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How do I beat Dhoulmagus?

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I really hate to keep asking questions, but it would help if I had a level acheivment and a strategy.

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Thanks! That helps so much!! I feel like I suck since this is the third question I asked about this game...

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Don't you worry, answering questins is what gamefaqs is there for.
So, for the levels - ANgela should be on level 30. It really makes thinks a lot easier because he learns Multiheal then. (E.g., you could train on the Isle to the Southwest that's on the map - there are Liquid Metal Slimes.) In addition, you should take some Yggdrasil Leaves, Yggdrasil Dew and Elfin Elixirs with you. Just to make sure.
The battle has two parts (because Dhoulmagus has two forms).
Part 1:
Have the Hero concentrate and attack, as well as Yangus. (Angelo cares about healing.) Jessica casts Oomph on the attackers, then attacks, too. (Use either Twin Dragon Lash or Boom, what does more damage.) Angelo casts Kabuff or heals via Muliheal.
First, concentrate on the copies of Dhoulmagus, they have 570 HP. Then kill Dhoulmagus himself, he has 1,880 HP. With Mulitheal, you shouldn't have a lot of trouble in this fight.
Part 2:
In this battle, Dhoulmagus attacks twice each round, dealing up to 160 HP of damage to all characters. He will also use Ice Wave quite often so you can't rely on stat increasing spells and concentration. Have Yangus use Helm Splitter, the Hero attack or heal if necessary. Jessica casts Oomph or attacks (see aboce). Angelo concentrates on healing. All in all, this is going to take quite long as you can't really place a "big hit" but just a lot of small ones. But he will go down after a while. i also found it very useful to summon your Monster Team in this battle.

I hope this helps you and good luck!
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iSa91 answered:

You are welcome. We all started with being clueless noobs that sucked games and were never able to beat one without help ... Speaking for myself, practice makes perfect. And now that the question is answered, you can close the question (either without chosing an answer or ny accepting mine). Well, I'm a moderator on some other sites, I guess a faible for organisation. :D
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