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How do I make the ultimate ring?

I can not seem to be able to make the ultimate ring and I would really like to make it.

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reb8 answered:

If by chance you are referring to the Catholicon Ring which protects against sleep, confuse, and paralize then it is complicated.
1. You can make the Full Moon Ring by alchemy - a gold ring and a Poison Moth Knife. Gold rings can be purchased in the bazaar and you can buy the knife in Pickham.
2. You can make the Ring of Immunity by alchemy - a gold ring and a Poison Needle. Again, gold rings can be purchased in the Argonia bazaar and you can buy the Poison Needle in Baccarat.
3. You can make the Ring of Truth by alchemy - a gold ring and a Sandstorm Spear. You can alchemy the Sandstorm with a Partisan and Saint's Ashes. You can buy the Partisan in Argonia and the gold ring can be purchased from the bazaar. The Saint's Ashes can be found in a few late game locations or purchased from the casino in Baccarat once it is open.
4. Now you can make the Catholicon Ring by alchemy - a Full Moon Ring, a Ring of Immunity, and a Ring of Truth.
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Kamatari47 answered:

There is no item named "Ultimate Ring." Are you perhaps talking about the Argon Ring or Gospel Ring? Neither of those items are made via alchemy -- the first is acquired if you beat the game again after getting some extra storyline details in the post-game, and the second is acquired after you complete your Bestiary.
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