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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get hev?

I know he's by the lake outside of the castle but is there some thing else you have do before you can get him?

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From: chaoyun2k 5 years ago

You only need to defeat the post-game boss that gives you the prizes and choose the correct prize and you should find hev outside of Trodain castle near the lake. He is easy to see and has only been reported in that one area.

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You need to defeat the post-game Boss, or "Spoiler Block". After beating the game, there should be a dream about a dragon stastue and an gem appearing on it. Then use GodBird's Soulstone and fly near the fork-path near Argonia,you should see a platform. Go on and exaime the game. Get past, 2 incredibly hard duegeons, 1 village and beat the post-game boss and he will give you a test.(He is almost invincible) The 2nd time u fight him he has 2 forms, beat them and chooses your prize, of Instant-Done Cooking Alchemly Pot, Dragovian Armor, Dragovain Sword,Dragovian Helm, Dragovian Shield and Ultimate Monster (Hev). Each time u fight him, he gains a new form take is either a stage weaker or stronger than the previous.

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Oh yea...he apperas near Trodain, in the dead end lake.

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