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What are the best monsters for the monster arena?

I only have one good monster that is Hackzilla.

Ol_Tod asked for clarification:

What rank are you up to?

DQ8dude provided additional details:

I'v made it to rank D final round with hackzilla,cannibox outside of trodain and the puppeter outside of trodain im lv 22 and just unlocked trodain castle.

DQ8dude provided additional details:

Im now lvl 25 and have just gotten the ship I have Hackzilla, Man eater, and doug. I'v been trying to get potty dragon and can't find him.

DQ8dude provided additional details:

Iv unlocked the place where the worlds biggest casino is and im lv 25 about 26 i have potbelly hackzilla and foul fowl.

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reb8 answered:

The answer to that question depends on how far in the game you have progressed. The first 'key' event is when you obtain a ship you open up a number of available monsters. The second 'key' event is when you open the area north of Arcadia.
It is possible, if you overlevel a LOT or you have enough patience to reload your game as much as a few hundred times, that you can beat the entire arena before the first key event of obtaining a ship. If you are extremely lucky it may only take 10 or 20 reloads to do this.
You can easily advance through the Rank C with the monsters that are available before the first key event. Three of these monsters will likely work for that: Hackzilla, Brickman, Potbelly, and Capers or another monster that becomes available as you advance in ranks.
The answer to your question really depends on the point you have reached in the game, your hero's levels, and any ranks that you have beat.
Here is a site that makes it easy to figure out which ones you want to use:
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Kamatari47 answered:

At your Hero level (level 22), the best strategy is to use the team of Hackzilla/Potbelly/Brickman for Ranks G and F, and then switch to Hackzilla/Potbelly/Capers for Ranks E, D, and C. Rank C is likely as far as you can go at your current level, as the Rank B monsters will almost always put a whipping on you due to your low Hero level (which results in low monster stats). Once you get the magic ship, though, you can recruit monsters that are strong enough to beat the rest of the ranks (B, A, and S).
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reb8 answered:

To find Potbelly, go south and through the tunnel from where you found Man-eater. Stay near the coast and keep going south, don't go back into the desert. You should find the dragon there.
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