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Where do I Must Go in Order to Open the Baccarat Cassino?

I Really Need to Know,Please.

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Can Someone Tell Me MORE

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chaoyun2k answered:


After you face Dhoulmagus you will be able to enter Arcadia. During the events in Arcadia one of your party members will become evil and you will need to find a way to get them back in your party. You do that by asking around town and you will find out that you need to visit Rydon's Tower. Once you make it to the top of the tower you will find out what to do next. Anyway, you will want your party member back and once you have them you can visit Bacarrat again and the gate to the mansion will be unlocked. If you choose to help one of the two (it really doesn't matter which one) you can go to the Dragon Graveyard and complete their quest and then the casino will be opened for you.

***End Spoilers***
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chaoyun2k answered:

When you finish the events in Arcadia you will be able to do a side-quest that will open the casino. If you just got to Bacarrat then you still need to complete a number of other quests before you can open the casino. You will need to visit Argonia, the Royal Hunting Grounds, the Dark Ruins, face Dhoulmagus, and complete some events in Arcadia. Any more info will involve some major spoilers.
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