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What is cheese used for?

I dont know what they are used for

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Kamatari47 answered:

Cheeses are used as items in battle to generate a variety of effects. Munchie, Hero's tiny animal companion, will eat the piece of cheese you choose to use and exhale a breath that will inflict fire damage (Plain/Spicy/Super Spicy/Scorching Cheese), inflict ice damage (Cool/Chilly/Cold/C-C-Cold Cheese), heal your party (Mild/Cured Cheese), resurrect a fallen party member (Angel Cheese), raise the Defence of your characters (Hard Cheese), lower the Defence of a group of enemies (Soft Cheese), increase your characters' resistance against fire and ice damage (Chunky Cheese), or raise the Tension level of all your characters (Highly-Strung Cheese).
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