)
f,f,F+X (beat down)
Special1: Comet Kick
Special2: Astra Team Up***
Guard Reversal: Falling heel
b+S,SSSX,SS,f+S,O, Special
X,f+S,f+S,f+S,X,O, Special
b+S,SSSX,f+S,f+S,S,X,O, Special
SX,S,b+SX,SSSS,O (uf opponent BT), Special
b+SSX,S,b+SSX,S,b+S,S,O, Special 2
d+S (counter),SSSS
After he had recovered from his defeat at the hands of Zetton, the original
Ultraman returned to Earth as Ultraman Jack. This time he's got some new
moves and specials, but is a little weaker on offense. He can however
"combo" his Specials because Special 2 seriously fills the ff gauge up.
The deep kick and bullet kick are unmissable in any offense.
Battle Mode Boss: Bemustar
b+S (hammerblow)
b+SSSS(hammerblow combo)
SSSS (chops)
DB+S (low side chop)
D+S (light slide) (anti-throw)
DF+S (clean sweep)**
f+S (deep kick)*****
uf+S (bodycheck)
UB/U/UF+S (early: air flipkick/late: bullet kick ****)
f,f,F+S (aerial knife-kick)
O (reverse roundhouse)
X:X (noogie and kickback)
X:SSSS (backhands)
X: O ("too busy looking good", structure throw/ your back towards)***
X:f+X (back toss)**(structure throw/your back towards)
X:f+SSSS (3 hit demolition)
X:b+S (back kick)
f,f,F+X (jack up)
Special1: Light Lance ***
Special2: Light Boomerang Bracelet
Guard Reversal: Sideways cut
d+S (interrupt), X,X (st),f+S or fff+X
X,f+S,f+S,b+S,SSX,f+S,f+S,O, Special 2, O, Special 1
X,S,f+S,X,f+X (back turned)
df,df,uf+S,f+S X,SS,f+S,O,Special 1, O, Special 2 (close range/exhibition)
This monster is actually a Megasaur, an ancestor of the dinosaurs. Ultraman
first fight with this monster ended in a draw (a first for UM) but the
second time they fought each other at Osaka Castle, Gomora was destroyed.
It's very strong (second after Zetton) and has some great ranged low
attacks. Play mix-ups with his double sweepbeat and ranged tail, both are
great ff gauge fillers!
A few mistakes and your health will be in the red zone...
Gomora can't jump over opponents.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraman.
b+S (double sweepbeat,fills ff gauge)***
SSSS (high to mid striker)
DB+S (low horn slash)
D+S (quick claw) (anti-throw)
DF+S (evading sweep)**
f+S (ranged tail, fills ff)****
uf+S (stampede)
UB/U/UF+S (early: butt stomp1/late: butt stomp 2)
f,f,F+S (low ram)
O (ram, structure hit)
db,db/df,df (heavy roll)
b,b (jump back)
X:X (feeding frenzy)
X:SSSS (happy claws)
X: O (homerun, structure throw)***
X:f+X (knockdown and tail smash)**(structure throw/opponent back towards)
X:f+SSSS (dirty tails in the back)
X:b+S (low horn push, opponent back towards/structure throw))
f,f,F+X (running megaton press)
Special1: Stampede Rushdown (structure throw)***
Special2: Baseball
Guard Reversal: Rising Horn
SX,S,f+S,b+S,f+S...b+S,O, Special
This monster consists of 4 UFO's that are piloted by the Yapool, an alien
race bent on conquering Earth. They targeted the United Nations
Headquarters but were eventually destroyed by Ultraseven.
He's very slow but has a great defense bonus.
His mix-ups can be deadly, escpecially with his strength.
Like Gomora, King Joe can't jump over opponents.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraseven
b+S (lunging punch)
SSSS (dashing punches)
DB+SS (rotating hands, pushes opp. away)***
D+S (low lunging punch, pushes opp. away)**
DF+S (full frontal swing)
f+S (two steps)
uf+S (double surprise)
UB/U/UF+S (early: fall facedown/late: multi-drill,combine with X)***
f,f,F+S (falling UFO slider)
O (falling headcrash, structure hit)
db,db/df,df (rollerslide)
b,b (flying backpack)
X:X (gigaton press)
X:SSSS (double standing slapper)
X: O (triple groundsmasher, structure throw)***
X:f+X (discard throw)***(structure throw)
X:f+SSSS (splitting sides)
X:b+S (close encounter)
f,f,F+X (double slappy)
Special1: Alien Death Ray
Special2: Quadruple UFO ADR
Guard Reversal: Iron elbow
f,Neutral (alien ritual dance)
SSS,f+S,X,f+S,f+S,f+X X,b+S,X,b+S,X,S,f,O, Special
One of Ultraman's more sinister enemies, this monster specializes in
hypnosis, mass hysteria, chaos and murder. It will use the population to
strike at Ultraman. A fun character with great range on his gun moves and
heavy taunts. He possesses a unique move (SS,ff,f+SS) that's very deceptive
and useful! His specials (faces) can be random, so adjust.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraman
b+S (fast midsection)
SSS (serial punches)
SS,ff,f+SS (2 strikes,punch-cancel-slide)****
DB+S (dmg blaster sweep)**
D+S (low punch, pushes opp. away)*
DF+S (rolling low punch)
f+S (big kick)
uf+S (meet forehead)
UB/U/UF+S (early: butt smash/late: headbanger,combine with X)***
f,f,F+S (sliding headfirst)
O (whack with gun, structure hit)
db,db/df,df (rollerslide)
b,b (flying backpack)
X:X (face poke,structure throw)
X:SSSS (banging brainiac)
X: O (kiss this, structure throw)***
X:f+X (slide pose)**(structure throw)
X:f+SSSS (lunging headbanger)
X:b+S (psychotic face kick)
f,f,F+X (body trampoline)
Special: Dada normal face
-1st Freeze, 2nd Freeze, MAX Freeze
Special: Dada beard face (charged anywhere,damage on O up!)
-1st Freeze, 2nd Blast, MAX Freeze
Special: Dada square face (defense up!)
-1st Freeze, 2nd Blast, MAX Freeze
After Freeze: X (Giant toekick)/ O (Giant Stomp)
Guard Reversal: flying Dada-drop
u+S(late),SSX,O,Special,stomp with O,O
b+S (counter),uf+S
u+S (late),b+S,fff+X
X,b+S,X,b+S,O, Special 2,O,O X,SS,b+S,fff+X...SS,ff,f+SS,df,df,O,Special 2
(continued from above setup),OXO,O,Special 3
is a member of the Yapool race and could easily be mistaken for a woman. He
has many henchman to do his dirty work, including the monsters Red King and
Black King.
He was also responsible for U7 losing his powers. The blade moves are great
at keeping them at range, and can catch them off guard. It also deals out
great damage and charges the ff bar! Mix those up with low sweep attacks.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraman Leo
b+S (sneak gut kick)
b+SSS (2 slashes and delayed impale)**** (can be delayed)
DB+S (sweepkick)**
D+SSS (triple low stab, pushes opp. away)*
DF+S (invincible low flashblade, charges ff)*****
f+S (mid flashblade)
uf+S (ranged dash flashblade)**
UB/U/UF+S (early: multi-kicks combo with SSS,O,Spec2/late: leg drop)***
f,f,F+S (flying razor)
O (deadly cut)
db,db/df,df (rollerslide)
b,b (flying backpack)
X:X (slap and taunt,structure throw-can kick building)
X:SSSS (between the eyes)
X: O (3 point cut, structure throw)***
X:f+X (impale and tear)
X:f+SSSS (slapping blade)
X:b+S (kick off)
f,f,F+X (jump and face mutilation)
Special 1: Blade laser shot
Special 2: Summon Red King (structure throw)
Guard Reversal: quick retaliation slash (combo with SSS)
d+S,X d+S,b+S,X,SSS,O, Special 2
Was a android built by the Yapool race to destroy Ultraman Ace. He beat all
the Ultra's and even crucified them, but was defeated in the end by
Ultraman Ace.
Like Tyrant, his support attack consists of a disorienting image.
Battle Mode Boss: Ultraman Ace
b+S (shin kick)
b+SSSS (clawmarks, can be delayed)
SSSS (clawmarks 2)
DB+SS (double low cut)*
D+S (fast blow)
DF+S (rising slash, great anti-air)***
f+S (mid poke)
uf+S (down arc swing, damaging)***
UB/U/UF+S (early: axe handle/late: toedipper)***
f,f,F+S (torpedo drill)
O (killer claw)
db,db/df,df (rollerslide)
b,b (flying backpack)
X:X (cutthroat,structure throw)
X:SSSS (skullbashing)
X: O (destruction, structure throw)**
X:f+X (bleed to death, structure throw)
X:f+SSSS (side kill)
X:b+S (ear smash)
f,f,F+X (big slash)
Special 1: Ace Ball (charges ff bar!)
Special 2: 2 Heat shots, L-Laser, Fireball (structure hit)
Guard Reversal: Blowback Star
df+S,SSX,b+S,X,O,Special 1
fff+S (side angle),bb,db+SS
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